you have no reason to be mad at me

phrasing. // rethink. delete. hesitate. // wait. retreat.

6 word story.

can i come pick you up? // take you wherever you want to be? // let me. 

worry lives in his blood // safety, comfort, security // this, he knows how to do // fuck it // sputter forward // tongue unbridled // what’swhat. 

no big deal // people sail through // young Bull barrels stable walls.

rip back bent // straight rod installation incomplete // she, reason to slow // breathe.

tell me to get out of my own way.

here are things i’m scared to say:

just need to know yr ok // am i in yr way? 

would you have been mad if i’d just come // done what i’d wanted?

am i allowed to move smooth // cool // take care of you? 

subtle clues // cues // over interpreted // heart sings confused blues. 

either way // i’ll hold you // xxx SirPup Kingston // 02.28.2017


I was 13 years old. It was my birthday. Royston Sinclair III had broken my heart in front of everyone. I had snuck into your closet that morning and took that green beaded top that was your mother’s…that you kept so carefully wrapped up in tissue paper in your cedar closet. I was never supposed to touch it, but I stole it. And I wore it to school with my Chemin de Fer sailor jeans. And I thought no one was as stylish as I was. Royston laughed, he said I was cheap. He said that the only reason he’d been my boyfriend was because he was mad at Angie Morgan and he wasn’t anymore. He called me loud and weird. And he said there was a rumor going around that I wasn’t actually a Gilmore..that…I was the gardener’s daughter and…you’d bought me because you couldn’t have children of your own. And I was crushed. And I ran out of class. And I ran out of school. And I went to the mall. And I was sitting in the food court, wishing I had some money to buy a pretzel because I was starving. And I looked up…and there was Dad..standing in front of the mall. He never came to the mall. That day…he went to the mall…and he was furious. Why aren’t you in school?, he asked. Tell me right now, Lorelai. Why aren’t you in school? And I tried to think of something…some lie that would make sense, but I couldn’t. All I could think was that yesterday I had a boyfriend who loved me and today I didn’t and I started to cry. I just sat there like and idiot, bawling. And finally, after what seemed like forever, I managed to control myself a little bit. And I calmed down and I waited. I waited for him to yell at me…to punish me…to ground me forever…to tell me how disappointed he was in me. And nothing came. And finally I got up enough courage…to look up at him and he was standing there with a pretzel…a giant pretzel, covered with mustard. And he handed it to me and he said, let’s go.  And he took me to the movies. We saw Grease and An Unmarried Woman. Something for me and something for him, he’d said. He bought me popcorn and Red Hots and we sat in the dark and we watched. And then he took me home and he gave me a sweater to cover up the stolen top and he told you that he’d picked me up from school and taken me to the club for a soda. And that was it. We never discussed it again. That was the best birthday I ever had. I just thought you should know.


I was 13 years old.


It was my birthday. Royston Sinclair the third, had broken my heart in front of everyone. I had snuck into  your closet that morning and took that green beaded top that was your mother’s. That you kept, so carefully wrapped up in tissue paper in your cedar closet. I was never supposed to touch it. But I stole it. And I wore it to school with my Chemin de Fer sailor jeans. And I thought no one was as stylish as I was. Royston laughed, he said I was cheap. He said that the only reason he’d been my boyfriend was because he was mad at Angie Morgan and he wasn’t anymore. He called me loud and weird. And he said there was a rumor going around that I wasn’t actually a Gilmore. That I was the gardener’s daughter and you’d bought me because you couldn’t have children of your own. And I was crushed. And I ran out of class. And I ran out of school. And I went to the mall. And I was sitting in the food court, wishing I had some money to buy a pretzel because I was starving. And I looked up…

someone made a post about how revan would say this, and i wanted to link it, but i can’t find it and it makes me mad. (EDIT: someone was awesome enough to link me the post so here it is!) because it’s 900% true. revan would totally strike poses and talk about how the real reason they left the jedi order is because the council was jealous of their stunning good looks and that if they didn’t wear their mask people wouldn’t stop fighting over them. 

worst of all, they have that kind of personality where when you meet them, you can’t help but think ‘they probably are really hot under that mask, dammit.’


being revan’s best friend / top henchman can’t be good for your blood pressure. hang in there, malak. 


This is how summer started for me. I uncluttered my desk from everything related to school and and spend my first summer night stargazing, and practising photography. And for the record, things didn’t go well on my panhellenic exams. I did great in Ancient Greek, Latin and Modern Greek, but I failed completely in History. Yeah, I cried, I got mad, I got sad. But I believe everything happens for a reason. Now I have about two weeks to fill my application for universities of my choice. Let’s see how it goes!

PS. You can follow me on instagram where I post my photography: @christinemav and on snapchat, so you can follow me on my adventures: cristinemav 🌼🌻

Let me just make something clear

If you want to go see Split for whatever reason I am not mad at you. I’m not thrilled but I’m not going to yell at you about it or call you a horrible person. All I ask is that you remember this is a work of fiction and not an accurate representation of DID. and that you ask questions if you have them to help you understand what DID really is. I would be happy to answer questions. is a great site for info on DID. I personally am not going to see it because I don’t agree with how it represents people with DID and feel like it would probably upset me but if you really really want to see it I won’t blame you…I blame the people who made the movie and even then I tried to work with them rather than against with the PSA petition but they are ignoring us so time for a different approach I suppose…I just want to be understood and not feared. Of course I wish people wouldn’t see it but I know some people will no matter what and I respect their choice. So go see the movie if you really want to see it but don’t let it effect your opinion of us. ~Amelia

How I want my man:

✓  Looks good with blood (Call me a psychopath, but I like them when they’re a bit mad.)

Is a good person deep inside

✓  A bit spiced up with angst.

 Basically, is perfect no matter what angle you look at him even the gay angle

And these, my dear friends, are some of the reasons why I don’t have a love life.

moonlight and la la land are the best movies of this year

i’m mad at that fuck up cause neither film deserved that. moonlight’s win didn’t deserve to be overshadowed by that royal fuck up and la la land doesn’t deserve to be dragged through the mud and turned into some meme. 

like, i’m so mad we’re talking more about this fuck up than moonlight’s win and i’m mad la la land is subjected to this vicious drag on this shitty website.

both film’s are works of art for two entirely different reasons. both films had me crying and emotional while i was in the theater. i don’t get why tumblr insists on putting two films against one another like this is some vicious war when we can just accept these films for the beautiful pieces of art that they are. like jfc you’re allowed to have your own opinion but this website is so extra.

Idle witchcraft thoughts:

Some months ago I waxed poetic on how there was witchcraft in small, mundane actions (knitting, cooking, gardening.) It made a few people mad because they viewed it as anti-science, but for the most part people agreed. I think about this now because there is occasionally some scrutiny against practitioners whose entire content is rooted in cooking, crafting, gardening… very physical things and this is often deemed ‘not very magical.’ 

I think that some of the DIY aspects of witchcraft are very important for reasons beyond the practical. Obviously, if you  can grow your own garden or knit your own garments you have a skill that can be applied to magic. But there is more to it than that for me. 

Often, magic is not quantifiable. That is to say- there is no way of knowing if a thing happened because we performed a spell or if it was just happenstance. This makes it a controversial area of study- you cannot cite a ‘gut feeling’ as a source in research terms. 

DIY projects, on the other hand, are incredibly quantifiable: I set out to make a thing and I made the thing. Or, for some- I set out to make a thing and something went wrong and the thing was not made, I will now find out why it did not work. There is a very clear line of action and consequence that puts us in that mindset. 

I think that it is important, as a magical practitioner, to occasionally venture outside of the world constructed inside your head and interact with physical materials. In my experience, it has been a very grounding action to see physical results of my labor that are easily counted. And failed crafts or failed gardens are a reminder that not every spell works the way I want it to and that’s okay- you just try again. 

this idea that ppl think i still want to be friends with them after they voted for trump is hilarious to me

lmfao i dont want you near me, i dont want you talking to me, i dont care about what you have to say

this election has clearly shown me who i can and cannot trust, who values me as a person, who i can REALLY call friend

and im not sorry if youre mad at me

the unfollow/block options are there for a reason

Otayuri is not pedofilia. I REPEAT. OTAYURI IS NOT PEDOFILIA

I have been seeing that some people are dissing the relationship between Yuri and Otabek because it is pedofilia, and it is really making me mad. It is not pedofilia for several reasons.

1. The age of consent in Russia and Kazakhstan is 16. Yuri is about to turn 16 in three months from the current point in the show.

2. There is no guarantee that the would have a sexual relationship as soon as they start dating. Dating =/= sex.

3. They are less than 2 ½ years apart. Have you not seen friends/people you know date some one a couple years older? It is common.

4. People are basing it on “American standards, where anyone under 18 cannot have sex” when this is not true. Many states in America have the age of consent of 16. Heck, in my state, as long as the partner is less than 4 years older, you can have sex as early as 14. So those of you who think that in America its illegal always, you’re wrong.

5. They might not even start dating immediately. Knowing Yuri’s personality, it would probably take him a while of friendship before he would even consider having romance. So stop freaking out.

It is not pedofilia for all of the reasons above. If you still hate the ship, fine, but dont go ruining the tag for other people, making people feel bad for likeing something when there’s nothing wrong with it.

(P.S. I bet half of the people calling BS on this are Ereri shippers, so don’t go around being hypocrites.)

Don’t Change For Me

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Raphael x Reader

Don’t Change For Me

Prompt: Hi! I was wondering whenever you have the time can you write about Raphael taking the serum that makes the turtles human like in the movie and to have him on a date with his gf who is shocked and mad at first then finds out his reason for it and fluff

Note: Aaaaaaaah! Yaaaaaaas!!

Raphael waited outside your door nervously.  He couldn’t stop checking his reflection in his phone. God, he looked different like this. Well, of course he did. He was human. Temporarily anyway. But you didn’t know about this. When he had told you about the purple ooze, you had shot him down, telling him you would rather make sure he was a safe, healthy turtle than risking his safety by becoming human. But here he was. It had worked, and he knew you would love it. Well, he hoped you would.

He knocked, adjusting his grip on the large bouquet of red roses in his large human hand. It wasn’t as large as it had been, in fact, he was a little smaller all around. Still built, but smaller.

Finally, after an agonizing wait, you opened the door. Surprise washed over your face.

“Um, hello?” You looked over the attractive man in front of you with confusion. He was tall, buff, with these (familiar?) dazzling green eyes and the warmest smile in the world. “Do I know…?”

“Ya ready for our date?”

Your jaw just about hit the floor.

“R-Raph? Is that you?”  

“Yeah. It’s me.”

“What happened to you?” You took his smooth human face in your hands and looked him over.

“Donnie.” He chuckled. “So, do ya like it?”

“I…I do, I’m just a bit shocked, I guess.” You couldn’t take your eyes off of him. He was so much shorter than you were used to, so much smaller and way less green. “Wow.”

“So, I figured I’d take ya out for dinner and a movie and then we could come back here an’ cuddle. Or somethin’.”

“That sounds great! Just let me grab my coat.” You walked to your room, grabbed your coat and your purse, and walked out to greet him. He looked at you like you were his entire world, because you were. You were everything to him. As soon as you got close enough, he pulled you close, holding you in his smaller arms.

“Yer so close now,” you heard him whisper. “You ain’t ever been this close.”

“Come on, Red. We don’t want to be late.”

“Yer right. Let’s go.”


The night flew by. You went out for dinner, which was Raph’s first time in a restaurant, went to the theater, hung out in the arcade for a while, and then went back to your apartment. As soon as the two of you walked in the door, Raph groaned.

“What? What’s wrong?” You asked with concern. He doubled over and then collapsed to his knees with a loud thud.

“No! Not yet!” As he spoke his voice got deeper. The seams of the human clothes that he had probably borrowed from Casey began to creak as he got taller and larger. His muscles stretched, his fingers fused together. He stumbled as his shell took form, hardening and reemerging. The extra weight threw him off and he fell backwards. Green flowed into his face and hands and feet, and Casey’s borrowed clothes finally burst off, leaving him in his sweatpants.

When it was over, he just sat on the floor in a daze, waiting to see what you would say. You knelt down in front of him.

“Are you okay?” Your voice was soft and caring and your soft, smooth hands held his cheeks, forcing his emerald eyes to look at you. “Raph, talk to me. Are you hurt?”

“Nah, I was just uh,” he let out a long sigh, obviously disappointed that the ooze had worn off so soon. “I was hopin’ it would last a little longer.”

“I had a lot of fun tonight, Raph.” You said. You shifted positions, instead sitting down on his thigh. “But I missed this you.”

He chuckled and shook his head.

“I don’t know how you do it.”

“Do what?”

“You get up every mornin’ and look at this ugly face and somehow ya still love me.”

“You’re not ugly.” You nuzzled into him and pressed a few kisses to his jaw. “But I do love you. A lot. So, how about we cuddle now, huh?”

“Yeah…” he nodded and started to move up onto the couch. As soon as he settled in, you grabbed a blanket and curled up on top of him. The two of you picked a movie and you started to drift off, feeling very safe and very warm in his arms.

“You don’t need to change for me.” Your voice was no more than a sleepy mumble. Raph’s eyes widened a little as he processed your words.

“What’re ya-”

“Shhhh…” One tiny little finger pressed against his lips. “I love you just the way you are. Don’t change for me…”

He chuckled.

“All right.” He nodded and pressed a long kiss to your forehead, gently moving the hairs out of the front of your face with one of his huge fingers. “God, I love ya.”

“I love you too.”

I think the worst thing about it was, he didn’t give me a reason to hate him. He just told me he wasn’t in love anymore. Never mean and no malicious words. Just honest sincerity. In some ways I feel like that’s the worst. At least if he did something bad I could be mad and have a reason. But with this, I had no reason at all. And to me, it was the worst of all because you spend all you’re time agonizing over what the hell happened.
—  Chapters from my life

Edd: I don’t understand why you’re so pissed about a stupid story! You weren’t even there! 

Edd: I nearly got killed by that thing back then! I’d actually pick your side if you had a valid reason for being so mad!

Tom: I was there when it happened! I- I was closer than you think I was, Edd.

Edd: Well, you weren’t close enough. Eduardo was actually there saving me from the monster while you we–

Tom: //growls and punches Edd// You don’t UNDERSTAND!

Edd: …T-Tom?

Tom: …!! E-Edd, I–

Edd: Tom! Wait-


For some reason it pisses people off when I change [into sneakers] after a red carpet. If I think about why people have these expectations of me it makes sense, but I genuinely think that if people thought about it for two seconds they’d be like, ‘Oh my God, why do I care that that girl just put some fucking sneakers on?’ Are you seriously mad that I put on some Vans after an hour of being in heels? I’m so sorry to have upset you, you crazy person.

Back Together // Theo Raeken

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader

Word count: 1035

A/N: English is not my first language so I’m sorry for grammatical errors it can have. I did my best to write this. Please, don’t be rude.

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Side Note: @fangirl–of-everything because you asked me to tag you in it!

You sighed as you hang up. Scott called you, he asked you to go his home. He didn’t tell why but he did it sounded important. You refused, you had not spoken to him or to anyone in the pack for three months; since they made the decision of take Theo away from you and send him to hell. You had reasons to be mad. Theo was all you had, and now he has gone you were completely alone, you felt so lonely and heartbroken and none can make you felt better, was a lost cause. Even so, Scott insisted that he needed your presence at his house, in the end you told him that you would be there in 15 minutes.

As you were in your way You wondered what would be so important, Scott would not try to pressure you that way, he knew how hurt you were and was giving you your space, and you thanked that.

“Alright, what was that so important?” you asked as you waked in Scott’s house.

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10 reasons why you know he’s the one
—  1. He’ll kiss your forehead and call you his everything
2. He’ll ask you to repeat the word ‘smoothie’ thousands and thousands of times because he thinks it’s cute.
3. He’ll smile at you, and suddenly the whole world will stop, and you’ll find bliss and peace and finally have hope that everything will be okay
4. He’ll hug you so god damn tight, you fear that he’ll squish all your organs out
5. He’ll tell you jokes, and stories, and tell you everything that reminded him of you that day
6. He’ll take care of you, and protect you in your most venerable moments, and tell you that you look beautiful in the meantime.
7. You’ll never feel unsafe, and you know that no matter what, he’ll be with you, cause you can’t see your self living one single day without calling him your own
8. He’ll dance with you, and laugh with you but never at you, he’ll lie to you and tell you you’re the best dancer he’s ever seen.
9. He’ll make you feel beautiful, like no one ever has before. You’ll look in the mirror and question if you’re really as bad as you’ve always thought you have been.
10. And most importantly he’ll love you.
He’ll love you so fucking much, infact he will make you feel the most loved than you ever have in all of your life

Jonathan feels a bit overwhelmed today, so I figured I’d step in and see if I can help in some small way.

You see, I have an inkling of what you’re going through…

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PSA: Gaslighters

Block people who gaslight you

If you come to a person with a reasonable complaint, ( example: “hey you broke my rules” // “hey you pressuring me into a ship is making me uncomfortable” // “Hey you’re meta gaming/godmodding needs to stop” ) and they act like you’re overreacting, they’re gaslighting you. 

It sounds like “Woah! Chill!”/ “Calm down” / “It’s not that big of a deal” / “Are you on your period or something?” / “Wow I’m sorry I hurt you so badly :( this must have triggered you right?” 

The list goes on.

But here’s the thing, gaslighting a person causes them to actually get mad. If you feel your blood starting to boil when these kind of things are said to you, it’s completely normal, and you know why; Because they’re trying to diminish your feelings and force you to become defensive.

When you try to defend themselves and explain why what they’re saying isn’t an overreaction, the gaslighter will use everything you say to validate their point that you’re “overreacting”.  

You can’t reason with them, they’re deliberately trying to make it look like you’re being over emotional. 

Block them. They don’t care how you feel, they’re only trying to deflect their problems back onto you.

They’ll probably also say you’re over reacting by blocking them. But remember, that there’s nothing you can do to reason with them. They forced you at a road block where you have no choice but to either agree with them, continue arguing and be gaslighted further, or block them. 

If someone gaslights you, it’s all ready a warning sign that they don’t take responsibility for their actions, and don’t care how you feel. That means there’s another layer of shit underneath the first one, and you’re only skimming the surface. 

Do yourself a favor. Cut off the limb before it grows nerve endings. Block gaslighters before they get worse.