you have no right to do this to me

Calling out @studioghiblishy for reposting others’ Ghibli content and straight up lying. Normally I handle things privately in a diplomatic way, but the way they responded to me is completely unacceptable. You do not have the right to claim someone else’s work with a defensive attitude while lying. If you made a mistake, that’s fine. If you aren’t familiar with the etiquette, that’s fine too. But saying you ACTUALLY created content that you obviously stole? Nope.

As is routine with reposts, I messaged said user and requested they remove my Porco Rosso gif of Gina before I report them, because it is clearly my gif. Check the filesize, dimensions, coloring, timing, lineart, and the fact that the same leaves were removed to achieve a perfect loop.

Now I understand reposts are a fact of life, however, I can’t abide by this:

Suuure you did. That’s why you’re reposting watermarked works and other people’s art with the cop out line “credit to artist.”

Anyway, don’t do this. I don’t like calling people out but this individual seriously had the gall to claim they made these things. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Can we talk about the fact that the colour of Magnus’ magic has changed? And talk about the reason behind it and what the change in those colours might have meant? For me, personally, it’s a beautiful thought - an intresting idea - that the colour might be affected by his emotions and the reason it’s been used in the first place. We know that it’s usual colour is blue. Blue is a colour of trust, honesty and loyalty. It exhibits an inner security and confidence and it’s been said that you can rely on it to take control and do the right thing in difficult times. It’s also a safe and non-threatening colour and the most universally liked colour of all. Just think of the blue sky or the deep wide ocean – they seem peaceful. Whereas red is the colour of blood and fire and is often associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power as well as passion, desire, and love. It represents power and courage and is often used for warning signs. Red shows aggresive dominance, whereas blue is related to a calm authority. And if you really think about it it makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? We saw Magnus training in S02 E01 on the balcony scene and healing Luke in S01E06 and both times the colour of his magic was blue. Compared to the newest episode (S02E03) the colour is still blue when he tries to heal alec or is at least trying to take a little bit of the pain away. But when Raj is threatening to kick him out of the institue the second he isn’t able to help any futher and Magnus attacks him the colour suddenly turns red. I know we saw Magnus take down this circle member in S01E04 and his magic was blue, but those were two completely diffrent situations. I do think he was emotionally affected in this scene, since the guy prouded himself on killing Elias, but this time it was about Alec. He was the only one who was able to help Alec at least a little bit and being threatend and treated like that, not only by Raj but by Aldertree too, while also facing the truth that the man he loves might die and feeling completely helpless and desperate because he couldn’t wake him up. So yeah. Emotions affecting the colour of Magnus’ magic? I’d love that.

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Aaaaaah, what about 707 and MC hurt/comfort? Maybe something like in his route when he was being extra terrible to her and her just deciding to kind of.. disappear? Idk about you, but I would have wanted to deuce the heck out of there for a while bc thaT HURT

I know right!? I would’ve probably just… left. 

a/n: I’m going to mess a little bit with the canonic order of events & dialogues for the purposes of this scenario 

“God, I don’t know if you’re just lighthearted or stupid.”

“People who get curious without knowing anything, just thinking it’ll be alright… really make me tired.”

“That’s strange. I don’t want to get close to you at all.”

“From now on, if I have to tell you anything concerning your safety, I’ll do it through the messenger.”

“I’m going out to the hallway.”

“I’m going to come in when you’re sleeping, so meanwhile, sort out your emotions.”

It hurt. That’s the one thing your brain could fully register at the moment. How could he be like this? Maybe it was his plan to play you all along. Making you believe he was interested in the messenger. 

No, that can’t be. He isn’t like that.’ 

And of course you knew that. You just couldn’t find any other explanation for his sudden change in behavior towards you. He was so cold, so distant. And today, for the first time since you met him, you thought of him as unapproachable. You’d never thought like that of any member before. Not even Jumin, who seemed like the most intimidating out of all of them (now you knew he really wasn’t).

Was it something you said that made him so mad at you? Because every time he addressed you, it was as if he was spewing venom. Even his eyes, those eyes you longed to see face to face, looked at you as if you were nothing more than a nuisance, a pest. 

You were currently on your way up, in the elevator. You’d only gone to the convenience store for some of the red hair’s favorite chips. You truly never expected him to notice. 

The elevator doors opened and there he was, arms tapping his sides repeatedly. He was so enraged and anxiety seemed to be the only thing emanating from him. It made you feel guilty, ungrateful, and just shitty. But in that moment, there was a glint of genuine care in his eyes and a hint of worry in his voice as he practically interrogated you. And, just like that, some hope managed to spark within you. 

He cares.’

Or so you thought until—

“I don’t care about your feelings.”

You were suddenly hyperaware of your surroundings. There was your foot, about to step inside the supposedly deceased owner’s apartment. Your hand was clutching your phone and wallet. And Seven? He was heading back to his corner, about to sit down. 


It suddenly became extremely hard to breathe. The shaking in your arms increased with each passing second, while the lump in your throat started to become painful

And then, there was that sudden ache in your chest. It was as if all air was knocked out of your lungs and time had frozen still. 

All you managed to say was a strained, “Oh, I see.”

First you moved one foot, then the other. Next thing you knew, was that you were heading towards the emergency stairs, desperately needing to get away from him, from the pain. It was too much. You couldn’t cope, and so, you left the building and ran. Ran until your feet grew tired. Until the pain you were most aware of was the burning in your lungs.

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Go read my fic. I have 60 of em (and only TWO, that’s right TWO are still in progress) and some of them are really sappy and dumb (if you’re into that garbage :D :D :D) and some of them are angsty and some of them are all about gettin’ that D in, and maybe one? (maybe?) is rpf, but basically what I’m doing to cheer myself up is reading good old johnlock fic. And if you haven’t read mine, well, read mine, because I’m desperate for attention and I think my stuff is as least pretty good? And might put a smile on your face?

Oh, and I have one about Sherlock watching John play rugby and then they bone. So. Yeah.

Go read my things, because I wrote the things for the people who want Sherlock and John to kiss and be happy, and I assume that’s some of you.

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Hello~ I just wanted to request if MC and the RFA members + Saeran and V met MC's ex-boyfriend. How their reaction would be. I guess it would be great. ^^

omg this is like @myetie‘s comic strip!! it’s seriously the best thing ever so please check it out!! <3


  • ok so MC and yoosung are inside a gaming store right cuz he needs the new COD game edition and MC wanted to check out SIMs 4 
  • im sorry idk i don’t play games lmao
  • so they were at different sections of the store and suddenly
  • “Yo MC! long time no see! how ya doin’?”
  • that guy grabbed MC’s shoulder and had this really gross grin on his face 
  • “Uhh… yea, about that, I actually have to go-”
  • yoosung is STOMPS over to this guy like he’s ready to go
  • *in the voice of a squeaky mouse* “fight me” lol


  • they were at the beach and yenno MC was smokin’ hot so she got catcalled by a few guys
  • obviously they earned a few death glares from Zenny but one guy walked over with, seemingly, no shame
  • “MC! Don’t you remember me?”
  • dude this guy was a real f@#ker and MC wanted nothing to do with him so she was about to walk away until he made another comment
  • “still rocking those hips MC” and he did this disgusting cringe worthy wink omfg ew
  • and he started to TWIST HIS HIPS EARNING A FEW HOLLA’s from his friends wtf
  • but before MC could retaliate, Zen literally just kicks him in the balls :D
  • “Suits you right.”


  • man MC was her were having a great relaxing time at the park when this stranger plops down next to MC 
  • he obnoxiously holds onto MC’s arm and puts her head on MC’s shoulders 
  • like im sorry do i know you?
  • Jaehee is mortified just omg what the heck who is dis
  • so MC tries to brush that guy off but he just tightens his grip
  • Jaehee notices MC’s discomfort and literally starts calling the police
  • “Hello, yes, I’d like to report…”


  •  they were at a real fancy restaurant and Jumin went off to pick the best wine to go with their seafood dinner
  • so MC was sitting alone enjoying the view and the live classical music when suddenly
  • *tap tap* someone tapped her lightly on her shoulders
  • “Hi, MC.” the waiter smiled kindly and gave her a gentle wave
  • MC was pleasantly surprised and nodded at him to acknowledge his presence but apparently that wasn’t enough for her ex because
  • the waiter leaned in and said kinda loudly
  • “I see you’ve now down-graded to ‘gold-digger’”
  • MC was shook like excuse me that was rude
  • funnily enough um Jumin had just come back from the wine cellar (with the manager) and kinda overheard everything so 
  • he noted:
  • “And now I will see you be down-graded from waiter to ‘unemployed’.”


  • they were at this anime convention and Seven and MC were cosplaying as the couple from Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (so cuute)
  • and it was common to take pictures so when some guy asked MC to have a picture with him, she agreed without much thought
  • until they were about to take the picture when some asshole threw a bucket of water over her
  • “MC! looking good ahahah” some guy dressed as a titan from AOT laughed
  • dripping wet and shivering MC was about to flip him off after realizing it was her ex when 
  • 707 DEFENDER OF JUSTICE came back from a stand with a handful of gudetamas
  • “TAKE THIS!!!”
  • *Seven then proceeds to attack on the ‘titan’ with his new gudetama plushies*
  • do you like my pun or what


  • MC and Saeran were at the library because MC wanted to do some studying
  • and Saeran was the perfect study buddy because he was really quiet and polite and he also liked reading new books too
  • when suddenly this loud and disrespectful fella stomped over to their table and threw his books down
  • shit it was her ex.. he was known to be very aggressive
  • “Look, we’re in the library can we just talk later?” MC just didn’t want to make a ruckus
  • the dude was about to yell but with one swift motion, Saeran pinned the guy down on the table with one hand and silenced the him with the other
  • “Shh.. we’re in the library. You and I can take this outside like real gentlemen.”
  • *cue sparkles, sunset glow and wind blowing on SUPERMAN SAERAN*


  • they were going on a photo shoot date and MC was acting as his modèle so she dressed really really nicely
  • and as she was posing for a shot with the flowers some guy comes and fricken photobombs it like
  • “HEY WHAT’S UP!!!!” and proceeds to hug MC like a koala on a tree
  • MC was obviously uncomfortable and V wasn’t just going to stand there and stare
  • “Excuse me sir, you’re disrupting our shoot. I would appreciate it if-”
  • she gave Jihyun one of her save me looks as she kept trying to push him off
  • so V did the most logical thing he could think of
  • *cue him throwing the ice cream prop at the guy so it splatters all over his shirt* (amazingly it didn’t get on MC lol)

ahh I’m sorry this took so long~ it’s hard balancing school and tumblr hahah

I hope you like thisss <3

~Cherry L.

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athena: hey how’s prosecutor gavin doing


(2 hours later)

random old lady at the bus stop: who’s that on your phone screen dear

apollo: oh that’s my boyfriend he’s beautiful and I love him and he always does nice things for me and he makes music but sometimes we work together too we’re attorneys and that’s how we met and he speaks german kind of it’s really cool I’m actually on my way home right now and we’re gonna watch you’ve got mail for the 200th time because we both love it but don’t wanna admit it to anyone else do you wanna see pictures from our engagement party a few months ago

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Hey would it be alright if I drew Papaya and Luca? I kinda feel really hard for them

no sorry i’m the only person in existence who is allowed to draw them. it might sound selfish but i’m doing this for your own good. everytime someone else draws my ocs they are cursed with horrible nightmares and occasionally dry skin so I just want to keep you guys safe. 

seriously, ask anyone that has drawn me fanart and you’ll see they were cursed. i have an entire fanart tag right here:

all of those pple? dry skin and nightmares. dont become one of them. 

Hello everyone. Please know you are all pretty, beautiful, handsome, and amazing. there is no need to ever feel bad about yourself because you are amazing just as you are right now. there are plenty of horrible factors in the world, but I know you can overcome them just with a little help or some kind words. Please feel free to message me anytime, I want to help you like you all have helped me. Nobody can be perfect, so please do not expect yourself o be whenever you are amazing just as you are now. thank you all for helping and supporting me. I want to continue making you all smile and laugh and I hope I can continue to do that even though I have plenty of people saying I’m just repeating my content over and over again.. But I hope you can still get some laughs now and then. Thank you all ;;

  • Robert: You look ridiculous.
  • Aaron: Talkin' to me?
  • Robert: Yeah, unfortunately, I am talking to you.
  • Aaron: Here you are. To get us in the mood for Vegas.
  • Robert: I've got this business plan to finish. There's so much to it.
  • Aaron: That's all you seem to be doing lately.
  • Robert: Yeah, Rebecca's wasting all her time with Ross so I have to do everything.
  • Aaron: Tell her to start pulling her weight or she can do it on her own. Come on, let me show you the other stuff I bought.
  • Robert: I really don't have the time. Can we talk about it tonight?
  • Aaron: I won't hold my breath.
  • (Robert leaves, Chas comes in)
  • Chas: Where's he off to? Couldn't get out of here fast enough.
  • Aaron: I know. She's got him wrapped round her little finger.
  • Chas: Everything all right? Rebecca?

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How do I know medicine is right for me?

Short answer, I think, is you don’t. Not fully. I’m 4th year now and I still have doubts, and I’m sure most of my colleagues have them too. It’s a huge decision to study medicine, and the path there is so long and hard, that I think it’s easy to sometimes be like ‘wtf am I doing this for?!?’ 

Also I think it’s hard to say, because there’s no set criteria to study medicine, and there’s no one personality type you have to be or anything. We’re all very different and have different reasons for doing it.

I think one good way to realise it is if you can’t imagine doing anything else. And if the thought of being a doctor really fills you with excitement and joy. And that you have a real interest in medicine and really would like to learn more about it. Those are good indicators! But I think it’s really hard to know for sure. x

kiss sentence starters.

“ are you gonna kiss me or not? ”
“ how many have you kissed? ”
“ i really want to kiss you right now. ”
“ i think we should kiss right now. ”
“ i don’t kiss and tell. ”
“ do you wanna kiss me? ”
“ am i a good kisser? ”
“ do i think i kiss okay? ”
“ i’ve always wanted to kiss you. ”
“ so i can kiss you anytime i want. ”
“ i’ve never kissed anyone before. ”
“ please, tell me you’ve done this before. ”
“ it we just a kiss, not like it meant anything? ”
“ did you kiss me with your tongue? ”
“ you are a really good kisser. ”
“ i want to be my first and last kiss. ”
“ just walk up to him/her and kiss him/her, it’s not hard. ”
“ are you trying to lean in and kiss me right now. ”
“ do not even try and kiss me right now. ”
“ not even a kiss could shut me up. ”
“ no kiss goodbye? ” “ you always kiss me goodbye, why? ”
“ i dream about kissing your lips. ”
“ i’ve kissed before, just not like this. ”
“ i don’t know how to kiss, could you teach me? ”
“ i don’t wanna miss this kiss. ”
“ let’s just kiss and get it over with already. ”
“ first kisses are always so awkward, unless the other person is experienced. ”

Art Raffle Winners

Finally I got the time to do this!! Anyway.. Since I don’t really have time to do my 1000 900 followers art raffle… I decided to combine the raffles.. and double the winners~ 

1 Place - @gevalover and @arigato90

2 Place - @era-x and @nekophy

3 Place - @mimiloverfox and @rosepelt11

I thank all of you guys for paticipating.. It really means a lot to me~ and sorry for those who haven’t won… I’m sure next time you’ll win ^w^

I’ll message you all myself.. and reply as soon as you can please, I am going to be pretty busy soon so I need to get a reply fast.. I’ll start from 3 to 1 place winners~

And again… ♥


May, 2007: Willow Creek, Louisiana

Reuben: Nick, it’s getting late- what time’s your train?

Nick: Not for a few more hours. When I’m gone you promise you’ll check up on my dad, right? He hasn’t been doing so good lately…

Reuben: Don’t worry about a thing Nick, we’ll come over a few times a day.

Tyler (Wiley): You don’t have to talk about me like I ain’t in the room!

Nick: We weren’t dad, we just thought you were still asleep.

Tyler: -Hfmp- when you’re done chasing that ghost of yours and you and your broken heart come crawlin’ back home, I can’t promise I won’t have changed the locks.

Nick: (Laughs) Dad, come on-

Tyler: -Nicky, you just listen to me- you’re my son and I love you, but you’re a god damn fool if you think that girl has been sittin’ pretty for the past 10 years just waitin’ on you…

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Deduce me? That is, if you have the time to do so.

Your name is Emily Ra#ey, you’re a girl,14 to 18 years old, middle school (high school), right handed. You love art and you’re skilled in many different styles, such as water colour, ceramics, digital art and pencil. Despite your age, you like NSFW things, so I believe your parents don’t know or don’t see you have a Tumblr.
Middle class. You have an iPhone 5s, those are quite the new models, great storage. You’re not rich but your parents can afford you a phone of the sort, that’s why middle class. You visited a gallery 4 days ago by the way, I hope you enjoyed it.

You like Star Wars, Harry Potter, terror/horror films/series and games like The Sims where you can customize and build things.
Recently you got a new lipstick, it was pink. You like that tonality, you also have shirts and other clothing that varies between different shades of pink and red.
Since you love drawing and apparently reading…you have short hair and wear glasses.
You’re from New York, your birthday was on November 24th. You also admire old cultures, you have a dog and apparently you got a new pet. A cat. And that happened very recently. Maybe November or December of the last year. Maybe it was your Birthday gift? Congratulations by the way.


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thank you so much for not being anti shaladin and for not using mcclain as lance's last name. i'm so tired and exhausted of this fandom, it seems like the majority are brainwashed brats who scream "pedophilia!!! lance is white tho!!!!!" at absolutely everything and it's just refreshing and relieving to have someone here with their head actually screwed on right. tysm

it’s literally no problem at all, i’m actually just glad that there are people in this fandom who don’t inherently hate me (which there are people who do) 

The Plan!

Yes, I actually have a plan again! Well, some semblance of a plan, at least ^^” But it’s better than nothing!

So! For the time being, while I decide what to do with it, The Redwood War series is being put to one side. I don’t have the money to pay for an editor or illustrator right now, so I’ll need some time to save all that up. I did consider just whacking both books up on wattpad (or somewhere) as it is so you guys can read it, but I wasn’t sure how well received that idea would be? It felt too much like giving up, but I do feel very bad about all of you who have been so patient and supportive whilst waiting for book two, so I may yet change my mind. If you have any thoughts on this, let me know!

Now, as I said the other day, I do have my little poetry collection coming out at the beginning of February, so getting that ready to launch is going to take some time and effort. That said, I do need a project. I need to be busy, or I’ll drive myself mad. Or worse, sad. 

A few months ago, I had a strange idea for a story that appealed to my apparently odd sense of humour. It wasn’t fleshed out in any way, but it was a little seed of a story that I really wanted to tinker with. I didn’t, though. Partly because at the time I was going through a lot at home, but also because I know my writing habits well enough to realise that I can’t work on more than one big project at a time. I’m too single-minded, unfortunately. So, TRW needed my full attention, and so I put this little idea into the vault of little ideas, to look at and giggle over, and maybe play with properly at a later date.

Over Christmas I went back to my mum’s place to be with my family, and one evening me and @dimebarsareyummy sat up and watched a film together. We discussed various fantasy tropes, and the difference between traditionally “male humour” and “female humour” yadda yadda… And I opened up my vault of little ideas to share the silly one with her and see what she made of it. She found it as funny as I did, and as we talked about it more and more, the framework for a story started to emerge.

Now, you may not know this about me, but I’m really shite at suppressing myself. It can be pretty irritating -not only to me, but to everyone else as well- because once something starts to matter to me, it niggles away until I do something with it. Usually that means blurting out inappropriate things at inappropriate times, but in this instance it was more like an itch I just wanted so badly to scratch the heck out of, but knew if I started it would only make it worse. I knew I couldn’t work on this and TRW, but I was searching for a way to do just that.

In the end I asked @terminal-nerd for advice, and since he’s never steered me wrong, I re-prioritised my publishing contract over this new idea. 2017 was going to be the year that I became an author again. The year that Lorna Wrote All The Stuff. At one point, I even thought I might publish three books this year in total! But it wasn’t to be, and as much as I’ve been shot down the past six months, I know in my heart that a moving target is much harder to hit. 

So here I am! Moving! I have opened my vault of little ideas, and for the next few months I’ll be working on a short novel, currently going by the title of “Down From The Tower”.

I have a bunch of world-building to do, but I have some good ideas, a very definite plot, and three (maybe four?) characters that need naming!

I’ll update you as I go :)

What if I can’t forget you? What if I can’t unlove you? What if it’s still you that I want? What should I do? What would you do? No matter how many times you ignore me, push me away, I still find my way back right to your door, closed. I know you’re in love with someone else but, I just can’t get you off in my mind. You will always have a special place here in my heart, even if you will be erased, my heart will always remember. It’s you that still makes me happy, those smiles meant for someone else. I miss those words, conversations with someone else and not me. It’s been a long time since we fell apart and I just still love you. Can you answer me? What if I can’t forget you?

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So i hope this doesnt come off as intrusive but how long did it take for you to realize you were aro/ace? I dont really know if i am ace or just not really interested in that stuff?? If you dont wanna answer that is a-okay!! Have a good day!! Thanks!

lol it took me until i was 20? 21? before i figured it out

for a long time, i thought i was just heterosexual and i hadn’t met the right person, but i just… never cared about romance in context of myself. i always felt really uncomfortable when people had crushes on me, ever since i was like in 5th grade. i do not want people to crush on me. i was always more focused on other things, like drawing or reading or whatever, and romance just never factored into things i cared about.

the more other people got into relationships and romances around me, the less i cared.

similar to the crush thing, i always feel super uncomfortable when people say sexual things in reference to me. the idea of sex is just entirely repulsive for me and i just do not want to experience that ever. sex just has never been something i’ve wanted, and when people said stuff like “i would totally fuck that person,” i always thought that was a hyperbole and not, like… an actual real thing

the moment i realized that i didn’t have to have a relationship and have kids, the moment i realized. hey. i actually don’t really… want that? wow. i just wanna draw and hang out with friends and watch my shows

i realized that not having a romance would not detract from my life in any way. i realized that i just wanna hang out with friends and have fun, and that having a romanctic or sexual relationship would just make me feel really uncomfortable, and i don’t have to have either if i don’t want to

anyway, i hope that helped you!!!