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Hi guys! I’m sorry I’ve been missing for a few weeks. It’s been a little crazy but I’m all yours now! I have so many new ideas for fluff (and a little smut) and I can’t wait to get busy writing for you guys. Thanks for stickin with me. I hope you enjoy this one! Happy Tuesday!

Warnings: angst that ends with fluff

Summary: After a near death experience on a mission, Bucky realizes just how much you mean to him. 

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“Buck you okay up there?”

“An engine just blew out, so I’m gonna say no.”

“It can still fly with two engines-”

“How about one?”


“Yeah, one engine, Steve. They blew out two, now I have one.”

There was silence on the other line.

“Steve, can it still fly with one engine?”

“Just get outa there, Buck.”

“What do you think I’m trying to do?”

Alarms were going off all around him now, telling him he was losing altitude. Fast.

“Buck, you gotta get her back in the air.”

The line went quiet, the only sounds going through to Steve’s end were the explosions and gunshots coming Bucky’s way. Steve felt himself going hoarse through the com.

“Buck, are you there? BUCK!”

After an eternity, Steve finally heard a familiar, calm voice.

“I’m here. Back in the air. ETA 1:50am.”

“Jesus. Alright, see you soon.”

Bucky signed off the com and let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

Needless to say, the mission he had been on with Sam didn’t end as planned.

It was planned that he and Sam would split up, making Bucky the last to leave the HYDRA base on a one man quinjet.

It was not planned that he would be under HYDRA fire, alone in a flying-sometimes-invisible thing he had just learned how to use two days ago.

The mini jet was a lot harder to maneuver than a WWII tank, he decided as he allowed the auto pilot to take over so he could catch his breath. Apparently he needed another flying lesson, something he was sure Sam would relentlessly tease him about later.

He leaned back in the pilot seat, breathing deeply to try and slow his heartbeat to the normal pace. He couldn’t help but think of how weird it felt to be on the other end of a HYDRA weapon this time.  

The half-hour back to the tower went quickly as the jet glided seamlessly through the air until Bucky had to take back the reins to land. He was not very proud of the bumpy landing he executed, but was happy to be back at the tower.

Steve and Sam met him at the door.

“Hey man, I’m sorry. I thought I had ‘em all on my tail so you could get out. I had no idea-”

“It’s alright Sam, I’m out now.”

“And not a scratch on ya.” Sam tried to lighten the mood.

Bucky chuckled. “Yeah, but the jet wasn’t so lucky.”

The three men looked back at the machine, its tail end practically in shambles.

“Tony’ll fix it, don’t worry.” Steve reached out a hand for Bucky to shake, then pulled him into a one armed hug.

“You really gave us a scare, Buck” he said as he pulled away. His Captain America composure cracked as he thought of what could have happened to his best friend.

“Just keepin’ ya on your toes, pal.” Bucky gave Steve a calming smile, though even half an hour later, it felt like the adrenaline was still rushing through his body.

He started to shed his weapons and belts, hanging them in their places on the wall and throwing them in drawers. Before he could continue upstairs to his room Steve stopped him with a hand to his strong shoulder.

“You should go talk to (Y/N). She was pretty worried about you and left before you came back on the com.”

For once in his life, Sam was somber. “Wanda’s up in her room with her.”

Bucky knew exactly what that meant. He nodded to the men in front of him and started up to your room.

Before he could think too much about it, he opened the door to your room, making eye contact with Wanda as soon as light poured in from the doorway. His eyes then drifted to you, your frame curled into a ball under the blankets.

As he stared at you, it hit him. Steve had said you had gone up to your room before he could make contact again. She thought her best friend was dead. He thought.

Wanda heard his thoughts. “That’s why I came up with her.”

“You used your powers on her. To clam her down.”

Wanda nodded.

He looked back down to you and his brow furrowed when he saw your arm sticking up out of the blankets. You were wearing a red shirt, clearly too big for you.

“Is that mine?”

“It calmed her.”


“It smells like you.”

Oh. He thought.

When Bucky walked closer to the bed, he saw what a toll the thought tragedy had on you. Black lines were drawn down your cheeks from your tears dragging your makeup away from your eyes. Your skin was bright pink and swollen, and your breathing shallow, the aftermath of sobs wracking your body.

His stomach flipped as he imagined what awful thoughts plagued your mind earlier that night. He couldn’t stop his brain from rolling clips of your possible reactions to hearing him yelling on the intercom about falling out of the air.

Suddenly the scene was playing like a movie in his mind. He saw you run into the room and slam the door, saw your knees break in half right before you crumbled to the floor, heard your cries echo off the walls, screaming his name-

“Stop!” he whispered with his hand held up to Wanda.

He looked back at you and cursed the tears threatening to fall down his face. “I’ll stay with her.”

Wanda started out of the room and Bucky turned to her. “Thanks for helping her.”

When Wanda silently left the room, he lifted the blankets and slid under them, lying down on his side to face you. He gently pushed your hair away from your face and ran his fingers down your cheek, wiping away the black lines from your makeup with the pads of his fingers. He saw his presence already calming you, the line on your forehead easing, the corners of your lips turning up from their frown.

He smiled to himself as he looked at you in his shirt. He knew it was your favorite color. I should just give it to her he thought as he enjoyed your familiar scent mixing with his from the shirt.

Trying not to wake you, Bucky slid his arm under your head and rolled onto his back. In your sleep, your body subconsciously molded to his, draping your arm on his stomach and resting your head on his chest. He felt your entire body relax as a soft sigh left your lips.

He watched your head rise and fall with his breath and wondered how in the world you cared about him so much. He didn’t deserve it, after all the things he’s done. You were so warm-hearted and sweet and he was such a monster. It was amazing how you have accepted him, how good of a friend you were to him.

A few minutes later Bucky fell asleep holding you.

The next morning he woke up with you still in his arms. His long limbs were coddling you, his face resting on your shoulder. His first conscious breath was welcomed by the scent of your hair.

Glad he woke up first, he pulled away from you and sat up in the bed, leaning his back on the headboard. He didn’t know how you would take waking up to your best friend, who you thought was dead, wrapped around you.

He absentmindedly ran his fingers through your hair and patiently waited for you to wake up as he wondered whether or not he should trust what he was feeling. He did almost die, which can cause one to be irrational. And thinking he was in love with his best friend was, indeed, irrational.

He watched you stir, flipping over to face him. He grinned, holding back a chuckle. You were awake, you just refused to open your eyes. He knew you were not a morning person.

“(Y/N)” he said, keeping his low, gravelly voice soft so he wouldn’t startle you.

When you opened your eyes, he could see you taking him in. He watched your confusion, your awe, your sadness turn into joy and relief.

He watched your eyes until they were glued to his neck while your arms were wrapped around him in a tight hug that made the stars align. Your body molded to his perfectly, like he was made to hold you.

After a moment, he felt his presence hit you like a truck. As your sleepy brain realized he was alive, he felt you shake and gasp for air as you held back tears.

“You’re never leaving this tower again,” you laughed, after his soothing voice calmed your wines and tears enough for you to speak.

As his body shook with a chuckle, you leaned back out of the hug, putting enough distance between the two of you so Bucky could see your face, wet with tears and covered by your bed head hair.

He smoothed your locks and wiped away the streams of tears, comfortable in the silence until he realized you were straddling him. Attempting to keep his composure, he continued to nonchalantly caress your hair, focusing on how you felt in his hands, instead of how you felt on his thighs.

He felt ridiculous just sitting there, staring at you, but he couldn’t make himself move away, you were like a magnet.

He knew you too felt the draw when your fingers were brave enough to lightly fondle his cheek and glide down his shoulders to rest on his chest.

His strong hands found your hips and felt the familiar fabric of his shirt covering them, reminding him how much you cared about him and giving him the courage to cup your cheek and pull you in to kiss him.

Your lips were precious and soft, perfect. Your kiss was gentle, but sent fireworks through his body. He laughed when he felt your lips curl into a smile.

“What? You have to almost die to finally kiss me?”

“You could have kissed me first” he grumbled as he pushed you on your back and braced your fall with his strong arms, his lips latched onto yours the entire time.

The ringing of your giggles drifted out into the hall, alerting the avengers that once again, all was right in the tower.



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Batch Request: Reunion

“Look at how tall you’ve gotten.”

“You haven’t changed a bit, have you?”

“It’s almost like you didn’t leave for two years.”

“I missed you so much, it hurt.”

“I counted the days like the stars, hoping you’d return to me and here you are.”

“I may have been gone longer than I first predicted, but I’ve come back.”

“Do you have any idea how alone I felt?”

“We’ve both changed, but it was for the better.”

Kai | Kim Jongin

Don’t Let Go Just Yet

Your best friend Jongin is desperately trying to awaken the relationship the two of you once shared, but you’re still hesitant and distant.

Early Finish

You’re in a deep thought one rainy night, thinking about how much you miss your boyfriend Jongin after not being able to see him for several months; having no idea what he had planned for you…

Dance Off (M)

I stared at him through the mirror in confusion before he began to move his hips to the beat, sensually gripping mine as he performed his routine; leaving me breathless by the second.

Stone Cold - Happiness in You (ft Oh Sehun)

Jongin is excited to introduce you to his new girlfriend, being completely oblivious of the fact that you have feelings for him. But there is only person keeping you emotionally stable through this, and it happens to be your friend Oh Sehun.

Imagine you and Michael are out for the day and it has been the best day you’ve had with him in ages.
Michael had just come back from touring, so with him being your best friend (that you may or may not have feelings for) you both wanted a day where it was just you two and no interruptions from the guys, fans or friends.

“Omg Y/N!! You have no idea how much I’ve missed you, I thought I was gonna lose my mind if I had to stay with just the guys for any other couple of days!” Michael giggles, the giggle that usually sent butterflies swirling in your stomach.
“Well I’m glad I can be of your service to get you away hehe.”

Just as you were about to go into a coffee shop, a tall slender guy with blonde hair, brown eyes and freckles stops you.
“Hey, erm, this may sound weird, but can I have your number?” He asks, the guys voice sounds low and rough. Sexy, but not Michael.
“Who’s asking?” You say, crossing your arms.
“Alexander. Alexander Pierce. So can I have your number?” His tone becoming irritated at my questioning.
“No, sorry.” I smirk.
“Why not?! You’re hot and i want your number!” He raises his voice, taking a step towards me.
But before he could get too close, Michael steps in, looking as if he’s gonna kill someone.
“The lady said ‘no’! So leave her alone!” Michael growls at Alexander, making him back down real quickly.
“S-s-orry man! My bad, didn’t know she had a boyfriend.” And with that, he hurries off.
Both you and Michael start laughing when Alexander is out of earshot.

“Y/N, you sure know how to draw all the guys in!” Michael chuckles.
You light punch his arm and say, “no I don’t!”
“I think you’ll find that you do!”
You look up at the tall red head and raise a finely styled brow.
“Oh yeah? Like who?” You say, challenging Michael. You know he wouldn’t be able to answer you because you literally repel the entire male population.
But that didn’t stop Michael from stepping closer to you, taking your face into his hands and looking deep into your brown eyes that turned a gold in the sun. “Me.” Michael whispers, his warm minty breathe hitting your face. You find yourself moving in closer to him, as he was as well. To build the tension further, you could both feel the spark that was errupting between you both as your lips had become an half inch from each other. Butterflies were fluttering like crazy in your stomach, the temptation becoming non-existent. As your lips meet in the middle, a fire like feeling alights between you both! Your lips moving in sync, in a rhythm, in a pattern. Nothing in this world is better than being with Michael right now, you think to yourself, nothing!

100 Days: Chapter Nine I Freedom

Summary: Everyone is born with a soul mate. On their twentieth birthday, they are hit with the feeling of being in love. One hundred days is all that is given until time is up, and Rebirth is in action. Or death.

Word Count: 2884

Group: Bangtan Boys

Member: Jeon Jungkook

Genre: Angst/Fluff

A/N: We have reached it. Thanks to @roseok for giving me the bucket list idea. Fits in perfectly. -Hartwood

< Chapter Eight I Chapter Ten >

Two weeks.

Two weeks since you’ve last seen Jungkook.

The first week you were miserable. Catching yourself almost texting him. Asking how he was doing, what he was doing, did he miss you, you were sorry, and so much more. You cried the first couple of days, but eventually stopped when you realized there was no point to it.

The second week you told yourself to get over it. To quit crying over something that was bound to happen. You started to act like your old self again at work and around the guys. You even met Youngjae, who came back home after finding his soulmate.

No one ever mentioned Jungkook or Hwayoung around you, and you appreciated it. You had nothing against her, but you had a lot to say to her. Keeping your distance from the two was a lot better for all three of you.

You were finally back to your old self. Having playful arguments with Jackson and Jaebum, talking about the latest books that were in stock with Jinyoung, and having random conversations with Mark. You were finally beginning to feel like your old self when you first arrived in Seoul. Before you met Jungkook.

You stared down at your small, red leather notebook. When you were told about having a soulmate in school, and all the struggles it came with, you were afraid. You didn’t know if you were ever going to be able to do a lot of things that people would normally do.

Would you be able to travel the world?

Go camping?

Little things that made life amazing, and so you started a bucket list. A list of everything you wanted to do before you had to find your soulmate. Now that you only had twelve days left, you might as well get started on the little list you had.

The chiming of the bell brought you back to the bookstore. You looked up to see Taehyung making his way straight towards you. He placed his palms on the counter, his eyes full of desperation. “Are you sure you’re not going to talk to him anymore?” he asked.

I want to. “I’m sure,” you said.

He let out a disappointed sigh, resting his forehead on the counter. “Y/N.” The bell chimed again, revealing the other five boys walking straight towards you. “She said no,” Taehyung told them.

All five groaned.

From behind the six, you saw your coworkers walk up with a confused look on their faces. “I wasn’t expecting to see you until tonight, Namjoon,” Jackson said, walking up next to Namjoon. The two exchanged fist bumps before Jackson spoke again, “What are you all doing here?”

“We’re trying to convince Y/N to talk to Jungkook,” Hoseok answered, propping his elbows on the counter.

“Why? Y/N is finally back to her old self. Besides Jungkook should be the one coming here, not you guys,” Jaebum stated, shaking his head.

“Jungkook is an idiot, and Y/N isn’t. That’s why we’re here,” Yoongi said.

“I think Yoongi’s right,” Mark stated, catching your attention. “I think Y/N should go talk to Jungkook.” He gave you a small smile.

You sighed. “There’s no point. I’m on a two-week vacation, so I can talk to him when I come back if it means all ten of you will stop breathing down my neck.”

 All except your coworkers agreed to your terms. “Y/N…” Mark trailed off, and you knew what he was going to say. You shook your head.

“No? No, what? Why are you shaking your head no?” Jimin asked, looking between both you and Mark.

There was silence between all of you as you kept your mouth shut, and eyes on your lap.

“How many days?” Yoongi asked, breaking the silence. You continued to stare down at your lap, fists clenching. “How many, Y/N,” he demanded.

You couldn’t answer—you didn’t want to. Jinyoung answered for you, “Twelve.”

“Twelve? The last time we saw you, you had over seventy. What happened?” Seokjin asked, and you could hear the slight fear in his tone.

“You lost fifty days,” Namjoon answered. “You won’t be here in two weeks. That’s why you said you wanted to talk to him when you came back.”

“Don’t do this, Y/N. Just go talk to Jungkook—you two are perfect for one another,” Hoseok pleaded.

You stood to your feet. “It’s too late. I’ve already talked to him plenty of times. He’s the one who isn’t making any moves. I want to live the remaining days of my life doing things that I want,” you said, making your way around the counter and towards the doors. “Just let me do that.”

“How many?” Yoongi asked again. You froze, your hand on the doorknob. “How many, Y/N.” You shut your eyes.

“Hyung, what are you talking about?” Taehyung asked, taking a step next to Yoongi.

“We’ve all known her since the beginning, but we’ve never seen the birds,” Jinyoung whispered. “You said living the rest of your life doing what you want to do. You make it sound like you’re not coming back.”

“How many birds do you have?” Namjoon asked.

You were shaking now. You had tried so hard to keep calm, but that broke the second they began to question you. A hand took yours softly. You looked up to meet eyes with Seokjin. You could tell he was cautious, but scared as he slowly lifted the sleeve of your shirt.

You had done a damn good job at keeping your inked wrist hidden, but now you couldn’t even stop Seokjin from revealing the one bird on your wrist. His eyes widened as he stared down at the black bird. “She’s on her last life,” he whispered.

They were silent, and that’s what got to you. Their silence. The fact that they didn’t know what to say, or what to do. You would rather have them be angry, sad, scared—any fucking emotion that was not silence. Something you didn’t want.

“Thank you,” you said, voice low and quiet, but loud enough for them to hear. “I’m glad to have met you all. To have been friends with all of you. I hope you guys are happy.” You looked towards Mark. “I hope you’re happy—whether it’s with Hwayoung, or in another lifetime.” You looked towards the rest. “Take care of Jungkook.” You removed your hand from Seokjin’s grasp.

“It’s not too late, Y/N,” Jimin told you, desperation evident in his tone.

You shook your head. “I don’t want to keep trying. Just let me go,” you murmured. When no one said anything, you left the bookstore.

Day One: You quietly watched the scenery blur past you as you sat in your seat. The train was quiet. Everyone fast asleep at the break of dawn. You had decided not to sleep in order to watch the sunrise.

Even though the scenery was nothing but a blur, you could see the sun rise over the mountains. Today indicated a new day for you to be free.

Watch the sunrise. Check.

Day two: You stared down at your plate, your insides churning at the sight of the octopus. You stole a glance at everyone around you, watching them as they happily ate the live octopus as if it was nothing. As if they weren’t eating food that was still moving.

I think I’m going to be sick.

You shook your head. No. You can do this. It was just live octopus. It’s not like you were going to devour live insects. Right. You can do this.

You looked up at the elder woman that stood at the end of your table. “Are you sure this is good to eat?” you couldn’t help but ask for the fifth time.

She rolled her eyes before nodding. “Yes. It’s the most famous dish here. Everyone orders it, so it has to be good. You’ll like it once you try it, so eat one.”

You took in a deep breath and picked one up with the chopstick. You watched it squirm, and you almost gagged at the movement. However, you pushed down the feeling and quickly placed it inside your mouth. You stomped your feet.

You could feel the octopus’s tentacles stick to your tongue and cheeks as you quickly chewed it. You felt like you have been chewing on it for a while, and no matter how long you chewed, it still felt like you had just placed it inside your mouth.

You finally gave up and swallowed. It slowly went down your throat. Once it was gone, you let out a sigh of relief. You didn’t die today.

You looked up at the woman. “It was delicious.” She smiled, telling you to enjoy the rest, and left.

You spent the next hour trying to devour the rest of the octopus before giving up.

Eat something alive. Never again.

Day three: You groaned in frustration. Why the hell did you decide to write this in your bucket list? You had spent over three hours trying to find clams, but you weren’t getting anywhere. You didn’t know how people found clams in these mudflats, but they did. Yet you couldn’t find anything.

Several people looked at you like you were such a newbie, and you were, but you didn’t want everyone to know that. Especially these experienced elderly. They quietly muttered to one another about how lost you looked—as if you were a lost puppy.

You were ready to give up as you picked up another little rock. You glared at the little rock. This is what you’ve been finding since you got here. You were ready to throw it until you noticed something odd about the rock. You wiped away the chunk of mud, and finally it hit you.

You found your first clam.

Your eyes widened as a grin spread itself across your face. You did it! You finally did it!

Find a clam. Check!

Day four: You were cold and hot at the same time. You couldn’t deny how beautiful the woods looked as you continued your hike. You adjusted your backpack.

This was going to be a long hike, but you were okay with it.

The view was going to be the best part.

Go hiking. Check.

Day five: You were stupid. You were beyond stupid. Why the hell did you decide to go camping alone? Who does that? Who the hell goes camping alone in the woods?

Apparently someone as stupid as you.

You were cold and scared as you dug yourself deeper into your sleeping bag.

Go camping. What the hell was that sound?

Day six: Congratulations. You are now standing at the edge with a racing heart and shaking hands.

“Are you ready, Y/N,” the man asked from behind you.

You shook your head rapidly. “No, no, no! I-I’m not ready yet. Just-just give me a minute. Please.”

That was what you said a minute ago, and a minute before that. You’ve been standing here for the past half hour.

“I know you’re scared, but you have to do this, or we can stop. Whatever you want to do,” he said, trying to calm you down.

“So it’s now or never,” you said, voice shaking.

He was silent for a second before answering, “Yes.” You cursed under your breath before giving him a nod. “Okay. Ready in three, two, one.”

You jumped.

Bungee jumping. Exhilarating.

Day seven: “I don’t understand why I keep putting the craziest things on my list,” you muttered, staring up at as a group dropped, all screaming at the top of their lungs.

“This is nothing,” the woman said next to you. “I can’t believe you put something as simple and fun as this on your list,” she laughed.

“That’s because I’ve never been on one before,” you said, glancing in her direction.

“Try skydiving.”

“I went bungee jumping yesterday,” you stated.

She shrugged. “Close enough.”

You were next. “I’m not ready. Am I going to fall? What if the safety bar loosens and I fall to my death mid loop?”

The woman gave you a pat on your back. “Nothing like that can happen. They always check before opening the ride. Now come on, we’re holding up the line.”

You got in your seat, the woman sitting next to you.

Your heart was racing, palms sweaty, and body shaking. You’ve never been so scared and excited at the same time.

“By the way,” she began, the intercom talking about the safety rules, “what’s your name?”

“Y/N,” you uttered, taking in a deep breath. “Yours?”

You never got her name as the ride took off.

Ride a rollercoaster. Best time of your life.

Day eight: This was your third time within five minutes that you fell to the floor. Everyone zipped by you like what they were doing was nothing.

Here you were, falling every second, when you moved an inch while everyone else made it look like a walk in the park. What the hell.

“It’s like riding a bike,” someone said. Are they going to hold you steady as you try and ski? Will they let you go when they think you’re ready?

No. Skiing isn’t like riding a bike. However, after another hour of trying to keep your balance, you finally learned how to ski. More like slowly go down the hill without falling more than twice.

Go skiing. Snow was pretty.

Day nine: You blinked away your tears as you stared down at your names. This was a big thing in South Korea, but you never expected to find yourself here, by yourself.

Even though no one was here to see you look like an idiot trying so hard to keep yourself from crying, you still didn’t want to cry.

You chose this. You chose to stop trying, so why cry?

Because feelings were still there. You loved him no matter how much you didn’t want to.

What were you supposed to do?

You closed the lock, hearing the click, as you stared down at your names.

Y/N + Jungkook.

All by yourself. You chose this.

Do the love padlock at Namsan tower. You chose this.

Day ten: The music blared as you watched the people around you scream, cheer, and dance. Several people around you sung along with the artists, some screaming the artists name.

These people were dedicated to let the artist know that they were amazing, their music was amazing, and they were their favorite. They were loved by thousands of people.

They began to chant the group’s name as another song began to play.

“Live a little,” the woman said next to you, dancing to the song.

You laughed a little but joined in.

You were going to live a little tonight.

Go to a concert. You liked the song House of Cards.

D-day: You were quiet. That’s all you’ve been was quiet.

You’ve lived the last ten days doing things you’ve never done before, and you had the time of your life. However, now that your last day hit you, you’ve never been so scared in your entire life.

They said it would be like falling asleep, but you still couldn’t shake off the terrified feeling.

You watched the sun slowly setting as the cold water hit your bare feet. You clutched onto the letter you had written to your parents. When you leave, you hope for Seven Birds to send this letter to your parents. Turns out you couldn’t bring yourself to tell you parents that you weren’t going to make it.

You let out a dry laugh.

Today was your last day. How many times were you going to tell yourself that before it finally hit you. Not hit you as in knowing that you are going to die, but hit you as in you’re not coming back. No Rebirth’s—nothing.

You let in a shaky breath as exhaustion kicked in. You were beginning to feel tired. All you wanted now was sleep. Sleep never sounded so great at this moment.

The sun hit the horizon, giving the sky a pinkish blue color, and reflected off the ocean.

“Y/N!” You froze. Slowly, oh so slowly, you turned around with a racing heart. Jungkook stood there, panting. He was staring at you with such hurt, such anger, that you didn’t feel anything. He ran up to you, taking you in his arms as he held you closely. You quietly sobbed. “I hate you. I can’t believe you lied to me. You’re an idiot.” His voice cracked. “I thought I lost you. I don’t want to lose you—I can’t lose you.”

“I thought—”

“No, no. I thought that’s what I wanted, but I want you. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I want to be with you.” He pulled back to look at you. His eyes brimming with tears. “Y/N?”

You smiled. “Can you kiss me?” you asked weakly. He didn’t hesitate to kiss you, but you couldn’t feel his lips on yours.

Watch the sunset. You’ve never felt so happy.

“Saying goodbye doesn’t mean anything. It’s the time we spent together that matters, not how we left it.” -Trey Parker


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NAME: Matt
SEXUALITY: Hetero, but I’d nail an uke
TAKEN OR SINGLE: Yeah single.


ONE: I play piano.
TWO: I feel a deep spiritual connection with wolves.
THREE: Likely due to my Cherokee blood, though I have no idea how much I actually have.


HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): 5/6 Years I think.
BEST EXPERIENCE: While I love tumblr, I really miss this one Camp Halfblood rp forum sight. Had some real good times. Even if all my characters were rips of FF characters XD


FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: Not a smutter.
PLOTS OR MEMES: Fuck your “or”s

BEST TIME TO WRITE: It varies tbh my sleep schedule and metabolism are fucked
ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): Scarily. Like I get this all the time. People are convinced I’m actually Noctis. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT I DIDN’T PLAN THIS. If only I were actually 5′9″…

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Her feet were nestled in the cool sand as she looked out at the crashing waves, her mind always seemed to be at ease whenever she was at the beach. It was where she felt like she was at home, with her cell phone next to her on her towel she glanced down at the time hoping it wouldn’t take Lily too long. She hadn’t bumped into her friend in what felt like forever and the brunette needed to see her gorgeous face again after so long. Watching the sun go down it was the sound of two feet hitting the sand behind her that has Brielle looking up and over her shoulder to see those stunning brown eyes looking down at her. Jumping to her feet she engulfed the girls small frame in a tight cuddle, “You have no idea how much I’ve missed seeing that cute little face.”

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I guess we all have many favorite scenes and this is my pick for this project! We always talk about how Emma sacrifices herself for Regina but don’t forget Regina is actually ready to do that for Emma too. They’ve made so much progress throughout 4 seasons, from “Miss Swan” to “Emma”, from “You have no idea what I’m capable of” to “I don’t want to kill you” to “You can do better than this”. SQ has such a beautiful relationship development. In this episode, it’s clear that Regina cares more about Emma than her own safety. To me, even though these two idiots are still oblivious of it, that is an act of love . 

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“Greetings Miss Avery,” the robot greeted her as she entered the room.

“I … What?” Avery frowned. Last time she had spoken to the hunk of junk it couldn’t string two beeps and boops together much less words. “How are you able to talk now?”

“I have had an upgrade Miss,” he sounded almost proud. “I will now be better able to assist you with your inventions.”

“Um … ok,” Avery said cautiously. She wasn’t sure she liked the idea that the piece of machinery not only knew her name but seemed to think for itself. It was unnerving. “Let’s just get to it.”

“Right you are Miss!”

Preference #15 – He’s Your BFF


A big smile took over your face as you caught sight of your best friend. He’d been gone for about two months, travelling the world as he did every so often, bringing joy with his music while you were at home. ‘Hazza! It’s so good to see you!’ You exclaimed, wrapping your arms around him firmly as Harry did the same. “[Y/N],” he sighed, “god, you have no idea how much I missed having a sane person around.” You giggled and let go of him, taking a good look at him, before linking your hands together as you marched into your living room. ‘What do you think?’ You asked excitedly as you showed off your newly repainted walls and replaced furniture. He let out a low whistle, his hand moving along the dresser – the only item you’d kept from your old interior, with all sorts of framed pictures on it. His eyes focused on one frame in particular that held a photo of the two of you, which had been taken when he’d extravagantly celebrated your birthday with you back home, as he’d claimed he had to live up to his title as your best friend. “It’s beautiful, but I have to say I really liked your old interior too,” he trailed off, making you grin. ‘You’re just nostalgic, I know you hate it when I change things and you’re not there,’ you said, to which Harry feigned an offended frown. “I am not nostalgic. And I do very well with change. I change my lyrics and choreographies every single night.” Another giggle escaped you, shaking your head at his antics before letting yourself fall down on your newly acquired couch. ‘Honestly, Harry, you will love this new couch. It’s so comfy and it’ll be good for your back too.’ Interest now piqued, “you thought of me?” wondrously escaping him as he slowly made his way towards the sofa, inspecting it from up close before dropping down on it ungraciously. “I don’t see the appeal,” he muttered out while you laughed at the position he’d gotten himself in – upside down and half on top of you. ‘You should try sitting like me – an actual “sane person”,’ you suggested as you pushed him softly into an upright manner, as he showed off a cheeky smile with dimples. He settled into the sofa quickly then, adjusting a bit, before letting out a groan of satisfaction. “I am never leaving this couch again,” he said with his eyes closed, “you will have to remove me with force. Or buy me one.” You shook your head, ‘excuse you. I will do no such thing. I might be the sane person, I’m not the rich person out of us two. I spent my savings on this baby. It’s staying with me.’ He pouted, “Oh come on, [Y/N]! Can’t it be a homecoming gift?” ‘My gift to you is gracing you with my presence, don’t be greedy,’ you teased, and he laughed, before wiggling his eyebrows. “How do you feel about joint custody?” You rolled your eyes fondly, ‘hmm oh I don’t know Haz, that requires a lot of commitment,’ you spoke up as you placed your head in his lap, letting him stroke your hair like he always did. He was uncharacteristically quiet though, making you open your eyes so you could look at him properly. “I wouldn’t mind committing to you,” he murmured softly, green orbs unwavering as he stared back down. An unabashed smile made its way to your face, reaching out to intertwine your fingers. ‘If I had to share custody with anyone, you know it’d be you. You’re my best friend.’ His smile seemed to falter, even if it was just for a split second, before his dimple came into view again, “yeah. You’re my best friend too.”


You moaned in frustration, ready to throw your laptop out of the window, when Liam walked back in with two cups of tea. “Woah, what are you even doing?” He questioned, amusement obvious on his face, making you want to strangle him. ‘This fucking essay is not coming along at all,’ you muttered, reaching out for the cup of tea and taking a gulp. He frowned, settling into his chair, “well, being violent surely won’t be very conducive either.” You raised an eyebrow at him, ‘conducive? Someone’s been paying attention to me practicing my presentations.’ Liam shot you a glare in return, and you couldn’t help the giggle that escaped you. ‘Aw, babe, you know I’m just joking,’ you cooed, but he just stuck out his tongue petulantly, but then gave you a cheeky smile. “Remember when I thought psychiatry was a word I’d created myself?” Nodding immediately, you laughed, ‘it would’ve been a great invention if it hadn’t already existed.’ Liam let out a chuckle, then nodded at your work. “Still, I wish I could help you out, rather than just make you a cup of tea.” It was a sore point in conversation – it wasn’t that Liam wasn’t smart. He just had had other priorities, and hadn’t finished school. Hadn’t liked learning half as much as you had. It was how you’d met in the first place, tutoring him when he was still in school. ‘It’s fine. You make a mean cup of tea,’ which was a fact. Even Louis, who was a really difficult person when it came to his cuppa allowed Liam to make his. ‘And I’m glad we’re still hanging out. You’re my best friend, even if I don’t get to see you much.’ “Even if I don’t know that psychiatry is an actual word?” He asked jokingly, but you recognized the small sliver of hesitation, of insecurity in his voice. So you gave him your best smile, and nodded, bright-eyed. ‘Li, you’re not my professor. I know shit about music and I’d probably love your songs just because you’re happy and you made them with love, no matter what they sound like. And you still think of me as a great friend. So yes, I really do think you’re the best friend anyone could wish for – I don’t care if you’re studious or not.’ That finally seemed to convince him, a satisfied smile settling onto his features. ‘I’m more worried I’m boring you. Wish I was free so we could watch a movie or something,’ you pouted instead. Liam immediately shook his head, smile still evident as he replied, “don’t worry! I like just being here, away from the craziness. You just studying kinda makes me feel a bit more normal. Like we – you know, us, that’s normal.” You nodded, giving up on your work for now and opting to settle into the couch next to him. ‘I like being here too. Your house is infinitely more amazing than my apartment.’ He snorted, patting your leg, “only in it for the money huh.” You turned and looked at him affronted, ‘I wish. No, the invites to fancy parties where you get free stuff always go to the girlfriend.’ It was a joke, but Liam seemed to actually contemplate whether or not it was true he’d never taken you anywhere, and then slowly nodded, a bashful smile spreading out onto his face. “I’ll take you, [Y/N]. Next time I get to invite a plus one, it’ll be you.”


You laughed loudly, before accepting the drink Louis was holding in front of you, eyebrows wiggling suggestively. “How’s it feel?” You asked him, trying to shout over the pounding music in the room, but apparently he hadn’t heard you as his arm sneaked around your waist to pull you closer. ‘Say again, love,’ Louis murmured, and you motioned for him to turn his head so you could talk into his ear properly. “I said, how’s it feel. Like, being off, being on perpetual holiday,” you tried again, this time you noticed he’d heard you by the way he was smirking lightly. Being friends with Louis for the time that you had, had made you pick up on such small tell-tale signs that portrayed his mood to you. ‘Weird, bit irresponsible. Can’t really comprehend it. Remember when you slept over and you forgot that it was a Saturday and woke up at like 7 so frantically cause you thought you had class? I’m sure that’ll be me tomorrow,’ he said, and you nodded along to what he was saying – remembering exactly how you’d ended up there in the first place. It was actually the night you two had met, after you’d gone with a friend of yours to a ‘high-end party’. Which had ended up being a not-so high end party at Louis’ apartment – your friend knew his bassist or whatever, and just like that you’d ended up falling asleep in a bed, Louis’ it turned out, and he’d just let you. Crept in right beside you, tugged some blankets from your grasp and had cuddled with you until morning had come, which had left you embarrassed and frazzled. Still, your friends kept saying that something must’ve happened that night, despite the countless amount of times that the both of you denied it. “Hmm. Want me to make sure you won’t get restless then?” You offered as you leaned back into his embrace, pulling Louis down with you on a couch nearby, which allowed you two to actually hear and see each other a bit more clearly. He didn’t remove his arm from around your waist, instead let his head drop onto your shoulder, eyes unfocused from the alcohol, nodding softly. ‘Mmhm, just wanna cuddle. Don’t tell Liam,’ he added suddenly, making you laugh. The last time you’d slept over – Louis claimed it calmed him down, he felt homesick and alone quite fast – Liam had walked into the tourbus, fully expecting to only encounter Louis. Instead, he’d found the two of you curled up in one bunk. Which had resulted in a very awkward conversation where you had to try your hardest to dispel any assumptions about your relationship. “Hmm like how I didn’t tell him about the incident?” You teased, referring to a particularly embarrassing moment for Louis you’d bared witness to, who immediately opened his eyes and glared at you. ‘Don’t you dare. I seem to remember an incriminating voicemail that I will definitely use against you,’ he stated, and you flipped him off in response. The two of you sat quietly for a while, until you spoke up again. “So, no pulling tonight?” It was weird, and you didn’t really know why you wanted to ask that question, but there it was – out in the open now. Louis didn’t seem to mind though, a smirk on his face as he turned to glance at you. ‘Nope, ‘ve already got a girl secured for in my bed, don’t I?’ He laughed, and even though you knew exactly how he meant it, it still left your cheeks burning hot.


“And then he just fell, you know?” You hummed to show that you were listening as Josh recounted another story. Niall had taken to throwing pieces of bread at your head, after you’d refused to entertain him and his need to watch the latest golf tournament. He was your best friend, but even you had boundaries as to what you’d accept and you just didn’t like golf at all. Didn’t see the appeal of watching it, didn’t see the appeal in playing it, so you were fine with having Niall undertake such activities with other people. However, he hadn’t taken as kindly to your rejection and had proceeded to annoy you whenever he could. Ignoring Niall so far hadn’t really worked, and you were losing your focus on what Josh was even talking about, so you sighed exasperatedly, before speaking up, “oh my god, stop it!” Niall just chuckled, and threw another piece. ‘What’s the magic word? I didn’t hear any magic words,’ he singsonged, again bringing his hand up to throw a bread crumb. You just blinked, and felt it hit your face moments later. Within seconds, you launched yourself at Niall and tried to wrestle the stupid sandwich out of his hands so he’d stop throwing food at you. Of course it quickly dissolved into a playfight in which you were aiming to pin his hands above his head. ‘They say boys tease girls because they like them,’ Josh suddenly piped up, smirking as he regarded the position you were now in – lying on the floor, tangled together. Redfaced, you immediately let go of Niall’s wrists, and stood up to dust yourself off. “Niall and [Y/N], sitting in a tree, K-I-S-mmpfh” Josh’ song was interrupted by Niall covering his face, to which you promptly started yelling another song, ‘Josh and his hand, sitting in a tree, Mas-Tur-Ba-T-I-N-G!’ As expected, both boys immediately burst out laughing and you let yourself fall back on the couch with a satisfied feeling. “Alright alright, I’m bowing out,” Josh repented, before leaving Niall’s hotel room where you’d been cooped up for the entire day. Niall sidled up to the clothing rack that their stylists had put there earlier on, who’d been slightly surprised finding you in the room as well. ‘So, what do you want to do before the show?’ He asked, and you shrugged. “We could get tattoos,” you suggested, if only to see Niall bristle in terror, before glaring at you. ‘We could also just go and get food downstairs,’ to which you raised an eyebrow. “So you can throw more of it at me? I don’t think so.” He leveled your gaze and then broke out into another cheeky smile, reaching over to kiss your nose. ‘Honestly, [Y/N], babe, I was just sharing with you. You know I don’t share with anyone. I was being extra nice,’ he replied. A giggle erupted from your throat, shaking your head. “Stop! You’re only trying to distract me from the fact you actually wanted to play golf with me. You’re supposed to be my person! You should know that I hate it, I’m still appalled.” He laughed at your fake disdain and uncrossed the arms you’d just pulled up over your chest, holding both of your hands in his lightly. ‘But you’re my person, don’t you want to indulge me?’ He asked with a pout, fluttering his eyelashes at you. “Not working. I am using BFF privileges. And you threw food at me,” you defended weakly, which led to Niall realizing he might actually had a chance. ‘Please? I could use my BFF privileges too, you know, but I’m just asking you nicely,’ he pointed out, making you roll your eyes in defeat. “Ugh fine, I’ll go golfing you big baby,” you conceded, taking your hands out of Niall’s grasp. “Why didn’t you just ask Harry? Or like, Josh? They’d enjoy it, and actually know what to do. You’ll have to explain everything to me,” you couldn’t help but ask, to which Niall shrugged, cheeks coloring red. ‘Just wanna spend some time with you, just you.’ A soft smile spread onto your face, before reaching over to place a kiss on his cheek. “Love you, Ni.”


‘Wanna take a break?’ You asked, eyes going back and forth between Zayn and the producer. They’d been working on his verse, re-recording the same set of lines over and over again. It all sounded great to you, but apparently it wasn’t up to standard – judging by the frustration evident on both of their faces. Zayn’s eyes flickered over to you, immediately softening in intensity, shooting you a warm and grateful smile. “Yeah, I’ll be back in 15,” he excused himself, following you out of the studio. ‘So. I take it your day is not exactly going as planned?’ You asked casually, eyes locked onto the frantic way he was trying to light up a cigarette as quickly as he could. Scowling, he inhaled deeply, before sagging into a chair, relief flooding through his body. “Not at all. What’re you doing here though? Thought you wouldn’t be working,” he asked curiously, although it was a rather obvious attempt at deflecting the topic. He never liked talking about himself, and you usually let him get away with it. You weren’t his girlfriend – you were his best friend and you were going to be there for him when he wanted you to; you weren’t going to push or force it out of him when he didn’t want to. So, instead of challenging his short response, you just nodded. ‘I’m not. I actually just came here because I had somehow left my phone at work, came to pick it up and heard you. Couldn’t resist peeking inside and have a listen,’ you replied with a wink. He smirked, eyes meeting yours for a second, before he focused on blowing rings of smoke. “Have a listen? Or ogle at me?” It was your turn to snort, pulling a face at him. ‘Come on Z, how many times I’ve told you, smoking’s a total turn off for me. Maybe the producer though, he looked kinda cute,’ you teased, to which Zayn rolled his eyes. ‘You’re such a hypocrite, [Y/N]. I was there last Friday, and you were definitely sharing a cigarette with Lou,’ he pointed out. Raising an eyebrow, you sat yourself down on the ground next to the chair Zayn was sitting in. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you started, Zayn ready to protest. “Besides, even if I was smoking, I was totally drunk. And I admit, when I’m drunk I make stupid decisions. Exhibit A: befriending you.” He laughed at that, leaning downwards on purpose to blow smoke right in your face. ‘You love me.’ You shrugged noncommittedly, but smiled nonetheless. He still looked stressed out, so you decided to take a different approach. “Hmm. Now, as your best friend. I have to ask – are you really okay? Don’t think I haven’t noticed that you’re just itching to have a second, third and fourth cigarette in the 15 minutes you’ve given yourself.” He sighed, flicking the now finished cigarette bud on the ground, earning himself another glare from you. ‘I’ll clean it up, I promise,’ he said as he raised his hands in mock defense, before leaning back in the chair. ‘There’s just a lot of pressure, yeah? And I don’t want to mess this up. I don’t want to let anyone down.’ Instead of sitting still, he’d already lit his second cigarette, exactly like you’d predicted. “You won’t. Your voice is amazing Z. Trust me. I work at this record label, and I know you. As your best friend, I wouldn’t lie. Don’t force it.” He gave you a shy smile, nodding his head, ‘thanks’. Wanting to lighten up the conversation, you frowned sternly, teasingly leaning forward to whisk the cigarette right out of his mouth “and stop smoking so much.” He let out a whine, then suddenly smiled wickedly, leaning in with his eyes focused on your lips. ‘Come on then,’ he whispered huskily, letting his smokey breath ghost over your mouth, pressing them on yours for just a millisecond. A little shocked you pushed him away, grinning profusely at his dazed, but smug expression. ‘I don’t do as I’m told, [Y/N], you should know.’ That earned him another eyeroll, before you pushed him back inside the building. “Yeah yeah, just trying to be a good friend. Now destroy that song. See you next week,” fondly waving at him as he disappeared into the studio once more.

as a teen with a disability you miss out on so much of what everyone else is able to do but I decided that tonight I would dance and scream hysterically even if it meant if I would be too sick to go on the other two nights I have tickets for. I was able to dance and scream like everyone else and I felt normal. at the end of the show I was absolutely ruined and I have no idea how I will feel waking up tomorrow but I got my wish. Thank you for all of the magic tonight Taylor. ✨