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I Never Planned on You - Pietro Maximoff x Stark!(f)Reader

Words: 2569 (What the fuck this never happens)
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Stark!(f)Reader
Featuring: Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, a few random characters
Warnings: swearing, yelling, cheesey
Requested by anon
Can you please do one with Pietro to I Never Planned on You from Newsies? Thank you!
Authors Note: You guys have no idea how excited I was to do this and I’ve been working on it for so long i hope it makes up for the lack of imagines from the past week. very much so based off the newsies show. even parts that weren’t in the song. i was excited.

Also, little summary: you are Y/N Stark but use a different last name while working. You own your own magazine company and you and your assistant, Jeremy, are headed to New York for a few different reasons. A speedy silver-haired boy sees you, and who knows what happens from there?

Read on Ao3 if you please

Pietro Maserlist. Masterlist.

You liked to keep it a secret that you are a Stark. Tony, as the older sibling, would carry on the Stark name to make something of himself and honor your parents. But as the second born and younger sibling, you had more freedom. You did not want to be bound to the Stark name and seen as “Tony Stark’s sister” or “another Stark” because that isn’t who you are. You knew you were one-hundred-percent capable of making it on your own, hence why you used a different last name when working.

It wasn’t important that you were a Stark. It was nice not to get compared to Tony as being merely the younger sibling, and you had more recognition than you would have had if you kept the Stark name. But that didn’t change the love you had for your brother, as you and him at least text every day.

It was funny when they did compare you, though. Your company did not have the size the Stark did, but it was getting there.

“Jeremy,” You called out to your assistant, and he walked quickly inside your office.

“Yes?” He asked as he stood at your door.

“When do we leave for my jet?” You asked. Your name may not be as big as the Stark name, but the Stark name is a really big thing; so you were a decent size. And to many surprises, you are able to have your own plane.

“About two hours, Miss (Y/N),” Jeremy smiled after looking at his schedule.

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how I revise for exams...

everyone revises for exams differently, and there’s no ‘one size fits all’, but an important part of revision for everyone is breaking your subjects down into manageable chunks. 

This year, I have really taken my methods seriously, so this has become a key way I revise for my exams. 

as you can see, there’s a blank table, but this can become so much more than that. 

Fill in your subject title at the top - you make take 4-5 subjects, so you can have 4-5 of these planners. 

eg. pharmacology 1

Break said subject into the individual topics you studied this semester

eg. cardiovascular system, nervous system, pain, opioids

Break individual topics into individual sections

eg. Cardiovascular system:

  • hypertension
    • A –> E of hypertension treatment
      • major side effects, minor side effects
      • contraindications
    • causes of hypertension
    • primary vs. secondary hypertension
    • outcomes of untreated hypertension
  • heart failure
    • stages
      • outcomes
    • identification of heart failure
    • treatment
    • drugs - indications, classes
      • side effects [major and minor]
  • coagulation
    • coagulation cascade
    • virchow’s triad 
    • coagulation risk factors
    • coagulation medication
      • new anticoagulants
      • warfarin
      • heparin
      • streptokinase
      • clopidogrel 
      • aspirin
    • indications for sole aspirin treatment
    • warfarin treatment planning

Now you’ve thoroughly broken down your subjects, it’s important to identify what needs more revising and what needs less revision. - before highlighting you may want to make an unhighlighted photocopy of your plan, so you can re-highlight it again in a few days - week time.

  • I tend to use 3 highlighters - one for each face on the chart - highlighting each individual broken down area of each topic - giving me an idea where to focus when I allocate time to said subject.

Once you have identified areas of the individual topics that may need extra attention, identify how well you understand the topic as a whole - here you can use the three faces as an overall measure. 

I tend to do this with a highlighted line in the box of the face for each topic - I also find it useful to put a date on when I make this identification, so when I move from 😟 -> 😕 ->😄 I know how long it took! 

 This has been a method that has worked quite effectively over the last exam period, and we’re all in the same boat - trying to find what works for us. When you annotate the life out of this revision planner and it moves from being a blank table to something full of life and writing and colour, it becomes your greatest tool and one of your best friends! 

happy studying

5 Bullet Journal Page Ideas

1. Goals. Every month, make a page with the goals you want to accomplish that month. Whether it be read more or eat junk food less, it’s a great way to make a tangible list of things you want to accomplish. I find writing things down is a great way for me to actually get things done, rather than just thinking “Oh, yeah, I need to do that at some point.”

2. Budgets. You can do many different things with this idea. You could have a page that is just an overview of your spending for the month. You can do this to try and cut down costs, by giving yourself specific goals on how much money to spend, etc. Or you can even use this to keep track of all your University costs in one place. The possibilities are endless, which makes it a great idea for multiple pages in your bullet journal.

3. Gift Ideas. Keep a running list of things to get yourself, mom, dad, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. Nothing’s worse than when it’s time to go Christmas shopping, and you have no ideas. With this, you can write things down throughout the year and have a long list before the holiday and/or birthday seasons!

4. Accomplishments. This is a list of things you’ve accomplished throughout the year, so when you move onto your new bullet journal, you can look back on all the great things you did. This is something that will be awesome to look back on in a few years, remembering what you did each year that you considered to be an achievement worthy of making the list!

5. Textbooks/Materials/Books. This is especially helpful for college students who are renting and buying textbooks from a lot of different places. I like to write down where I got the textbook and it’s due date, so I’ll never forget to return a book! You can also use this page to write down things you need to buy for the coming school year that are designated in your syllabus.

anonymous asked:

*curtsies* dear duke, you mentioned that you wrote 7 novels or something before one of them was published. How did you manage to write so many? As a young writer should I keep revising the book I'm working on or should I move on to another idea?

*Curtsies* How I managed to write so much had purely to do with figuring out which method worked for me and making it a habit. (Also the fact that I was writing for like ten years.) There’s no blanket solution and no shortcut, unfortunately. All writers are different and have to figure out what works for them individually. For me it was outlining with a vengeance, writing a certain amount every day, and only working on one project at a time. I can’t tell you whether you should keep revising or move on. What, if anything, are you planning to do with this project? Does it still need revision? Do you have another idea you want to start working on? Those are all factors to consider but ultimately you have to make the decision on your own–and learning how to make those decisions yourself is part of the writing process, too. 

A List.

In celebration of me living on my own for almost exactly a year now, here’s a list.

If you’re a mentally 12 yo person who suddenly finds themselves in a flat of their own and has no idea how to adult, hi! Me too. Here’s a list of things I’ve realised are essential p much from the start:

  • some sort of paper towel. Toilet paper, napkins, anything. You can do a lot of cleaning with just paper towels. 
  • Toast. Toast is my best friend. You don’t need any of the other foods, as long as you have some toast.
  • (A toaster. Not as important as the toast itself, but makes all the difference in enjoying it. Also makes you feel like you’re an adult for some reason?? I mean, you’ve got a toaster. V adult.)
  • At least one pot/pan.
  • (unless you’re vegan) Milk. You wouldn’t believe how many things you need milk for, and how fast it’s all gone. (Maybe this one’s just me though. I love milk)
  • (again, if you’re non-vegan) EGGS! YOU CAN MAKE SO MUCH OUT OF EGGS. YOU CAN MAKE SCRAMBLED EGG, HARDBOILED EGG, PANCAKES, COOKIES, CAKE, YOUR OWN BREAD okay, maybe that’s for later. But have eggs. They also almost never go bad if you keep them cold enough
  • Coffee. Even if you don’t like coffee (wtf) you’re gonna want coffee. You’re an adult now. You’re gonna have people visit you, and, presuming you’re not the most social person in the world, you’ll want to be able to do something other than talk. Making coffee is a great excuse to move around, and won’t even seem rude! Also you’ll need coffee because seriously, how else do people survive
  • I have realised that this has almost solely been about food up to this point. And food is important, but you know what’s even more important? Sleep.
  • BUY A BED. A REAL BED. NO, NOT JUST A MATTRESS. Honestly, you’re gonna want a bed. You’re not gonna want to buy one, but do it. It’s worth it. And when you’ve purchased one, ASSEMBLE IT. OR MAKE YOUR FRIENDS ASSEMBLE IT. DON’T SIT ON THE CARTONS FOR THREE WEEKS. 
  • Something to organise your clothes in. Doesn’t have to be a huge wardrobe, maybe just a clothes rag and some boxes/a shelf. NOT the boxes from your move. That’s gonna turn into the biggest mess real soon, believe me this one took me way too long
  • More than one mug.
  • Plates. Also more than one. Because IF you ever decide to show off your phenomenal cooking abilities, it’s a real bummer to find out you’ve got nothing to present your perfectly reheated chicken nuggets on.
  • At least one big mixing bowl. You don’t even know how many things you’re gonna want to mix. But you’re a free person now, so, as long as you’ve got a bowl, you can do about anything! But don’t eat an entire bowl of raw cookie dough. Just don’t. Seriously.
  • Sponges. You’re gonna need so many sponges. Also soap. Also more sponges.
  • Scented candles. Because scented candles are great.

I’m by no means an expert, but I have survived on my own for almost a year now, so basically I just wanna pet myself on the shoulder for that thanks me @ me u survived

dawittiest replied to your photo “Progress! I’m trying to decide whether not I should put some sparkle…”

you can never go wrong with sparkle

You have no idea how sparkly I have made cookies with edible glitter

*goes through cookie tumblr for incriminating evidence*

AH YES. So crunchy.

That said, I now kind of want to make at least one of the Thor’s hair sparkly, too. WHY NOT. 

So the story is, I buy too much notebooks and always have an empty notebook because i’m too scared to tarnish its purity so here are some ideas to help me with my notebook problem and all of you guys who might have a new notebook with them and don’t know what to do with it. It’s a bit long and i’m sorry so if you’re up to the challenge, go right ahead.

  • Write down overheard conversations
    • It’s not creepy. It can help in stories. Inspirations and all that. It’s also interesting to know what other people talk about and how different or similar they are to you. This is getting creepy, moving on.
  • Make a playlist
    • Whether it be for studying or for when you want to dramatically cry looking out the window. Making a playlist is pretty cool. I mean yeah you can make playlists on your phone instead but like notebooks right?
  • For language learning
    • It’s like a habit tracker but instead of habits, it’s for language. It’s like making your own dictionary. (or something i’m not sure, exactly)
  • Books, Movies, Shows
    • Another tracker. Wow. But this time it’s for your books, movies, and shows. I already said that. Right. It shows which episode you last watched or maybe a schedule when to read/watch. It can help when you’re always busy. You can just look and “oh right, this episode.”
  • Wishlist
    • This is a great idea because you can just give the notebook to someone who’s like “what do you want for your birthday?” and you’re like “here’s a notebook. choose one.”
  • Aesthetics
    • This is more creative and artsy. You can draw, paste photos, or paint. You can do literally anthing here because it’s your aesthetic. It’s anything and everything you love. It can be a scrapbook or a sketchbook or both. This is something I might try out in the future. Protip: you can use magazines for photos.
  • List of things you love
    • It’s a bit like the Aesthetics but less with the scrapbooking idea. You list down everything you love, person or thing. It could be like all the things you’re grateful for or just something you can flip at when you feel down. It’s like a reminder book that there is hope in the world.
  • Journal
    • This isn’t a new thing, a lot of people do journaling, including me. But if i’m honest I don’t know anyone irl who does so if you don’t journal here’s some things you can do in a journal. It can be like telling someone about your day but there’s no limitations. You can let it all out. It’s a journal for yourself and no one else. It can be your outlet of emotions. You write down rants or just your mind process. You can also did what I tried last night, I wrote down a letter for someone. I know the person will never read it so I have nothing holding me back. I let my emotions out. So yes, you can write love letters and all that. An just because your journal is for yourself that doesn’t mean you can’t share it (of course with your permission).
  • Random Artefacts you collect
    • I don’t mean rocks or shells. It might not fit in the notebook. I mean like random doodles or tickets. Maybe it can be like a journal but no words are needed. It can be like telling someone about your day through artefacts.
  • Poetry
    • I’m going to be honest with you all. I’m not good in poetry. But i’m trying. So it can be like another creative outlet. Here I come future rapping skills
  • Mind Maps
    • It can be about your emotions. It could be your own therapist. Finding out why you feel like that and all that. Or just for fun because mind maps could be fun.
  • No Pressure, No Shame, Sketchbook
    • I’m going to be honest, here. Yes I am quite artsy. And a lot of people know that in my schooland also my parents and I feel pressured to be really good at it, which maked me feel stressed about something I used to do for fun. So I want to finally have a sketchbook where I can draw anything I want in any style I want. No shame and no pressure.
  • Bucket List
    • It’s basically a list of everything you want to do in life. It can be like a goal book. Although it shouldn’t be all about school and career, it can be about something as simple as going on a roadtrip with all your best friends.
  • Review book
    • Your reviews on anything. Movies? Sure. New food? Sure. Politics? Sure. Let your inner opinionated self out.
  • Inspiration/Moodboard Scrapbook
    • It’s like if you’re running out of ideas. Writer’s block, Creativity block, blocks in general. Here’s something that can inspire you, give you ideas, and destroys those blocks. It can also be a whatever scrapbook. Like things you currently like in that day/week/month. It can all be like a dream board, place all photos and all that that inspire you on your goals in life.
  • Rants
    • It’s hard to express yourself without anyone arguing with you. So with this notebook idea, you can let everything out. Whether it be about your friend or about recent news. In some way it can be like journaling but this one is more on ranting and anger and all that.

I hope this helps someone. I know some of the ideas seem alike and i’m sorry about that but yeah here are some ideas I have. I wish more people can see how wonderful a notebook is and isn’t just used for school.This is also my first list thing so yeah I hope I did a great job. Also sorry, I had a mistake in the list but I fixed it so i’m sorry if you already saw this but yeah. :))

anonymous asked:

Hi! I want my character to have come from multiple foster homes, like she gets moved around a lot.. I have no idea how foster homes work though, and what are some reasons that she could be moved to a different home? Thank you so much in advance! I just want my story to be as accurate as it can be! :)

Thank you anon for your dedication to accuracy; in situations such as these, it’s so very important to be true to real-stories–making it up as you go along can end up being disrespectful and down right harmful, so you are already making a fantastic choice in doing your research. You’ll find many resources here in the point of view of former foster children themselves. Any time you’re doing research, really do try and hear it from the mouthes of those who have experienced it themselves and listen, listen, listen. 

Here are some resources I hope will help: 

How The Foster System Works:

Moving Home to Home In the System:

anonymous asked:

I thought the Follow You theme and reference in the newest chapter was so clever and I am going to re-read all of Masquerade then the first chapter of Money Shot again because your writing holds my heart and soul. I do have a question though: would you ever consider doing a timeline for Masquerade? Since you have the chapters and the extras.

I have been waiting to use that song in a chapter summary for a long time, and that was definitely the time for it. You have no idea how stoked I am that someone else noticed. 

I might have start using different lines from the same songs though, haha! And fsvbfjhvbe thank you so much for re reading, I never dreamed I’d have stories that people re read. Thank you T_T

I would love to do a timeline, I forget that I have everything in my head and its all in order and makes sense, and it might not to other people, whoops. I hope I can find the time! 

You have no idea how infuriating it is that I don’t know certain languages, I can’t bloody watch all the different Romeo and Juliet’s and I don’t know the original story well enough to follow along, DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I WANT TO SEE HUNGARIAN, ITALIAN AND ALL THE OTHER ONES OF MERCUTIO MAKING DICK JOKES AND ALL THAT WONDERFUL STUFF AND HOW HE SASSES TYBALT ALL THE TIME LIKE THEYRE IN SOME KINDA LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP AND THEN HE DIES, I NEED THE FEELS IN MY LIFE
From the SDCC panel: Rebecca Sugar answers a personal question • /r/stevenuniverse
In response to what inspired her to prominently feature LGBT representation in Steven Universe: "Much of it comes from my experience as a bisexual...

Question: Steven Universe has strong themes that center on women’s empowerment and LGBT themes. (Applause, cheers) Rebecca, what inspired you to include these themes in the show?

Rebecca Sugar: Well, in large part it’s based on my experience as a bisexual woman. (Applause, cheers) I think that there are a lot of ways that I - oh, I haven’t thought this… These themes have so much to do with who you are. There is an idea that these are themes that should not be shared with kids, but everyone shares stories about love and attraction with kids. So many stories for kids are about love. And it really makes a difference to hear stories about how someone like you can be loved. And if you don’t hear those stories, it will change who you are. It’s very important to me that we speak to kids about consent, that we speak to kids about identity, that we speak to kids about… I want to feel like I exist, and I want everyone else who wants to feel that way to feel that way too. (Loud applause, cheers)

I’m not crying. You’re crying.


Holy Vader, this took so much time… JUST BECAUSE I HAD TO DO ALL THE SCHOOL’S IMAGES, there’s no decent images for the schools, what a shame…. xddd

Oh well, hello! I’m Pau, the creator of this click and drag, I don’t think I need to explain how you play this, you click a gif, and drag to see your result! It doesn’t have that many options, I’ll work on it probably, but you can have fun with this as how it is now~ You can really get a great character from this, since there’s the option of Club, so your new oc can be or not part of the Basketball Team, it doesn’t really affect the interaction with the cannon characters, anyway, indded is pretty much fun! Two characters that are in different clubs, or even schools, but keep talking to eachother!… But well, that’s my opinion <3 If some of you have an idea to make this game more complete, You’re totally welcome to message me~ and if some of you want to know, I’ll leave all the available chances i put in this bellow, that’s all for now, Bye byeeee~!

Haircolor: 57 colours

Eyecolor: 55 colours

Skin: 8 colours

School: 12 institutions

Club: 19 different clubs

Role Model: 43 characters


“In large part it’s based on my experience as a bisexual woman. I think that there are a lot of ways that I — how to I put this? These themes have so much to do with who you are. There is an idea that these are themes that should not be shared with kids but everyone shares stories about love and attraction with kids. So many stories for kids are about love. It really makes a difference to hear stories about how someone like you can be loved. And if you don’t hear those stories, it will change who you are. It’s very important to me that we speak to kids about consent. That we speak to kids about identity. There’s so much I have to say about this. I want to feel like I exist and I want everyone else who wants to feel that way to feel that way too.“

                                                            - Rebecca Sugar, SDCC 2016

Hey everyone!

I’ve been crocheting a lot lately and have made some Haikyuu phone bags experimentally. As it turns out, it’s so much fun to make them that I thought I could open them comission style and just want to see how interesting the idea is to you.

I’d offer:

Bags in three different size:

They can be one person bags or OTP bags with different numbers and trikots on each side.

Prizes would probably between 7-13€ + Shipping.

So what do you think? Are you interested? For questions etc please shoot me an ask <3  (reblogs would be very appreciated)

Sandkopf ~

Using Headscarves in Fantasy Religions

@melearp asked:

I’m currently working on a fantasy story in which elves wear headscarves for religious purposes. The majority of the elves do not have pale skin, and I think those two things combined are going to make readers think the elves are muslim coded. They’re not, mostly because I want them to use magic, and I’ve made their reasons for wearing headscarves very different to hopefully make that clear (they wear them to symbolically hide from a wrathful goddess). Is this okay, or should I scrap the idea?


So I think these three asks together pretty much answer your question, but just to be clear: 

Headscarves are something that predate Islam and exist outside of it. If we switched out the name Islam with Christianity, then I would leave it at that, but as the hijab is, regardless of how clear you make the difference, instantly linked with Islam these days, you still have to be careful of how you portray these characters. 

You can’t control the fact that people link head coverings to Islam and Islam to oppression & violence, but you can control how these characters are in your story. If they are violent and malicious characters, you are only adding to the negative stigma. I sound like a broken record, but I cannot stress how important it is to remember that your fantasy literature has real-world implications.
So no, I won’t say that headscarves are for muslims and muslims only, but a lot of people see that relationship as exclusive and thus it becomes your duty to handle that linkage responsibly.

-Mod Yasmin

The signs as types of fans

Aries: “you’re bashing my baby? Well back up 363728 feet because I’m aboutta spit sum fire @ u”

Taurus: “Honestly nobody can actually call MY baby their baby lol”

Gemini: in 10 different fandoms “lol lets all have sex”

Cancer: “You guys have no idea how much you mean to me you’re my life”

Leo: “My fandom is 10x better than yours”

Virgo: *helps out other people in the fandom w their emotions*


Scorpio: “I’m honestly about to help Aries throw hands with whoever is talking shit”

Sagittarius: *drama going on* “THERES A POSITIVE SIDE TO THIS”


Aquarius: *makes weird edits*

Pisces: *writes fanfic*

When I was like 15 I use to look at these social media famous people, tv stars, artists, YouTube personalities, etc and wish I could live their lives, or somehow be half as put together as they were.. have some of their talent, something. Being someone who has a little bit of a following now I want to make sure that I debunk this idea. I want to remind those who see these portrayal of people’s lives and internally wish they could switch out their own that I am in no way better than you. We are at the same level. I experience pain, frustration, sadness all at the same intensity as you. You are more than worthy of as much happiness and joy you can fit into your smile and laugh. We may have different experiences but we all are figuring out how to maneuver through life. I want to be a friend, a sister, or just a person that helps when they can. Your life is just as valuable as the person you look up to. Please don’t forget that.


I wrote this a few days ago and I was really proud of it. I’m going to be honest, I would’ve never thought I would make it this far, it’s all because of you guys that I’m alive and breathing. You have no idea how much I thank you for it! Without you, I wouldn’t be the person I am today! I can’t wait to see you June 19th! I am a Stray and I now have a huge family that won’t judge me for being different. Thank you for accepting me and letting me express myself. I am a Stray. We are the Strays!

So my brother wore his AKF shirt to school today and is super excited to tell people what it’s about. Lil bro: “ I hope people ask me about jared and jensen. So I can tell them they help the people who are sad.” You guys you have no idea how proud I am of my brother. He is the sweetest thing that has ever happened to me and he wants to do so much good in the world. Even though I play the roll of parent and sister and it’s hard sometimes; it’s worth it when I know my baby brother loves to make a difference. Now excuse me while I cry.

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