you have no idea how much time i spent doing this i hope you all like it

a stream of consciousness where i’m only conscious of you

Why do you say “I’m here if you need me” only to ignore me every weekend? Why do you say “I care about you very much” only to think about her her her all the time? Why do you say “You’re welcome here anytime” only to turn me down night after night? Why do you say “I love you too” only to write about every girl who catches your eye (including my best friend) except me?

Do you care about me at all? Do you think about me ever? It sure as hell doesn’t feel like you do. Do you have any idea how many countless hours I’ve spent worrying about you? Do you have any idea how much it kills me to see you destroy yourself over someone who only loves you when she feels like it and only likes you when it’s fun? I’ve read every poem you’ve written her on your blog. I hope you know you make me feel the way she makes you feel - happy, alive, loved. Annoying. Low. Sick.