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miscellaneous sentence starters

another collection of sentence starters because i haven’t made one in a while. feel free to request some :-)

  • you’re adorable, you know that?”
  • “star-gazing was such a great idea.”
  • “you have know idea how much you mean to me.”
  • “i shouldn’t have left you.”
  • “let’s build a fort!”
  • “don’t leave me! you’re too warm.”
  • “i don’t like lightning.”
  • “i’m here for you.”
  • “the carnival’s in town!”
  • ”you smell nice..”
  • “don’t you dare leave me, not now.”
  • “talk to me.”
  • “i thought you loved me. i guess i was wrong.”
  • “i thought i loved you and i guess i was wrong.”
  • “so, slow and loving, or hard and punishing?”
  • “you’re dead to me.”
  • “i just want you to know that i’ll never stop loving you.”
  • “i fucked up, alright? i’m sorry.”
  • “we should try adding a third person.”
  • “you’re hair is really soft after you wash it..”
  • “you’ve been hiding something from me, haven’t you?”
  • “would it be alright if i borrowed your sweater? it smells like you..”
  • “you’re my new pillow.”
  • “how about a kiss?”
  • “don’t get up, i’ll do it.”
  • “stop lying to me and tell me the truth!”
  • “how could you keep this from me?”
  • “your bedhead it really cute.”
  • “you belong to me.”
  • “i think you’ll be happy to know that i’m not wearing any underwear..”
  • “you look beautiful in the moonlight.”
  • “you are very endearing when you’re half asleep.”
  • “it’s beautiful.”
  • “you’re perfect to me.”
  • “do i really me nothing to you?”
  • “just leave me alone.”
  • “i never meant to hurt you.”
  • “may i have this dance?”
  • “i’m so lucky to have met you.”
  • “will you marry me?”
  • “you don’t have to me so gentle.”
  • “you’re a little shit, but at least you’re my little shit.”
  • “we should move in together.”
  • “c’mon, i’ll make you some hot chocolate.”
  • “let’s have a picnic.”
  • “i don’t want this to end..”
  • “you said you loved me!”
  • “i never loved you..”
  • “you’re my everything.”


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Okay. I didn’t know whether or not I should make a post about this, but I’m doing it. Thank you. Thank you so much for caring about Ryuu. This means so much to me. She means so much to me. I love her. She is my sister in every but blood. To see strangers come from no where to tell her how much you appreciate and love her, it almost made me cry. She deserves so much, and I think you guys honestly got through to her. I honestly think that your kindness, the kindness of people she doesn’t know, might have finally, finally told her, even if it came out as a whisper, that she was cared for. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. ~Mod Silver

Hi guys! Yesterday I reached 5k followers! That’s something I never thought I’d even come close to getting, thanks so much guys for helping me reach this milestone, you’re the best! Huge thank you to every one who supports my blog and says nice things. You have no idea how much it means to me. Reblogging my gifs and edits you make me happier. I didn’t tag everyone because i follow too many blogs (exactly 404 blogs, what can i say, i watch too many tv shows), i’m so sorry if i didn’t include someone. Ok, lets do this:


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@mel-loves-all My sweet Mel, you are here with me since the beginning. Without you I would not be here. You’re one of the first person that i started to talk here.I was so shy, but this was my best decision to start interact with you. I love you so much my friend. Thank you for all the love, support, all the random messages. Thank you for being you, one of the kindest, lovable people that i ever met. Thank you for everything honey<3

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Omg a little bit of muscle is peeking through!! 💪💪
But first, I wanna thank everybody for their kind words yesterday 😊 you guys have no idea how much it means to me 💕💕
I did not want to workout again today. I don’t know, my motivation is low again 😒 but if I quit, the only person I’m quitting on is myself, and I love myself too much to do that 🙈


so i found out that i passed over seven thousand followers today, and i couldn’t be happier and i’m completely grateful for all of you. whether we talk all the time, or haven’t yet, or you’ve been following me for a while, or only just started, i just wanted to say thank you so damn much.

i wanna keep this brief, but you have no idea how much it means to me to be able to come on here and be surrounded by such amazing people who gush love and support. and i have tears in my eyes writing this oh geez. but you guys are a family to me, and i absolutely love seeing you on my dash, and discussing headcanons and ships and edits, and seeing all the amazing stuff you guys tag me in. i am so thankful to be a part of these communities alongside you guys. 

i love each and every one of you!! thank you!!  xoxo, kylo ❤️

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                  “what do you think is your greatest c h a r m ?” 
                                                                                          my  e x i s t e n c e  itself”

anonymous asked:

wait if it's not too much of a pain/too personal can you explain why your fellow kiwis think you're foreign?

Not too personal at all! It’s mostly just my accent. Apparently I don’t sound ‘traditionally kiwi’ by any means, so whenever people meet me for the first time they will often ask “Oh, how long have you been in the county? Do you like it here?” and stuff like that. 

It’s not a big deal, but it’s fun because I’ve lived here 99% of my life. 

A List.

In celebration of me living on my own for almost exactly a year now, here’s a list.

If you’re a mentally 12 yo person who suddenly finds themselves in a flat of their own and has no idea how to adult, hi! Me too. Here’s a list of things I’ve realised are essential p much from the start:

  • some sort of paper towel. Toilet paper, napkins, anything. You can do a lot of cleaning with just paper towels. 
  • Toast. Toast is my best friend. You don’t need any of the other foods, as long as you have some toast.
  • (A toaster. Not as important as the toast itself, but makes all the difference in enjoying it. Also makes you feel like you’re an adult for some reason?? I mean, you’ve got a toaster. V adult.)
  • At least one pot/pan.
  • (unless you’re vegan) Milk. You wouldn’t believe how many things you need milk for, and how fast it’s all gone. (Maybe this one’s just me though. I love milk)
  • (again, if you’re non-vegan) EGGS! YOU CAN MAKE SO MUCH OUT OF EGGS. YOU CAN MAKE SCRAMBLED EGG, HARDBOILED EGG, PANCAKES, COOKIES, CAKE, YOUR OWN BREAD okay, maybe that’s for later. But have eggs. They also almost never go bad if you keep them cold enough
  • Coffee. Even if you don’t like coffee (wtf) you’re gonna want coffee. You’re an adult now. You’re gonna have people visit you, and, presuming you’re not the most social person in the world, you’ll want to be able to do something other than talk. Making coffee is a great excuse to move around, and won’t even seem rude! Also you’ll need coffee because seriously, how else do people survive
  • I have realised that this has almost solely been about food up to this point. And food is important, but you know what’s even more important? Sleep.
  • BUY A BED. A REAL BED. NO, NOT JUST A MATTRESS. Honestly, you’re gonna want a bed. You’re not gonna want to buy one, but do it. It’s worth it. And when you’ve purchased one, ASSEMBLE IT. OR MAKE YOUR FRIENDS ASSEMBLE IT. DON’T SIT ON THE CARTONS FOR THREE WEEKS. 
  • Something to organise your clothes in. Doesn’t have to be a huge wardrobe, maybe just a clothes rag and some boxes/a shelf. NOT the boxes from your move. That’s gonna turn into the biggest mess real soon, believe me this one took me way too long
  • More than one mug.
  • Plates. Also more than one. Because IF you ever decide to show off your phenomenal cooking abilities, it’s a real bummer to find out you’ve got nothing to present your perfectly reheated chicken nuggets on.
  • At least one big mixing bowl. You don’t even know how many things you’re gonna want to mix. But you’re a free person now, so, as long as you’ve got a bowl, you can do about anything! But don’t eat an entire bowl of raw cookie dough. Just don’t. Seriously.
  • Sponges. You’re gonna need so many sponges. Also soap. Also more sponges.
  • Scented candles. Because scented candles are great.

I’m by no means an expert, but I have survived on my own for almost a year now, so basically I just wanna pet myself on the shoulder for that thanks me @ me u survived

People always ask “What’s wrong with you”
I do all of these things on a daily basis, and it’s actually not something that I can control.
Trust me, if I could control it I would be the happiest person alive.
And new people I meet.. They don’t really understand. Like..
• I don’t hate you, I just don’t know how to act around you. I want to befriend you more than ever but I have no idea how.
• I’m sorry that I talk too much about this thing, but it really means so much to me. Please don’t hate me or find me annoying.
• I’m sorry that I can’t take another bus, I know that the other bus is faster but I ride this bus EVERY single day and I want it to be like that.
• I want to look at you, I want to have that deep and special eye contact with you but I can’t. It makes me so incredibly uncomfortable.
• Please don’t expect me to figure out what you’re feeling, because I can’t. If you say “I don’t want to talk about it” I’m just going to ignore it. Don’t ask me to talk about my feelings, because I can’t do that either.

~ I did not choose this. No one would choose this because it’s fun. It’s not fun, it’s hell. I still don’t understand everything about myself, and neither does my family. I can’t help this. I can’t do anything to stop it. But I can try to work with it. If I have to live with it, you have to respect it. ~


@kc-fanfics Thank you. :)  I couldn’t resist, since I’ve never ever drawn them. And i like this enough to post it full size. Why did noone tell me drawing Yams is so much FUN?!?! and so EASY!?!?!

As for your Question: I do everything in SAI. I’m too dumb for anything more complicated than that. I have no idea how photoshop works although I’ve owned different versions for more than 15 years now.

The only exception is when I do color corrections or touch ups, or text for my comic. That is done in photoshop.

Panneling and sketching for comics is done in Clip Studio Paint.

How to kill a Mockingrade, i mean Tardibird: Water Bears… yes, that was it.

(~a thing written by rudescience)

As most of us know now from spending too much time reading interesting things on the internet, Tardigrades are one of the most epic mothercreatures when it comes to survival. They can survive in a outer space vacuum for sciences sake. And that my dear science lovers makes me very angry. And rather asking why they are so tough, i am asking how to kill them… you know in case they take over the earth. We need to fight back.

But what actually does it take to kill one of these little immortal seeming micro-animals. I mean can’t we just step on them like we step on other tiny millions of weeping micro organisms? Well the answer to that isn’t quite simple. We should consider some facts first before taking upon us the destruction of this creature.


  1. Can withstand temperatures from just above absolute zero 
  2. Well above the boiling point of water (100 °C)
  3. Pressures about six times greater than the deepest ocean trenches
  4. Ionizing radiation hundreds of times higher than the L.D. for a human
  5. Can go without food or water for more than 10 years
  6. Drying out to the point where they are 3% or less water.
  7. They are found in  in hot springs and like to chill under layers of ice
  8. Are all around plump and fluffy but in a microscopic level.

They are almost indestructible and also can withstand high collision impacts (in most cases). Now fortunately they are very tiny in comparison to us. And they pose no considerable threat to us humans…. yet. But what if someone where to genetically engineer gigantic water bears for the purpose of world domination? Who will save you then? Don’t say i didn’t warn you… Prepare for the Tardigrate war. These water bears don’t eat salmon, they want our…things.

Giffed by: rudescience  From: this video

carlwritesbadsmut  asked:

Sorry to bother you, but have you heard any rumors of Kieron leaving the show? Someone asked me and I don't have any idea.

He’s definitely having some kind of break, but I’m not sure on the duration.  Could be 3 months, could be 3 years.  I suppose it depends how much time he wants to spend away from his children.  He’s opened a business recently too which means he won’t need to return purely for financial reasons, so he’ll come back when he feels ready.  I’d imagine the show will have been quite accommodating with whatever he feels is right.

There’s a lot of potential temporary exit storylines coming up for his character soon anyway.  The most common theory is that he’ll be (falsely?) imprisoned for killing Amy, maybe covering for Leah? 


Before I was turned, I dreamed of becoming a master chef. I loved cooking so much and now I get nauseous around food *sigh*. Have you ever heard of a squeamish foodie who can never actually eat food because … well you know. It took me a while (78 years in fact) to get used to drinking plasma too, I mean it tastes delicious but the idea of it just freaks me out. Worst vampire ever right?

On that note, I never actually learnt how to turn into a bat or run really fast and all that cool vampire stuff. Me hating Vlad kinda … uh … hindered our training together. My new master, Caleb occasionally pops by or summons me but it’s usually just to drop off plasma fruit or packs. He’s more of a, um, distant mentor-figure.

But I pretty much know the basics: sun is a no-no and I own curtains … so I guess I’m not all that bad?

I keep thinking about what HoO would have been like if Piper had figured out her powers, or at least gotten better control over them, before heading to the wilderness school. Because imagine Piper, who hates her beauty because of how people see her for it- who hated the idea of toying with other peoples emotions, trying to suppress the ability to make other do what you want. A Piper that would have spent the first book barely speaking not because she’s afraid of forcing them to do things against their will.

A Piper that promises never to use her powers on Leo and Jason, even if she’s going to have to betray them to the giants because they’re the first two people really there for her. A Piper who is afraid to tell Jason how she feels because it will force him to feel the same way. A Piper who uses her powers to bring Jason back to life and feel so guilty and relieved because of it.

And imagine jasiper. Piper who doesn’t speak and uses body language and gestures and Jason ‘Raised By Wolves’ Grace who understands. Not just what but why. So they build themselves a language of touch and gesture and knowing each other so well that they never have to speak. So Piper never has to say the words ‘I love you’ to him, because he knows. He feels it in the way her hand lingers in his, how she curls herself into him, how her fingers play on his arm and chest and back. And how he says it back in the curl of his fingers on her hips, the way his nose presses into her neck and his breath dances on the fine hairs of her neck, and how his eyes never stray from her.

Imagine a Piper that realized how much absolute power she has, and decided to let it go

Anon Request: Overwatch’s Recall is bound to gain traction of the viral kind one way or another, so how would 76, the Shimadas, McCree and the Junkers and their S/O handle the situation when they find pictures or videos of them as memes/shitposting material on their equivalent of the Internet? >:3c (Also I absolutely adore your blog and I love how you write! I hope you have a great day! ;v; / )

I love and adore this prompt. It was so much fun to make. If you have any questions, message me.

Soldier 76:

• Let me tell you. This grandpa has no clue how to handle the internet, so he has no idea what any of it means.

• He’d have to ask his S/O for help because they probably understand it better than he would. However, some of the pictures they’d find might be a little too much for them to explain.

• He wonders why people call him a ‘Foxy Grandpa’ or what in the world ‘shipping’ is and why everyone is putting him with Reaper.

• Despite that, he finds some of the videos funny and will watch them constantly, much to the disdain of his S/O.

• Also, he’d probably be the kind to get onto social media and make sure everyone is okay (or he’d totally stalk the younger teammates to make sure they’re being safe. He’s definitely that kind of guy).

• He also doesn’t get why everyone thinks he looks like that one model with the white hair. Soldier 76 doesn’t think he looks anything like him (he so does).

• Don’t imagine him finding some of the stuff from when he was Jack and Gabriel was alive. Don’t imagine him staring at them until his eyes burn with tears.

The Shimadas:

• Hanzo wouldn’t understand all that much and would lose interest quickly. Genji would love it.

• “What is Shimadacest?”

• “Why are people drawing us together romantically? Do they realize we are brothers?”

• Genji would be laughing when they found those strange pictures. Hanzo, on the other hand, would have to take a break from the internet after that.

• Genji would ask his S/O why people are calling him a ‘Carrot Son’. I see him looking back on his style choices and question his decisions.

• Honestly, Genji wouldn’t stop laughing. I think Hanzo might get uncomfortable with it all. I think you all might scar him.

• When Hanzo finds the McHanzo fanart, it might shock him to no end. If he doesn’t have an S/O at the time, he might secretly love it. His S/O would probably tease him about it.

• Genji might be confused as to why people ship him with Zenyatta, but he loves the idea of forehead bumps in place of kisses. Even then, he might never look at his master the same way again.


• This cowboy would love it. He’d be the kind to spend hours on the internet, especially in the late hours of morning.

• “Why is everyone sayin’ I’m a werewolf?”

• He won’t admit it, but he would love the McHanzo stuff he finds. Or any of the stuff he finds where he is shipped with everyone. He’s so popular.

• His S/O would get annoyed by his constant need to ‘talk to his followers.’

• “They need me, darlin’!”

• He’d probably tear up a bit at the stuff about him and Gabriel (especially the ones where Gabriel calls him son or something like that).

• Out of all of them, McCree would love the stuff he finds the most. Even the suggestive stuff that he discovers. He’d bask in the popularity he has on social media.

The Junkers:

• The last time the Junkers were so popular, they were running from the police. They never thought they’d have so many people saying they loved them.

• Honestly, Junkrat and Roadhog would be the ones shitposting. They’d make their own memes just so they can participate in the fun.

• Junkrat would totally post videos about his explosions and whatnot.

• They’d also wonder why so many people seem to misunderstand their characters.

• “Why are they callin’ you ugly, Roadie? They can’t even see your face!”

• Their partners might wonder why people ship Roadhog and Junkrat so much. Also, they might have to explain some of the language of the internet, but the Junkers get most of it.

• Roadhog will cherish the love people give him and Junkrat, especially since they’ve been without it for so long.

arcanecelebration  asked:

Page of heart please >:3

Page of Heart

(You have no idea how much grief this drawing put me through)

Class: Page

One who has great potential in [Aspect]

Aspect: Heart

Heart deals with Emotion, Love, the Soul, and Heart itself

A Page of Heart is One who has great potential in Emotions, Love, the Soul, and Heart itself. This means that they would be a very charming person, and a great friend too. Pre-God Tiered, though, the Page would be almost the opposite of all of that. They would probably be pretty shy, only opening up to a few people, and be a bit too clingy. They would also come off as a softy, unable to deal with confrontation well, and being a pretty big pushover. In order to God Tier, the Page must learn how to stop running away from their Aspect, in this case Heart, and to embrace it. Once God Tiered, the Page of Heart still has a ways to go before they unlock their full potential, but they must do it without being rushed by their teammates, so that they don’t revert back to how they were before they god tiered (I’m looking at you, Sylphs). Once their full potential unlocks, they become the master of Heart, able to put up with any opponent. They would also be great at advice, listening to anyone’s worries and being able to help them out, no matter what the problem.

In short, the Page of Heart starts out very weak, but over time, grows to be one of the most powerful and helpful members of the team.