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Jack Wilder x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: some smut, mentions of sex

You knew Jack was up to something. Despite his attempts to hide it you knew exactly what he was up to. Of course, it helped when you were taken in for questioning about the Four Horsemen but you’d neglected to tell Jack about that.

So, when he mysteriously vanished for a while you decided to travel to Las Vegas and attend their show, finding it easy to get the money with a few simple tricks and cons. As soon as you set foot on solid ground and walked through the airport you’d managed to con your way into a few free nights at the best hotel Las Vegas had to offer, a town car and a chauffeur.

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Kalagang #01


The first episode of first season – and where it all begins. We don’t see Kalagang interaction yet, but we’re able to see them having an unknown connection after Angelica gives birth (and kills herself). We all know by now, for Kala and Wolfgang, water is their element – like some sort of medium of their connection since their births.

Kala: But I heard it. I heard the thunder, and rain.

So here we see Kalagang’s very first connection, although they’re not aware of it. And not surprisingly, rain – water. We can also notice that rain works as a symbol for juxtaposition of these two opposite characters. Weather in India is warm and sunny; we instantly know she’s been raised by loving family, her father supports her, and she’s happy with her life. She is the sunshine.

Original post [x] @regalstormborn

Scene changes; Wolfgang makes his first appearance. It’s raining, everyone’s wearing black, it’s funeral – I’ve seen posts about how Wolfgang and Kala have this Hades and Persephone aesthetic. Well, he is definitely giving god of death vibe here. He hasn’t spoken a word, but we already know what kind of person he is. So the rain is not just a medium helping Kalagang connect/sense each other, but also a symbol to contrast one from the other.

Original post [x] @osxarisaac

I mentioned in previous post that Wolfgang doesn’t show his emotions. This scene clearly shows that side of him. Especially when his Uncle Sergei talks about Wolfgang’s father, by now we already know how Wolfgang despises his father, and yet Wolfgang doesn’t even flinch his eyes or frown. We can see that he has learned to put every emotion – mostly anger – inside of him and suppress it. And I also want to point out how calm he is in this occasion. Maybe because he’s not close to his family, but it kinda gave me this feeling of…he’s so used to death, like death always surrounds him. It’s almost as same as breathing.

Original post [x] @mufalo

Even when he is all alone in front his father’s tombstone, he just doesn’t show his emotions. Instead he simply gives his signature smirk to his dad (and piss). That’s how much he is used to hiding his feelings. Which makes me thrilled to see how he slowly opens up and shows different kinds of emotions as he develops relationship with Kala.

Original post [x@sense8edit

The last Kalagang moment in this episode is when Kala visits Ganesha temple. When she gives food to Ganesha telling she’s put some peanuts and whatsoever, I’ve never realized how genuinely happy she was, before her marriage. I don’t think we now get to see her smile like that quite often in season 2 – except of course when she’s with her cluster and Wolfgang – I’ll talk more about this in upcoming posts, but before we move on, I want to point out that this post isn’t just about how Kala and Wolfgang develop their relationship; it’s also about how each has their own personal growth.

So it’s important to see that her pure smile right there which represents innocence, and also naivety. What do I mean by that? Physically, she is grown-up. But at the same time, Kala’s just started her journey of becoming one. For me, I think being an adult is a life-long journey; to have our hearts and minds be mature, wise, and complete are not as easy as physical growth.

As we grow up we find that heart is so much complicated than we think. And Kala is basically on the verge of discovering that. In other words, she’s still just a little girl who’s just stepping into the real world. Yes I know she is smart, independent, and strong – I’m not saying she’s childish, at all. What I’m saying is discovering new emotions, learning how to accept them and to embrace people whom are connected for that emotions are gonna be new to both Kala and Wolfgang.

That being said, the whole temple scene can be defined as a starting point of her journey – a little girl on the threshold.

Kala: [Rajan is] the perfect husband for me. Except for one little fact. I do not love him.

Original post [x] @sensatessource

And that threshold is marriage. Now we all know that marrying Rajan wouldn’t automatically help Kala turn into a grown-up woman. I already mentioned that it’s more than that. That’s just what our society thinks. But I would say, symbolically, the concept of marriage itself is definitely something new – something big to Kala. It’s a huge step.  She thinks Rajan is okay; she thinks it’s the right thing to do. Still she’s torn up between what is best for her and what is best for heart. This dilemma will go on through out the series. It will make her struggle for sure, but also will enable Kala to figure out what it means to be a woman – or adult in general.

Anyhow, guess who appears after Kala confesses her dilemma?

Original post [x] @netflixsense8

None other than Wolfgang Bogdanow (Well, technically if you rewatch it, Felix’s face comes out before Wolfgang’s…but lol, who cares). Funny thing is when I first watched the series, I actually didn’t know they’re gonna be together, so I didn’t know the significance of Wolfgang appearing right after scene of Kala in the temple. So it’s another fun for me, personally, to catch this small moments implying they are connected deeply.

I think that’s pretty much it for this episode. Well, I’ve only done two posts of Kalagang series, but I’m really actually having fun going over their moments from the beginning. Hope you enjoyed it too. I’m trying to come up with hashtag for this series of Kalagang posts so that you can find them easily. If you have any ideas, just throw them to me :) Also, if you have any Kalagang moments I’ve missed, or if you wanna just add up to my thoughts please leave comments. I’d love to know what you think

Keep Quiet

Word Count: 2,936

Warning: Nothing but smut mixed with fluff.

A/N: I had to change it up a little in this story. I feel like we always read about Suga as the controlling, dominating, aggressive guy (and there is nothing wrong with that, trust me. I like all forms of this man). But I feel like there will be times when he will turn into an absolute sweetheart for his girlfriend… when she is not bugging him. ^^ Please enjoy!

You entered into the boys’ dorm which was a lot quieter than it usually was. Earlier while you were at work, your boyfriend had called you and asked if you could stop by his place. He didn’t tell you why and got a little irritated when you kept pestering him for the reason. Knowing Yoongi, he was secretly plotting something. There were rare times when he would do romantic things for you. He would keep to himself, preparing everything on his own just to show you how special you are to him. Sometimes he would get annoyed at you when you questioned his actions but that was only because he was nervous, although he would never admit it. At the end of the day, you two would snuggle up together, pleased at how it all turned out.

You took off your shoes, unaware that someone was seeking your attention. You heard a small whimper and turned to see a tiny brown puppy excited to see you. Dropping to your knees, you greeted him.

“Hi Holly! Have you been a good boy?” Rubbing the playful dog in your arms. “Yes you have. Yes you have.”

You stood up, still holding Holly. Glancing around the room, there wasn’t a person in sight. “Come on,” you spoke. “Let’s go see what daddy is up to.”

The place didn’t look any different from how it usually was. Maybe you were wrong about Yoongi’s motives after all. You opened the door to his shared room, thinking he might be inside. Of course he was there. His headphones were on and his laptop was opened. He was working. As soon as you found who you were looking for, Holly wanted out of your arms and into the arms of his owner. You sat him down and watched him scurry to Yoongi, jumping into his lap. He easily became distracted and removed his headphones.

“Sorry to disturb you while you were working.” You teased. Yoongi’s head whipped in your direction, finally noticing your presence.

“I wasn’t working, I was just keeping myself occupied.”

“Yeah? Doing what?” When he realized he was working, he became defensive.

“Did you come here to interrogate me?”

“No, I came here to spend time with my boyfriend.” You giggled, walking over to stand behind him planting a kiss on his neck. He smelled so masculine, it drove your hormones crazy. “Where’s the rest of the gang?”

Yoongi placed Holly on the floor and grabbed your hand, guiding you around to sit on his lap. “I asked them to leave for the day.”

“Why did you do that?” You asked curiously, already knowing what he was going to say. You just like hearing it.

“It’s been awhile so I thought we could have date night. We could order your favorite food to be delivered and watch a movie or whatever you want to do.”

“Aww Yoongi-poo! You left your schedule open to spend the day with me? That’s so sweet of you!” You teased, watching his cheeks turn a light shade of pink.

“If you’re going to ruin the moment, you can leave.” He turned his head away embarrassed. You laughed.

“I’m sorry. That sounds like a wonderful idea,” you kissed his lips. “Thanks babe.”

The two of you sat in the kitchen waiting for the food to arrive. You were sitting on the counter and Yoongi moved to stand between your legs. His arms wrapped around you, resting his hands on your ass and your arms draped loosely around his neck. You smiled, taking in his presence.

“I’m really happy you are back. You don’t know how much I’ve missed you.” You kissed the top of his head.

“Yeah I missed you, too. But the good news is that I have a couple weeks to relax before I have to leave again.”

“Does that mean we’ll get to spend more time together?!” You asked excitedly.

“I can’t make any promises but I’ll try to makes as much space in my schedule for you.”

You smiled and nodded, deciding not to push the subject further. The kiss was supposed to be a quick peck but it soon became heavy. The sounds of your wet tongues and breathing were all that could be heard from the kitchen. Yoongi’s strong warm hands entered under your shirt, running up your back. Your hands tangled in his hair in an effort to pull his body as close to you as humanly possible. This went on for some time before he broke away.

“Can you stay the night?”

“That depends, am I allowed to?”

“I didn’t ask the guys to leave just because,” he replied smartly. “I don’t want anyone to disturb us when I take you tonight. I want to hear you moan as loud as you can for me.”

“I can definitely do that.”

You leaned in for another kiss only to be stopped by the sounds of someone knocking on the front door. You and Holly waited on the couch as Yoongi retrieved the food. Deciding on a mystery thriller, the two of you ate and watched the movie, having small debates along the way. You snuggled up close to him, laying you head on his shoulder and your arm around the front of his waist.

Halfway through the movie, the beeping of the door followed by noisy chattering of six voices flooded the living room.

“Hey hyung, hey noona. What are you guys doing?” Jungkook asked curiously.

“Oh cool! You ordered food!” Taehyung yelled as he ran over to the table, eyeing the leftovers. He didn’t ask for permission to have some and immediately started eating.

“What are you guys watching?” Hoseok asked, leaning over the back of the couch separating you and Yoongi.

By now, your once quiet romantic evening was being invaded by the other members. Jungkook and Taehyung ate the remainder of the food, you and Jimin were having a conversation, Hoseok was pestering Yoongi, and Jin and Namjoon commented on the movie. Yoongi’s was getting pissed by the second. This was not how he saw this day going. He abruptly stood, drawing everyone’s attention.

“Y/n wait here. Everyone else in the bedroom.”

You watched them all get up and leave out the room. Once inside the bedroom, the door was shut rather harshly.


-Meanwhile in the room-

“I thought you guys were staying the night out?” Yoongi questioned.

“Yeah… we thought it over and we wanted to come back.” Jungkook answered sheepishly.


“You weren’t the only one that just came back from tour. We wanted to rest at home, in our rooms, in our own bed.” Jin replied crossing his arms.

“But you knew what tonight was. I had asked you guys to stay out for a reason.”

“Well if it’s that important to you, why don’t you guys just go to her apartment like you usually do?” Taehyung joined in.

“Why can’t we spend time here for once? Why can’t we just have a moment to ourselves?”

“Because you live with six other guys. Privacy no longer exists.” Jin stated as a matter of fact.

Yoongi was about lost his temper and Namjoon noticed, quickly offering a solution. “You guys can continue your date and we won’t bother you. We’ll just stay in our rooms for the night. Will that help?”

Yoongi didn’t answer, instead he walked out of the room slamming the door behind him. He dropped down on the couch next to you and you could feel the heat radiating off of him. He was pissed and you could tell. You wanted to calm him down but was worried you would say something that would set him off further.

“Please don’t be upset, Yoongi. We could still have a good time.”

“It’s just the one time I ask them to do something for me, they don’t want to. They can be very insensitive sometimes and right now it’s driving me crazy! I shouldn’t have to always leave home to spend time with you.” He leaned forward resting his head in his hands. “I just wanted everything to be perfect and for you to be happy.”

You stood up and kneeled in front of him. “I am happy, Yoongi. It didn’t matter if the boys were here or not. What’s important to me is that you thought about me enough to make time in your schedule for us to spend time together.”

Yoongi lifted his head and kissed your lips. He leaned back to look into your eyes. The fire in his eyes had died down a bit and seemed calmer. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

You pecked his lips again. “Yes, I’m positive.”

The boys kept their word and stayed hidden. The two of you settled back on the couch to watch the remainder of the movie. Yoongi was stretched out, lying on his back while you rested on top of him, between his legs. Due to you being at work all day and listening to his heartbeat, you were beginning to doze off. He hadn’t spoken for awhile and you were sure he had already fallen asleep. You shifted, throwing your leg over his, leaving one to rest in between his. Doing this, you unintentionally rubbed against his groin. Instantly waking up, you let your mind run wild with thoughts of fucking Yoongi on the couch and became horny. He was only dressed in sweats and a simple black shirt so it wouldn’t be difficult to access his member. Your hand moved to the inside of his pants. You slowly stroked him, rubbing your thumb along the head of his penis over his slit. Slowly but surely he was growing harder in your palm. So much so that he pressed right against your covered pussy. You removed your hand and braced yourself on the couch to lightly grind on him. You heard Yoongi’s deep voice mumble something but you couldn’t understand it. Glancing up at him, his eyes were closed and you thought he was just talking in his sleep. This time you angled yourself so that his bulge rubbed against your clit. You bit your bottom lip to keep from moaning. You could already feel your panties absorbing your wetness. Your head was down, watching what you were doing to him. Both of his hands rested on your hips, helping you grind on him. Initially, you were stunned but when you look at Yoongi, not only were his eyes open but he had a smirk on his face.

“Why so surprised?” He teased.

“I didn’t think you were awake.”

“So you thought I wouldn’t catch my little vixen in the act, trying to get herself off without me?”

“Does that mean we can still have sex? I’m so horny, Yoongi.” You whined. He chuckled and nodded.

He was about to pull you on top of him but you stopped him. You eased further down his legs until your whole body nested in between them. Grabbing the waistband of his sweats, you pulled them down letting his cock spring free. Your mouth watered at the sight. You missed how he tasted and how he would grow in your mouth. You held his cock up by the tip, planting soft wet kisses up the shaft. You moved your hand so that your mouth could latch on to the head, sucking away all the precum that tried to escape. Yoongi groaned above you, sitting up to remove his shirt. He watched you take more of him in. The tip of your tongue traced over the band of tissue connecting the head to his shaft. You knew that spot made his toes curl. And just as you figured, you heard him take a deep breath. You held onto the base of his cock and slowly bobbed your head in a rhythmic manner. Yoongi’s hand tangled in your hair, helping you with your movements. The movie had long since ended, and the light from the TV illuminated your bodies. When you looked up at Yoongi, his head was leaning back and his lips were parted as he enjoyed the feeling you gave him.

Your hand stroked his cock at moderate pace as you moved to place his balls in your mouth. Knowing how sensitive they were, you handled them with great care. Each tender sphere jumped around your small pink tongue. Yoongi’s grip tightened on your hair before releasing it all together and pushing you away.

“Baby, stop before you make me cum over that pretty face.” He grunted.

You sat up and watched him undress out of his pants, letting you know it was time to remove your clothes. Yoongi stood to help you, allowing you to lie back on the couch where he just was once you were naked. He spread your legs and situated himself between them. He leaned forward and took a nice long lick up your slit before resting back on his ankles, bringing his middle and ring fingers to his mouth wetting them. He placed them at your opening and shoved them inside. Right away, Yoongi fucked you on his fingers at an extremely fast pace. You could feel yourself dripping onto the couch but the movement of his fingers had you lost for words.

“If we are going to do this then we have to be as quiet as possible. I don’t want them disturbing us again. Do you understand?” You opened your mouth to talk but nothing came out. “Y/n, do you hear me?”

You knew that if you had opened your mouth to answer, the entire apartment complex would know what Yoongi was doing to you. You nodded your head in agreement. He removed his hands, bringing his wet fingers to his lips licking away your sweet nectar. He leaned forward, guiding his cock to your entrance only leaving the tip inside before resting on his forearms. Yoongi bucked his hips causing him to slide into your warmth. You were seconds away from moaning out but Yoongi covered your mouth with his own. He slowly rocked his hips into yours, making love to your body in the most sensual way. You rested your hands on to his smooth back, pulling him in closer. You suck on his tongue as he pushes your legs further apart with his body. Yoongi gave you slow but deep thrusts, rolling his hips into yours. His actions only made you want him even more. You hungrily play with his tongue but all administrations stop when you both hear a light whine by your heads. Breaking the kiss, you both look towards the sound and find Holly staring at you two with doe eyes and his head resting on the cushion.

You are the first to turn away, quietly giggling. You pepper kisses on Yoongi’s neck.

“I guess I’m not the only one who wants your attention tonight.” You whisper in his ear.

“Fuck! Out of all the nights…” he mumbles to himself, trying to think of what to do. The last thing he wanted was his dog watching him have sex. Using gestures, Yoongi tried to get Holly to lie on his dog bed.

“Yoongi…” you moaned out, rolling your hips. He turned his attention back to you and kisses your lips. Thrusting into you once before Holly whimpered again.

“Min Holly…” Yoongi groaned in frustration as he looked back at his puppy. “I promise I will give you all the attention you want, just give me thirty minutes.”

As if he understood every word, Holly walked away. You shook your head, amazed at what just happened.

“That’s why I love that dog. He understands me,” Yoongi chuckled and looked down at you. “Now, let me tend to my other spoiled baby.”

His lips were on you in seconds. Sucking a purple mark on your neck. His hip movements were deep but now his thrusts were filled with a bit more urgency. You looped your arms under his and held onto his shoulders. Biting into his collarbone to keep from screaming. Feeling the tight pinch in his skin and your muffled moans only motivated Yoongi to move faster. Rotating your hip upwards and spreading your legs wider, he was able to slip deeper inside of your pussy. Yoongi moved to lay behind you, lifting your leg in the air. In this position he was hitting spots you never knew existed.

“Fuck… Yoongi…” you breathlessly cried.

He held you as close as he could. His arm came up under yours and rested at the base of your throat. He turned your head to connect to your lips. You cried in his mouth as a signal that you were near your end.

“All most there baby.” Yoongi groaned, pumping his dick in you faster.

He could feel every detail about your velvety wet center when you squeezed around him. You had entered into another dimension when your orgasm passed through you. You couldn’t speak or hear but only feel Yoongi’s cock guide you out of it. His thrusts started to subside soon after, unloading a never ending string of cum to paint your walls. You both lay there breathlessly, softly pecking each other lips.

“I love you.” Yoongi smiled.

“I love you too, Yoongi-bear.”

He groaned causing you to giggle but a clearing of the throat interrupt the moment. You both look at the doorway to find Namjoon with his eyes covered.

“Now that you two had a good night, Yoongi I think you need to clean up after Holly before-” The shriek of Jin’s voice echoed through the dorm. “Jin stepped in it.” Namjoon sighed.

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RFA + V and Saeran reacting to MC having an evil as fuck laugh or giggle?

You guys have no idea how much I missed writing other characters. Love me some Choi boys, but it’s good to be back to the regular hcs.

Hope you like this! ^^

RFA + V and Saeran and a MC with an evil laugh


  • Look, he’s blinded (deaf, actually) by love, your laugh sound like the most angelic of chants to his ears
  • So he never noticed before until he saw this colleague actress talking to you during a little casting party
  • And the other lady was nodding and listening attentively, like she was taking mental notes or something for everything you were saying.
  • Curious, he approached you two. “What are two adorable ladies like you talking about? Me?”
  • “She’s teaching me how to make a great villain laugh for this movie I’m doing.” The actress says plainly. EXCUSE ME WHAT, MISS?
  • “Yeah, you know… because I have that evil creepy laugh sometimes, she heard and asked me to teach her, cool, right?” If you say so… he doesn’t see nothing villainous in you.
  • But as you two watch the movie, he listens to his colleague’s evil laugh and… yeah… the resemblance is uncanny.
  • He’s definitely taking the evil laugh workshop with you for when he plays a villain, it’s pretty convincing.


  • He’s playing LOLOL while you read a magazine
  • Then he hears this laugh and wonders if he got killed by some new villain in the game or something… but his avatar looks fine.
  • He takes his phones off and hears again, what the hell? It’s… you?
  • He heard you giggling or  chuckling before, and they are a little… different from what he ever heard before, but your laugh really is something else.
  • But hey, if you’re laughing, it means you’re happy, why would he judge, then?
  • “Yoosung, have you ever read these magazines and their tips to satisfy your man in bed? Listen to this… the erotic pizza”
  • He chuckles nervously. From the way you’re laughing so mischievously, he’s so sure you want to try doing the erotic pizza. Lord help him.


  • Okay, your laugh is always different
  • Sometimes you do the snore thing, sometimes it’s a super high pitch and… sometimes is this low weird laugh
  • She always find them funny, she laughs too whenever you do it, but she’s laughing at your laugh.
  • And it’s not different when you two are in the movies.
  • You laugh because of some scene, she laughs at your laugh, and keeps giggling even after you stopped laughing already.
  • “What are you laughing?” you ask. “You’re just so funny, MC.
  • Though you have no idea why she thinks you’re funny, you smile. It’s good to see her so happy.


  • Another one who didn’t notice before because he’s too caught up in your spell
  • But Elizabeth is not, and the poor thing is all bristly whenever she hears you laughing
  • Both you and Jumin are surprised, and you are a little worried she might not like you
  • But she does, as she’s usually snuggling in your lap and rubbing herself against you leg, so… Elizabeth, what’s good?
  • Then he puts two and two together, and… yeah, it’s your unique laugh he never cared so much.
  • And he still doesn’t, he just hopes Elizabeth gets used to it one day, he doesn’t want an animosity between his two most precious ladies.
  • “She loves you as much as I do, my love. Perhaps you can try to tone it down a little for a while?” “But Jumin… how can I not laugh when she does these cute things?”
  • Ah yeah… a fair point.


  • First time he heard, he couldn’t stop laughing.
  • Honestly, he doesn’t mind at all, he thinks it’s funny.
  • He’s always trying to find the perfect joke that will unlock the evil laugh
  • Just so he can throw a punch line about it.
  • “What’s up? Did you finally finish that plan to rule the world?”
  • “The only world I plan to rule is yours” would sound a lot sexier if it wasn’t for the evil laugh
  • But… it’s still pretty sexy.
  • Who’s laughing now?


  • Okay, he had a pretty evil laugh during his Mint Eye days (Christmas DLC, anyone?)
  • Now that those days are gone, he doesn’t laugh much because he’s super self conscious he will sound creepy
  • But what the hell? You sound even creepier than him sometimes. So that makes him more comfortable about it, if such a normal person like you do that, why can’t him?
  • So it’s kinda like a competition, somehow. Who does the most evil laugh?
  • And it’s okay when you two are alone, but sometimes you do that in front of RFA members
  • They all are judging silently, because who will dare to say a thing? And Yoosung is like: “Saeyoung, what are they doing?”
  • “The same thing they do every night, Yoosung, trying to take over the world!”


  • This poor blind man
  • Is it Halloween already? Why is he hearing this witch’s laugh?
  • Oh… it’s just you…
  • It takes him a while to get used to it, tbh
  • But he does eventually, and turns out your laugh is just another very spirituous part of you that amuses him
  • And he even praises you if you ever say something negative about it.
  • “Your laugh is wonderful as you, my angel. I’ts so good to know I make you that happy to this point, you know?”
  • Yeah, you do. And although he can’t see it, you’re giving him a very shy smile, no, not a laugh, just a smile.
Welcome Home

Inspired by this ask sent to @xreader and thank you to my lovely beta reader, @raven-impulse for all the help!

Overwatch Masterlist

Pairing: Gabriel Reyes x Reader
Summary: Gabe comes home from a long mission and can’t wait until the two of you are alone.
Warnings: NSFW

It was the monthly movie night with you and the Overwatch crew and it was Reinhardt’s turn to pick the movie. He picked some sort of German classic. You knew it wasn’t going to be your favourite but the point was the spend time with everyone, off mission. Gabe was due back any moment now from a two week Blackwatch mission and you couldn’t wait to see him again. You missed him so much when he was gone. Having someone to talk to all the time, waking up beside him and feeling his warm body wrap around you, morning kisses and much more.

You sit down on a large sofa chair and settle down before throwing your blanket overtop of your body. Just as you get comfy and the movie is about to start, Gabe and Jesse walk in. Your face lights up with excitement and you immediately jump out of the chair, rushing to his side.

Gabe’s arms wrap around your waist and pull you close before he gives you a long kiss.

“Welcome home,” you smile up at him.

“It’s good to be home,” he gives your forehead a quick kiss before you lead him over to the chair you were sitting in.

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Hello dear, could you do a Draco Malfoy imagine where his wife gave birth to twins ( boy and girl) and his parents come to visit them. They are really happy about being grandparents and please have a special moment with the babys and Draco, and with the reader and Narcissa . Thank you 💙💙💙

Yes! Yes-yes-yes! Have I mentioned ‘yes’? It is a bloody brilliant idea! YES!

[I called the kids Arial and Scorpius]

And I have no idea what I did. But it does sound nice for me.

Name: My little Malfoys

“Y/N, dear,” Narcissa walks into the kids’ room and smiles at you, as you stand by a window holding your son. “Hi. Draco said you were trying to lull the little ones.”

“Oh, only Scorpius. He does not like staying quiet,” you smile, as Narcissa walks up to you and hugs you, gently kissing you on forehead. “Would you like to hold him?”

“Oh, yes,” she carefully takes Scorpius from your hands and rests his head on her elbow, murmuring something very sweet. “Hello beautiful.”

“Does he look a lot like Draco when he was a kid?” you ask her, as you sit down on the couch, Scorpius making annoying, yet sweet sounds.

“Oh yes,” Narcissa smiles, stroking his soft skin. “Not as loud though.”

“So Draco was loud? He says he always was a sweet quiet child,” you lean back, as Narcissa takes your hand and squeezes it slightly.

“I suppose, the two kids are loud enough,” you both smile, quite happy that Arial is asleep in her little cradle. Scorpius starts whimpering, and, as you are about to take him back, Narcissa quickly calms him down. You sigh with relief, and Narcissa looks at you a little suspiciously. “Are you happy, dear?”

“Yeah,” you grin, taking Scorpius’ tiny hand and stroking little fingers. “I am. Exhausted, but… Yeah, I am very happy. Double happy, if I may.”

“You have no idea how happy I am, Y/N,” Narcissa tells you, smiling at Scorpius with so much kindness, you stop wondering how Draco ended up being such a gentle man (at home). “Lucius and I… We have always dreamed of grandkids. And we got two at the same time.”

“Hey,” Draco walks in the room, holding a glass of wine which he hands his mother, then sits down next to you and plants a short kiss on your cheek. “Missed me?”

“You bet,” you turn your head and quickly kiss him. “How is your father?”

“Right,” he grins and turns to his mother. “He got a letter from Director and has to go to the Ministry as soon as possible. He said he would come and say hi to the little Malfoys, but probably then he won’t get out of here until tomorrow morning,” Narcissa sighs and carefully gives you Scorpius. “Sorry, mom. I know that you wanted to spend more time with these little devils.”

“I can still come at some point,” Narcissa smiles at you, strokes Ariel’s forehead, and quickly leaves, hurrying to not make Lucius wait for too long. After the war, Lucius got better, but Azkaban really hurt him mentally, so the man often had anxiety attacks, and you were doing your best to help him.

“How are my Malfoys doing?” he smiles, resting your head on his shoulder. You grin.

“Quite quiet,” you tell him, and a second later, Ariel wakes up. He giggles, as you hand him Scorpius and head to the cradle to pick the girl up. “Hey, Ariel. Why are you upset, sunshine?”

“She just misses her father,” you hear Draco’s comment, so you just return and sit down next to him, murmuring something, as Ariel keeps looking around, as if wondering what is going on. “Oh, come here,” Draco carefully takes her from your hands and gently kisses the tiny nose. “Aren’t you beautiful?” Ariel sneezes.

“Who knew you are such a sweet father?” you ask, trying not to smile.

“You did,” Draco grins, holding both of your kids on his hands, smiling like an idiot. You stay quiet for a few minutes, just listening to the kids breathe, then Draco turns his head to you, pressing his lips against your temple. “Y/N?”


“I know that we don’t sleep a lot now because of two kids, but…” he looks you straight in the eye, as you turn your head to face him. “I love you so much, Y/N. These kids… Scorpius and Ariel… My… Our kids… They make me… very happy.”

“And sleepy,” you add, smiling, as you lean forward and slowly kiss him. Draco grins and kisses you back, resting his fingertip on Ariel’s palm. “I love you, too.”

“She will be the most stunning girl of them all, huh?” he asks quietly, staring your daughter’s face. You smile and nod.

“No doubt… And she will have a twin brother to take care of her when she starts dating,” you see how Draco frowns, not ready to accept that this small ball of happiness will belong to someone else, so you laugh quietly. “I am kidding, Draco. It won’t happen soon. For some time, she will be running around here and throwing food around, as she doesn’t like it.”

“You know,” he adds after a short period of comfortable silence. “I am so… grateful… that Potter killed that moron,” you realize that you are discussing Voldemort. “If it wasn’t him, these two would not be safe. Or born.”

“Because you wouldn’t ever walk up to a muggleborn if you had his eyes on your back,” you nod, resting your chin on his shoulder. “Harry did a great job.”

“True… You think it will be wrong to make him a god-father of Ariel?” Draco asks suddenly. Obviously, he’s been thinking about it for some time now, but he must have really considered other options if he offers he ex-worst enemy. “She will be safe, as no one will go against Potter the great,” you both grin.

“I think it’s a wonderful idea,” you answer, closing your eyes.

“I will talk to him,” adds Draco. “We’ve been working for quite a while, and I hope that he will understand that she is… so beautiful.”

“I am sure he will.”

Teacher, My Teacher - BTS (Jimin)(M)

Summary: Hii!!!! Can I request a Jimin smut in which he is a single dad and you are his son teacher. And his son loves you a lot (AS A TEACHER/MOM). And well, after seeing you at his son’s school he starts to fall in love with, and he is also happy that his son get along with you.

Pairing: Jimin (BTS) x Reader

Word Count: 3.5k

Genre: Smutty Fluff. So much fluff.

Warnings: It’s smut. There’s grownup stuff here. Please use your discretion 😊

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Netflix will trip you up everytime

The other day I was talking with Ang. She asked me about drabble requests and I thought ‘I don’t know if I can do that’. So she flooded my inbox with some gif’s. If I have done OK with these then that may be what I do when I hit 1.5K followers (which I am not to terribly away from hitting!)

So with that being said, I worked on 3 of them last night… hope I did all the gif’s justice Angelina… enjoy!

This is the first of 3 drabbles…. as always if you want off or on the tag list just let me know… And leave me some feedback, let me know how I am doing as far as these GIF drabbles things go.

(I’m not totally sure if these actually count as drabbles considering their length… maybe they are more like snipets???)

Mama’s Master List

Another Thursday and the brothers were still gone. This hunt was taking just a tad longer than they had hoped. Well longer than Dean had hoped anyways. Thankfully, I wasn’t much of a wanderer. With him gone, I was perfectly content to hang out in the bunker just doing my thing.

Coming back from the kitchen with my tenth Hot Pocket today, I jumped into the bed and got bundled up under the covers. I grabbed the remote and hit play. I really did hate it when Dean was gone but I have to admit, it did give me time to do my binge watching. S2 e11 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. started playing. I was seriously not liking the new Simmons and her new attitude!

Half way through the episode, my phone rang. I paused the show and snatched the phone up. That better be Dean, I thought to myself.

“Hello.” I said into the speaker.

“Hey sweetheart. Whatcha doing?” Dean replied.

“Oh nothing. Just sitting here. How are y’all doing?”

“Everything went good. The job is finished.”

“So are you heading home now?”

“Yep. I should be there this evening.”

“Thank goodness. I have missed you!”

“I’m sure you have. What have you eaten today?”

“I’ve had a couple of Hot Pockets. Why?”

“Step away from the Netflix, baby.”

I started laughing. I could picture the look on his face at that moment, one total exasperation.

“It’s not funny. I bet you have been binge watching the entire time I’ve been gone, huh? And you have probably gone through two boxes of those nasty things.”

“Not true,” I said, still laughing. “I did stop watching for a bit and washed a load of clothes.”

Dean started laughing too. I even heard Sam chuckle in the background.

“Ok, so you haven’t  been watching Netflix every single minute I have been gone. I gotcha.”

“Baby, don’t hate on Netflix. It keeps me from missing you too much when you are gone.”

“Really? How much do you really miss me then?”

“Oh baby. You have no idea. I miss your kisses. I miss the way those hands…”

“Hey, hey… take it off speakerphone Dean. That’s a little more than I need to know.” I heard Sam say in the background. I couldn’t help but bust out laughing.

“Well Sammy isn’t quite in the mood for us to share with him tonight. So I tell you what, get off Netflix and be prepared to show me exactly how much you miss me when I get there, ok?”

“Baby you know that is NOT a problem!”

“Ok, love you and I will see you in about two hours.”

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🌸 I’m back! OMG I miss writing so much and to make this comeback(lol) memorable,  here’s Boyfriend!Taeil for all of you!

Thanks for the people who requested this! I’m sorry it took me so long!

🌸 Feel free to drop any requests in my inbox!

Originally posted by planettaeil

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[ badboy!au]

pairing; got7 youngjae x reader

genre; bulletpointed, badboy!youngjae, tattoos, vulgarities yada yada HAHA

✎a/n; this request has been sitting in my inbox for quite a while now,, and i’m really sorry to the anon for the long wait !! i opened requests for seventeen right after this was requested so i was kinda focusing on developing svt scenarios first. now that it’s pretty stabilized, here’s a got7 youngjae au! it’s been a while since i’ve written on ma boiss i miss them so much huhu // this is gonna be damn long bc it’s bulletpoints but heh it’ll be fun. i lowkey have no idea how to end badboy aus but hopefully this is fine? enjoy :-)

  • soooo
  • we all know youngjae is the fluffiest otter on earth
  • //coughs coughs username reference
  • but we always forget about his tattoos bc he covers them up
  • like let’s be honest
  • his tattoo
  • so as a badboy in schoooll,,
  • the two of you would probably be those kind of really really distant schoolmates
  • you two don’t even know of each other’s existence tbh
  • until one day everyone’s like heyhey youngjae’s got a new tattoo oh ma gosh ma hart
  • and you’d be so confused and kind of unbothered by it like
  • “youngjae who?” while eating your food in the cafeteria
  • your friends legit would wanna punch you across of the face
  • and you’d blink like ???
  • your friend sighs. “the really hot guy”
  • but your memory failed you real bad bc according to your whole three years in the high school, you never came across anyone ‘hot’
  • well, at least none hot enough to get your attention
  • the furthest it got was “that guy’s cute”, but you forget him a minute later so
  • when your friend nudges you really excitedly,, you follow her line of gaze whichhh lands on this random school guy?
  • whom seemed familiar?
  • but not at the same time?
  • you fix your eyes on him as you cock you head to a side, trying to recall where you’d seen him
  • and then it just hits you like AHA
  • detention !!
  • you were never one to get detention, actually
  • you’re the most obedient kid ever in class and the teachers literally thank you for not pushing their lives deeper into the fiery pits of class hell
  • but one day you thought it’d be cool to try something yourself in chem class
  • and woOSH you nearly murdered everyone with your black magic
  • so according to ‘school protocol’, you had to leArN a leSsOn,
  • aka sitting in detention.
  • and youngjae was there, at a front corner of the detention room,, minding his own business, his facial expression cold asf
  • so you minded yours and sat directly opposite of where he was, aka the back corner of the class
  • you guys had no sort of interaction or whatever in the room for that 2.5 hours
  • until you saw him stick chewed gum under the table, and from the back you could see his cheekbones rise in a grin or something
  • you widened your eyes like oh my furk
  • grOSS
  • and you didnt know his name at that time so you spoke like “hey, you” 
  • he hesitates, then turns around
  • “me?”
  • you roll your eyes. “is there anyone else in this room?”
  • and he freaking scoffs at you like how tf dare you talk to me like that,, you obviously had no idea of his labelled position in the school
  • bc if u knew, u should’ve ran far far away to shrek’s home lol
  • when he doesnt respond to you, you just try to politely tell him to get the gum off the table
  • he stands up and you try to not flinch bc you notice how well-built he actually is
  • he isn’t those kind of people with freaking rocks of muscles but he was, for sure, stronger than the average man
  • he leans on the table, now facing you
  • “why should i?”
  • “bc that’s disgusting”
  • “then dont look at it”
  • “that’s just unhygienic”
  • “you aren’t using the table.”
  • “but there’s a dustbin right outside the room”
  • “you really wanna argue with me?”
  • u shut up then,, realising you’ve bitten off more than you can chew
  • but shutting up like this just seemed paTHETIC ASF
  • so while trying to keep your ego you kind of shouted at him to just get the gum off
  • bc you were pissed at how he kept smirking bC he knew you werent good enough to beat him in this argument
  • when you raise you voice at him, his gaze grew five million times sharper
  • and he steps closer to you while you backstep
  • you gulp and started holding your breath as he comes closer
  • anddd you spot his tattoo on his upper arm
  • “you’d better watch yourself,” he snarls @ u before leaving the room
  • your inhaled sharply and let out a breath of your life bc you nearly died there
  • andd that’s how you came to know this guy existed in your school
  • now you know his name — youngjae.
  • so when you see him again you were about to sprint to save yo ass
  • but luckilyyy, he doesn’t spot you and just sits at an empty table, leaned back onto his seat, his arm draped over the empty chair beside him
  • his gang sits with him
  • and youNGJAE LEGIT
  • just grabs a guy who was hurrying past and yanks him towards him and says something inaudible
  • the obviously intimidated and frightened guy nodded a few times before rushing off, buying some sort of drink from a stall and running back to give it to youngjae
  • youngjae grins, giving him a pat on his back before letting him go
  • your blood boiled 
  • who tf did he think he is to order others around like that
  • but based on past experience,, you decided it was best to not go and spout your string of profanities at him
  • so you just stand up, casually walk past him, giving the leg of his chair a good hard kick before walking off
  • from the corner of your eye, you saw him jerk from the sudden impact, and his gang shouts a few indecent words at you
  • but no one comes after you so u just head to class
  • you felt so satisfied tbh HAHAHA
  • so for the next few days this goes back and forth
  • the two of you somehow always have something to argue about
  • yeah he got to know your name ;; u had no idea how.
  • and in the middle of classes which u two share, he just grabs ur pen and freaking flings it to the bin
  • and you look at him like ???? BRO??? I NEED MY PEN????
  • but he just smirks like idc
  • your pencil case literally went empty bc of him
  • and you clench your fists like u literally felt smoke escaping from your ears
  • so aft class u pushed his table when he was still sitting down, and the table flies two meters or so, knocking some of the other tables
  • he looks up at you like 
  • you gon’ fucking die lol
  • you gave no shit and walked out,, you hated him so much you just
  • and the two of you have this kind of relationship for the rest of the month
  • but there was this one incident which wavered your impression of youngjae
  • he was on the phone, at one quiet corner of the locker hallway
  • his eyes were tearing up, his voice was shaking
  • you frowned, slowly walking past with your books in your hand
  • youngjae quickly hangs up the moment he noticed your prescence, and turned to walk away
  • you grabbed his arm though.
  • “you alright?” 
  • he glares at you through his red eyes, and walks away without saying anything
  • you bit in your lips, trying to pretend nothing happened
  • and everything legit changed one day
  • in the morning when the hallways were still empty
  • someone suddenly grabs you and a hand is placed over your mouth & nose as you were pulled/dragged to a much darker and unused corridor
  • you were kicking and everything, and when they let you go you stumbled forward, collapsing onto a wall as u gasped for air
  • you turn around and saw this group of five (?) guys whom you didn’t recognise
  • until a guy emerges from them and u recognise him
  • almighty jake.
  • well-known for harrassing girls
  • sexually or not.
  • sometimes he just finds joy in beating others. guys too.
  • and his gang joins him 
  • so you start shaking like a leaf the second you identified him
  • jake steps closer and you flattened your back onto the wall
  • u had nowhere to run bc his guys were beside you
  • jake extends his arm, reaching out to your cheek 
  • but you kicked him in the stomach with whatever u had
  • he stumbles backwards and you were about to run when his guys grab you, pinning u back onto the wall
  • ….fuck.
  • jake got mad asf and he grabs ur shoulders
  • u squeeze ur eyes shut ,, u didnt want to feel this
  • but the pressure on ur arms suddenly disappear
  • you open ur eyes and see youngjae 
  • like no
  • wait 
  • hold up
  • hooooooLD UP
  • youngjae ????
  • you squint bc it was dark ;;; you saw wrong right?
  • nope. youngjae’s tall demeanour — that was him.
  • he literally had just delivered a punch to jake’s face, and the rest naturally backed away, knowing who was of higher position between jake and youngjae
  • youngjae glares hard at jake first, before the rest of them. 
  • “not her.” 
  • you had no time or energy to comprehend what the hell he said,, bc your knees buckled and you slumped to the floor
  • this first ‘’‘encounter’’’ scared u good
  • jake was seemingly unhappy, but left. 
  • youngjae turns to you and goes over, standing there, looking at you trembling, bc he didn’t know what to do
  • but when you started crying he gave up on holding himself back
  • he kneels down in front of you, his arms slowly wrapping around your curled up self
  • u didn’t even see him as how u saw him usually at that point
  • he wasn’t your enemy then
  • he was just someone who was comforting you
  • and for once
  • you actually felt thankful for his existence
  • youngjae starts stroking ur hair really slowly, mumbling soft words which you couldn’t really hear,, except for one phrase.
  • “i’m sorry.” 
  • he waits for you to calm down before helping you up
  • he doesn’t say anything after that but he was worried for u
  • he didnt notice it himself, but he was getting interested in you
  • you were the only one who didn’t try to get all over him
  • and he felt that he actually didn’t have to worry if you saw his not-so-strong side bc he actually wasn’t really this strong
  • you mumble a ‘thanks’ to him, and for the first time, you saw him smile.
  • “be careful, will you?” 
  • you looked up, and in the dim light, you could trace his defined features with your eyes
  • like ok wtf were u doing
  • he helps you out of the corridor, and ya’ll ended up skipping school for the whole day
  • …it was fun
  • bc your feelings developed from there.

requests or asks // masterlist

Perfect (Part 2)

Originally posted by prettylittlelarrie

request: Could you maybe make a part 2 of perfect were y/n does find someone and Harry regrets not fighting for her and giving up. Maybe like a happy ending??

i’m so glad people liked “perfect” enough to want a part two, here it is i hope you guys like it x (here’s part one in case you want to read it)

“Raine, stop messing in my flowers!” Gemma called out from the back porch, her and I laughing at how Raine quickly scampered away from the flower bed and started playing with a stick instead.

“I’m sorry, Gem. If he messed them up I’ll get you new ones.” I offered.

She waved me off. “Don’t worry about it, (y/n). I’ve been slacking on taking care of them anyways, so if he did it’s totally fine. They’re probably almost dead anyways.”

We were on Gemma’s back porch, drinking tea and enjoying the unusually nice London weather, watching Raine play in the yard.

“It’s still blows my mind how fast he’s grown,” I shook my head slowly. “I swear I could pick him up, like, a couple weeks ago.”

Gemma chuckled. “That was two months ago, before you came here. Since you’ve been here, he’s been huge.”

I laughed too, then sighed. It got quiet, then Gemma spoke up after a while.

“How long has it been?” She asked me.

“We haven’t talked in months,” I told her. “It’s not like it matters, anyways.”

She looked at me. “Why doesn’t it?”

“Gem, I’ve moved on. I’m with Beau now.” I shrugged.

She sighed. “You told Harry you’d always love him. Loving him includes caring enough to check on him every once in a while.”

“I know, but do you really think it’s fair to Beau for me to always be checking up on my ex? Because I don’t think it is,” I countered.

We were interrupted when we heard someone come into the house. I turned to see Beau walking out towards us.

“Hey, babe,” I smiled as he leaned down kissed me.

“Hey, what are you guys up to?” He asked.

“Just waiting on Michal to come back with lunch.” Gemma answered.

“Ah, gotcha.” He said, sitting in the chair next to me.

I grabbed his hand, interlacing our fingers. “So, how’d the meeting go?”

“It went great,” He grinned. “We start filming the movie in a month.”

“That’s awesome, I’m so happy for you,” I returned his smile.

“Thanks, I can’t wait for you–”

Raine barked, looking at Beau expectingly.

“Ah, looks like Raine wants me to go play,” He chuckled, standing up and kissing my cheek. He ran over and kneeled down in front of Raine, and Raine all but tackled him onto the ground.

I couldn’t help but smile. Beau was so good with Raine, and he was such a sweet guy. We’d been together for almost half a year, and ever since we got together I’ve been very happy. At one point, I felt like Harry was the one for me. But now, I realize that Beau is. With him, I don’t have to worry if he’s going to go get drunk and cheat on me. He rarely drinks, and if he does he’s always with me. He’s open and honest, and he tells me everything he’s thinking. Harry kept things to himself most of the time, so when he had a lot on his mind I could tell, because he wouldn’t open up to me and would avoid talking too much.

I did feel bad about not talking to him in a while, but when you’re in a relationship, keeping tabs on your ex isn’t something you’re supposed to do. So I chose not to.

Gemma and I watched as Beau and Raine ran around the yard, chasing after each other, when I heard a voice I didn’t expect to hear at all.

“Gem?” Harry called from inside the house.

My eyes got wide as I looked at Gemma, her shrugging as if she was saying she didn’t expect him to come. Eventually he came out to the back porch, getting wide eyes as well when he saw me sitting there.

“Oh, (y/n), I didn’t expect to see you here.” He said awkwardly.

I laughed slightly. “Yeah, I could say the same thing to you.”

“Not to be rude or anything, but why are you here?” Gemma questioned.

He shrugged. “Just coming by to visit,”

Beau and Raine ran onto the porch, Raine rubbing his face on Beau’s leg as if to tell him to pet him. Beau obliged.

Harry looked between them and I, a sad look appearing on his face.

“It’s nice to meet you man,” Beau held out his hand to him, “I’m Beau, Beau Mirchoff.”

Harry shook his hand. “Nice to meet you, too. I see you’ve, uh, gotten close to Raine.”

Beau smiled, patting Raine’s head. “Yeah, you become really close in six months.”

Harry smiled at me sadly, messing with his hair. “Wow, six months…”

“Please don’t do this,” I pleaded.

Beau gave us a questioning look. “Did I miss something?”

“No,” I shook my head. “Harry, you told me to find someone better. Why are you acting surprised that I did?”

Harry chuckled sourly. “Ouch,”

I rolled my eyes. “I didn’t mean it as an insult.”

“Right,” He nodded.

“But she wasn’t wrong,” Beau spoke up, catching everyone’s attention.

Harry glared at him. “Excuse me?”

“I mean, technically I am better for (y/n).” Beau said firmly. “I’d never even dream of cheating on her like you did. And, if I remember correctly, she told me I make her the happiest she’s been in a long time, so.”

Harry chuckled smugly. “Really? Well, I made her happy for almost three years. And, quite frankly, I doubt you’ll be together a month or two from now.”

“How the hell would you know?” Beau glared. “I think we’ll be together for a very long time, considering I’m not an insecure, borderline alcoholic like you, who knows he’s not good enough for anyone, especially (y/n).”

“Enough!” I yelled. “Shut the hell up, both of you. Beau, you don’t have to stoop to his level, everyone knows you’re better than him anyway.” I stood up, walking over to hug Gemma. “I’m so sorry, we’ll have to do lunch another time, okay?”

“Alright,” She nodded.

“Beau, Raine, lets go,” I said, about to walk past Harry.

“So, you’re just going to treat me as if we don’t have past?” Harry questioned.

I looked at him. “Yes, Harry, because you insulted my boyfriend and our relationship just because you’re bitter and alone. And our past wasn’t exactly great, so I think you’d prefer me to treat you this way instead of based on that.”

And with that, we left.

Niall, Selena, Beau, and I arrived at Niall’s album release party, walking into the building as cameras flashed in our faces. I sighed in relief as we made it inside, Beau chuckling at me.

“You’ve been famous for how long now?” He teased.

I rolled my eyes. “You know just as well as we do that you never get used to it.”

We followed the bodyguards through the double doors and into the main room, seeing that it was filled to the brim with people already. And the room wasn’t small either. As we made our way through the crowd, people said their hellos to us. Selena, Beau and I stood off to the side of the stage, Niall going up after someone introduced him. Everyone applauded him as he did so, a big smile appearing on his face as he stepped up to the podium.

“First of all, I want to thank all of you for comin’,” Niall spoke into the microphone. “This is a big night for me, as this is when all of my hard work, as well as everyone who helped me’s hard work pays off. I, uh, I put my all into this album and I’m thrilled that everyone gets to finally hear it. This is a big change from what I’m used to. If this was a couple years ago, I’d have three other lads up here with me. Who are all here, by the way.”

Everyone laughed, except for me. My heart dropped knowing that Harry was here. The last time I saw him didn’t end so well, and I didn’t want to run into him and risk ruining Niall’s big night because Harry and Beau might get into another argument.

We would just have to avoid him.

“But tonight, I stand up here on my own. And though it’ll still take some getting used to for me, I think it’s a good thing. I may miss being a part of something that was bigger than just the four or five of us, but now I’m ready to be a part of something bigger than myself. And, to quote a much younger me that had no idea what the next years would have in store, I hope it all works out. Thank you.”

Everyone applauded Niall, many of whom had wiped away a tear or two. I almost cried myself, being so proud of him and how far he had come, and how far he’d go.

He got down from the stage, hugging each of us. “I’m so glad I got to have you guys here with me for this.”

“We are so proud of you, you have no idea.” Selena teared up as she hugged him again.

Niall laughed as he pulled away. “No more cryin’, we’re supposed to be celebratin’.”

We all got drinks, Niall and Selena going off to mingle with people.

“So, what do we do if your ex tries to start shit with us?” Beau asked me.

I exhaled. “He can’t start shit with us if we avoid him.”

“You have a fair point,” He chuckled, kissing my head.

As if on cue, the one person we didn’t want to see walked up to us.

“Hey,” Harry said awkwardly.

“Look, we’re not going to let anything ruin Niall’s night. So just back off, alright?” Beau warned.

Harry put his hands up in defense. “I don’t want tonight to get ruined either. I was just going to ask if I could talk to (y/n). Alone.”

I looked at him in surprise. “Seriously?”

“Do you really think I’m going to let you talk to my girlfriend alone after how things went the last time?” Beau said incredulously. “Absolutely not,”

Harry sighed. “Just hear me out… I just feel an apology is due.”

“More like way overdue,” I muttered.

He gestured to me. “Very true,”

Beau hesitated, then rolled his eyes as he sighed. “Fine, whatever. But I’m keeping an eye on you, you got it?”

Harry put his hands back up. “I got it, mate.”

I followed Harry as he walked to the bar, both of us sitting on stools.

“Like I said, I owe you an apology,” Harry started. “I shouldn’t have started anything with Beau last time, and I’m sorry that I did. I’m also sorry for being bitter and not seeing how much better he is for you than I was. You look so happy with him, and I did tell you to find someone better, so I was out of line for doing what I did. But I couldn’t help but feel jealous and angry… because all I could think of is how you wanted me to fight for you, and I didn’t. And now that you’ve moved on, it’s too late. I’ve lost you, and all I can do is just hope that no one will ever break your heart the way I did. …So, yeah, I apologize. To both of you.”

I sighed. “I accept your apology. But, I also apologize. I shouldn’t have let Beau call you names or have treated you the way I did. I should’ve been checking up on you, not ignoring you and avoiding you. No matter what, I’ll always care about you, so I don’t want there to be any hard feelings between us.”

“It’s fine,” He assured me. “You don’t have to apologize for that, I brought that onto myself. And I don’t blame you for not wanting anything to do with me. Besides, he was right.”

I gave him a confused look. “Right about what?”

“I was a ‘borderline alcoholic’.” He air quoted.

I gasped. “You were not.”

“I was,” He nodded. “I actually went to rehab for a bit after you left, though no one knows about it except my family and now you. I’d been drinking a lot behind your back when we were together, I hid it from you because I was ashamed. I didn’t want you to see just how much I didn’t deserve you, but in the end, I showed my true colors anyways.”

I looked at him for a bit. “I honestly had no idea. I’m so sorry, if I knew I could’ve helped or someth–”

“Forget it,” He waved me off. “You could’ve have helped me, (y/n). I needed a wake up call, so you leaving me was exactly what I needed in a sad, ironic way.”

“Yeah, I guess so…” I trailed off.

He smiled at me. “I’ve actually been sober since a month after you left.”

I smiled back. “That’s great, Harry.”

He nodded, sighing. “You should probably get back to your boyfriend. If I keep you any longer he might think something’s up.”

I laughed. “I never thought I’d ever hear you say that.”

“Neither did I, to be quite honest.” He chuckled. I got up from my stool, and he stayed put. “Tell Raine I said hi, alright?”

I gave him a look. “You know that you can come by and see him anytime, right?”

“I don’t know your address, so.” He said expectingly.

I rolled my eyes at him, causing him to laugh. “I’ll text it to you,”

He gasped dramatically. “You still have my number?”

“Oh, cut the shit,” I smacked his arm playfully.

“Hey, uh, one more thing,” He said.

“Yes?” I urged.

“Promise me you won’t write a song about me? I already have enough of those, as you know.” He smirked.

I groaned jokingly. “Don’t flatter yourself, I’m not writing anything about you.”

“Good,” He nodded.

I walked away, Beau coming up to me and putting his arm around me protectively, kissing my head as he looked at Harry. He just laughed, turning back around to the bar and ordering a water.

if you liked this and have ideas for other imagines feel free to request them, requests are always open x

Little Big Secret pt.5 (final)

<– Part 4 |

Genre: Fluff/Angst
Warnings: Angst, bashing SM (sorrynotsorry), probably wrong representation of photography industry don’t bash me. Insinuations of sex, but no actual smut.
Pairing: Reader x Yixing/Lay
Wordcount: 2648
A/N: This is my goodbye to this series, the first series I finished on this blog. I hope you guys enjoyed it and enjoy this part. Send me some feedback!

With Yixing you had definitely gotten so much more than you bargained for. So much more, and only in a good way. Especially when you found yourself panting in his arms, heart hammering in your chest as he chuckled against your ear. He was drawing soft shapes on you bare hip under the covers, propped up on one arm to look at you. The look of love and desire in his eyes made you shiver, and you pulled him down for a kiss. Capturing his lips with yours, and he growled softly as you bit his lip. He deepened the kiss, rolling over you. The delicious feeling of his skin on yours rose goosebumps on your arms, and still sent sparks down your spine. Where he was so sweet and gentle, his tongue was devilish, and he could make you moan by just kissing you. And right now that was just what he was doing as he massaged your tongue with his, hands finding the place on your hips where his fingers left bruises earlier.

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Lance & Hunk Broship

•Lance will just rant to Hunk for hours about how much he hates Keith
-“…and his dumb face and his stupid mullet- I mean it’s not the 80s any more, why doesn’t he just cut it off-”
-and Hunk just sits there like ‘Mmhmm, yeah, that’s right, you hate him so much. you aren’t hopelessly in love with that boy at all
you totally don’t want to kiss him till you’re both gasping for breath
you don’t want to make sweet love to him on a bed draped in silk sheets and rose petals. not one bit.’

•Sometimes they’ll look at each other and nod like they just had a mental conversation
-Keith is completely mystified by this

•Lance once tried to help Hunk in the kitchen to disastrous effect

•They’re always completely honest with each other; they’ll talk about pretty much anything. (This obviously means that Lance brings up some freaking weird stuff.)
-Hunk talks about how much he misses Earth, misses the heat and scents and laughter of his family kitchen, packed with far more people then it could comfortably hold.
-Lance tells him about how useless he feels among the paladins, how confused he is about his purpose, his life.

•Whenever Lance feels shitty he goes to Hunk for chamomile tea and pillow forts. Hunk lets him scream and rant and sob into his shoulder and is basically the Best Bro Ever.

These two are just amazing. I love my lil idiots. If you have any ideas/request, please ask me! I’m fresh out.
Good Girl Ch 45:While They’re Away(M)

The last couple chapters have a lot of jumping through time!

A Month Later

“Stop pouting,” Jiyong flicks me in the head.

I glare and swat at him, “Keep your hands on the wheel.”

He chuckles, “I know you are upset but think about it, only a few more days until they come back.”

“True,” I sigh, “You need to stop being so amazing.”

“What did I do now to make you realize my greatness?”

“You confess to me every Tuesday yet at the same time you stand up for them and constantly reassure me of their love, it can be a bit confusing.”

He nods, “I guess, I do what I know will make you happy.”

“You confessing doesn’t make me happy, it makes me feel guilty.”

“I don’t want to make you feel that way but I’m doing what I know is best for you.”

I scoff at him, “What is best for me?”

“Yes,” He says with a smug smile, “I believe I am best for you.”

“Can we stop talking about this?”

“Of course my love.”

I sigh but say nothing more, I just stare out the window at the trees flying by, only the faint shapes can be made out in the darkness on the other side of the window. We stay silent for a while, the drive feels like it’s taking longer than usual and I know it’s because he’s actually obeying the speed limit for once.

“Who do you miss the most?” He wonders.

“All of them, I miss all of them the same.”

He scoffs, “Don’t pull that bull shit on me, I know there is one you love more.”

I glare at him but can’t deny the sudden lump in my throat, “Tell than if you seem to already know.”

“Xiumin.” I open my mouth to respond but nothing would come out, no excuses or lies, I couldn’t get anything out. Jiyong chuckles and pats my head, “I wasn’t asking you a question, I know. You make it obvious when you see him. If it’s your choice he is who you run to first unless someone else pops up and gets in the way.”

I just stare down at my hands feeling strangely guilty for my feelings. I don’t notice that we were at the house until Jiyong puts the car and park and opens my car door for me. The summer night is chilly so I wrap my arms around myself. The front door busts open to reveal my five youngest daddies and Baekhyun who was left behind so Chen could go on whatever mission the older five had to go on. Sehun basically tackles me to the ground, wrapping himself around me protectively so he takes most of the impact.

“I missed you!” Sehun whines with his have face tucked into my neck.

I chuckle and hug the silly man tight, “I missed you too daddy.”

“I’ll be taking my leave than,” Jiyong gives them a forced smile. “See you next Tuesday.”

“Bye Oppa!” I wave to him as I’m basically dragged inside. I barely see a genuine smile spread across his face as he blows me a kiss. The words I know he’s saying run threw my head, ‘Bye my love’.

“You were gone for way too long!” Baekhyun greets me next with a hug and a kiss.

“I came back earlier than usual,” I snicker. “Jiyong oppa got tired of my pouting and figured being with you guys would make me feel better.”

“And?” Kyungsoo wonders.

I smile, “I feel better.”

“Do you really miss the others that much?” Chanyeol wonders.

“Of course I miss them!”

“Baby you are making me jealous,” Tao pouts coming forward to greet me. “I’m starting to wish I had gone too so you would be constantly worried and thinking about me.”

I laugh, “No you don’t, than I wouldn’t be able to do this,” I go up on my tip toes and give him a peck on the lips.

“True,” His arms wrap around my waist so he can pull me close.

“Don’t get too close,” Chanyeol warns worming his way in between me and the other giant. “As I remember, it isn’t your night tonight.”

“That’s right, it’s me,” Kai buds in.

“I’m not excited for the hyungs to come back,” Sehun whines. “I can barely get your attention with only six of us, I don’t want to go back to having you every two weeks.”

“I know daddy I’m sorry that we won’t be able to spend as much time together,” I peck the youngest on the cheek.

He half heartedly glares at me, “But.”

“But I am excited to have them home. I really missed them. It just feels weird not having them here, like there is something missing, or a few somethings.” An apologetic smile appears on my face briefly.

There is a moment of silence before Kai speaks up, “Are we really not enough for you?” It’s a heavy question that I wasn’t expecting though I can imagine how long they’ve wanted to ask it. I open mouth but no words come out, why can’t I speak today, all of these questions are being thrown at me that I would think I could answer. But now with the six of them staring at me expectantly I can’t find my voice. There is a surprising amount of anger in not just Kai’s eyes but a few others at the amount of time it takes for me to think of an answer. “Would you really not be satisfied with six of us? You need all twelve?”

“Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to,” Soo mumbles before turning on his heel walking away, Kai huffs and follows, Tao does the same.

“Stupid kid,” Baekhyun mumbles. “The sooner he realizes that the better.”

“Realizes what?” I wonder once I’m able to swallow the lump in my throat. Guilt is swallowing me up, I should just answered the question instead of letting them make up an answer on their own.

“Nothing baby,” Chanyeol pats me on the head before walking away as well. With the happy welcome party dissipated I excuse myself to wallow alone in my room against Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s whishes and Sehun’s whining but I can tell they feel the same way as Kai even though they won’t admit it out loud. It’s 10:30 when I’m done showering and find myself standing in the middle of my room feeling like an idiot. It’s Kai’s night yet he hasn’t come looking for me, in fact none of them have. I don’t know whether them giving me some space is a good thing or a bad thing. But the fact that no matter how much I usually beg and whine they never give me space they aren’t mad enough that they would have me sleep alone are they?

I feel stupid when tears threaten to fall down my cheeks at such a small thing, but I don’t want to be alone. After being here so long I can’t handle being alone again.  I’m playing with the hem of Luhan’s t-shirt, mindlessly trying to find comfort in the deer man’s clothes, when suddenly my computer starts ringing. Confused I wander over where it is sitting on my bed and answer the Facetime call. There is a brief pause before Suho’s face fills the screen.

“Daddy!” I cry, I’m actually crying tears of joy just from seeing his face, god what a girl I’ve become.

“Hello my precious baby!” He coos into the phone, “I’ve missed seeing your sweet face!”

“I miss you too Daddy, so much! Why have you been gone so long? Why haven’t you been able to call? It’s been two weeks! Do you have any idea how worried I’ve been? Are you okay? Is everyone okay? Where are they? Answer me!” I’m a crying mess at this point, fat tears are rolling down my cheeks and I’m sniffling, trying to avoid having snot involved in the picture.

He chuckles, “Baby calm down, please take a deep breath and stop crying, you know I don’t like you crying.” I follow his command and sit down on the bed, taking deep breaths as I do to calm the erratic beating of my heart. After a minute he smiles softly, “Better?”

I nod, “Better, but tell me what is going on, what is going on?”

“I can’t tell you much, or anything really other than that we are still coming home in two days and also that we are all fine. We haven’t been able to call because of where we were staying. Technically we are still supposed to be wary of who we call but I couldn’t help myself, I needed something other than a picture of you.”

“Are you sure you are okay?” I repeat.

“We are all completely fine,” He reassures me, allowing me to let out the breath I didn’t even know I was holding. “But what about you baby? I hear there was an issue.”

I sigh, “Yea Kai got mad at me and everyone else kind of followed, Baek, Yeolie, and Sehunnie wouldn’t admit it but I can tell.”

“I’m sorry baby, I didn’t think our being gone would cause such a fuss.”

“What are you talking about? Of course I would throw a fit!”

“I’m very happy to hear that. I’m also incurably happy to hear your sweet voice again, you have no idea how much I’ve missed your voice, your face, your needy moans.”

I blush, I actually blush at his words, “Daddy!”

“I’m sorry, it just slipped out,” He is blushing too. “But I should be honest, my call isn’t that innocent. I was wondering if there is any possible way we could break Hyung’s rule just for tonight and we could um, have, um, phone sex?”

My face is crimson now, I’ve never considered having phone sex before but I’ve heard reviews from Jihyo and they were always positive. With lip firmly pinched between my teeth I nod slowly.

A large grin spreads across his face, “Thank god, I don’t know what I would have done if you had said no. I’ve been aching since I got the thought of doing this at dinner.”

“I don’t know what to do,” I admit meekly.

“It’s okay Baby, I’ll talk you threw it. Have you ever touched yourself before?”

I just nod.

“It’s just like that but just imagine it’s me touching you, sliding my hands up your perfect thighs, gripping them a little harder as I go higher.” I set computer aside and with shaky hands follow his orders. My hands travel up my bare legs, my small hands not doing as much as Suho’s but there is still a nice tingle in the pit of my stomach. “I skim the edge of your underwear for only a second before going up to your hips and up your stomach.” For a brief second I consider ignoring his narrative and jumping right into it but he notices the stilling of my hands on the waistline of my panties. “No, no, baby, not yet. Listen to me.”

“But Daddy,” I whine.

“We just got started and you are already whining? And I thought I wouldn’t last long,” He chuckles warmly. “Now baby listen to me. My hands move up a little more to cup your breasts over the t-shirt, you aren’t wearing a bra so just one little swipe of my thumbs over your nipples has them hard basically begging to be played with.  I’m gentle at first, just rubbing and massaging how you like it,” He pauses to moan, want to watch his face contorting with pleasure but I keep my eyes closed so I won’t be embarrassed. I let out a few of my own moans, enjoying my own handy work. “How does it feel baby?” He rasps out.

“It feels so good,” I say threw a few deep breaths. I clench my thighs together to try and ease the aching between them with no luck. I must have been too focused on Suho’s words and my own hands not to notice the door opening an closing. Without my knowledge someone sneaks up under my blanket and decides to take care of the aching for me. I nearly scream when my legs are forced apart but that is quickly covered with a moan when someone licks my clothed core. “Oh my god!”

“What happened?” Suho questions, obviously a bit dazed from his own hands work. “Did you disobey me baby?”

“No,” I whine as whoever is under the covers continues their kitten licks, eventually moving the fabric to the side to reach my soaked core. “Daddy, someone.”

“Don’t worry baby,” Kai peeks up at me from under the covers with a mischievous grin on his face, “It’s just me.”

“Kai?” Suho growls.

“Hey Hyung, aren’t you supposed to be on a black sight? No calling remember?” The younger raises his brow.

“Can’t you see we are in the middle of something?”

“I can but since you are breaking one rule, do you really think you should be breaking another? How would Xiumin hyung react to that?”

“Don’t you fucking dare,” Suho growls.

“Fine I won’t, but that means you need to hang up,” Kai reaches for the computer to close it but Suho’s complaining stops him.

“Don’t, I’m so fucking close and I just need to get off. Just give me two minutes to just look at her or listen to her.”

Kai sucks on his teeth for a minute, considering his hyung’s begging before grinning, “Okay Hyung I’ll let you have a little something.”


“Yea, you can watch.”

I stare at Kai with wide eyes, “What?”

“Don’t worry about it baby,” Kai kisses me. “Just let me do everything.”

“But, but, daddy Suho-“ I look to the older for help but the red hue of his cheeks tells me he doesn’t have a problem with it. Kai places a few more kisses along my jaw line and down my neck and soon I’m enjoying it too much to complain. He begins rubbing his hard on against me and I actually find myself forgetting that Suho is just watching us. The moment Kai sheds his clothes and pushes himself inside me I forget my own name. Only one word is in my mind, pushing desperately out of my lips, “Daddy.”

Both men let out a deep groan. Kai is hunched over me, his face buried in the crook of my neck, I can’t get myself to look over at Suho but I can hear him heaving. With my eyes closed I can imagine him, hand gripped tightly around his cock, pumping slowly. The thought does more to me than it should, the knot in my tummy suddenly is a lot more tighter than before and I can tell I won’t last much longer. My legs snake around Kai’s waist, pulling the tan man closer, my nails are digging into his backs.

Kai chuckles, “My little kitten has claws.”

“Keep the dirty talking to a minimum, you are ruining my fantasy and I’m close,” Suho growls.

“Did you hear him baby? He says he’s close but I think he’s going to need you to cum for him to finish, should we let Hyung cum?” Kai says with a wicked smirk.

I nod eagerly, “Please!”

“I don’t know,” He suddenly slows his animalistic pace to slow torturing thrusts. “That doesn’t seem too fun.”

Suho groans, “The sooner you let her come the sooner I’ll get out of your hair.”

Kai chuckles, “I guess that’s a good enough reason. Are you ready baby?”

I nod.

He leans back down and quickly begins to pick up his pace, pounding into me like no tomorrow until I moaning out, both men follow quickly after. Kai collapses on top of me for a moment before grinning at the camera.

“Hope you enjoyed,” With that he slammed the computer closed before burrowing his face back into my neck. We lay there for a long time and even though I’m exhasued I can’t get myself to fall asleep because I feel like Kai wants to say something. I make myself wait for him to speak, which feels like forever before he says, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”

“It’s fine daddy, you got jealous, it happens.”

“Everything makes me jealous now. I can’t even watch you smile at one of them without feeling a prick in my chest.”

I chuckle, “You better get used to it, there’s nothing we can do about it.”

“You could pick.”

I freeze at his words, “Pick?”

He shakes his head but continues to hide his face like a child, “No, Nevermind, don’t think about it. Don’t pick.”

“What craziness are you talking about?”

His playful voice comes out in just a whisper, “Please don’t pick.”

“Why are you saying stuff like this?”

I’m surprised to hear a sudden sniffle, “I know you won’t pick me so please don’t pick anyone. I can be jealous just please don’t pick.”

valentine’s day surprise

A/N: this oneshot is the reason why i probably failed my exam but yOLO. Anyways, here’s a bunch of Rucas FLUFF and Zay being the best bff ever. I hope you guys enjoy as always! :) xo
Words: 920 words


“Luke, you promised,” Zay points out, shooting him a knowing look. 

“I know. I didn’t realize you wanted to do this on Valentine’s Day!” Lucas protests, leaning his elbows on his knees as he clasps his hands together.

“There’s no way you could be busy considering Riley’s in California and we’re in New York.”

“Don’t remind me,” He grunts, shaking his head. “You know what sucks is that we couldn’t even spend Christmas together?”

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shino hear/say sfw/nsfw?

Admin Nevermore :)

Shino Hear/Say SFW and NSFW

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“I know you were gone for two weeks, but I missed you.”

“I was thinking we could stay in for our date tonight.”

“What else are you thinking about?”


“…I’m glad.”

“It seems we were thinking the same thing.”




“Do you want me to show you just how much I missed you?”

“I think you like it when I take control.”

“A-Ah, I didn’t think I’d be so close already”


Well, doing that gives me a good idea.”

“Have I said otherwise?”

“We’re not done just yet…”

Dating Irene would include...

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  • Lots of longing looks at each other and secret glances before you two went public
  • You two had dated way back before she became an sm trainee. You’d met in high school and from the first moment you saw her you knew you were in love
  • Irene didn’t really notice you at first but when she was asked by your math professor to be your tutor you two spent a lot more time together and she started noticing all these cute quirks you have
  • Similarly, you notice little changes in Irene’s demeanor and can read her body language very well
  • which is how you ended up together
  • there is so much that goes unsaid because you two can just know what the other is feeling/trying to say/wants via looks and body language
  • When she tells you she’s been accepted as a trainee you’re overjoyed and you two go out to celebrate
  • the relationship does suffer a bit during the early trainee years
  • she’s spending so much time training that you two don’t see each other as much
  • and when you two do hang out she’s quiet and not up for going places, she’s tired and you understand that but you miss your old joohyun
  • but you two make it through the growing pains and you’re Irene’s biggest supporter 
  • when she mentioned how hard it is to befriend the other girls because so many seem to think she’s cold you give her advice 
  • Once she debuts things get more complicated because your relationship becomes even more secretive 
  • You and Irene don’t fight often but when you do it’s almost always about not being able to hang out or see each other as often
  • After the fight, when you two have had time to clear your heads, you buy her something purple and apologize
  • You always apologize by giving her something purple, in all shades. Sometimes it’s flowers, food, or toys.
  • She apologizes to you too and to show you she’s serious about you she tells the other girls in the group about you 
  • You come to the dorm all the time once the girls know 
  • Things are easier 
  • Until, all the rumors about Irene seeing someone start to sprout up and Irene tells you that she won’t be able to see you until the rumors go away
  • Then it’s you spending every day and night watching your phone waiting for her to text you or call you to tell you it’s okay to see her again
  • you’re in agony not being able to hold her or see her smile or get the light scent of her shampoo tickling your nose when the wind picks up and shifts her hair
  • You’re at home, just watching your phone when you hear your doorbell ring
  • You groan, hating to have to move away from your phone, and get up to answer it
  • You open it without looking through the peephole and you’re in complete shock when you see Irene with food and flowers in her hands standing on your porch. She’s smiling, and you can see the tears forming at the corner of her eyes.
  • She runs to you and once she’s inside she drops the things in her hands and wraps them around you
  • “Jagi, you have no idea how much I’ve missed you,” she whispers 
  • You wrap your arms around her and kiss the top of her head. You’ve missed her too much
  • You two remain entwined for a few minutes then you pull away and close the door. Irene picks up the flowers she’d brought you and the food. She hands you the flowers. “For you, I know these are your favorite.”
  • You take them and smile. “Thank you,” you reply and go to get a vase to put them in. 
  • Irene meanwhile sets out the food and you grab some plates. 
  • Once you two are seated Irene scoots her chair closer to you. You can’t help but smile
  • While you two eat Irene tells you about their latest promotions and group activities. She asks you if you saw her performing on tv 
  • “I did, and you were amazing. I couldn’t take my eyes off of you,” you tell her and kiss her cheek
  • After you two are done eating you begin to clean up. While you’re doing the dishes Irene helps out, you scrub she washes. 
  • As you’re handing her the last plate Irene clears her throat. “I uhm, (y/n) I have something to tell you.” 
  • Her somber tone of voice leads you to think something is wrong. “Joo, is everything okay?”
  • Irene takes a deep breath and turns to you. “I told the company about us, and that I want to go public. You’ve been so good to me and patient these last few years….I don’t know why but you’re still here, through it all you’ve been my biggest supporter.” Irene cups your cheek. “I need the world to know how amazing you are, and how much I love you.”
  • Then she brings your lips to hers for a slow, long overdue, kiss. You place your hands at her hips and revel in the taste of her lips. Wow, you’d almost forgotten how dizzy her kisses make you feel. Seven years into dating and she still makes your heart skip a beat.
  • As the past seven years play over in your head while you’re kissing her a sudden realization comes to you. When you two pull apart Irene rests her forehead on yours, smiling. 
  • You look at her, and know instantly that she’s the only woman you ever want to be with. 
  • You pull away from her and hold her hands. “Marry me Bae Joohyun.”

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I Thought You Were Dead

Characters: sister!reader, Sam, Dean, Bobby, mention of John

Warnings: little bit of angst, light swearing

Word count: 1810

Summary: you see Bobby again after you had thought he was still dead. You see that he is not alone, and is hunting with your brothers that have no idea who you are

Here you were again; hunting another demon on your own. Just one more hunt, you would promise yourself every time, but you never stuck by it. Being the daughter of John Winchester meant that a lot of hunters disliked you, and a lot of monsters wanted you dead. What was the point in stopping hunting when your fate was already sealed for you?

The only reason you ever considered giving up hunting was because that was the promise you had made to Bobby Singer. Every single day without fail he would make you promise that when he was gone you would give up hunting and live a normal life.

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