you have no idea how i'm so happy


No, but honestly, Eurovision cannot be good for one’s health…

I guess, it’s self-explaining… but if there should be any questions left, just ask away!

Stay tsuyoi, healthy, invincible & stunningly sarcastic, our cheerful innocent kid!

This if from this birthday present for Viria and I’m sorry but I keep cracking up and I couldn’t help myself. Jeez.

Vika, these are one of the most accurate representations of the pain we must struggle through sometimes because of you and your arts so far. I have no idea how you even came up with that “cheerful innocent” description of yourself, because that’s far from truth :’) not that I’m complaining though

Maria and her sister are on the picture.


I really don’t have the words to describe how I feel today. This degree means so much to me. My journey hasn’t been easy but it has been worth it. I’m now a proud holder of a Master of Public Health Degree with a concentration in Health Promotion, Education, and Evaluation for the Claremont Graduate University School of Community and Global health 

Just Call me Ashley G, MPH ;)

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Why are you so tall? w/ baby YG

“I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” You slide your hand away from your boyfriend’s and reach up to hook your arms around his neck for a hug.

His arms circle around your waist and your chest touches his for a fleeting moment before you descend back to the ground.

“That’s it? I don’t get a kiss?” Yugyeom pouts, bottom lip pushing out. You know he’s half-joking (emphasis on half) but you can’t help but comply.

“Right, how could I forget?” you joke. He beams, satisfied, and squares his shoulders. You get your on your tip-toes again and lean up to plant a kiss on his lips - well, more like with the intentions of planting a kiss on his lips. Due to the height difference you end up missing his lips and kiss the tip of his chin.

You lightly swat at his upper arm. “Hey, why am I the only one making an effort here? You’re supposed to lean down,” you mutter.

He grips your shoulders and, before you can register his doings, presses his lips to yours. It’s chaste and sweet, heat finding its ways to your cheeks, before the warmth is gone and he pulls away.

“You’re cute,” he grins.

“Shut up,” you mumble. “Why are you so tall?”

happy bday you old geezer 8^))

First of all how dare you



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I have this insanely amazing fic idea in my head but don't know how to write the bitch. What do?

  1. Grab a pen.
  2. Grab a piece of paper.
  3. Write down the plot that you have till now, don’t care about grammar or how neat it looks.
  4. Don’t reread it until you’ve finished.
  5. Go grab yourself a cup of tea.
  6. Reread the piece of paper you’ve written. If you’re not happy with it; redo step 1-3.
  7. Cuddle with your pets. (If pets aren’t available, stuffed animals will do.)
  8. Open Word. (Or whatever programme you use.)
  9. Write some kickass fanfiction.
  10. Drink your cup of tea because now it’s probably safe to drink.
Funny Story

So nowadays I like to tip dom discounters in items over extra treasure. It makes item collectors happy and it’s generally cheaper for me since I have a bunch of junk in my hoard.

I just bought an Okapi scroll and tipped with a Sakura Flowerfall. I was a little surprised at how enthusiastic of a reply I got (more so than the usual thanks) so I checked the AH..

I was aware that the Sakura Flowerfall is a Swipp item, but I had no idea they were this pricy in the AH nowadays? I just gave a 130% tip. Oops.

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I have bipolar type 2 and right now I'm in a downswing and the only thing that's comforting me is re-reading Crisis Converted. Bokuto's character makes me feel less alone. You have no idea how much of a blessing you are to this fandom.

oh gosh darling ;__; I’m so sorry about your downswing, I know how difficult those can be. I’m so, so happy and humbled that Crisis Converted can bring you even a little bit of peace. I’ve been having a downswing myself, and it’s so difficult. I know it’s hard to reach out, but if you want, my inbox is always open, and I’m on twitter too. You’re not alone in this, I promise! You’ve come this far, a testament to everything you’ve ever had to endure. And you’ll make it through this as well ♥