you have no idea how much i love this picture

I did this in a rush since I’m the kind of person who doesn’t finish fanarts.
Anyway,glad to finally did this doodle!
I gotta go out now,just gonna say congratulations Jack and we love you very much.I mean it.

Also,click the picture for transparent background.

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So how do we know that the banquet scene that Victor actually fell for Yuri there at that point? Because yeah his eyes sparkled but I thought that was down to him having an epiphany like "omg yes that's a great idea! I can coach for a year!" What do you think??🤔

While I don’t think Victor could have possibly fallen in love with someone he didn’t know, I do think he was swept off his feet by Yuuri at the banquet.

Look how much fun Victor’s having in that picture!

And yeah … I’m still not over these two dorks doing the bull/matador thing with each other. 

Note that Yuuri is still dressed in these pictures, which means that he didn’t ask Victor to be his coach until after they danced together. (Later, he wasn’t wearing pants and his tie relocated to a much nerdier place.)

I think at the banquet, Victor sees something exciting and new in Yuuri.

It’s not love, but it’s a spark of attraction. I think it’s obvious from Victor’s behavior at the beginning of Season 1 that he developed quite a crush on Yuuri at the banquet.

Victor is easy to misinterpret as a touchy-feely person because of how he behaves with Yuuri. But go back and watch him in Season 1. Victor only touches and flirts with Yuuri. If Victor touches anyone else (like Yakov or Yurio), it’s more friendly. The way you would act with family. Mostly, he keeps his hands to himself.

But not with Yuuri. Victor’s behavior sets him apart as a romantic interest from the beginning.

So while the idea of becoming a coach might have contributed to the sparkle in Victor’s eyes at the banquet, I do think there was also some romantic attraction happening as well.

Heya guys! :D

I’m back with some more Splatoon art! I was working on another picture about the Splatfest but since I finished it earlier than expected I decided to do something else too! (I will release the Splatfest picture in a couple of days.)

I decided to try my hand at humanized Pearl and Marina! You have no idea how much fun I had drawing them! They’re amazing characters, they look gorgeous anyway you draw them! I’m in love! ❤

I tried to imagine how their daily life would look like. I think they would be pretty blunt with each other but also very close.

I also had lots of fun finding the appropriate outfits for them. I went for a mix of japanese street fashion and my very own outfits LOL

Anyway, I hope you like them! :)

Art © Blueem

Splatoon © Nintendo

Secret Love Song - Tom Holland x reader

Prompt: Based in Secret Love Song by Little Mix (ft. Jason Derulo). In which the reader and Tom are secretly dating and decide to finally announce their relationship. Y/F/S= your favourite show, Y/F/A= your favourite artist, Y/S/N=your ship name

Featuring: Ellen Degeneres

Word count: 1,905

We keep behind close doors

Everytime I see you I die a little more

Stolen moments that we steal as the curtain falls

It’ll never be enough

“Y/N, I’m going to be really clear here. You’re becoming an international recognised model and you have to focus on your career. I think you need to stop seeing Tom.” Her manager blurted out, making the poor girl choke on her drink. Of course, it had to be something THIS big to have Y/N’s manager take her on a lunch date.

“What? Why? No way! I’m not leaving him. I love him! I… I refuse to keep modeling if he’s not with me.” She fights back, sounding confused and desperate.

Why’d she have to stop seeing her boyfriend? They only had been dating for three and a half months, they loved each other. Both had agreed on keeping it as a secret for a while, so no one knew except for their closest friends, and of course, their managers. But why did they decide they had to break up? What would Tom say? Was it his idea? Little did Y/N know that, on the other side of the restaurant, Tom and his manager argued on wether or not Tom’s manager knew what was best for him.

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Heart of the Ocean

Guardian spirit of water
Fierce and turbulent
yet also gentle and soothing 

Haha yeah so I drew another picture of Lance because nobody can stop me.  Not even me.  XD  I wanted to practice with lighting, and I realllyyy liked how it turned out!

I just wanted to say thank you again for all the notes on my comic, you have no idea how much it means to me!  I’m glad my art can make you people smile :) 

If you guys like this, let me know and I might do the rest of the paladins plus Allura.  (No promises though as school is going to swamp me soon but i will try my best!)

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Hey there, friend! This is bnhaoc-positivity here to ask happy questions about cool OCs. So which parts of your OC/s are you proudest of coming up with? What gave you the idea for their quirk/s? And how would they react to a tiny fluffy kitten? Feel free to spread this love, just answer or ignore it if you don't feel like it. Regardless, I hope you have a great day!

Hello!! *v*)♥♥♥

Which parts of your OC/s are you proudest of coming up with?
- His quirk I guess😂 Steam is cool!

What gave you the idea for their quirk/s?
- I want to make OC in steampunk theme. So I picked anything that related… And ‘Steam’ is happen to be there U//v//U👌 Plus Haze character was originally inspired by a steam train picture. I love him!

How would they react to a tiny fluffy kitten?
- He will approach that kitty :3 But take some times to touch it.

Thanks for the ask^^ Hope u have a great day too!!


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hey adrienne i really love all your comics, and it makes me wanna make more of my own. do you have any tips on staying motivated and structuring the overall comic (story/pages/etc) ? thank you !

Thank you so much!!!

And hmmmm, I guess my way of staying motivated is… giving myself strict deadlines? hmmmm ill just go over how I write a comic and maybe you’ll pick a tip or two hopefully


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To @mangafeline from a good friend,

“The year has been not the greatest for you or I. We started out rough patch losing a lot. We kept pushing each other and kept moving forward. You are my best friend and despite it all nothing will ever be as great as knowing you were there for me through my darkest hour. May your dreams and everything you want come true.”

I have been commissioned by someone to draw a weekly BBRae comic. This is a teaser picture. Look for it next week! I hope you like it Manga. There’s more to come.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the Undyne pictures just came in! Thank you very much to Bahamut Night Photography for his lightning fast work! :D I can now show you the second part of my new batch of Undertale hoodies, this one from the original game! *more excited noises*

First of all, OMEGA FLOWEY!!! You have no idea how much I already love and hate this guy. Like. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. So uh. Yeah. I will only make 10 out of it because I think that more will just drive me crazy. Follow the link if you like it:

Next is Alphys! A simple design, but the fake buttons were still a little challenge. It closes with a zipper and velcro btw. Best hoodie to nerd out!

Of course to go with Alphys, we’ve got Undyne! I already made Undyne the Undying long ago, but I wanted to make a more relaxed version, with more fishy attributes. The fins came out super nice, I love how the colors pop!

And last but not the least, the King of monsters himself and our favorite sad goat dad, Asgore! I really love how the design came out, and how the gold fabric looks with the purple, it’s very royal. :) This one is also limited to 10 pieces because of fabric limitations, so grab one quickly if you like it!

I’m so glad I’m coming close to making all the main characters from the game! In fact the only remaining design left is box Mettaton! I also had designs for Burgerpants and Nice Cream guy, but I guess no one cares about them anymore, so I’ll drop it.

Also, good news! @loverofpiggies gave me the ok to make hoodies inspired by Error!Sans and Fresh!Sans, I’m super excited about making them! And my next batch will also definitely include US!Paps, who I just couldn’t make in time for this shooting. Usually I alternate between UT and animu/Pokémon, but next one will be UT for sure! XD

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128 pretty please!

128. “Don’t touch me. We’re fighting.”

Betty adjusted the snug top of her strapless royal blue maid of honors dress, her long honey blonde curls were falling in perfect waves down her back and the expertly applied makeup covering her face actually made her feel surprisingly beautiful, the only ugly thing about her right now was the grimace covering her perfectly glossed lips.

Veronica was at her side, lacy bridal gown blowing out behind her as she downed another shot of fireball, the glowiest smile on her features, it was a sharp contrast to the words falling out of her mouth.

“The pond. They jumped into the pond. Do they have any idea how much those tuxedos cost? We hadn’t even finished taking pictures, I have a wet dog for a husband now. A red haired sheep dog.”

Betty groaned, nursing her rum and coke in clenched hands.
“Yeah well my boyfriend looks like a drowned rat.”

It was silent for a moment between the two best friends before grins broke out on both of their faces

“Our boys.” Veronica giggled, her eyes landing on her incredibly intoxicated newlywed husband, dancing all over the place, her eyes shone with love “I’m gonna….” she trailed off

Betty nudged her
“You go get your man Mrs.Andrews.”

The beautiful blonde watched as her two best friends held each other, Archie swung his new wife around the dance floor as Betty smiled and swooned.

Suddenly two long and familiar arms were wrapping around her waist and tugging her against a well defined chest.

“Hey baby.”

Betty could smell the alcohol on her boyfriends breathe, Jughead could handle his liquor and he was always exceptionally affectionate when he had a drink in him.

Slapping the hands around her waist Betty stepped forward, crossing her arms over her chest, rolling her eyes when Jugheads gaze fell on her pushed up chest.

“Don’t touch me. We’re fighting”

Her incredibly sexy boyfriend propped his hand out, eyes pulling her closer.

“Dance with me, please Juliet.” He begged, feet shifting under him.

Betty sighed, taking his hand as he pulled her to the dance floor tugging her into his chest, hands splayed on her back as her own fingers ran through his hair.

“Sorry about the pond. You know how persuasive Archie can be. I’ve always been a fan of swimming.”

A giggle bubbled through Betty’s lips
“You’re a dork.”

Jughead dropped a sloppy kiss to her lips
“I’m your dork.”

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first i love your layout, so classy. Second, would it be possible to get some hc's for some naughty text messages from McCree, Genji or reaper? NSFW ;) if you're not feeling up up to something like that then how about some fluffy texts to their so instead?

Thank you so much! ;) we try to stay classy. ;)) And I hope you don’t mind both! -kc



•Loves sending heart emojis. Dork.

•Texts you good morning when he doesn’t get to be there when you wake up.

•Checks on you throughout the day to make sure everything’s okay.

•He prefers phone calls, but loves texting you sweet messages whenever he can.


•Whenever he’s alone in a hotel room after a mission, he always texts you to see ‘what you’re doing.’

•Bluntly says, “darlin’ I want you so bad right now.”

•Let’s you know just how good you make him feel with plenty of pictures.

•He ends up calling you to hear you moan his name and he is a professional at dirty talking.

•After phone sex, he loves falling asleep on the phone with you.



•Like McCree, he makes sure to text you ‘good morning’ whenever he’s not able to wake you up with kisses.

•Gabe will text you little snippets of conversations he overheard whenever you’re having a boring day.

•Also is teaching you Spanish by texting you sentences and having you translate and respond to them.

•Sends 'I love you’ texts a lot.


•"Daddy misses you, baby.“

•His texts can get so dirty in the best ways imaginable.

•Only will send pictures if you beg him for it. He loves hearing and seeing you beg.

•He’s known to send you dirty texts at work, he knows how much you love the idea of getting caught with him.



•Sends you positive quotes and lots of affirmations throughout the day.

•And memes. Lots of memes.

•Also sends pictures he takes of the overwatch members asleep or doing weird things.

•Sends you selfies of him blowing kisses at the screen.


•He types out his message three different ways before he sends it. Wants to make sure he says it the best way he can.

•He loves it when you send him pictures, and he tells you how amazing and perfect you are.

•Only let’s you cum when he says you can.

•Usually goes for a round two.


Can’t imagine him riding Edgar haha! I hope Edgar likes his hole, because I really do. [Process]

Taking requests! 

things that make me emotional in hamilton
  • philip you would like it uptown, it’s quiet uptown
  • have i done enough? 
  • my life is gon’ be fine cause eliza’s in it
  • freedom for america, freedom for france
  • you really do write like you’re running out of time
  • i may not live to see our glory
  • i did exactly as you said pa
  • WASHington is WATCHing from the other side
  • at least i’ll keep his eyes in my life
  • the orphanaaage
  • george washington’s going home
  • with my last idea; i shall cherish the sweet hope of meeting you in a better world
  • let future historians wonder how eliza reacted when you broke her heart
  • history obliterates, in every picture it paints it paints me and all my mistakes
  • i see george washington smile
  • this man will not make an orphan of my daughter
  • i love my sister more than anything in this life. i will choose her happiness over mine everytime
  • i stop wasting time on tears. i live another fifty years. it’s not enough
  • i don’t want you
  • i have so much work to do
  • why? if not to take deadly aim? 
  • you, you, you
  • i couldn’t seem to die (wait for it) 
  • then i turn and see my sister’s face and she is helpleeess
  • we won !!
  • eliza, do you like it uptown? it’s quiet uptown
  • he will never be satisfied. i will never be satisfied
  • his poor wife
  • i’m willing to wait for it
  • ,
  • he aims his pistol at the sky- WAIT
  • i wanna sit under my own vine and fig tree, a moment alone in the shade, at home in this nation we’ve made
  • i’m not here for you
  • i remember that night, i just might regret that night for the rest of my days
  • hey. best of wives and best of women
  • tens of thousands of people flood the streets, there are screams and church bells ringing
  • america, you great unfinished symphony, you sent for me. you let me make a difference, a place where even orphan immigrants can leave their fingerprints and rise up 
Whumper Blogger Problems:
  • He’s tied up in the scene these pics/gifs are from, but you can’t actually see it in these shots. PLEASE BELIEVE ME.
  • Is that angst? Or does this actor have Resting Angst Face?
  • Someone gets horribly wounded in one chapter of this fic, but the other 20 chapters are whump-less. Can I fic rec one chapter?
  • The character is limping in this scene because the actor broke his leg. Are people gonna hate me for blogging this?
  • How much blood is too much blood? Is there such a thing?
  • This scene feels relevant to my blog, but I’m not sure why.
  • Is he crying here? There’s no tears, but that’s a crying face?
  • Oh, it’s an ask! “What’s whump?” Oh…
  • My followers have great ideas for fics. No one writes the fics.
  • Is that a spam porn blog that just started following me? Or a legit porn blogger who likes whump?
  • Don’t mind me; I’m just liking this picture of a puppy for entirely non-whump-related reasons. Please don’t be scared of me.
  • Someone tell my fave actor I love him. DON’T USE THIS NAME.
  • “Oh, you have a blog? Where is it?” No. Just… no.
I May Hate Myself In The Morning (ethan/reader)

requested by numerous people :’)

based on i may hate myself in the morning by lee ann womack

a/n- this should be the last part, but ya’ll know i have no self control so lets see what happens lmao

part one part two

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I CAN’T BELIEVE I JUST REALIZED THIS I mean I never listen to the final songs because they’re too painful, that’s fucking why- but whatever- when Jason asks Peter to run away with him in Two Households it’s in the notes of Role Of A Lifetime AND THAT’S SO FUCKING APPROPRIATE because Role Of A Lifetime is the song where we first hear Peter talk about how he thinks Jason’s future will look like (I love that song so much you have no fucking idea) with that image of the picture perfect wife and children and a dog and it’s what Peter THINKS that Jason wants BUT JASON DOESN’T. WHAT JASON ACTUALLY WANTS IS FOR THE PEOPLE IN HIS LIFE TO ACCEPT HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH PETER and that’s precisely why he goes to Father asking if it’s okay to be gay BECAUSE HE DOESN’T WANT TO BE STRAIGHT, HE WANTS TO BE GAY AND ACCEPTED but as soon as he realises that’s not possible (because of fucking Father) HIS FIRST REACTION IS TO TRY TO RUN AWAY WITH PETER. Except that it’s too late, because Peter has moved on and OH MY GOD IT’S SO FUCKING SAD

of first dates and new beginnings (peter parker)

@imaginesyes requested:

Hey darling, “Notice” was super sweet congrats :) Do you take requests? If you do can you write peter’s first date with the reader? I would really like to read it from you, I mean how would he ask her out, what would they talk, how would he make the first move aand stuff… so please write it if it’s ok with you :) thank youu

i hope this was alright!! as you can probably tell by now i love parentheses because i think they’re a great way to reflect stream of consciousness but anyway.,,, i hope this was what you were looking for!! thank you for the request :)

it was a tuesday.

you thought it would be like any other tuesday in your repetitive schedule—biology, history, stare at peter, algebra, lunch, english, stare at peter a little more, pe (also spent staring at peter because recently his stamina had increased exponentially and the way his face flushed after an amount of sit-ups you had thought to be impossible was all that your mind would think about), and study hall. but it seemed the fates had much more in store for you.

you were at your locker, the cool metal relieving your hot skin. (you had just walked by peter, who had such a funny look on his face when he saw you that it made your stomach do flips as if it were a gymnast.) the warning bell rang and you hastily threw your books in your bag when—

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You Are My Sunshine

A/N I had to take my feelings out on something.

Tagging: @speedypan @insideoflit @cupidjayne @coffee-randomness @guns-n-lilies

Bruce’s leg wouldn’t stop bouncing as he waited. He had been going against villains but that never prepared him for this moment. When the doctor came out he quickly stood up.

“She’s stable.” The Doctor said.

“It’s a girl?” Bruce asked.

“Yes. And she’s quite the fighter. As long as she stays here and goes through the process she will be fine Mr. Wayne.”

“Can I see her?”

“Of course just change into the scrubs and you can see her.”

Once Bruce was changed he walked into the room his heart dropped at the sight of the baby in the plastic box. He slowly approached and took in all the machinery the poor baby was hooked up to. He swallowed hard as he paused by the side of the box.

“Hey little one.” Bruce whispered. “Sorry your mom couldn’t be here.”

Bruce sighed.

“I honestly have no idea what I’m going to do. I never prepared for this. I had a plan. I was going to clean up Gotham. But now… I still want to do that but with you in the picture. I guess now I have something else to fight for.”

Bruce slightly jumped when the baby began to cry. He looked around unsure of what to do.

“Shhh don’t cry. It’s okay.” Bruce swallowed hard. “You are my sunshine. My only sunshine. You make me happy. When skies are grey. You’ll never know dear. How much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

Bruce relaxed when the baby’s cries began to cease.

“I’m going to keep you safe Annabella.” Bruce smiled.


Annabella wrapped her blanket tighter around her body as she scurried across her father’s room. She hopped on the bed and scrunched her nose at the sound of her father’s snores. She moved around till she got closer.

“Daddy.” She whispered. “Daddy wake up.”

Bruce shot up and looked around when he spotted his daughter he slightly relaxed.

“Hey sweetie what’s wrong?” He asked as he moved to lay back down.

“I had a nightmare.” She whispered as she rubbed her tired eyes.

“Come here.”

Annabella snuggled up next to her father. He wrapped his arm around her and fixed the blanket.


“Yeah sweetie?”

“Can you sing?”

“You are my sunshine. My only sunshine. You make me happy. When skies are grey. You’ll never know dear. How much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

Bruce smiled when he looked down to find her fast asleep. He kissed her head before going back to sleep.


“Hey honey how you feeling?” Bruce asked as he opened the door to his daughter’s room.

“Like I’m dying.” Annabella groaned before going into a coughing fit.

Bruce chuckled as he sat on her bed and brushed her hair way from her forehead. Annabella leaned into his touch.

“Can you stay in tonight?” Annabella pleaded.

“Yeah I’ll stay.” Said Bruce as he smiled down her.

“Can you sing?”

“You are my sunshine. My only sunshine. You make me happy. When skies are grey. You’ll never know dear. How much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

Bruce kissed her forehead and tucked her in as she slept.


Bruce was sitting in the library reading when he felt his daughter plopped down next to him. He smiled as he turned to face her.


“We should go out.”

“Why?” Annabella rolled her eyes.

“Because how long has it been since we’ve had at least a night to ourselves.” Said Annabella as she smiled at her dad. “Come on let’s go watch a movie or to that diner you would always take me to. Let’s do something fun.”

Bruce chuckled.

“Okay what do you want?”

“To spend time with my dad.” Bruce’s heart felt tight at the seriousness of her voice.

He thought back and realized it had been a while since he spent time with his daughter.

“Okay you win.” Said Bruce.

Bruce laughed as he drove while Annabella was joking about the movie they just finished watching. But that was soon cut by the sound of a horn honking and the screech of tires.

Bruce’s vision faded in and out. He tried looking around but everything was to blurry. And then he heard her whimper and his senses sharpened. He gasped and moved to get them out of the car. He looked down at her body and cradled her close.


“Shhh it’s okay. It’s okay.” Said Bruce as he looked her over trying to apply pressure to her wound.

“Daddy.” She whimpered.

“It’s okay sweetie. It’s okay.” Bruce looked at her but they both knew the truth. The ugly truth. Yet they chose to believe the beautiful lie.

“C-can you sing?” She asked as she looked at up hopefully at her father.

Bruce let out an airy laugh as he saw that spark of hope in her eyes. The light that she always carried with her. He never knew where that came from. He swallowed hard as he nodded.

“You are my sunshine. My only sunshine. You make me happy. When skies are grey. You’ll never know dear. How much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.” Bruce cried as he saw the light begin to fade from her eyes.

He held her close as her life left her body. Singing her song over and over.