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Lost Sanity - Bucky Barnes x Reader ((ANGST))

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Summary: In which (Y/N) has lost her memory and her first love, Bucky Barnes, watches her fall in love with his best friend, Steve Rogers.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader / Steve x Reader

Word count: 1.5K


A/N: Requests are open and I absolutely am open to anything (as long as it isn’t morally wrong)! I love speaking to you guys and receiving any type of feed back so please don’t hesitate to send an ask or message (:



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in which someone just needs some attention

Word Count: 1,500

Rating: R (i’m sorry mom)

You understood. You really did. Youtube was his job, and that meant that he had to spend a lot of time creating product, from videos to merchandise to books. However, Joe was very much so an all-or-nothing person. If he had a week full of work, you were lucky to steal a kiss and 5 minutes of alone time. On the other end of the spectrum, if you were spending a week together he would schedule tweets and spend the entire week fully unplugged. So all was well that ended well.

Most of the time.

Tonight, not so much. You had wanted nothing more than to have a relaxing day in cuddling with your boyfriend, which always ended up as something more by the end of the day. Hell, you were past wanting it. You needed it. And you tried to be understanding like usual while he edited his main channel video. And then the vlog from the past day. And then when he had a 2-hour skype meeting with Caspar about their production company. It didn’t help that he spent the whole day without a top on, and his abs were on full display. You caught yourself staring all day, watching the muscles ripple under his skin. You were patient, no matter how painful it was. But watching him enter the closet at 10:30 to grab his gaming hat practically made you groan.

“You’re filming a gaming video tonight?” You pouted from your spot on the bed.

“Yeah, I’ve gotta get another episode of Outlast II up, it’s been a few days,” he explained, picking out a Sugg Life shirt to throw on for the video.

“You can’t film tomorrow? I’ve hardly seen you today.”

“I know baby, I’m sorry. I just have to film this really quick and then I’ll be back. I’ll make it a short video, 40 minutes tops. I’ll even wait to upload it until tomorrow,” he said, arranging his hat over his hair.

“Alright, that’s fine I guess, as long as you promise to come right to bed when you’re done.”

“Promise,” he smiled, leaning down to give you a kiss before headed to his office.  

Once he was out of view, you slipped out of your jeans and shirt, revealing your matching bra and panties – some of Joe’s favorites on you. Let’s just say you’d woken up with a plan for how the day was going to end up. You strolled out into the kitchen, making sure he would get a view of you from the office.

“Do you want a glass of water before you start?” You called, watching him carefully.

“Yes please!” He responded, not looking away from his screen. You poured him a glass before grabbing a post-it note off the counter and scribbling a quick note.

Let’s see how long you can outlast. Gotta film a whole episode tonight, right? Finish before you come to bed Xx

You laughed slightly at your pun, but you knew it would get the message across.

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Cared for

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(A/n): lowkey hate myself


Request:  I don’t know if you do smut but…Sean (Jack) were you’re a youtuber that focuses on more filmy arty type of stuff but you’re somehow affiliated with his yt friends? & you’ve both been kinda flirty between each other for awhile , but recently you’ve been super tired & sad because you work so hard & there’s bad rumours going around about you. So he tries to talk to talk to you but it doesn’t work so he starts touching you & he tells you he can look after her tonight? So kinda fluff but still hot?

Warnings: THIS IS NOT SMUT only at the end does it get a bit frisky but no actual sex guys this is PG 13

Listened to: this


“NO.” she screamed as her canvas tumbled to the floor for the ninth time in one set.

(Y/n) crammed both her hands onto her head, tightly gripping her grease slicked locks. They sighed sharply, eyes widening in spite.

Dropping both arms with lame joints, the girl’s head shot back to glare at the roof.

“Lord, go fu–”

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Fanfic Writers’ Appreciation Day

Happy Fanfic Writers’ Appreciation Day everyone! In honor of Fanfic Writers’ Appreciation, I would like to take the chance to send some thank yous to the following writers who have gone above and beyond to encourage my work or helped me when I needed it:

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Dear Evan Hansen Headcanons

- Jared once bought heelies because as the school funnyman it’s practically his job- but then he rolled down a ramp and crashed into a fountain

- when Connor was alive he punched a kid who made fun of his black nail polish

-Evan has both a fidget cube and spinner, but uses the cube more often. Jared used to tease him for it but then he saw how much it helped Evan and let the boy be free

-Evan has actually been handling his anxiety a lot better since the whole Connor project incident, and it makes Heidi and Jared so happy because: you’re doing great sweetie look at you go

-it took Evan a really long time to tell Jared how he actually broke his arm and when he did it was very a random very fast word vomit while they were hiking.

-Evan falling out of the tree is now the one thing Jared will not make fun of

-Jared once tried to ask Evan out and ended up screaming “YOU WANNA GO” at him and Evan instantly thought Jared wanted to fight and was Afraid

-things were incredibly awkward with Zoe for a long time. Most of the time they accidentally met in the orchard and Evan would always, without fail, start apologizing. Zoe is so used to it that whenever she sees Evan she instantly says “it’s ok.”

-Heidi takes as many days off as she can but she’s still really busy, whenever she’s home she’s making all of Evan’s favorite foods and they chill out and watch cop shows

-Heidi usually asks how Evans day went and if he’s doing ok, and Evan makes sure she’s not over exhausting herself

-One time in the middle of Evan’s routinely “I’m sorry I fucked up so bad” speeches Zoe suddenly asked “so you wrote that letter?”

-Evan didn’t go to the orchard for a week after that he was so shook

-whenever someone accidentally steps on the back of Evan’s shoes he loses his shoe, everything in his pockets, and face plants

-Jared is gonna make fun of Evan until he dies but if anyone else does Jared will personally show up to your room that night and end you

-Zoe actually helped to mend their very awkward relationship by making stupid jokes before Evan could open his mouth and after that they were able to just have a comfortable silence

-Jared is the living embodiment of “I made you a friendship bracelet” “lol that’s so stupid” “you don’t have to we-” “NO IM NEVER TAKING IT OFF”

-he may or may not have a few of Evans friendship bracelets around his ankle

-after middle school Jared actually got really afraid of being bullied, so when high school started he upped his teasing to the next tier

-Evan tries really hard to comfort Jared when he feels like shit- which is more often than you’d think- but it’s just so hard to tell when he is and he always throws it off with a dumb joke

-one time Jared teased Evan about the Connor project, and went too far, Evan didn’t speak to him for the rest of the day, Jared almost cried

- sometimes when he can tell Evan is having a rough day he invites him to places randomly- “hey so all my totally awesome friends bailed on me for the mall, and I figured you’d wanna go since you have no life or whatever”

- alternatively Evan sits by Jared and makes awkward small talk, and just gives the boy a chance to tell him what’s wrong. He’ll give him his cube if Jared seems especially anxious

-Zoe once asked Evan if anything he told her was true, and he told her about the printer story. She seemed somewhat happy that Connor cared she was in the letter.

-Zoe once stabbed Connor in the eye with mascara and still finds it one of the funniest memories of him

-Zoe is a music depression person, she sits in her room with music full blast a lot

-“wait Zoe you know that you don’t have to like forgive me and be friends with me right like that’s totally ok i know I screwed up so-” “I know, I also don’t have mourn Connor” “…so why are you at the orchard so much”

-she never explains this

-one time Jared jumped on Evans back and they both ended up in a river

-he knows Evan has the strength to hold him up and dammit he’s gonna prove it

-one of the things Evan doesn’t regret about the Connor project is his speech because he still gets messages of the video thanking him and telling him how helpful it was

-Evan really wants a hamster, like really fucking badly

-Jared constantly greets people with “sup I’m gay” or “sup Hereros”

-Jared also constantly points out hot guys in hopes that Evan will agree because he can’t tell if Evan really is bi or not he just gets bi vibes from him

-“hey can you help me find updog” “what is..updog…?”

- this happens with Bofa too

- Connor used to be the master of avoiding situations. If you tried to have a serious conversation with him he’d either distract you or you’d turn around and he’d just be gone.

- he also does this thing where he pulls his hoodie up and pulls the strings whenever he just can’t deal with how stupid this is

-Jared was the first to drive and oh god what a mistake that was, he’s terrible

-Zoe once laughed really hard and spat gum at a teacher by accident

-one time while hiking with Evan he reached over and ate a leaf and Evan can’t even look at him the same way- what is wrong with you, Jared

- operation ask Evan out part 2- Jared tried to let Evan come to him because who wouldn’t you know? Then Zoe explained that she solidified the relationship- so he took Evan to the park but ended up eating too many chili dogs and throwing up on the curve when he got nervous. He was still trying to ask him out while hurling

-Alana becomes Number One Leader, she’s great at it, she’s learned to listen to other people more often.

-she hangs out with Jared and Evan a lot, she usually organizes the hangouts

-was voted most likely to succeed in life and honestly? It was probably unanimous

- Jared and her are in the “Evan was a dick to me” club and have tshirts

- eventually they let Zoe into their club

-one time they were hanging out and invited Zoe without Evan knowing and Evan nearly jumped out a window he ran away so fast

- Alana saw Zoe’s stars on her jean cuffs and got so happy “oh my god that’s such a great idea it looks so cute!” “Oh thank you it’s just-” “do you mind if I do it too?” “Not at all but why-” “do you have a marker?”

- Evan can’t tie his shoes

- Alana ends up uploading a bunch of videos of Zoe playing songs, and they get some good attention. Zoe was shocked but Alana just explained that it was inevitable

-Jared goes through everyone’s phones and changes people’s contact names to memes

- “Evan stop apologizing so much” “I’m sorry-” “Evan no. None of that. Please” “ok ok I’m sorr-” “EVAN”

- Evan and Alana hate litter. Like a lot. Jared will never understand it but whenever the two are out they’re just picking up all the litter they find and throw it out.

-Jared once made a joke “maybe you guys should just carry around bags to carry garbage in”

-After they started doing this Jared made another joke: “why don’t you two make a recycling project”

-after Alana and Evan become save the world co-presidents Jared learned he really needs to stop joking.

-Jared cried when he graduated

Almost Pt. 1 - Yoongi

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Part 2

Loving someone, was never easy for you.
All your life you’d been afraid of feeling an emotion so deep, and affectionate. It made you weak, and you hated being weak.
But with Yoongi, it was never like that. You could say, it was love at first sight.
You’d never stopped loving him, even the slightest.
You see, it’s very easy to love someone when they’re happy, laughing and smiling like child on christmas morning.
What really proved real love was when that person is sitting alone at 3 AM, crying on their bathroom floor.
And you sure had caught him crying a couple of times.
You’d been there to help him every time.
To show him, that he was not alone, and that he was loved.

That had been hard lately. Hard to be there for him when he wasn’t letting you in.
Hard to see right through his poker face, when he was never home.
It was hard to love a stranger.
Cause that was what he was. You never talked anymore. No short “I love you”s in the morning. No more love. You were never home either, it didn’t feel like home.
And you knew that Yoongi had now your heart and your home.
He was your home.

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EXO Finds Out You’ve Received Hate - 1/2

[[ // Masterlist // ]]

contains: angst / mean messages / Soundcloud / some swears / too many hats

A/N: I’ve decided to do the reactions in parts to get more of them out faster, since I like to write longer, more story-like reactions.  So here’s part one!

// Minseok

You’d thrown your phone away, not realizing at that moment that you might also get a message from a loved one, not only messages from anti-fans who’d tracked down your number after finding you were in a relationship with their “favorite oppar.”

Should you leave the house?  Should you stay home and act like you weren’t there and hope none of them would try to find you?  You were completely alone, and didn’t know what to do.

Then there was a knock on the door.  If antis were outside, you needed to know so you could hide.  Lights still off, you tiptoed to the door.  Whoever was on the other side kept knocking insistently.

You breathed a sigh of relief when you saw your boyfriend on the other side of the peephole, in his dance practice clothes.  You dragged him inside and locked the door behind him.

“______, why are you in the dark and why haven’t you been answering my calls?  What’s going on?”

You explained what was happening and how scared you were.  Minseok sighed deeply and leaned against the wall.  “It’s all my fault that they found out.”

It had been his idea for you two to have a coffee date last week, but you’d taken as many precautions as you thought you needed to and you didn’t blame him.  “It’s not your fault… I’m just really scared.  I must have gotten four hundred messages today, and I don’t know how they all got my kakao!!”

Minseok took your hand and held it, promising he would help you get a new phone, work to dispel the rumors, and stick close by you until this was all over.

“We can fix this, ______.”

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// Yixing

Things were getting unusually frisky, unusually fast.  He would not stop grabbing your butt, would not stop whispering in your ear, would not hide his growing excitement.  So you decided you two should get away from other people as quickly as possible, and take the much-needed alone time.

Things only got worse on the commute, and you were relieved to be home so that Yixing could finally #LoseControl.  He was just as shocked as you were when you saw that your door had been written on:

“whore whore whore”

And below the door, was a huge pile of condoms.

Neither of you could process this right away.  You didn’t know what you had done to warrant such hate, but even if you had done something, why would anyone take the time to do this?  Tears began to fall.

Yixing took your hand and led you away from the door so you didn’t have to look at it anymore.  He held you and asked, “Do you know who might have done this?”

You shook your head, getting tears all over his shirt.

“If you ever find out, let me know, and I’ll deal with them.  Let’s go inside.”

You knew he hated to leave you alone, but he told you that he wanted to clean the door himself.  It was clear to him when he found you lying in bed that you were no longer in the mood to do anything.  He changed, climbed in beside you, and let you continue to cry on him while he patted your back.

“Please try to forget about this, baobei.  Whoever wrote that, they’re upset with something inside themselves, so they directed their anger outward.  It’s not about you, it’s about them.“

You sniffled, realizing he was probably right, which made you feel better.

“I love you, Yixing.”

“I love you too, ______.“

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// Chanyeol

It was your first time composing, writing lyrics, and singing with Chanyeol on an original track.  You’d practiced in all your free time to get the notes and the emotions just right.  When it was time to record, you and Chanyeol spent all night in his room making the recording, with him giving you praise and encouragement all the way.  You were having so much fun with him, you decided to mix and master the song together the same night.

When the song was finished and ready to upload to Soundcloud, it was almost 3am!  Chanyeol gave you one of his shirts to change into so you would be comfortable and he let you climb into bed with him.

“I’m so proud of our work today, Jagi,” he said as he covered you with a hundred kisses.  His kisses became lazier and lazier until he fell asleep.

When you woke up, you still had the song you and Chanyeol had written stuck in your head.  You took Chanyeol’s laptop to see how many people had listened to the song.  Over 50,000!  Then you started reading the comments:

“who is that extra voice ruining the track channie???“
“if you’re going to do a duet, do it with kyungsoo or baekhyun”
“chan chan what have you done, why did you let them ruin the song??“
“one professional singer, one amateur”

Chanyeol was still asleep, you thought, when you wiped your tears.  Had it really been that bad?

You felt a hand on your leg and realized Chanyeol was staring at you.  You wiped your face as he took the laptop from you.

He shut it and set it back down on his desk.  “Jagi… don’t listen to them.  Most of the comments were positive, anyway.”

“Are you sure?  Maybe I didn’t do as well as I thought I did…“

“No, Jagi.  Trust me, you did amazingly.  They’re just jealous.”  He enveloped you in a hug and wiped your tears away.

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// Jongin

You’d just been outed as Jongin’s S/O and in came the flood of comments about you.  You were too small/big for him, too tall/short next to him, too dark/pale for him.  You saw every adjective and its antonym.  How could you be both too big and too small for him?

You tried to ignore the comments you’d read, but it was hard.  Very few of them were supportive.  Jongin told you it was time for a vacation.

“People will find something else to talk about if we just lay low for a while.”

“Shouldn’t we try to dispel the rumors?  Divert their attention elsewhere, maybe?“

“Let’s let the managers take care of it, they know what to do.  I don’t want you to have to do anything.”

He took your hand and dragged you to his room to help him pick out outfits for your trip to Fiji.  You tried to have fun, but the comments were still weighing heavy on your mind.  Jongin could tell.

“Jagi… listen, you know nothing they said was true, right?”

When you didn’t answer, he sat down on his bed next to you.  “People make fun of my for my skin color all the time, even my own members on national TV, even though it’s 2017 and they should know better and even though it’s hurtful, I know I love my skin, and I know you love yourself, and,” he began to sing:
I need you and you want me
지구란 이 별에서

“So that’s all that matters, right?”

You hugged him and he rubbed your back.  Once he was sure you wouldn’t be sad anymore, he stood back up and held up two nearly identical hats.

“This one, or this one?”

“You all really do have too many hats…”

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I told you it would be fun- Dan Howell (SMUT)

You smirked while looking in the mirror at the new lingerie you bought. Dan had been especially busy this week, uploading videos and working on up coming projects. To say he was stressed out was an understatement and because you were such a proud girlfriend you decided to treat him.

Smoothing out the black lace material you left your room to check on Dan who was in the Livingroom, replying to his emails. His hair was pushed back and his eyebrows were furrowed. He was wearing nothing but a simple white T-shirt and some boxers. He looked like he had been sitting in the exact same position for ages. He hadn’t realised you entered the room until you let out a cough to get his attention. His head snapped up to stare at you with wide eyes.

You quickly turned on your heel and walked out of the room. You could hear Dan shuffling up to follow you. He found you sitting on the bed, legs crossed and looking him up and down. Shuffling  over to you Dan kept his head down, cowering under your harsh gaze.

“ I want to give you a blow job” , you calmly broke the silence “ you’ve been busy all week and I want to show you how much you are worth”. Dan instantly started to get into position on the bed that he usually would get in.

He would spread his legs laying down. This usually was the position he would get in when he was going to be submissive, but today you had other ideas. Everytime you tried to bring up him being the dominant one he would instantly change the subject, so today you were just going to try and get him to be a little more forceful.

Instead of joining him on the bed you kneeled down on the floor and waited for him to realise what was happening. Dan stood up to walk over to you and stood in front you. You started pulling down his boxers letting his semi-hard dick spring out. You took his hand and placed them in your hair. “What are you do-”, Dan was interrupted by you suddenly bringing his tip into your mouth and sucking on him lightly.

You add pressure to the veins that were bulging out, as you licked down to his base, causing him to release a moan. His hands hold onto your hair tightly, but he soon loosens them in case he would hurt you. This drives you even further, you take his cock in your mouth and push it as far as possible setting of your gag reflex. Dan pulls you back off him to look into your eyes.

“ What are you doing? What are you trying to do? ” , he sighs, looking at you sternly. "I’m trying to impress you Daddy. I want to make you feel so good". Dan looked at you with a shocked impression, never had you called him that and he couldn’t help but acknowledge the way it made his cock throb and he could feel his precum start to leak.

“Dan, I want you to try to be dominant with me. At least try and if you really don’t like it we will never do it again, but please just try”, You tried to convince him. You had tried many of his kinks and ended up enjoying them as well. So this really shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

“I’m scared I might hurt you. I’m scared I might lose control. If something happened I couldn’t forgive myself. I just love you so much (Y/N).”

“Oh shut up and fuck me. If I get hurt I promise i’ll tell you immed-”. You didn’t even have time to finish your sentence, when Dan pulled you up over to the bed and started to unclip your bra. He looked down at you hungrily and slowly took his top off painfully teasing you. His sudden change of mood made your panties soak through. Seeing this gave Dan more confidence causing him to rip them off.

You shudder at the feeling of the coolness hitting your clit . He spreads your legs and dips in between them. You start to squirm as he blows cool air over the wetness, making you want him more. He pulls you to the side of the bed and positions himself in front of your entrance.

“Is this what you wanted Babygirl? For me to be rough?” He leaned down and whispered in your ear. You nodded as he started to nibble on your earlobe. “Use your words Doll”. “Yes! It is what I wanted”. Dan suddenly pushed into you deep, releasing a grunt and then pulling out completely again and immediately slamming back in.

He was hitting your g-spot forcefully making your body weak already. You rolled your head back releasing moans, but Dan quickly pulled your head back by your chin to look at him. His hair was stuck to the sweat that had already started to form on his forehead and the quiet grunts coming from him were making you even more frustrated and needy for your orgasm. It was the way he knew exactly how to pleasure you, he knew all the spots that get you to the brink. Dan leant down and started to leave hickeys down your neck, making sure to kiss the bruises after, showing his cute side even while still going at the exact same pace.

The warmth in your stomach stated to grow and your clit was throbbing. The pain and the pleasure of his speed was getting you further. Dan reached down between the two of you to start rubbing your aching clit. The way Dan scrunched up his face in pleasure showed that he too was close to his orgasm, but he didn’t slow down or get sloppier.

“Cum for me (Y/N). Come on you can do it” and that was all you needed for you to let go. You could feel your juices being released as you came on his dick. Dan started to slow down a bit, as he still didn’t get to come. He started trembling while sloppily thrusting causing overstimulation for you, but you weren’t thinking about that, all you could do was stare at how Dan looked over you with his mouth wide open with pleasure. Releasing small moans Dan came inside you, he hid face in your neck as he came down from his high, breathing deeply.

Both of your juices started dripping down your thighs, so Dan being the gentleman he is got up to get a damp cloth to clean you up, dabbing lightly on your sensitive area. He then got in under the cover beside you, pulling you into him. “That was fun. We should explore that a little more next time” Dan finally admitted. “I told you so”. Dan chuckled lowly, kissing your forehead.

Post-Blackout Thoughts: Why Revenge Isn’t Sweet

Hello everyone! I know it’s already July 16, a day after the end of the Miraculous Blackout. First, I just wanted to say, thank you everyone for your patience and your support in this movement (unless you sent a bunch of hateful messages to some accounts and mine, then I don’t know what to say to that).

I was glad to hear that some of you learned a lot from our blackout, including differences with reblogs and reposts, the art theft struggle, and other aspects of the issue. From the very beginning, my sole purpose for this blackout was never to punish the others for wrongdoing or to change society. It was a form of education and raising awareness. And I’m glad it has achieved its purpose, at least to a degree.

But today in church, I was reminded of an emotion that many of us have experienced even before this blackout had even began, whether creator or otherwise: Anger.

Now don’t get me wrong. Content creators are allowed to be angry over their stuff getting stolen. I mean, it’s upsetting. It causes grief, it causes problems for people. And on the flip side, people are allowed to feel wronged if their stuff was taken down. However, I was reminded-just today in fact-that despite such emotions, we need to learn to check ourselves.

Something I observed during the blackout was that a lot of us had the tendency to go up and arms over belligerent reposters or vice versa. I can think of at least one or two cases where I personally said “let me fight them” when I found out that a fellow artist was being harassed over a copyright takedown. And to a majority of you, yes we had every right to think such thoughts. But as a follower of Jesus Christ, I felt off about it afterward. Then, in church today, I was reminded why.

In Romans 12:19, it says: Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.”

In 1 Corinthians 4:5, it says: “Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait until the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of the heart. At that time each will receive their praise from God.”

If you simply Googled “What the Bible says about revenge”, you will find plenty of verses and passages all pointing to generally the same idea: “Do not take revenge”. “Let go of your anger, and let God deal with it”. “Turn the other cheek.

Don’t get me wrong. There is a difference between acting/thinking in vengeance and acting within legal rights. Creators have every right to have their content taken down because there are rules and regulations set to protect their content. It is when we start falling under the malicious “eye for an eye” mentality that things start to get very messy. I have seen too many unnecessary fights happen because no one backs down or compromises, and one or both get angry. It becomes much more difficult.

But this is something I had to face when I recently took down videos on Youtube containing copyright material that belonged to me. A funny thing about Youtube is that after three strikes, an account is set for termination in seven days since the third strike. For awhile, I ignored these terms, but then I began to think about how it affected the account owner. I saw how angry and desperate these Youtube account owners could get, from incessant emails to hacking threats. It was heartbreaking to say the least. 

I admit, when it comes to these things, the content creators do have the upper-hand regarding negotiations over the use of their work. But it is not undeserved. They made the content, they trained for it, they practiced, they spent money to learn the skills (sometimes they even cried and bled and sweat for it). Simply taking their content without so much as getting permission wrongly invalidates everything they’d done to come to that point in skill, in order for some other person to simply make a quick buck and/or gain a number of followers. So you can see why many creators have not even tried to sympathize with the perpetrators. Like I had said in a previous post, consuming all of this content is considered a privilege. Not a right.

Nonetheless, I personally think that we don’t need to cause any more unnecessary harm to each other. Like the title says, revenge isn’t sweet. Sure, you may beg to differ, especially if you uphold different beliefs than I do, but I still think it saves both sides a lot of trouble when one learns to back down, swallow their pride and be the bigger person

But here is my afterthought to that last one: If we step back, away from that pride stuff and take a look at both sides in this, who is technically in the legal right to control such distribution of works? You, the content creator who put out all that labour into your work? Or, you, the one who saw their work, thought it was cute/worth dubbing/worth earning from and decided to separately upload and/or sell it without even asking for the creator’s permission?

Think about that first before using my words for your argument. Because there is a right answer there.

P.S. This is exactly the reason why I try to always ask that you guys NEVER harass the reposter whenever I post their Instagram/Youtube online in order to notify other creators whose rights were infringed (which I haven’t done in awhile actually). 

Cole Sprouse | Last night

Count of words: 916

Warnings: mention of smut (next part will be smut)

A/N: Okkk… So this is huge and I still haven’t even gotten to the point so I will upload a second part tonight as well.

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Can you do a cole sprouse smut where you two have been best friends and you accidently both get drunk so you have sex and then wake up not knowing what so you ask the person who threw the party and find out about it and he finds out that he was your first so he recreates the perfect night for you two. (lol sorry it’s so long)

It was just another day in my boring life. I got up this morning realising that once more I was going to be late. The warmth of my bed seemed to cling to my body cause I felt as if something was holding me down. As a matter of fact there was; my best friend, Cole. I have been putting him up for a while now and since my apartment is so tiny, the only place for him to sleep was with me. Unless the bathtub sounded more appealing to him.

After I was over procrastinating and considering the option of calling in sick I desided to start my morning routine and get going as fast as possible. When I finished with everything I walked to the little coffee shop that I work. Conviniently, it’s just in the corner of my street, calming my nerves about being late disappear.

As I walked inside the small building I was met with the smell of my favorite coffee, (favorite coffee name). This was the thing I loved about this place. It was very boring and tiring but the smell of (favorite coffee name) was always taking over the warm and cozy atmosphere. I greeted my co-workers and took my place right behind the cashier, agonizingly waiting for my dear friend, Cole, to wake up and come make this boring day a little funnier.

Just as I expected the familiar, currently, raven haired boy walked through the doors of the vintage cafe, making his way towards me. “Hello stranger, I don’t live in the same house with!” He exclaimed jokingly earning a giggle from me and my co-worker. The coffee shop was nearly empty so Cole just stood infront of me making small talk. “So, there is this party tonight. A friend I have here is the host and I have two invitations,” he announced holding up two pieces of paper, I assume were the said invitations. “One is for me and one for my plus one,” he finished, handing me one of the two papers. I smiled at him reassuring him that I would defenitely be his plus one in yet another of those parties. “Exclaimer, it’s one of those drunk-teenagers kind of party so be prepared,” he winked, leaving the cafe as someone entered after him.

It was finally the time for that party and we were both getting ready. Cole was still finishing with his hair as I just had to simply slip on my shoes. Once that was done I made my way towards my best friend, checking out himself in the mirror, ready for his comment. “How do I look?” I question the green eyed boy infront of me as he turns around to see me. His mouth stands open for a while as his eyes wonder from every part of body. “You look hot!” He declared. “Yeah, not a chance you’re going to that party like this,” he said roaming through my closet to find something less revealing. I was wearing a tight black dress that stoped just above my knees. The only thing revealing was my cleavage from the low cut it had, and maybe my curves that were purposely enhenced from the said dress. “No time for that,” I mummbled pulling him out of the door and towards his car. “We have a party to go to.”

It was already the next morning and the memories of the previous night were blurry. I only remembered getting dead drunk and then nothing. I didn’t remember anything else, neither where I was nor how I ended up there. As my eyes slowly adjusted to the light falling inside the room I was met with a pretty different room than mine. It was big and I was inside a king sized bed. But how did I end up here? I tried walking out of the bed but a severe pain between my legs and the bare hands of someone kept me still in my place. I looked at the pair of arms wrapped around me turning my head to meet the owner of them. It was Cole,but what was Cole doing inside my bed naked with me evidently naked as well. 

The confusion and fear overwhelmed me as I finally escaped his grip. I run to the bathroom, well, tried to, with my phone in my hand as I locked the door behind me. I obviously didn’t remember anything about that night so I thought taking a shower, waiting for Cole to wake up and talk to the host of the party would be a good idea. Maybe he knew a bit more about what happened.

Apparently, me and Cole got dead-bit drunk to the point we started making out in the middle of the party, and later we went to one of the many bedrooms in the enormous manssion and had sex. My eyes widened as I heard that and I felt tears threatening to spill. That was defenitely not how I expected my first time to be. Cole caught up to that and rushed us into one of the bedrooms, away from the living room we previously were in. “What is it? What’s wrong?” He asked as the tears finally left my eyes. “Sh, sh, whatever it is it’s going to be ok!” He assured me and rubbed my back vigorously. “It’s not Cole,” I stuttered looking up at his puzzled expresion. “That was not how I expected my first time to be.” I explained and everything clicked.

The Eldritch Bunker

***Collaboration Welcome. Add Your Headcanon Too***

…because we are going to continually expand these characters
                   -Jerry Wanek (thanks, @hazeldomain, for the production shorts!)

@chiisana-sukima (that’s me!) wrote, in a post that didn’t work for adding, because reasons:
I think the Bunker is a Good Puppy, and loves Dean, Cas, and Sam all. But because it is a Smart Puppy, it tries really hard for each of them, but sometimes the outcomes aren’t quite what a Human might expect.

Cas and the Bunker understand each other the best. Cas understands about the Bunker being a deeply, weirdly inhuman creature whose existence is too large for mortals to fill. And the Bunker knows Cas gets bored and lonely at night while his human friends are sleeping. So when Cas wanders through the Bunker at night, the Bunker lets him explore its maze-like recesses and dimensions full of wonders and magic that Dean and Sam will never see. When morning is approaching, Cas has to gently remind the Bunker that it’s time for him to go back up to the surface levels where Sam and Dean live, so that the Bunker can lead him out, because even Cas can’t find his way back on his own.

For Dean, there’s an alcove off the garage, full of tools and parts for all the classic cars. And sometimes when its in an especially helpful mood, the Bunker leaves parts for Baby around too, or a better brand of oil than Dean usually buys, and Dean feels suspicious, because how could the MoL have had any of those things, but maybe Sam picked them up, but Sam’s not really into cars…. sometimes it’s best not to question. 

And also for Dean, the way to the dungeon is a little straighter, the corridor a little wider, the locks a little stronger, the soundproofing perfect. The holy water is always well-stocked and the salt never runs out. In the shooting range, the targets are far enough back that they’re right on the edge of Dean’s ability, so he doesn’t just keep getting useless bullseyes over and over. The bunker makes no judgements; it was built for war.

For Sam, one might think the library would be perfectly organized, all the information Sam could want catalogued and easy to find. But the Bunker knows Sam better than that. Sam likes a challenge, and the Bunker likes to learn. It scatters things around for Sam. There are always cluttered new storerooms, another archive, more magical tools to sort. That way Sam will have things to occupy his mind. He’ll make new connections, figure out things the Bunker didn’t know itself. 

And Sam’s room- the Bunker is still angry that Lucifer managed to find it. It’s the best warded room the Bunker has, radiating a false nonexistence so strongly, that from the outside it’s barely there at all. But Cas had been to it too many times already before Lucifer occupied him, and Lucifer was determined.

The Bunker is determined too though. It won’t happen again. When Sam walks through the library, sometimes books fall off the shelves and land open to pages on complex warding patterns. If he’s not paying attention as he walks to his room, there will occasionally be an ancient clay jar of holy oil in the hall that he’ll somehow fail to notice until he’s already kicked it over and broken it. By now there’s a solid wall of holy fire soaked into the floorboards outside Sam’s door, just waiting to be set alight, and a fire spell has etched itself into the wood of the door frame.

@trisscar368  wrote: Sam’s room - yes PLEASE, because your idea of it being warded like that works perfectly with the fact that it keeps changing location.

The Bunker decided not long after the boys moved in that Sam would be safe when he slept; there were too many nights when Sam would still wake up breathless, the names of lovers and lost friends and tormentors alike all dying unspoken on his lips.  Too many nights where he refused to sleep until it was almost dawn, choosing to distract himself because the memories are just a little too close at hand.  So the Bunker cocoons his room away every night in the depths of the maze; it makes sure to have him back before morning, though it doesn’t always quite put him back in the same place, not after Dean snuck in that one morning to play music on full blast.

It hasn’t quite forgiven Dean for what happened under the Mark.  Oh, it doesn’t blame him particularly for destroying doors when he was a demon; he was a demon, he was barely the same creature.  The Bunker treated him as such - it has no eyes after all - trying to protect Sam by weaving extra passages between the two of them, only letting Dean find Sam when Castiel was close enough to help.  But since that last day with the Steins, with what happened in the library, Dean’s room has a habit of being slightly… misplaced in the morning.  Dean hasn’t said anything.  He still hasn’t forgiven himself, so why would the Bunker?

It wishes Cas would stay more.  It quite agreed with Kevin (oh, the Bunker tried to commune with Kevin’s ghost, but he just couldn’t hear the Eldritch being the way Cas can) that Winchester pity sessions are annoying.  Dean tends to be happier when Cas is around, and, well, the Bunker grew rather attached itself when Cas stayed those few weeks when he was ill.  It tries to feel more like home, this weird amalgamation of ideas and memories of all the people who’ve stayed inside its walls, but it doesn’t quite know what Cas wants; austere hallways of light?  Or dimly lit rooms smelling faintly of whiskey and leather and gunpowder.  Cas doesn’t know what he wants either.

The six weeks when the boys were gone were hard on both Cas and the Bunker.  He had a habit of forgetting the lights, wandering the halls in pitch black, losing himself in the grief and the guilt, trying to hide from the shadow of Lucifer.

Lucifer, now it hates Lucifer.  It hates the scent of rust that trails in his wings.  It hates how Sam stopped sleeping again when the boys knew Lucifer was free.  It hates how Cas sometimes wanders into the kitchen expecting to see a television on the counter, and stands there staring while he remembers where he is.

@floralmotif  wrote: Follow me below if you want to engage with headcanon speak dabbling in the idea that the bunker is an eldritch abomination. It’s just fun:

I’m actually not sure if it would like people in the same sense as a dog would. It would probably allow Cas a bit more reign just cause he can perceive it a little better and may be able to handle the concepts it presents without his brain shorting out. He may also be unaware of its nature on a conscious level. If this thing were actually a being, it would be pretty powerful even as presented. Amara needed Cas to find Dean in the bunker. This would mean that the bunker theoretically is more powerful than Chuck or Amara or is at least capable of hiding from them. It is no creature of creation. It just kind of settled there, perhaps drawn by the MoL or maybe it manifested on its own and they found it. They may be the only perception of human things its ever experienced. The Winchester’s found it after and it still had the same appearance. It’s possible it looks that way because the MoL were the first to meet it and the Winchesters don’t do anything to tell it any different. It may just be a void in reality with no perception that there is an outside at all. It’s like a computer display. It can display coffee as much as it wants but it doesn’t know what coffee is.

That being said, it’s a lot more fun to imagine it has a personality that can enjoy things and can create easy passage for sleepy Winchesters when it’s 3am and they have work to do. So Dean can find the kitchen easily even when it took him 3x as long when he was a demon. He doesn’t question it, neither of them do. It’s weird sometimes but they wave it on and the Bunker doesn’t mind that its unknown. It’s rather glad of it. No one has ever known it. The closest is maybe Cas but if Chuck didn’t notice the massive being of the cosmos, he probably wouldn’t either. Sometimes though, the bunker opens places for him. It wants to see how far it can go and Cas is a calm and curious being himself.

Perhaps it can sense intent or longing, or fear. It carefully arranges itself for whatever situation feels comfortable for it. The emotions of humans are perplexing but it isn’t a violent creature, it tries to avoid it.

                       (some shorter headcanons below the cut)

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Under The Rain

Anon said: Hey! I absolutely adore your blog :) I would like to request a Jimin scenario where the reader is an idol who’s dating Jimin for a while now but the public doesn’t know and one day a picture leaks of them and causes a scandal. Sorry if that didn’t make any sense. Thanks!!

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1.7k

A/n: I am so so sorry for the wait!! But every time I started writing something out of the blue would come out and interrupt me😭 Anyway, I really hope you enjoyed this!! As this is my first time writing a non au scenario, feedback is appreciated!!

Your Pov

“Goodnight my beautiful princess” Jimin said, hugging you.

“Goodnight baby” you said leaving his warm arms to look up at him.

He smiled and kissed you.

*His hands on your hips and yours on his chest. You knew it wasn’t that safe to make out outside your house but neither of you seemed to care as the kiss started getting hotter with each minute that passed by.


You left each other’s lips, confusion on both of your faces.

“What was…” You started saying, realising what the sound was seconds after. “I hope its not what i think it is.” You looked at Jimin, who was now looking at the floor. “Jimin” His eyes met yours. “Please tell me it’s not what I’m thinking about”

He sighed.

“I don’t know, it’s late, baby” He hugged you one more time, but without the smile this time. “Go to sleep, and don’t worry”

“Okay, I will” Leaving his arms once again, you were too afraid to kiss him one more time, so you just got your keys and opened your door, getting in.

He stood outside your door, looking back at the dark street.

“Goodnight, baby” You said, making him turn and smile, but it didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“Goodnight, princess”

The sound of your phone vibrating woke you up. You stretched your arm to decline the call, until you saw the caller ID. It was your best friend.

“What do you want?” You said as soon as you grabbed the phone.

“Well, good morning to you too.” She said on the other line, making you laugh.

“But really, what was so important that you needed to call me at..” you stopped mid sentence to check you clock. “AT 6 AM ON A SUNDAY ARE YOU KIDDING?” you sat on the bed and started rubbing your eyes.

“I am not, check your twitter.” you couldn’t believe it.

“You are telling me that you woke me up because there’s a new meme going around on twitter?” You sighed “You really should call Jungkook not me.”

“No, this time this call is not about a fresh meme” You made a noise in disbelief “I did call Kook yesterday for that”

“That’s more like you” You said, rolling your eyes, which were still heavy since you just woke up.

“Anyway, this is about you” She paused. “I don’t want to tell you, just check your twitter, okay?”

“Okay, but how does this….” You stopped once you realised she had just hanged up “Shit”.

You got up from the bed and went to the kitchen to have breakfast, knowing that once you woke up you were not going to fall asleep any time soon.

After some minutes you were finally sitting on the table with your toasts and your coffee and just then you decided to finally open twitter to see the reason why you were awake so early.

You stopped eating and dropped the toast that was on your hand, you couldn’t believe all the pictures on your feed.

The pictures were all the same, but they were everywhere. Jimin on your doorstep, hands on your waist kissing your lips. You didn’t know how he got that angle, but you could clearly see that the two figures kissing were both of you, and the tittle said. Feeling dizzy you stopped eating.

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New Hat

Trent was leaving the office when he saw the camo style hat laying on the ground. He picked it up and looked around for anyone who might be looking for it. The day had been pretty windy so he had no idea how far it could have blown.

“Maybe you should try it on,” Christine smiled at how silly someone like Trent wearing the hat would be. It was clearly a few sizes too big for him. Besides Trent wasn’t the kind of guy who wore hats. He styled his dark black hair to the right the same way every day. A hat would just mess it up.

However, trying to impress Christine, he tried it on, “how do I look?”

She started laughing and gave him a friendly slap to the arm, “Not too bad. Maybe you are a hat kind of guy.”

“Maybe,” he smiled back. “And maybe we could go get drinks later.”

“Trent…” she said with a pleasant smile. “I don’t want to give you the wrong idea… It’s just I’m not that interested in a relationship right now. You know how hard the business world is. And it could get awkward if there’s a promotion… Or…”

“Nah I get it,” he tried laughing it off. “Don’t worry about it. I wasn’t serious anyway,” They both tried to force the smile as they waved their goodbyes. That was probably going to be the last time he tried asking her out. Obviously she wasn’t interested in him. “Probably cause I’m so god damn skinny,” he wanted to scream. It took him forever to be able to find clothes small enough that fit his scrawny frame. And even then sometimes they looked too big.

“Doesn’t matter,” he scoffed trying to regain his composure. There were plenty of other people out there. He just needed to keep looking. And right now he was just more frustrated that he couldn’t find his car. The parking garage was huge but he could have sworn it was on the fourth floor. He started clicking the unlock button to see the headlights light up. He finally found it. It was right where he always left it. But for some reason it didn’t feel right.

The white muscle car with a long blue stripe across the hood and roof was definitely his car. For some reason he kept thinking it was supposed to be a black company car. He shook his head realizing how stupid that was. He wasn’t given a company car. His dad might have gotten him the job but he didn’t get everything the other guys got. If anything he had to constantly prove that he was just as good as them.

Trent tossed his jacket into the passenger seat. For some reason it was feeling really tight. He always hated wearing the suits to the office. They were so stuffy and uncomfortable. It was like he was constantly pretending to be uptight. He undid his tie and tossed it onto his jacket. Being in his car he was allowed to be more comfortable. Turning the key, he felt his ‘baby’ come to life. The sweet purr of the muscle car filled the vacant parking garage. “Freakin’ sweet,” he whispered to his car. “Always feels good to hear that sound.” It was something his father always said was a wasted expense. But compared to the large cabinet of china plates they had never used, Trent couldn’t see the comparison.

He loosened the buttons on his sleeves and rolled them up as he drove home. Dress shirts were always tight on him. He hated the dress code at work. If the pay wasn’t so good he probably would have quit a long time ago. Not to mention the benefits; a full time gym he had complete access to on the clock. That’s really all he wanted.

“Fuck,” he cursed as the top button popped off his shirt. The pump he got this afternoon felt so good that it didn’t even bother him. The shirt was getting old anyway. His dad had criticized him for getting too big but as long as he came dressed professionally it didn’t matter. “I’ll just use it for later,” he needed another old shirt anyway. Online he’d recently found out how many other guys did that. It wasn’t making him much yet but there was a little market for it.

Trent thought about how happy his dad would be if he was talking about markets. He’d been sent through business school only barely making it out with passing grades. His dad promised him a job. It just wasn’t going to be directly with the clients. Those were for the smart guys. That’s what his dad always said. He hated how Trent refused to study in college. Passing only just barely or because of the amount of money daddy gave them. And that’s not even mentioning the favors he’d given to some of the nerds in his class.

Part of him failed out of spite. He didn’t want to be some pencil pushing nobody who only sat behind a desk all day. He flexed his arm. The fabric around started to rip. “Shit. The guys are going to be pissed if it’s already ripped.” He was thinking about his internet audience. They always appreciated a new video. He quickly set up the camera in the hall and hit record.

“Alright you little fuckers. I got a nice treat for you today. This shirt doesn’t fit me anymore so I expect at least a thousand likes.” His voice boomed as he narrated the video. “Now this shirt used to be one of my favorites when I was a little pussy like you. You see this huge arm?” He slapped the flexed bicep, “Going to rip through any second. Bet you wish you were here. Then you could feel this,” he paused letting the fabric rip around his arm and shoulder. “You want to feel this?” It tore even more. Revealing more skin, “Right?! You want to fuckin’ feel this!” He ripped the rest of the sleeve off with his other hand.

The back of his shirt split open. He turned around and flexed his wide lats. The shirt kept tearing down his back showing off the deep muscles he’d built up over the years. He groaned loudly and acted like he was struggling to remove the shirt. With a loud shout he tore it completely off. “FUCK YEAH!”

“You guys got a little extra today,” he flexed his pecs for the camera. “Got a new hat to celebrate all the new subscribers but I demand at least fifteen hundred likes. Got it?” Trent glared into the camera acting all tough. He stopped the recording. His face softened to a nice smile. “Those guys fucking love this shit.” He put on his XXL shirt and posed for another picture for his online fan base.

‘New hat for new followers. Wanna see more? Pay more,’ he uploaded the file. Sure he would have loved to go out with Christine tonight but keeping his fans happy was just as important.

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There was that one time they both got incredibly drunk and Peter forced Yondu to dance with him ;)

This is also posted on AO3: Come Dancing. Yep, it’s another fixit.

It wasn’t a sound or any other clue that drew Peter to that corner of the ship; it was really just instinct that he followed down to the very back of the Quadrant’s truncated cargo hold, and here he found Yondu, sitting with his back against the wall and a bottle of something high-proof and sharp-smelling, getting quietly and systematically drunk behind the ship’s tangle of life support equipment.

Peter hesitated behind the oxygen tanks, wondering if he ought to just go away, but he might’ve known he’d already been spotted.

“Come in or scram, boy.”

Peter came in. Yondu had a lightstick on the floor beside him, the kind that you snapped and then they burned for days with a cold blue-green glow. Otherwise it was dark back here, and cooler than the rest of the ship; it was all too easy to imagine the bitter cold vacuum of space on the other side of the walls.

There was a part of Peter that still expected to be menaced with the arrow when Yondu was in a mood like this. But of course the arrow was broken. Rocket had said he thought he could fix it, but in the meantime, there was something about Yondu that seemed smaller, somehow, without it.

“Missed you at the party,” Peter said quietly, sitting down across from him with his back against the wall.

“Ain’t that where you ought to be?”

Peter shrugged a little. He’d had a few drinks already, loosening up his inhibitions, which was probably what had made him go look for Yondu in the first place rather than just leaving him alone.

Music echoed down distantly from elsewhere in the ship: Earth music he hadn’t heard before. There was a part of him that twitched desperately to go listen to it. But there would be time. Rocket had uploaded the contents of the Zune into the Quadrant’s computers. The real thing was tucked safe in Peter’s pocket.

He had all the time in the world to go through every single song.

Yondu took another long gulp from the bottle. It looked like it was still about half full, but then Peter noticed another, empty bottle next to him, half hidden in the shadow of his long coat.

“You gonna share, or keep it all to yourself?”

Yondu gave him a look, then handed the bottle over. His hand shook a little, from drunkenness or something else, Peter couldn’t tell.

In the chill blue-green light, it was harder to see the gray, peeling patches on Yondu’s fingertips and the exposed parts of his face (chin, nose, ears) – healing frostbite, the only visible, lingering signs of those endlessly long moments in space before Kraglin and Rocket pulled them in.

The only signs on the outside, anyway.

Peter took a gulp from the bottle before he could change his mind, gagged, and handed it back. His eyes were watering. “Gah. I forgot how lousy your taste in booze is.”

This got a slight grin, a flash of jagged teeth in the half-dark. “I’m the one what taught you to drink, boy.”

Peter shuddered at the memory of hangovers past. “Don’t remind me. Just want to make sure we don’t end up dragging you to the medbay for alcohol poisoning.”

Yondu’s smile was brief and twisted before he tilted back the bottle again.

Intuition – and long experience with Yondu – told Peter not to ask why Yondu was down here instead of up at the “holy shit we’re not dead” party currently going on elsewhere on the Quadrant. In a way, while he hadn’t precisely been dealing with the urge to hide in a corner himself, he was finding the cool quiet of the cargo bay a relief. Finding out that your dad was a megalomaniac who’d murdered all your siblings and tried to kill you didn’t exactly set you up for a party kind of mood.

And Kraglin had let him know just enough of what had gone down on the Eclector that he was also really, seriously trying not to think about that, either. He’d been slowly severing ties with the Ravagers since long before he actually walked away, hadn’t even liked half those guys, but it had still been his home for more than half his life.

And it had been Yondu’s whole world for longer than Peter had been alive.

From some things Rocket had said, Peter got the impression that there was even more to it than the mutiny and subsequent destruction of the Eclector, things that went all the way back into Yondu’s past, and he just didn’t know –

– what you were thinking, you asshole, staying on an exploding planet, he wanted to say, and My life’s not worth more than yours, you shithead, but that got all tangled up with a messy ball of twenty-five years of things he’d never said, never even realized had gone unsaid, and that got tangled up with the part of him that actually did understand, because there had been a moment when he’d been fully prepared to stay there on Ego’s crumbling planet until he died, too, and it hadn’t seemed like the worst of all possible options.

Yondu wordlessly held out the bottle. Peter took it for another eye-watering swig of rotgut and handed it back.

This was turning into the worst “we’re not dead” party ever.

Peter sat up straighter and took the Zune out of his pocket. He also got out the little gadget Rocket had cobbled together in about five minutes from leftover pieces of tech dug out of his bag, because everybody had wanted to listen to it, before they got the bright idea of uploading it into the ship’s memory banks.

Yondu glanced up. “Whaddya doin’?”

“Wondering if you ever listened to any of these songs,” Peter said, flipping through the song list. Every one was a tantalizing mystery and an undiscovered secret. It was maybe the coolest present anyone had ever given him, and that blue asshole sitting across from him had just stuck it in his hand and then slunk off like it was nothing.

“Came with all the songs already on there,” Yondu said dismissively. “Why would I?”

“So you didn’t listen to any of these, at all.”

A shrug, which was tacitly as good as a “well, maybe,” but didn’t answer his real question, which was “And did you like any of them, jerk?”

Well, if Yondu wasn’t going to tell him, he’d just have to pick. Come Dancing, this one was called, by a band called The Kinks. That sounded promising. Peter stuck it into the little docking speaker Rocket had made, and when the first beats sounded, he grinned. Yeah, this was something you could dance to.

“What the hell you doin’, boy,” Yondu sighed with the long-suffering attitude of someone who’d been dealing with this shit for way too many years, as Peter got up and tried some experimental steps to the music.

“Showing you how Terrans dance,” Peter said. “C'mon. You know you wanna try it.”

“You ain’t been on Terra since you was too short to see over my steering console, so how do you know how Terrans dance? Think I’ll stay here an’ watch you make a fool of yourself.”

Peter got the rhythm of it, settling into the beat that made him want to twirl, so he did, and he caught Yondu grinning, just a little, before burying that quick, sly grin in another drink from the bottle.

“Nobody’s watching,” Peter said, doing a complicated little sidestep that a Krylorian girlfriend had taught him from one of the country dances of her homeworld. There wasn’t much room in here, but he’d danced in tight spaces all over the Eclector and the Milano, so he was pretty good at it. “It’s just us.”

“That ain’t better.”

“Look, when I came down from upstairs, we’d managed to teach Mantis to dance, and she was teaching Drax, of all people, and if that’s possible, then why the hell not?”

“You ain’t dancin’, you’re just movin’ around to music.”

“What d'you think dancing is? Dance-off, man. You and me, let’s go.”

Yondu gave him a narrow-eyed look that was usually a precursor to the arrow coming out, and then heaved himself to his feet with a certain amount of effort, holding onto the wall. He really was drunk, a lot more than Peter had realized – Yondu never gave anything away; he wasn’t slurring in the slightest.

He was also perfectly graceful – deliberate, slow, but not at all clumsy – as he executed what Peter thought at first was a copy of his own little spin-sidestep, long coat sweeping out around him … and then realized was something else, something that looked like a stylized piece of formal dancing (completely alien to Peter) that the music happened to fit the beat of. “That, huh?”

“Well, ideally you’d do it more than once,” Peter said, trying not to grin like a lunatic, and not really succeeding. The Kinks song segued into another fast one – thank the gods; he really didn’t want to try to teach Yondu to slow-dance – and he picked up the new beat with quick jump steps, twisting his arms, shoulders – “You just let the music get into you. Let it move you.”

“Earth ain’t the only planet has dancin’, you know,” Yondu grumbled, swaying halfheartedly to the music. “I know what it is. An’ you ever tell anyone about this, I’ll –”

“Kill me, yes, I know. I’ve been hearing that from people a lot lately.” Peter gestured at Yondu’s feet. “What’s that one you did before? Show me.”

Two songs and another quarter of the bottle later, Peter had learned a few steps of what he guessed was some kind of half-remembered Centaurian dance, and he’d managed to teach Yondu to moonwalk, which Peter decided he was going to consider his greatest achievement in life. And Yondu was grinning, really grinning, and Peter couldn’t stop laughing as he tried to remember the steps of the Krylorian dance that his old girlfriend had shown him, and got his feet tangled up instead.

And the planet that had been his father, and the ship that had been their home, were nothing more than smoking pieces of wreckage in the blackness of space, but …

But he had a father, and they both had something like a home, and it was, just maybe, going to be okay.

Translation: Joker Game Drama CD A Parody Box Full of What-Ifs


So, here’s part two. The party animals. And…. I don’t know.

I don’t know anymore. If you’re going to read this, thank you. Join me in hell. Feel free to complain at me about this anytime, because I SWEAR TO GOD, JOKER GAME.

Warning: 3569 words of animal parody. Also, seriously, don’t repost anywhere. Thanks! 

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Rules Are Meant To Be Broken - Dean Ambrose

Summary: The one rule her family had, no dating wrestlers. But when you’re the child of the most powerful couple who had the exact same rule put on them, are you really going to follow it. Follows the story of Ariana, daughter of Triple H and Stephanie. over 9K reads on

Chapter 1: TLC

You walked into the arena ready for TLC. It was your first pay per view that you were actually going to be participating in since being brought up to the main roster from NXT in May. Yes, you had been at the pay per views and had moments backstage but this was the first that you were going to perform. You put my bag in the divas shared locker room and headed to catering. The moment you walked in you spotted Sasha’s purple hair.

“You ready?” Sasha smiled at you “It’s weird to think that I have more experience at pay per views than you”

“You might have my pay per view experience but I have the wrestling experience” you smirked sitting next to her

“Coming from your family of course you do.”

You started training at the age of 16. You started training with Lita and your god father Shawn Michaels. The two of them trained you along with almost every other personality in WWE. You wrestled on the indies all over the country while your parents tried as hard as they could to get me out of the business, you used your connections of other WWE superstars to convince them to let you stay. You signed to WWE when you was 21 and was brought up to the main roster at age 23. Now it’s been a year and you love the way your career is going.

“Hello ladies” Paige smiled sitting at your table as TLC started “Who are we picking for the first match?”

“New day all the way” you said

“No way, Uso’s” Sasha said. Halfway through the match, you got bored so you headed to the diva’s locker to get changed. As you walked down the hall you saw Dean Ambrose. Dean pretty much keeps to himself and a couple of people he calls friends, backstage since The Shield broke up. Although he kept to himself when he was in The Shield too. You’re sure as you walked past him he looked up from his phone and watched me until I got into the locker room. You knew of Dean and The Shield when you were all in NXT, going out for drinks every so often however they were brought up 2 years before you and you lost contact. You only talked to Seth Rollins and that was only because he was involved with your parents.

You stayed in the diva’s locker room for a while watching the tv. Your match was the after the IC title match. Sasha texted you to meet you at the gorilla to talk about your match. You headed to the gorilla position to watch the end of the tag team table elimination match. When you got there, Dean Ambrose was there. He was taping his hands. As if noticing your presence, he looked up at you and smirked. Kevin Owens’ music hit and he walked out with a microphone and started rambling on about how amazing he is and how he was gonna win.

“Good luck Dean” you said as his music hit

“I don’t need luck darling” Dean smirked, his Ohio accent drawing out on the word ‘darling’. You completely ignored Sasha the whole time, your eyes focused on the match. The match went back and forth between Kevin and Dean holding the momentum.

“Of course Sasha that’s a great idea I’m so glad you’re my partner for this match” Sasha mocked you pulling you out of the trance you was in.

“What? Sorry Sash” you smiled still watching the match

“Dude have you heard a word I was saying?” she smirked at you, you just smiled “You interested in Ambrose?”

“Of course not. You know the rule, not dating wrestlers” you reminded her. It was your parents’ number one rule that you had to agree to when you were signed.

“Rules are meant to be broken aren’t they” Sasha said as Dean rolled up Kevin and won the match. “Wow. I didn’t think he’d do it” WWE network ads were being shown before your match. Charlotte and Becky Lynch showed up as Dean walked back through the curtain.

“Told ya Darling” Dean smirked as he walked past you holding up the IC title. You blushed and looked down as Sasha music hit and then yours. The match was hard. Charlotte and Becky really took it to you and Sasha. It was a last minute match though. It was supposed to me Charlotte vs Paige for the diva’s title but Paige pulled a muscle in her back. Yuu and Sasha picked up the win after Becky tapped out to the bank statement.

“So this means we’re going out yeah?” Paige smiled hugging you as you walked back through the curtain.

“I mean we have to celebrate your first pay per view win” Sasha said wiping her face

“It’s a right of passage” Paige smirked at him handing me a water bottle “Drink up”

So this is my story from which has over 9000 reads but not many people comment on it so I don’t actually know if it’s good… 
Here is the link to the story
It currently has 17 chapters up and I was thinking maybe I should put it here. (Except I want to write a lot for this cause I have a lot of ideas and i feel like is easy to upload and update multi-chapter fics) idk thougths??

PS Finn Balor fic has been scheduled 

The First-Timer (Chapter Two Pt. 1)

Pairing: Jongdae x Reader

Genre: Smut/Romance

Status: On-Going

Author’s Note: If you click the “keep reading” tab, the errors in the text should disappear. I have no idea why Tumblr is being such a pain in the ass. Anyway, I’ll upload the other part in a few hours (hopefully)!

We stare at each other for what feels like at least ten minutes, though it’s probably no more than two. The playing ground feels significantly leveled; after all, he’s just as new to this lifestyle as I am. I wonder how many other people in this club have come here for the first time this evening, how many are on their hundredth visit and searching for their next ‘baby.’ I sneak a glance over my shoulder at the man that has continued to exude confidence and experience since he took his seat. The woman at his side is running her hand through his artfully mussed hair, and he leans into her touch like an obedient puppy.

     Or, rather, like someone that knows exactly what he’s doing.

     “It’s all a little insane, if you ask me,” Jongdae says, redirecting my attention.

     “You think so?” If he really thought so, would he even be here?

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high schooler! renjun

the third instalment is finally here !!!

i was meant to upload this like h o u r s ago but then i had to help my dad and my batt died

and then i played online,, and i made a new friend !!! so we played together for a while lmao #goals

anywhoooo enjoy this

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“Who I Am Inside” Part 17

A/N” Sorry it took so long to upload! Thank you guys so much for all of your support! I love you all!

My Master List

I got up again later in the night, and I couldn’t fall back asleep. I didn’t want to wake Conrad up with my constant moving, so I decided to slip on some clothes and head out towards the beach. It was so peaceful out here. The waves were rushing against the sand, and a cool mist ran over me, sending chills up my spine. The wind chimes swayed in the wind, and made delightful noises throughout the air. I was at one with the sea, and as it was with me.

I stuck my feet in the water as soon as I was near, and looked up at the stars. How breathtakingly beautiful everything was, I thought to myself. I sat down in front of the waves and let them wash over me, washing away my troubles and worries as well. I remembered the last time I came up here with my family and Conrad’s. Carter came with us as well. It was a summer I will never forget. Everything back then was so perfect, and simple. We were all so happy. It made me miss everything that much more.

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