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Autors note: Well this is my first ever Tony fanfic, it´s probably not he best and it´s quite a sad Topic, but somehow I felt the Need to write it down. (Also english isn´t my native language, so have mercy with me)

Warning: Miscarriage, if you aren´t comfortable with it, then you better should not read it

Having a miscarriage is nothing you are guilty for. It´s not your fault! It´s hard but sometimes it can happen, never let anyone tell you, that it´s you to blame!

- - -

Fumbling nervously with your wedding ring, you sat on the big black couch that stood in a corner of your husband’s office.

You had to tell him. Not only was it influencing your life, but his as well. He had the right to know it, even if his possible reaction to the news were going to break your heart.
The man you loved, the glorious and well-known Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, he’d break up with you the minute you told him. You were sure about it.
Tony didn’t deserve any of this. He deserved a wife who was happy, supporting and healthy. No doubt, you’d been supporting him in every way possible, but you weren’t as happy as you wished, you weren’t as healthy as you wanted.

Still deep in your thoughts you didn’t heared Tony entering the room. Only when he clapped his hands in front of your face you realised he was there. It was time. Now or never, you thought.
“Tony.. I’ve got to tell you something..”, you nervously whispered. He looked at you wide eyed, anxiety dancing in his brown orbs. “You aren’t gonna break up with me, are you?”, Tony asked. Sadness mingling within his voice. You shook your head. “No, oh my God I’d never break up with you. I love you. I just.. There’s something that might stop you from loving me.” Your [E/C] eyes darted to the ground, searching for the strength to finally tell him. Your fiance remained silent. “You remember my appointment at the doctor some weeks ago?” You did your best to get your head up a little and look at his face. Oh this beautiful face. Even the shock about whatever might follow didn’t take away a piece of his beauty. “Yes.”, he answered, his voice quite and about to crack. “The doctor-he took my blood some time ago, just to check if everything was being alright..”, you started. “It isn´t.”, the brown haired man ended your sentence, you kept silent. “[Y/N]..”, his voice was low, “Please tell me what´s wrong!”, he pleaded.

Your already teary eyes started to brim. Your time has come, your time to tell him, to loose him.

“Could we possibly sit down?” Tony nooded and you both went over to the couch you were sitting on just moments earlier, even if it seemed to be and eternaty away. “I´ve once told you about my last boyfriend, do you remember?”

“This blond guy you were nearly marrying if I wouldn´t have convinced you otherwise?”, he softly chuckled, a dire try to lighten up the thick tension. But you weren´t able to laugh, or even smile.

“Yeah, Alan. We-”, you started, but thinking about what you were about to say, you started anew. “Alan and me we were in a relationship since high school and we planned to start a family some day. So we got engaged and I got pregnant and the both of us probably couldn´t have been happier, but then..“, you struggled to find the right words to formulate what made you depressed by even thinking about it. “I´ve lost it. I´ve lost our child and neither Alan nor me were able to keep our relationship the way it was. Everytime I looked into his eyes I saw his sadness, even if he was trying to hide it. It was always there, and this miscarriage it.. it was my fault..” And then your whole facade broke apart. Everything was creeping back into your head, the grief, the guilt the sight of seeing the man you once loved more than anything cry about your lost baby, about you. Through your clouded eyes you could see Tony shiffting uncomfortably in his seat, then pulling you into his arms. “I´m sorry [Y/N]. I am so, so sorry, but that all wasn´t your fault! You need to believe me. It wasn´t your fault that you´ve lost your baby!”

“But that´s only half of the story. I´ve lost my only ever baby, I can´t get children ever again. I just had one damn chance and I took it and throw it away and I drove Alan away and now I´m going to lose you too!” “Hey, baby, look at me!”, he softly demanded and took your chin in his hand. “Listen to me carefully, alright? You are never going to lose me, you understand? Never. I´ll remain at you side for the rest of my life, in good days and bad, because I love you and nothing in this world is ever going to change that!”

He took your face in his big hands and kissed your lips tenderly.

“We´re going to get trough this. Together.” Tony smiled warmly at you and pulled you in for a soft kiss, that showed that he was being there, that he was going to listen to all of your problems, to stroke your hair when you were crying and to love you until the end of your days.

And that was the moment, when you realised, that nothing could ever take him away from you, because this man, who sat right in front of you, this man was what you needed, this man was what you wanted, this man was what you deserved.

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Do you think Hades Harry would save people because of Y/N? Either because he thought of her, or saw her and she warmed his heart and he just couldn't do it (much like unfollowing people on here, you'll see a good post and have mercy with them kslellfe), or maybe because he knows Y/N would like them a lot since they take good care of their plants and animals?

I’m not exactly 100% sure about what you mean when u say “save people” but with “mercy” in there, I’m guessing you’re talking about when new souls are arriving and he has to judge them?

I do think he’d have mercy and save lots of souls because of Y/N, simply because when you spend years and years with someone, you pick up their traits and unknowingly incorporate them into who you are. And i feel like Harry would like this a lot about Y/N– it’s one of the things he loves the most. It’s do to the fact that it’s like having a piece of her permanently inside him, guiding him to be kinder and to break the cliche reputation that’s been placed on him throughout hundreds of years just because of who he is.

Situations like, let’s say, a person comes in and they lived their lives as a thief, but they did it because they were poor and were left with no other choice. Hades’ first instinct would be to throw them to the fields of punishment for a while because they did a crime that is looked down upon, but then the warm part in his heart where Y/N abides would tell him to have sympathy on the thief because the person only did it to survive.

So he’d settle for sending them to the Field of Asphodel for a while, allowing them to work their way up to a better place.

I’d even go as far as saying he’d ask Y/N to help him in judging souls because, after all, she is the queen of the Underworld. And even though Persephone is a warm soul, she still knows when she has to set the iron first down because having mercy on everyone would lead to no on learning their lessons. This mindset would be the half of her that Harry has managed to wriggle into.

Just as Y/N influences him to be a kinder, more understanding ruler, he influences her to be a steadfast, effective one as well.

Homage To Ra

Homage to Ra

Homage to You, my Lord Ra! Lord of The Day, Lord of The Night.

Glorious You are, who is Ra-Khepri In The Morning, who is Ra-Horakhty in The Afternoon, who is Ra-Atum In The Evening.

Glory to You my Lord Ra, Lord of Lords, God of Gods, Ruler of Rulers, King of Kings, Pharaoh of Pharaohs, The Great Sovereign of Egypt! Your Suzerainty extends to the ends of the Horizon.

Great is Your Presence! August is Your Existence! Lord of The Sun, Lord of the Morning Light, Lord of The Midday Flare, Lord of The Evening Glow!

Your Majesty shines upon Your people, Your Divinity glows upon the Netjeru, Your Righteousness established upon Ma’at, Unshakable, Incorruptible, You are the Foundation of Justice and Mercy in the world.

You have created the four winds so that every person might breathe in his own time and place.

You have created the great flood so that the humble might benefit from it like the great.

You have made every person like their fellow and did not command them to do evil.

You have made the hearts of the people so that they would not forget the Afterlife, and that the sacred offerings are made to the Netjeru.

You have fashioned the World, you have created the Netjeru, You have made the People, You have established Ma’at.

In Your Greatness and Glory, In Your Brilliance and Majesty, I Praise Your Exalted Names to the Sky, so that the Sun may shine upon Them! So that others may hear Them.

Homage to You, my Lord Ra, Lord of The Day, Lord of The Night.

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How would a paladin with an Oath of Vengeance fall? They seem like only going overboard with avenging wrongs or deciding to be peaceful would cause it, but that seems odd and being able to find peace is a staple of being a paladin.

Not for an Oath of Vengeance Paladin. They kind of thrive vengeance born angst. Peace isn’t conductive to their way of doing things.

Now off the top of my head, three big vengeance no nos for the Oath of Vengeance would be

1. Killing or other wise harming innocents. Never stopping to help them out would be bad too, especially if their suffering was caused by your archenemies.
2. Failing to incinerate your archenemies when you had a clear opportunity to do so.
3. Offering mercy to your archenemies as well. It’s an oath about vengeance and you’re not getting vengeance. What the heck?! Note, that “normal” foes MAY have mercy, but whoever or whatever made you swear the oath in the first place cannot be spared if you want to keep your vengeance powers.

Based off that one ask from @cryptidsp00n ’s blog.


Note: I don’t speak bisaya at all. I just asked my friends for random phrases HAHAHA so please have mercy, I’m sorry if any of the bisaya is wrong.



“Maayong buntag!” - Good Morning!

“Kita ta ugma” - See you tomorrow!

“Gimingaw sad ko sa imo.” - I missed you too.

Hiligaynon( Ilonggo /?/):

“Ah, ti anhon ta na?” - So what are we going to do about that?

(He looks sarcastic what, if he’s genuinely asking or is being sarcastic its up to you.)

(Its the shortened version of Palangga ta ikaw which means the same thing)

“Bilatsing amay! Ka damak! Yuck, ka lain!”
- (this needs some context in it, so Bilatsing is a combination of two words Bilat and sing which mean Female genitals and your [In this context ] respectively, amay means parent. So bilatsing amay means “Your mother’s genitals” and is used like “Son of a bitch!”. It’s also a swear word so yeaaah,,, while we’re at it “ka lain” directly translated would be “how awful!” But here it’s used to portray disgust towards something.)

“Your mother’s genitals! That’s gross! Yuck, how awful!”

“Ndi angayan wtf…”- (this also needs context ajdjfkfx directly translated it’s “Not suiting!” Here its used more like to portray distaste towards someone doing something, or someone acting out of their usual character. Also “ndi” is “hindi” which means “no” or used indicate your refusal. [Its used as the words for “Don’t” “Can’t” “Won’t” “Bad” “No” and the like.])

“It doesn’t suit you, wtf…”


“Ginahigugma ta ikaw” - I love you.

(I’ve seen this has also been said to be in Hiligaynon too, but idk??)

“Hindi ko takun ya…” - No, I don’t want to.