you have permission to delete my caption if you want

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I will be the captain of a Gender Army and try to find people who repost your stuff and take them down

I’m certainly not advocating a witch hunt for reposters but there are a few ways you guys can help me out!

  1. don’t delete the caption when you reblog comics, I don’t care if it makes your blog theme look ugly
  2. if you see one of my comics on another website, comment on it/message the poster and let them know ‘X is the artist and you don’t have permission to post this, please remove it’
  3. in addition you can also message me/tag me in the post so I can file a report if necessary
  4. if you want to use one of my comics in a school project/article/blog post etc., please ask permission first! I’m happy for my work to be used for certain things but I still want you to ask first, it’s only polite
  5. if you want to share a comic to facebook/Twitter etc., instead of reposting the image you can post a link back to the original source here on Tumblr

this isn’t just for my benefit, if you recognise a piece of work on social media and it wasn’t made by the account posting it, speak up! art theft and reposting is a huge problem in the online art community (and HUGE in the LGBT+ online community) that actively damages content creators and we need to start fighting back

I’ve been going a bit vector crazy these past few days. I’m just excited to finally have photoshop on my computer again. This is one of my favorite scenes from Brotherhood (I think? I was screaming and crying upon my first watch so it’s hard to tell), not only for what actually took place but because I thought it looked so cool, aesthetically. I’m also a masochist, apparently. So I wanted to play with it and get used to drawing with the pen tool again. WOO!

I love Riza’s hair so much ;__;

I can’t draw circles. I’m so sorry. I tried my very best.


I am back and I have a very important announcement to make, Me and @watchmist1412​ are co-writing an ice skating AU fanfic called “Break the Ice”. We already have a few chaps ready but most of it is still a work-in-progress, can’t wait to share this story to you all!!

Both of our ask box is open if ever you have any questions about this fanfic

Also let me present Lucy’s Skating Outfit inspired by her Leo Stardress that will be appearing in BTI I had fun doing this although i got lazy with fully painting the whole thing so i just sticked to flat colors haha. I also included a clean lineart version so have fun coloring for those who want too and tag me if you do ^_^

Gray’s ice skating outfit right here drawn by mist

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A fan wrote to me recently excitedly saying they had my work put on their iPhone cover. While I understand this was done with the best of intentions, I just wanted to take a minute to remind all of you that:

It is illegal to reproduce my work in any way without my express written permission. 

The internet is a crazy place. Work is bound be swept off, have it’s captions and credits deleted and be spit out in a million directions. PLEASE, do not be one of the people who does this. Credit artists and sources when you can. And don’t go reproducing people’s work without permission. Ask people to credit artists everywhere you see it not being done. On Tumblr, on Pinterest, on Facebook profiles and pages

Being an artist is my job. Control of my work and how it’s reproduced is all I have. 

Again, this is just a gentle reminder. The person who had my work on their iPhone case was not, to my knowledge, making a profit, and I don’t think was not even aware this was something that frowned upon to do. But even so, take a minute to remember that just because work is there for your viewing, doesn’t mean it’s there for your usage.

All you have to do is ask. Shoot me an email and say “I’d like to use your piece as a ________”       and then I’ll tell you yes or no

I am so thankful for all of your support. I am constantly blown away by everyone’s kindness and appreciation for my work, and for the most part, people’s diligence in making sure artists get due credit. 

Thank you!!