you have no idea how difficult it was to gif that scene

Imagine getting together with Chris.

A/N: Part 5 is here and I think I just died. OH MY GOD! As the writer, and as a reader- AHHHHHHHH! I’m sorry, I’m so calm right now. (No I am not, my heart) You can read the previous parts here: (Unexpected Reader - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B/Part 4A/4B) Please enjoy! X

Chris laid sprawled on his couch with furrowed brows, tapping his TV remote against his bare chest. It was 1:48AM and he had an early morning meeting tomorrow, but he was still wide awake. He couldn’t sleep because he had too much on his mind, like the fact that you were yet to read the letter he’d left- admitting his love for you- at your apartment. Since he left said letter at said apartment, with each hour that ticked by- he’d been texting your best friend asking if you’d read it. Each time, he’d get a text back from Ava telling him the same thing: “she’s not home yet.” It finally got to the ninth hour at 11:00PM that he stopped texting Ava and texted you instead, not to ask about the letter but to see if you were okay. Which brought forth the other thing that was keeping him up.

Chris had texted you to ask if you were okay, and you’d sent back a simple “perfect.” Now what was that suppose to mean? Were you perfect because your date with Sam went well? Were you perfect because you’d read his letter and was thinking about your answer? No, you couldn’t have read the letter already. You wouldn’t have just texted if you’d read it. He knew you and he knew you would’ve called if you’d read it, unless- you didn’t feel the same way, or had changed your mind about him since hearing about Scarlett and going on that date with Sam. He should’ve addressed that rumor the second it came out, talked to you about it instead of calling Scarlett and laughing about it. If he lost you because of it, it was his fault and his fault alone.

“What am I going to do, bud?” Chris asked Dodger, his best friend who was half asleep by his feet. “What am I going to do if I lose her?” Dodger looked up when Chris sat up and reached down to smooth his hand over his pup’s head. “She’s the one and I was too afraid to tell her that when I had the chance, and now-” He cut himself off with a huff, scratching Dodger’s head ever so gently. “I’m a real fucking idiot, aren’t I?”

“I’d say.”

Chris was so distracted that he didn’t even hear you come in from the back door; you’d a set of keys because he trusted you and occasionally needed you to come take care of Dodger for him. He jumped to his feet, feeling his heart in his throat. You were crying, but it was out of pure and utter joy as well as love for the man standing in front of you. His lips parted and he tried to speak, but no sound came forth. He’d play a thousand different scenarios in his head and ways to respond, but now that it was actually happening- he’d no clue what to say. He stepped over Dodger and started towards you, stopping when you took a step back. You held up the letter that you’d read four times in the cab ride over with the help of your iPhone’s torch. Each time you’d read it- you fell even harder for Chris; words you wanted to use to form a response danced in your mind. But now, as you stood in front of him, you couldn’t speak either. God, the two of you were made for each other.

“Y/N, I’m not dating Scarlett,” Chris finally spoke. Upon hearing those words leave his mouth, he wanted to slap himself. As important as that piece of information was, he wished his first words to you were “I love you.” Which was what he said next, drawing more happy tears from your eyes. “Please don’t cry,” he pleaded as he started towards you again, stopping when you held up a hand.

“I’m sorry, I just- I need a moment,” you told him and he nodded understandingly. “I um- This was-” you held up the letter, smiling. “It was a very Fan fic Chris thing to do,” you said and you both managed a light laugh. “How did you learn to write like that? Those first two paragraphs-”

“Y/N,” he cut you off, chuckling. “I don’t think we need to talk about my writing capabilities right this very second, do you?” He quizzed and you shook your head, swallowing. “You came here to tell me something,” he began as he slowly inched closer to you; step by step. “You came here to answer a question, to confess your true feelings.” You nodded slowly, feeling your heart on the verge of exploding. “So how about,” he grabbed you by the waist and pulled you towards him, “we get to that?”

“You’re not wearing a shirt,” you blurted out and grimaced at how awkward you were. Chris laughed, because how awkward you were was one of the things he loved about you. “I um…” You couldn’t believe how difficult it was to talk around a shirtless Chris; how his female co-stars managed was beyond you. His hands rubbing small, gentle circles into your sides weren’t helping your ability to speak coherently either. “Can you-” you put a hand on his chest to push him back; his heat radiated through your palm. “I just need some space so I can think.”

“I think we’ve done enough thinking, don’t you?” He returned to his original position, but this time a little closer and his grip a little tighter. “I’m done thinking and so are you,” he whispered as he dipped his head. With his lips inches from yours, his minty breath warm against your cheeks. “Do you love me?” He asked gently and you felt yourself nod as you got lost in his eyes; he smiled so wide, his pearly whites blinded you. “Do you want to kiss me?” He asked and got another breathless nod from you. “Good, because I love you and I want to kiss you too.”

The second his lips touched yours, everything fell into place. You realized that saying was a cliché you’d used many times before, in a quite a few of your stories, but not once had you truly understood or felt what you wrote. Not until now, not until you had Chris’ soft and supple lips pressed against yours. It was insane how good and how right it felt, and how many more clichés played through your mind. “He kissed you like your lips were the air that he needed to breathe”, and “he kissed you like there was no tomorrow”, and “his lips touched yours and sparks flew.” In that very moment, as his hands gently caressed your face while his lips worked against yours tenderly, attentively, and passionately- you lived through every romantic, breathtaking kiss scene you’d ever written. It felt like pure and utter magic- and yes, you realized that was yet another cliché but God, you didn’t care. You were happy because you were kissing the one you could, and had pictured forever with.

“Fuck,” Chris breathed when he broke the kiss, resting his forehead against yours. “Sorry,” he chuckled breathlessly and you shook your head, smiling. You could feel how flaming hot your cheeks were, as well as how wide your smile was; it was wider than it’d ever been. “I don’t mean to swear in your face, I just- that was fucking amazing. I mean- Fuck,” he cussed again, laughing. “You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that.”

“Why don’t you do it again?” Your arms wrapped around his neck as you inched closer to his lips.

You didn’t have to ask him twice; he chuckled and kissed you again, moaning ever so softly when your hands found their way into his un-gelled hair. Now you weren’t a girl he wanted to rush things with because he respected you, but he was so swept up- in the passion, and the romance, and the very obvious lust in the air- that he couldn’t help himself. His hands reached under your thighs and he swiftly lifted you up, wrapping your legs around his waist. You knew what was happening and what would happen if you let it, and though you always promised your mom you wouldn’t rush into things- this was Chris and she’d always wished you’d end up with him after reading your series. Now that the opportunity had arise, surely she wouldn’t blame you for taking things a little faster than usual. It wasn’t like he was going to run out on you, the letter made it pretty damn clear he was here to stay.

He broke the kiss and smiled, carrying you as he started towards the stairs. He didn’t know who to thank for you, just every thread in the universe that brought the two of you together. You did the same thing, brushing his bearded cheek with your thumb.

“Does Ava know you’re not going to be there when she wakes up?” That question was his subtle was of asking for consent; he wouldn’t and couldn’t do anything you were uncomfortable with. He knew the hold he had on you, but he’d never use it to his advantage. Similarly, you knew the hold you had on him and you’d never use that to your advantage either.

“I think Ava will figure it out.”

“Yeah,” Chris bit back his growing smile, “I think she will too.”

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You have no idea how hard it was finding a gif to represent a scene in complete darkness. Nonetheless, this will have to do. Enjoy!

Prompt[s]:  First of all. Great chapter of The Tower. Second of all, WHY YOU GOTTA GO HURTING ME LIKE THAT?

No no no no thor you idiot god damn you

Noooooooo….😱 Thor you ass! How will she get back now?? I need to know what happens next! 😳

‘The Tower’ (Part 23)

All Chapters // Part 22

The dungeons of Asgard’s palace were even colder than the forest at night. It was all you could think about as you sat shivering in the dark.  

A set of chains protruded from the wall, stretching only a metre away until they clasped around your wrists. The pink skin underneath threatened to erode under their icy hold. The stone on which you sat was dusty and uncomfortable, but thankfully worn smooth by the hundreds of others who had been in your place. How many of them had also been innocent?

In hindsight, you couldn’t hold Thor’s decision against him. You wanted to – boy, did you want to – but realistically, you knew that he was still grieving. Thinking of your mother reminded you of that. He’d never seen the body, he’d told you. He’d never gotten closure. He’d never said goodbye. The man was blinded by grief.

If only you could’ve made him see; Loki wouldn’t be the only one freed by their being reunited.

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Fooled Around and Fell In Love

Summary: The reader is hopelessly involve with Dean, but too scared to do anything about it. She has to deal with Dean bringing home countless girls, and she reaches her breaking point. With the help of Sammy some sense is knocked into Dean. 

Song Pairing:

Word Count: 2342

Author’s note: This is 100% inspired by Guardians Of The Galaxy…but it came out so awesome! Let it be known this is the first fluff I’ve ever written…I know I’m just as shocked. I really love this one guys, I hope you do too!

There was no denying it, you were head over heals for Dean Winchester. You’d been hunting with him and his brother for the past year, and ever since that first hunt you’d fallen for him. There was something about how those green eyes of his light up that just made a thousand butterflies in your stomach take flight.

The one thing you couldn’t get over was seeing him with other girls. You always compared yourself to them, and in your own head came up short. Convincing yourself you weren’t enough for Dean was something you constantly did.

You knew Dean’s type, and you always told yourself you weren’t it. Sure the girls would only stay the night and Dean wouldn’t remember their names, but at least they knew him intimately. You wanted so badly to feel his lips on yours, his hands run down your body, and him whisper little things into your ear.

Dean often consumed your thoughts, and that was happening right now. Sam was snapping his fingers, “Hello earth to (y/n), stop thinking about Dean”. You were pulled from your thoughts, remembering you were sitting across the kitchen table from Sam.

Throwing a napkin at him you rolled your eyes, “Sam shut up before Dean hears you”. As you spoke Dean was dealing with one of his one night stands, and you knew his routine to a t. Dean would explain he wasn’t much of a breakfast guy and would offer to make coffee, which was a flat out lie and he just wanted to politely make his guest leave.

He would sit down and have a cup of coffee with the woman and once they were done remind the girl that he really needed to start his day, lie number two. The girl would get the hint and call a cab, and pretty soon she’d be on her way.

This certain girl had perfect red hair, a toned body, and beautiful face. Taking her in your self hatred started to eat away at your mind. Sam threw the napkin back, “She’s not that pretty you know (y/n), to Dean she’s just another girl”.

Sam of course knew your feelings for his brother and always insisted that Dean would return them. That didn’t give you the confidence you needed to actually make a move, but it did warm your heart how deeply Sam cared.

He would always insist that Dean was just scared because when he loved people, it meant he could lose them. The voice within your head told you it was because Dean didn’t feel the same way. Thus, your current state was created.

You sighed, “Sure Sammy, then why did he have sex with her?”. Your anger bubbled as you watched Dean flirting with the girl. She was reaching for the sugar and Dean came up behind her to also grab a packet, and he pinched her side. She laughed while Dean pressed his body even closer to her.

Picking up on your apparent anger Sam called for Dean, “You know Dean we really should be starting our case”. You found yourself smiling, it was good for Sam to have your back. Dean didn’t want this girl to go yet, “You know Sammy I think we have time for one more cup”.

The anger easily found it’s way back to you, why was he fighting to keep this one. You’d finished what you’d been eating, which meant there was no real reason for you to be subjected to this.

Getting up you put your dish in the sink, unfortunately bringing you closer to the love birds.  While putting your dish down the girl gave you a dirty look, intensifying your anger. The random girl shot daggers at you before pulling Dean in for a kiss.

You didn’t want to give her the satisfaction so you just gave her a glare before returning to your room. While walking to your room you thought about how much better it would’ve felt if you’d just shot the girl. She was acting like a monster so the action would be justified.

After you left Sam was left in the kitchen with his brother and his random one night stand. Sam was just as angry as you were, if not angrier. You were Sam’s best friend and it pained him to see the way Dean played with your heart.

He knew that Dean was too scared to act on his feelings, and he wished he could get you to believe it too. Every time either of them loved a girl, that girl was immediately put in danger. You meant a lot to Dean, which meant you’re be put in even more danger. So Dean pushed down what he felt and tried to fill the void with meaningless girls.

The girl came to sit down where you’d previously sat, across from Sam. She made herself comfortable, which annoyed him. Sam called to Dean again, “You know Dean I think (y/n) had the right idea by going to her room to get ready”.

At the mention of your name the girl rolled her eyes, obviously feeling territorial. Sam heard the girl scoffed under her breath, “…that girl really needs a lot of getting ready”. By this time Dean had joined them at the table, and he also vaguely heard what the girl said.

Dean was annoyed, “What did you say?”. The girl placed down her cup and laughed, “Well the girl that was in here two seconds ago obviously needs a lot of time to get ready..did you see her?”. Suddenly Dean felt incredibly regretful that he’d even kissed this girl, she was a clear waste of time.

Sam smiled seeing the anger bubble up in his brother, maybe he’d finally act on his feelings. Dean’s brows furrowed, “Sorry not everyone can be as quick to get ready as you sweetheart, I guess it’s so easy because you barely wear anything in the first place…easy access huh?”. Sam couldn’t help but laugh, he wished you were in the room to hear Dean’s remark.

The girl got up from the table, “Excuse me?”. Dean didn’t hesitate, “You heard me, you’re the type that has to put others down to feel remotely good about yourself. That girl is beautiful, inside and out which is something you’ll never be”.

The girl flipped both brothers off and then stormed out of the bunker. Neither Sam nor Dean cared how she left, they were just glad she had. Even though she’d left Dean was still fuming, he threw his coffee cup into the sink causing it to smash into pieces. Sam got up, “Woah Dean calm down”.

Dean angrily ran a fist through his hair, “Sammy who do I do this?! Why do I waste my time on meaningless girls when I know I’m in love with (y/n)! Why am I so scared!”. Dean was so confused, his feelings overwhelming him.

Sam got up and calmly spoke, “You’re scared you’ll lose her Dean, and that’s understandable”. Dean’s anger soon turned to pain the more he thought about everything. He sighed, “Why can I wipe out an entire vamp nest but can’t tell her how I feel?”.

Sam laughed, “Because love is a lot more difficult Dean, it’s unpredictable..which makes it scary”. Dean knew that when it came to matters of life or death he could always make the right decision, but with his feelings it was more difficult.

Dean laughed too before getting serious, “How do I fix this Sammy?”. He realized how many times you’d had to deal with him bringing home girls, and he felt awful. Sure, when he was with the girls he couldn’t help but think about you but that wasn’t an excuse.

Sam smiled, “ Go talk to her Dean, or at least try too. She’s probably going crazy with her thoughts, I mean we both know her..”. Dean shook his head finishing his brothers sentence, “She always overthinks….I guess like me”.

With his new found confidence Dean headed towards your room. He wanted to finally set things right, because he couldn’t do this anymore. He couldn’t try to distract himself with meaningless girls because it made him feel emptier. Dean needed to grow a pair, and go for what he wanted you.

In order to distract yourself from how you’d felt you decided to nerd out to one of your favorite movies, Guardians of the Galaxy. It was a feel good movie, and you had to admit Peter Quill made it all a lot more enjoyable.

Peter Quill was a lot like Dean; daddy issues, girl crazy, incredibly sexy, and overall good hearted. The whole thing about Guardians of the Galaxy was the soundtrack, it was all oldies. At one moment in the movie Peter dances with another character to the song, “Fooled Around and Fell in Love”.

Peter let’s his dancing speak for him, and you imagined Dean did the same with his body. Whenever that particular scene came on you dreamed it would be you and Dean. Trying to truly distract yourself you hooked up your speaker to play the song.

You blared the song, hoping it would drown out your feelings. The music was so loud that you didn’t hear the knocking on the door, and Dean call your name. Getting up from your bed you started to sing the lyrics while dancing around.

I must have been through about a million girls

I’d love ‘em then I’d leave ‘em alone

The lyrics just screamed Dean, they were totally him. Dean stood there leaning against your doorframe, watching you. He couldn’t even see your face, but you still looked incredibly beautiful. He found his mind drifting as he watched your hips sway slowly to the beat.

He found himself subconsciously walking towards you, just wanting to be with you. Before he could make it fully towards you, you had turned around. You both stood there for a moment, unsure of what to do next.

It used to be when I’d see a girl that I liked, I’d get out my book and write down her name , Ah, but when the, the grass got a little greener over on the other side, I’d just tear out that page

Without speaking he placed his hands on your hips, and then looked up with concern in his eyes afraid that he’d overstepped. You looked down at where his hands were, butterflies taking flight in your stomach. Dean took this as apprehension, “I’m sorry I-”.

Dean went to pull his hands away but you reached out and held them. You smiled, “Dean I didn’t mind”. There was about a thousand words that came to mind, but they got all jumbled in your head.

Dean seemed like he didn’t know what to say quite yet either. Moving closer to you he put his hands back where they’d been, and you felt so hot under his touch. You both started to move slowly to the beat, his huge hands guiding you.

I fooled around and fell in love,

I fooled around and fell in love, since I met you baby

The lyrics getting to him, Dean realized how badly he needed you. He pulled you closer to his chest, resting one hand on the small of your back. Turning your head to the side you pressed your ear against his heart, listening to his heartbeat.

Closing your eyes you took in his smell; a mixture of whiskey and aftershave. Listening to his heartbeat while swaying to the music you finally started to relax. You smiled to yourself, because Dean’s heartbeat suggested otherwise.

His heart was beating fast, and you wanted to calm him. Dean brought his chin to rest on your head as you moved to the slow beat. For once you felt so safe in his arms, all you concerns melting away.

Free, on my own is the way I used to be,  Ah, but since I met you baby, love’s got a hold on me

It’s got a hold on me now, I can’t let go of you baby

Turning your head back you looked up at him, resting your hands on his chest. Dean looked down at you, his green eyes full of light. You noticed all the freckles on his face, each one like a snowflake.

Dean bit his lip, still contemplating something. You wondered if he was thinking about what you were thinking about. Soon enough you got your answer as he cupped your cheek in one hand, bringing his face towards you.

Dean lightly placed his lips on yours, and you felt months of doubt melt away. His other hand still rested on your back, as his thumb traced little circles. The kiss got hungrier as both of your desires grew.

When the kiss ended you both were left breathless, caught up in the moment. Dean scanned your eyes, “Listen (y/n) there’s no excuse for how I’ve acted…I was scared and I let that control me”. He held you tighter as he spoke.

Dean continued, “I…I love you (y/n) and I’m sorry for treating you how I did because you deserve so much better”. You smiled, happiness radiating throughout your entire body. Looking up at him you answered, “I love you too Dean you’re all-”.

He cut you off by placing his lips on yours again, so completely lost in the moment. When the kiss was over he held you tight again, loving how perfectly your body fit with his. Again you rested your head against his chest, and this time his heart beat was calm.

You both started moving to the beat of the song again, wanting to preserve the moment. Dean rested his chin on your head once again as he wrapped his arms around you. He finally had you, and he never wanted to let you go again.

I fooled around, fell in love
I fell in love, I fell in love, yes I did

Imagine Chris explaining how he found out you were placed on Team Iron Man.

You and Chris sat in the interview room, waiting for the next interviewer to enter. You were still giggling at how immature Chris had been when Sasha, the previous interviewer, mentioned that you were on Team Iron Man. He didn’t really care, of course, it was all part of the act to promote the movie. The whole reason they put you on Team Iron Man was because you were Chris’ wife; that little conflict of interest was creating a buzz with the media and the fans that promoted the movie in ways no one had imagined.

“You look so beautiful today, sweetheart,” Chris complimented.

“Thank you, honey.” You smiled. “You’re looking very dapper yourself.”

The door clicked open and the next interviewer came in, introducing himself as Max. You both shook hands with him then he sat down and the camera started rolling as he began congratulating the both of you on the success of the movie, as well as your second anniversary, and asking his questions. It didn’t take long for him to bring up the fact that you were on Team Iron Man, like you’d said- it was all people were talking about.

“So I’ve heard that Chris is still sore about you being on Team Iron Man,” Max started. You both chuckled when you heard Chris groan. “Does that make things difficult for you guys at home? Is there a Mr. and Mrs. Smith situation going on? Does your husband hold grudges?”

“You have no idea,” you chuckled, glancing at Chris who was trying hard not to laugh because he knew what you were about to say next. “When he found out I was on Team Iron Man, he actually scolded me for-” You started to tell the story but he cut you off before you could finish.

“She’s telling that story way out of context,” Chris held up a finger at you and you chuckled. “You have to know how I found out first to understand why I was upset with her.” He didn’t actually get upset, that was all part of the bid, but they didn’t need to know that. “So- I was having lunch with RDJ and Kevin Feigi when RDJ’s phone rang.” Chris used his hand to make a phone gesture and placed it to his ear, “he picked up, said nothing, then all of a sudden he looks to me with his eyes lit up and fist pumped.” He acted it out as he explained. “Of course, Kevin already knew so he was sitting there laughing softly to himself whereas I’m just completely clueless, wondering what they were both smirking about.”

“When did Robert tell you the news?”

“Immediately after his little cheer and fist pump,” Chris chuckled. “And he didn’t just tell me the news, he freakin’ rubbed it in my face. He was all like- ‘haha, Y/N is on Team Iron Man’, ‘your wife is on Team Iron Man’, 'what are you going to do, man?’ Etcetera, etcetera.”

“He was not happy with me when he got home,” you giggled. “He walked in and slammed the door behind him, tossing a Captain America shirt at me. I think he said, 'it’s Captain America or nothing.’ I was laughing so hard I couldn’t stop to remind him that it wasn’t my choice, it was Marvel’s.”

“You know what the worst part of it was?” Chris added, “the entire time we were filming Civil War, she like- ditched me every time RDJ came along because she was on his team. I think one lunch, she told me she couldn’t make it because she was going over to his trailer city.”

“Like you’d pass up an invitation to his trailer for lunch,” you countered, laughing. “He has ditched me before too,” you defended your actions and Max laughed. “Literally, when it comes to going to lunch at RDJ’s- there is no friends or family clause, it’s just- every man for himself.”

“That’s true,” Chris nodded, laughing. “Mackie was so mad when Sebastian got invited and he didn’t, that was like-” he choked on his laughter, grabbing his left breast. “The best day ever 'cause I remember Mackie coming over to me complaining but I was going too.”

“Getting an invitation from RDJ is honestly the best thing ever, he has amazing food on his trailer. I think that’s the best part about being on Team Iron Man though, 'cause we’re always in scenes together and he always has food on him.” You told Max and heard Chris groan. “But then again,” you placed your hand on Chris’ knee and squeezed it gently, “it’s also great to be married to Captain America because he helps me work all that food off.”

“That’s all I’m good for, huh?” Chris teased, taking your hand in his.

“Well, you’re good for other things too but they’re filming this interview,” you responded with a smirk and Chris and Max laughed. “I can just see that becoming a gif and trending on Tumblr,” you giggled as you turned to the camera. “Can we cut that out, please?”

“That’s not going to happen,” Max chuckled with a shake of his head. “This interview is gold.”

“Yeah, and now it’s on the record that I’m good for other things too.” Chris winked and you laughed.

Awkward Anime Episode 5: Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro)

I only used this one Gif for this movie today. Why? Because for me this Gif sums up everything great about the film.

Love it. Seriously, what is there to say about this movie? There is really no need to analyse this movie. It’s not supposed to be this huge cinematic adventure that the rest of the world has portrayed it as. Hayao Miyazaki’s words:

“Slay the villain,everybody’s happy. I can’t make those kind of films”

This movie is sensational. The idea of a simple innocent children movie with no antagonist in the 1980’s movie industry - not only in Japan but around the world - was simply unheard of. Miyazaki stated himself that as a young animator/director he had a very difficult time convincing the hierarchy to give the green light on a simple animation. As a matter of fact, Hayao Miyazaki first drew up the concept of Totoro as a children’s book. It took 15 years to turn his idea into a full animated feature!

Curiosity. That is how I would describe this and numerous other Ghibli works with one word. Curiosity. Miyazaki loves creating “normal” characters that don’t stand out much, UNTIL that spark happens. In My Neighbor Totoro, the inspiration for the “monster in the forest” came from Miyazaki spending time at a “big old house, alone, on top of a cliff by the sea, and I would be in one room but it felt like there were other people living in the other rooms.” As children, even when we’re alone at any age in a house, we all feel it, right? Any little sound makes us believe someone is there, or something. Miyazaki finds that presence wonderfully interesting: “When I would go out for a walk, I thought they would be lonely, so I turned on my radio to entertain them while I’m out!”

I honestly am having a hard time trying to figure out what to say here. Just go out, buy the DVD, relax on the couch and watch it. Parents, watch it with your kids. It is a relaxing, art orientated movie. That curiosity of the girls chasing their imaginative minds into the forest. Totoro is the cutest mf ever, though that smile does still creep me out a little!

The art in this movie is phenomenal. Nothing over the top. Just girls running through different parts of the countryside. The rain dropping on to the ground, the wind whispering then shouting, swaying the fields back and forth. Simply beautiful. I also want to praise the animators on the angles and the detail of the children’s emotions. The emotions of Mei especially, stood out a lot to me. The animators did a fantastic job, like always! I would love to sit back and watch the people at Studio Ghibli or Chizu just draw out a background for a scene. Have you ever wondered how long it takes? It must take a while!

Favourite Scene? Like many people, my favourite scene in this movie is the sisters waiting for their Dad at the bus stop and they look up to see that Totoro is next to them. The sound effects of the rain, the silence. No music, just rain dropping on to the ground, that always gives me goosebumps, relaxes me in a way.

“Back then, a story without a hero or a girl with superpowers and the ordinary Japanese scenery as a backdrop was not considered entertaining enough”

My Neighbor Totoro. Sit back, relax and adore. The art, the background, and of course adore the stamina of the girls! Like WOW! :D

10/10. A Simplistic Relaxing Adventure.

Until Next time, remember to eat those tiny trees…

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A/N: This was requested by @hellkaiserinphoenix hopefully you enjoy. I worked really hard on this.

Request: cassian candor imagine using the sentence prompts but it starts off with the reader is jealous of jyn and cassian spending time together since readaer and cassian are in a secret relationship and everyone thinks cassian and jyn together making the reader upset causing reader to ask mon mothma for a mission and leaves without telling cassian who was with jyn and the ones who notice that reader is upset are k2, baze, chirrut. when the mission goes wrong mon mothma sends cassian, k2, and hyn to help and reader is being stubborn and tells cassian why they left before going unconscious and when they wake up in the medbay cassian proposes to them and just fluff

Prompt #s: 4, 5, 7, 11,  13, 14, 16, 17, 221, 25, 28, 29, 35, 36, 37, 44, 45, 46, 48, 50, 51, 52, 58, 69, 71, 77, 78, 80, 82, 89, 95, 96, 97, 98


(Y/n) (L/n) and Cassian Andor had been secretly dating for years before Jyn Erso got to the base. Cassian never noticed that (Y/n) was upset that he was spending more time with Jyn, and not them. (Y/n) became angry every time they saw Jyn and Cassian together.

At first they were okay with Cassian being around Jyn because he had to. However after a while (Y/n) was upset, and just wanted to get away from the sight, so they went to Mon Mothma asking for a mission to go on.

Lucky enough Mon Mothma gave them a mission, and (Y/n) remembers telling Mon Mothma, “No one can know, and definitely Cassian can’t.” (Y/n) was now heading to a U-Wing, but they were stopped. Chirrut Imwe stood in front of them.

“I sense a disturbance within you. Is everything alright?” He questioned (Y/n).

As they were about to answer Chirrut’s question, Baze Malbus walked over and asked, “Are you okay?”

“Guys, I’m fine. I’m going on a mission I need to leave,” (Y/n) answered.  

The two weren’t completely convinced, but they let (Y/n) continue to the U-Wing. (Y/n) got into the vehicle, and sat in the pilot’s seat, and got off of Yavin 4 as quickly as they could make the ship go. (Y/n)’s mission wasn’t that hard, and wouldn’t take a whole lot of time. All they had to do was to just see what the Empire was up to. Nothing too dangerous; unless they got caught.

(Y/n) landed the U-Wing far from where the Empire could see it. They grabbed their bag that had everything they may need. (Y/n) headed towards the town the Empire had control of. They had been spying on the Empire’s stormtroopers for hours until one of the townspeople decided it would be a great idea to start a fight with a stormtrooper.

“Dammit, what have you done?” (Y/n) murmured, and sneaked towards the fight.

They needed to get there before the one trooper became more stormtroopers. As (Y/n) was close enough to the stormtrooper to shoot him; it became too late. More stormtroopers joined, but just as many civilians fought.

Blasters fired, and the one fight became a battle, a war zone. (Y/n) jumped in and shot as many troopers as she could, but they were shot in the side. (Y/n) didn’t stop though; no they continued, firing the blaster in their hand at as many stormtroopers as they could.

(Y/n) moved quickly behind a building, and spoke into the radio in their hand.

“Is anyone there?” (Y/n) choked out.

“(Y/n)? Is everything alright?” someone they didn’t recognize asked.

“No. Someone needs to come and help. The civilians started a battle with the Empire’s troopers. I was shot.”

“Alright, Captain Andor, Kaytoo, and Jyn Erso are heading out to help.”

(Y/n) didn’t have enough strength to argue, and just let it be. At least they would be saved.


Cassian, Kaytoo, and Jyn boarded onto Cassian’s U-Wing, and got off of Yavin 4 just as fast as (Y/n) had.

“The probability of (Y/n) being alive isn’t very high,” Kaytoo announced.

“Kay,” Cassian became annoyed.

“Yes, Cassian.”

“Shut up!” Cassian ordered angrily.


The three made it to (Y/n) just in time. Kaytoo stayed back, and Jyn fought with the civilians firing at the stormtroopers. Cassian kneeled by (Y/n), and whispered, “What happened here?”

“There’s so much blood,” (Y/n) coughed.

“Just hold on, you’ll be alright,” Cassian moved to pick (Y/n) up, but they pushed him away.

“Don’t help me,” (Y/n) sneered.

“(Y/n), what’s wrong? This isn’t like you,” Cassian was more worried than before.

“Cassian, you know what you did stop denying it.” (Y/n) shouted quietly before coughing some more.

“I don’t know what I did, mind telling me.”


“What about her?” Cassian questioned.

“The two of you have been getting quite cozy.”

Cassian laughed.

“Why are you laughing? It’s not funny.” (Y/n) became angry, but they loved his laugh it was kinda hard to be angry.

“Jyn, oh God no. (Y/n), I love you and only you. I’ve had to work with her a lot lately; I’m sorry.” Cassian told them.

(Y/n) felt so stupid. Of course Cassian loved them; they were just being really difficult, and that got them shot.

Jyn came running around the corner, shouting, “We need to go. This place is about to blow.”

“This wasn’t supposed to happen,” Cassian added while picking (Y/n) up bridal style.

“How did we get in this mess?” Kaytoo groaned as Jyn, Cassian, and (Y/n) entered the U-Wing.

“That’s right, because of them,” Kaytoo continued, and looked over at (Y/n).

(Y/n) gave him a naughty gesture; before shrieking because of the pain in their side.

“Jyn help Kaytoo getting out of here,” Cassian ordered before looking back to (Y/n) who was now laying on the floor.

“Just breathe. Everything will be okay,” He croaked out.

Cassian sat near (Y/n), and held onto their hand as their eyes closed.


Cassian had planned to have proposed to (Y/n) that night, but instead he watched them rest in the medbay. As he sat there he planned he’d still propose, but he didn’t know when. He was almost asleep when there was a knock on the door, and Jyn walked in.

“They’re not awake yet?” Jyn asked.

Cassian just shook his head, no.

Jyn knew that Cassian was going to propose, heck she helped pick the ring. She sat in a chair across the room, and replied, “I’m sorry.”

“So am I. (Y/n) doesn’t deserve this. I just want them to wake up, so I can be happy with them forever.” Cassian hadn’t noticed that (Y/n) was awake, and had heard all of that.

Once Cassian noticed he ran to their side, and engulfed them in a hug.

“(Y/n), can I ask you a question?” Cassian whispered.

(Y/n) nodded.

“Will you-” Cassian was interrupted by the door shutting.

“Who was that, and what are you hiding?” (Y/n) croaked.

“Jyn, and just let me finish.” Cassian answered.

(Y/n) mouthed ‘oh, okay’, and Cassian continued.

“Will you marry me?” Cassian proposed, and went down on one knee.

“What did you say?” They gasped.

“Will you marry me?” He asked again grinning.

(Y/n) smiled and replied, “Yes. Of course.”

Cassian slipped the ring onto their finger.

Both smiling ear to ear; Cassian got up, and kissed them. The kiss was different to the others the two shared. It was full of passion, and undying love.

Once the two pulled away from each other, Cassian began a speeech.

“(Y/n), I love you, and I never wanted to hurt you. You’re my one and only. I will never leave you, because I can’t. I will always protect you. I’ll never leave your side (Y/n), and don’t you forget that I love you.”

“I love you, too. You are also my one and only, and I have no plans on leaving you. I love you so much, Cassian.”

“This is the happiest moment of my life,” Cassian sighed happily.


A week passed, and (Y/n) was back to being healthy, but needed to stay away from too risky missions. Cassian was there by their side, and the two went back to Cassian’s room.

“It’s just you and me tonight. We can do whatever we want.” Cassian offered.

“Let’s just stay in, and you look lovely today, Cassian, but when was the last time you slept?” (Y/n) asked their fiance.

“Thanks, and you look beautiful no matter what.” Cassian replied.

“You didn’t answer my question,” (Y/n) cocked an eyebrow in his direction.

“I don’t know, maybe last week,” Cassian uttered.

“Cassian! You need to sleep,” (Y/n)

“I wanted to-” Cassian began to whine, but was interrupted by (Y/n).

“I don’t really care what you wanted to do. Change of plans we’re both going to sleep, and besides you’re cute when you’re sleeping.” (Y/n) declared.

“Fine, but let me change. I’ll let you borrow some of my clothes, so you don’t have to go to your room.” Cassian agreed.


Cassian changed into more comfortable clothing, and threw a t-shirt, and shorts at (Y/n). The t-shirt was his, but the shorts had been left in his room by (Y/n) from another visit. (Y/n) went into the bathroom, but struggled with taking off their clothes because of their wound.

“Cassian,” They shouted from the bathroom.

“Yes?” He asked from the other side of the door.

“Can you come in?”

“Uh. Yeah,” Cassian opened the door, and found (Y/n) struggling to get their shirt over their head.

“You’re hurt, let me help,” Cassian chuckled while helping them change.

Kaytoo walked into the scene, and stood shocked.

“This isn’t the time or place for me to be here. I assume.” He stated in his robotic voice.

“Kaytoo get out!” Cassian shouted at the robot while hurrying to put his shirt on (Y/n).

Kaytoo hurried out of the room, and shut the door mumbling something the two couldn’t hear.

“Honestly (Y/n), my clothes look great on you.” Cassian spoke into their neck.

They smiled at each other while getting into Cassian’s bed. The two held each other before (Y/n) whispered into Cassian’s chest, “What did I do to get you.”

“I have no idea, but I do know that I’m never letting go.” He sighed into the top of their head.

Cassian continued, “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“Forever?” He questioned them.