you have no way of dealin'


Thoughts weighed heavily on the knight, alone in his humble apartment during another sleepless morning, one of many. His scrawny hands wrung against one another. While seated on the edge of his bed, his tired gaze searched the lines of the floorboards. 

Memories replayed in his mind. 

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Girl’s talk boy’s! Calum

Words: 2.4k

Warning: smut

Lyric: Do you say that I’m a sweetheart?
Do you say that I’m a freak?


“How do you even afford this type of wine, Y/N?!” My friend, Amanda scoffs throwing her head back to drink the last of her wine.

“Because she works her ass off, unlike you.” Grace, my best friend smiled sarcastically at her. Amanda opened her mouth to spit something back at her but backed out when Grace cocked her eyebrow with a ‘don’t even try me bitch’ look.

“Just drink the bloody wine,” I laughed, shaking my head at them as Yasmine dropped her legs in my lap. Me and my three best friends did this once a month just a girly night. We didn’t get to see each other much due to work and priorities. Amanda had a small child, Liam he was the cutest. Me and Grace met when we were 8 and I’ve watched her grown from a nerdy chubby girl who was insecure about herself to a beautiful curvy woman with a husband, Chae he was good to her and a nice man. Yasmin became friends with me and Grace when we were 12 and starting high school. She had bright pink hair and no friends from her junior school. So me and Grace took her under our wing and became great friends, now her pink hair was blonde and had grown out, she wasn’t married but her girlfriend Becky and her are off to travel the world.

Amanda and I met when we were 16, she had moved schools coming from a very posh family. She was by far the bitchiest and snobbiest. Although we loved her very much when she was being nice(which is very rare). Today though it seemed Amanda was cranky, maybe Liam had kept her up all night. Who knows, she’s not a very feelings person.

“So, Miss Y/L/N, what’s going on in the land of Calum and Y/N?” Yasmine smiled sweetly, putting her wine glass on the coffee table. Grace tucked her feet under herself and Amanda muffled her groan and leaning back on the worn out sofa across from the three of us.

“It’s amazing he’s the sweetest” I smiled my mind wandering to Calum, he was the best boyfriend I could have asked for. We had been dating three years and he was my first and only love. I was a stubborn bitch back then, when it came down to things and I had my walls up. But as soon as I met Calum I let him in and it was the best decision of my life. Currently he was probably working out down in the basement, he had his own mini gym. 

“When are you getting married?” Yasmin laughed. I shook my head knowing that Calum didn’t believe in marriage and that it would never happen no matter how much I wanted these three girls to be my bridesmaids. I smiled at Grace, she knew why I wouldn’t answer I told her everything. 

“What’s the sex like? That man is gorgeous” Grace half moaned, rolling her eyes back. Yasmin laughed along with her, giving her a gentle push to her shoulder and looked at me.

“That’s none of your business” I grinned, drinking down some of the wine. The bitter taste bubbling on my tongue. I heard Amanda laugh half heartedly and her hair was being flicked over her shoulder. 

“Calum’s too sweet, does he even satisfy you? You look like you haven’t been fucked in a couple of years” Amanda chuckled, holding her bony hand to her chest and giving me a fake sympathetic look. I puckered my lip and furrowed my eyebrows. 

“No he’s a freak in the sheet’s. Trust me I’ve been fucked thoroughly in every part of this house. Even the seat you’re sitting on.” I snarled. Yasmin and Grace both choked on there wine, spluttering it all over there shirts. Amanda gave me a glare, standing up from the chair and sipping on her wine. I looked over to the door seeing Calum appear. He was wearing his black sweats low against his hip, showing off his slight v-line. His muscular arms were folded against his chest. His toned body was covered in sweat probably due to him been working out, the shininess making his body glimmer. His hair was all ruffled, curls hanging loose over his forehead and there was a massive smirk plastered on his lips. His eyes landed on mine as he sent a wink in my direction. 

“Hello ladies” Calum said, smiling at them. The three girls all said hello back politely and Amanda awkwardly sat on the corner of the chair she was sitting on. Calum tucked his hands into the pockets of his sweatpants and walked forward slyly. 

“Sorry to cut this short girls, but I think me and Y/N need some alone time” He said shrugging his shoulders. Grace and Yasmin stood up giggling placing there glasses on the table. Amanda did the same but with a scowl on her face then walking past me pushing past Grace. She just laughed as Yasmin winked at me following Amanda out the house. 

“Have fun” Grace whispered walking away. I waited a few seconds before hearing the front door slam. I turned my head towards Calum who was now stood over me. I sat up straight pulling my top back down as it had risen up. I turned my body round so I was facing him. He placed both of his hands either side of me and leant down close to my ear, his breath fanning against my neck. His tender lips kissed the spot directly under my lobe which made me smile contently, the innocent kiss turned into his biting roughly onto my flesh. I whined placing my hands on his sweaty shoulders, he sucked roughly on the mark he made swirling his tongue around and his lips squeezing my skin. 

“Calum” I moaned. He lifted his head taking his lips off me, them being wet and a small bit puffy. His thumb stroked over the mark collecting the wetness drying off my skin. He looked at me with his big brown eye’s 

“So I’m a freak in the sheets you say?” Calum smirked, pulling me up from the sofa. He picked me up over his shoulder as I let out a small scream. I laughed, my stomach being pressed right against his shoulder as it dug into me every time I breathed out. He carried me up the stairs, every step my tummy bouncing on his shoulder. We got to the top of the stairs, he kicked open our door walking over to our bed and throwing me onto it. I let out a laugh as he pounced onto me. I ran my hands through his hair the softness running through my fingers. He smiled showing off his beautiful white teeth, he playfully bit onto my cheek pulling onto it. I pushed his face away from me, leaving little bite marks on my cheeks as they faded away slowly. 

“You know, I don’t like it when you talk about me like that” Calum groaned, he pushed my leg the other side of his body so he was situated between my legs. He grinded into me, placing his hands either side of my face. I leant up, pushing my lips to his. I instantly moaned loving the feeling of his lips against mine. Calum pushed me roughly back onto the bed by my shoulders, tearing my lips off of his. I looked up at him pouting, he just raised an eyebrow grinding his bulge into me. I moaned in pleasure, pushing my head into the pillow. Calum’s hands ran over my thin white t-shirt and over my boobs.

“You’re not wearing a bra?” He questioned squeezing my breasts in his hand. I shook my head no, I was pretty comfortable wearing my chill clothes around my friends so I didn’t feel the need in wearing underwear. Calum flicked my nipple under my shirt watching it go hard at the sensation. He leant down and licked over my white top, the texture of it made it see through when wet so you could see my nipple fully as he licked over it. He kissed it one last time before taking off my shirt pulling it over my head, my hair flung forward as he held it in his hand. He rolled it up and with his other hand he placed one of my hands above my head. I rested it there as he got my other hand placing it against my wrist. He tied my shirt around both my hands, tying the together. 

“This is for being a bad girl and telling your friends about our sex life” he growled, he pecked my lips and sat up straight. He was still situated between my legs as he pulled my body closer. He placed both his hands on my waist as my legs were flung over his hips. He grinded into me, his hands stroking over my bare waist. I moaned interlacing my hands together so that I wasn’t uncomfortable. He placed one of his hand through his hair as he sexily rotated his hips into me. Calum looked me in the eye and I saw an abundance of lust in them. 

“God you’re so sexy” He moaned

“Not so bad yourself handsome” I grinned. Calum slid his hands down my waist pulling my sweats along with them, he sat back pulling them slowly down my legs. I whined bending my legs as he moved forward again. He leant all the way down so his face was above mine. He softly moved his bugle against my naked core, I felt the whole length move against me. 

“You’re going to be the death of me” I mumbled tilting my head towards him. He laughed tucking his head into my neck and kissing over it. He continued his assault on my neck sucking on the same mark from earlier. 

“Calum c’mon I need you” I complained, kicking my feet around like a 5 year old. 

“Fine” he grumbled kissing over my neck one last time and sitting up. He looked down at his sweats untying the bow. 

“Look you got my sweats wet” He smirked. I rolled my eye’s as he pulled them down. His cock sprung up as he shuffled the clothing down his legs. He stroked his long thin cock, coming back towards me. He parted my legs sliding his cock along my folds. Calum pushed his length into me not giving me time to adjust as he rolled his hip’s into me. When Calum entered me I always felt full, his cock would always fill me up. I watched as his tummy clenched every time his cock drove into me. 

“You feel so tight and warm” he groaned. He ran his fingers through his hair, brushing it out of his sweating forehead. I was so hypnotised by his flexed arms and his golden hips moving in such a way inside my pussy. His cock was disappearing inside me making a wet sound as my juices ran along his cock. I circled my finger over my clit, feeling the pleasure all at once. 

I looked up at Calum, a small bead of sweat running down his cheek which could easily mistaken for a tear if it wasn’t so hot in the room. Not only did I have so much lust for this man I loved him, I’m willing to give him my everything for the rest of my life. He must have sensed something was up as he leant down grinding his cock into me. His brown eye’s flickered from my lips to my eyes and I saw so much love in them.

“I love you” he groaned, pumping his hard cock into me. His lips hovered over mine as his breath fanned against my lips. I fluttered my eyelashes against my cheeks and being as cute as possible. The butterflies erupted in my stomach from feels and from his tip grazing my g-spot. 

“I love you more” I whimpered looking up at him and smiling, loving this view of him above me. He pushed his lips to mine kissing me passionately, he was smiling into my lips. Calum’s lips were so smooth against mine and they slotted into mine like a puzzle piece. He reached up blindly untying my hands from the restraint, my hand’s instantly flew to his face pulling his cheeks closer to me. His tongue massaged mine, sucking onto it. He pulled away kissing the side of my mouth leaving me a mess benching him wanting his mouth back on mine. He rammed his cock into me, speeding up his movements as he hit my g-spot. His hands stroked down my body as he grabbed my breasts thrusting into me. I moved my legs so they were around him and he hit me at a deeper angle. I felt my high approach as Calum kneaded my ass in his hands thrusting into me.

“Cal” I whimpered. I came around him, tightening my leg grip around his waist. My vision went blurry for a second before looking up at Calum. His head thrown all the way back, if it was back any further it would fall off his body. His juicy pink lips parted as he inhaled the air around us. I felt him cum shoot inside me as he pulled out last minute, the last drops of cum dribbling down his cock. He fell beside me his body heaving from his orgasm, I was still catching up on my breath too. I turned to the side looking at Calum, he was staring up at the ceiling smiling to himself. He moved up on his elbows so he was sitting up and opened up his bedside draw, moving his hand around in the drawer. I sat up and wrapped my arm around his waist.

“Y/N” he whispered stopping his movements in the drawer. I looked up at him, his beautiful jaw line and his brown eyes looking down at me. I took in the moment leaning up and kissing him sweetly. He pulled his hand out the drawer with a velvet black box, I looked down at it and my heart skipped a beat.

“I was going to do this as a big thing and have you family and my family come over and have a party. But I can’t think of a better moment to do this and honestly I can’t wait a week without having you by my side. Before I met you I never believed in marriage and it being a thing to show how much you love someone. But when I met you that changed, I get dreams of you walking down the isle and I want my dream to become a reality. So Y/N, will you marry me, Sweetheart?”

applepiedimples  asked:

hey fucker look i love you a lot thanks for dealin w me on a regular basis ur so awesome & strong and daring & hilarious and you always make me laugh i lov ur blunt humor an d i lov u oka bye

Dude I love you so much!!!! I feel like I can relate to you so much and I just wanna be another mom for you ok. You have a great future ahead of you and I applaud you for forcing yourself though a tough year!!!!! You are strong and beautiful in so many ways!!!!!!!!

pureoutsiderstrash  asked:

Do 10-20 for the otp asks fOr- Jacob x Enoch? ;-; Idfk the ship name ;-;

The ship name is Hollowheart, or Jenoch!! :”) thanks for asking m8! (long responses bc- B”))

10) Who is more likely to cheat?

I DONT EVEN KNOW!? AH!!? Like- I think Jacob would actually kinda want someone from the modern world (smh), and idk maybe Enoch just- is bored one day and just wants to make out with Horace instead of Jacob. (oops i think i ship Enorace by now like- *shrugs*)

11) Who makes fun of the other for having a crush on them, and who has to remind them that they are in a relationship?

OH MY GOSH- Enoch aLWayS does this bs okay like- he’ll be laughing and he shoves Jacob playfully like, “You have a crush on me.” in a kiddy singy song voice (if you get me?) and like- “Um, Enoch we’re dating.” and Enoch’s just like, “Yeah but you got a crush on me.”

12) Who starts a food fight in the kitchen?

Enoch’s a jerk sometimes so- yeah him. He could just be eating something and he just- puts it casually in Jacob’s hair and Jacob’s like, “vAT Are yA dOinG?” and he shrugs and just starts rubbing Jacob’s face with other food stuff like- ENoch iTS TIME TO STOP- but yeah Jacob takes it seriously too and just- food fight time. (please call Ms. P)

13) Who initiates duets? and who is the better singer?

i don’t know?- :”| like- actually probably Jacob. In the modern world there’s a lot of song titles that like- you know if Enoch’s talking about memories he’ll just be like “Thanks for the memories even though they weren’t so great.” and Enoch’s like “What the hell are you singing on about now?” but- Enoch and Jacob surprisingly both have amazing voices okay like- idek who’s better.

14) Who starts the hand holding? Who grabs the others butt? Who slides their arm around their waist? Who likes to put their fingers in the belt loops?

JACOB STARTS THE HAND HOLDING!!! Enoch isn’t very- idk- like that so he didn’t start the hand holding. He’s the one who grabs Jacob’s butt though x’D and Jacob’s just like- blushing and he’s like “Enooooch.” in a cute whiny voice and Enoch’s like “Don’t be such a baby, baby.” (i just- wOW?) and Enoch likes sliding his arm around Jacob’s waist because he likes having him close to him like- yus. and i didn’t even know that was a thing- but they both do, Jacob likes doing it more though.

15) Who likes writes the others name on their wrist?

Enoch doesn’t care? Nor does Jacob honestly, but tbh they both do it, just to show other people how good they write their names. (psh, show offs)

16) Who is more seductive when they are drunk? and who is louder in bed?

Enoch is more seductive when drunk bc he doesn’t wanna do something wrong or hurt Jacob or anything (AH WHATTA BEAN?!) but- yeah Jacob’s louder in bed. 

17) Who is more protective?

THEY BOTH ARE!? (im ruining the whole purpose of these asks?!!???) Okay like- Jacob worries extra about Enoch, but when something happens to Jacob, ENocH FREAKS OUT- like oml. “Are you okay!? Are you hurt!? Did someone do this!? I’ll have a talk with them-” etc. (so Enoch i’m guessing)

18) Who talks to the other while they are sleeping?

ENOCH! And then- hAH Jacob teases him so much for it, and Enoch’s like, “That never, fuckin’, happened! Yous have no idea what you’re talking about!” (probably a lot of sappy stuff while he’s sleeping)

19) Who drives and who has the window seat?

Jacob drives and Enoch has the window seat. Enoch probably has bad road rage and like- yeah Jacob ain’t dealin’ with that. 

20) Who falls asleep in the others lap and who carries them to bed?

(this is so cute oml- does it really matter-) It would be so freaking cute either way, but I’m pretty sure Jacob falls asleep (i wish i could say Enoch but- *sharp inhale*) and Enoch just sighs but loves it because he could touch his hair more and play with it etc. then he picks him up gently like- so gENTLY!!! and brings him to bed. he tucks him in and everything like wth. (daddy Enoch much- okay no i’m sorry x”D) and then- omg in the morning Enoch wakes Jacob up so badly though like- he scares him awake on purpose so Jacob doesn’t think he was being all softy with him last night???! bc then it’ll be all blushy blushy in the morning and Enoch probably doesn’t want that. sometimes he literally doesnt give a shiz though and is in the mood to be adorable with Jacob so- he “let’s it slide.”

i didn’t think i shipped this buuuuuuuuuuut my emotions about this says otherwise. (like- i wANT AN ENOCH. and a Jacob- peculiars thEMSELVES LIKE- CAN Y’ALL HMU)

//bruh i ship movie Enolive and book Enorace like- now Hollowheart? :”))

anonymous asked:

idk if y'all will kno any esp being busy w the bang but do you have any new depressed!steve or make ur heart hurt fics or just rlly intense h/c? I'm dealin w a bad bout of Depression™ so it would b really appreciated (& hopefully help a bit) if u do thanks either way tho 💕

Ok here we go I have a selection of some of the not in the tags recently read stuff for you, I hope you like them!

a tree grows in brooklyn by newsbypostcard

POST-CIVIL WAR: They have to get out of Siberia. They have to get to a safehouse. They have to figure out what comes next – how to live in the world; how to stay out of sight.

If Bucky can only get a grip on himself and the way his mind keeps throwing out memories.

Aces and Kings by whoniverses

“That’s…a dog,” Steve says. “You got a dog.”

Bucky raises an eyebrow at him. “Uncanny observation skills, Rogers,” he drawls.

“I thought you were going to the grocery store?”

Unimpressed, Bucky rolls his eyes. He clips the collar around the dog’s neck, the ends coming together with a sharp snap. “Had to pick up food for Spot, didn’t I?”

“You named it Spot?

Bucky sighs.

Or: After SHIELD falls and Steve finds Bucky, he hangs up his uniform and takes a long-needed break from Captain America so he can just be Steve Rogers. Meanwhile, Tony convinces Bucky to get a therapy dog in order to help him adjust to his newfound Regular Citizen Life™. As the weeks go by, both Steve and Bucky struggle to deal with their own problems while trying to piece their glass relationship back together without stepping on the shards.

For the Holidays by togina

The Avengers spend their first Christmas together (because Tony won’t let them leave). They spend December trying to bring Steve some Christmas cheer.

Here’s a Conspiracy by castiowl

The pre-war years as told by an anomalistic radio.

Such Great Siege by eyres

In the aftermath of defying his country to save his best friend, Steve Rogers agreed to a plea bargain that would grant his friends immunity but send him to prison. That was two years ago.Bucky had a plan for when Steve finally was released from prison: a quiet house and a big bed, maybe a dog. None of his plans included Steve agreeing to sacrifice himself to save the very people that had stripped him of his title and took away his freedom. But old enemies have a way of coming back.

Hit On All Sixes

Undertale Fanfiction, Alphys/Undyne

Part 1/ Part 2 /?

Summary:  so what if we took the purest, dorkiest, most adorable vanilla ship in the entire world… and made them hardboiled rogues in 1920s New York with semi automatic machine guns and lipstick

Author’s Note: this is a collaboration that blossomed out of au headcanon shenanigans with my good friend @fishlizardweeb​ and this hUGE MULTICHAPTER FANFIC JUST HAPPENED out of nowhere haaha good times. pls enjoy this product of us gaying it up with memes and whatnot, it’s truly a labor of love

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anonymous asked:

That fan has some point, tho. Felix is not a comedian. He doesn't have as great sence of humour as he thinks he does. The fun of his video was from his sencere (well, more or less) and sudden reactions to the games. Now he is trying to make jokes and be "satire", but honestly, he is not very good at it...

(≡^∇^≡) Ah? hey that’s pretty interestin’ anon!

let’s talk about it ! i rly enjoy discuss about dis kind of stuff !

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achievement-flubbing-hunters  asked:

Uh... Fluff of diamot (dianite and mot) dealing with countrybat bringing home creatures that she declares are to be cuddled (like a cat or tiny bird at first, then they become increasingly less prone to cuddles) I DONT KNOW JUST DIAMOT FLUFF WITH COUNTRYBAT <3333

I’d also like that, my friend. The ship name you’re looking for is Motanite, I believe. It just so happens that that ship is my absolute favorite ever, and CountryBat is one of my absolute favorite people ever to grace Mianite. I also threw in some Ianite-fam as well, for good measure. This should be fun. Into the rabbit hole we go, dear readers.


The first time had been innocent enough. Mot had come home after a day at the market, preparing supplies for the journey that he and Dianite were going on. Dianite would be meeting him at his home in Urulu before they left. Mot wanted everything to be perfect.

The bunnies all over his bed were certainly not perfect.

“Alyssa!” Mot called. “Can you come here please?”

The young girl skipped into the older man’s room. “Hey, Mottie!” She sang, tossing a flower crown onto Mot’s head with perfect accuracy.

Mot grabbed the ring of daisies from his head and stared at it incredulously. “How did you even get this up there?”

“I’m good,” She laughed, sitting on Mot’s bed and petting a bunny.

“No, okay, Alyssa, you can’t keep all these bunnies in here,” He told her, picking up a bunny and putting it into a random drawer in his dresser. “Dianite’s coming over for a very important meeting today, and my room can’t be filled with bunnies!”

Alyssa groaned, but scooped up the bunnies. “Okie dokie Mottie. Guess you don’t want bunnies when you’re actin’ like ‘em.”

Mot sighed in relief. “Alright, thank you.” Then, what she had said processed. “Oh gods, who told you to say that?!”

“Guilty,” Dianite revealed himself, coming into the bedroom from the hallway. “I arrived early and saw her bringing in the rabbits. I couldn’t resist.”

Mot flushed almost as red as his god’s skin.


When Alyssa came into Dianite’s office riding a BLOODY WOLF, he decided he preferred the rabbits.

“Hi Mottie! Hi Dia!” She called, riding into the office.

The wolf wagged his tail, staring up Mot. A flower crown encircled the wolf’s ears.

“Alyssa!” Mot half yelled, struggling to cover the pictures on Dianite’s desk. The depicted many of the different missions Mot had been on, and he’d rather that Alyssa didn’t see that side of him. “Dear Dianite, where did you even find that?”

Dianite smirked at Mot’s use of the expression. “Don’t need to call me, I’m sitting right here.”

Alyssa petted the wolf’s head. “She found me. We’re besties.”

Mot ran his fingers through his hair. “I’m too young to die of a heart attack, right?”

Dianite grinned, standing up from his desk and kneeling down next to Alyssa and her friend. “You certainly have a way with animals, Alyssa.”

Alyssa grinned and took a flower out of her gold and brown hair. She tucked it in between on of the god’s horns and ears. “Learnin’ that from dealin’ with you.”

Dianite raised an eyebrow. “Well, I think you better take your friend and go back to your room. If you don’t, Mot might have a stroke.”

Alyssa nodded, hopping off of the wolf and petting it’s back. “Come on, Anya. Let’s go play heroes,” Alyssa suggested, leading the wolf out of the office.

“Thanks, Dianite. You’re surprising good with children,” Mot commented.

Dianite stood up, fixing his suit. “Yeah, well, I do spend most of my days with you.”

Mot groaned, burying his head in his hands. “Oh, fuck me. This fatherhood thing is going to kill me.”

“Well, I’m not sure about the last part, but the first one can certainly be arranged,” Dianite smirked.

Mot was only slightly embarrassed with how fast he nodded.


The very last time it happened, it ended up being the best possible thing that could have happened.

Mot and Dianite had been working on a mission with Spark and Ianite at the time. The group had been trying to figure out where the void that had appeared on the very edge of the realms led to. Ianite believed it went another universe, but Dianite wasn’t too sure.

Mot and Dianite had just arrived to their room in Dagrun’s castle when Dianite fell suddenly.

“Dianite!” Mot gasped, running to his god’s aid. “Are you alright?”

“Something’s wrong,” Dianite hissed in pain. “My sister, see if this is affecting her.”

Mot ran into the courtyard outside their room, finding Spark not too far away, cradling a fallen Ianite in the grass. He quickly returned to Dianite. “She’s down too. What’s going on?”

“It’s a spell,” Dianite told him. “Someone’s here.”

Sure enough, a dark figure landed in the courtyard, holding a sword. Spark quickly moved Ianite to where Dianite was, making it easier to defend them both. Spark took out his rapier, holding it out at the trespasser. Mot held out his broadsword menacingly.

The usually kind Spark growled. “If you touch either of them, the only thing your loved ones will find will be the fragments of your body.”

Mot couldn’t beat that. “Ditto.”

The dark figure laughed. It echoed through the courtyard. “This isn’t a fight you’ll win, Spark and Mot.”

The two heroes met eyes. They had never see the man before, but he knew them.

The figure raised his arms, sending electricity flying at Spark and Mot. They fell aside, twitching painfully. Mot tried to rise to protect his god, but he couldn’t move.

Suddenly, a shadow passed over the courtyard. The figure looked up, and was met with a face full of flame.

“Leave them ALONE!” Alyssa shouted, riding in on the back of a dragon. Alva and Andor flew beside her, throwing rocks and other heavy objects at the attacker.

Mot looked on in shock. It would have been terrifying if not for the flower crown of lilacs donned on the dragon’s head.

The children landed, cornering the invader. The dragon continued to bombard the man with fire.

“Leave our home!” Alva shouted at the man, pointing her dagger at him.

“Yeah!” Andor chimed in. “And you better not come back.”

Alyssa, using her slingshot, fired at their opponent, landing a hit in the middle of his forehead. “And if you do, you’ll have to go through us!”

The attacker laughed. “You children are brave, but you haven’t won. I’ll be back, and I will not fail.”

A cloud of dark smoke suddenly burst from somewhere, concealing the invader. When it dissipated, the man was gone.

“We did it!” Alyssa cheered, sliding off the dragons back and hugging it’s neck.

“That was so cool!” Alva yelled, hugging her brother and then flying into the air to do a victory flip.

“Yeah, no one messes with our family!” Andor punched a fist into the air, then high-fiving Alyssa.

“Ah, Alyssa!” Mot called, hugging his side and trying to stand.

“Mottie!” She cried, running over to him.

The twins noticed their grandfather on the floor, running to his side worriedly.

“Alyssa, where did you find a dragon?!” Mot gasped, staring at the large red and orange creature.

“He’s my friend. We saw that dude comin’, and we needed help,” Alyssa explained. “Is Dia ok?”

Mot shook his head. “I don’t know, but I’m having a trouble moving. Could you help?”

Alyssa helped Mot stand, and together they moved to the doorway where Dianite and Ianite were sitting.

“Mot,” Dianite gasped as the pair made it over. “Let the girl keep the dragon.”

Alyssa perked up. “He can stay!” She cheered, running over to the dragon and leaving her guardian to talk to his god.

Alva and Andor, who had come over with Spark to talk to Ianite, saw Alyssa excitement and went over with her to play with the dragon.

“Helgrind is going to want our heads when he finds that his children fought an enemy with a dragon,” Ianite smiled.

“No kidding,” Spark sighed happily. “Thank the gods for them, though. If they and Alyssa hadn’t come…”

“You don’t need to thank us,” Dianite teased.

“We didn’t do anything,” Ianite added, smirking.

The two champions groaned.

What fairytale bull crap is this? “Don’t break your neck tryna go get a gentleman cause everything that glitters ain’t gold” ? Are you serious? If it’s “ one of the hardest relationships to be in” then why heck do I want to waste my time being in one? If you wanna keep it 💯 let’s be clear, no real woman is gonna be with some out of control, drug dealing, wanna be a thug instead of getting a real job fool! Ain’t nobody tryna hide you in they basement, lie for you, and deal with the fact that you have been sent to jail for the 100th time! All because when you “love” you “love hard”? No sir, you are sadly mistaken ain’t nobody tryna get killed dealin with your trifling behind! I will “break my neck” for as long as I can for my little gentleman and be happily on my way. Thank you 😊 #withyourspongebobquotinass #excusemylanguage #lawdness #IwishIwould #idiots