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Katsuki Bakugou x Reader

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Bakugou didn’t really understand why but every time someone asked you to do something for him/her, it irked him.

He knew you were too nice for God sake and like to help people no matter, especially since your power is very convenient. But still, that doesn’t mean people can just do whatever they want to you. And you should try to say no for once in a while.

“(Name), can you help me for a while?” A ‘friend’ of yours from other class asked. You just rested for a couple of minutes after helping other friends to put the decoration on the school gate. Well, it was going to be a school festival after all so everyone was busy. And since you like to help people, you accept it no matter how tired you are.


Bakugou gritted his teeth in annoyance at how you just easily accepted like that despite your fatigue. You stood up from your seat and started following your friend. Meanwhile, Bakugou finally decided to follow you just in case suddenly something happened to you.

“Okay so, I need you to rearrange this class like on this map. Your power can do it quicker right? Me and my friends need to do the decoration and also the clothes so yeah. Thanks a lot though”

You nodded and your 'friend’ left to do their stuff. A sigh escaped from your lips after that as you saw how a lot of things need to change since this class was doing the cafe type. With your psychokinesis power, you raised your hand and started concentrating with your mind as the objects began to hover around. You moved the tables and chairs to how the map shows. However, when you tried to carry the teacher’s desk, you began to feel dizzy but tried to concentrate nonetheless. Although eventually, you couldn’t do it anymore as you felt too tired that you need to kneel down and rest for a while.

Bakugou who saw the whole situation, growling to himself and walked away to call that 'friend’ to tell about you. He didn’t know why he cared this much to you but the annoyance of seeing you like this inside just made him to do so. He just wanted to get rid this feeling.

You took a deep breath as you massaged your head a bit before you decided to continue again. Just when you were about to continue, a door suddenly opened which made you turn around to see Bakugou with your 'friend’ who looked terrified as hell.

“Bakugou? And (Friend’s name)? Why are you two here?” You asked with innocent look which made Bakugou irk even more.

“Oi you piece of shit, do you have any idea what they do while you’re doing their jobs? They’re playing games for fuck sake. You are totally being used”

You widen your eyes slightly but then somehow smiled “Well, maybe they are on break after their work or they need rest-”

“They never do shit” Bakugou stated harshly and you flinched slightly at his tone.

“Anyway, she’s okay with it right? So just let it be-”

“SHUT UP YOU BASTARD” Bakugou snarled at your 'friend’, making them even more terrified that they started trembling.


“From now on, nobody will ask shits to her or you’ll be facing me!” Bakugou glared at them and banged the wall with his hand “You people are taking advantage at her kindness and power as if she’s yours”

“She’s not even yours anyway” Your 'friend’ mumbled and Bakugou growled since he heard before he blasted the wall due to his anger.

“Now scram and tell everyone about this or else, I’ll blast you to bits” He glared menacingly at your 'friend’ and they cowardly go away. Meanwhile, you looked shock for the whole scene that just unfold in front of you and didn’t know how to react.

Bakugou turned to look at you with a frown which made you slightly flinch. Was he going to scold you? Was he going to do something to you? You didn’t know what to do and you felt your body couldn’t move as well. He stepped forward to you and you looked to everything but him.



“You should start saying no to people”

You finally looked at him as he frowned at you. However, his look soften a little but still scary.

“Well… That’s hard to do…” You sheepishly said and grinned but his expression still the same.


“Bakugou! I-I appreciate what you do for me but I’m okay really! I just wanna help people-”

Suddenly, the dizziness strike you again and you wobbled a bit but managed to balance yourself after that. Bakugou slightly widen his eyes before chiding you.

“No you’re clearly not. Stop looking tough idiot!”

“I’m okay Bakugou really! Why are you suddenly like umm… Care about me?”

Bakugou looked a bit surprised. He actually wasn’t sure about that too. Why did he suddenly pay attention to you, why he didn’t want anything bad happen to you. Like that bastard said, you weren’t his and yet he just wanted to protect her.

“It’s just not fair…” Bakugou slightly blushed somehow as he looked away “The way they treated you”

You widen your eyes before suddenly giggling at him, making him look at you with a glare “Bakugou is actually a nice person huh?”

“No I’m not! I’m just- Ugh! Fuck it! I do what I want okay?!”

“And I can do what I want to do to too” You grinned and gave a peace sign.

A irk mark started to appear on his head as he glared at you “You stubborn bitch”

You shrieked slightly but then you somehow suddenly tried to insult him “T-That’s mean! Then you’re a… A… A Stubborn spike-head!”

Bakugou gave a look before facepalming “Really?”

You blushed in embarrassment and looked down while biting your lips. Bakugou sighed before scratching his back of the head “Alright listen. Come to Yuuei then”

“Huh?” You looked a bit baffled at his sudden offer “You mean that famous hero academy?”

“Yeah, I’m gonna go there after this. If you want to help people then, you better go there”

You tapped your fist above your other palm as if you just realised something “That’s actually a good idea! I can even save people’s life”

“Yeah. So until you can go to Yuuei, stop helping people” Bakugou said sternly and you sighed.

“Can I at least just limit the number of people that I help? M-Maybe you can choose who I can help?”

Bakugou thought for a while before agreeing “Fine. But for now, you need rest. I’ll make sure those people do their fucking jobs”

You widen your eyes before smiling at him “Okay then, thanks Bakugou”

Bakugou blushed slightly before clicking his tongue and walked off “You better go to infirmary, you hear me?!”

You giggled before nodding “Okay okay, you sounds like mom geez. I guess the way Midoriya call you suits you now huh, Kacchan?”

Thankfully, you managed to stop the destruction since you quickly apologized as Bakugou nearly wanted to blast the whole room because of that. But at least, Bakugou was finally relieve that he didn’t have to feel annoyed again as he could watch over you now.

~~~~~~~~~~ Extra ~~~~~~~~~~~

“(Name)…..” Bakugou called you with murderous tone as he opened the door harshly before approaching you.

“Oh Katsuki, hey… I guess?” You grinned sheepishly while holding a plastic of ice on your head.

“Did you just help someone without my permission?!” Bakugou slammed his hands on your desk which made you startled a little.

“Calm down Katsuki, my head is hurting right now and your voice…”

“Shut up! I told you to ask me first and let me see!”

“But most of them you totally reject and I feel bad so-”

“Shut up you bitch!”

“Well fuck you, mom!”

The two of you started glaring at each other, especially Bakugou who his hands were twitching as he wanted to blast you already. Kaminari sweatdropped at the sight while Midoriya just sighed.

“Are they always like that on your middle school?” Kaminari asked.

“Yeah… Now is even worse I guess…” Midoriya replied, obviously looking tired by just watching you two.

“Tch… We’re going to infirmary!” Bakugou said and grabbed your hand as he started dragging you to there.

“Wait wait wait, at least carry me, idiot! The headache is killing me” You whined and he stopped before groaning and crouched down.

“So troublesome…” He grumbled and you grinned as you climbed onto his back.

“Thanks Katsuki~!”

“Whatever idiot” Bakugou rolled his eyes before going to the infirmary with you.

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I will block you, I don’t need your permission. Just posting this to show that you are an obvious racist in a way that undermines every other “point” you attempted to make.

I’ve had more interactions with police than you ever will little dude, you don’t have a clue how, y'know, reality functions.

Fans; Sherlock X Reader

Requested by Anon:  Please make a shot in which a fan of Sherlock is hitting on him shamelessly and you’re jealous, sherlock think it’s funny, after realize that you’re really angry and comfort you.

Actually pretty proud of this one. I think it combines a lot of humor and heart, however that’s probably just my analytical brain looking why too much into it. But while you’re reading this, why don’t you go check out my new blog design and possibly leave a friendly little ask or maybe even a suggestion as to what I should do for almost achieving a 1000 followers.

You and Sherlock were currently attending a press event for a recent case he had been working on. The flashing lights from the camera was enough to blind anyone and the anticipation you felt from the crowd put you on edge. John eventually joined you and they began to take questions about the case.

This particular case had Sherlock over the moon. A serial murderer had killed six people in two weeks by introducing almost undetectable neurotoxins and didn’t look like he had any intention of slowing down. You looked at Sherlock as he tried to maintain his excitement while taking a question from an overly zealous reporter.

“Have you found anything to identify the killer yet?” she asked.

“Not quite. He has been leaving certain markers at each crime scene. However we can’t tell at this time whether they’re for the police or a way to lure his victims,” Sherlock answered. “That’s all Scotland Yard has given me ‘permission’ to disclose now so I think we’re done.”

Sherlock, John, and yourself all turned around to head back into Baker Street but a woman’s voice called out to them, stopping you in your tracks. “Sherlock! John! Wait!”

“We really can’t say anything else right now,” John told her.

“Actually that isn’t what I wanted to say,” she began. “What I really wanted to tell you, well Sherlock… You’re very good at what you do and I like to think you’d be good at what you would do to me.”

“Well that was direct,” John mumbled while your jaw dropped in utter surprise.

“With my knowledge of female anatomy and the way chemicals are produced during the moment of arousal I don’t think I would be bad either,” Sherlock said simply.

You and John both looked at Sherlock with the upmost confusing. The girl began to write a succession of numbers on the back of a card before handing it to Sherlock who shrugged and pocketed the number.

“What was that?” you asked angrily once she had left and you all had returned to the flat.

“What was what?”

“That whole think with that fan.”

“Oh that,” he said as if he was suddenly remembering the whole incident.

“Well?” you demanded.

“It simply was… what a minute are you jealous of that girl?”

“What! Of course not!”

“Mhmmm,” John murmured in disbelief from his chair.

Sherlock started shamelessly laughing at you. “You’re so jealous!”

“Sherlock!” you yelled.

“Oh come on Y/N. That’s never going to happen,” he told you. “I’m actually hung up on another woman at the moment.”

“Since when do you have so many women throwing themselves at you?”

“This one isn’t throwing herself at me. Maybe I like a challenge,” he commented.

“Alright well who is it?” you asked.

“I think I’m going to go get some milk… give you two some space,” John sat grabbing his coat and promptly leaving the flat.

John’s departure finally clued you in to who Sherlock was hinting at. “Oh…”

“Yeah… She’s definitely not making it easy,” he said but in an instant you had attacked his lips with yours. Sherlock quickly and readily joined in until you pulled away and looked up at him.

“I hope that makes it easier for you.”

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Was Stannis REALLY so stupid as to go against the Dreadfort without caring to have first the permission or even alliance of the Umbers? Like saying: "Hey, if you want justice, let me pass" And should he have done it, supposing there was no Jon neither a clearer head on him right now (He believed Davos murdered, and said he had no time to grieve, so it may well be that he was not on his best moment) would he really have gone and fought the Umbers? And supposing only a handful survivethen Boltons?

When Jon tells Stannis that he won’t even get close to the Dreadfort without getting Crowfood to agree to not “cut your host to pieces” (because every time the Umbers are seen or even mentioned, GRRM wants you to know precisely how badass they are), Stannis accepts it. This is precisely why Stannis brought Jon into the room: because Jon knows the North, in sharp and dramatic contrast to Stannis’ knights, who spend this scene mocking Northern culture. 

Stannis believes that with White Harbor seemingly lost, the North is depleted of significant forces that he can recruit. Jon knows otherwise, and so arranges not only a military coup for Stannis but a political one, because he knows not only that the clansmen are there, but how Stannis must approach them: himself, to hear the stories and praise their kids, and ask for (not demand) their support against the hated Boltons. 

It’s true that without Jon in the room, Stannis would’ve probably waged a much worse campaign in the North, though I doubt he’d settle on attacking Crowfood in the end. But the point is that he wouldn’t be Stannis if he didn’t bring Jon in the room. It’s the same thing he did with Davos in ASOS, bringing him in before going with Axell’s plan (although it’s made clear Stannis was already trending against that one). As a politician, Stannis knows he needs multiple options, healthy debate, and a wide range of informed perspectives to make the best possible decision. As a person, I think he senses in both Davos and Jon an indispensable externalized conscience, someone to pull him back when he’s about to step into the abyss.

But what really makes this scene such a standout (one of my favorite in ADWD) is how even as the plot’s focus is on Stannis’ decisions, there’s some very important character work going on under the surface with Jon. He’s only useful to the king, he’s only there in the room, because of the very “boy” he’s trying to kill: the child of the North. Drawing on his knowledge of home re-engages him with old loyalties and painful memories, part of a book-long conflict in Jon’s heart between his duty and his loved ones. The war rages without and within. 

You Might Be A Keeper *Psycho!Michael Clifford*

i feel as if you guys are upset with the ending to Be My Baby, are you?

Living in a big city had its perks, but it also held its downfalls. There was crime everywhere of course, and the bigger the city, the more crime it held. That was the downfall. You were from a small town, when the only bad thing that ever happened was a candy bar being snatched from the corner store. It was a bit hard to adjust to seeing a police officer on every corner, when you were used to only seeing them during the mandatory assemblies at school. You lived in a small apartment in the middle of town. It wasn’t fancy, but it wasn’t dirty either. It was all you needed, with one bedroom and one bathroom with a quaint kitchen. One that you never used because you could never figure out how to cook. That was something your mother just couldn’t teach you. You had a job as an intern at the local news station, as you aspired to be a reporter. You figured starting small would be best, and you were blessed to even have a paid internship as those don’t come very often. As an intern, you are allowed access to the news before it is reported. Your interest, ironically enough was in the crime section of the city. You noticed a spike in the last few months, but kept it to yourself. Once again, not being from around here you didn’t know if these spikes were a normal occurrence. You didn’t want to jump to conclusions and then make yourself look like a fool in front of your bosses. They weren’t normal though, the number of murders in a month shouldn’t rise that fast. How all these unsolved murders went unnoticed for so long baffled you. You couldn’t understand how no one was making the connection of missing people, and bodies found. You however did notice. You noticed a lot. You didn’t know all the details of the cases of course, but you knew enough to know they were connected in some form or another.

“Y/N? I have an assignment for you.” Your boss had called you into his office, hearing the words ‘assignment’ sped your heart rate up drastically. You never had a personal assignment before and you were excited. You walked in his office and sat down in the brown leather chair in front of his large wooden desk. He ruffled some papers around before looking up at you and smiling at your eager aura. “You’re a smart girl, Y/N. I know you’ve noticed the rise in murders lately. I see you reading and taking notes all the time.” He paused and looked at you, as if waiting for you to speak, so you did. “Well, I’m not sure if it would be a rise. But, it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.” He rose from his chair and walked around the desk, leaning on the edge in front of you. He crossed his arms over his chest, “That’s where I need you. I want you to follow these murders, I’m making it your responsibility to keep me informed on anything you find. Go to police, to families, witnesses, anyone. Just find me answers.” Your jaw dropped, this is what you were waiting for. Permission to follow this up in real form. You jumped from the leather cushion, and stuck your hand out. He gracefully shook it, “You won’t be disappointed, sir. Thank you so much.” He nodded his head, “Get to work now.” You took that as a sign and left the room, shutting his door behind you. “I see you still have your job.” Lucas, your friend that showed you around on the first day spoke walking up to you. You chuckled, “He gave me an assignment.” Lucas’ eyes widened and before you could explain he embraced you in a tight hug. “I’m so proud of you.” He mumbled into your hair. “What was it for?” He asked you, pulling back slightly. “Well, there’s been a slight increase in the number of murders recently and its now my duty to figure out why.” You beamed, proud that you could nail such an important story. His smile faltered as he dropped his arms from around you, “You need to be careful. Stories like that could get you killed just as easily.” His tone was serious and he sounded almost like your father. You never thought of it like that, but you knew you could handle it. “I’ll be fine, Lucas.” His concern was appreciated, and taken to heart. He gave you one last small smile before walking back down the long corridor leading into different offices.

After your shift was over, you headed over to the police station. Which to your fortune, was not that far away. You pushed open the tall glass doors and walked in. Warm air colliding with winters harsh air. The room smelled of coffee, and was bustling with bodies. Some handcuffed to a bench, those you presumed must have been the criminals being brought in. There was one who caught your eye, he sat straight up instead of slouching. He didn’t fight and pull on the cuffs. He didn’t yell or scream but was quiet and looked straight ahead. His hair was a bright neon green color and stuck up on top his head, it reminded you of a fringe that an 'emo’ kid would have styled every morning. He was also attractive, in a scary way. There was something about him, drawing you in. Not in a good way though. He turned his head towards you, knowing now that he was being watched. He smirked as his eyes raked up and down your body shamelessly. He winked as you pulled your coat tighter around your body. He was uncomfortable in every sense of the word. You almost left if it hadn’t been you already made the appointment with the police chief. He kept staring, you were getting nervous as his arresting officer walked over and unlocked him from the shackled bench. He stood up and rubbed his raw wrist. You noticed how tall he was, towering over the officer, whom was a decent height yourself. He straightened out his leather jacket and began walking your way. He stopped when he was next to your smaller frame. “You’ll do.” You heard him mumble under his breath before he walked away. You sat there in a state of confusion, and had a bad feeling that wouldn’t be the last time you would see this criminal boy.
so im starting micheals part holla
its a bit dry and short right now but it will pick up
part 2 or nah?

Supernatural Recap: "Mother's Little Helper"

Previously on Supernatural: Dean did this secret handshake thing with a guy from the Bible and ended up getting branded with the “Mark of Cain.”

“…and then we lean forward and each grab the other’s ankle, right?”

Currently on Supernatural

A lady comes home from the grocery store to find her husband watching golf infomercials on the teevee. “What’s on the menu?” he asks, like she’s his maid. “Meatloaf,” she tells him. He complains about that, so she picks up a candlestick and beats his head in. It would have been funnier if it had been a golf club.

“I’m making meatloaf… OUT OF YOUR FACE!”


Sam’s about to leave the Lair O’ Letters, then stops to tell Dean that he’s going to Illinois to figure out why this lady bashed in her husband’s brains. Dean doesn’t think it sounds very supernatural, so he decides to stay home and look for Abaddon. He starts by looking in a bottle of whiskey.


Sam drives the Impala (now free of Enochian symbols) up to Illinois to talk to the sheriff. The sheriff doesn’t seem especially silly or twitchy, so we know he’s not in on the evildoing this week. Sam smoothly asks stuff like, “Did you notice a smell of sulfur at the crime scene?” And the sheriff’s like, “No, I sure didn’t, Agent Crazypants,.” He then takes Sam back to the murderous wife’s cell, only to discover she’s hanging by a makeshift noose from the ceiling. Her fingers are still dripping blood from where she used them to scratch graffiti into the walls. Sam and the sheriff stand there just looking at her. Nobody wants to rush in there and see if she’s not beyond resuscitation, apparently.

“Eat your heart out, Banksy!”


Dean is elbow-deep in books when he gets a call from Sam. “How’s Mrs. Manson doing?” Dean asks. “Dead – hung herself in her cell,” Sam says. Coincidentally, she also hanged herself. He says there was no sulfur, no funky EMF readings, no signs of a demon. Dean wishes Sam luck on his totally mundane-sounding case, then turns his attention to the whiskey bottle before him. By now it’s empty and somewhat alcoholic, just like Dean. It makes him feel all introspective and stuff, which means it’s time for flashbacks.

He remembers Cain’s words to him: “With the mark comes a great burden.” He remembers using the First Blade to lop off Cuthbert’s head. Mm, yeah, that felt good. The trembling hand of his memories becomes the trembling hand of the present. Dean is messed up, yo.

He picks up his phone, calls somebody, then quickly hangs up. He grabs one of his eighteen jackets and heads out.


Back to the small Illinois town of murder and mayhem. A teenaged boy hitchhikes along a dark country road, having apparently never seen a horror movie in his life. He’s on the phone with his girlfriend when a helpful motorist stops. “A van’s pulling up,” he tells her. Looking up, he recognizes the driver. “Oh, hey, I didn’t realize this was your ride, Mr. Richey!” He’s all smiles, but as soon as he gets into the van the screams and the regret start. A bluish white light can be seen from the back windows. “St. Bonaventure” is painted on the back panels.

“I pray, please don’t mention me in a Supernatural episode 800 years from now!”


Sam stops in at the local diner, where he partakes of a fresh salad, as is his wont. Somehow, he and his nine-foot-tall body can subsist on meals that would leave guinea pigs starving. The hitchhiking kid from the last scene stomps into the diner, looking all surly. “Be with ya in a minute, Bill,” says the waitress. Bill doesn’t wait before grabbing food from somebody’s plate and cramming it into his mouth. The waitress scolds him, but he just sasses her right back. Sam is taken aback. “She works hard for the money, so you better treat her right!” Billy Boy grabs a knife and stabs the waitress in the hand. Sam springs into action and knocks the kid out. Can he get that salad to go?

At the jail, Billy joins a bunch of other wackos in the cell block. Some of them sit quietly in their cells, others practice their graffiti skills with the bloody nubs of their fingers. Seems like the sheriff would cuff those people so they couldn’t hurt themselves, but maybe not. The sheriff says they’d been acting weird for days leading up to this. As soon as the sheriff is out of sight, Sam spritzes Billy Boy with some holy water. The kid grunts like an angry gorilla, but displays no outwardly supernatural symptoms. “Why are you doing this?” Sam asks. “Because I want to, and I can,” Billy says. He’s like those annoying kids with “affluenza.”


Sam calls Dean while looking over some surveillance pictures. Dean is hard at work at a bar, because he’s depleted the LOL’s stores of booze. Sam fills him in on the case, saying the people were violent and aggressive. “Sounds like you’re at a Gold’s Gym,” Dean says. “Yeah, except it’s less steroid-induced and more Basic Instinct,” Sam says. Then a thought occurs to him: “It’s kinda like me… soulless me.”

Soulless Sam

Dean points out Sam didn’t go on murderous rampages, so Sam explains away the lack of continuity by saying everybody reacts differently. Sam wants Dean to come up and help him, but Dean would rather wallow in beer.

As soon as Dean ends the call, Crowley slinks up behind him. “You’re lying to Sam like he’s your wife,” he says. “That kinda makes me your mistress!” Dean rolls his eyes so hard he can almost see the back of his own skull.  


 Sam is looking at a picture of the St. Bonaventure van when he overhears an older lady talking to one of the deputies. “Those demons are back,” she insists. The deputy, of course, doesn’t believe her, but Sam takes her over to a quiet corner of the station so they can talk. Her name is Julia, and she’s quite the spitfire, and has great taste in hats. She notices that he doesn’t think it’s weird she’s talking about demons. “You’re one of them, aren’t you?” she asks. A demon? No! But she means the Men of Letters, some of whom came to this very town in 1958. “They were a lovely couple,” she says.

Flashback to 1958, when Julia was Sister Julia, complete with wimple. One night, Henry Winchester and Josie Sands showed up at the door, dressed as priest and nun. “We’re from the Office of the Inquisition,” Henry said. The music’s all, “Dun DUN DUN!!!!” because OMIGOD Abaddon! She’s not Abaddon yet, tho.


Dean racks his balls. Because he’s playing pool. Crowley taunts him for a while about not finding Abaddon yet. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re stalling,” he says. Dean ignores him, so Crowley prattles on. “Just between us girls, how did you feel when you sunk the First Blade into Magnus’s head?” Technically, that was his neck. “Not half as good as I’m gonna feel when it’s yours,” Dean grumbles. Crowley talks about Dean’s power and virility while handling one of his balls. I am not making this shit up. But he thinks Dean is stalling because he’s afraid. Dean tries to smirk in a powerful and virile way, but it comes out more like a little lip tremble.


Sam is stunned to learn that Julia met Grandpa Winchester and Josie. They went to the convent to investigate a nun who had killed two people before taking her own life. “So I took them to see Mother Superior and Sister Agnes,” Julia says.

Flashback. Josie is wearing a fair amount of lipstick and mascara for a nun. Sister Julia leads her and Henry to the deranged nun’s sleeping quarters. On their way, they argue about the sexism of the age, and about how annoying it is to have to do “fieldwork” before their final initiation into the Moose Lodge. Henry worries what will become of John if something happens to him. (Spoiler: He grows up to kill monsters and have male models for sons!) “I don’t expect you to understand; you don’t have a family,” Henry says, then immediately apologizes for being a jerk. Somehow, Sister Julia manages not to overhear any of this. Josie notices a mysterious symbol carved into the deranged nun’s walls, along with the remnants of bloodstains. “It’s pre-Enochian,” she says. It looks like a lollipop on top of a mountain. “It’s a crest [for the] Knights of Hell.”

Knights of Hell

Julia’s flashback picks up later that night. She’s reading in bed when she hears something that sounds like somebody being dragged forcibly up the stairs. She gets up to check and sees that this is exactly what’s going on. Odder still, it’s the Mother Superior doing the dragging, and her eyes are all black. Sister Agnes pops up behind Julia and punches her. Mama said knock you out!

Julia wakes up bound and gagged in the basement, along with several other people in the same predicament. She watches helplessly as Sister Agnes takes captives into another room, followed by bursts of that bluish white light. Just before it’s Julia’s turn, Henry and Josie burst into the room and start flinging holy water at the possessed nuns. Remember when demons supposedly could only possess people who had some weakness they could exploit? Josie frees herself and hides while Henry and Josie exorcise the nuns. They start chanting at the Mother Superior, but she just looks at them like, “Bitch, please.” She knocks out Henry, then turns to Josie. “You hunters are always sticking your noses where they don’t belong,” she says. Josie blabs that they’re not hunters, but Men of Letters. Oops.

Mama Superior goes over to the unconscious Henry and is about to possess him when Josie stops her. “Take me,” she begs. Mama Superior thinks that Josie is in lurve with Henry, and she doesn’t correct her. “Please take me, you have my permission,” Josie says. Mama Superior scoffs. “Abaddon takes what she wants!” It was bad enough that Abaddon is a murderous demon, but now she talks about herself in the third person? Bleh! She smokes into Josie’s body, then instructs Sister Agnes to keep up with the good work.


Back to Dean’s one-pub pub crawl. He and Crowley argue about how he’s nothing like Cain, and he only kills for a reason. Then Crowley excuses himself to have a tinkle, leaving Dean to remember some of the sexy faces he made when Magnus placed the First Blade in his hand.

“Mm… that’s good bone.”

When he snaps out of it, he notices a guy at the bar praying the rosary. The music gets scary, so Dean knows something bad is about to happen. This is further confirmed when the guy takes a knife from his jacket in a not-at-all-subtle way and heads towards the restroom. Dean follows him and says he knows what he’s up to. The guy is a hunter, and he wants to off Crowley. Dean talks him out of it, basically saying he’s just going to get himself in trouble.

Dean waits for Crowley outside, then calls him out for lying. “Demons don’t take leaks,” he says. What happens to all the stuff they drink and eat? Does it just accumulate inside their meatsuit indefinitely? Crowley was in the john, partaking of a little human blood. He says he’s embraced his addiction, unlike Dean. Dean stomps off into the night. Before he’s even gotten across the street, the newbie hunter joins Crowley. “For a second, I thought he’d made me,” he says. “He has other things on his mind,” Crowley says. He brags about Dean saving his life, but it seemed more like Dean was trying to save the supposed hunter. Maybe Crowley is a wee bit delusional.


Sam pokes around Bonaventure Convent, and it’s exactly as creepy as you’d expect an abandoned convent to be. He finds a shelf in the basement, laden with glass jars, each containing a glowing ball of energy. Mr. Richey jumps him from behind, but Sam quickly dispatches him with his trusty demon-killing knife. Sam’s probably thinking, “Whew, good thing my guard was up!” when Sister Agnes pops up and throws him across the room. She grabs his knife. “Souls are a very precious and fragile thing,” she says. “Break one of those [jars] and them little buggers fly right back home!”

Best place to store “precious and fragile things” is in glass jars on a rickety old shelf.

Also, for some reason, Agnes is still dressed like a nun even though the convent is closed. Instead of just killing Sam, she whines about how hard her job is. Somehow, Abaddon saw into the future some 60+ years ago when this scheme started, and decided to start stealing souls to turn into demons, so that she could take the throne from Crowley. “We have factories spread throughout,” Agnes says. And yet, nobody’s noticed all this nutso cuckoo soulless people running around. She says she’s going to take Sam’s soul, too, which seems like something demons shouldn’t be able to do willy-nilly. Why would they have ever bothered with contracts?

Anyway, Sam starts up with the Latin, so Agnes chokes him. Luckily, Sam has the whole thing recorded on his phone and plays it back so he can exorcise her demon. He tosses it across the room. While she’s busy trying to grab the phone, Sam gets his knife back and stabs her. His next job is to open up all those jars.

Billy is in his cell when his soul comes flitting back to him. He watches as other souls make their way through the cell block and to their respective owners. Presumably, the souls that belong to dead people just end up trapped in the “veil” like Kevin. Sucks to be you, souls.


The next morning, Sam wraps things up with Julia. There’s still the small matter of continuity, you see. Why didn’t Julia warn Henry about Abaddon?

She has a flashback to the day that Henry and “Josie” left the convent. The freshly possessed Josie warned her to keep quiet, and she did. “I was ashamed,” she says in the present. She left the convent soon after. “What you shared with me saved lives,” Sam tells her. “I couldn’t have done it without you.” She watches as he drives away, and it reminds her of how she watched as Henry and Josie drove away as she stood silently by.


Sam returns to the LOL to find Dean digging through stacks of files. He picks up a stack of files, too, and takes a seat at the table next to Dean. “You were right about finding Abaddon ASAP,” he says. “She’s mining souls… to create an army.” Dean looks surprised, like Sam maybe didn’t call him before heading home to fill him in on the details. Shouldn’t they hop online and start searching for similar murders? Instead, they sit in silence and read. That’s our thrilling cliffhanger to hold us over until April 15!


I give this episode…

3 out of 5 Hellhounds and…

1 flippy little hair curl.