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Hello! How would you write a dialogue in which a character is freaking out about something? I generally have them word vomit but I don't really like that style. If its too much could you show me an example as well?


You could definitely word vomit – especially if your character is hysterical – but that’s not the only way to do it by any means. I know a few other ways.

1. Calmly.
This is strange, considering your character is freaking out, but the freak-out is internal – they’re shutting themselves off due to shock. In this case, they would be quiet, sane, and even if what they’re saying is illogical, it would probably sound reasonable.

“I was right there when she shot him. He dropped like a sack of flour. I figured he was gone as soon as the bullet hit his chest. So now I’ve decided I’m gonna go after her. Right now. And I’m gonna kill her.”
“What? You can’t do that!”
“Sure I can. She killed him, so I kill her. It’s called justice.”
“But- With just your bare hands?”
“The way I feel right now, my bare hands are more than enough.”

Notice how the character who just watched their friend die in front of them isn’t yelling, isn’t stuttering, isn’t getting angry or crying – they’re perfectly calm, almost to the point of complete emotional shutdown.

2. Angrily.
Some people get angry when they lose control and freak out – it scares them, and the fear manifests itself as anger. This type particularly happens when they’re upset about something and other characters aren’t taking it seriously or are shrugging off their concerns.

“No! It’s happening tonight! We don’t have time to think, or weigh things, we need to fucking leave! Now!”
“We can’t. You know that, and you’d remember that, if you were thinking straight-”
“I am thinking straight! It’s you who’s fucked in the head. I don’t give a damn what you think we can and can’t do, we need to clear out of here, right this second.”

As you can see, this character is freaking out – their concerns may or may not have a firm foundation, but obviously they are concerned, and that concern is manifesting itself as fury.

3. By stuttering.
For some people, it’s hard to talk when they panic, because their minds race forward ahead of their mouths and they get tongue-tied. I typically see/use this with more anxious characters, or with characters who aren’t typically good at speaking anyways (in other words, who are uncomfortable with talking).

There are a couple of different ways to stutter:
a. Repeat the beginning of each word.

“I tr-tried to s-save him, but he wuh-wouldn’t l-let me … he knew it was g-going to happen. It’s my f-fault!”

(However, keep in mind that this kind of stuttering is more as if you’re character is crying and trying to talk through sobs and hiccups. Please use it sparingly – it can get old fast.)

b. Repeat words.

“No. No, I don’t know what’s going on, Ricky. Ricky, why would I have any idea? Don’t fucking look at me like that, Ricky. Don’t look at me like I’m lying.”

c. Insert filler sounds: “ah”, “uh”, “um”, and/or curse words.

“I, uh, I- fuck. I,ummm, I think maybe, ah, maybe we should leave?”

For more on stuttering – it can be hard to peg correctly – check out this post.

I hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to ask. - @authors-haven

Written for the @nurseyweek prompt: “challenge.”

“I keep better time during hockey season,” Jack tells him once. “Easier to track a life in wins and losses than in idle days, eh?”

And Nursey can definitely relate, but he definitely doesn’t say so. Not when Bitty gets that look on his face at overhearing the conversation, like what Jack’s just said is the saddest thing to ever be uttered. The hockey robot who can’t quite human the way he should.

The thing is that Nursey is his own kind of robot, if he’s honest with himself. Which he tries not to be anymore. “Honesty” usually packs a punch that he would rather not suffer through if he can help it.

Robot Nursey is very good at projecting the appearance of a person that is the polar opposite of the person all of his internal thoughts and emotions want him to be. He can compartmentalize nearly any situational response that goes against this outward ruse. And he can neatly divide his own life up into a series of challenges that his careful mask has faced, and a collection of coping mechanisms to go with them.

Loving Dex has somehow become both.

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A blanket, a tea and a mother's love

Summary: “I’m in love with your son.” “I know.” And that’s all it took for Dan Howell to break.

Word Count: 2.7k

A/N: Just some disgusting Dan-Mrs. Lester fluff. FLUFF enjoy.

When they got to the Lester’s house and were told that Dan usual room was being painted and that he and Phil had to share his room, the brunette didn’t think much of it, after all, they slept together all the time.

Well, they used to sleep together all the time back in 2009. I mean, it has only been, what? Seven years? They always fell asleep in the lounge and even ended up cuddling so, was there a differece?

The answer was yes. Yes there was.

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A Shy Soul // Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by hongshiyoung

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader (ft. J-Hope as your best friend)

Genre: Fluff

Summary//Request: Anonymous said: Yes glad ur request are open!!Can I request Namjoon fluff? U like him but avoid him and spend time with Hoseok instead cuz u kinda feel shy. Namjoon gets upset (likes u too). u play truth or dare with the boys he lose and get ask abt u then confess.

A/N: I’m so happy to finally get to write a scenario about our wonderful, beautiful and caring leader. Namjoon is so underappreciated so I’m glad I could write this! Please enjoy it :D

When someone asks the question “If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?” – Most people would answer along the lines of wanting to be rich, prettier, skinnier, to be born in a different country and so on, so forth. You however, only wished for one thing and one thing only.

And that was; you wished you weren’t so damn shy.

You’d been a shy person your entire life – it was just the way you were and your personality. Being shy always proved to be a severe hindrance in most cases, especially when it came to making friends and maintaining friendships – hell, even talking to people in general was sometimes terrifying for you.

This is why you were so grateful for the fact that Hoseok considered you as one of his closest friends. He never gave up on you when you shied away or when you needed some time by yourself to catch your breath, and he always assured you and validated the bond that you shared together. However, you would never have anticipated that upon Hoseok introducing you to his group BTS, that you would begin to develop what anyone would consider as a huge crush on BTS’s leader, Namjoon. Whenever you were around him, you were quiet, nervous, anxious but happy all at the same time. When he spoke to you, when he smiled at you – when you seen his gorgeous dimple take place at the centre of his cheek; you completely became like a bowl of jelly.

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James Potter x Reader

The Marauders Era It´s Just My Favorite Thing In The World

Words: 2,650

A/N: Just read a time turner fic, and I´m feeling quite anxious so I needed to write this

He suppressed a growl, silently reminding himself that the dog was Sirius and the werewolf Remus (what left him like the only graceful animagus). And that he should act as a proper human in the common room, because Lily hated when he acted childishly. (She hated almost everything he did.) Still, James cursed under his breath. The very idea of you two being together irked him.

It was utmost betrayal! How could you?!

His pretty chubby, second favorite bookworm that liked sweet chocolate frogs and acid pops couldn’t possibly fancy a mad wizard with a strange fascination of dark magic. James could tolerate Lily awkwardly chatting with the snake, but you were part of the Marauders, something so…so…hideous wasn´t about to happen in front of his eyes.

“I believe you both are being overly dramatic, Whiskers is kind with everyone when we aren’t around.”

“So you mean she really doesn’t like us?  Is she faking because I always buy her treats at Honeydukes?” Remus gave James a disbelieving look while Sirius crossed his arms. Without a word, Peter blushed while you embraced Severus warmly one more time.

“How come she never actually hugged me before!?” The seventeen year old prat with the longest hair wiggled around with a scowl, leaving James with a bitter expression. “I mean, yeah, I know we actually don’t treat her so much like a beautiful woman and all that shit, but even she could have given me a squish or two.”

“You are being awfully stupid, Padfoot.” Remus sighed in exasperation, passing a tired hand through his sandy hair before placing his hands in Sirius´s shoulders. “Whiskers is a beautiful lady. You are a dirty dog. She isn’t going to hug you.”

“Then I don’t get why she is passionately hugging the life out of Snivellus!”

“Love can get us blind…W-We should admit that Whiskers is old enough to get a…hum…love interest.” Peter mutely offered, earning a gasp from each one of the present marauders. When the words left the air completely, the boys changed their stunned expressions. James went paper sheet pale suddenly feeling really sick, Remus simply nodded to himself in astonishment and Sirius got that knowing glint on his bright eyes.

“Even if it is Snivellus?” James tried to discard the mere idea of you actually being in love, frowning at his group of friends.

“Well, Whiskers doesn’t have a lot of options. I mean we are out of her league, you know, with all the let´s vow for our friendship and all that bloody oaths.” With trembling hands, Black rambled a few more words that Potter didn’t get. Sirius easily read the painfully obvious disdain of his best mate at his not correctly phrased comment, however he lacked self-control when it came to reassuring people, so he just continued pointlessly speaking.

In love? Like in the real thing? Weren’t you still too young for it? James couldn’t even know how he felt about Lily –the girl he had fancied since his first year at Hogwarts- and you suddenly loved a snake?

“Please don’t pass out.” Tough hands clasped James arms, keeping him in a standing position. “Thanks for breaking Prongs, Wormtail.”

“Moony, do something!” Pleaded Peter with a scared grimace.

“Something? Why are you two pushing Remus?” A friendly voice interrupted the sullen atmosphere and all the four boys turned to face the young woman who talked. Full soft cheeks and warm eyes met with the suffering forced smile of the boy who couldn’t contain himself anymore.


“Umm, yeah? So, no one is going to answer my question?”

“Sniv-”A hard blow in the stomach left Sirius mute.

“He meant to say snitch, we thought about going to practice Quidditch a little, see you at dinner!” Dragging away to the outside an almost knocked out Sirius, James waved a quick goodbye without looking back.

“That means I´m not invited?” Remus shrugged not giving a trace of an apology, nodding before turning around and walking in the same direction as the other boys. (Peter followed him closely, not that you actually cared –since Wormtail used to ignore you most of the time-.)

“Are we going to Hogsmeade this weekend? I mean, last time we stayed here to pull pranks at professor Slughorn. I´m running out of sugar quills.” Munching a piece of chocolate cake, you asked the abnormally quiet marauders. All of them were odd –Remus acted the same as always but his eyes were fixed to his plate and nothing else-. James seemed out of place, skin to pale and sickly looking, his hair was glued to his face, due to a tiresome rough time practicing or a lot of slick substance that could have been shower gel. Sirius was certainly pissed off, however you didn’t know at whom. “Did you have a fight? Where is Wormtail?” You continued when your first attempt of conversation was plainly avoided.

“He´s going to change his name to Lovegood, he´s going insane.” Remus joked, or kind of tried to make it sound as a joke.

“I hope he doesn’t dare to sit with us tonight.” Muttered Sirius, giving his pumpkin juice a long gulp. “How could he said it? Now our Prongs it´s like a hollow puppet.”

“Can someone inform me of the situation? I kind of feel left out.” Brown vivid eyes gazed at your for a couple of seconds, leaving you waiting. “So?” You insisted forcefully.

James managed to look quite dashing even with an ill expression and oily skin. That type of grace was something that made you wonder how he could get to actually fall for someone like you.

(Not that you were too ugly or anything, it was just the mere fact that he was absolutely stunning.)

“Peter just screwed me.” James finally said, smiling at you, absent mindedly playing with the spoon that his fingers held. The slice of apple pie on his plate was untouched and a growing desire of tasting it clouded your thoughts. Why the heck were you such a guzzler?

“Are you going to eat that?” Now you questioned with a light hint of hopefulness, knowing that interrogating him wouldn’t help but your sweet tooth would make him chuckle. What happened next made wasn’t what you expected. James sighed, softly caressing his right wrist before standing up and rolling the plate to your side.


“Sadly, I will be leaving too.” The black haired boy said with a grin. “You screwed him more, and Padfoot is going to fix him for you, love.”

“Don’t miss me too much, Sirius.” A soft hand messed with your hair before pressing hard on your skull. “Moony, I don’t like that.”

“I´m just trying to accommodate your brains, they seem to be in a difficult situation-” You gaped at him, jokingly scowling.

“Why do you all seem eager to mess with my life today?”

“Don´t think about it too much, lovely bee. The boys are just being idiots. Like always.” Lily said calmly, sipping her tea despite the fact that Remus glared at her.

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Easter, Harry and Draco

Read the intro here

It’s easter at Hogwarts. Fred and George are both alive and kicking. They have decided that since Umbridge left, this might be a good moment to re-do their last year and cheer all the traumatized war-veterans up with some top quality pranks.

And maybe play matchmaker for a couple or two.


Harry and Draco

“Why are we even participating in this stupid Weasley contest?” It was the first thing Malfoy said after he’d stalked off towards the forbidden forest. Harry had so far not even been sure if they were participating or if Malfoy just fancied a walk and Harry was tagging along. Or stalking him.

“Uhm… I dunno. Because it’s fun?” It wasn’t meant to be witty or sarcastic. Harry really didn’t know why they were taking part in the hunt. Especially since the price they could win wasn’t something either one of them was able to use. At least, Harry thought it wasn’t.

“Last time I had proper fun was fifth year, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.” The depressing content of Malfoy’s answer went right past Harry, who was still a bit lost in thought.

“Are you single?”

“Am I what, Potter?” They had reached the edge of the forest. Malfoy turned around to stare at Harry in surprise and disbelief, with a still lingering flicker of sadness in his eyes. It was the last question he’d expected Potter to ask.

“Are you seeing anyone?” Harry clarified, a bit flustered.

“I know what ‘being single’ means, idiot.” Malfoy turned around again to enter the forest. “But it’s a rather foolish question to ask a gay ex-death eater with PTSD, who is covered in scars and in general not considered to be a very nice person, don’t you think?” After a short pause he added, “Who the hell would want to date me?”

His pace quickened while he spoke. He had never disclosed his sexuality to anyone outside of Slytherin, and he wasn’t really sure why he suddenly came out to Potter. Though Draco supposed the boy could hardly hate him more than he already did, and if there was anything he’d learned from the war then it was shielding himself from spells aimed at his back.

But Potter didn’t respond at all, so Draco could safely continue walking. Well, I suppose silence is still a much better response than the curses my father flung at my head.

It wasn’t the fact that Malfoy had just admitted he was gay that rendered Harry speechless. His often theatrical behaviour and flamboyant mannerisms made it hard to not at least suspect. It was the casual mentioning of suffering from PTSD. Harry had been struggling with nightmares, old reflexes and anxiety every day since the war had ended, but not even Ron or Hermione knew he was seeing a therapist for that. No one did.

He’d never even thought of the possibility of just carelessly mentioning the state of his mental health, of just being open about it. It felt almost good to hear Malfoy say he was struggling, however selfish that sounded.

Suddenly Harry realised he hadn’t responded to Malfoy’s revelation. “What about Zabini?”

Malfoy laughed, relieved the tense silence was broken. “Blaise the ace. A good friend but he’d never be interested in more. Besides, he’s not my type.”


“Hells no. Guy’s as straight as they come and still not my type.” Draco was surprised at the amount of relief that flooded him when the other boy didn’t seem phased at all to find out he was gay. So surprised he gave genuine answers to his questions.

“What is your type then?”

“None of your business.” Draco was now over his surprise enough to prevent himself from giving a truthful answer. He could barely admit his type to himself, the last thing he wanted to do was tell Potter. “Why do you care anyway? The goal was finding some stupid egg not playing matchmaker.”

“I think you’ll find Fred and George disagree with you on that. Didn’t you see the other pairings?”

“They were mostly Slytherin and Gryffindor, your point?”

“My point is that they’re trying to make us get along. They’re pretty fed up with fighting now I suppose. We all are. And forcing us to hang out might stop the quarrels amongst our lower years as well.”

Sometimes it seemed like the first years hated each other with the same passion as Harry and Draco did at that age. It was very confronting to see their childhood feud damage the relationship between their houses so much.

“You didn’t think of that yourself, did you?” Draco cursed himself for missing the obvious. The sharp edges of his trademark wit had faded since he was on meds for his anxiety and nightmares. He often cursed how much they slowed down his thoughts. But then, not taking them wasn’t very pleasant either.

“No.” Harry blushed a bit and looked at his feet. “Hermione did.”

They were silent again after that, but this time it was a bit more bearable. Almost nice.

“Why are we in the woods exactly?” Asked Harry after five more minutes of walking among the trees. They were following the edge of the forest, where the sun shone through the fresh spring leaves, drawing patterns on the path.

“To find those bloody eggs of course.”

“But we haven’t searched anywhere yet, just walked.”

“That’s because I know where they hid one of them. I saw Lee and the twins come out of the forest here this morning. So if I remember correctly….” Draco craned his neck, searching the trees with his trained seeker eyes. “There.” And with a surprising ease for someone in skinny jeans and highly polished shoes he started to climb a huge oak tree standing next to the path.

Harry noticed a golden shimmer among the highest branches of the tree. “Are you sure you can climb that high? I don’t particularly fancy catching you.”

“Nice to hear you’d be happy to let me fall to my death, and yes, I can climb that high. I might be shit at making the right choices or getting people to like me, but if there’s one thing I’ve mastered beyond fucking perfection it’s climbing trees.” It appeared to be true. Already Draco was twenty feet up in the fifty feet tree and he showed no sign of slowing down when the branches thinned and started to creak under his weight.

“I didn’t mean it like that! Of course I’d catch you if you fell!” Shouted Harry back in the direction of the fine ass that steadily moved up in the tree. Draco was now so high speaking at a normal volume would be inaudible.

“I’m not saying you did mean it like that Potter.” Draco raised his voice now too, he had nearly reached the egg. “It’s just that I probably wouldn’t catch myself if I did fall.” But he let his volume drop so Harry wouldn’t be able to hear the last part.

At least, that’s what he thought.

“Catch!” Draco dropped the egg into Harry’s arms. Harry nearly let it crash to the ground because he’d only now began to process what Malfoy had told him. He hadn’t had any real fun since fifth year, suffered from PTSD, apparently wouldn’t mind dying and on a whole he just looked quite alone and miserable. It didn’t sound like much fun.

“Well, let’s see what’s in it then.” Draco climbed down the tree even faster than up. Harry didn’t respond again, so Draco took matters into his own hands.

He made a displeased sound when he finished reading the note. “If we want to win this thing we have to hold hands for 24 hours. Non-stop. No separate bathroom breaks, no separate showers, no separate beds.” Draco didn’t look thrilled at the thought. “Look, we don’t have to do this. If you want to have a date with someone I could arrange some…”

But he was quickly cut off. Harry had come to a decision. The idea of the twins to bring the houses closer together had seemed rather foolish first. A stupid search for easter eggs surely couldn’t bridge the huge gap between Slytherin and Gryffindor. But then, he’d already learned more about Draco during the past half hour than he ever thought he would. He grabbed Draco’s hand.

“Shut it and suck it Malfoy. Looks like you’re stuck with me for the next 24 hours.”

It wasn’t as bad as Draco initially thought it would be. It was much much worse. “No Potter. Just no. I am not okay with this. I will not be seen with you if you keep wearing that.”

Draco sounded properly horrified, but that just made Harry more determined to keep wearing his Weasley sweater. It was the only item he owned that had a zipper on the side so he could put it on without letting go of Draco’s hand. Mrs. Weasley had made it for him so he’d have an easier time changing when he injured himself during quidditch.

Now that all the eggs had been found the twins had called everyone to the three broomsticks to announce the winners. Draco had insisted they’d change outfits first but he was starting to regret that decision more and more with every passing minute.

He’d had no problem with putting on something different since the hand-holding didn’t obstruct magically changing clothes, but Harry didn’t know how to do that and Draco knew better than to step in and help. The one time he tried that it had gone terribly askew and the image of a half-naked Vincent Crabbe still haunted his nightmares sometimes.

“Why not? It’s either this or a house elf style tea towel.” The smug smile Harry got from annoying Draco would probably be the death of him.

“Oh my god, Potter. I will literally kill myself if you’re going to wear a fucking tea towel.”

“Really? You don’t think I could pull it off? I thought it would accentuate my hips perfectly.”

Draco face palmed himself. “Kill me. Just fucking kill me now. I’m forced to hold hands with with Harry fucking Potter who thinks he looks sexy in a tea towel. And here I was thinking my life couldn’t get any worse.”

“At least you don’t have to spent the entire evening with hair hanging in your face. I can’t put mine in a bun with one hand.” And Harry made a failed attempt to blow his long hair out of his face to prove his point.

“Yeah, right. You have it much worse than me. As always” Draco rolled his eyes. Harry snorted.

“Okay. That’s it. Dress in a fucking potato sack? Fine. Complain about your riddikulus hair? Go ahead. But I am not getting laughed at.” Before Harry could apologize or call Draco a drama queen he was violently shoved face first against the wall of his dormitory.

“What the…?”

“Shut it, Potter.” Draco twisted Harry’s arm behind his back and in one smooth movement grabbed all of Harry’s hair in his free hand. With a whispered wandless spell a magical ring appeared to tie it all together. As a petty revenge Draco pulled it much tighter than necessary.

“So. Happy now?” He released Harry’s arm from its twisted position while continuing to hold hands.

“Sort of. It’s a bit too tight if I’m being hone… Ow!” Draco had pulled Harry’s hair again.

“You’re an absolute asrehole, you know that Potter?” Harry rubbed the back of his head.

“Nope. But you have until tomorrow afternoon to remind me.”

“Prick.” Draco sighed.

“Git.” Shot Harry back as he stuck out his tongue at him. It felt good to banter with each other over the tiny things. And when they walked hand-in-hand towards the three broomsticks Harry saw Draco smile a bit from the corner of his eyes.

It might not be a perfect solution to all of their problems, but at least Draco could have some proper fun bitching to Harry the entire night, and Harry discovered he found that worth much more than a too tight ponytail or a sore shoulder.

I personally think this one is the funniest of the three, but that’s probably just my weird sense of humour.

And this isn’t the last part yet! Just the last part of today. I will still write something about the winners announcement at the three broomsticks, including a whole new ship…

Energy Manipulation: A Primer

I’ve been mulling on doing this for a while, but I had no idea how I might start. So foremost, a quick note on how I understand energy before I try to help you control it.

The two main types of energy you’ll bump into are positive and negative. All living things generate both by default in varying amounts. We act like jumper cables, kind of manifesting this energy via the earth or sun. Positive energy is warm and flexible- a bit like rubber. It can influence health, luck, and mood heavily. On the other end, negative energy is cool and firm- more like metal or sometimes glass. Same deal- it can influence health, luck and mood, but where positive energy will nudge these a good direction, negative energy will tip these the other way.

Despite their names and influences, neither energy is good or evil. Happy people can do terrible things, and people with depression can be total sweethearts. The influences are useful for building spells, charms, curses, or even balancing out wards and barriers. But we’ll get to that in a bit.

Positive energy is actually a kind of fused composite of air and earth energy. Which is not to say you can casually pull air energy or earth energy from around you to make positive energy. Some people, with a lot of practice, can manage small amounts of pos. energy that way, but it’s a delicate process of making them occur together.

Similarly, negative energy is composed of fire energy and water energy. Same rules apply here.

A casual mention: if fire, water, earth, and air energies all occur at once, you get the quintessence- or living energy. Spirit. This process of course is not easy, but much smaller amounts are more useful for spirit energy than pos. or neg.

Okay. Now, hit the read button for the juicy stuff.

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Surprise...Part 14

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13)

It was hard for you to get to sleep that evening but, eventually, you nodded off.  Your mind had been swirling and you had wanted to groom yourself, not because you expected intimacy, but because if Tom wanted you in anything other than sweatpants, you wanted to be sure you were ready.

But when you rolled over in bed to stretch, you saw something hanging up on the inside of your door.

With a note attached to it.

Furrowing your brow as you get out of bed, you pad over as you take in the garment bag, and you take the letter in between your fingers as they shake with nervous anticipation.

Sliding the note out of its envelope, your eyes began to flicker across the words:


Wear what is in this garment bag, and nothing else.  I hope that you have slept well, and when you step outside of this room, I want you to follow these exact guidelines: 1) come into the kitchen, 2) make yourself a cup of your favorite hot drink, and 3) come sit down beside me on the couch.


Looking back up at the garment bag, you put the letter on your bedside table as you take it off of your door and slowly begin to undo the zipper.

Pulling the fabric out as you study the beautiful pieces and parts, you hold it up as a pair of lacy, silky, dark orange panties and push-up bra go tumbling to the floor.  But that didn’t matter to you, because the dress you were holding was absolutely stunning.

The white, flowing fabric was dotted with red polka dots, and the sleeveless dress had a heart-shaped bodice, a dipped in waist, and a skirt that fluttered out and hit you just below your knees.  The 3 inch heels matched the exact red in the dress, and the fabric was so soft you were sure you would sleep in it that night.

So, you went to get ready.  You put on the dark orange push-up bra and panty set, slipped yourself into the dress, zipped yourself up, and studied yourself in the mirror.

He had nailed your size correctly in everything, and you wondered how in the world he had actually done it.

Fluttering your hair out, you decide to twist it up into a french twist and put on some matte pearl earrings just to finish off the look, but thought back to his note about wearing only what was in the bag.

You didn’t want to go against his wishes, so you put the earrings back.

Taking in a shaky breath, you ventured downstairs, your heels clicking across the floor as you take your time making your favorite cup of coffee and slowly make your way over to the couch.

There he sat, reading through a book.

He didn’t look up at you as you walked around, and he didn’t look up at you when you sat down, but when you finished your cup of coffee leaned forward to sit it on the table, he finally flickered his eyes over to you.

And he had to hold his breath for a moment at your appearance.

“Good morning,” he says as his eyes finally find yours.

“Good morning, sir,” you lull lightly.

The smirk that traveled across his face made you shiver internally.

“You look incredible,” Tom smiles.

“Thanks,” you smile as your cheeks begin to blush.

“Lean back,” he commands.

You slowly leaned back into the couch as he leaned back as well and turned towards you.

“Here is how today is going to go,” he begins, “you will do nothing.  You will not clean, you will not cook, you will not get yourself anything.  If you want something, you ask me, and I will retrieve it for you.  Whether it be a drink, or a snack, or a meal, or a book, or a movie to watch…you ask.”

You were so confused…wasn’t this what you were supposed to do for him?

And your confusion must have registered on your face, for the breathless chuckle that escaped from between his lips settled your core as your brow unfurrowed.

“This is what I want,” he begins lowly, “and I will get what I want.”

And you nodded lightly before your first request barreled into your body.

“What is it?” he asks.

“I’m…I’m hungry,” you state.

“Alright,” Tom smiles.

Wasn’t he supposed to go cook you something?

“You have to ask, darling,” he lulls.


He gave you a stern look.

“Uh…sir,” you corrected quickly, “could I have something to eat, please?” you ask.

“Coming right up,” he smiles as he pushes himself off of the couch.

The entire day had been like that.  You had requested a book to read, and you crossed your leg as he sat on the couch and read with you.  If you were thirsty, you asked and he provided.  If you wanted to watch a movie, you asked and he found you one.  If you wanted a snack, you asked and he retrieved.

But there were things you hadn’t considered that began breaching this curious world you were indulging in.

There came a point in the day where you had gone to the bathroom, and there wasn’t any toilet paper.


You didn’t think, and you stopped yourself from going to the bathroom as you put yourself back together to step out.

But you remembered what Tom had said that morning.

“Sir!” you called out.

And Tom came rushing down the hallway.

“Is everything alright?” he asks.

“Could I have some…”

This was odd, and not at all the type of odd you expected.

“Yes?” he asks.

“…toilet paper?” you ask lightly as your entire neck flushes.

And he smiled at your reaction as he chuckled.

“Be right back,” he says as he turns and walks off.

There was another time, as dinner started to wind down, where you needed another napkin to clean up a drink you had spilled.

And you asked politely for napkins.

But not only did he give you those napkins, he cleaned up the mess for you as well.

And it was really getting to you.

“I thought you were supposed to be the dominant one?” you blurt out as your eyes widen.

Tom’s eyes darkened as he walked over and threw the napkins away.

“This is hard for you, is it not?” he asks.

It was.

It was hard, having someone do everything for you all the time.  You were self-sufficient.  Independent.  You prided yourself in that aspect.  If you made a mess, you cleaned it up.

“Yes…sir,” you say meekly.

“’Dominant’ is a relative term, and one that is usually misinterpreted,” Tom begins, “’dominant’ does not always mean commands and control.  Sometimes ‘dominant’ means you simply listen.  ‘Dominant’ means that whatever I ask you to do, you can trust that there will never be any ulterior motive.  ‘Dominant’ is not just a commanded state, it is a privilege to hold in the eyes of someone else.”

It was the most beautiful thing you had ever heard, and you felt your eyes water at the idea.

“’Dominant’ does not mean merely bossing around, Miss Y/N,” he lulls as he turns his darkened gaze back towards you, “’dominant’ just simply means the one who is trusted enough to be obeyed.”

You watched as he pulled out the kitchen table chair and sat down beside you.

“I chose to formulate today exactly this way because I knew it would draw you out of your comfort zone in a way that you have never experienced.  You take commands and expectations from people everyday as your job.  Me telling you to do dishes in high heels would have been no different from the way you live your life now,” Tom lulls as he reached over with his hand and took yours.

“But today, you gave me something that you don’t even realize is imperative to a lifestyle such as this,” he says lowly.

“A-a-and,” you stutter, “uh…what uh…what was that?” you choke out.

“Faith,” he says simply.

Now you were really confused.

“The trust between us, I believe, has built well before this point,” he says as he squeezes your hand, “but having faith in someone means trusting them, even though you are uncomfortable, to never steer you wrong, or into hurt.  You gave that to me today, and that is not easy.”

You thought back on the day, and how uncomfortable it made you that he was running around for you…but he was right.

You had faith in his ability to protect you.

“I suppose so, sir,” you say breathlessly.

You hadn’t realized that you had been holding your breath.

“Now,” he clears his throat as he stands up, taking your hand with him as you stand.

“…dance with me,” he says lowly as he pulls you close.

And you melted into his body as he began to hum a song you vaguely recognized in your ear, slowly dancing you across the kitchen floor as the dirty dishes sat out, untouched.

My piece for the Sheithlentine exchange on Twitter! Happy Valentines, @foxkunkun! I’m still learning how to draw digitally so I’m sorry if the colours are too bold, but I hope you like it! A lil fic to go with this underneath c: EDIT: Something in my theme is causing this to be copied twice when you look at this on my blog from a computer?? IDK how to fix it, sorry ^^;

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Keep What Remains, Part III [Gladiolus Amicitia/Reader]

“What do you think about holding onto something when you’ve lost everything else?”

Remember how Gladio mentioned getting a girlfriend during all those years of darkness? Here’s how that happened. Spoilers up to Chapter 13 of the game, so proceed with caution!

Part I | Part II

D’you think something can mean everything and nothing at the same time?

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Fake It ‘Till You Make It (Dean x Reader)





SUMMARY: What’s the old saying? Fake it ‘till you make it. As you find out that saying can apply to anything. 

A/N: Hey, I hope ya’ll are enjoying WEDIM so far. I’m certainly enjoying posting again! I’d like to say tanks to everyone that liked and reblogged yesterday’s ppost. 60 notes in 24 hrs!! What the hell guys!!! Please let me know if there is anything you want me to write this month! I need ideas! Also let me know if you want to be tagged in any specific x readers or just in everything. LOVE YOU!

Dean had gotten himself into trouble. Again.

Once again, it was my job to get him out of the shit he was currently in as Sam was away on the other side of the country. I was so angry. This had happened too many times before and this was the second time this month he’d been chucked in a cell. I got a call from the local police station, saying that I was needed to pick up somebody claiming to be my boyfriend. I instantly knew who it was.

When I hung up the phone I swore loudly. He always said you were his girlfriend who just so happened to be the daughter of some very high up federal government officer.

I got into my car and drove quickly, my hands gripping the steering wheel tightly angrily, down to the station. I pulled up into a parking space and sighed. I walked into the station and up to the front desk.

“Hi, may I help you?” A perky young receptionist said as I stepped through the door.

“Yeah, I got a call to pick up my boyfriend, Dean Winchester?” I said with a smile, the receptionist nodded and typed something into her computer then stood up out of her chair.

“I’ll just go get Stephan, he’s the officer on duty tonight, he’ll come give you some paperwork to sign then you’ll be good to go!”

“Sure, take all the time you need,” I muttered and leant against the counter as I waited. A few seconds later the receptionist returned with a clipboard with a couple of sheets of paper on. I scanned through them, signed them and handed the paper back.

A few minutes later Dean was being led out and the officer took the handcuffs off. He grinned over at me, looking like a smug bitch. I rolled my eyes.

“Thanks, sweetie,” Dean said mockingly. It took all the self-control myself to stop from smacking him round the head. Dean got uncuffed and rubbed his wrists a little, just for good measure.

“Ready to go, hun?” I said, sickeningly sweet as Dean walked over to me. He pulled me to his side and I faked a big smile. “What are we gonna to with you, ey?” I asked with a laugh, looking over at the receptionist. She smiled and nodded. “Thanks for your help,”

I then pulled Dean out of the station and to the car. Once I made sure I was out of sight, I retched myself away from him and slapped him hard on the back of the head.

“Ow!” Dean exclaimed. “What the hell, Y/n?”

“Every fucking time Dean!” I snapped as I slammed the door of my car shut. Dean got in quickly as I started up the engine. “How many times is this gonna take before you learn that I won’t come and get you again?”

“But you do,” Dean said with a laugh.

“Yeah because no one else will!” I sighed, “You know I think I’ve spent more time pretending to be your girlfriend than I have been in an actual relationship,”

“Maybe we should just be in a relationship then?” Dean said nonchalantly. My head snapped round in surprise. I pulled over and stopped my car.

“What did you just say?” I asked him, not knowing if I had heard him correctly. He shrugged and pursed his lips a little before repeating what he had said.

“We should be together, everyone thinks we’re a couple anyway. I mean I like you and you like me, so why not?” I thought about it for a moment. Maybe it wasn’t so crazy. I did like him. A lot. But this was a big step, this would change everything. Hunting, priorities, living in general.

“So I guess this is your twisted way of asking me out, right?” I asked, a smirk settling onto my lips. Dean nodded and shrugged a little, now a little embarrassed. “But I don’t see a reason as to why I should say no,”

“I’ll take that as a yes then?” He asked, laughing now.


I started up the car again, a happy smile on my face as I turned back onto the road. Dean settled back into his seat turning the radio up to sing along. Maybe this wouldn’t be so different after all…


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Rap Daddy (Part 10)

Episode 10: Rap Anonymous

A while had passed as Mino, Bobby, and Yongguk talked among themselves waiting for Namjoon to arrive for the recording. The kids were off playing around knowing they had time to do as they wish. Recording always started after everyone arrived. 

“Ji-Young” Mino called out to the fashionable young boy. He motioned for him to come quickly. Ji-Young ran over leaving his father behind.

Mino opened the studio door letting Ji-Young in.

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My Museum Tales part 1

(Part 2)

People get angry when you don’t know everything about everything in the museum. “What year did this random event that has nothing to do with the exhibit happen? Why don’t you know? You should know!”

Guest: “What mileage does this car get?” Points at a car made in 1902. 
Me: “I have no idea but probably not a lot?” How the fuck should I know?

Guest: “What are the odds of you letting me sit in that DeLorean?”
Me: “0 to -100.”
Guest: “Why not?” 
Me: “Cause you could damage it. Only the curators and specialists are allowed to touch the artifacts. That car is an artifact.”
Guest: *Surprised* “Oh.”

Guest asks me what sort of food the dining room sells. I am confused. We have no dining room in the museum. Guest points at the the map. He’s pointing at the dining room of the 1900s Mansion (the museum I work at has two mansions on the property). I have to tell him that that room isn’t a place to eat. It was the dining room for the family that used to live in the Mansion. He is still confused. Nothing I say helps.

Coming back from break to hear my relief hang up the help phone (which is connected to the parking) lot say, “The system isn’t broken, your brain is broken” in such a defeated voice.

Executive staff: “Can you put our events on other organization’s online calendars when you have a free moment?” 
No? Cause that’s not how the internet works. Its not possible unless they have a public calendar.

The most common question we get: “Where are the dinosaurs?”
Across the street at the NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM! It’s the building with all the dinosaur topiaries, the stegosaurus statue out front, and the dinosaurs painted all over the parking garage.

Came across a woman changing her babies diaper on the floor of the kids play room. A) GROSS! B)There’s a restroom with a changing table around the corner.

Me: “I’m sorry sir you can park there. It’s a fire lane.”
Guest: “I’m not parked.”
Me: *looks at the guest who is no longer in their car and already in the building.The car has been there for at least 15 mins.* 
Me: Are you going straight back to your car then?
Guest: No I’m here to visit the museum
Me: *looks at the camera like I’m on the office* At what point does a car become “parked”

The time a catered event tried to have Cherries Jubilee, a dessert which requires it to be SET ON FIRE. The cooks didn’t understand why they couldn’t make it after we explained that it’s dangerous for the artifacts and it would set the fire alarms off. They light it up anyway. Fire alarm went off. Building had to be evacuated.

Radio Conversation:
Me: Are we selling tickets at the door for tonight’s event and what methods of payment are accepted? 
Employee 2: Yes and cash. Credit card. Check.
Employee 3: Wampum
Employee 2: Barter and trade 

That time my boss called and said she was looking for someone creative to help her come up with an idea for centerpieces for big annual fundraising event that night because it completely slipped her mind. The event was that night! She asked if I could come up with something cheap and quick to make but also looks nice. Using random art supplies and things we have lying around  the storage rooms, I came up with some flower vase with photos around it type of thing (looked better than this sounds). Took all day but I made seven centerpieces out of nothing .

Guest: “Why are you only open on Wednesday?”
Me: “We’re not?”

Guest: “Aren’t you always free on Saturdays?”
Me: “No?”

Guest: “How far of a drive is it to the Mansion”
They were standing in the Mansion….

Guest: “What’s the Hay House?”
Me: “……It’s a house? Belonging to the Hay family? That you can tour?”

Guest comes in and reads the sign with our admission prices listed.
Guest: “So these are the suggested prices?”
Me: “No ma’am. The are THE prices. They’re not suggestions”
Guest: “No these are the suggested prices.”
Me: “….No. These are the prices. If you’d like to see the museum you have to pay the appropriate admission price.”
Guest: “So these are the suggested prices then.”
Me: “NO. You HAVE to pay the admission we have listed here or you can’t come in. They are not suggestions.”
She left.

Local police called us to say that people are walking through some dog poop and were spreading it all over the sidewalk by our museum. She wanted us to go powerwash the sidewalk. The sidewalk is city property not the museums. Its’ technically not our job to do that. She got furious when we said we couldn’t do it and they actually came over and yelled. Our boss had to tell her no. Eventually the head of security went out to look and said there was no poop anywhere so he didn’t know what their problem was anyway.

People ask to see objects or exhibits we haven’t had in 40 years or that we have never had period and get angry when I tell them they’re either aren’t here or are no longer on display. The most common ones are:
“Where’s the Fabergé egg?” (never had one in the museum ever)
“Where’s the mummy?”  (we are not a natural history museum nor do we have anything to do with egypt)
“Where are the dollhouses?”   (the dollhouses were on exhibit 35 years ago)
“Where are the dinosaurs?”   (again. not a natural history museum)

Guy complained because when he went to our living history site (an old farm) and his newly washed car got dirty, the walk was “dangerous” because it was not paved, there were a lot of people and no exhibits. ……..It’s a farm. Of course it’s dirty and you walked on grass. And there were tons of people because you attended one of the biggest events of the year there. And the exhibits are the buildings and trades you see. What did you expect?

Guest: “The carousel isn’t moving, is it open?”
Me: “Yes it’s open.” It’s not moving because no one is there to ride it right now. It’s not always moving. Be kind of hard for new riders to get on.

The employees had a training session for customer service and one of the sections was on service animals. Once the speaker told us a miniature pony could be a service animal we all latched onto it and could stop talking about how much we’d love to have a pony in the building. This went on for days after the training session ended.

Guest comes up to me and tells me that a couple of the women’s stalls are “quite nasty”. I go and tell my boss and the head of maintenance. HofM comes out of the restroom and says, “Why did you make me do that?! Who does that to a toilet!” Turns out someone ahem…missed. I refused to “investigate” for myself. Later he walked by my desk again, said “apparently someone doesn’t know how to use the bathroom correctly”, shuddered and left. 

Guest once spent 10 minutes telling me about his toothache

The joke every elderly man tells when they buy admission: “I’d like one child ticket please!”  [insert fake laugh here]

Guest: “I’d like to renew my membership.” 
Me: “Awesome! Just fill out this form and what level are you renewing?” 
Guest: “Idk can you look it up?” 
Me: “Well it depends on how long ago you had your membership” 
Guest: “Let me look on my old card” 
The membership cards tell you what the level is. 

The many children who run under the barriers, climb into the antique cars, and move the steering wheel like it’s a toy as the parents watch and take photos. 

The grown adults who reach over the barriers and touch the tires or honk the horns. HONK THE HORNS! The whole museum can literally hear you doing that. It’s a car horn!!!

One of the brides who rented the Mansion garden for her wedding wanted to bring a live horse into the museum so she could ride it out after the ceremony. 

Questions asked by drunk people on the carousel: “Which horse is fastest?”, “Can you make it go backwards?”, *reaches out into my booth* “Let me use the microphone”, “Can you make it go faster?”

I once had to kick a guest out of the carousel pavillion during a party because she was so drunk she couldn’t walk a straight line, lost her shoes, and was spitting on the floor. Guess who had to clean up her saliva…

Each admission has a brick hidden somewhere under it. We call it a “Security Brick”

Birds get inside the museum all the time. We now have a club for anyone who manages to catch one. I’ve caught one myself. It’s always fun watching newbies freak out when another one comes in. I want to get shirts made.

One client who rented the museum was so offended by the “naked” cherubs on the carousel that we had to figure out a way to cover up their “boobs”. We draped rainbow scarves over them.

Here’s to all the wonderful guests who have given me some interesting conversations, hugs, thank you’s, patience, and the opportunities to leave my admission desk and give them short tours full of enthusiasm. I treasure those moments

Take It or Leave It (Jackson/Stiles)

Anonymous said: Jackson/Stiles - “How long have you been standing there?”

Nonnie, I hope you enjoy this! I was totally inspired by Stiles’ canon plans in the winter finale, so there are minor spoilers for season 6A. Fic #33 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge.

Take It or Leave It. Jackson/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3.

When Stiles finally has time to do the Smithsonian museum crawl he’s had planned since moving to DC, he runs into Jackson at the American History museum.

The first two weeks at GWU have been non-stop busy. Stiles has spent just about every waking moment dealing with unpacking, trying to make his dorm room feel homey, getting to know his new roommate (Zacharias—but call me Z), adjusting to the independent nature of college, and enjoying being across the country from the hellmouth known as Beacon Hills. 

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Alone (pt 2)

Part 1

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader, Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: You’ve been in love with your best friend Taehyung for as long as you can remember, sadly he never saw you in that way. But now there’s someone else that’s special to him, and you can feel your heart breaking more and more each second.

Originally posted by myeong-su

It’s been four days.

Four days without so much as a text or call from Taehyung. Perhaps this wouldn’t seem like much to most people, but in the past the two of you rarely went an hour without some form of communication, even if it was just a stupid text message. You’d been sitting in your room the entire weekend, crying until you used up every tear in your body, and now there was just an emptiness within you. There was a huge void in your heart, and you can’t even remember what used to fill it.

You were currently sat cross legged on your bed, your laptop open in front of you as you continuously refreshed Taehyung’s feed, looking for evidence of activity. The last thing he’d uploaded was a picture of him and Sana together, at a fairground or something. She was leaning into him and his arm was around her waist, that alone made you feel slightly sick, they looked so good together even you couldn’t deny it. The perfect couple.

And all you could think was: it should be me, not her.

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Okay, hear me out. This is about Sherlock.

I know you’ve seen these theories before, but listen. This sounds dumb but put your tinfoil hat on with me for a minute, please.

I am in no way trying to compromise the validity, legitimacy, or integrity of The Final Problem. I thought it was an amazing episode. But..

People had said there were a lot of plot holes. I didn’t agree or even think about it at first but, they’re right.

- Mycroft disappears after the flat blows up. I know they said he’s in hospital because he’s in bad shape, but we never see this, or him having any type of lingering injury.

-What friends are Rosie with?

-Where did everyone in that prison go? There were a ton of people there who just suddenly weren’t.

-Unless Eurus used people that worked there to help, how did Eurus get an unconscious Sherlock and John into (I’m guessing probably a helicopter) and figure out how to fly it to exactly where she wanted to go… without getting shot?

-John was chained to the bottom of the well, and they threw him a rope.

-Again, Mycroft disappears. They say he was in Eurus’s cell, and is now in hospital, if I remember correctly. But again, we never see this.

And not only are there plot holes, there are things that just weren’t really explained, the most prominent one probably being how Molly was totally fine after being emotionally run over by a semi.

Now, recently, Moffat said in an interview, referring to how Molly was okay with that: “Surely at a certain point you have to figure out that after Sherlock escapes tells her, ‘I’m really sorry about that, it was a code, I thought your flat was about to blow up.’ And she says, ‘Oh well that’s okay then, you bastard.’ And then they go back to normal, that’s what people do.”

Um….no. That is most certainly not what people do. She was crying. She was crying when the conversation ended, and, what, the phone just hung up? Well, yes, it did, so there is absolutely no way she would hear all of that, say all of that, and then just be like.. “Yeah, alright, cool.” (Here’s the full interview:

And that seems uncharacteristically cheapening for Moffat to completely blow off that scene. That scene was huge in development for both Sherlock and Molly. He helped write it, did he not? How do you miss the point of your own scene?

Answer: You don’t.

Conclusion: He’s lying.

This makes me think of Mycroft spouting slander that he didn’t mean about John Watson. I’ll explain in a moment why this is important.

A lot of this is Molly-centric, not because of Sherlolly but because of things that don’t make enough sense.

Next point. Clothes.

Remember this picture? Yeah! Remember when Sherlock wore that coat in TST? He did! But wait a minute..

When did Molly ever wear that outfit? Or have her hair like that? She never had that much fringe going on and it’s not hard to remember all of her outfits because she has so little. She had the cardigan, yes, but not the red dress.

Granted, this could all be just for the picture, but Sherlock wore that coat. Why would they take the promotional pictures with the characters in clothes they never wear?

Maybe for the same reason points get brought up that are never addressed.

“I’m worried about you Molly, you seem stressed.”

“I’m having a bad day.”

Both of those lines point to some underlying issue in Molly’s life that the audience is never let in on. That seems like something that would be resolved or at least explained by the end of the last episode but no.
Was Molly just having a bad day because she was stressed and taking care of Rosie? Could be, except that if Rosamund was at Molly’s flat, John would have mentioned that when they were told her flat was going to blow up.
We have no idea what was wrong with Molly.

These are some of the plot points that don’t make sense in the final episode. Then, of course there are some physical questionmarks that have arisen. Part 2.

Okay, you’ve heard people talk about “Apple Tree Hill,” if I remember the title correctly. What they said was that this is a show that says it has four episodes in the series, but only one is airing. This happens this coming Sunday, January 22nd. Yes, that’s a little odd, but whatever, right?

Well, I had also heard somebody mention that The Final Problem took twice as long to film as TST and TLD. I can’t cite or prove that, but I did hear it, and saw it confirmed by someone else. Again, okay, it was an intense episode, sure it took a long time to film.

Then there’s my favorite, because I’m rather proud to have noticed this on my own.

Sherlock Season 4 is available to buy and download on iTunes and Amazon, but only online. The physical DVD copy of the season is not released from Amazon to be ordered until next Tuesday, January 24th. Why wouldn’t they release it now, since the episodes are over? Stay tuned for the explanation.

So I said I’d explain why I think Moffat was lying. He was asked why we didn’t see any resolution of the “I love you” scene, and how Molly was feeling afterwards. He gave a bizarre answer because he knows the answer. He knows it for a fact, because they filmed it.

The DVD is not going to be released until the 24th so that it can include the last episode. More episodes can be bought and downloaded online, but DVD’s can’t be updated. So, it has to be held until next week.

Because there is a fourth episode. You knew where this was going.
Amanda said something along the lines of, “If we pull this off, it’ll be amazing.”
If they air a secret fourth episode, that will be “television history.”Now, we never want to get our hopes up. Remember, hope for the best but prepare for the worst (and the worst isn’t even really bad). When I first heard people talking about a fourth episode, I thought it was just people grasping at straws because their ship didn’t become canon. But now that I think about it, a lot seems to fall into line. After all, “people always stop looking after 3.”

UPDATE/DISCLAIMER: I ship sherlolly, whole-heartedly, unconditionally, and I ship nothing else. I loved their scene, I don’t think it was an assault on Molly’s character development, and I loved The Final Problem. I’m just saying that there is a possibility that this is all more amazing than we could have ever hoped for. ❤

EXO reactions: you kiss their cheek

Luhan: he was being very manly today. He was helping you cook in the kitchen, he had given you a massage when you got home, seeing as you were sore from shopping with him earlier that day. You thought about all the things he has done today and how he was being so sweet. You look at him cooking the Chicken and smile as you get on your tip toes and peck his cheek. “What was that for?” He asks smiling and blushing slightly. “For being so manly and helping me all day…” You say as you look at him lovingly, he just smiles and continues cooking. 

Baekhyun: you were on the couch together. You on your phone and him on his laptop. You look at him as he’s typing something into the browser. He looks so cute when he’s concentrating on something. You lean up and press your lips to his cheek. He turns to you and smiles but his smile drops as he looks at your face.“What?” You ask him worriedly. “You have something on your face….right….” He says, you blush and try to feel the thing on your face. He stops you, bringing your hands down to rest in your lap. He suddenly leans in colliding his lips with yours softly. He pulls away after a few seconds and looks at you with a cheeky smile,“There…” He says and you smile. 

Chanyeol: you were in his recording room sitting next to him as he composed a new song he had been working on,he was getting a little wrinkle where he had been furrowing his brows together in concentration and frustration,you suddenly feel the urge to kiss his cheek. You wait a few minutes and then finally cave,giving into your desires,you lean up and peck his soft cheek. he looks shocked for a few seconds before looking at you with love in his eyes “You’re too good for me,you know that?” he says,you giggle,and say,”I know~” 

Lay:you are singing for him(I’ll sing for you~) and helping him right a new song,he’s strumming away when he suddenly stops,you do too. He just holds his hand up and looks at the wall blankly. You think he is being so adorable so you just have to lean over to him and kiss his cheek softly. When you pull away he just looks at you for a few minutes,looking confused as hell. Then he starts strumming again and starts singing softly,”Eyes like stars~,and lips like silk,girl you know you make craazy~!” he sings beautifully,making you blush. 

Xiumin: he was teaching you how to make coffee, you were stood beside him,listening carefully as he instructed you to do something,but when he saw the confused look on your face he chuckles softly and comes behind you wrapping his arms around your waist and grabbing your hands in his. He guides your hands,his head on your shoulder as he whispers in your ear about what to do,you blush because of the close proximity. When you finally get it and make an amazing cup of coffee you squeal and wrap your arms around his neck,jumping up and down as you thank him a thousand times. “THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANK!!!!!!” you squeal with excitement. “Really it was no problem, anything for my girl~.”he says as he wraps his arms around your waist. You pull away to look at him,”No really…”you says as you lean up and quickly peck his cheek,you pull away and look at him adoringly,”Thank you…”you add as he blushes and says,”Once again,no problem…” 

Kris: you were trying to “out-cool” each other,more like you were trying to get his cool aura to break and he was trying so hard not to pinch your cheeks because of how cute he thought you were being right now. You kept giving him compliments and saying what you love about him,and he always replied with stuff like,”Cool”,”I know”,”I love me too”,”I’m too cool for this”,you finally got a good idea of how to make him flustered,you look at him very lovingly,he looks like he’s falling for it,initiate part two of your master plan to take over the world(just kidding this is Kris not Kyungsoo…) you lean up (AKA get a stool,even though he is sitting down because he’s a giant mother fucker!) and peck his cheek,you pull away after a few seconds and smile at him adoringly,”Cool…” he says as he leans back and hits his hand. You had won. You start laughing and he just look at you and says…… 

Tao: he is exhausted,seeing that he just practised wushu for an hour and a half straight. You sigh as you help him to bed and go to fix him something to eat and drink. When the food is cooled down some you pour him a glass of water and walk down the hallway with the plate of food in one hand and the glass of water in the other. You open the door with your foot, only to see Tao fast asleep. You chuckle softly as you walk up to him and set his food and water on the nightstand beside the bed. You turn to walk away but feel him grab your wrist,”Baobao,where are you going?…” he says in a groggy,raspy voice. You smile and kiss his cheek,climbing in bed beside him and snuggling into his side,”Nowhere…” you say as he snuggles you closer and returns the favour by kissing your cheek as well. 

Kai: he was helping you learn a new dance,it was a very hard one and he took time out of his schedule just to help a silly girl like you learn a dance. You kept thinking about how sweet he was being and how patient he was with you. Every time you got a step right and you would gleam with happiness,he would just stare at you lovingly,you doing the same when he gently corrected your errors. You miss a step because you are thinking about how adorable he was and Kai stops you and wraps his arms around your waist and taking your arms and moving them correctly to the step you missed,you try it again and succeed,you hug him as you thank him for helping you,”Anything for my jagi~”he says,you smile and lean up to kiss his cheek,but he beats you to it,kissing yours instead. 

Chen: he and you were watching frozen,you had been fighting the urge to kiss his cheek the whole day,but you didn’t know if you should or not,knowing the little troll,AKA Chen, you knew he would tease you about it if you did,so you suppressed the urge and just watched the movie,singing along with him when the characters broke into song. A few more minutes past and you suddenly hear,”Okay can I just,say something crazy?”,you and Chen look at each other at the same time,you sing Anna’s part and Chen sings Hanz’s part. Hitting the high notes perfectly and harmonizing together. When the song ends you look at him,you can’t help yourself as you give in and kiss his cheek quickly,he looks at you and begins to tease you,like you knew he would. “you just can’t help yourself around me can you?” he asks cockily,”Says the guy who asked me to marry him…”you reply sassily,referring to the song you two just sang,”Says the girl who said yes..”he says smirking,catching the reference, “touche`…” you reply. 

D.O: he would be cooking you something to eat,while you were staring at him with love in your eyes from your seat at the kitchen table. He refused for you to help him,seeing as tonight was your anniversary and he was making dinner for you whether you like it or not. When the food is done he sets your plates on the table and pulls up a seat across from you and sits in it. After you two finish the amazing meal he prepared for the two of you he grabs your hand from across the table,staring at you lovingly before speaking,”Y/N,in all the time we have been dating,everytime I see you,you get more and more beautiful,you still manage to take my breath away and make me fall in love all over again,happy  anniversary,Jagi…”he says while smiling loving at you, you are in tears now,you lean over the table and kiss his cheek,bringing him into a hug. 

Sehun:he knew your intentions to kiss his delicate maknae face,and he liked it,but he didn’t give any hint that he knew. You were watching a movie together and he pretended to go to sleep. You ignore him,seeing as you are way to into the movie to notice that he laid his head in your lap. You keep being oblivious,that is,until he starts….”snoring”…quite loudly actually. You look down at your lap where the sound was coming from and finally notice him in your lap. You blush and smile,stroking his cheek,before leaning down and placing your soft lips to his soft maknae skin. He jumps at you yelling “wah!” you scream and punch his arm playfully as he laughs loudly,”IT WASN’T FUNNY!! IT’S NOT MY FAUlt you were being cute as fuck…”you say,gradually getting quieter and quieter. he hears all of it and chuckles,sitting up and pulling you into his lap and kissing your cheek. You stayed like that for the rest of the movie. 

Suho:you two were on your first date. He took you to a nice restaurant where you had a nice candle lit dinner,followed by him buying every dessert on the menu for you. Now you were at the park,staring into the fountain as the moonlight shined down on the two of you. You didn’t talk,just enjoyed each other’s company. When the date was over he offered to walk you home,to which you replied to with an excited nod followed by a small smile. Now you two were walking to your house,making small talk on the way. You finally arrived at your house after an amazing night. You sigh happily as you turn to him,”I had an amazing night,we should do this again…” you say as you smile at him,”Me too,you’re the most amazing,funny,beautiful girl I have ever met…” he says as he smiles at you,you melt at his words and don’t hold back as you lean up to kiss his cheek,he blushes and grins at you,”Goodbye…” you say as you slowly close your door,”Bye…” he says before your door closes completely,when it does close he sighs dreamily and turns and starts walking to his house,his cheeks red and a big grin on his face. 

Writing Effective Starters: An Essay.

Ever been stuck on how to get two characters to meet? Ever wonder why your starter is liked and forgotten? Ever seen someone else’s interesting starters and thought, man, I wish I could do that?

Here, we’ll teach you how to write a starter in four easy steps.

STEP #1: Engage the Other Character

The first thing you want to do when you want to write a starter is think about the characters in a social environment. Where are they? What are they doing? And most importantly, how is the other person’s character going to get pulled in?

You have to consider the actual contact between characters.Here’s an example of what not to do. My character walked into yours on the sidewalk. If you give me that on my roleplay blog, I will not answer it. No exceptions.

Why? Think about the last time someone bumped into you–in the hallway, in the mall, wherever you were. Did you stop and say ‘hello, my name is [y/n] and I think we should do [activity] and be friends?’ NO. The person probably mumbled a 'sorry,’ you probably mumbled ’s'okay,’ and you both went off to do whatever.

That is an ineffective starter because, plain and simple, you didn’t pull the character in. You can go ahead and spend as many paragraphs as your heart desires describing the business of the city, what your character’s wearing, the weather, the atmosphere, whatever, but listen up: if you do not actively engage the other character, your starter is ineffective.

So what do you do? There are tons of options. Have your character speak directly to the other character. Have your character do something where someone else is able to jump in. The other writer is trying to put their character with yours, and they’ll work with you on this, just don’t leave everything up to them.

Going back to our example, instead of having someone walk into another character, have them stand in line and compliment the other person’s [insert literally anything here]. They can just make a comment about how long the line is taking. Now the character is engaged.

And other note, I’ve seen starters where one character is talking to a third-party archetype and the expectation is that my character will swoops in like a hawk and steal your character away from whoever they’re talking to. This is–don’t. Don’t ever. No. Bad. Shame on you.

Here’s a quick check-list to make sure your starter will work:

  • is my character directly contacting the other character?
  • is my character doing something that the other character can appropriately respond to?
  • have I made it possible for someone to reply to my starter?

STEP #2. Check Your Writing.

This is a good tip for roleplaying in general, obviously, but it’s even more important for starters, especially if it’s an open, or the first time you’re making a starter for someone. I’ve seen a lot of starters from quality blogs that don’t even make sense because the writing is so inflated. Whether you’re trying to look good, do more than your ability, or think you need to try extra-hard, don’t. Just keep your starters natural. Don’t use words you don’t know. Don’t use compound sentences if you’re not familiar with the sentence structure. Don’t use crack grammar styles because you think it might be right. Stick to what you know, read over it before you hit post, and stay in control of your writing. It’s better to have a beautiful one-line starter than a long para that confuses other writers.

Re-read your starter before you post it and ask yourself these questions:

  • is my grammar correct?
  • are my words spelled correctly?
  • are there any typos?
  • are the actions clear?
  • does I have any vague sections?
  • will others be able to understand what I wrote?

STEP #3. Have an idea for your thread before you make your starter.

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a really generic starter with a writer I want to work with, replying, and then not being able to find a suitable plot and floundering into nothingness. There should be a “something happens” section in a thread. In creative writing, this is called “The Trouble.” The sooner you get your character into trouble, the better.

In a nutshell, you should have an idea for your starter planned beforehand. I’ll use an example from my roleplay blog. One of my characters is a librarian. So if my threads are lacking and I want to use her, I might go and make a starter that’s something like,

Eliza sat behind at her desk, trying to focus on a book instead of [insert stressor here]. When someone walked in, she smiled, even though she wished they weren’t there. “Hi, can I help you?” She hoped they said yes, since she currently had a bottle of alcohol hidden on almost every shelf and it’d be really awkward if someone were to find them.

This isn’t the best starter, but it comes with a plot. In fact, it comes with multiple plots. When someone answers this, their character can a) notice my character is really harried and start asking after her, b) think she’s being a jerk and give her attitude, c) answer her question with a 'yes’ and continue to observe how frazzled the librarian is until something happens, or d) answer with 'no,’ find a hidden bottle of alcohol, and watch the plot turn into a kaleidoscope of options that the writer can choose from.

Now, let’s say you want to write a one-line starter. This is a more nuanced thing. It’s easy to write “Hey, want to hang out?,” stick a .gif and a #open+rp under it, and wait for replies. I do it all the time. This starter is fine: the grammar/spelling is correct, it engages the other character, it’s good, right?

The problem comes in with the next few exchanges. When someone replies with “sure,” an a .gif, and you’ve kinda just typed up your starter without thinking about it cuz your threads are dead, whatever whatever, you run the risk of either sitting there like 'uhhh’ or having a dud thread that leads to your character and the other character standing in an undefined white room like 'what do you wanna do’ 'idk what do you wanna do’ until someone just drops it.

So don’t do that.

And some of you will say that you’re just letting the other person use their ideas. To this I say, no. No, no, NO, no no. You can’t just post your generic open hoping that someone else will have an idea. If the other person had an idea, they’d make their own starter.

This ties in with the example I used earlier: don’t have your character walk into someone else’s and expect the other writer to just pull some plot out of their derriere that smells like rainbows and perfection. It doesn’t work that way. You come up with something. You’re the one making the starter. That little thing that says 'source’ next your blog name means it was you. Own it.

If you want to post a one-line starter that says 'hey, wanna hang out?,’ you should have an idea of what your character’s going to do. Whether that’s going to smoke a blunt, getting coffee, or taking a free class in underwater basket-weaving at the local oyster club is up to you.

Ask yourself these questions to avoid these pitfalls:

  • where is this thread going?
  • does my character have a clear idea of what’s going on?
  • is there a plot here?
  • am I trying to dump the plot work onto whomever replies?

STEP #4: Have an accessible setting.

If you want to get replies to your open, don’t give someone a setting that their character wouldn’t be in. I cannot count how many times I’ve seen really, really good starters that I can’t reply to because of the setting. It’s nice to make a post like 'omg why are you in my house,’ but, shocker, most people don’t just walk into other people’s houses’. Another big one I see all the time is when writers say something like 'no one’s around.’ If no one’s there, no one’s there.

Now obviously, accessible starters are on a case-by-case basis. Maybe a stranger wouldn’t be in someone’s house, but their significant other would be. Setting is something to play with and enjoy, but you should still keep it in mind. Don’t force other writers to finagle around with their characters to put them in some bizarre place just so they can answer your starter. Put your character somewhere other people will be–instead of in the middle of a forest where no one is, put them just outside of a campsite. Instead of writing 'no one’s around,’ talk about how your character assumed no one was going to be there. Don’t stick your character in random places just for the hell of it and pray to the roleplay gods that someone will bend over backwards to make it work.

By the same token, I see a lot of starters without an established setting. Don’t do that, either. It’s OK not to have everything hammered down in the original starter, but have some idea of where your character is. Your character doesn’t exist in a little white room. Put them somewhere, and put them somewhere that makes sense.

If you need to test your starter’s setting, ask yourself these questions:

  • would other characters be here?
  • have I cut off other characters?
  • do I have an actual setting?
  • if no, do I have an implied setting?

So there are your four steps. Engage the other character, have proper grammar/spelling, have a plot idea in mind, and take care of the setting.

Final Remarks. 

Make it easy for other writers to answer your starter. Don’t stump them or expect them to pick up all the work. It’s great if you write a half-page starter with beautiful extended metaphors and 5 Shakespeare references, but it’s all a waste if your character’s on the moon, the reader’s lost in your hyperbole, you didn’t use quotes, and your character’s busy talking to the Queen of England.

Before you click post, ask yourself these questions:

  • does this make sense?
  • if someone sent this to me, could I answer this?
  • if someone sent this to me, would I want to answer this?
  • does this look promising?
  • am I praying to the roleplay gods that someone replies to this instead of doing some basic footwork to get replies?

And that’s all from me, folks!