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Truth May Vary

Yes, hi, excuse me, passing through, dropping crap all over the fandom. 

Hi. So, I did the prompt! @pink-paladin-lance hope you like it, tho I didn’t made it as angsty bc I craved fluffiness and well, …yeah. Hope you like it anyways!

Ps. Long Post. So yeah! No warnings? Just mean aliens, psh. 

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Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me and the idea come from @pink-paladin-lance (:

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“Alright! Another win for Voltron!” Hunk shouts animatedly as he wraps an arm around Keith’s shoulder, shaking him as he cheers, “Did you guys see how Keith dodged that laser beam when one of the Galras tried to sneak up on him? Keith, buddy, that was amazing! You totally flipped them!”

Keith laughs as he takes off his helmet and brushes Hunk’s praise off. “What? No, come on! Are you kidding? Were you even present when your Lion completely crushed that rock and saved the entire village? Because I was and it was out of this planet, man.”

“Okay, guys, but I think I speak for everyone that the best part was when we formed Voltron and we completely destroyed that Robeast because Shiro’s plan was on point!” Pidge cuts in, grinning behind her shoulder to meet their leader, “If it hadn’t been for your quick thinking, the battle would have taken a lot longer.”

Shiro chuckles from his place besides Allura and waves the compliments off with a hand. “No way. The plan was a success because your plants held the Robeast long enough for us to make a move, Pidge. You have been improving a lot since the day we found of about your Lion’s power.”

Lance watches from the sidelines as he stands besides Coran, a few feet away from the team. He smiles fondly as he hears them cheer and praise each other, their adrenaline and enthusiasm that always come from a winning battle still running through their blood.

“Wait, wait, but did you guys notice when Lance –” Keith’s sentence is suddenly cut off when the Prince of the Royal Family from the Kingdom they just saved clears his throat abruptly, catching everyone’s attention and making Keith’s proud grin to dim, replacing it with a frown.

“On behalf of my people and my Mother, I would like to express our gratitude towards the brave Paladins of Voltron who saved us today and forevermore, for it is their duty to defend and serve this Universe from the claws of evil.” The Prince says, voice high and powerful.

He stares into each of the Paladin’s eyes before they fall on Allura. “Princess Allura, please, as a thank you, allow us to escort you and the entire team to our Castle in order to present you an exquisite and well deserved banquet in your honor.”

Allura smiles and opens her mouth to respond but Lance’s voice beats her to it.

“Sure, dude!” He shouts happily, walking a few steps until he’s standing beside Allura and Shiro. “A banquet is always appreciated! I mean, Voltron really kicked some serious ass today if you know what I mean.” Lance can hear the way his team groan and chuckle at his words, too used to Lance’s cocky facade and he can feel Allura’s playful smack of her hand on his ribs.

Lance’s grin fades when the Price stares down at him unamused and something inside him drops unpleasantly.

“Blue…Paladin, of course.” The Prince says, a bore and uninterested tone on the back of his tone as he forces a rigid polite smile, “While I agree with you on the fact that Voltron surely won this battle by their own hands, I have to ask…”

He pauses, letting his words linger in the air as he takes a step towards Lance and clicks his tongue.

“Why are you on the team? I’m sure that your … talents, if you even have some, can be of much assistance back in the Castle.”

Lance’s smile falls and he hears the way someone behind him takes a sharp intake of breath but Lance doesn’t bother to turn around to found out who exactly.

“Well, I am the Blue Paladin. I have to be where the team is, of course.” Lance says, mouth twitching in what he hopes to be a smile but ends up being a grimace.

The Prince clicks his tongue once again and shakes his head as if in disappointment. “Ah, my apologies, Blue Paladin. I had just assumed that you were just filling the spot for the time being until the true Blue Paladin claimed the title.”

Lance doesn’t need to turn around to know what’s happening behind his back. He can feel the tense air that has settled on the team. He can hear the hard shallow pants from Hunk’s end as the Yellow Paladin tries to suppress the urge to lunge at the Prince. He can hear the soft faint sound of Shiro’s arm activating itself along with Keith’s bayard. He can even feel Pidge’s deathly glare that goes through him to get to their target that is the Prince.

He feels the grip of Allura’s hand on his suit tighten and the way Coran’s hand find its way until it’s resting on his shoulder.

But the Prince doesn’t. He doesn’t see, feel or sense any of what Lance does because they are not his team, they are Lance’s.

The Prince continues.

“No offense, Blue Paladin, but I had actually thought that Princess Allura here was the rightful Paladin for the Blue Lion. Having her leadership and power aside, she seems to be such a good fit for the title.”

Lance doesn’t disagree.

“Of course, I might be wrong. After all, there must be a reason why you are fighting besides Voltron itself. I speak out only because I believe your talents have been blurred by being surrounded by such powerful people and I’m merely concerned about the efficiency in future battles, thinking that your efforts may not be good enough –”

Lance can’t even come up with a response because suddenly there’s a body rushing past him and then Keith is standing there, pressing his Marmora Blade against the Prince’s neck.

“Would you like to say that again? Just to make sure I have the right motive to make you regret those words?” Keith hisses, face inches away from the Prince’s.

“Keith.” Coran calls, sharp and with a hidden warning, “Step back from the Prince, right now, Young Paladin.”

“But Coran –!”

Right now.

Keith growls but ends up taking a step back, his scowl deep in his face as he glares at the Prince from a distance.

“Prince Yult,” Allura says, voice tight and on edge as she releases Lance’s suit and takes a step forward, “While we appreciate your hospitality, you have no right to –”

“Princess Allura, if I may?” Lance cuts off, quiet but firm as he raises his chin high, staring at her evenly.

Allura stares right back, eyebrows furrowed in confusion before she nods.

“Prince Yult.” Lance addresses respectfully and waits until the royal nods at him before he continues, “I can understand your confusion about my position as a Paladin and your concern around the topic. My team’s talent and power is unmeasured and it’s not something anyone can live up to.”

“Lance…” Keith mumbles behind him but Lance continues.

“Which is why I must ask of you, not to doubt my team’s efficiency based on their one weakness that is me.”

“Lance, that’s enough.” Shiro snaps, low and dangerous but Lance doesn’t stop.

“Rest reassured, your highness.” Lance smiles, tight and forced, “That Voltron shall continue winning more battles and I will not be a liability to the team.”

“Buddy, come on, stop –”

“Now, if you excuse me, your highness.” Lance says, cutting Hunk’s plead short, “I shall take my leave. I’m sure the rest of the team would love to meet the Queen, but I sadly need to go back to the Castle and stand guard.”

Lance doesn’t wait for an answer. He turns around, ignoring the way Keith reaches out to him and how the rest of the team calls his name.

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Lighting in The Last Jedi trailer and that scene we are all talking about.

Like many of you that last bit of the trailer had me screaming at the tv. After the initial freak out phase had passed, I began to slowly shift into the what if phase, meaning– are they baiting me? Now there are several theories out there about who Kylo is holding his hand out too. Some say its Leia and not Rey. What if I told you the proof is in the shot itself? 

I am about to give you a quick lesson in lighting, visual storytelling, and cinematography. 

Let’s go back to The Force Awakens as a reference guide. The lighting on Starkiller base bridge you know that scene where he kills his dad? 

Lighting was something they made sure to get right in this scene. Notice how Kylo’s face is half hidden in shadow and the other in light. Signifying his split.

JJ says this  “ And you see the light go away. And now they’re in this darkness. And darkness takes over.”

The play with light was even more apparent when Kylo and Rey face off against the edge of the cliff. 

Now I’m about to throw some cited literary sources about Film and Lighting just so it’s importance is established. 

“In visual storytelling, few elements are as effective and as powerful as light and color. They have the ability to reach the viewers at a purely emotional gut level”(Brown, 2012, p. 8).

Light becomes mood that gives its tone to a film. It calls upon our memory to react to physical phenomena such as cold, rain, fog, sun, or dryness, and come up with psychological equivalents such as annoyance, sadness, mystery, fear, anguish, comfort, joy, gaiety, etc. As these effects produce immediate impressions in viewers, the cinematographer is able to obtain psychological reactions out of mere technical means (Geuens, 2000, p. 153).

Architecture and Film both use perceptual psychology to get people to see spaces in a certain way. Architecture lighting designers skillfully illuminate buildings and rooms with psychological intentions.

Lighting designers think about a psychological response and how behavior is affected by lighting. Some examples are:

1. Visibility of vertical and horizontal junctions aids orientation.

2. People follow the brightest path.

3. Brightness can focus attention.

4. Facing wall luminance is a preference.

5. Lighting can affect body position (Ginthner, accessed April, 2013 p.2).

Just as lighting designers light spaces to stimulate human mood and behavior, Cinematographers light the space inside a movie frame with the intent to persuade a viewer’s perception. The way objects are lit in the frame will focus the viewer’s attention, the amount of shadows cast will limit perception, and changing lights can indicate a change in a character or opportunity (Brown, 2012).

However, unlike film, architecture has had a psychological study on how different light in a physical space effect human arousal, concentration, memory, work productivity, and Mood.

If you take any type of filmmaking class, this is one of the first things you learn. Nothing is a mistake in these films everything is as designed to serve a purpose. 

So let’s dive into the scene in question. 

Originally posted by mine-loves

First of all, let us talk about how these two shots are framed. They are close up only showing the faces of our characters. 

Close up shots typically contain just the face and shoulders of a subject, with a little headroom above. This prevents ‘floating head syndrome’ as the shoulders suggest to the brain that there is a body below! These shots are the most common of all as they can convey a real sense of emotion and help the audience to connect with the subject.

Second, let’s talk about the choice of lighting

They are both in a warm fiery glow. 

You can judge the quality of light in a film scene through the hardness or softness of its shadows. Hard quality light has dark shadows with sharp edges and often feels more raw than soft quality light. Soft lighting, often used in older films, has lighter, diffused shadows and tends to feel more sentimental.

And with advances in film technology, sharp shadows can also be quite romantic. Case in point, this still from the end of the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice:

Third, let’s talk color 

Color temperature is one of the first things to note when studying the lighting in a romantic scene. Is it orange? Bluish? White? Most often, warm colors add to an inviting, romantic atmosphere. For example, the warm light in the sunset scene in Titanic draws the audience in, unlike the cold, blue lighting later in the movie, after things get dire.

Forth let’s talk context

This is not the same scene with Kylo. Rey is still wearing her resistance clothing. This is the beginning of the film. 

The context matters especially in this scene where Rey is talking about needing someone to show her where she belongs. Is this romantic? The answer is, no. Is it intimate? Yes. The scene can be set up this way without any romantic implications. But it is definitely meant to be intimate. Rey is vulnerable at this moment and is speaking from her heart to Luke. Please show me what to do with myself. 

Now let’s move to Kylo’s scene which is no doubt at the end of the movie (because his scar is healed.) 

Our big bad villain is bathed in nearly the exact same lighting and color as Rey’s shot, even the framing is the same. In no other shot ever has Kylo Ren been depicted in these colors. Not in the teaser and not in TFA. Kylo is always in red or dark. The context of this shot is very very important. He is reaching out palm up as to take someone’s hand. He does this slow and gentle. His face is soft with what I would say a plea. 

Yes, this is a call back to Darth Vader asking Luke to join him on the Darkside in Empire Strikes Back. But if you go back and watch that scene it is intimately framed (remember context matters), but the colors are pale. Lukes’ face is in agony. Vader extends his hand it’s rigid and forced.

Before I get into more examples, I want to point out that yes trailers are meant to give you an idea, and intrigue you but they are also meant to misdirect. 

Trailer Misdirects/Visual Storytelling and Dialogue

The misdirect of this scene is to make you believe Rey might join the dark side with Kylo or at least first glance. General Audience viewers casual fans who do not give it any second deep thought will accept this and move on. However, more dedicated fans will step in and try to dissect the scene by looking at the image and not the overall meaning behind everything we discussed above. The trailer isn’t designed to give anything away. Which leads me to say this is very smart editing on Rian’s behalf. While it doesn’t give us the answer of will, she or won’t she? It provides us with the question that we will inevitably discuss in length until the movie is released. 

 I would also like to point out there is a visual storytelling aspect of this trailer when it comes to the dialogue. 

One example of this not related to the scene in question comes from Poe Dameron.  He states “We have the spark that will ignite the fire to bring the First Order down.” The next scene we get is Finn. It is pretty clear that bit of dialogue was meant for Finn. He will no doubt help bring the FO down as other Stormtroopers defect as he did. Finn is that spark for the rebellion. Now let’s talk about the Rey/Kylo scene. The same thing happens here. Her dialogue coincides with the next shot of Kylo. Also, notice (scroll up if you need to) how their faces are opposite each other Rey is looking slightly to our left while Kylo is looking slightly to the right. Their positions are mirrored which is a recurring theme in the TFA (see the snow fight). This is beautiful visual storytelling. TFA was full of the same imagery lighting and storytelling. I have a post about it HERE

I went through and found scenes that mimic that of what we saw in the trailer, down to color, lighting, and frame.  I also chose male and female characters. Guess what, all of them were romantic. 

I chose this because of the flares in the background and the close-up framing of their faces. Notice yes the color is blue because they are parting (remember CONTEXT). 

Next, we have a scene from Pride and Prejudice, but beyond the romance aspect, I want you to watch the light change of this scene. Elizabeth is bathed in blue until she accepts Darcy, taking his hand. The sunlight beams between them warming the scene.  Skip to 3:10

Here is an oldie but a goody. I chose this due to the color. Now remember this film is old, lighting techniques have come a long way since the 1930s, but their choice of color is important, along with the shadows on their faces. 

Ah, Jon and Dany. This is very romantic (even tho its incest lol) But take a look at the lighting between them also this part is (NSFW) if you are gonna watch till the end. You were warned. 

And now for the grand finale TFA cliff scene. Oh, I chose this little diddy to drive home a point. Kylo and Reys’ faces are framed intimately (which signified they would have a more profound connection later and at that moment they were finding the Force together) But also notice their faces are bathed in mostly pale colors due to it being cold. Yes, the lightsabers flicker red and blue onto them. Yes, that holds meaning as well, the fight between the dark and the light. But the overall pallet is pale frigid colors. Also, the context -- there’s that word again– of this scene is they are enemies fighting. Kylo does want to teach her, but he’s aggressive and forceful, to say the least. It is a stark contrast to what we see in TLJ trailer. Where he is calm relaxed and in warm, inviting lighting. No aggressive posture, no forceful plea.

If you want to contrast another couple, please refer to Pride and Prejudice again. I can’t upload it here, but this is the link. This is where Darcy says he loves Elizabeth, but she rejects him. They have close-ups, but the color and lighting are not intimate. Its pale lighter and blue. All things that are associated with sadness rejection etc. You get the point. 

So in conclusion. It is my opinion based on all information gathered on cinematography, that yes the relationship between Kylo Ren or perhaps Ben Solo at this point has drastically changed. It is no longer one of animosity or hate. Judging by the warm colors, and the soft shadows and above all else the context of the gesture/posture/facial expression of Ben it is romantic or at the very least (for the skeptics) a special relationship– Remember Rey and Ben are similar in Force power according to Luke- this gives them a bridge to each other one that will take them to understanding and COMPASSION. I am not saying they kiss, I am not saying they are a couple at the end of this movie. I am saying that it’s possible that it will move in this direction. They no longer hate each other. How did we get to this point? Well, we have a whole Act 1 and 2 to get through for that answer. 

I will stress that I believe that yes Ben/Kylo is holding his hand out to Rey. And no, it is not out of malice or deception. He is not asking her to join him on the Darkside… He is asking her to go with him and for acceptance. 

I made a follow-up post to this because this was so long! Please click here to see more examples and extra information

What Happened To This Fandom????

I’ve seen a lot of posts about this, but i just wanted to share my personal experience i guess and what this fandom has done to me. I have barely any followers so i’m not sure this will even get around :/ When I read Throne of Glass I became obsessed with Sarah J. Maas’s books. I read up to Queen of Shadows and then had to wait for EoS. During that time i couldn’t pick up any other books cuz I thought they just couldn’t compare. Then I found out there was another series by her. ACOTAR.

ACOTAR honestly changed me. It changed my view on things and at the time i was going through a really hard time and i was just very depressed. The series helped me heal but the biggest thing was how real the characters felt for me. I fell in love with all of them.

I don’t have a single friend who reads. Only a couple of my close friends even know I like to read cuz everyone else judges me and I have really bad self confidence issues so I’ve kept it to myself. But it’s been killing me more because I can’t talk to anyone about this book in person and i hate it. I can’t let all of my feels out to any of my friends.

So I joined Tumblr. And I was amazed. At how so many different people from all over could make so many new friends and just endlessly talk about this series. I haven’t posted anything (this is my official first post) cuz I was always nervous and shy that people wouldn’t like me or something.

But I loved just watching everyone rant and just have fun talking about this amazing series and how it brought so many people together! Until ACOWAR came out.

Personally, I loved ACOWAR because it continued with the characters i fell in love with and it healed me even more. That’s my opinion and i absolutely respect everyone else’s. But.

Every time i would look at tumblr, there was a HUGE argument over small things i didn’t even realize you could argue over. It broke my heart to see people that were once together as friends and family and supporters… a FANDOM, fall apart. I had no idea what to do.

I started getting worried to look at Tumblr cuz I hate seeing people argue like this. This fandom makes me SO happy beyond words. Like i’m speechless of how amazing everyone is. I love every single one of you.

The fan fics you come up with, the edits you make, the hilarious and relatable posts you make is incredible. And the fact that it all revolves around ACOTAR makes me even happier since i have no one to talk about it with.

Please, please, please, take a minute and remember why you post what you post, why you write about these characters, how you met others through this fandom, and most of all, please don’t fall apart.

I’ve never been apart of a fandom before and this has been amazing even tho i don’t post anything, just witnessing it. It’s incredible.

So please, don’t argue. If you don’t like someone’s fanfic than don’t read it. If you don’t agree with someone’s opinion that’s perfectly okay! But respect their opinion like they would respect yours. Everyone is different.

Yes, I ship Elriel which has been an argument lately. Yes, i love the whole “die together” thing that Rhys and Feyre did because i like cheesy romantic stories and i loved that! But that’s just me! I 100% see why people would disagree, and i respect that because i know people are different and you can’t always agree.

Those are just two examples but what i’m saying is PLEASE don’t argue over things like that! Let Sarah J. Maas write whatever she wants! It’s her books. And if you don’t like them don’t read them.

Overall my message is to be kind to each other. We’re running out of kindness in this world and it kills me. This is where I come to be happy. So please be nice and respect each other. You’re all outstanding and talented and wonderful people and i want you all to know that you’ve changed my life even though i don’t talk or know any of you. I hope to post more after this and make friends so i can talk about ACOTAR with someone.

Thank you if you read this. I love you all. Please come together again and rebuild this amazing fandom. You won’t regret it❤️

avatar au! firebender jungkook
  • hello! yes im back again! and this is gonna be the first installment of my avatar! au idea! btw all of the edits i make for this au are mine. ^^
  • this au is going to be taking place during the time of avatar aang. 
  • in each one i make, you end up with different members! but all their stories will be interconnected! 
  • i hope you guys like it!! 
  • so yes, I believe that jungkook would be fire nation born. 
  • kook has always been pampered his whole life; his parents were generals in the fire nation army, and they were wealthy. 
  • kook trained endlessly, always bettering himself in his bending so that he could take on the work of his parents. 
  • he grew up with the philosophy that the avatar must be captured and that he must put all his loyalty with fire lord ozai. 
  • he was cold, and narcissistic, 
  • but that was before he met you. 
  • He was traveling down the streets of the fire nation one day, and decided to go and have a drink of tea with some of his buddies. Among them, was a boy named Taehyung. 
  • Taehyung was always like a big brother to Jungkook, and with him he always put his cold demeanor aside. 
  • Taehyung was already sitting at a round table in the large tea shop along with other firenation friends. 
  • “Ah! Jungkook! There you are!” Taehyung got up and pull him towards him by the neck in an arm-lock and ruffle his hair. 
  • Jungkook would show a small toothy smile, and when he looked up, that’s when he caught your eyes, staring at him. 
  • You were behind the counter, making tea, and all the commotion with those rowdy boys had made you look up at them in curiosity. 
  •  “Hey! What are you looking at?” Kook shouted at you. 
  • you bit your lip and looked away. he was handsome, but you’ve heard of him,,,he was hot headed and cold, and you were warned not to get on his nerves. 
  • Next thing you knew, he was at the counter in front of you, his forearm leaning on the granite as he looked at you with his cold and calculating golden eyes*. 
  • “I asked you something, non-bender.” he said non-bender as if it was something poisonous. 
  • You gave him a frown, and answered, “I was just thinking of how much mess I was going to have to clean up after you guys this time around,”
  • he raised his eyebrows at the icy tone of your voice 
  • “Oh, she has a problem doing her job,,, as a non-bender.”  
  • You grit your teeth and you attempt to ignore him, but he kept prodding at you, and you felt yourself boiling on the inside. 
  • He finally left you alone, and he and all his buddies left. 
  • You finished your shift as usual, a bustling 8 hour shift has come to a close. 
  • When you left, it was raining. 
  • As you were walking home it felt nice feeling to cool droplets hit your skin. 
  • When suddenly, 
  • “Hey! Non-bender!” 
  • You closed your eyes and made an exasperated sigh when you heard that infuriating voice. 
  • You turned around, “You know, it’s a crime to stalk people, and I’d appreciate it if you stop being a bully and fight with someone who can do firebending tricks with you.” 
  • He snorted. “They are not tricks. They are a fire combat strategies.” He then added with a condescending tone, “A non-bender like yourself wouldn’t understand.” 
  • “You’re right” you said. “But I’m sure I could take you head on even though I’m not a bender.” you challenged. 
  • You gulped, what did I just say? you mentally slapped yourself.  
  • You never really thought things through– 
  • Jungkook belted out a laugh, and said, “Alright, I really don’t like fighting weak girls, but if you insist.” 
  • He blasted a fire ball right at you and you dodged it with ease. 
  • He blasted one after the other, and finally you were running out of breath dodging his attacks. You’ve never really challenged anyone to something like this before. 
  • What were you thinking?
  • You knew you weren’t a match for him– 
  • Jungkook blasted another fiery blast, and you were so out of breath that the only way to doge it was,,,the worst case scenario 
  •  out of pure instinct, you twirled your arms and the rain water around you came together to form a shield to keep the blast from hitting you. 
  • In Jungkook’s shock, you proceeded to use the water to send a full power water blast right to jungkook, slamming into his chest making him fly backwards right into the poor cabbage guy’s cabbage stand. “Oh my cAbbAgES!!!” 
  • After Jungkook stumbled up from the pile of crushed cabbages, he pointed a finger at you, with his mouth agape, “You’re–You’re a waterbender!” 
  • You slapped a hand to your forehead because of you cant believe that the likes of him made you loose your cool and reveal your bending power to him 
  • “Yes, yes I am. Are you eating your words now, Mr. Hot-Head?” 
  • He grunted,,, and attempted to wring the water out of his clothes,,,but he wasnt doing to well 
  • as you watched him you couldnt help but feel a little bad,,, and u hated yourself for thinking that way,, you were too nice of a person
  • “Stop” you walk over to him and quickly bend the water out of his clothes.
  • He mumbled a thank you,, and you couldn’t stop thinking about how cute he was all flustered like that. 
  • “What are you doing in the fire nation for if you are a waterbender?” he was obviously super confused and cute even tho he just got his ass kicked 
  • You stared at him long and hard before saying anything 
  • “There was a firenation raid at the Northern Water Tribe when I was really small, I think I was only a few months old,” you started. “My parents perished, and I was picked up by one of the Fire Nation Raiders who found me near death in a heap of snow. I was adopted by a Fire Nation family who couldn’t have their own children.” 
  • Jungkook’s eyes softened, “I’m sorry,” 
  • “haha, don’t be, as much as I may hate the fire nation for murdering my parents, they are also the very kind people who raised me into the person I am today,” 
  • Jungkook nodded, and for the first time, he didn’t really think fire lord ozai was the best ruler,,, 
  • in the following days afterwards jungkook would find himself visiting the little teashop everyday, around the same time. 
  • you would begin to look of him around noon, when the sun is at its highest. 
  • he would come and sit in the same seat in front of the counter, and order the same thing, jasmine tea. 
  • all the while making faces at you, and ultimately get you distracted from your work because you would make faces back. 
  • until u got yelled at from your boss,, whoops 
  • ok literally jungkook goes from asshole to sweetheart in .002 seconds and you couldn’t figure out how the hell he does it. 
  • you obviously tried to ignore him at first, but that only made him try harder to get your attention
  • he even once blasted a small flame at you when no one was looking and it almost burned you 
  • “whoops” was the only thing he said afterwards. 
  • months go on like this,, and jungkook even ended up introducing you to his friends,, and Taehyung teased him about how Jungkook was replacing him 
  • and kook got all flustered and smacked tae lsdjfsj
  • you realized how comfortable their friend group was and you ended up hanging out with them on the days that you weren’t working. 
  • jungkook and you liked to spar, and for some reason, kook would be going easier on you 
  • and you were like “wtf?? why u going easy on me now?” 
  • and he would only shrug 
  • and while you guys were going at it, you doused him in one with one of your bending moves, and you had him pinned down under your knee. 
  • he only laughed, and then rolled over with you under him
  • and you were too shocked,, your heart was thumping like crazy??? and you were just like wtf heart?? um??? stop it?? 
  • and that’s when he leaned down and kissed you softly and you could feel like he just breathed fire down into your very core,, your face burned and your entire body felt inflamed. 
  • “I- uh-” you would try to speak but then kook would kiss you again to make u shut up lol  
  • but then u realize that his cheeks are super red too and he was just as embarrassed as you were 
  • in the end its super awkward bc kook is a dork dsfjlsdjfs 
  • well this ends this segment!! I hope you guys enjoyed reading about Fire Nation Jeon Jungkook~! 

other avatar aus: jimin

galway girl [jacksepticeye x reader]

a/n; this is my first ever song fic and i can proudly say i had NO IDEA what i was doing…still hope you like it tho!!! <3

warnings; alcohol usage (heavy ups)

words; 2,415

prompt; Can you please please do a jacksepticeye x reader based on Ed sheerens song Galway girl and perfect. Plus they’re already together. Pretty please. Xx  ( anon )


She played the fiddle in an Irish band
But she fell in love with an English man
Kissed her on the neck and then I took her by the hand
Said, “baby, I just want to dance”

He really needed a break, he kept telling himself. Really really needed a break. This whole Youtube business proved time and time again just how ridiculously stressful it can be and Sean felt like the walls of his office had started to close in on him. Pushing himself away from editing, he somehow managed to slip on his hat and rush out the door to greet the sunset before it faded into the horizon. The air was still pleasantly warm when he stepped outside, inhaling a greedy breath and immediately feeling much better. Taking a few more leisure steps down the pavement he suddenly remembered that he forgot to lock the door and had to go back.

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anonymous asked:

I'd appreciate it if you'd do a post about why genki is so horrible! I kind of have an idea of why since I used both the books and workbooks in my Japanese classes at uni. But now we're using the Tobira Gateway book and it's just... so bad.. I miss genki so much. Do you have an alternative for upper intermediate Japanese language learning and practice? Opinions on both textbooks?

It’s really only something you can use in the classroom. Genki is almost a formality more than a learning resource. Like, yeah, you “learned” Japanese…at least that’s what your two-semester foreign language requisite says on your college transcript. If you finish both Genki books but can’t hold a common conversation, what have you really learned? For self-studiers, Genki is the literal last thing I would suggest learning from.

I hope this doesn’t come off as a rambling rant (and it probably will), but here are some reasons why I dislike Genki:

1. The dialogues are boring and useless. “Hey, what should I get Takeshi-san?” (said by his girlfriend, who is for some reason addressing her boyfriend as -san?) “Well, he wears the same sweater every day, so why don’t you get him a new sweater.” “Oh, good idea.” “What do you think of the sweater?” “It fits perfectly.”
“Our Japanese class is fun.” (Are you using Genki in your Japanese class?) “When you’re gone, I will miss you.”
Awesome. Now I know about Mary and Takeshi’s gifts….but do I know how to actually ask my friend for advice? Do I know cultural context? Honestly, the dialogue just sound like they were written by a student (like me) trying to find the most basic way to demonstrate they know a grammar pattern. Which is cool and all, but outside of the classroom, you’re not going to ask your gal-pal, Sue-san, what you should get your boyfriend, Takeshi-san, for White Day, masu masu masu, desu desu desu….and if you are, Sue-san is probably going to respond to you in more natural casual Japanese you can’t understand, and to her you probably sound pretty boring.

2. Verb conjugations are really not as hard as it’s taught in Genki! You learn things strangely and out of order, and it’s still very formulaic and textbook. All (or at the very least, many) conjugations (sans -te and -ta) have stems from kana vowels and are so much simpler to remember. If you can remember which conjugation correlates to what vowel (and there are only five of them!) then you have 5 different verb forms (and more) already down! Why does Genki teach this ridiculous 7x7 plot chart of verb conjugations as if 1. those are the only ones you need to learn and 2. you have to memorize them all + any conjugation thereafter separately with no point of reference like VOWEL VERB STEMS????

3. Genki most definitely others foreigners. I think the expectation was that foreigners are never going to get to a fluent or native level in Japanese (linguistically or culturally), so let’s teach them this arbitrary bullshit so they can order food at a Japanese restaurant (which you still won’t be able to do, realistically) or ask their host mother what’s for dinner. (Okay, actually, it is designed for college students studying abroad in Japan, which is exactly who I am and what I’m doing…but Genki is still not helpful). Foreigners in Japan have the problem of never really…blending in with society. I know this sounds really bleak, but, uh…. the fact is, you’re always going to be a foreigner. To me, Genki says, “you’re a foreigner, you’re always gonna be a foreigner, and you’re not gonna get very far out here because of that.” Maybe this is just me? But the Japanese that Genki teaches pretty much screams “I took three semesters of Japanese in college and I can’t show shit for them.” It makes me feel like the only future in Japan is becoming an ALT who gets three promotions at most (as a man!). (I mention the gender because in Japan the family ideal is still the modern nuclear family where the everyman devotes his life to his work and his wife has two kids and supports him from the sidelines as a full-time housewife. So, being the cis woman I am, employers will expect me to get married, pop out a couple kids, and retire to be a housewife….in other words, no promotions. Anyway tho)

4. You’d think they’d make new, updated editions to coincide with the times, but Sue-san is still giving Mary-san a cassette for her o-tanjoubi. What about e-mail? The internet after 1999? Text messaging???? Anything that could relate to someone younger than 35? No? Awesome. One sec, I just need to ask my boyfriend Takeshi-san which VHS tape he wants to watch tonight.

5. Mary and Sue sound super gaijin and overtly polite, even for women. Yet, at the same time, not polite enough. Especially when I’m in a store, I want to use softeners to ask employees questions, but all I know is “kore onegaishimasu!” “arigatou gozaimashita!” and the word “chotto” which I don’t even know how to insert into a sentence without sounding….foreign and still not polite enough. Conversely, a lot of the expressions will sound kind of feminine for men. This is a small side complaint but nothing grinds my gears more than hearing Mary use -masu forms talking to her best friend and simply saying “jaa, yakiniku onegaishimasu” to a waiter.

6. Basically, as much as you memorize dialogue, speech patterns, expressions, you will still not be able to speak or use Japanese, and I have most definitely learned this the hard way. I can explain to my sensei that I was late because the train was shut down the night before from a jishin jiko, therefore I didn’t get home until late, therefore I didn’t get a lot of sleep, therefore I slept in, but I still cannot for the life of me say, “aa, samui desu ne!!!,” listen to a response from my friend (which is not going to be, “ee, sou desu ne!” like Genki teaches you), and then respond to it. Like the textbook only got me as far as the initial statement, not the ones that would actually be part of the conversation. I usually just stand there with the dumbest, most clueless expression on my face and say, in English: Sorry, my Japanese is really terrible and I have no idea what you’re saying. Why don’t we just talk in English? :-)

Genki is okay for a resource but please for the love of god don’t use it as your only resource. It’s an…okay introduction to the language (…maybe. If that’s your only choice). They aren’t the authoritative word on learning Japanese (even though we act like they are) and there are so many (better! cheaper!) programs you can use to learn Japanese. I don’t know much about Tobira, but it does seem really textbooky, especially for ‘advanced’ Japanese (I feel like at this stage, you should be having like….actual conversations? with friends?) However, I like that most of the materials are online for free. Also, the kanji readings are easy af but I like that there are some mixed combos with different readings. (this could be good or bad depending on your goal?)

I really (really, highly, bigly, yugely) suggest Marugoto (but that only goes to A2). Tae Kim (which is free!!! on the internet!!!) is great too (although you might have already read it, there’s also a free app that is an ever-flowing fountain of reference). Minna no Nihongo is a little textbooky but still pretty good. Otherwise, look for independent books on specific subjects you’re interested in learning. For example, I bought a really awesome book on Kansai-ben and it’s waaaay more fun, useful, and entertaining to read and learn from.
My hallmate also has this book and when I looked through it, it seemed really hilarious and informative: Reading Japanese with a Smile: Nine Stories from a Japanese Weekly Magazine.

In the case of advanced learners, I mean… depends on what you want to use your Japanese for. Textbooks in general just aren’t going to cut it. I would try learning newspaper Japanese (that is, kanji used in newspapers) so you can learn a skill that will continue to help you as you progress. Read short stories + poems too! I like to read through blogs and stuff for informal expressions. This is kind of creepy and weird I guess, but confession: I used to read A LOT of web pages about Japanese serial killers. I know it’s so edgy-true-crime-tumblr-sounding, but it’s a phase in my life and I won’t deny it. What I still wouldn’t give for a copy of “Boy A” tho

Anyway, honestly, most textbooks for language classes kind of suck, so if you want to REALLY learn a language (any language, even English), you have to do your own research and seek out opportunities to use new resources.



P.S. I’m not trying to sound super harsh or anything here! I think Genki is alright. I’m using it currently, after all. I just don’t think it’s the end-all-be-all of Japanese learning resources.

REQUESTS AND STORIES: Puffs and bets (Simon D x Black Reader)

none of these pictures and gifs are mine! Credits to the owners (everything found on google; if I took your picture without credits by mistake, or you didn’t want it edited, let me know so I can fix it). Please don’t remove the captions.


Tags: request / reader’s pov (black woman) x idol / relationship and motherhood / mixed raced daughter / fluff / funny / slightest smut innuendo (it’s very subtle) / 
Featuring: Jung Kiseok (Simon D, AOMG).
Writer: CL
Word count: 1,2k words
Requested by: @novocainelaced “Hi! 😊 I really love your writing and I saw that request are open, so I was wondering if you could do some fluff/comedy with Simon D trying to do his daughters super curly mixed hair while the reader is busy or something and she comes backs to see her child’s hair?“
Comments: I tried to make it as funny as I could, I don’t know if it’s any good, please excuse me if it wasn’t (it’s my first funny story!). I’d like some feedback on this, if you can, I’m not very sure about the story. / PS: I am in love with the little girl from the moodboard, what a cutie!

ATTENTION, PLEASE READ: This is a fictional story. Any similarities to real people are unintentional. This story contains mature themes. By reading this story you agree that you are 18 years or older. The author does not authorize the reproduction, reposting, editing or any alteration of this material, fully or partially.

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anonymous asked:

how could ryuji be the best if hes constantly making lewd comments about women

*cracks knuckles* WE GON’ LEARN TODAY SON

To begin, I think there’s inherently a weird flaw in Ryuji’s writing (or perhaps a localization/translation issue) in that the very thing you mention doesn’t make sense for his personality. I’ll admit I love that boy more than anything so I’m a bit quick to defend him, but also if I take myself outside of that for a sec, it genuinely doesn’t line up. I don’t know if Ryuji started out as like, Pervy Bro and they were like “oh we can’t make him a straight up dick” or if he started off an empathetic, loyal character and they were like “oh but we need someone to be the horny teenage boy” (I’m inclined to think the latter). Either way, Ryuji is very protective and responsive to the girls on the team. Let’s take a look at what I think of as True Ryuji (tru-uji if you will hahahaha i hate myself too it’s ok), and just fyi SPOILERS. I haven’t finished the game yet so not full game spoilers but just-before-5th-palace-spoilers.

When Ann walks into the metaverse, his priority is her safety, not some dumb “oh this GIRL is gonna SLOW US DOWN” shit–which, if Ryuji is Typical Bro, would’ve been his reaction. He’s also extremely motivated by the mistreatment of girls, especially Ann, by Kamoshida. Also the physical abuse, of course, but his first insult tends to be calling Kamoshida a pervert and gross and whatnot which leads me to think he has a bigger problem with Kamoshida’s sexual abuse than his physical (WHICH IS SAYING SOMETHING seeing as how Ryuji was a victim of the physical abuse). Ryuji is beyond impressed with Makoto and her persona’s awakening, arguably the most out of the entire team, and in full, active, vocal support of it–not to mention he literally jumps into traffic to stop a car so we can hurry and save Makoto. He is the first to run to Futaba when she falls down AND when Ann is pushing Futaba’s boundaries during the closet scene, Ryuji is very insistent that Ann should not continue. In the end we get the info we’re looking for and Futaba comes out applause all around good job Ann etc etc etc but Ryuji’s sensitivity to Futaba and her feelings was like….so refreshing to me?? Esp as someone with anxiety?? That was so touching idc if i sound like a cheeseball I KNOW IT’S A VIDEO GAME but my boy was so pure. THENNN when Haru is getting harassed, Ryuji is first to arrive (shoutout to track team and long legs) and immediately takes up a defensive position. He demands that her fiance leave her alone because she’s our friend–which, at this point in time, is basically a lie. He also is first to run to her when she falls and immediately agrees to having her rest, offering our attic as the resting place without asking (knowing there’s no problem with it) and even tho he’s been beefin’ with Morgana he puts Haru before that and works with Morgana to get Haru to safety.

And that’s just the phantom thieves girls!!! There’s so many other instances where he’s A GOOD BOY (the old lady at the station *tear*, willingly provoking the Shadows so we can escape even tho it means certain death, unashamed to share vulnerable or traditionally-considered-”weak” emotions) that I could literally go on forever. 

His obsession with girls and making comments about their bodies is like, def not ok, but in The Real World my guess is that it’s because the writers had trouble deciding what kind of person he was gonna be and tried to fit both in and tbh for me I just can’t buy it. I could buy some of it, like checking out Ann or something, but then in Hawaii when he’s talking about how the girls there are “massive” I was like ????? Ryuji would never go THAT far. In a headcanon-y space, I would say that Ryuji’s dad is obviously The Ultimate Piece of Shit and 1) didn’t give Ryuji a good idea of what a man is so 2) Ryuji no longer has a male presence in his life and thus nothing else to go off of, which means 3) in an effort to be Masculine and Become a Man during his coming-of-age age (lol), he’s just copying what he thinks is how he’s supposed to act. I also think that Ryuji’s mom is a sweet, kind lady who wouldn’t hesitate to bitch slap her son if she heard him talk about girls that way and she’s raised him to be respectful so that also contradicts his behavior. It’s not genuinely who he is–he’s so quick to tell guys to back off the girls at the beach even tho he literally just went to do the same thing–it’s just who he thinks he’s supposed to be. And we all know Ryuji struggles with self-esteem and not putting himself down, so like, he doesn’t have the ability to outright reject that notion (yet). He so often wants to be someone other than himself that he adopts this persona (haha didn’t mean to do that) thinking it’s just the way of the world. 

None of the above makes his behavior excusable AT ALL, like more than once I literally said “dude chill out” to my screen ok, but I think in game-verse it can be explained and outside of the game it can also be explained. I contend that he is still pure and good and right and the goddamn sunshine incarnate, but dude’s got flaws and some things he has to work out (and I fully believe Ann threatens and then casually DOES call his mom to tell on him one day [much to his protests and FOR REALs and ARE YOU KIDDING MEs and ANN I’M SO SORRY I PROMISE I WON’T SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT AGAIN JUST DON’T TELL MY MOM] and Ryuji gets a Second Awakening when he gets home that night and never makes a lewd comment again)

((also he’s probably bi and doesn’t know how to face that yet so he’s overcompensating FIGHT ME ON THIS))

*EDIT* @defciggy pointed out the duality doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive which is something I normally try to be cognizant of bc ppl are gray areas but I got a lil carried away lol so I just want to retract a little bit and say the writing isn’t necessarily flawed/mistaken/poor but that the good in him is bigger than the bad
Disappear like Smoke

is my writing still shit? yes. will i stop? no. will i ever edit my writing? probably not. warning for nsfw implied (also i promise this is hernst even tho there is melchior x ernst stick with me okay)

Everyone knew that Melchior Gabor smoked cigarettes. His clothes had the smell ingrained in them and his parents were never home to smell it. Not many people knew that Ernst Robel also sat on his bedroom’s window seat with him and smoked.

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Gruvia and how to fix it


Okay, as you all should know, Gruvia is my former OTP die hard ship. In recent months, I’ve realized that it’s not that great after all. I realized that the gruvia I love is not the one in Fairy Tail, but rather the one depicted in fanfics and fanart. I realized that the ship in canon is extremely one sided, damages ½ of the characters involved and is very forced.  A part of me will probably take this ship to the grave since I still can’t keep a straight face whenever they have a moment.

See, about 80% of Juvia’s current character is developed to gruvia or Gray in general which is not good for such a major character. Levy can get by with being attached to Gajeel because she’s not a major character, but not Juvia. AND practically all of the ship seems to favor her and only her in story. There isn’t any indication that Gray is getting anything from their close companionship besides discomfort in story for a long while. All of that equals a forced ship.

Before you read further, keep in mind that I’m not trying to bash gruvia or its supporters. I’m bashing Mashima’s writing and stating what I think would have made the progression of this ship smoother. In no way is this trying to disregard what happened in canon, I already know its too late to change anything. 

Now about how to improve it.

  • Give Juvia back her personality, relationships and character from Fantasia and Tower of Heaven arc. Have her function without Gray being in the equation somewhere. Show her having close relationships besides Gray, so that her crush on him is more of a character quirk rather than most of her character. (I would say that she has Meredy, but they get so little screen time together I don’t even know what their relationship is. ESPECIALLY Meredy because Mashima dedicated like 150 pages to jerza but couldn’t have more than 2 panels of Meredy and Juvia interacting??? Ditto for Gajeel. This is an element of Mashima’s poor writing style, unfortunately. It’s like how Lucy and Levy are supposedly best friends but almost never talk.) In turn, this will scale back the creep factor that’s ever present in this ship and will balance it out with character weight. You know when she was all shy and embarrassed to give him that lunch she made for him? That was the perfect balance. 
  • Scale down the obsessiveness and have it develop more like a relationship upgrade rather than Gray just giving up and settling because Juvia won’t leave him alone. If it’s supposed to be that Gray is slowly warming up to Juvia, then show it. Have him go from a blunt “no thanks, not interested” to a more tsundere attitude. Him bluntly telling her no then her persisting anyway is just her not having enough respect to listen to his opinions despite being in love which makes her affection seem a whole lot more shallow and ,surprise, one sided.
  • Go into detail about the relationship. Have them reflect on how the other person has helped them. Here, I’ll even give an example on the fly; Juvia loves and appreciates Gray for being her prince charming for taking her rain away because it made her depressed and isolated for the rest of her life. Gray appreciates Juvia because he knows she’s one of the people he can fall back on, she can lighten his mood when his thoughts get too morbid or he’s going through a tough time and generally makes him more cheerful/quirky. Seeing as Mashima has put so much effort into the ball of sexual tension and angst that is Jerza, he’s clearly capable of developing these things for relationships. He just…doesn’t for his other pairings.
  • Just let them talk. Have Juvia chill out for like 5 minutes and genuinely listen to what Gray thinks of her and her tendencies. And have Juvia explain exactly why she’s so devoted to Gray and how much it means to her. Because he has no idea what her thought process is and to him she’s just been this creepy stalker who won’t leave him alone and “loves” him. If she would do this, then that would explain why he could grow more receptive towards her affection.
  • When she starts getting close to him (say, Tenrou), have Juvia calm down with her obsession. Seriously. Tone it down from “obsessive and unable to function without him in her life” to “clingy” .
  • Honestly, Juvia’s character is like 75% of the problem with this ship. She’s like Sakura Haruno gone horribly wrong. Yes, Sakura chased Sasuke to the ends of the Earth despite him literally trying to kill her, but at least she 1) grew out of the puppy love stage and eventually genuinely wanted to save him from himself like Naruto and it showed 2) Had her own personality and relationships and was able to function without him there 3) Made an effort to search for him when he went missing //cough cough did it ever occur to her to go to sabertooth and ask for help? or to look for any of her former FT guildmates at all to help her?? like, a group manhunt is the next logical step up from looking by yourself, cmon-
  • I mean, she’s not even a yandere. At least yanderes are known for the badass and crazy lengths they go to for their love. At least yanderes has psychological layers and depth that many authors explore. Yet she’s not the love sick puppy character either. I wish she was one or the other instead of being stuck in this barely thicker than cardboard state.
  • Gruvia just seems to be an unfortunate victim of bad writing of all things. I’m not sure if there are major ft ships that are safe from this tho. 

EDIT: OK, so it seems that my passiveness for Levy has been taken the wrong way. And yikes this post has blown up. 

If you must know, no I don’t support the way Levy’s character has gone because of Gajevy. As opposed to Juvia who’s character seemed to become more revolved around her ship, Levy just kinda…slowly merges her existence with her ship. This problem is just a product of Mashima’s bad writing more than anything else tbh. It’s like…she keeps her personality and all that but now all of her major appearances come with Gajeel like they’re a pair set? I also noticed the strange, unintentional implication that she seems to be actively rejecting her own team in favor of Gajeel? (Why didn’t she go with them during the one year timeskip? They just had 7 years apart too?? And how much screentime does she spent with them vs with Gajeel?) The whole thing is really weird, especially since all the ship tease for gajevy came way before the fact that their first meeting was Gajeel kicking her ass and pinning her to a tree(?) was addressed. I like that it was addressed, but it really should have been so WAY earlier. That said, I don’t have many fucks to give about Levy, so other than those obvious faults, I don’t really care. 

Also, I don’t think this is anti gruvia…? I’m not hating on it or anything? It’s more like constructive criticism which DOES NOT equal hate. 

10 facts

I was tagged by @rennalemma and @pasteljohnlennon <333 thank you darlings♡♡♡

10 facts about me here I go~~

1. I don’t have any idea for this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  what should I talk??? I’m not good at talking about myself.

2. oh, I pre-ordered “the news of the world” 40th anniversary edition on amazon. it’s more expensive than I expected :o but it’s okay :))) it will be great♡♡

3. oh, and I watched lady gaga’s documentary movie on netflix. I cried so hard. I really love her. she’s real star.

4. umm I want to draw in other new style :/ but I don’t know how.

5. I love my bob cut now<333

6. someday, I want to have a cat and name her Delilah.

7. I love rain. I love listening to the sound of rain :)

8. I can’t speak/write English well, so please give me a break😂🤚💦 I can’t even speak my first language decently tho😝 can I speak with only my soul?????? what’s language???????

9. I’m obsessed with lemon tea. I’ve always drunk it while I’m drawing ;)))

10. as usual I’m singing while driving. in these days I’m like “ ROLL UUUUUUUUUPUPPjegrj;grhsg!!!!!!!!!!! roll up for the mystery tour klgjklwehewgklge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“


Lisani! 2010 Pamphlet - Kalafina Q&A 50 Translation

Hey! ( ・ω・)ノ Yesterday @mistress-of-the-obvious was kind enough to share her scans of the pamphlet and after quickly browsing through these questions, I thought it would be quite fun to translate them so you all know what’s going on ^_^. Of course we know a lot of this stuff already but all in all, the Q&A was quite insightful and there were a couple of new facts here and there.
Please enjoy!

1. What was the first CD you bought?
口マンスの神様/Romance no Kamisama” by Hirose Kōmi and “パラシューター/Parachuter” by Folder (W)
A Destiny’s Child album (H)

2. Which song do you have on repeat right now?
Kalafina’s new song (W)
Makihara Noriyuki’s ”SPY" (K)
Acid Black Cherry’s “Maria” (H)

3. Which artists do you look up to?
Celine Dion (W)
Ozaki Yutaka (K)

4. Who would you like to have a singing session with?

Celine Dion, Spitz, Joe Hisaishi (W)
DREAMS COME TRUE, Beyonce, Acid Black Cherry (H)

5. Who would you really like to meet?

Hayao Miyazaki (W)
Girls’ Generation (K)
Myself from a previous life (H)

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#190 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “one where you’re taking a photography class in high school and you run into teenage van who insists on being the ‘model’ for your assignment, you go to the beach for the shoot and he ends up pulling you in the water ? (the camera is safe tho) and then you go back to his house to dry off and cute stuffs happens”

Note: Thanks to @you-andthebottlemen  for last week’s brainstorming session for this fic!

“Didn’t you drop out? Why are you even here?” you asked. Van laughed and nodded. “Then I’m pretty sure it’s like, illegal for you to be on school grounds,”

“You gone all goody two shoes since I ain’t been here to keep ya on your toes?”

You’d never really been proper friends with Van, so you weren’t sure why he was calling you over to behind the bike shed. There were a few classes you shared. Even then, Music was the only one you talked a lot in. In English you’d urge him to actually try the assignments because he could so clearly write. He’d always claim to have better things to use his skills for though, lyrics and melodies. And, he was right. 

Since he’d dropped out, you had listened better in class. It was easier to be a good student without his beautiful distractions. 

“Shut up. What do you want?”

“Need ya camera. And you. We wanna take some photos and stuff for the band. You’ll help, right?”

You sighed. “Can’t. I have too much homework. And I have to do this assignment for Art and Miss is letting be do photos instead of draw and I still have to find something to do it on. I don’t have time to take photos of you and your weirdo friends,”

“Oi. They ain’t weirdos. Please? I’m begging,”

“Can’t you just do them yourself?” you asked, quickly looking around in case there was a teacher on yard duty. They wore fluro vests so they could be spotted in an emergency situation, but really they just allowed kids to duck away and keep track of their whereabouts.

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anonymous asked:

Phantom thieves and hogwarts houses GO

YOU JUST MADE MY DAY. HERE WE GO FAM (I’m not finished with the game so since I don’t know much about Haru we’re just gonna go through Futaba)

Starting with my best boy Ryuji Sakamoto IS A HUFFLEPUFF AND THERE IS NO ARGUMENT AGAINST IT. I will accept that Ryuji has Gryffindor qualities (bravery, not afraid of confrontation, risk-taker, etc) but that boy is NOTHING if not LOYAL. Ryuji is sunlight incarnate I will accept no other metaphor. He cares about literally everyone before he cares about himself. He literally offers to be beat up if it would make his old team feel better (pls). He is relationship-driven and his risk-taking behaviors, his confrontations, his passion for justice all come from helping out someone else. Definitely the kinda dude that would consider the house elves in a dire situation. He’s so aggressively selfless that it’s almost like “pls care about yourself first just once.” Ryuji time and time again puts other people before his personal needs and safety without a single second of hesitation. He just DOES it. And he’ll do it fifty times if you need him to. If you call him at 3am crying he’s showing up in your room, sneaking you into the Hufflepuff common room for snacks.  If you don’t have a pencil in class, he’s giving you his without mentioning it’s his only one (s’not like he was gonna do nothin’ with it anyway). You about to head into a fight he’s got no stake in? Doesn’t matter, he’s got your back. He once punched a student for making snide comments about another student’s sexuality and he has no ragrets about it. A blushin’ fool whenever someone is tender towards him cause he’s so busy being that/doing that to everyone else he doesn’t think about being on the receiving end. He’s just happy to make someone else smile, ya know? HE IS KIND. HE IS TRUE. HE IS A HUFFLEPUFF.

Akira Kurusu is 3000% a Slytherin. Dark, mysterious, smug ass mofo. A leader of his in-group (teenagers being the in-group, adults being the out-group) and thus inclusive in the sense that anyone who joins the cause can be a Phantom Thief. Where a Hufflepuff (Ryuji) might do anything for anyone they care about impulsively, a Slytherin pauses for a second, calculating–instead of diving headfirst to save Ryuji in the first palace and ending up with nothing, he hesitates and that’s when Aresene is like “so u gonna let the boy die??” and akira is like “no gimme a second there’s a fucking mask on my face.” His persona is all about MAGIC and DARKNESS if that’s not obvious enough for ya. This boy is snakey sneaky, all cunning eyes and cocky smiles and deep, mocking laughs. He knows he’s powerful and he’s not afraid to show you that he knows it. What’s wrong with knowing your own strength? Let’s not forget he is a master of interrogation. The ultimate trickster, he’s not above pulling dumb pranks on you and blaming it on a Gryffindor for its lack of complexity. He a good dude, tho, because obviously Slytherins aren’t bad. He gives his plant nutrients to make it stronger bc he likes building something up to be more than it started (most ppl would just water it but aiight dude). He’ll casually walk up behind you while you’re getting bullied, sling his arm around your shoulders, and be like “something the matter?” Totally threatening without a single verbal threat. Secretly loves bubble baths, will give you a scathing look if you even try to tease him about it tho. 

Ann Takamaki, Gryffindor extraordinaire. She starts out kinda timid but she’s actually daring af. She keeps a relationship with Kamoshida who is the worst man alive just for her friend’s sake, but she also isn’t afraid to ignore Kamoshida’s calls (hesitant =/= afraid, ok). Fiery af, Ann is liable to go off on you at any time for a bunch of really good reasons (and some just ok). Ryuji, stop being a dick. Akira, enough brooding. Morgana, shut up for once. Just as spirited as Ryuji, but his light is like warmth and hers is like scorching. Like…literally, her specialty is fire these things write themselves i swear to god. Extremely passionate, especially for the things she believes in like The Phantom Thieves, Shiho (obviously), and giving people courage to stand up for themselves. She really wants to prove herself, seen esp in her social link, and be strong for herself and others. She’s headstrong, kind to the little guy, scathing to the big guy. She’s incredibly competitive and gets into eating contests all the time in the Gryf common room (she also wins every time, especially if the food of choice is crepes). She knows she is beautiful, and is thus confident, but avoids being vain by reminding herself how each person she comes across is also beautiful (”pretty eyes, biggest heart”). Feeling insecure? Call Ann, she’ll hype you up in under ten seconds. Spend an hour with her in a crowded room and you’ll swear it was just you two the whole time. Ann is giving, courageous, and ready to fly off the handle if need be. 

Yusuke Kitagawa, my darling painter boy, is a Ravenclaw. Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back!!!!! Yusuke is a Ravenclaw through and through. He wants to know more, wants to expand his understanding. He’s not afraid of doing whatever it takes to achieve these things: he’ll spend hours watching the river, waiting for something to come to him, or he’ll awkwardly approach a couple in love and ask them what their love life is like (he needs to know for a painting ok it’s not a sexual thing). He is elegant and fluid and his definition of “the finer things in life” EDIT i’m dying i accidentally wrote “finger things in life” the first time depends on how much he knows about it and how much value he sees in it (for example, a cup of coffee brewed by Akira is one of the most delicious things he’s ever known, much finer than any rich person food, purely for the effort it takes to think of the beans, to make sure the water is the right temperature, etc). Gets lost in his head all the time. Has an understated air of haughty in certain situations, like he’s fully aware he’s better than u but only mentions it to remind you when it seems you’ve forgotten. Uses way too many words to describe a sneeze just because he can.  Yusuke doesn’t give a shit who you are: if you came out to him, he’d nod solemnly and then ask if he could interpret your emotions into an abstract painting (that he would then gift to you, of course). He’d ask you on museum dates, historical bus tour dates (why yusuke why), planetarium dates *cough*, even if things between you two were totally platonic. He just likes discovering, especially with someone he can bounce ideas off of. 

Makoto Nijima is, brace yourself, a Gryffindor. WHAT. yes. trust. Dis girl is POWERFUL. And you can be Ravenclaw and powerful too, no doubts about it, but just because she’s top of her class doesn’t mean she’s Ravenclaw. She studies cause she’s competitive. She’s student council president because she likes the status, the power associated with it (power to protect, to serve, not corrupt power). Makoto is also fiery like Ann, but in a different way. She doesn’t fly off the handle like Ann can; Makoto calculates first, strategizes, and then fuckin’ GOES FOR THE KILL. She’s a headshot kinda girl–take em out simply, easily, quickly (metaphorically speaking obvs she doesn’t go around killing ppl). Queen is a very apt codename because Makoto’s path is a fiery blaze of ambition and strength. She’s gonna get what she wants because she’s been working very hard for it and don’t u take that away from her u piece of shit. She’s not terribly confident though, and this sometimes makes her feel uncomfortable in the Gryf common room when everyone is talking about their achievements. She’d rather just show than tell. Not really a master of stealth (lol), Makoto is your big sister in the hallways always looking out for you. If someone breaks your heart she will literally punch them in the face (and apologize profusely afterwards, but you know she’s secretly p pleased with herself). She likes learning new things about the world, always turns it into a competition with you even if it pushes her boundaries (you two went to a strip club once and even though you put a dollar on the stage, she one-upped you by putting it in a thong, face blushing so hard but determined to overcome). Her drive and determination are her biggest, most redeemable, wonderful qualities. The rest is just the happy byproduct. 

Snarky is as Slytherin does for Futaba Sakura. This girl is a nightmare in all the best ways. Somehow she figures out your weakness just by looking at you and has the ability to absolutely destroy you in just a few words. What she doesn’t show is the literal hours of research she did on you beforehand: she bugged your robe, your wand, set up a camera in your common room…a girl’s gotta have intel, alright? Futaba is an actual mastermind of everything, but the Hat settled on Slytherin because of how Futaba intended to utilize such knowledge. She doesn’t love it for the sake of knowing it, she loves it for what power it gives her. Futuba loves the upper hand and having full view of the whole picture, so Slytherin’s innate ability to lead a situation and turn tables was a huge calling point for her. If Akira is the dark mysterious Slytherin, Futaba is the loud and out of control Slytherin who nobody messes with because she’s got dirt on everyone and the means to release it widely. She prefers to stay in her room than gather with her house or other classmates, often completing assignments from there, but no one minds because it’s not like she’s really gone. She conjures up stand ins for her and speaks through them, engaging without really engaging. Watch out for when Akira and Futaba team up tho–they’re the Slytherin version of Fred and George, conniving and ruthless when it comes to playing tricks on you. Like Akira, she’s still a good girl: she understands anxiety better than anyone and is well known for comforting students who fall into a panic attack. She struggles with social situations sometimes and no one makes mention of it, this time not because they’re afraid of her but because they care about her and they know she’d never cross a line with them, so why cross one with her? She just likes to wield information like a weapon. That’s all. >:)

I forgot Morgana lmao so you can find that here

anonymous asked:

Errr so geekycomtv called you out in a post saying some bad stuff about you (he? changed his username and its under the same name that I previously mentioned; it's under "About the Copyright Drama). Man, I'm sorry that these kind of people attack you and the other fanartists. You guys don't deserve this kind of treatment from them. You guys should be profiting from the art you create, not them. Once again, I'm sorry you guys have to go through this, but I admire how strong you guys are (Part 1)


yea someone pointed it out to me the other day xD i’m not really bothered by it since he’s proven time and time again he has no idea what he’s talking about 8D [he also managed to compliment me in the notes of the post by saying i was 21 hahaha…i’m glad i pass as that young :P] 

and thanks! i think one of the best things about this fandom is how we all stick together and support one another when the jerks descend lol. but it’s also the saddest thing, because so many people are leaving the fandom thanks to art theft and jerks like this… it’s worse when the thieves are entirely unapologetic about it. i’m not sure they understand the impact it has to be used and mistreated that way ._. the lack of remorse really troubling. i wouldn’t want to know those people in real life lol

weekend is over so gonna catch up on my other asks in one go here lol

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Geia’s Energy Wards

Aka activating and deactivating wards.

I’m still new to this so please take what I say with a grain of salt.

I was inspired the other night by @destinylightreadings when she was talking about how she listens to music with her spirit companion. She touches the vessel of her spirit companion and imagines her spirit companion listening to the music with her. 

You’re probably thinking ‘G, whats that got to do with warding’ well a lot of the time when I read about energy wards they don’t use a physical object and they have no way of activating/deactivating them and it really bothered me. When I read that story I had the idea of using a crystal/an object, putting your intention into it and then touching it and saying an incantation to get them to turn off/on. 

Well now you might be wondering why I’d want to activate and deactivate them in the first place. Well when I am out and about I don’t want to feel strangers emotions/pains because, well, they’re strangers and it drains my energy too quickly but then when I’m with my family I want to be able to deactivate the wards to feel them so I can then help them in any way I can. Its the same with spirits entering my house. Sometimes I just don’t want them there and other times I want to be able to help them.

So with the incantations they’re in Latin because I love Latin but I have an English version will be below the Latin incase you don’t know how to pronounce it. Thank you to @ruewitch for helping me with them! 

These wards can fade over time especially if an entity tries really hard to break them. Repeat the spell every 3 months or so or whenever you feel they’re weak.

I also might mention only do this ward if you have control over your energy because you might accidentally make it so those spirits are attracted to it vs repelled. There are other methods of warding which can be found here (x). 

There is a basic spell then theres three types, a necklace ward, a house ward, and an object ward which each have their own incantations.

Basic Spell

Feel free to edit this in any way to make it suit your practice. These are not rules, they’re suggestions. If you post it tho please tag me in it so I can see what you have done!

All three types of wards use the same basic spell but the incantations change as well as the object.

What you will need

An object (will change depending on the type of ward. I’ll get to that in a sec)
A method of cleansing 
A black candle* 


  1. First you’ll want to cleanse the object and your space with whatever you have at hand.
  2. Write down what you want this ward to be for. Is it to stop psychic attacks? Maybe you protect yourself from drop bears. I don’t know, its up to you but be very specific.
  3. Next light the candle to set the mood.
  4. Now take a few deep breaths and get yourself centred. Feel your lungs fill up with air. On your last deep breath think of what you want to use this ward for or say it verbally as you breathe out imagine that intention going into the necklace.
  5. So for the first time activating it you want to say the incantation specific to the object that is stated down below. Whilst you say this image a beam of light leaving the object and surrounding your house/yourself/your object.

This can be repeated until you feel the intention is strong enough in the crystal. My first time doing this I did it once.

* This isn’t that important. You can use whatever colour or not use one at all. I just like to set the mood and it helps with my concentration

How to activate/deactivate

Activation and deactivation is pretty easy. Hold the object and think/say the incantation below or just say the English words for activate/deactivate. Imagine the feild closing and coming back into the necklace/crystal/sigil.

Activate - Agile

Deactivate - Otiosum 

Necklace Ward

This is perfect for when you’re out and about. Depending on what you decided the use of the ward was for it could be used for empaths to protect them against other people’s emotions and by spirit workers to stop psychic attacks.

Object - Necklace (works best with a protective crystal but any old necklace is okay.)


English - This necklace is active and protects me.

Latin - Hoc monile est agile et protegit me. 

House Ward

This is to protect your house form any unwanted guests such as spirits, angels, spiders, whatever you want. Tho if you deactivate them you’ll want to cleanse your house before activating again or you can do a cleansing ward (I’ll explain in another post if you want. Its not exactly a ward but whatever.) This can also be changed to suit a room. Just imagine the light surrounding that room.

Object - Crystal such as onyx or obsidian. (A generator would be best as it will shoot out the energy if that makes sense).


English - This crystal is active and protects this house/room.

Latin - Hoc cystallum est agile et protegit hanc domus/hoc spatium.

Object Ward

This is a little different to the others as it requires a sigil. The method is still the same but after step 3 draw your sigil on the object/in the book. If you dont want to write on it just draw it with your finger but it’s best to have it written as you can easily activate it and such. With this one as well I like to imagine the sigil lighting up and then surrounding the object with chains.

Object - The object and a sigil such as (x)

Incantation - Hoc signum est agile et protegit hoc obiectum.

snb:vs ep15: the return of the fallen angel brothers

(aka no, they’re not actually brothers, and no, they still haven’t shared a scene)

This took me a bit long to write bcs mostly I just want to !!!! and scream giddily for their every scene so uh sorry about that.

I promise I’ll try to be coherent. /ahem

Like the title suggests, this post will focus only on azazel and lucifer.

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the best part about being a monster is not caring what happens to myself

Summary: In which Phil has synesthesia - an ability to “see” sounds and “smell” colours. However Dan has a secret, which is an eating disorder.
Genre: fluff & angst
Word count: 6.7k
TWs: swearing, vomiting, eating disorder
A/N: Huge shout out to @ohmygoyouguys​ !!! This fic wouldn’t exist if it was’t for her!

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thecrazydragonlady  asked:

I literally just read your comic from beginning to end. OMG. Like, it's been an hour but I'm still just like reeling from how WONDERFUL it is. You should be so proud of your hard work! *insert thumbs up emoji here*

kfgjkfgkdgj @thecrazydragonlady THANK YOU. i am pretty proud of it ;0;/ the early pages are pretty cringey to me now, but they were a learning process. i’ve really learned a lot about art working on this comic, so feel pretty proud of myself for that XD i do feel bad that i haven’t updated much in the last year but i am hoping to change that going forward ><;;;

also… i love ur username :xxxx

alsoalso…. apologies, but i will be using ur ask as home base for myyyy…


so if i haven’t replied to your ask in the last month, check under the read more. :’D

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