you have no idea how much i love the animation and the colors in this movie

Darkwing Duck is the best comic you aren’t reading

He is the terror that flaps in the night! He is the traffic light that never turns green even though there’s no other cars for miles! He is Darkwing Duck! And he is, apparently, the best licensed comic that is having trouble finding an audience.

In the 1990’s, there was a lot of dreck in cartoons; nostalgia-tinted glasses can make us forget how bad a lot of our precious memories really were. The Disney Afternoon, though, contained the kind of shows that hold up even today. That’s why Disney is looking to mine the period for a modern audience. So far that effort has included a remake of Capcom’s excellent NES Ducktales game, an upcoming collection of six of Capcom’s Disney NES titles, a Ducktales reboot set to launch this year, and a Rescue Rangers movie currently in the works. There have also been comics of many properties, but Darkwing has by far been the standout. Now, I am learning that the series, which started in 2010, went on hiatus, and came back in January of 2016, is endangered. Having just read the collected edition of the first four issues of the returned book, I can safely say this is an injustice the like of which would whip the Duck Knight himself into action.

Simply put, the Boom Studios Darkwing comic, written by Aaron Sparrow with no lack of love for linguistic loquaciousness and illustrated with the boundless energy of the show by James Silvani, is among the best uses of a license ever, not just in comics but in all media. It started seven years ago with Drake Mallard having divested himself of the daring demands of his double life as Darkwing and dissolving the dynamics of the duo between himself and Launchpad, resigning himself to a restless reverie of daily red ink as another corporate drone. Sparrow and Silvani delivered the kind of return fans of most franchises can only dream about. It was funny. It was exciting. It was colorful. Perhaps most surprisingly of all, it gave the show, which was well-known for not having any kind of serious structure, actual continuity while never losing the madcap pace that made it so much fun.

That story was intended as a mini-series, but it spun off into an ongoing one, which saw Darkwing dealing with classic villains and new threats, and in which the stories hung together surprisingly well, considering the cartoon character had about four different origins and constantly contradicted himself. There was even a crossover with Ducktales that…didn’t quite work out, despite their best efforts.

After this inauspicious “end” to the series, Sparrow, Silvani and crew battled hard to save Darkwing, and he eventually landed at Joe Books. When I picked up the first volume, “Orange is the New Purple”, I was worried. I was actually very interested in where the previous series had left things, and I thought for sure that after such a long gap Sparrow would just be made to start over.

Fortunately, I found the new book picks up where the old one left off (which I daren’t spoil), while still being accessible to newcomers. Darkwing and Gosalyn attend the opening of a new Arkham-style prison, and of course things go horribly wrong as some of his old enemies take the place over, lock them both inside and release the inmates. What follows is as funny as it can be without losing the plot, and as serious as it can be without losing the humor. This time around, it is a little harder to swallow the idea that Darkwing is in any real danger, as his “toonish” malleability is in full effect: from cars landing on him to being smushed by giant mallets, nothing sticks. It gives Silvani a chance to go whole hog, though, and his artwork resembles the cartoon even more closely than it did before. It’s also great to see almost all of Darkwing’s wacky Rogues Gallery in one place, including the new baddies introduced in the previous “Election” story. Every one is used creatively as Darkwing and Gosalyn play them off each other to affect their escape, and you can almost see the art moving in full animation in your mind.

Darkwing is, after Ducktales, perhaps the most in-demand show for a reboot from the Disney Afternoon. For now, the comic is as good as we’re getting, and I would argue it is actually a better fit for D.W. With series creator Tad Stones’s approval, Sparrow, Silvani and their team of clearly devoted fans have given us a deeply dedicated distillation of dreamy Darkwing delightfulness. As Liquidator would say, though, if you want to keep the webbed wonder around, act now! This book is a limited time offer!

P.S. I’m adding this a few months later to thank everyone for supporting this book and for using my post to do so. The book is on hiatus again, but from what I can tell the creative team is always fighting for the character.

In hopes I can be forgiven for being a little self-concerned, I’m also adding some links to some of my other columns you all might like. This blog essentially serves as my portfolio for writing work, so any followers, shares, comments or likes are very, very helpful to me. Thanks in advance. Now back to the Duck Knight!

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Epic Movie (Re)Watch #144 - Coraline

Spoilers below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: No.

Format: Blu-ray

1) Director Henry Selick is probably best known for his work as director on The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I personally think (and this may be considered blasphemy) that Coraline is his magnum opus. More on that coming up.

2) In both horror and animation, a well done score can boost the tone of the film remarkably. And composer Bruno Coulais is able to turn in a score notable for its subtlety and tone boosting. It is able to be ominous, child like, fantastical, and creepy all at the same time. That is actually a perfect way of describing this film.

3) Animation fans with eagle eyes will notice that the movers in the beginning in the film are the “Ranft Brothers”. Joe Ranft was a legendary animator, known mostly for his work at Pixar until his tragic death. His brother is a noteworthy animator too, Jerome Ranft. The movers are animated in the likenesses of the brothers (you even get a glance at a name tag reading “Jerome”), with Joe being the mover who gets the crummy tip and Jerome Ranft voicing his counterpart.

4) Dakota Fanning as Coraline Jones.

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Coraline is not your typical animated heroine, which is exactly why she is such an amazing character. She’s a bit of a snot actually. She’s bratty, shown to be mean, overdramatic, sarcastic, winey, and it is all amazing! Because she’s not ONLY those things! She’s also fun, intelligent, clever, imaginative and adventurous. For most of the film she is at odds with her parents but she risks her film for them because, well, they’re her parents! The best way to describe Coraline is as a kid. An honest portrayal of a kid! Not totally one thing or another and not nearly as oblivious as some people may expect. Dakota Fanning (who was attached to the role when the film was meant to be live action even) is perfect in the part, able to portray all of Coraline’s qualities with wonderful ease while totally losing herself in the role. Coraline is the title character which means we - as the audience - NEED to be invested in her for this film to be any good. And the filmmakers did an excellent job making sure we were just that: invested.


Coraline [after seeing The Cat]: “Not talking, huh?”

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6) This film is a little more adult than your typical animated fare, something which is established pretty early when Coraline refers to Wybie as her stalker. It is a decision in tone and content which works wonderfully for the film.

7) Wybie.

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We don’t get to see much of Wybie in the film. Well, that’s not entirely true. We don’t get to see much of Wybie compared to CORALINE, who is the lead and is therefore in every scene except for the one that plays during the opening credits. But in the time we see him it is very clear that this is the neighborhood weird kid. And it’s done accurately too! He’s not the butt of any joke, he’s not someone who’s supposed to be a creep or a plot device. Just like Coraline, he’s an honest representation of the kids out in the world who are sort of strange.

8) Dang, Coraline can be mean!

Coraline [after someone calls for Wyborne ‘Wybie’s’ name]: “Oh I definitely heard someone, Why Were You Born.”

Like, sure the dude is sorta weird, but he’s been pretty nice so far. But that’s part of Coraline’s character, and we see that side of her go on a bit of a transformation throughout the film.

9) Film is first and foremost a visual way of storytelling and animation can do that better than live action can if done right. Through animation you are able to portray the character of things (not just your characters but places and items) through design. Through your visuals. Take this film for example: the real world is marked by a more subdued color palette and look. Everything - including Coraline’s parents - look grey, tired, and worn down. Something which creates an immediate visual conflict through Coraline, who from the very start gives off these incredible vibrant and lively colors. It is a visual conflict which is reflective of a textual one that works wonders for the film.

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10) It would have been easy to make Coraline a total brat and her parents good parents who try their hardest, but Mom and Dad aren’t perfect either. Mom particularly shows us where Coraline got her attitude, sarcasm, and occasional brattiness from (and I know “brat” has negative connotations to it but I love Coraline so when I call her a “brat” I’m doing so with love because that trait is something I think is a great writing decision for her character). It also gets to the idea that a friend of mine told me once: parents are just kids who have kids. Parents don’t know what they’re doing when they have kids, they’re making it up as they go along. Which means they’re not perfect. They can get tired and impatient and mean too, and showing that in this film continues its honesty streak. That honesty - in relationships in characters - is what helps make it so great.

11) I can’t IMAGINE what animating the tunnel sequence was like.

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I mean stop motion animation is moving something a tiny bit, then taking a picture. And you repeat that process over and over again with puppets until you have a moving image like this one. So the tunnel on its own - with the lighting and the fabric - must have been a pain to animate. But then Coraline walking through it? And jostling it around, but the animators have to make sure that jostling is perfect in every frame? I do NOT have the patience for stop motion animation, I tell you. Or the fingers. I don’t have delicate fingers.

12) The Other World.

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Going with the idea of visual conflict, there is immediately more of a peace between Coraline’s vibrant colors and the creative rainbow like Other World she finds herself in. This resolves most of the visual conflict ON THE SURFACE, but everywhere there are these black buttons. These little dark specs that just liter the world in hard to see places, things which can easily get lost in the magic of it all but are always there. Hiding in plain sight.

The Other World - both in its dream and nightmare phases - show off Selick’s wild imagination. The best animation directors have a penchant for imaginative visuals, using the medium to do things live action couldn’t (something I observed in my The Book of Life post back in November). Selick as not only animator but production designer on this film is able to create some wonderful and memorable images of dream like fantasy which makes the transition to nightmarish scenes in the back half of the film all the more powerful. It is truly wonderful.

13) According to IMDb:

The band They Might Be Giants wrote 10 songs for the movie, but a change in tone from a musical to a darker production meant that all but one was cut; a scene in which Coraline’s other father sings along with a piano features John Linnell’s voice. The band has said they will release the other songs created for the movie in other projects, including albums.

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14) It is worth noting that the initial dinner Coraline has with her Other Parents is more of a Norman Rockwell, classic/idyllic image than her dinner at home (in both the food served and the look of the place). This relates to the film’s almost critique (I say almost because I do not know if it was intended, but it very well could have been) on expectations vs reality. How we have let certain fantasies shape our expectations in the real world and if we find something that fits those expectations perfectly it’s probably a lie.

15) Teri Hatcher shines in this film, particularly as Other Mother. There are three sort of phases to her performance as Other Mother which I will discuss individually as they occur. The first of these is the initial encounter with Other Mother. The sweet sing-song tones filled with love and warmth which can trick someone into thinking its honesty but when you listen there is DEFINITELY something false about it. A faux kindness which can catch you off guard. No one is really that kind, that nice. That’s the face you put on for company when it’s over and not one you can sustain forever.

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16) Ian McShane as Mr. Bobinsky.

I observed in my recap for the Selick directed The Nightmare Before Christmas that the film was able to create unique characterizations within seconds of introducing us to said characters which lasted consistently throughout the rest of the film. In this film - especially with Coraline’s neighbors - the same holds true. We are able to get a sense of what kind of fun weirdo Mr. Bobinsky is within seconds of meeting him, someone who’s a bit of a nut but also a generally nice guy, and that lasts through the end of the film. Ian McShane does a wonderful job as Bobinsky and out of the three neighbors (Bobinksy and the two actresses), Bobinsky is my personal favorite.

It is also worth observing Bobinsky’s character design here. As I said before, animation tells you a lot through its visuals about a character. Small elements in Bobinsky’s design make him a bit more human than say your average Prince Charming or seven dwarfs. The ratty shirt, the unkempt body hair, the big gut. All of it gives Bobinsky not only a sense of character but a sense of realism, as life is not always as pretty as we expect. This plays DIRECTLY into Other Bobinsky’s appearances, notably how he is better dressed AND his torso is upside down. Instead of having a large stomach, he has a large chest suggesting strength. THAT is your fairytale version of Bobinsky right there and - like everything else in the Other World - it’s a lie.

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17) Similarly, the two actress neighbors of Miriam Forcible and April Spink are established as weird but lovable dog ladies as soon as we meet them.

I mentioned before how this film plays with the ideas of expectations vs reality, and that becomes pretty clear after we meet Coraline’s neighbors. This is not some fairytale for Coraline. In a fairytale Mr. Bobinsky would run an incredible jumping mouse circus, not be a vaguely crazy man trying to create a jumping mouse circus (I say with love). And the pair of Miriam and April would be elegant world famous actresses, not two washed up has-beens (I say with love). But you know what? This is EXACTLY what they are in the Other World! The fairytale versions of themselves that is meant to be exactly what Coraline wants. And just like the change in design for Bobinsky in the Other World, Miriam and April get similar beautifications.

Originally posted by hrmphfft

Now they’re as pretty as any fairytale princess with a waistline to match, because that’s the “better” version of this isn’t it? Except it’s not real. It’s a lie, meant to entrap you and keep you from having a good REAL life. I sort of love that about this film.


Coraline [after Other Mother asks her to get her father]: “You mean my other father?”

Other Mother: “You’re better father, dear.”

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Red flag! Red flag! That’s a creepy thing to say Other Mother! (It is also here when we start noticing the fakeness of Other Mother’s nice voice.)

19) I keep mentioning how you can detect a slight hint of fakeness in Other Mother’s face. The hint is not so slight in Other Father’s voice. There’s nothing real there, nothing honest. Just fake honey that’s meant to entice Coraline. And I think that’s because Other Mother is the mastermind and she’s making Other Father BE like that. It’s a nice choice on the part of the filmmakers and actor John Hodgman I think.


Other Mother [about Other ‘Silent’ Wybie]: “I thought you’d like him more if he spoke a little less. So I fixed him.”

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If anyone says they “fixed” a person, turn around and run like crazy away. That’s creepy.

21) Hmm, wonder which of her parents Coraline takes after…

Mom: “I did not call [Mr. Bobinsky] crazy, Coraline. He’s drunk.”

22) The. Freaking. CAT!!!!

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Can I just say first and foremost: I love Keith David. Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog is my favorite Disney villain of all time in no small part because of Keith David’s voice over work as the character. And his role as The Cat is just as good. I love The Cat, which is saying a lot because I’m a dog person. David is able to work with the writing and make the character both wise and mischievous but in a unique, dark, sarcastic way. He’s also the first hint of trouble and the only character other than Coraline to travel between worlds. The animators do an excellent job making sure The Cat’s characterization is clear and consistent, even when he can’t speak in the real world. He’s an excellent addition to the film and a wonderful companion to our hero.

23) Everything gets real freaky real fast.

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Right after Other Mother asks to put buttons in Coraline’s eyes (or, more accurately, REPLACE her eyes with buttons) this film turns into a horror film. Full on Stephen King, Poltergeist, “Stranger Things” horror! (Not that I’ve seen or read any of those things because I scare too easily.) And it is born not from jump scares or gore but from tone. The atmosphere becomes notably chilly and ominous and everything just becomes so FREAKY. THAT is why I think this is Henry Selick’s magnum opus. Because he can be as scary as he want to be!

24) For me, one of the most powerful scenes in the movie is when Coraline walks around Other World.

Originally posted by filmvisionary

The simple decision to have her walk through a white abyss then find herself back in the Other World the Other Mother created just really works for me. It’s a simple yet elegant concept.

25) Other Mother’s truer form (her true form comes later).

Originally posted by disneyskellington

This is when Teri Hatcher and Other Mother start really shining as villains. There is still an attempt to be motherly, to be warm, but the creepy factor is turned up. There’s a sick playfulness there at times as well as terrifying anger. But this form is most marked by the cold reservedness. The chilling tones the Other Mother uses when taking to Coraline about the game they’re going to play. It’s crazy freaky and I love it for that!

26) There is no scene quite as haunting or quite as sad as when Coraline talks with the ghost kids.

Through its use of haunting visuals, eerie sound design, excellent writing, and top notch voice acting from the child actors, this one scene tells you perfectly what exactly the stakes are for this film. What exactly will happen to Coraline if she can’t succeed. And it’s terrifying.

27) I did not remember this line from before and the way Coraline describes the ghost kids to Wybie had me laughing my butt off.

Coraline [about the doll]: “It used to look like this pioneer girl, then Huck Finn Junior, then this ‘Little Rascals’ chick with hair ribbons…”

I don’t know why, but something about hearing her call the kid, “Huck Finn Junior,” is just wildly funny to me.

28) The entire idea of the eyes of the dead children being hidden in the “three wonders” Other Mother crafted for Coraline is not only an excellent way of juxtaposing some of the dream like imagery from earlier with its now nightmarish quality, but it also gives plot relevance to scenes which could have easily just been entertaining and excellent eye candy (Bobinsky’s circus, the garden, and the theater scene). It helps push the writing of this film from good to great.

29) So Coraline thinks she has lost her game with Other Mother and she’s going to end up like the ghost children, when a dead rat with the last eye falls in front of her and The Cat shows up.

The Cat: “I think I’ve mentioned that I don’t like rats at the best of times.”

Coraline: “You may have mentioned it.”

I love these guys.

30) Can we just take a second to appreciate how incredibly frightening Other Mother’s true form is?

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Teri Hatcher gets to totally let lose as an actress with this final form of the Other Mother. There’s no more fake niceness, no more hiding, no more tricks. Just sheer, terrifying villainy in all its glory. It’s so creepy and evil and I love it!

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31) If you’re ever in a jam with a homicidal maniac, just do what Coraline did:

Throw a cat at the homicidal maniac.

Originally posted by halloweenmagick

32) I find the web that Coraline falls into with Other Mother perhaps the most frightening visual of the whole film. I love it.

Originally posted by horsesaround

But the way Other Mother shouts after Coraline makes her way through the door is almost equally as terrifying to me. Just the desperation and madness in her voice gives me chills.

Other Mother: “Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me! I’ll die without you!”

33) It is a classic rule of suspense, an almost Hitchcockian rule (although I don’t think he invented it), that the story is never over when you think it is.

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The entire final “battle” with Other Mother’s disembodied hand, how it drags Coraline away, how Wybie has to come and save the day but it still keeps going, is all a great final horror movie moment. Just the creeping crawly uncatchable-ness of a spider and how you have to work really hard to squash it. I love that.

34) The final scene of the film resolves the visual conflict Coraline was having with the real world. Everything - hear parents, the neighbors, the flowers - is a bit brighter. A bit closer to her but not so perfectly as the Other World. Things are resolved, but everything is still in the real world. Everything is still honest and it may not be perfect, but it is a happy ending.

Originally posted by a-ripley

It has been a while since I’ve watched Coraline so in all honesty I forgot how good it was. It is an excellent piece of not only animated filmmaking but filmmaking period. The visuals and imagination is incredible, it is truly frightening at times through its use of atmosphere and (again) the visuals at hand, the writing is top notch - ESPECIALLY when it comes to our titular lead - and the voice acting is there to match (Hatcher and Fanning being the clear standouts). It is an incredible film I think everyone should see. It’s just that good.

Yuri on Ice interview translation - Spoon 2Di 2016/12 (p38-41)

Here’s an interview with Manabu Ootsuka, producer and actually also representative director of animation studio MAPPA. It appeared on the Dec. 2016 issue of Spoon 2Di. It’s very interesting, as it’s a still different point of view compared to seiyuu and other creators. It only covers the first 4 episodes because Spoon is published earlier than other magazines and this issue was sold in stores at the end of October.

By the way, in the interview he mentions Sayo Yamamoto’s short anime “ENDLESS NIGHT”. It’s also about figure skating and it’s really beautiful. I highly suggest checking it out! (It’s not hard to find, just lookup the title on YouTube..) I admit I just watched it today for the first time too because I didn’t know of its existence… 

I will also take this chance to encourage everyone to appreciate the role of Sayo Yamamoto in YOI. Mitsurou Kubo is on the SNS and you see her name often so everyone knows her, but Yamamoto is as involved in YOI as Kubo is (if not more, since the idea to create YOI in the first place was hers). As you can read in this interview too, many of the brilliant ideas in YOI come from her. Apparently she is very busy so there are still no interviews with her, but I hope we’ll see something in the future.

Since the article is quite long I’m putting it under a cut. Enjoy!

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***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

MAPPA producer Manabu Ootsuka interview
“Yuri on Ice” has gathered many skilled creators, among which director Sayo Yamamoto and Mitsurou Kubo-san. This show, that stands out for its quality even when compared to other original anime, has been supported by the production studio MAPPA. We have invited its producer Manabu Ootsuka to ask him about inside stories and the appeal of this anime.

Keep reading


FILLMORE! (2002)

an American animated television series created by Scott M. Gimple for ABC and, later, Toon Disney. Based on popular police dramas of the 1970s, Fillmore! is centered on reformed juvenile delinquent Cornelius Fillmore and his partner Ingrid Third, who solve crimes as members of the Safety Patrol at X Middle School. The series was aimed at young teenagers, but also skewed an older audience with its ‘70s references.


We’ve all seen this kind of plotline in cartoons before; parody episodes where a character is a secret agent, detective, or cop of some description. They usually have the aesthetics or lingo of what they’re trying to copy and sometimes it can be funny. Now imagine if you will, an entire animated series based on this idea that some others can barely squeeze out an episodes worth of materials for.

Would it work?

Ohh it can, and it can be fantastically entertaining while playing its jokes and parodies completely straight.

Normally it’s hard for me to say with a straight face that any property made by Disney is forgotten since… well, it’s Disney. Most of the time even their lamest, most forgettable, or most uninteresting movies and t.v. shows have some sort of rabid cult following but this– there isn’t really a whole lot of buzz. I didn’t watch it since it was on the ABC Family channel on Saturday morning as part of the warm-up act to Disney’s recently acquired Power Rangers and Digimon and I wasn’t ll that interested in either at that point so I passed this block up.

I really wish I did watch it because there were some decent cartoons (that later found their way to the Disney Channel and Toon Disney) and I feel like I probably would’ve liked Fillmore! the best.

It’s a lot of fun to watch! You can see what facets of those 70′s cop shows are being parodied and it’s a gas to see them shown in a family friendly way and it never really gets tiresome.

Now’s the time we get into the real meat & potatoes of this post, the reason it’s being featured on Black Animation Month. The series takes place in a  fairly diverse, and realistic school setting with lots of different kids but the main draw is our Black protagonist who’s a play on the ex-convict turned good cop trope. He knows how the criminal mind works and will stop at nothing to see justice prevail.

It’s silly and it can get way over the top, but it’s a cartoon, so it works. I don’t know, Pix, you watched this cartoon and you liked it, tell us all why we should like it too.

What can I say about the glorious Fillmore! that hasn’t been said by it’s fans before? The awesome cop adventures of Fillmore and Ingrid. They even had the “frustrated police chief” in the form of Horatio Vallejo.  
It’s a cult show maybe too good for television during its run, heck maybe even now. A unique spin on 70’s cop shows set in the halls of a middle school is a cool enough premise on its own. But having  a diverse cast set with some smart writing truly made this show stellar.
I think what really made this show work with me is basically how its ole Cornelius Fillmore and his fellow force on the safety patrol is handled.
So many times, when a cartoon or television show involves a black lead or any other person of color, the creative powers that be try to specifically pinpoint on that aspect of that character’s race or culture. The character’s skin color and family roots becomes the focus point of that show.
I understand why, and as a black male, I think that’s needed in media as far as representation. It’s a way to educate the masses without being limited creatively, while also aiming to properly represent a target audience that rarely gets any recognition.
Yet, representation in media goes beyond that concept, and few creative powers truly understand that. Representation in media also includes shows that just simply have a person of color as a protagonist or in the spotlight, while what happens to that character or the stories they share support what that show is about. Just like any other cartoon or show, you’re weighed more on the general writing and presentation than how you handle, in this case, a character’s blackness or how in tune it specially is to black culture. It would be like (finally) casting Idris Elba as James Bond. The character of Bond wouldn’t really change with such a casting decision, nor any of the obstacles he might have to endure. The only thing that changes is the perception that white males have to be the standard of norm in media and Hollywood.
In a way, it’s also like Miles Morales as Spider-Man. On the surface, as a kid who grew up reading Spider-Man comics, I like the fact that he’s black and happens to be Spider-Man. But what’s really made me love the character even more than Parker is Morales overall struggle to pay homage to the original while carving out his own identity and handling his own obstacles. He experiences struggles as a superhero that could only be unique to the name of Spider-Man. Yet he also experiences struggles that could only be unique to him as his own character. That’s what truly makes him so cool.
And this was the same feeling I got from watching Fillmore! Cornelius is a black mean safety patrol member. That’s never really shied away. But its his experiences solving cases and the obstacles he and the rest of the diverse cast endure that take center stage. And luckily when you’ve got superb writing, great jokes, and memorable characters, you want all of that to be the focus.
The fact that you’ve got Fillmore in the lead is just icing on the cake. 

Sometimes it’s the little things that really mean the most, and the little thing from me is that any other day this would be featured as a GOOD FORGOTTEN CARTOON


  • This was the final series produced solely by Walt Disney Television Animation, before producing shows exclusively with Disney Channel, and also the final ABC Saturday morning cartoon. 
  • The series was cancelled in 2004 due to low ratings, but maintains a dedicated fanbase and is considered a cult hit. Reruns later aired on Disney Channel, Toon Disney, and Disney XD
  • While the series has not been released on home video or DVD, all 26 episodes are available for digital download in German from iTunes Germany.


Not much left to say that hasn’t been said already except that this is a cartoon that deserves to not be forgotten. I’m trusting all of you out there to make sure that doesn’t happen.

darkangel046  asked:

Hello ! :D I really love your art especially little cute fox Sanji he's so perfect !!! :) But I wonder why do you represents him as a fox ? I know Oda said the animal representing him was a duck and after a horned sheep but did I miss something or it's just for the cuteness ? >////< Thank you you're really a blessing for the fandom :3 Have a nice day !!!!

Because I love him to to be a fox WAAAAH

oops sorry, but sit down here I’ll tell you how much Sanji is perfect  in his half fox half human form! And why would it be.

first I will talk about the canon, or non-canon but relatable detail around ‘Fox Sanji’

Sanji first appeared with fox in this cover chapter. It’s chapter 266, a chapter of Skypiea arc (year 2003)

after that when One Piece got color version, here it is.

This is the first gunshot ever, to start everything of him being in fox form in fandom (or fandom ZSZ) without needing a word directly from Oda. Of course fandom still have always loved Sanji being a Duck or a Goat too (there’s many artworks or doujinshi about him related to Duck and Goat). What I want to say here, everything already started over 10 years ago (wow, how old is One Piece?)

Next to that, the sponsor a.k.a toei animation supports the idea too and with bandai/game sponsor for One Piece series, they gave out some game feature of Sanji being in fox form.

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I made gif for this game advertised too. (link)

Okay so that how much I have known about the original, canon this and that. However Fanmade, this is fanmade world, AU, and when we talk about fanmade, sometimes it’s just because of us, fan love them character to be in that way! Why we love it, okay, because Sanji does suit it very well!! Below I can explain some according to my knowledge and opinion, please just read as preview.

About personality, he’s quite clever and sneaking around to win the battle in many arc, that’s one of good trait suit with fox. In the battle with Jabra at Enies Lobby, Sanji defined himself as ‘hunter’, fox is one of the best hunter type animal too!

Sanji fighting style mostly base on agility and fire. Being quick also one of fox trait, and talking about fire, fox is highly recommend to be the icon of it. I’m not talking about mozilla firefox lol, but in Japanese myth, the ninetail fox demon is a type of monster using fire to attack. 

About outward look, I know fox got many color of fur, black fox, white fox, red fox, orange, yellow creamy, but when I think about them I used to think them in light orange or yellow color which easily suit with Sanji hair too! 

like… omg look they have ‘blackleg’ too!

Being a hunter type, but unlike cats, fox is something in the mix of cat and dog. They’re cheerful, welcoming, warm like dogs but also much of curiosity and cunning like cats.

I can’t say how much I love Sanji being in fox form xD this is too much. But I want to give out information that, I’m not the only one or the first one in fandom portray him in this way. 

There’re already many other artists around the world do it, we all love him in this way.

pixiv: 10558379

pixiv 13262819

pixiv id : 33839968


My fox Sanji is just one of them ^^ and I love to put him in the story of an animal trying to learn cooking (love the curiosity trait! may be I watch the ratatouille movie so many times xD)

also… because I got a kinky fetish (hide face in pillow) I love plot of human x animal (half animal form, like… they got ears and tail).

*hide face run away*


Before watching Disney’s Big Hero 6, a movie based/inspired from the Marvel comic series.  There was a character that caught my interest during development/production of the film. That character is Honey Lemon. In the original Marvel comic of Big Hero 6, Honey Lemon is a character of Japanese descent and her real name was Aiko Miyazaki. Honey Lemon is a super-heroine, secret agent and scientist who developed the technology of her “Power Purse” which has the ability to create mini worm-holes inside her pulse which she can store items like weapons or tools and pull them out when needed. She is also trained in various martial arts for self defense.

As production of Big Hero 6 continued, it was announced by Disney that Honey Lemon would be voiced by Genesis Rodriguez, an American actress of Venezuelan and Cuban descent. This started the questioning and idea that Honey Lemon in Disney’s Big Hero 6 could be a Latina/Hispanic character. Over the internet on various sites, people have brought up that the voice actors chosen for the film shared racial/ethnic similarities with the characters they would voice for. For example Ryan Potter who is interracial just like Hiro Hamada. People would suggest that as evidence that Honey Lemon was Latina in the film. Jumping ahead to today, where I have just seen Big Hero 6 in theaters, which I enjoyed greatly for its story, characters, comedy, animation and etc. Watching the film I noticed that Honey Lemon sometimes had an accent when she spoke. Either you noticed it or you didn’t. I only noticed an accent when she would say Hiro’s name sometimes and when she say photo(s) in Spanish as in foto(s). Again searching the net, this was added as more evidence that Genesis Rodrigues was voicing a Latina character.

Researching for sources and ideas over the net before and after seeing the film, I have found many counter arguments suggesting that Honey Lemon is not Latina. The biggest defense for this argument is how Disney portrayed the appearance of Honey Lemon in the movie. In BH6 Honey Lemon has light tan skin, green eyes and honey blonde hair which can easily make her be seen as of Caucasian descent. Even looking at promotional and concept art for Honey, her color scheme would change every time. She would have darker hair, then lighter hair, and then darker skin to lighter skin. Then there is the counter-argument to that idea which is people of Hispanic/Latina(o) descent come in all different shades and color in skin tone, hair and eye color. And possibly Honey Lemon could be Latina. After researching for a few hours (wasted my Saturday night lol) I cannot find exact proof or sources proving that Honey Lemon is Latina or any evidence of her ethnic identity. I did find some comments from people stating that Genesis Rodriguez confirmed the character as Latina in an interview(?). But I could not find that interview anywhere. But Genesis Rodriguez has also stated in an interview that she’s happy to find roles that the decision for choosing her are not based off her cultural background.  Even on Honey Lemon’s profile on Disney wikia states that she is fluent in English, Japanese and Spanish. And when she pronounces Hiro’s name with an accent it could have been in a Japanese accent. Also in the film, Honey Lemon is her nickname and her real name is unknown just like Wasabi and GoGo. If Disney created a name or used her original name it could have provided evidence of her ethnic identity.

After researching for hours I have concluded that Disney made Honey Lemon “racially ambiguous” because even Disney has not confirmed or clarified her ethnic identity. I just could not find exact proof or evidence proving that Honey Lemon is Latina or what her ethnicity is even with what I have found because there are no official sources providing the information is true or false. These are just speculations and ideas from individuals.

I was hoping before that Honey Lemon was Latina because I myself identify as Latino and would love to have a Latina character represent my demographic in Big Hero 6. But at the end of the day, I realized that I love Honey Lemon regardless of her ethnicity. Just like all the other characters in Big Hero 6, Honey Lemon is not one dimensional, this girl is intelligent, optimistic, has a lot of personality, she’s photogenic, interesting sense of fashion, and she loves science and she has that “happy mad scientist” thing going on. Plus Honey is not insecure about her height because she’s 5’10” without heels and she still likes to wear heels. Honey Lemon is a fantastic character. If Honey is confirmed as Latina someday, of course I’ll be excited but if she’s not then I’m not going to think less of the character, I’m still going to love her the same. Every person has their opinion and beliefs about ideas/things but for Honey Lemon, I love this character regardless of how she identifies. And thank you Genesis Rodriguez, you did a fantastic job in voicing Honey Lemon for BH6, you brought so much personality to this character!!! I apologize for this mini essay and if you read the whole thing, thank you very much :)

Here it is! 

The idea for this AMV came from two good friends of mine from college. They posted the song on my wall and demanded I make a video with it. After fighting off a few other editors I decided that this would be my Otakon 2014 video. I spent most of the final months of school discussing this AMV with Emily and Jessica, and what ships would be hilarious. It was Jessica who originally stumbled on the idea of Edward Elric and Eren Jaeger - and I ran with it. 

After I finished Anime 101 I had a lot of constructive feedback from the editing community about my technicals. Mostly about my color correction. So when I started this video I had two goals in mind : Finish in time for Otakon and improve on the things people usually harped on me about. Overall I think this video is the cleanest of all my comedies. This is the direction I want to move my editing in. 

I was really overwhelmed by the positive feedback I received at Otakon. The audience reaction was by far one of the best I have ever gotten, and many people approached me after my panels, the contest and Iron Editor to talk about how much they loved the video and how they were huge fans of my work. I was really touched by this - I love hearing that I inspired people – So Thank you! 

Download should be available on the org soon (as in tomorrow) Keep an eye on my tumblr for more images and fun things to come in the next few weeks. I am currently out of town so need to wait until I get back to my computer.


00:05 - This scene is from Oreimo. I added Haruhi and the posters. If you .look closely you can see pictures of the lead from Oreimo on the wall. 

00:07 -   Some of the characters names have been changed to hilarious alternatives. 

00:09 - Not all the netflix choices are aniome. Included are Sherlock (SherxWatson is one of my favorite secret crack pairings) Paranorman (My favorite animated movie) and they Aristocats (Another of my favs). My Little Pony is seen too, as that show is so ship crazy. The Netflix categories have also been changed to ship related names. 

00:10 - It’s not 3am

00:13 - I drew this fanart. It took me a few days and consumed a fair amount of my editing time. For a while I was convinced I wouldn’t finish on time, and that this picture would be to blame.  I also at one point realized that I was drawing soft core porn of less than legal adults. Whooops. 

00:14 It had to get cut off for compositions sake so here is the whole fan fiction. I wrote this (with some help) I wanted to make it a good sort of awful.

“Eren stared at Ed’s long silky hair. Something in him yearned to run his fingers through it, to tangle himself in the alchemist’s tresses as if they were the cords of his 3DMG. He jerked his gaze away, staring down at his uniform. 
"So…I heard they call you a dog of the military…” Eren said carefully, trying to break the silence.
Ed chuckled knowingly. “Yea, they do say that. But I think you’re more of a dog than I am.” He moved closer, brushing Eren’s ear. “And I’m gonna show you what this automail arm can do…”
Shivering, Eren let Ed’s arm trail across his own. “But what if Levi finds out?” 
Ed smirked, “That clean freak? He can join in to for all I care.” The alchemist placed his finger under Eren’s chin and made the dark haired boy look at him. “Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Titans, humonculi, or even the end of the world. So for tonight let me show you why they call me ‘FullMetal’.”
Eren gasped as Ed found him, his eyes closing from the odd sensation of automail on flesh. 
“They don’t call you titan for nothing” Ed smiled. Eren couldn’t reply, the sensations coming from his Colossal Titan were too great. He felt Edwards other hand, guiding his own to find the alchemist’s own transmutation. 
“Ah yes” Edward sighed, “Now that’s what I call equivalent exchange.”

00:16 I redrew most of haruhi’s face here so it would work with what she was doing. In the anime she just looks stern. 

00:22 - 00:23 This scene is covered with credits in the original show. I really wanted to use it though, so I had to paint over a lot of the haruhi mask. 

00:23 Titanic Jokes appear 3 times in this AMV. Can you find them all. I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP. 

00:29 Originally a lot of this was screen captures. However because of legal reasons for Otakon I had to change a lot of the website names. So I made my own search bar. 

00:30 - 00:44 TUMBLR
All the websites seen in this AMV were hand made by me in photoshop and then edited in AE. It was the only way to get the effect I wanted. I had a lot of fun studying the sites and then creating motion graphics to emulate them. 

A lot of inside jokes can be found here. I will upload the tumblr stills at one point so they can all be read, but if you are easter egg hunting all the posts have unique tags. I picked animation related material from my own tumblr favs to fill in the inbetween spaces. 

Several of the posts also have comments. Mainly by sketcherz (On of my friends this AMV is dedicated to saying her token line - all day every day) and CecilxCarlos4eva (My other friend who absolutely loves this Nightvale crack ship.) 

00:53 Here Kyon is looking at a screen labled the Canon Cannon. It shows Light Yagami and Misa. 

00:55 Screen says Engage Shipping Beam 

00:56 Bunch of little jokes here. Reddit Topics read

VIvifxAMV Makes new Comedy - No one is surprised
Ed and Eren both have Dead Moms and lack limbs Ship it. 
I got that Ice Cold Water. ANd it’s only one doller (Otakon Reference) 
Class for Anime Charactrers (Anime 101 Reference) 

00:57The Bar on the side of Imgur shows several other modified screencaps and where to find them in the AMV 

01:00 Total reference to this video :

01:06 Get it. It’s funny cause it sank. 

01:10 - Lots of silly crack pairings can be seen here, Try to figure out the logic behind them. 

01:16 - This is actually my favorite crack ship of all time. I just want Shinji to end up with that sexy angel. 

01:20 Looots of 4chan post silliness 

1:23 Pretty much what you find on google images if you search HaruxRin 

1:26 Some of the side images here are pretty silly and very inside jokey. Some people refer to me as VixenAMV as a joke that with Anime 101. When the AMV Dissociation (Made by the fabulous irriadin) was released everyone thought the french editor StickyGaiden made it so theres that. The rest are some pretty hilarious pictures I found when I searched crack ships. The artist for the Trunks/Poco one is the username under it. 

1:36 Probably gonna have to release the images here for all the jokes to be read. The folder on the left is my actual project folder. 

1:45 Gonna release the twitter images too. But man, that lelouch post. 

1:54 Some really funny top searches on google there…lemme tell you. Spelling error is actually on purpose. Have you read those fan fics? 

1:58 - Some silly movie posters in the background.That bg you ask? It’s from Anime 101

1:59 Really silly but I’ve used this mask in 3 AMVs at this point. If you can name them good job. I just change the books she is holding each time. 

2:03 - The geass here is hand animated by me. It;s about 12 frames and was relitively fun to do. I always thought this clip would be perfect for it - so I am glad I got to use it,. 

2:06 : Covering up CC with a Dakimura. NAILED IT. 

2:09 This idea was given to me by the hilarious drewaconcluision. I am glad I ran with it. It got a really great reaction from live audiences. 

2:12 That flyer though. Very misleading. 


Mitsu's Top Ten Anime of 2013

Mitsu’s Top 10 Anime of 2013

No particular rules here, these animes are ones I found were appealing to my own personal tastes and ones I recommend above others that came out this year. If something you love was missing from the list I’m sorry, but there were many of my own favorites removed from the list in favor of the ones I found most groundbreaking, inspiring, beautifully animated, written, etc etc. Some of these I haven’t had a chance to review yet! Please enjoy! (1 is the best, 10 is on the lower end (but these are the best of the best so number 10 isn’t by any means bad)

10. Nagi no Asukara

I added this anime after a great struggle to quietly push aside another anime I admire very much. Nagi isn’t done yet, but it’s shown great promise in its first half, being a show that focuses on an age group that usually is skipped over in most anime I’ve seen, preteens. It’s that awkward stage between childish innocence and adult maturity with the main characters fighting between the two while also trapped between the fight of the land and the sea. It’s about FISH PEOPLE to put it bluntly and to explain quickly (my dad cutely calls this “Fishy Anime”) that this anime is just incredibly beautiful and sweet, and paaaainful. I’m really hoping the rest of the series doesn’t disappoint me, but is a genuinely good series to carry over to 2014.

9. Silver Spoon

I love me some slice of life, and Silver Spoon is so much more. It’s educational, feel good, coming of age, and full of things I’d gladly show to anyone. It is a GREAT anime for just about anyone to get into. There isn’t a ton of action and fighting, it’s by no means supernatural, but it’s just so nice! I’m happy to see it return in January and excited to see what fun things we’ll learn next about agriculture!

8. Little Witch Academia


*coughs* I did a review on this one earlier, so much of why I love it has already been explained. Really Studio Trigger (and this little part of it) has just done so well in bringing life so such a tiny little gem like LWA. Anime is magical, and LWA takes that seriously, bringing forth animation that really stands out on its own, a story and characters (and their great designs) that bring color and light into the show and the fact that all of that, a small, half hour long OVA won itself an anime thanks to a mostly WESTERN audience! Please keep an eye out for announcements of the upcoming anime!!

7. Suisei no Gargantia

The Urobutcher strikes again!! And he makes a mecha anime about post-ice age earth nicer and more heartfelt than that painful magical girl anime. He is one backwards man, but Garganita was one of my favorite surprises this year, mostly for the writing and directing. The plot twists were insane I MEAN INSANE, the character development WAS AMAZING for all characters, and the world building and animation was just perfect (SERIOUSLY LEDO GETS A TAN OVER THE SERIES HOLY HELL DETAILS) and it went out with such a wonderful bang.

I wanna say I caught wind of some sort of sequel/movie in the works (I know OVAs came out but CR doesn’t DO OVAs which kinda is their biggest fault at the moment), but I’m not entirely sure, regardless, the anime to me at least ended at a point that was just perfect and I’d be okay if no more showed up, but PUMPED if more were to be released.

6. Kyokai no Katana

A lot of people were upset with KNK’s ending, which surprises me seeing as it was a pretty heart-racing, gut-wrenching and tear jerking climax in my book. I had read the manga for AOT and knew what was coming (and what’s to come) so the climax of THAT anime was not nearly as emotionally provoking as KNK was, as I’ve never read the novel.

Overall, Kyoani has just had a great year and I’m glad they did, but I still stand by what I said, KNK deserved more praise than Free, and I’m happy to see Free returning next year, I’m just more satisfied with KNK as it had an ending that was just perfect, along with a freaking amazingly great story, characters, comedy, romance, and wow the tragedy.  

5. Eccentric Family

One of the few animes I see hardly anything about around was Eccentric Family. It was a really nice short, concise anime with some great story telling and mythology. I’ve gotta say, this one had my attention nonstop, and I came into this series late, having to watch around 75% of the anime before I caught up RIGHT AT THE CLIMAX, so I was all built up and raring to go at the bad guys and crying over the big reveal, and praying that the ending would be good and not RIP MY HEART TO SHREDS, but in the long run, Eccentric Family is a BEAUTIFUL coming of age story, and a story about family.

4. Attack on Titan

I had to put it on the list, not to pander, but just to mention it as AOT really was the anime of 2013. People OUTSIDE of anime knew what it was and it had such a great online presence…The problem is, after months, AOT actually just wore out its welcome for me. It’s already hurt me emotionally in ways you cannot imagine if you haven’t watched the show, yet I absolutely love it. I should hate it, I should hate all of the characters, YET I LOVE IT. Maybe the huge outpouring of pornography keeps me going, and my colossal titan nendoroid, but since the last few episodes of the anime, the OVA, the prequel and the latest chapters of the manga, my soul is just dying.

No anime has caused such emotional chaos since Natsuyuki Randevous or Shiki, maybe even Fruits Basket, but the problem is, those anime are what make me LOVE anime. The pain is GOOD. ;_; There is something wrong with me…

3. Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen

You have no idea how important Rozen Maiden is to me. It actually had an effect on my life and I have been waiting YEARS for this reboot/special series. To explain to people new to anime, Rozen Maiden originally came out during one of the…worst time for animes based off of manga. None of them ever got an actually decent anime and because of this, fat was trimmed, and by fat, I mean STORY AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, replaced instead by pandering and FILLER.

Zurückspulen (German for rewind) was a completely new spin on this to fix the anime the best it could and wow…I could not stop watching it. I have a feeling it had to do with Kirakishou and older Jun. Oh, and that they just kept twiiisiting that knife into my back, which as you can see, seems to keep me interested in anime.

I am such a freaking masochist OTL

2. Kyousogiga

Wowza, this was a great year for anime, artistically and emotionally. I was…mostly mad at Kyousogiga at first (I’m about to watch episode 10.5 to get to speed on what I just watched). Firstly, let me explain: this story is NOT told in chronological order! So you’re jumping back and forth between 4 or 5 different worlds, time lines, character POVs it’s stressful and hard to keep up with, but at the same time, it felt like a puzzle I HAD to put together on my own, slowly putting the pieces together and watching as the big picture came together. I enjoyed every moment of it, the reveals, the concept, and I was SCREAMING in shock in the last two episodes at my poor TV.

Beautiful animation, symbolism, story (despite how hard it is to follow) and I just…I’m in awe of this anime. IT WOULD BE NUMBER ONE IF ONLY FOR ONE SHOW

1. Gatchaman Crowds

It’s great to see something like Gatchaman Crowds come out of the woodwork. It’s retro, but yet it has this new, almost futuristic appeal to it. To me, this anime feels lost in time. Gatchaman itself is an OLD franchise, super popular in Japan, but not in the west, but CROWDS brings forth new technology, character types, animation and music to make this beautiful chic anime that is a treat for the eyes, ears and mind.

I say eyes and ears mostly because of the music and visuals. This anime, from the second it started to the moment it ended had the most visually appealing art style to me all season. Yes attack on titan was beautiful in its own respects (especially once you see the source material), but Crowds had this poppy, minimalist art style and soft color pallet. A lot of people HATE CG in anime like in Tiger and Bunny, but Gatchaman just pulls it off beautifully, taking a new mecha like approach on the old Gatchaman uniforms that were actually one of the main trademarks of the original Gatchaman series.

The music is an absolute treat. As soon as I heard Tutu I was blasted back to 2007 when I’d be playing Katamari Damacy, and it’s such a mix. A lot of people joke that the soundtrack is very dubsteppy, but not in a bad way at all. It takes opera, orchestral works, rock, pop, alternative music, and electrocutes it with the industrial sound of EDM and Dubstep to bring out the futuristic appeal of the Gatchaman Crowds universe.

It also broke the mold on characters. There are characters, flamboyant, masculine, miniscule, feminine, awkward, strange, angry and all in places you don’t expect. I was in awe to see a character in drag…and hardly anyone pointed it out within the series. It was nice to see a lead female character who wasn’t of your normal pick of the litter. There was little to no romance in this anime (though I won’t lie, I will gladly enjoy some when the series picks back up) and WOW JUST THE ANIMATION IS GREAT.


Regardless of what my favorites were, be it Saint Young Men, Free, AOT or whatever, 2013 was a great year for anime. The year ahead looks incredibly exciting and full of many more TBAs and a great line up prepared for Winter and Spring. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL new year, stay safe, and resolve to watch more anime in the coming year!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc, feel free to drop me a line be it via reblog, ask or whatever :3 I’m always up for feedback!


Top 10 Anime of 2015

10. Rolling Girls

Rolling Girls was an interesting anime. It had an interesting animation style, lovable characters and a feel good story. A reason this show stood out was the decision for the main characters to not have super powers like many of the other characters in the show. In most shows, it is the other way around. It also did not take itself seriously which added to my enjoyment of it. This show had it fill of clichés but the general premise of it made these clichés seem less so. I enjoyed how this show took the idea of adventuring and took it to another level. The setting of this show is beautiful and the world itself appears so fun and out of the ordinary.

9. Akatsuki no Yona

Akatsuki no Yona is like Inuyasha except not in Feudal Japan and the characters are not trying to complete a jewel. What I mean by “its like Inuyasha” is has the idea of a team of heroes venturing to complete a mission while gaining new members along the way and also being a shojo with many shonen traits. The cast in this show is colorful; not just in personality but also in appearance. This is a very artistically appealing show because the animation is full of color. One reason I like this show is even though it has the capability to turn into a reverse harem show because of the ratio of boys to girls, it doesn’t. This is a show that needs an eventual second season so it can be finished.

8. Kekkai Sensen

Kekkai Sensen was a fun anime with an interesting, outrageous plot. This show kind of reminded me of Cowboy Bebop because of the futuristic setting with a unique bunch characters. The setting was one of the pluses of this show. It took place in alien populated New York which serves as a perfect setting for the outrageous events in this show. It also reminded me of Durarara because the show would focus on more than one characters. This setup helps develop the various characters in the show along with help with the world-building. This is one show that I can watch and want to live in because it seems like so much fun.

7. Gangsta

Gangsta was an awesome anime. It had some issues like bad animation that kept it from being the best though. It reminded me of Black Lagoon except darker. It has the same concept of the main character being involved in illegal activities and being guns for hire. Unlike Black Lagoon, this show does not have the same optimistic tone which is not actually a problem. It makes it seem more realistic and that people are indeed being destroyed by the lives they choose to lead. The chemistry between the two main characters is wonderful. They are a perfect duo. Also the action sequences in this show are well planned out. They are craftily done so the same  fighting styles are used every time.

6. K: Return of the Kings

The second season of K was really well done. It improved on the first season which should be one of the goals of a second season. A major thing for me was that Shiro and Neko were not given as much screen time. Seeing the Red and Blue clans focused on was a smart move because for me, they were more interesting. In fact, the interactions between the Red and Blue clans was my favorite part of the season. In the first season, I liked the Red clan way more than the Blue clan but this season changed me to viewing them as equals. Since K has so many characters that it likes to focus on, I felt it was a good move to focus on many characters versus one.  

5. Owari no Seraph

Owari no Seraph, both seasons, is an excellent example of the supernatural genre. Like I have said before, it reminds me of Shingeki no Kyojin for many reasons. They share the fact that humanity is living in fear, humanity are totally outclassed by their enemies and this list can go on. However, unlike SnK, this show tried to tell the story from the both the human side and the enemy side (in this show, the vampires). This style somewhat humanized the vampires. This show had awesome fight scenes along with them trying to answer moral questions.  The relationship between Yu and Mika played as the main focus of the series and the show did a good job at showing this because I actually cared about them. I believe this series should had been released in back to back seasons instead of skipping one. It would had made the flow better.

4. Rokka no Yuusha

Rokka no Yuusha is a hard series to nail down. This is because the general description is nothing like the show. When I first read the description, I thought this would cover the first couple of episodes- not the whole season. I think because the whole season focuses on finding the fake, it makes the show even better. This show was enchanting to watch, it drew you in and kept you interested. I liked the psychological aspect of this show and how this help flesh out many of the characters. The characters were another strong part of this show. Aldet was a wonderful character. I loved how he used his own knowledge and science to gain the upper hand, not god powers like the other characters. Aldet was also the smartest character in the show because he had the ability to prove he was innocent; something no one else was capable of. This showed the strength that a human can have.

3. Ghost in the Shell: Alternative Architecture

It should be pretty clear that I am a Ghost in the Shell fan. This is why I was happy when a new anime was announced, even if it focused on the Arise plot. Yes, the Arise plot is not as good as SAC but I enjoyed finding out about the creation of Section 9. It was great seeing the characters develop into who they are. I feel like the Arise universe feeds into the first movie in the series (this is especially true if you have seen the new movie).

2. Nanatsu no Taizai

Nanatsu no Taizai is one of my favorite manga so of course I was happy when the anime was announced. I thought the anime did a good job at adapting the manga and could not be happier about it. The first arc of this manga is pretty amazing. Animating it brought it to a whole new level because I noticed things I did not before. When it comes to shonen stereotypes, this show does have them but that is not a bad thing. This show sets itself up as a shonen genre show and then expands on it. The show itself focused a lot on adventuring and less on fights. This lightened the tone considerately even though the main plot focused on saving a kingdom. This show also did a good job with making some of the antagonist good. It felt natural and not forced. This probably came from them believing what they were doing was right.

1. Shokugeki no Souma

Shokugeki no Souma was definitely my favorite show of the year. I think this cam from the show embracing its shonen roots. What I mean by this was this show had all the excitement of a fighting show but it was about cooking. The cooking competitions in this show were absolutely heart stopping. Even if the end result was pretty clear, this show could sill be nerve racking. This was another show that was engrossing to watch because of how this show handled itself. Also this show had a colorful cast. Usually it is hard to like almost if not all the main and supporting cast of a show but this series made it possible. Megumi’s character is usually an archetype I cannot stand but her presentation in this show made her a wonderful addition to the cast. Souma was also a great take on the shonen main character archetype. Overall, I cannot wait for the second season of this show to start.  


So here are some comments I found while looking up Russia’s adaption of the fairy tale, The Snow Queen. (Click here for the trailer.) This movie came out in 2012, a year before Frozen ever came out. Now I know that Frozen was probably thought about 10 years in advance, but I do mind you that during the process of Frozen, they crossed out all the ideas they had and started from scratch. I have read the fairy tale to see if Frozen was close to The Snow Queen, and it wasn’t. This adaption, where all the negative comments are from, was relatively close to the fairy tale. I honestly bet that this had a great story and plot, but now nobody will ever know because one: the animation isn’t that great, and two: because of Frozen. This goes to tell you that people don’t actually watch movies for the plot, but instead they watch it for the pretty animation and colors. 

External image

This was suppose to be the original Frozen. In this picture above you see the actual fairy tale characters: Gerda and Kai. Honestly if they had kept this, I wouldn’t be making this rant right now and I think it would have been a thousand times better than Frozen. Many of Disney’s movie has stuck to the concept of the fairy tale. I understand that they change some parts to make it kid friendly, but the thing is, this fairy tale was already kid friendly and it had an absolutely amazing story!  

External image

I am sorry but this stupid little shit head right here pisses me off.In The Snow Queen, Kai or Gerda never built a snowman! So it defeats all odds and purposes of this character. Disney put this snowman in place of the red and white roses, which were a very important aspect to the fairy tale. The roses were symbolic to represent the friendship between Kai and Gerda. They are also the reason why Gerda was able to remember Kai when she lost her memory due to the wicked witch she encountered in the story. The roses also appear in the ending. I want to cite an important passage from the fairy tale its self to represent how important those roses were to the fairy tale. 

“The roses out on the roof were in full bloom, and peeped in at the window; and there stood the little chairs, on which they had sat when children; and Kay and Gerda seated themselves each on their own chair, and held each other by the hand, while the cold empty grandeur of the Snow Queen’s palace vanished from their memories like a painful dream. The grandmother sat in God’s bright sunshine, and she read aloud from the Bible, “Except ye become as little children, ye shall in no wise enter into the kingdom of God.” And Kay and Gerda looked into each other’s eyes, and all at once understood the words of the old song,

“Roses bloom and cease to be,
But we shall the Christ-child see.”

And they both sat there, grown up, yet children at heart; and it was summer,—warm, beautiful summer.”

External image

Is this honestly the ripoff version of Kai? Do you know that if you take this character out of the movie Frozen, nothing would really change? The only thing that would change is Anna’s journey being much longer and she wouldn’t have a man at the end. So Elsa and Anna would both be single and that would make the point of them “not needing a man to save the day” even stronger. 

Now I can fully understand why people dislike the movie because the lack of diversity. In The Snow Queen, Gerda meets a family of robbers, and they describe the little robber girl as having broader shoulders than Gerda, darker skin, her eyes were black, and she had a mournful look. Now what Frozen dd was take out those characters as if they never existed. Wow Disney, first you messed up the whole plot of it, and then you take out characters? For shame Disney, for shame. 

External image

How the Fuck are you going to make the bad guy’s name Hans when the person who wrote the fairy tale name is also Hans? That is really disrespectful. I bet he is rolling in his grave that this story actually turn into this crap. Hans wasn’t even all that of a villain. I thought the villain of Princess and The Frog did a better job than this guy did (and the villain of Princess and the frog didn’t do much. It was basically those shadows who did all the work.) Anna gave you control of the kingdom while she was gone! Why didn’t he take that opportunity and run the kingdom the way he wanted? He could have sent those men who wanted Elsa dead after her and kill her off. Then he could have imprisoned or killed Anna. Honestly I am just making up random possibilities that would have been this character even better. 

External image

Now that I am looking at this picture they do look disoriented. The Snow Queen had nothing to do with sisters! Gerda didn’t have any family members besides her parents who died and her grandmother who was taking care off her. Kai only had a sister, but you know, what difference would that make because Disney wanted sisterly love. They shouldn’t have chosen this fairy tale for it, and instead, they should have chosen the Twelve Dancing Princesses or something. If they wanted to do the sisterly love thing then fine do it! But you didn’t have to change the whole concept of the fairy tale! It’s time like this that I actually wanted the sister rivalry that were planning to do instead of this cliche bullshit.  

What happened to the broken mirror? That was another important piece to this story. That was the main reason why Kai was abducted by the Snow Queen and Gerda went off to her journey to save him. 

I honestly can’t. This movie shouldn’t have won its Oscar for best animated movie! Despicable Me and The Wind Rises honestly got robbed. And now we will never here the end of this damn movie! Kids will never know the truth about Kai or Gerda or the Snow Queen or the flowers or the robbers or the trolls. 

Click here for my other rant about why I thought the movie was bad. 

Click here for more adaptions and the story of the actual fairy tale, The Snow Queen.

For my fortieth Evangelion book review, here is E-SAKUGA Evangelion: 3.0 #2, published by Onebilling Inc.  (Wow, I can’t believe I’m at 40 book reviews already!  My Evangelion collection has grown to over 100 books, though, so I’ve still got a long way to go…)  This interactive e-book is the continuation of E-SAKUGA Evangelion: 3.0 #1, which I covered back in my thirtieth review.  In other words, it contains production sketches and animation key frames for the second half of the Evangelion: 3.0 movie, and they can be explored through videos and other nifty tools.

At the time I am writing this, E-SAKUGA Evangelion: 3.0 #2 only works on an iPad, iPhone, or Mac, but hopefully it will be made available for other devices eventually.  I used it on an iPad, so the images you are seeing in this review are screen captures taken from the iPad (the above picture is the book’s title page).  By the way, don’t worry if you can’t read Japanese instructions, because there is also a version of this e-book that has English instructions!  (Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a French version, at least not yet.)  As an example of what can be found inside, check out this page of Kaworu and Shinji sketches:

Keep reading for the rest of the book review, plus a few more pictures and even a video!

Keep reading

Interview: Jasmin Dreyer

Today we’re joined by Jasmin Dreyer. Jasmin is a fantastic freelance illustrator from Germany who does a lot of children’s animation and games. She hopes to draw a webcomic some day. Judging by her art, that would be an amazing venture. Jasmine is a great artist with an amazing eye for detail and color, as you’ll soon see. My thanks to her for taking the time to participate in this interview.


Please, tell us about your art.

I’m a freelance digital illustrator, currently working mostly for children’s animation. So far I have mostly worked for animation and small game projects. I am also working on a bachelor’s degree for illustration right now.

A dream I have for the future is to maybe someday draw my own webcomic. We’ll see about that heh…

What inspires you?

Oh so many things. Mythology, animation, children’s books, trashy scifi movies, comics, cool fashion, just pop culture in general. The list goes on and on!

A lot of influences also come from the cool people I study with at my university. It is really nice to be surrounded by so many incredible artists with so many completely different styles.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

I have actually been drawing as long as I can remember. When I was little I was pretty obsessed with drawing all kinds of animals and my MLP toys! I was also super into Disney and other animation movies and cartoons and I guess I already had some vague idea that I wanted to do something like that.

I never stopped drawing, but for a long time I just didn’t think I was good enough for art school. So right after school, I actually started studying jazz/pop music to become a professional musician but I quickly realized that that just wasn’t for me at ALL.

After that I went to university for comparative religious studies and anthropology for a semester, which was, well … interesting but also not what I wanted to do really.

So somehow after all these detours, I finally worked up the courage to get a portfolio together and apply to art school.

Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

Nothing like symbols, no. I do tend to use a lot of the same colours or colour combinations though.

Working in the media, I am very aware of the way women, POC, MOGAI/LGBTQIAP+ people are stereotypically portrayed (if they are portrayed at all!), especially in the games industry.

Since I almost always draw female or femme characters, I always try to give them some sort of agency of their own, if that makes sense. Like they don’t exist as mere objects to please a male gaze but for their own sake. I know I am still not perfect in this, but I also try to always challenge myself in avoiding “same face” syndrome and to try and make my characters more diverse.

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

I know it’s easier said than done (and sounds cliché) but still: never give up. As you can see, it took me a long time to finally decide to pursue art professionally.

I personally think that talent is pretty overrated. Talent will only get you so far. Really one of the most valuable things I learned in art school is to be persistent and passionate about your art. Find something that you are REALLY interested in, a medium, a topic (I think this can also be applied to virtually any kind of art). Something you can spend hours and hours doing. Because if you have something like that, you will inevitably get better at it! And ultimately, I think people can always see if an artist is really enthusiastic about their work and will resonate more with it.

Use reference if you need it, it’s OK, we all do it. Don’t be afraid to copy art that you like for study purposes. But when you work on your own stuff, don’t try to blindly copy trends. Try and analyze why and what exactly you like so much about it and then try to translate those elements into your own style.

Knowing your fundamentals like anatomy, composition etc. is great but also know that you don’t have to be able to draw perfect realistic pictures if you want to be an artist. There are professional illustrators for example who don’t care a bit about exact anatomy but the pictures still “work”. Maybe you are more interested in telling a story or making people laugh with your art? Just find out what works for you.


Where on the spectrum do you identify?

I usually just identify as ace. I am probably somewhere on the aro spectrum as well, but who knows? Sometimes I just use queer when I don’t want to actually explain asexuality.

I do think it is great that we have such specific language and microlabels to describe ourselves and our experience nowadays. I just found that I personally tend to identify with too many labels at once (sometimes even contradicting ones) and get overwhelmed in trying to parse them out. So, for now, I have found it more useful to just use broader terms.

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

Not in my current field luckily.

When I was still doing a lot of music and theatre though, I always felt very alienated. Everything was so incredibly centered around romance and sexuality. Like 99% of the songs probably and even stage directions I was getting. I could barely relate to anything at all. I still love singing and performing etc. but that was probably one of the main reasons I had to quit most of it sadly.

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

Probably that aces are cold, unfeeling and not passionate about anything. This is mostly about media representation, but I think a lot of people still don’t understand how important that is. I know that it is getting better right now. But it also still hurts a lot when you only get to choose between robots or serial killers, as far as ace representation in mainstream pop culture goes.

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

I would say that your experiences and what you are feeling are perfectly valid. That only you get to decide what you are feeling. That you are allowed to feel good about yourself and have pride in your orientation. Know that you don’t have to change, for anything or anybody. That you are not broken or abnormal.

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

You can find my artblog here:
Or my personal blog:
(mostly just inspiration/fandom stuff)

And I just started posting on Instagram too:

Thank you, Jasmin, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.

SO this past weekend I went to Florida Supercon and had a GREAT TIME!! Cindy Morgan, Bruce Boxleitner, and David Warner were there the whole weekend and had a panel and signings. I took notes during the reunion panel with all three of them and Bruce Logan, cinematographer for the original film. It’s probably a little out of order, but here’s what I remember and wrote down. Sorry to anyone on mobile, it’s long!

  • All three of them are completely adorable and super funny. David Warner is the cutest most gracious old man on the planet. Bruce was chatty and clearly enjoying himself, and Cindy is SUPER knowledgeable about literally everything to do with the film and film in general. Bruce Logan told us some cool stuff about the filming of the movie. Basically, it was really fun getting to hear all of them talk
  • Some introductory stuff, everyone said hi and then they jumped right into talking about the film
  • I forgot to take notes at first but they talked about the actual filming for the movie and how none of them really had a clue of what was going on, but Lisberger showed them all storyboards to try to help them figure things out, and Bruce Logan talked about some cool cinematography stuff like how the sets were all covered in black fabric and stuff to absorb light
  • Cindy and Bruce said there weren’t marks on the set for where they had to run to, so they had to mark it out, map out their movements backwards at a running pace, and take the mark away right before they had to film and pray they hit the right mark
  • Cindy has a lot of broadcasting experience so she was talking about how the movie was filmed and she knew so much it was REALLY COOL listening to her talk about it!
  • Cindy mentioned that she and Bruce have a deal: she doesn’t talk about broadcasting, and he doesn’t talk about horses
  • (Guess what he talked about during his own panel. I swear to god)
  • I started actually taking notes here so things are a little more specific
  • David mentioned that right before the premiere, Lisberger told him the film wasn’t actually totally finished with post-production because there were so many frames to color, which were colored internationally in a bunch of different places using animation light-boards
  • Cindy mentioned she was terrified of David in the scene where Sark tells Yori and Flynn the Carrier is going to derezz and they’re going to die. “When he told me I was gonna die, I BELIEVED IT. That was not acting!” And David told her “Thank you for that, darling”
  • They talked about that scene a lot actually, and Bruce remarked that the experience of filming with David made the whole thing feel very real and David turned to him and said deadpan “That’s because I’M very real”
  • Bruce says Lisberger was sadistic with the frisbee training. A traumatic experience
  • David mentioned that they didn’t have frisbees in the UK, apparently, so he had no idea what the heck they were. He also mentioned that unlike Cindy and Bruce, most of what he could remember from the film was just shouting “KILL THEM! GET THEM!” and that years of drama school training led him to that moment. Also mentioned that while he enjoyed playing the villain in a lot of his roles he also LOVES to play good guys and wishes he had more of them in his filmography. Quite a few people mentioned Time Bandits to him, where he played another big villain
  • Bruce asked David if he remembered when he gave him “a very deep middle part in his hair” and David was like “excuse me” and Bruce (VERY enthusiastically) described when Tron flings his disc at Sark’s head and Sark’s brains spill out. David: “I thought that was Time Bandits!”
  • David’s favorite role is, according to him, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Secret of the Ooze, because he got to play a GOOD guy scientist and his kids got to see him as a good guy
  • Someone asked if any of them were aware of the impact the film would have while they were filming and they all said no, but it was great to see how many people were still passionate about it. Cindy said that was basically her favorite part of it all, that she gets to see and talk to people who clearly still love the movie and get super passionate about it. (She actually talked about that a lot and it warmed my cold bitter heart)
  • Someone asked about Kingdom Hearts 2. David said he couldn’t remember it much (which might be because he didn’t actually reprise his role, iirc he intended to but had to bow out bc of filming commitments) but Bruce said, “I was with Donald Duck through most of it. Which was a lot of fun because he’s a hero of mine” and said that he liked doing it because his youngest son played the game and finally thought Bruce was cool. “Dad, that’s you! You’re cool!” “That IS me! I AM cool!” 
  • Someone asked what their favorite scenes were in the film. Cindy said it was the scene where she’s waiting with Dumont in the I/O tower and that even though people spent about twenty minutes arranging her legs on the steps and Bernard Hughes was sweating terribly in his costume, when she saw the movie she thought the scene was totally beautiful.
  • Bruce answered that his favorite scene is when Tron walks down the hallway and sends the disc to Alan, and that he felt silly filming it but seeing it in the film was also beautiful and very spiritual
  • (I got a little emotional at their answers bc the I/O tower sequence is my FAVORITE)
  • Bruce Logan said he really loved the camera work they got to do in the tanks and Recognizers because they were able to actually move the camera around, whereas most of the other shots were stationary.
  • Cindy says that when they filmed the final scene in the System, where Dumont and Yori and Tron look out over the scenery, they were in the corner of a room with a wall literally a foot in front of their faces having to act like they had all this space in front of them
  • Someone asked Cindy and Bruce about the deleted love scene. Cindy talked about how it was cut very late into the editing process. Bruce said mostly he remembered their costumes and specifically their hairstyles in that scene. Paraphrased: “I had my hair all styled upwards and it was supposed to indicate that we had made love”, and he also called it ‘post-coital hair’ and Cindy was like “BRUCE there are children in the audience” and Bruce paused and said “Well, they won’t be at some point.”
  • Cindy talked about her hair and outfit too–she said Bruce was lucky because he was in his usual outfit but she had a new one that she was literally sewn into, and it had a fancy cape. “The internet calls it the sparkly-cape.” (YEAH) They also took a super old fashioned crimping iron to her hair for that scene and the next day she was washing it and smelled burnt chicken feathers, and her hair was coming out in CLUMPS.  Also traumatic. The stylist was very distraught 
  • Bruce couldn’t remember the scene as well as Cindy–he couldn’t recall who’s apartment they were at and Cindy was like “Bruce. Really” and he also said he couldn’t really remember how the scene really went. Cindy turned to him and said “Let me help you, grandpa” and immediately started quoting BOTH of their lines to him and describing how her apartment transformed. Bruce looked astonished 
  • Finally, a couple people asked about Tron 3. Unfortunately there’s no news as far as any of them know. They did mention Shanghai and how popular the ride is. They discussed the reasons why the film’s been put on hold (Bruce says it’s been shelved but, to his knowledge, not cancelled totally) and it basically boiled down to a lot of factors that none of them had any control over. Bruce said he was told it came down to Disney not having room in their current schedule to do the film because they want to focus on live action versions of the old cartoon movies. Also, this wasn’t at the panel, but at his table later on he mentioned that the third film was going to focus at least in part on Quorra being out in the real world, so it was nice to have that confirmed.
  • Cindy mentioned the failure of Tomorrowland might have contributed too, and she also said if the higher-ups were “where we are”, as in at cons and gatherings talking to fans and seeing the passion and love, then the film would get green-lit asap, but unfortunately that’s now how things are. She DID go on to say that her best advice to the fandom was to keep posting and talking about the franchise and letting Disney know there’s still support for it because the company has people who monitor mentions of franchises on the internet to gauge popularity. 
  • So basically, keep on keepin’ on, programs. 
Winter Anime: Final Thoughts

Finally I can sit down and write down all the stuff I watched through the winter. I’ll just do a quick rundown of the stuff that finished this winter (pmuch everything except for AssClass). The Spring season is trickling in very slowly, so I’ll post my final watchlist once it’s all out (for the time being JoJo and HeroAca have been great, UshiTora was nice and everything else’s been so-so).

The series will be ranked from worst to best >:D

Dropped series

Halfway through the season I found myself with even less time to watch anime than usual, which ended with having to drop a lot of stuff that I was honestly watching out of inertia:

BBK/BRNK: I watched all the way to episode… 5? When it became evident we were going into contrived one-on-one battles because of some very convenient rule of I don’t even care I couldn’t bring myself to keep watching. Funnily, ep 5 was the strongest the show had since the first one, and it still didn’t hook me. Consensus seems to be I didn’t miss out on much.

Originally posted by mayoiga

Divine Gate: God episode 6 was soooo stupid. I heard that lots of people died in ep 7? I don’t know, even the unintentionally hilarious narrator gimmick became tiresome at some point. I think I saw a bit of the start of one episode? 7? 8? When the boss dude had a flashback of his meeting Santa Claus or something? Dunno, it was just so dumb and not funny enough to warrant the braincells I was wasting on it. I’ll never forget the guy who put ice on his ramen tho, thanks show.

Originally posted by itadakimasu-letmeeat

HaruChika: Later episodes got slightly nicer than the first ones, with Haruta being just a little less pushy, something that really bothered me, but at the end of the day, the whole thing was really damn boring. I think I made it to episode 6.

Originally posted by gurikajis

(same, girl whose name I forgot, same)

Why did I watch this whole thing through?

Somehow I didn’t drop these shows, even though at the end of the day all I have left is this sense of hours of my life I’ll never get back

Garo: Guren no Tsuki: At the time of writing this sentence I haven’t watched the final episode, but I can bet all my Haikyuu Nendoroids that it won’t make up for the 23 weeks I waited for this show to get better. Now I’ve watched ep 24 (was it the ending?) I’m not even sure if that was the ending and I don’t care. God it was worse than I expected. Ugh, I hope the Honoo no Kokuin movie comes out soon. Hopefully we’l all forget this stupid waste of time ever existed

Originally posted by studio-arms

Dimension W: This show started okaaay-ish and it had some really interesting concepts… and then it crapped the bed, jumped the shark, shot itself in the eye, whatever you wanna call it. From the introduction of the “king of a nondescript African country in disarray” and the Easter Island nonsense everything went down the drain really fast. Like man, the whole thing turned out incredibly stupid, and that’s not even considering the asspull last minute villain. And it also left all the interesting concepts to die in a jungle of fake science gibberish.

Originally posted by mayoiga

Stuff that was okay

Shows that didn’t change my life, but didn’t waste it either

Ajin: The CGI is hoooorrrible. It started fairly weak too, but with the introduction of Satou and the reveal that Kei is actually a much grayer protagonist than it first appeared, I’m kind of intrigued to see where it’ll go. Not blown away by it, but my general impression improved quite a bit after Kei escaped the government facility. Would watch a second season if Netflix does more. Episode 12 was greaaat it kept me on edge the whole time. The last one hasn’t aired yet but my thoughts on this are pretty cemented 

Originally posted by 64bits

Grimgar: It was okay? It wasn’t as distasteful as it could’ve been? Went some interesting places in terms of grief and coping? The overall look of the production was very beautiful? I just don’t know if the character work it did was worth the 12 weeks, apart from Manato’s death episode I didn’t feel much of an emotional connection to the characters. Also Ranta is a sleazeball that never repents for the bullshit he does (just a little, at the end). Yume’s voice was very cute tho. But Haruhiro was so boring as a character. Idk, wouldn’t watch a S2 tbh. It’s weird because I think I like it more than Ajin (partly because colorful stuff>>> bleak stuff), but the story didn’t hook me? My feelings for this are very scattered

Originally posted by seieiryu

Prince of Stride: Look this show was fine and fun but the character development was overall terrible and it had some seriously bad shoehorned plot points (namely the main trio’s conveniently forgotten childhood promise and that Nana was somehow dubbed the Princess of Stride because her father was the King? Every time the announcer mentioned the King-Princess thing it felt so dumb and artificial, like no real sports announcer would say that). The finale was complete bullshit, I feel robbed of real resolutions in the characters’ relationships. But I did like the overall style, and I did come to like the characters, so I have more positive feelings for it than the other two.

Originally posted by tohsaki

(the gay, the gay of it all)

Fairy Tail: This makes me sad. I love the story of Fairy Tail. With a few hiccups here and there, the manga is overall fantastic and extremely fun. And the first year’s worth of episodes for this second anime series was pretty fine, they did a good job with the GMG and the Dragon invasion. And then I don’t know what happened, but between the muddy colors, the sluggish pace, the atrocious animation, the endless recaps and the people-talking-really-slowly to fill-in time, even my favorite moments in an overall lackluster arc (Tartaros) and an arc I love (Zero) were overall extremely lacking in weight and emotion all I felt was disappointment and boredom. I’m very sad this show became like this and I really hope however long it takes them to do a new series, they’ll give it to someone who can love the material and give it the treatment it deserves.

Originally posted by sansan9

Stuff I liked!

Not the shining stars of the season, but fun, entertaining shows that I enjoyed a lot.

Gundam: Tekketsu Orphans: This show started really strong and I overall like it, but when we reached the finale I realized I had no idea of how things had reached this point or why. There’s a S2 coming in Fall, and I’ll gladly watch it because I’m still deeply intrigued by the really unhealthy relationship Mika and Orga have, but I have no idea of where the story’s gonna go at this point. This feels like a more competently executed Aldnoah (not that it’s high praise, that show was a mess). It did a good job engaging me in the character relationships. As a Person who hates the original Gundam ™ I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable this was.

Originally posted by mayoiga

Akagami no Shirayukihime: Definitely a step-down from the first half. The most remarkable thing about this season was the development for Obi and Raj, both characters becoming my favorites (interestingly both began as antagonists) and I really enjoyed every moment they spent on screen (Obi wearing formal clothing is so important to me now). I did feel that both Shirayuki and Zen became stuck and didn’t really evolve much, not in their relationship and not as individuals, so that was disappointing. Also, the kidnapping arc was very dumb. But the overall experience is pleasant and happy, I can’t really bring myself to hate the show. Would watch an S3 (that will never happen) if they promised me we’ll see Mitsuhide doing something about his very poorly hidden feelings for Kiki.

Originally posted by sarapyon

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi: This show peaked around episode 7-8 with Kayo’s story, achieving some true brilliance in how it dealt with abuse and how victims cope with it, and then it never managed to reach those heights once Kayo was written out of the show. The identity of the killer was disappointingly obvious, I wish they had been more overt about it or that they’d presented two equally viable suspects so it could be an actual surprise when the truth was revealed. Satoru’s final confrontation with the killer was laughably ridiculous and I can’t help feeling annoyed by the fact that the masterpiece hidden in Satoru’s soul and repressed by his regret was a generic teenage magicky craptastic looking thing. I’m sure he made more people happy delivering pizzas. Still a worthwhile watch, mostly for Kayo’s stuff.

Originally posted by izukumi

Assassination Classroom would go here but it’s only halfway through. It’s a really good show though, y’all should check it out! FukuJun’s doing a brilliant job as Korosensei too. Not a fan of the “taming” of Irina (I’ve never liked how she’s treated by this show in general) or the whole Shinigami storyline, but it’s overall doing a good job.

Lupin III: This was a damned good show! Its flavor is somewhat lighter than Fujiko Mine but more adult than Cagliostro, like a healthy middle ground. The last two episodes weren’t that great, but the rest of the show was very fun and unique, with a fantastic look, unique storylines and tricks –the midseason finale was brilliant!- and it did a great job integrating the new characters: Nix and Rebecca. I’m very glad I decided to give this one a shot.

Originally posted by buzz-kill

Best of the Season

(that should be self-explanatory)

Durarara!!x2 Ketsu: I’m honestly kind of amazed by how they wrapped everything up. These last three cours improved progressively and I was very happy with how everything was tied up. I adore Shinra and Celty, so their beautiful climactic reunion at the end (especially Shinra admitting to his own selfishness and risking his life for their love) made me so happy. I am however disappointed that Anri didn’t actually do anything or that no one actually punched Mikado for being a dick. Rokujo was a great character and I would’ve liked to see him in the epilogue too. My husbando Shizuo was his perfect beautiful self all the way through and I love him. I’ll miss this series. I think I’ll rewatch it actually, from season 1. It’s definitely one of my all-time favorites, even after all these years.

Originally posted by noisylovepatrol

Haikyuu S2: I have mixed feelings on this. I think the adaptation was absolutely beautiful in every sense, and we all know how much I adore these characters. However, I do absolutely feel they could’ve padded the games a little more (give Johzenji, Wakunan and Datekou more screentime) and leave the Seijoh match for Season 3. That way they wouldn’t be running out of material and we’d get more Oikawa and Iwa-chan (why did I have to develop such a huge crush on Iwa-chan just as his part in the series ended ;A;). I understand why they did it this way –to set the contrast between this finale and the ending of S1- but I still wish they’d made it a little longer and I can’t help feeling a little bitter about it. It’s still a show I love and that I can’t wait to get more of, and certainly my favorite sports anime up to date.

Originally posted by activeraid

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Hands down the best show of the season and a strong contender for anime of the year, I can’t imagine there’ll be much stuff to rival it. It’s such a unique and adult story with so many nuances, beautiful direction, well-rounded characters and that subtly deals with issues of sexuality and gender roles and just… ugh. That scene in the graveyard murdered me. I think it’s a must see if you’re able to look past the unconventional theme. I’m so happy to know that it’ll have a second season to cover the rest of the manga.

Originally posted by milky-holmes

(we could’ve had it aaaaalllll)

As an overall I think the season was weak, a lot of forgetable, mediocre shows and nothing “so bad it’s good” to make up for it. But bcause Showa was such a strong and unique offering, -the kind of show you only see a handful ot times every decade it makes the whole season worthwhile and I don’t feel like three months of nothingness (hello spring 2015)

What were your favorite shows of the season? Replies are bac so y’all con comment here directly about it

My Life as an INTP

Name: Elle 


Enneagram: 5w6, 9w1, 4w5.  

I wasn’t going to do one of these, but I thought why not. (I may or may not later regret this decision.) I found MBTI back in 2010, and types that I have given serious consideration to since (aka mistyped myself as) include: INFJ, ISFJ, INFP, ENTP. But if anyone thinks I’ve mistyped myself again, please let me know.

Dominate Introverted Thinking (Ti): 

Well, I have a love, a need, basically an uncontrollable urge to analyze everything. EVERYTHING. (And it doesn’t help that sometimes I experience anxiety relating to my sometimes obsessive analysis which then equals OCD, but that’s a story for another day.) 

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Ask a Game Dev interviews Gameplay Programmer Amelia Von Haden

Apologies for the delay between interviews. Due to the amount of red tape my interviewees need to go through in order to get approval to do these, they may be more sporadic. I’m still waiting on a number of them to get back to me. This time, I’m interviewing Amelia Von Haden, gameplay programmer at Bioware, currently working on Dragon Age Inquisition.

What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Amelia Von Haden and I am a gameplay programmer at BioWare.

What games have you worked on in the past?

I’ve worked on Madden ‘11, Prey 2, a couple of unannounced titles, and most recently Dragon Age Inquisition.

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anonymous asked:

i love ur aro gf headcanons! they fuel me. pls share all that u want with us bc 👍

here, a conglomeration of random aro hc material just for you, anon:

  • i’m really invested in the idea of dip and wendy doing a rad queerplatonic thing when they’re older, and age differences are less awkward, and splitting rent is both convenient and an opportunity to have terrible snarkily-commentated b-movie marathon nights together
  • after the twins go home for the summer because everyone is going to be COMPLETELY FINE RIGHT dipper, love his sister as he does, sometimes gets a little overwhelmed by everyone around him being so romantically-minded, so on nights where it really feels like salt is getting rubbed in the wound (the evenings of school dances, valentine’s day, etc.) he’s got a skype line to the mystery shack to ring up ford to talk about the weirdest thing his great-uncle found in the woods that week instead 
  • on a similar note, i really love the idea of wendy and ford bonding a lot, because while we haven’t seen them interact much they both have similarly hands-on attitudes to the supernatural and idk i just, i really feel it as a brotp kinda vibe when i think about how i headcanon them both as aro. i like to think that when school starts back up again she crashes at the mystery shack for homework help a lot because “hey, mr. pines, i need to come up with a science experiment for monday and–” “–how many explosives are you allowed to use?”
  • fidds leaving/bill’s betrayal hit ford extra hard because ever since he’d first noticed that romance didn’t feel right or comfortable to him, he started wondering if he was just incapable of forming meaningful relationships, of any kind, with anyone at all. and at that point in his life, every single one he’d attempted ended with him learning he’d either been used, or driven someone away
  • (continued in that context: imagine if the line “you’re the one with the sickness!” had actually made it into the final draft and animation of atots. or rather don’t because it really, really hurts)
  • mabel is not only the family lgbtqa+ dictionary, but the aggressive defender of identities that will fight another human being that invalidates them. she’s knitted everybody pride sweaters in assorted flag colors and regularly reminds the members of the family who need it that she adores them platonically and they’re very important to her
  • consider the mental image of a big happy aro cuddle pile. possibly a pillow fort, b/c it turns out that ford’s engineering skills apply equally well to very soft and comfy building materials