you have no mercy

bye bye john lasseter. You fired Chris Sanders and Brenda Chapman before either of their films could see completion under their direction. You participate(d?) in a wage fixing scandal so heinous that you got nearly every other major film studio to stoop to your level. You act like you and Hayao Miyazaki are somehow equal even though you haven’t directed an animated feature since 2011 (which was Cars 2; easily the worst pixar film.)  You’re a hypocrite; saying that sequels are unnecessary so you cancel Disney’s direct-to-videos, which was essentially what kept Disney Australia relevant (yes, it’s a thing.) Yet you have no issue producing the most mediocre sequels for the big screen, further killing the quality of your older, arguably better features.  You press so hard on ‘research’ in animation; a medium that was MADE for fantasy and whimsical imagery that you forget to focus on imagination and passion. You could even argue that you’re the sole reason Disney lost all 'magic,’ you’re def the reason why 2D Disney only shows up every 5ish years whereas before it would be a yearly event millions of people would watch and cherish. And now it’s revealed that you’re a fucking sleaze. good fucking bye, dude. I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.

Everybody loves Daichi