you have no idea how i'm so happy

                                           HOLY UNICORNS.

oh, man, i don’t even know what to say. i made this blog on a whim after falling in love with star-i never thought she’d actually go anywhere. i honestly thought i’d just end up deleting the blog after a while, but i’m so, so glad i didn’t. i’ve met so many amazing people in the seven months i’ve been with star, and the fact that you all stuck with us even through hiatuses and general inactivity astounds me. i don’t even where to start listing people, so this whole dance party is going to involve all of my followers. if you see this, then you’re invited to the dance party!


                              THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

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|| You guys have no idea how much this really means to me, omfg– thank you guys !! It’s amazing how much of a difference something small like this can do.

You should know that I love each one of you and there’s nothing that could express my immense gratitude to have you by my side. I’m just so happy and lucky //////  ||

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cake for breakfast, chapter eleven


“Niall, why am I nervous right now?” I asked, smoothing out my midi-length black skirt so that it fell right on my legs. “I’m not the one meeting my parents, or parents in general I guess. I have nothing to be nervous about yet here I am, yammering on about this to you while you laugh at me.”

He sat on my tiny twin bed with a book in his lap, snickering at me any time there was a slight pause in my chatter. “Vera, you always ramble like this, even when you’re not nervous,” Niall pointed out. “It’s kind of your trademark, honestly. It’s really cute.”

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dude this is so amazing. you have no idea how happy seeing this makes me. good for them. mA

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i am happy to live in a world where you have started writing some of hooker!derek. i await the beautiful, sunshiney day that i get to read some of that good shit. bless.

I just tormented obriensnipples with a mini-outline of the story, it’s going to be angsty to the extreme and I’m so excited to write it now.

You have no idea how happy I am to see official art of Shizuo Heiwajima with people OTHER than Izaya. With people who are making him SMILE and LAUGH and BE HAPPY, where he’s doing perfectly NORMAL and MUNDANE things with his FRIENDS.

Like Tom and Shizuo are having BONDING MOMENTS AND THAT’S–

That’s really flippin’ important okay??? My shipper heart can’t handle this.

I’m sorry I’m made of gifs

(checking how Alex’s MTMTE trailer is doing on tumblr)

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bless your precious heart

to be honest I was pretty scared to have my voice in there, so you really made my day.

you have no idea how much it means to me that you singled out my voice, seriously

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Tonight I finally got the chance to play Borderlands for the first time ever.  Played online with my friends and we’re going through the Pre-Sequel.  Did a whole hour and a half of gameplay and didn’t have any first person sickness at all, you have NO idea how happy that made me (took a few pieces of advice and they seemed to help!)

My sketchbook is full of Timothy sketches, so to celebrate here’s one.  Couldn’t decide which scan to use so have them both.  He is my fave dork to play as. <3

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"Mind keepin' watch on somethin' for me while I'm on this next mission? Going to one of those murky places and I know you'll keep it in mint condition." Thus the prized scarf he always donned was removed. Plenty of care was taken in gently wrapping around the young dragon's shoulders, a proud grin being shot her way. "Can I count on ya to keep it in top condition?"

    Astonished, spectacle of sight wouldn’t have believed it. How can one donned to such treasured possession be removed? Does this really mean for her to take such an acquisition on something as this? Marvel thoughts compass with every fill that this warmth this scarf gives off. It’s in the wrap on her very petite shoulders. Feeling its fabric and the silkiness, it’s almost unbelievable he would take if off; for this is very precious to Natsu. As her head is raised up, it is precise that his smile shown out to be genuine that he really entrust this to her.

    "Are you sure, Natsu-san?“ 

Uncertainty wavers quite a bit since the realization hasn’t taken in fully or comprehend the meaning of this. Surely, could this been for any other care but trusting the young dragon slayer amazed her. A standing fairy would lead on strong and have his golden charm with him every step of the way. This is his. To have what belongs to him and with this not into the face of a battle, is something. Truly, this is one of a kind. As her questioning in her head is running over, and if it hits her, here this lays. And somehow like he knew, a reassuring touch is positioned onto her shoulder. 

          “I know you’ll take great care of it!”     

   Just like that, the waves have calmed into a melodious rise. Confiding in her, that meant she could do it. She can do more than what there is to believe. If that truly is the case, a spark of boosting energy is firm. 

     “Yes, Natsu-san! I’ll hold this for you.”

  Better to lay off all worries, she’ll watch over it and it’d be certain to be in great hands.

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got tagged by lunerias I got pretty happy :3

Time and Day: 11:58 am 18th July 

Avarage hours of sleep: Normally so do I sleep between 9 and 7 hours. During weeknds so do I break it down between 6 and 4 hours. During summers so am I awake in the nighs and asleep during the days. I have no idea how much I sleep because it’s different every time XD

Last thing I googled: Terrorsim in Tunisia Just thought I would search about the hell is happening in the country I’m supposed to have a nice summer vacation in. Ended up having tourists getting kidnapped and killed or terror attacks in public places…

Nicknames: Nacchan Pretty surprised somepeople are actually using it because I wanted to try out a nice nickname on myself

Birthday: August 21st (Lol 10 days defference between me and Shouan, I’m being happy just because of that :D)

Gender: Female potato

Height: 172 cm

Favorite color: Pink and blue

One place that keep me happy: On my bed or besides my laptop

What I’m wearing: A white T-shirt and shorts that are over my knee in white with orange flowers on Still in my pajamas

Last book I read: It’s been so long since I read a book. Well how about I go and read aone sentence of the driving book my mom brought to me…. Didn’t understand a shit

Favorite beverage: I like tea meade in staweberry tea bags. I like tea with vanillia and caramel flavor too 

Favorite food: I love sushi :3

Last movie I watched in theaters: I don’t remember the name of the movie I remember that I went with bxsdim then ^u^

Dream Vacation: I would cry my eyes out of happiness if I went on a vacation to Japan ;u;

Dream Wedding: Am I even going to get married? I hope my mom doesn’t get worried and tries to find a man for me tho…

Dream Job: SEIYUU IN JAPAN!!! I’m currently working hard to learn japanese but I think that I need to work a lot harder if I will reach that goal!

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today at dinner my parents were telling my brother how my college has a super awesome STEM program and he asked me what i was going to do after college and my mom said “she’s going to take her english degree from smith college and move to new york to be a struggling barista by day and an even more struggling UCB harold team member by night, until lorne michaels takes her by the hand and gives her a real job” and she’s not wrong, to say the least

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Hi! I saw your post about the glow worm caves and how Tolkien dwarves would definitely have this as a feature in their mountains. I LOVE this idea, and wondered if I may include it in my fic if I credit you? (Oh looky you're Baris Crystaltongue!! I am "Tavern Server" in the podfic. :D *flails*)

You most certainly may! Also, yay, I’m glad to finally find you! I think you’re one of the last three people in the cast I hadn’t followed yet.


omfg I’ve just been informed that someone has based their flapper amelia off mine and I’m squealing of joy right now like you have no idea how happy that makes me