you have no idea about how much i miss you

The signs as letters between Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West
  • Aries: "Do you really love me? Much? Passionately not reasonably?"
  • Taurus: "But I do adore you — every part of you from heel to hair. Never will you shake me off, try as you may."
  • Gemini: "I always have such need to merely talk to you. Even when I have nothing to talk about — with you I just seem to go right ahead and sort of invent it."
  • Cancer: "I wish I didn’t love you so much. No I don’t though; that’s not true. I am glad I do. I don’t know what to say to you except that it tore the heart out of my body saying goodbye to you."
  • Leo: "Yes, I am glad you miss me, even if it is ‘damned unpleasant.'"
  • Virgo: "You have no idea how stand-offish I can be with people I don’t love. I have brought it to a fine art. But you have broken down my defenses. And I really don’t resent it."
  • Libra: "The flowers have come and are adorable, dusky, tortured, passionate like you—"
  • Scorpio: "I wish you could live in my brain for a week. It is washed with the most violent waves of emotion."
  • Sagittarius: "You may have discovered entire new countries in your own soul."
  • Capricorn: "I find I get more and more disagreeably solitary; In fact I foresee the day when I shall have gone too far into myself that there will no longer be anything to be seen of me at all. Will you, please, remember to pull away the coverings from time to time?"
  • Aquarius: "I like the unreality of your mind; the whole thing is very splendid and voluptuous and absurd."
  • Pisces: "I suppose it is good for the soul to be hurt and perplexed perpetually. I know at least that I miss you damnably: that is a good fixed star."
Friends With Benfits

Pairing: Stuart x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Warnings: holy lord, a lot of sin.

Words: 3627

Author’s Note: This is the first smut I’ve written that’s actually one of Dyl’s characters, and I love Stuart so I picked him. I got the idea from my best bb Caitlin. Thanks to @dumbass-stilinski for reading it over, proofreading, and lurking around when I was writing it last night. Hope you all enjoy!

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I’ve known Stuart for literally most of my life and ever since he’s left for college we haven’t had the chance to meet up and see each other. A lot of people don’t really know this, but Stuart was ultimately the one who took my virginity. A few days after that night, we couldn’t stand being away from each other, and managed to find our way into his bed again. That night, he made me cum so many times that I lost count. They way his hands, lips, and tongue felt on my warm skin it easily became addictive, especially that wonderful cock of his. For not having sex that many times he really knows what he’s doing and I’m loving it, so much that he’s ruined it for other guys. After so many times that we had fucked we decided to become friends with benefits, none of us declared the whole “no strings attached” rule, because I’ve honestly had a crush on him since we were kids, I just don’t know how he feels about me. It’s been about four or five months since me and Stuart have fucked and I’m going through major withdrawals.

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Hello!! <3 Love your headcanons!! So could you do for rfa reacting MC drunk and not recognizing them? Like him trying to kiss her as always, but she walks away saying that she has a boyfriend and loves him? Lol Something like that..?? I think it would be cute and funny. haha >w< (Sorry for my bad english)

Your english isn’t bad, love. (who am I to judge, anyways?) 

Here it is! Hope you enjoy it! ^^

RFA with a drunk MC who can’t recognize them


  • You told him you were gonna be at this club and he should join you after work
  • So crowded! It would take so long to find you… oh, not really, there you are! You look so sexy dancing like no one is watching
  • But the thing is a lot of people, guys mostly, are watching. OH HELL NO!
  • “Hey, babe! I missed you!” he comes behind you holding your waist gently, and feels legitimately hurt when you pull away and nod negatively.
  • “Nah nah ni nah no, buddy! Not happening!” and you just… walk away! Why? IS he that late? He goes after you, noticing how much you’re bumping into other people…
  • “B-Babe? I’m sorry, I…” “I won’t say it twice, dude! I’m taken and you’ll back away if you know what’s good for you!” what? You’re not recognizing him? Maybe it’s the lights or the loud music?
  • Oh no, it’s not! He watches as you go the bar and look around squinting your eyes and frowning your nose, it’s so cuuuuttte! Also, it’s a very familiar sign that you’re very drunk, he knows that by now.
  • “Oh no… not you again!” “Hey, calm down! I’m… I won’t make any move, I’m just worried about you! Are you ok?” “I’m g-reat! Just waiting for MY REALLY STRONG, HOT AND FAMOUS BOYFRIEND THAT I LOOOVVVEE!” oh god… is it bad he thinks this is too charming?
  • “Oh… tell me more about him, then.” He manages to get close enough so nobody will try to approach you. “I’ll show you!” you pick your phone and scroll through all the pictures you’ve taken together.
  • “This is him during one of his musicals! This is him on his bike! This is him on piggy tails I did when he was sleeping! Isn’t he adorable?” he gags a little “Oh… I think… I think this wouldn’t be good for my… for HIS image, don’t you think?” “Nhaaa, this is just for fun! I won’t even show him! I care a lot about his image too, since I’mma be his manager one day, just you wait! “Oh,is that so?”
  • He convinces you to text your boyfriend, so he could answer he would be waiting you outside so you could take a cab. He doesn’t even mind your text makes no sense!
  •  “ZeeeNnNY! I missed you so much, you… should be proud of me! I acted all scary and made this guy back away! Are you proud, Zenny? Are you proud?” you shake him as you hug him when you go to him outside. “You have no idea how much, my princess.” He hugs you back
  • He hopes your hangover is not that bad tomorrow, as he really has some business matters to go over with you…


  • Although he’s the college student, you’re the one having the time of your life at this frat party.
  • He wasn’t that comfortable at first, but seeing you having so much fun made him loose it up a little
  • He’s wondering if the guys feel jealous when they see this goddess moving her hips so seductively and stopping all of a sudden to give him a little peck on the lips and a ‘boop’ to his nose…
  • But it’s been a while you’re not doing this anymore, you’re not even looking at him… you’re looking all around the place, except for him.
  • So he goes to you and touches your shoulder: “Are you okay, honey?” you look at him from head to toes and… turn your back on him. What?
  • “H-Honey! Did I do something wrong?” “Yeah, dude, you’re making a move on a girl who have a boyfriend!” “Well, yes… I’m the boyfriend!”
  • “Yeah, you wish, but sorry… it ain’t happening!” You scoff. He’s so shocked! Are you breaking up with him like this?
  • Oh, wait! He’d  seen your eyes like this before, you’re… drunk! Very drunk! Yes, your half-lidded tipsy eyes…  and you still manage to be beautiful…
  • “Hey, so uhm… are you Yoosung Kim’s girlfriend, by any chance?” “Yeah, why do you ask?” “Nothing, I recognized you from all the photos of you he shows, it’s… it’s nice to meet you in person! He talks a lot about you!” he tries to be friendly so you don’t run away.
  • “Pffffff, he showed photos of me? So embarrassiIIiiIng! I’ll tell him to stahp when I see him!” “Oh… Please don’t get mad! It’s just… just… he thinks you’re the most beautiful lady in the world, he… really really loves you… at least that’s what I heard from him.”
  • “Ahhhh, I can’t be mad at him!” you sigh dramatically. “He’s sOoOOOOOo amazing! And cool… and his hair is so badass, and we’re here just because I dragged him… and those cheeks nnnnnng” What about his cheeks? “I’ve gotta find my man!”
  •  “I.. I… s-saw him outside, next to the door, y-yes! Over there!” he needs to run before you get there, but he’s so flustered… well, that can wait!
  • “Yoosungiiiie! I’ve been looking all around for you!” you jump on him, wrapping your arms around his neck. “I’m sooooo sorry for dragging you here, next time we’ll stay at home and play LOLOL, pinky promise!” you tangle your pinky at his, seriously… how can you be so adorable? “Nah, I’m… I’m really having fun, MC!”
  • You two go home by foot and you keep snuggling at his arm the whole way. “Hey, MC?” “Hmmm?” “Do you… do you like my cheeks?” “Yep, especially on those jeans.”
  • It takes a while for him to get it, but when he does… he’s dead! Why would you talk about his butt to a stranger? I mean… it was him, but you didn’t know, yet it was him… should he get mad? Or embarrassed? Or…? Or…? ERROR


  • She meets you at the bar you two usually go together.
  • It isn’t that crowded but it is a little noisy, she’ll have to talk loud to get your attention.
  • “Hey, MC!” she greets. You look around frightened and look back to your drink… weird!
  • “MC?” she gets closer and touches your arm softly. “How… how do you know my name?” What? She looks at you, puzzled. “Anyway, I’m waiting for my girlfriend, don’t waste your time, lady!”
  • “Hum… MC, I’m…” “Stop stalking me, seriously, my girlfriend warned me about your type!” she’s still confused, but your face looks so funny, you are trying to look mad, but you can’t frown your eyebrows without blinking… so cute!
  • And by that she gets what’s  going on, that and the three martini glasses next to you…
  • “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you, I was just curious… where did you buy that dress?” “My girlfriend got me, it’s her favorite color in the whole wide worrlllld!” “I see…” she wants to laugh so much.
  • “Well, she must have a good taste!” “Yep, she used to walk around only on a dull suit because of her asshole former boss! He’s my friend, so I’m allowed to tell him he’s an asshole… actually, I… I should tell him right now!” you pick your phone.
  • “I… I don’t think that’s a good idea, miss…” “Shhh, he needs to know he can’t be an asshole to my cookie! She’s  a-ma-ZING!!! That potato needs to know that!” Cookie? Potato? You’re killing her with your drunk cuteness, but she can’t let you do something stupid!
  • “I… I’m sure your girlfriend already knows how amazing you think she is, you don’t really need to… tell other people!” “Ugh, that’s right! Why she doesn’t let everybody know how great she is? I shoudn’t be the only one to see it, y’ know? I’m… I’m a potato just like Jumin Han… I already told him that twice this week!” Forget that you’ve been drinking twice this week and calling Jumin to cuss him, what matters now is… YOU’RE POUTING! Oh my god, so adorable…
  • She can’t keep up with this anymore, she needs you to recognize her right now! So she walks away and calls you, telling she’s waiting for you outside to come home.
  • “Yay, Baehee is here!” you run to her and give her a sweet peck on the lips, she grabs your hand and leads you to the cab.
  • “So… MC, have you been talking to Jumin lately?” “Wh-Who? Me? Noooo, noe, maam’!” you are a terrible liar when you’re sober, just imagine when you’re drunk. She’ll make you apologize for being such a potato, but that can wait…



  • “Jumyinh, I amm at this gui haus, but he is coooooooooooolll, don’t worry!” he tries to decode your text. Why are you texting him when you are under the same roof?
  • “Where are you, MC?” “@ his bathroom, it’s bigr than my house” what kind of joke is that? You were drinking wine with him a couple of minutes ago and excused yourself to go to the bathroom…
  • “look @ this soap! So funny!” you send him a blurred picture, oh… so that’s how it feels to get one of these! He gets it now!
  • He goes to the bathroom and knocks at the door. “I’m not opening! My boyfriend won’t like it!” and then his phone buzzes. “looks I been caught” and you send a selfie, it’s not blurred and he can see the huge blush on your cheeks, oh… you’re so drunk right now, aren’t you?
  • You call him, he answers a little reluctantly. “Yes, kitten?” you giggle “Jumin, this guy called me kitten too, but don’t worry! I told him to back off!”
  • “What could you possibly be talking about, MC?” “I don’t remember coming to this party, so I won’t let the bathroom until you come to pick me up! You… you can track me by… GP and S, right?” not even him believe he’s really laughing at this. “Yes, I’ll come to you, my love, just wait!”
  • He knocks at the door. “Are you okay… miss?” “Bro, I already told you! I have a boyfriend and we gonna marry soon!” “Oh, I see… did he propose to you?” “Not yet, but I found the ring on his closet!” uh oh… surprise ruined for both of you. “But I’ll look very surprised, cause I know the proposal is going to be suuuper special, like on a colorful hot air balloon or something like this…”
  • He opens the bathroom door and almost falls due to the way you jump at him, wrapping your legs around his waist. “I missed you so much! Is the party over?” “Yes, it is. Shall we go home so you can rest, my angel? Tomorrow will be a very busy day…” “Really? Why?” “Just wait and see.”
  • As soon as you doze off, he calls Jaehee telling there will be a change of plans, he needs to rent a hot air balloon asap!


  • “Oh my God, Saeran! Don’t you have any respect for your brother’s girlfriend?”you got out for a couple of drinks with your friends and got back swearing the one standing in front of you is your brother-in-law, not your boyfriend!
  • “MC, it’s me! Look at my glasses!” “No! You two are not pulling this prank on me again! It didn’t work last time and it won’t work again now!” when you’re sober, you can tell who is who very easily, even when they change their outfits. But right now…
  • “MC, Saeran is sleeping right now!” “Well, MC thinks talking in the 3rd person is ridiculous!” Oh lord… shouldn’t he be recording this?
  • “Please, come with me, I’ll help you take a shower and put you to bed…” “Saeran! Would you really do that with your brother? No… no… you’re so nice, and he’s so nice! He doesn’t deserve this!” you look so shocked and disappointed, he’s feeling bad for you as if this was true.
  • “Saeyoung loves us both very much, Saeran. We can’t hurt him, NEVER! He deserves only happiness from now on! Seriously, I… I was going to say yes to moving in together,  but I won’t do it if this is how you’re gonna act around me!” wait! Are you serious?
  • “Oh… so you actually considered it?” “Yes… but I can’t do this if you keep hitting on me!” okay, joke’s over!
  • “I’m sorry, MC. Saeyoung told me if I acted like this, you would buy it, that idiot! But it’s impossible to trick you! I’ll… I’ll call him back, okay?” you sigh in relief, and it’s so cute!
  • He goes to the hallway yelling to Saeyoung to come out, turns around and goes back to you with a big smile, you smile back and open your arms, waiting for a hug. “Stop doing these silly pranks, what if one day I really mistake you two?” you ask over his shoulder
  • “Yes, I should start being more mature if you’re going to move in with us.” “I haven’t said ‘yes’ yet, Saeyoung!”
  • But you said yes during the shower you shared the next morning

Throwback Thursday styling tips! Since I wasn’t feeling well and missed the chance to upload this week’s Wednesday Wig Hack, a friend of mine suggested that it would be a cool idea to talk about some wigs I have styled in the past.
I have gotten questions about how to style “wavy spikes” like I did for my Dio (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) wig so here is a little demo. You can also use this technique for characters like Nagito Komaeda (Dangan Ronpa), or Lancer / Diarmuid (Fate/Zero). :)

- First, you want to make your spike. Follow countless of spiking tutorials online for this step. :P Don’t apply too much hair product though because we will use heat on it so it still needs to be sort of soft and flexible
- Use a flat iron, with the medium heat setting (I used 380 F for this), grab the spike where you want the wave to start. Bend you wrist so that the spike point downwards. Keep in mind, for this kind of wavy spikes, the pattern of wave will be down>up>down
- Let go of the flat iron after a few seconds and immediately use your fingers to catch the spike to hold its shape until it cools down. (Use gloves if you’re sensitive to heat. My hands can’t feel a thing because I’m used to heat tools)
- Go at it with the flat iron again! Grab the spike a good distance from the first wave, around 1 inch and a half for me. Then flip your wrist so that the spike points upwards
- After a few seconds, let go of the flat iron and catch the spike with your hand again. If you want extreme curve near the tip, you can push the spike in towards the wig. Once it cools down, it should hold the shape
- Now you can go in and “puff” up the spike by squeezing the sides. I use Got2B spiking glue on my fingers to lightly coat the spike throughout
- Touch up the tip by adding another wave with the same steps as before. Use Got2B spray to seal the style. And you’re done! (Just kidding you have to do like 30 other spikes. Good luck 👌👌 )

Base wig used for tutorial: Malinda in pale blonde from Arda Wigs
Base wig used for Dio: Magnum Long in light blonde from Arda Wigs

Asylum (Part 3)

Yes, I, Mod Loo, have created a part three. I’m sorry, I just love this AU so much, and I couldn’t resist. I hope you enjoy it!


The four doctors stood outside of the building, talking like they normally did. Nogla had gotten used to the asylum at this point and was in the same boat as the other three.

“Man, Squeaker will not leave me alone about gummy worms. He’s got like an addiction to them,” Nogla complained, fixing his glasses.

“It’s not as bad as Delirious. Still going on about me letting him out. And every once in a while he’ll slip a little extra in there, making it more and more uncomfortable,” Evan sighed, running a hand through his hair.

“Eh, you’ll get used to it. You just gotta keep pushing them back,” Tyler said.

“And hope that they get better. Ohm’s gotten much better,” Bryce said happily.

“We know. You wear the bunny ears he made for you everyday,” Evan replied, rolling his eyes.

“What? I think they’re cute.”

Everyone rolled their eyes and talked some more.

“Hey fellas, did ya miss me?” Everyone turned to see another doctor standing there with a smirk plastered on his face. Immediately everyone’s eyes widened.

“Brian!” Bryce exclaimed, going up to him for a hug.

“Hey man, you actually survived. We thought you were dead, you know,” Evan joked, giving Brian a pat on the back once Bryce let go of him.

“So you’re back from Ireland, huh? Well, you should’ve stayed, since we got a replacement,” Tyler grinned.

“Oh, really now? And who is this replacement?”

Tyler motioned towards Nogla, who had a blank expression on his face. “Uh, hi, I’m Nogla,” he said awkwardly. Brian broke out into a grin.

“Another Irish man? Thank god, it was getting lonely eating all of the potatoes by myself,” he joked. Nogla started to laugh, and everyone caught up with him.

“By the way, while you were gone, your patient was a pain in the ass,” Tyler said. Brian gave him a confused look.

“My patient? Are you sure you’ve got the right one? Cause my patient is an angel.” Tyler scoffed.

“He maybe an angel to you, but he’s really a sadistic fuck. Your patient’s fucking insane.” Brian was even more confused.

“Are you sure you’re talking about Moo? My Moo?”

“Uh, yeah. Who else?”

“You’re full of shit, Tyler. My Moo isn’t like that. I think Mini’s getting to your head.”

“Excuse me?”

“Guys, guys, let’s not argue, alright? Let’s just be glad that Brian is back, okay?” Bryce said, interrupting the two. Evan nodded.

“Yeah. So Brian, how many potatoes did you eat while you were gone?”

“I ate all of the potatoes!” He said with a laugh, causing everyone else to laugh.


Brian sped walked to his patients room with excitement. Moo was his favorite patient, and he had missed him. He quietly opened the door and shut it behind him, the grin still on his face. “Moo?”

Moo sat up from his bed quickly, turning around with a surprised look on his face before he smiled widely. “Brian!” He giggled. Brian’s smile widened as he sat next to Moo.

“I’m finally back from Ireland! How were you while I was gone?”

“Oh, it was terrible. I missed you so much, you know. I just couldn’t wait for you to come back,” Moo said with a sad look on his face.

“Well, I’m here now. Also, Tyler said that you gave him some trouble. Do you have any idea what that’s about?” Moo shook his head, a confused look settling on his face.

“No. I was being a good patient, I swear.”

“Don’t worry, I believe you. Now, I’ve got to go to check up on some others, but I’ll be back, okay?” Moo smiled sweetly at him, nodding. Brian smiled sweetly at him before getting up and leaving. Right after the door closed, Moo grinned and started to laugh manically.


“I swear to you Moo isn’t all that innocent,” Tyler argued.

“Well, I swear to you that he is. He said he had no idea why you said he wasn’t doing well,” Brian argued back.

“Can’t both of you just let this go? I want to enjoy Brian’s Terminator voice, not listen to him argue for a solid hour,” Evan finally groaned, looking at the two. The two stopped before sighing and finally agreeing to drop it.

“Thank you,” Evan said with a sigh of relief.

“This isn’t over, piggy!” Brian yelled in his Terminator voice, causing everyone to laugh.

“Oh man, that’s actually pretty good,” Nogla admitted with a laugh.

“Exactly. He’s the best of the best at impressions,” Bryce said.

“You’re damn right I am!” Brian exclaimed, earning more laughs from the group.

Unknown Parts (Gaston)- Part Four

Pairing: Gaston x OC

Warnings: I’m so cheesy and romantic, help.

A/N: Here it is! Thanks for waiting so patiently <3 This will be the last part, but feel free to make requests. My inbox is open! This is totally how I feel Gaston would’ve turned out if given the chance to really love someone and have them love him in return. i think he just needed the right person to bring out his sweetness. 


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Days passed.

The world in the village around me stayed the same. The people went about their routines the same as always. Yet it was like I was seeing it all in a new light. Like a forgotten painting, hidden away in a dusty attic, suddenly pulled back out and hung on the wall. I remembered what it felt like to feel, for possibly the first time since my parents had passed away those years ago. And it had everything to do with an arrogant, but charming man. A man who was brash, but warm-hearted. A man who had existed right in front of my eyes for years but had never really known until now.

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Apart Too Long [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: Sorry it’s taking my figure skating fic longer than expected. I’m trying to do some research so my terminology and everything is accurate. So here’s some more Jaybird for you guys. Also I’m sitting in an airport and it kind of inspired this lol.

This is also in celebration of @memento-scribet ​ getting 700. I told her this would be her present so here’s your fluffy present Jo! Love you girlie I’m so happy for you!!

Key: [F/n] - First Name [R/m/n] - Roommate Name [Fd/n/1] - Friend Name 1 [Fd/n/2] - Friend Name 2


So right now, you’re super lost. You and a few of your college friends were flying in from the west coast. Your parents invited them to join you home because a large celebration they were throwing. Saying it’d be fun for you to have some of your friends present.

Not that you wouldn’t have anyone you knew there. Your boyfriend and his brothers would be there. A few of your friends from before college. Was your boyfriend mentioned yet? Of course Jason wouldn’t leave you to be stuck, bored at a socialite party on your own.

He was always there to save you, dressed as the Red Hood or otherwise. If only he were here now, you and your friends are lost out of your minds in this airport. Why you didn’t fly into the airport you know? Couldn’t tell ya.

“Okay so how did we get lost there are signs everywhere?” Your roommate pointed to the many signs placed to avoid the situation you were in.

Each of you shrugged, “We’re idiots?” looking at your friends. “Valid reasoning” your roommate chimed in again.

Continuing your adventure through the airport you finally came upon the baggage claim area you were looking for. Your luggage having been circling the belt for a good ten minutes.

Each grabbing your things. “So are your parents getting us?” [Fd/n/1] asked looking at her watch. Seeing you had taken a rather long while.

“Uh, yeah.” You looked at your phone. “We’re meeting them outside of terminal 1. Right now we’re near terminal 2, it shouldn’t take too long as long as we follow the signs this time” you laughed beginning to walk in the direction you were supposed to.

Not paying attention to your friends chatting behind you, but to the signs so you could get out of this godforsaken airport already. All you want is to get home, shower, and go out to dinner with Jason like he promised.

God, you can’t wait to see him. With that stupid smirk he always wears. How you missed that stupid smirk. It was hard being so far away from him for so long. Though getting into this college was your dream and he has duties to Gotham he has to uphold. It was a mutual agreement, and when you finish college you’ll be returning to Gotham to be with your vigilante.

“Whatcha thinking about [F/n]?” [Fd/n/2] asked coming up next to you. “Her smokin hot boyfriend probably” [R/m/n] commented behind you.

“Oh yeah, you’re the only one of us whose gotten to meet him. Jason’s his name right?” [Fd/n/1] asked curiosity peaking.

“That’s the one” Your roommate commented. Chuckling to yourself while looking for the car your parents said they were driving. Though while finding it you saw a familiar motorcycle parked behind it, with a familiar figure leaning against it.

“Oh my god” you smiled before running over to the sight. “JAYBIRD!” your yelling catching his attention, he smiled and stood up straight. Doing it in enough time to catch you when you jumped at him. “Hey beautiful” he commented, his voice making you smile wider as your face was buried in his shoulder and your legs wrapped around his waist.

Setting you down while simultaneously attacking your lips. “I missed you” he smiled against your mouth. Giggling you pulled away, his arms still wrapped around your waist. Resting his forehead to yours and nuzzling his nose to yours, making another giggle escape your throat.  

Escaping from him you greeted your mother and father, your siblings not being present. Getting into a conversation with them and Jason as your two friends stared at your tall, ruggedly handsome boyfriend. [R/m/n] laughing at their expressions.

“[F/n] you have some introductions don’t you” Your mother gestured to your friends. “Oh right sorry. You guys know my parents, but [Fd/n/1], [Fd/n/2] this is my boyfriend Jason. Jay this is [Fd/n/1], [Fd/n/2], and you remember [R/m/n]” introducing them all.

“Yes I do good to see you again. And it’s nice to meet the both of you” He smiled at them while wrapping an arm around your waist.

Though the chat was cut short when a traffic officer began to tell your parents they had to move their car. They nodded, your friends climbed into the SUV but you slipped away and joined Jason on his motorcycle.

“Did she just ditch us?” [Fd/n/1] laughed looking out the window. Your roommate chuckled, “Well they haven’t seen each other in months you can’t really blame them. We’re probably just going to rest anyways, so let them have some one on one time.” she shrugged and the others nodded. Your parents smiling, happy that you had such great and understanding friends.

Arms wrapped around Jason’s waist you snuggled into his back. Taking in the scent of his leather jacket. He smiled feeling your nose in his back and your arms around his waist. He loves you so much and he’s so happy to have you back for these couple weeks. Speeding up the motorcycle he felt your grip tighten and laugh bubbled from your throat.

You both ended up at the manor. Your siblings would still be in school now anyways, so might as well see the Waynes. When Jason brought you up to the door, Alfred was there to answer and pulled you in for a hug. The family loved you about as much as Jason.

Coming in the entire family was there to greet you. Asking questions about school and the beautiful weather on the west coast. It took too long to escape into Jason’s room where you could be alone.

Upon finally getting there, he immediately pulled you into another kiss. Feeling every bit of passion and love behind it, matching it when kissing him in return. “You have no idea how much I’ve missed you” he pulled you to lay on the bed next to him.

“I don’t know I think I have a pretty good idea because I missed you more probably” Grinning at him. Smirking he shifted so he was hovering over you, “I think that’s impossible” furrowing his brows at you.

“Oh yeah?” laughing while poking the crease between his eyebrows. “Yeah” he said leaning so he could kiss you again, this time lightly. “I.. Missed you.. More than.. Narcissus would.. Miss his mirror” he said kissing you between the words. Laughing at the Greek mythology reference.

“You’re such a nerd” you chuckled pushing his shoulder.

He shrugged, “But I’m your nerd” smirking before kissing you again. This time with even more passion and love than the priors. 


“Mmh…Tae….Yes….” You mumbled in your sleep. You weren’t aware of the fact that you were talking and that Taehyung had woken up and was listening to you. A wet dream is what it was called; these dreams filled your head often. You didn’t know whether it was the fact that your boyfriend was always traveling and busy with work, or if you were just very sexually deprived. But when he was home and you were able to spend some time with him, you were usually free of these dreams. Except tonight. 

He watched you with dark, lust-filled eyes. You were restless in bed, eyes shut as you unconsciously moaned his name. He could feel his pants becoming tighter at the sight. Everything was becoming more noticeable now; the way your nipples hardened under your shirt from the lack of covers on your top half, the way your hair was effortlessly pooled onto your pillow case, and the way your pretty little lips slightly opened to release the little whimpers of imagined pleasure. It was all too much, he was unbearably hard and he needed to do something about it….now. He slowly slid his hands under the waistband of his boxers, beginning to stoke himself at the sight of you. Even though he tried to be quiet, a grunt escaped his lips. Pre-cum was pooling at his tip, begging for attention. God, if he could only pound into your wet, tight hole right now. He firmly grasped his length, vigorously pumping up and down. His motions shook the bed, causing you to wake up. 

“Taehyung, what the hell-” You said, looking up at your boyfriend. He had sweat drops starting to form on his face, his cheeks were flushed and his dick was hard and red. He looked at you for a second, then he tackled you back down to the bed, kissing you hungrily. His tongue instantly invaded your mouth, you automatically let him dominate. His hands roamed all over your body, he pinched your nipple through your shirt with one hand and moved his other down to your throbbing core. He rubbed small circles into your clit at a painfully slow pace, earning a moan from you as you bucked your hips into his, begging for more. He removed his hands from your throbbing pussy and took your shirt off, your nipples hardening even more from contact with the cool air. He took one nipple in his mouth, swirling his warm tongue around the soft, sensitive nub. He took the other one in-between his index finger and thumb, twisting, pulling and pinching. He pulled you onto his lap, his erection more than obvious. You began grinding your hips on his, desperate for some kind of friction. His mouth let go of your breast and migrated to your neck. Covering it with hickies, he smacked your ass and pulled your hips closer to his. 

“Babygirl, lay down for me.” He said, laying you down on the bed. You watched him as he slowly kissed down your body, his plump lips finally arriving at your clothed core. He placed a small kiss on the mound before taking your panties in-between his teeth and slowly pulling them down. Once your last piece of clothing was off, he spread your legs, looking at you in all your glory. 

“Damn babygirl, what were you dreaming about that made you so damn wet?” He said, as he dragged a finger down your folds, covering it in your juices. He brought his long finger to his mouth and sucked it clean. You moaned at the sight.

“God, ____, you have no idea how much I missed the taste of you.” He said, bringing his head down to your core and licking a big stripe up your slit. You shuddered in pleasure, it had been so long since he ate you. He licked again, this time stopping at your clit to lick a few little circles into it.

“Oh god, Tae, give me more.” You begged as you fondled your breasts. He began licking your clit harder; he was sucking it, trying to get every last bit of you in his mouth. You moaned his name so loud, the neighbors would probably call and complain. Suddenly, he stuck his tongue in you, it explored your warm, wet cavern. You were soaking, he was so good at oral. He brought his thumb up to your clit and began rubbing the small bud rough and fast, you felt a familiar knot in your stomach.

“Tae! I’m-” You screamed as you came with his tongue inside you. He pulled away, licking your cum off of his swollen lips. Noticing the tent in his pants, you sat up and looked at him. Not breaking eye contact, you pulled down his boxers and set his throbbing member free. You took him in your hand and began to pump him. He threw his head back with a moan, his hand becoming tangled in your hair as he forced your head down onto his dick. You gladly took him in your mouth, licking the pre-cum off of his tip. You licked up and down his length, only focusing on bringing him pleasure. You began to suck, but he pulled your head off his cock. 

“Babygirl, I still need to fuck you.” He said, taking his hand out of your hair. You played back down on the bed and opened your legs. He wasted no time in sticking his big dick into your pussy, stretching you and filling you to your maximum capacity. Once he was in, he started to move. At first he ground into you at a slow place, making sure to go deep. But passion soon took over, he began to pound into you. His dick smoothly glided in and out of your tight hole, it was such an erotic sight. Then, he hit the spot.

“oH GOD TAE RIGHT THERE GIVE IT TO ME.” You screamed as he hit that spot again and again. As you felt your second orgasm approaching, you pulled him into a rough, sloppy kiss, he swallowed your moans as you came on his dick. Soon after, you felt his shaft twitch inside of you and release his hot seed into your pussy.

After the mess was all cleaned up, he pulled the covers over your weak, naked body and spooned you.

“So what did you dream about?” He asked, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“What we just did.” You said as you both drifted off into a peaceful sleep. 

I’m really sorry I got carried away okay this is only my second smut ever pls forgive ;-;

Long Lost Moment

Jughead x Reader

Summary: Jughead and the reader have a moment right before the reader leaves for a trip over the summer. The reader returns, only to find out that a lot has changed.

    Being away all summer had been an eye opening experience. Leaving Riverdale to volunteer at schools in India had made you value how lucky you were to be born into a middle class, kind and loving family. It had also made you see that life was too short not to be honest, and shoot for what your heart desired. As the taxi pulled up to Pop’s diner, you thanked the driver and grabbed your luggage, taking a deep breath before heading for the entrance. You knew that you could do this, that you could tell him. Just before you boarded the plane, he had kissed you goodbye. Although it wasn’t much, it was enough to make you realize that you wanted more from your relationship. He was your best friend, and you had always told each other everything. You only hoped that this time wouldn’t be any different. Pulling open the door, you made your way inside, immediately spotting his dark hair curled around his beanie. Smiling, you thought about how much you had missed this place, missed him. Walking up behind him, you noticed that he was he was looking at his computer intently, with headphones in his ears. For a moment, you took in the sight of him, typing away, before you yanked out one of the headphones. Startled, he jumped and quickly turned around.

“What the-” As his eyes focused on you, his expression changed from irritation to shock. “Y/N, I didn’t think you were getting back for another 3 weeks?”

“Well hello to you too Juggie.” You said, rolling your eyes and plopping down onto the seat in front of him.

“No, I’m sorry, I just wish I had known. I would’ve had a surprise waiting, or I could’ve come to get you at the airport.” Jughead sighed, and then groaned, burying his face in his hands.

“Hey.” You said, prying his hands off of his face. “I was just kidding. I’m happy enough to see you. I’ve missed you so much. I have so much to tell you, you have no idea. How about I order a milkshake for us to share and then I can tell-”

     Your sentence was cut off by Jughead looking out the window, almost as if he was suddenly in a daze. Following his gaze, you saw Betty, walking past the window, up to Pop’s. Confused, you snapped a finger in front of Jughead’s face. “Jug, what’s up?” You asked but he just looked at you with vacant stare, as though he was concentrating on something in his mind.

     Hearing the ding of Pop’s door, you looked up to see Betty freeze as she made eye contact with you. Betty had always been one of your closest friends, and became lost at what was even going on. Her face fell as she slowly walked up to the table. One of her delicate hands laid on Jughead’s shoulder, and his trance was broken as he looked up at her.

“Hey.” He said, forcing a slight smile. “How are you?” Jughead’s entire body language changed. He was tense and awkward, and you were left confused.

“You know, I’ve been better.” Betty responded quietly, eyeing me for a second and then avoiding my eyes.

“Are you guys okay?” You questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“Um, yeah of course! I was just coming to pick up an order, actually. But wow, Y/N, I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you would be back early. This is just…great!” Betty smiled, hugging you. “Well, I am going to get that order, but I’ll see you at school on Monday, right?”

    You nodded, still unsure at to what had just happened. Betty turned around and quickly headed to Pop’s counter, uttering some words you couldn’t make out. Pop sighed and loaded a small box with fries, handing it over to Betty. Glancing at you and Jughead once more, she waved and exited the diner. Weird, you thought. Averting your attention back to Jughead, you looked at him, puzzled. “So are you going to explain what just happened or am I just going to have to ask Betty on Monday?”

Jughead avoided eye contact with you and picked at the corner of his laptop screen. “A lot, happened, over the summer. I-Betty was going through a lot and I got into a fight with Archie. You were gone and we just kind of-we”

“Oh my god, did you two hook up?” You interjected, with an obviously disgusted look on your face.

     Rubbing one eye, he continued. “We kissed, just the other day. I haven’t seen her since then, until just then, that is.”

     Shaking your head you bit your cheek. “Well that’s, great then. Glad you two really bonded. I always told you that you and Betty should be closer. I just didn’t know it was going to be in that way.” You said, bitterness laced in your words.

“Look, we had a moment, but Betty knows it didn’t mean anything more than that. She’s going through alot right now and I’m…going through alot right now and we were alone and it just, happened.” Jughead reached for your hand but you moved it back.

“No, it’s fine. By all means, don’t let our moment impact whatever you and Betty have.” You held your hands in the air.

“Y/N, it’s not like that. I was lonely and three weeks felt like forever to wait until you came back. I’m not going to apologize for the fact that I needed someone. And I didn’t seek Betty out in a romantic way, I just knew that I needed to move on from you and she needed to move on from Archie and it seemed like the right thing to do at the time.” He paused for a moment, taking in a deep breath. “My dad, he’s drunk or high all of the time and mom and Jellybean moved out. I was living at the Drive In but they shut it down, so I’ve been living in the closet under the school. I just…needed someone.”

     Guilt and sorrow began to wash over you as you listened to what had happened in the short time that you were gone. “Jughead.” You whispered. “I’m so sorry.”

     As the last two words fell from your mouth, Jughead’s expression had switched from anguish to anger. “You know how hard it was for me to kiss you, and then have you leave for two months? With no contact? And I couldn’t stop you from doing something that would be such a great experience for you, but in my head, I secretly hoped that you would change your mind, at the airport. That you would decide that you just wanted to stay here, with me.”

“Juggie, it was only two months.” You told him in a hushed voice, trying to calm him down.

“Yeah, this time. What about when we graduate, and I’m stuck here, taking care of Jellybean because no one else will, while you leave, to go onto better things, and better places, and better people?” His voice cracked as he spoke, his anger disappearing.

“I would never leave you like that. I-I-Jughead I love you, in every sense of the word. You’re right, I do want to leave Riverdale, but not if it means leaving my best friend, or his little bug of a sister.” You smiled at him and at the thought of Jellybean.

     Taking my hands in his, he wrapped his hands around yours, kissing the top of them. His eyes fluttered close as he sniffled, a tear working its’ way down his cheek. “I’m sorry about Betty.” He finally broke the silence.

     Untangling your hands you wiped the tear off of his face with your thumb. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here for you. I can’t believe what you’re going through. The thought of you alone, and scared, breaks my heart, and if Betty helped you, even a little bit, then I’m thankful to her. I want you to tell me everything that’s happened since I’ve been gone, but first, I’m going to call my mom and arrange something so that you aren’t sleeping at school anymore. You know we have that spare guest room downstairs and I think she’d be happy to let you stay there.”

Jughead offered a faint smile. “Thank you, Y/N. Really. I’m so happy and relieved that you are back.”

     You nodded and proceeded to dial your mother’s number. The conversation between you two was short, as she instantly agreed to let Jughead stay with you. After ending the call, you looked up at Jughead who no longer looked sad and distraught. Taking your hand in his once more, you watched as his eyes glistened. “So let’s hear about this trip, with that milkshake you so kindly offered earlier of course.”

     Both of you laughed and you happily agreed. “One more thing.” Jughead said, biting his lip as he studied your eyes. “I love you too.”

Sex with Josh Dun would include:


-him having a daddy kink(I don’t know why I just feel like he has one)

-having sex right after shows cause he’s all sweaty and it turns you on

-hair pulling

-lots of it^

-when you had your first time with him, he was scared he would hurt you

-tour bus sex

-Tyler walking in on you guys one time

-it being totally awkward(😂)^

-him calling you: “baby girl”, “kitten”

-holding hands during sex(I don’t know why, but I feel like Josh would be the type of person to do this?😂)

-when he comes home from tour you guys have sex that night cause you both missed each other so much

-it being so passionate and the best sex that you both have ever had

needing to buy condoms all the time(stay safe kids!)

-having sex in the most random places to see if you get caught

-it was all Joshs’ idea^

-when he’s horny he’d be all touchy in front of people and clingy

-he’d whisper in your ear about how beautiful you are

-kneck kissses

-stomach kisses

-leaving scratch marks on his back

-him having to keep his shirt on for a while when you do that^

-listening to music while having sex

-him having a playlist for when you guys do have sex and a Twenty One Pilots song comes on

-him getting all embarrassed and you laughing(omg just imagine😂)

-you guys being really loud

-getting noise complaints from Tyler or other people when you have sex in hotels

-I feel like you guys would listen to like Bruno Mars or something(😂lol)

-when you finish you would fall asleep first

-sleeping naked that night

-falling asleep on his chest

-when you both wake up the morning after your both incredibly happy

AN: Hey guys! I hope this is what the anon wanted! Sorry if it’s not that good. This is probably the only smut I will ever write. For some reason I just don’t like writing smut, I can read it but I don’t like writing it. Lol. Hope you like it anyway! Thanks for requesting💜Next up is: the pregnant request.

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16: Afterglow

By @smoothdogsgirl:#16 “wait you’re what?” I hope 🤞 i got the instructions right. Also congrats 🎉🎈🍾🎊!!!!

Word Count: 922

A/N: I love Nine Lashes. Seriously, guys, check them out. There’s something just so full and open about their music. I didn’t even have to listen to this song over and over to capture the kind of feeling I wanted for this drabble because it’s basically ingrained in my head from all the times I’ve listened to it over the years. Plus, this is one of my favorite songs by them so… Also, doing this challenge has made me realize how much bittersweet music I have.

Song 16: Afterglow by Nine Lashes

“That one!” Your daughter pointed to a picture from the album that was open on your lap. “I wanna know that story.”

That ping of pain raced through your heart as it did every night when you put Rachel to bed and let her pick a picture of her father. Ever since Sam died, you made it a point to keep him alive in Rachel’s mind. Sure, he might be gone, but he would never be forgotten.

“That’s a good story. The time daddy and Uncle Dean got into a prank war.”

Rachel giggled softly and snuggled under your arm, already picturing the kinds of antics Sam and Dean could get into.

“It all started when daddy took Uncle Dean’s car into town and parked in a different parking spot when he came home. And you know how much your uncle loves his car, right?”

“More than I love kangaroos.”

You nodded at her sober answer. “More than you love kangaroos. So can you imagine what Uncle Dean did when he couldn’t find his car?”

Rachel thought about her answer long and hard. “Um… he cried?”

“A little bit,” you confided quietly. “But then he decided to get daddy back.”

You went on to describe the escalation of pranks, enjoying your daughter’s giggles and laughter, until you finally finished the story, fully explaining why Dean had a horrible spray tan and Sam’s hair was bright green while they were yelling at each other. Just after you snapped the picture, they turned their glares on you, but you showed them the picture and that was when they realized just how ridiculous they were being.

“One more story?” Rachel begged, watching you with wide, innocent, puppy-dog eyes. She must have inherited those eyes from her father, because you couldn’t say no.

“One more. Then it’s bed time.”

As she flipped through the pages of memories, you found yourself missing Sam so much more than you ever had before. He’d been gone for over a year, and moving on was still so far out of reach. It was like there was a giant, gaping whole inside of you. If it hadn’t been for Rachel in your life, you would have been lost with no idea what to do with your life.

“Mommy! You’re in this one!” Excitedly, Rachel pointed at a photo that Dean had taken.

Tears immediately sprang to your eyes when you saw the hesitant joy on Sam’s face, reflecting from the apprehension and uncertainty on yours. It was a tenderly real moment forever captured on film.

Wrapping your arms around your daughter, you kissed the top of her head and kept your eyes on the picture. “Daddy and I had been together for two years when that picture was taken…”

Nerves tangled with fear, wreaking havoc in your stomach. He looked so relaxed for the first time in months. This hunt had gone well and now he was gearing up for an entire week at home. The three of you had agreed that the world could survive seven days without the Winchesters.

But you weren’t sure you were going to survive the next seven hours with your secret.

“Smile, you two!” Dean held his phone out and snapped a picture just as you rolled your eyes. He grinned. “What? You’re rubbing off on me, Y/N. Gotta document every minute that we’re still alive.”

“We’re not doing anything right now, Dean,” Sam said, closing his eyes and leaning back against the cushions of the couch.

You couldn’t take it anymore. This doing nothing. You had to do something to distract yourself or you were just going to blurt it out and you definitely needed more time to get used to the idea before anyone else knew.

So you pushed off the couch and headed over to the DVD shelf. “How about we watch a movie? There’s Finding Nemo, Prometheus, Kingsman, Indiana Jones, I’m pregnant by the way, Megamind, The Book of Eli, Tex—“

“Wait,” Sam cut in, sitting straight up and staring at you. “You’re what?”

“I’m, um, I’m pregnant?”

That’s when Dean took the second picture. The one that Rachel was running her finger over, tracing Sam’s outline. Everything had changed in that moment. Sure, being pregnant brought about its own problems, especially in the hunter’s life. You and Sam had different ideas about how to parent. But having Rachel seemed to lock you and Sam in place. Everything had more meaning. Each touch and kiss. Each shared grin and teasing jokes.

Rachel looked up at you with wide eyes. “He was happy?”

“Of course he was happy, sweetie. How could he not be happy when we got such a perfect baby girl like you?”

“Do you think he misses me?”

“I know he misses you. He loved you so much, Rachel.”

“And he’s in Heaven, right?”

“Yes he is. Uncle Cas made sure of that.”

“Good,” Rachel nodded assuredly. “Because I’m going to Heaven when I die and I want to be with Daddy and you. We can be a family again!”

There was a lump in your throat as you stared down at your innocent little girl. You had so much love for her. “That’s a long ways away, sweetie.”

“I’ll remember him. And he’ll remember me. It doesn’t matter if it’s forever away. We’ll all be together in Heaven and there won’t be any crying and we’ll always be happy.” With another decisive nod, her mind was made up.

And something told you that your daughter was right.

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the eyes to pull me in (lucaya)

basically i wrote this for secret santa and i thought it could use a repost ;) also, if you read this, shoot me an ask and lmk if i should change my url to trahgedy or not!!

It was never supposed to get that far. Lucas and Maya, together. Before that night, they could maintain the tremulous balance, so close to toppling. No one was supposed to get hurt. No one was ever supposed to acknowledge that they did get hurt. If it wasn’t for the rain and the stupid, stupid bus, then things would probably have worked out alright for just a bit longer.  But it was just Maya Hart’s luck to get caught in a thunderstorm.

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Your eyes hold so much inside I wonder how many dreams you lose yourself in. It’s easy to love when you have no idea what love is. It’s easy to kiss when you have no idea how it feels to let go. You know I still miss you. There are times I can’t get myself out of bed, I keep losing inside my dreams which are of course like the color of your eyes. You know I still love you. There are times my tears scream louder than my words which are of course about you. I wonder in how many dreams you still lose yourself. Do you ever dream of me?
—  k.m

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A/N: First time I’ve ever posted something I’ve written, so please go easy on me, but if you’ve got any tips for me feel free to let me know. I love me some feedback. (Sorry for any mistakes… it’s late.)

Summary: Jughead hasn't seen or heard from you in a while and he’s suspicious, but there’s a chance that’s not the only thing he’s feeling. 

Word Count: 2,359 (I have no self control.)

Warnings: ANGST but that’s it 

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Toxic Love

Part Ten (1,607 words)

Part [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

Pairings: ReaderxJensen, JensenxDanneel

Warnings: Jealously, cheating, pregnancy, lying, false pregnancy

Summary: The truth is revealed and Jensen has an important question for you.

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These were the first few words that popped into your head when you tried to explain the pain you’d felt over the last few months.

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EXO (OT12): Reaction to Meeting Your Ex at Some Sort of Function

The long-awaited family reunion where you could finally introduce your boyfriend to your extended family had come. It was being held at a local amusement park that everyone enjoyed going to. What you didn’t expect was to bump into the boy who broke your heart during college. It was a hard breakup, and Min knew all the details. As you were walking around you heard someone call your name. You turned around to see him smiling at you. You awkwardly introduced him to Minseok. Min placed an arm around you and pulled you closer, “I know all about how you left Y/N because you weren’t ready to grow up yet. Well I would like to thank you for the chance to meet the love of my life. Goodbye now.” You would let Minseok lead you away and reward him with a sweet kiss.

Your younger sibling was graduating high school. Since you and Luhan had been dating for a few years and he had spent time with your family on many occasions he was invited to the ceremony as well. However, a bit of a problem arose when your ex-boyfriend whose younger brother was in the same graduating class as your sibling, sat next to you. Luhan knew how serious you two were and when he recognized the face from old photographs he placed a protective arm around you. Your ex kept trying to coax you into conversations while waiting for the ceremony to start. Lu could tell that you were uncomfortable and was honestly sick of hearing your ex yapping. “Hey,” he said in a respectful yet authoritative voice, “maybe you should go find another seat. Y/N isn’t interested in whatever it is that you are trying to do.” As your ex quietly said his goodbyes and found another seat you looked over at your boyfriend. “Thanks babe, sorry about him.” He looked at you with an adoring gaze. “I just wanted to make you feel better Baobei, this is a special day, and he was ruining it.” You gave him a quick peck on the cheek and he pulled you closer so you could lean on his shoulder.

Kris (Yifan):
After spending a day with your family, you wanted to take your boyfriend to your favorite restaurant in your hometown. You two were enjoying a romantic dinner when you were suddenly interrupted by your ex-boyfriend who came over to greet you. You were talking to Kris when suddenly his facial expression changed. You turned around to see your ex walking towards your table, “Y/N, it has been so long!” You awkwardly stood and were met with your ex’s arms pulling you into a hug. You had told Kris how you honestly never wanted to see this man again, so he decided that something had to be done. After your ex released you Kris was standing beside you and placed an arm around you. “Hello, I am Kris. I am Y/N’s boyfriend. I suggest you leave us alone and let us enjoy our dinner in peace.” Your ex was shocked, he just turned and walked away without another word. “Are you okay?” Kris asked as he walked you back to your seat. “I am, thank you for saving me.” He sat down and took your hands in his across the table, “of course Baobei.”

When you heard that your best friend was getting married you could not wait to be her maid of honor. However, the best man just happened to you be your ex-boyfriend whom you shared quite a history with. Just knowing that you would have to walk down the aisle with him made you unnerved. Junmyeon had been as supportive as possible, telling you that he would make sure that you were alright. While you were getting ready for the ceremony Jun came to give you a kiss before he took his seat. When he saw your ex in the waiting room he was sure to inform him that you were his girl and that he would not condone any acts on his part that would make you uncomfortable. “Y/N is here to make this day as perfect as possible for her best friend, I suggest you do the same.”

What is a trip back home without meeting up with your friends? You decided to introduce Yixing to everyone by inviting them to go bowling with you. But when everyone showed up, there was an unexpected guest. Someone thought it would be a good idea to invite your ex. Yixing being a nonaggressive person tried to be friendly to him. He knew how much this guy made you hurt inside and it was killing him to be kind. When your ex brought up the fact that he missed you Yixing felt the need to step in. “If you cared about her you would not have hurt her like you did, you don’t have any right to miss her, she is happy now.” You couldn’t help but give Yixing a wide smile, “Yes I am,” you said as you happily wrapped your arms around him.

When you decided to bring Baek home for the week to meet everyone you also thought it would be a cute idea to have him watch one of your youngest sibling’s sporting events with the family. Everyone was setting out their blankets to sit on the side of the soccer field since it was an under 18 league that didn’t have stadium seating such as bleachers. As you were getting settled down with Beak’s arm around your shoulder and yours around his back you noticed that the coach of one of the teams was your ex. You knew that he had not moved out of the area and that he enjoyed soccer but you didn’t expect him to be a coach, let alone for your sibling’s team. You gave a questioning look at your mother who in return said “I didn’t want it to be an issue, so I just withheld the information from you.” When Baek asked what was going on you responded with “my ex, he just happens to be the coach of Y/S/N’s team.” He gave you a concerned glance, “Are you okay?” What your parents didn’t know but what Baekhyun did is that your relationship didn’t just end because you weren’t getting along, it ended because your ex was threatening to harm you. He never did, but you were not going to risk it. “You are here, so of course I am fine,” you gave him a reassuring smile. When the game was over and your ex finally came over to see you Baekhyun didn’t even give him the chance. “Hello, I’m Baekhyun, Y/N’s boyfriend. I know everything, and if you think I am going to let you near her then you have the wrong idea.” Baek took your hand in his, “good game by the way,” then he led you away without your ex getting a word in. When you got back to the car you couldn’t help but kiss him. “I’ll always protect you Jagiya,” he said softly as he wrapped his arms around you.

The festivals that took place in your home town every year were very exciting. You always wanted to take Dae to one and now you finally were. As you were walking hand in hand around the fairgrounds you noticed one of your old friends from high school and walked over to say hello. You chatted with your friend and introduced her to Jongdae which lasted for about ten minutes before someone else joined your group. Your ex-boyfriend walked over and placed his arm around your friend’s shoulder. “Hey Y/N funny seeing you here.” When he introduced himself to Dae you suddenly felt Dae’s grip on your hand become tighter. Of course, Jongdae would recognize the name from you telling him about your previous relationship. You and your ex were basically engaged when he decided that he was bored and left you heartbroken. You were struggling for a few years until you met Dae who always seemed to know how to make everything better in an instant. He probably knew the emotions that you were going through and trying to hold back on the inside. So, when your ex decided to start talking about how he and your friend had been dating for a few years Dae stepped in to try to end the conversation. “We really wanted to watch the sunset on the Ferris wheel, I’m sorry but it seems like we will need to get going.” You all went your separate ways and when you were walking to the ride, you gave Dae a kiss on the cheek, “Kim Jongdae, you always know what to do.” He smiled at you and started swinging your intertwined hands back and forth as you continued to make your way to the Ferris wheel.  

You thought it would be nice to take Chanyeol to the ski resort that you visited with your family as a child. The trip was super romantic and Yeol loved snowboarding so that was a plus. After waking up and getting ready in your private lodge, you set out to hit the slopes. As you and Chanyeol were waiting for the lift, you noticed a familiar person in line in front of you. “Yeol, I am going to be honest, my ex is in line in front of us.” Yeol made one of his surprised expressions, “You mean the one who cheated on you?” You looked up at your giant boyfriend with a soft expression, “yes, if he notices me please try to let it go.” Yeol just nodded silently and pulled you closer to him, it was a bit of an awkward maneuver though since he offered to carry both of your snowboards. When your ex turned to talk to someone behind him he seemed to have noticed you and called out your name. You tried to act like you didn’t hear him but then he walked back to greet you. “Hey Y/N, long time no see.” You kindly returned the greeting and introduced Chanyeol to him. When your ex mentioned meeting up later, Yeol had to say something. “You gave up your chance with her before, so please don’t try to make things better. She is my girl now.” Your ex apologized and went back to meet up with his group. You giggled at Yeol after he left, “that was super-hot babe, thanks for standing up for me.” Yeol looked over at you with a cute grin.

You had come back home to celebrate your parent’s 26th wedding anniversary. Kyungsoo had been wanting to meet your parents for the longest time and now he could. He had prepared for everything, everything except for your ex going to the party and trying to get you back. When you were dancing with Soo, your ex came up behind and asked to steal you for a dance. Kyungsoo recognized him from your college photos and immediately turned from the soft person he usually was with you to the scary one that you would not want to mess with. “Of course not! How could you come to her parent’s anniversary and do this?” As your ex became annoyed with Soo and tried grabbing your wrist you knew that Soo would not be able to stay so calm. “I suggest you take your hands off the love of my life and leave this party, you are only causing a disturbance.” Kyungsoo pulled you back into his arms and your ex made an outburst of not very friendly words as some of your relatives helped usher him outside. You turned to Soo and gave him a kiss. “I love you too,” you said as you pulled away and returned his smirk with a smile of your own.

When your brother said that he would like to have Tao in the wedding party so that you could walk down the aisle with him you were beyond ecstatic. You and Tao had flown into town a few days early so that he could the proper adjustments to his suit, you had sent in his measurements but this fashionista had to look perfect. When you both walked into the tailors to meet up with your brother and the rest of his groomsmen you were surprised to see your brother talking to your ex. Of all the times in the world, your ex was also being tailored for his friend’s wedding. You introduced Tao to your ex and Tao couldn’t help but be a bit jealous that your brother was still friends with him. Your ex and you didn’t end on bad terms, it is just that you both agreed that you didn’t fit each other. Tao knew that so he was friendly to him. However, you did enjoy watching Tao try to impress your brother and his groomsmen and one up your ex. “Baobei, don’t I look amazing in this suit.” You giggled at him, “of course you do. Super sexy.” He flashed one of his adorable grins and gave you a wink.

Since Jongin had spent almost every Christmas with his family and you had been living away from home for several years, he decided to fly you both out to spend Christmas with your parents. When you were there, your family thought it would be nice to go out and see a movie one day. As you were in line talking with Jongin and your parents someone called out your name. You turned around while still holding onto Nini as you saw the face of your ex-boyfriend. You didn’t want to talk to him but you did not want to be rude. You introduced him to Jongin and he said hello to your parents. Jongin was being very civil even though he knew exactly who this person was and had been to you. When you were waiting in line however, Jongin made sure to let your ex know that you were his now. He kept giving you adoring glances and placed his arm around your back. When your ex finally left to go watch another movie you could tell that Jongin was happy. “Jealous, are we?” He giggled at you, “maybe a little.” You pulled him close and hugged him, “that is okay, you are cute when you are jealous. Don’t worry though, you are the only one I want.” Returning the hug, he smiled widely at you, “that is what I like to hear.” Your parents then fawned over how cute you two were with each other.

As a surprise, Sehun bought concert tickets for your sister, you, and him to all spend some time together. It was a group that you and your sister had loved for ages and Sehun just wanted to see you dance and sing because he found it to be the cutest thing in the world. When you were all waiting in line the person in front of you glanced back and seemed to recognize someone. You thought that they might recognize Sehun and were prepared to warn him. But when the person turned to someone in the group with them and pointed you out, you saw that the person they were informing was your ex. Your ex made his way back to say hello to you and your sister, seeming to not notice Sehun at all. That was until Sehun was sick of your ex trying to make conversation with you and spoke up. He placed an arm around you and introduced himself. “I’m Sehun, you seem to have an interest in my girlfriend. I would love it if you went back and joined your friends.” Your sister who seemed to never like your ex couldn’t help but giggle when a look of shock crossed your ex’s face. When he did end up listening to Sehun and moved back to his friends you looked at your boyfriend and joined in on the giggling. “Oh Sehun, I’m honestly surprised it took you that long to send him away.” You gave him a little nudge but then he pulled you close and gave you a quick kiss. “Ewe,” your sister remarked, “could we keep that to a minimum if I am in the same vicinity as you both.” You and Sehun smiled and let out small chuckles.

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Netflix will trip you up everytime

The other day I was talking with Ang. She asked me about drabble requests and I thought ‘I don’t know if I can do that’. So she flooded my inbox with some gif’s. If I have done OK with these then that may be what I do when I hit 1.5K followers (which I am not to terribly away from hitting!)

So with that being said, I worked on 3 of them last night… hope I did all the gif’s justice Angelina… enjoy!

This is the first of 3 drabbles…. as always if you want off or on the tag list just let me know… And leave me some feedback, let me know how I am doing as far as these GIF drabbles things go.

(I’m not totally sure if these actually count as drabbles considering their length… maybe they are more like snipets???)

Mama’s Master List

Another Thursday and the brothers were still gone. This hunt was taking just a tad longer than they had hoped. Well longer than Dean had hoped anyways. Thankfully, I wasn’t much of a wanderer. With him gone, I was perfectly content to hang out in the bunker just doing my thing.

Coming back from the kitchen with my tenth Hot Pocket today, I jumped into the bed and got bundled up under the covers. I grabbed the remote and hit play. I really did hate it when Dean was gone but I have to admit, it did give me time to do my binge watching. S2 e11 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. started playing. I was seriously not liking the new Simmons and her new attitude!

Half way through the episode, my phone rang. I paused the show and snatched the phone up. That better be Dean, I thought to myself.

“Hello.” I said into the speaker.

“Hey sweetheart. Whatcha doing?” Dean replied.

“Oh nothing. Just sitting here. How are y’all doing?”

“Everything went good. The job is finished.”

“So are you heading home now?”

“Yep. I should be there this evening.”

“Thank goodness. I have missed you!”

“I’m sure you have. What have you eaten today?”

“I’ve had a couple of Hot Pockets. Why?”

“Step away from the Netflix, baby.”

I started laughing. I could picture the look on his face at that moment, one total exasperation.

“It’s not funny. I bet you have been binge watching the entire time I’ve been gone, huh? And you have probably gone through two boxes of those nasty things.”

“Not true,” I said, still laughing. “I did stop watching for a bit and washed a load of clothes.”

Dean started laughing too. I even heard Sam chuckle in the background.

“Ok, so you haven’t  been watching Netflix every single minute I have been gone. I gotcha.”

“Baby, don’t hate on Netflix. It keeps me from missing you too much when you are gone.”

“Really? How much do you really miss me then?”

“Oh baby. You have no idea. I miss your kisses. I miss the way those hands…”

“Hey, hey… take it off speakerphone Dean. That’s a little more than I need to know.” I heard Sam say in the background. I couldn’t help but bust out laughing.

“Well Sammy isn’t quite in the mood for us to share with him tonight. So I tell you what, get off Netflix and be prepared to show me exactly how much you miss me when I get there, ok?”

“Baby you know that is NOT a problem!”

“Ok, love you and I will see you in about two hours.”

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Med students, missing in action

The team’s been without med students lately. 
Sometimes we have too many.
It’s hard to get in and out of the patient rooms. 

Now we have too few (as in 0).

No one on the rounds, no pre-rounding ones.
No one pestering us for jobs or sucking up.

Or asking me to tell them ‘everything’ about this one particular patient that’s lived on the ward for like a month, while I have 5 referrals, a cannula and 10 different imaging and blood requests to do before noon. When they can read the file themselves.

No one slowing me down.
it’s 10x faster for me to do my own jobs, than say to teach them how to do them and then supervise. (obviously excepting the experienced final years, quite capable of helping me do jobs and make my life easier - like you have no idea how much we appreciate it. of course everyone has to start somewhere).

No eager, bushy tailed clinical years, telling me they’re interested in all the medical fields. Just all of medicine.

Then suddenly. It’s really freaking weird when they’re not around at all.
Something is missing.

On my bad days, I really miss having them around.
Not on extremely busy days mind you, but the emotionally draining ones.
A patient’s really sick, they’re depressed, their family’s torn apart, I need to sit and talk about the hard, heavy things with them like how they want to die - do they want CPR or to be left a lone etc. etc.

There’s something to be said about their awe, their wonder and excitement.
That eagerness to learn and do things. Like hope in this world. This job drains and jades you so quickly once you become a resident. The junior doctor that lives on the ward. Can’t go away to class or tutorial for a coupla hours.

It’s also a massive sense of moral support in some ways.
When I debrief with them on some experience like breaking bad news, to see how they are. It’s helpful for me to. To be able to pause and reflect.

When I was a student, I felt useless. Like I was in the way.
Like I had nothing to offer.

Then I remember over hearing in the elevator, when the clinicians in there had seen my ‘student tag”, they sort of looked at each other. One asked the other, “when are we getting a student? They’re fun.” I remember wondering if they were nuts, they were actually genuine about it. That memory stuck with me. Because it was puzzling to me back then. 

I kinda understand it now.
There’s a lot of variability in this line of work in terms of who you end up working with. Lot of different personalities. So, it’s miraculous almost, the moments when things line up. The teams that want to teach students and the students who are wanting to learn, somehow align. It doesn’t actually happen all the time.

There’s a good a deal of variation in teachers and instructors, which students painfully come up against. Because their whole existence in the ward is centred around on teaching/learning (they don’t carry the responsibilities, scut work of junior doctors let’s say, where the centre of focus becomes the patients). And no doctor is ever formally taught how to teach, so you can imagine what that’s like. I see and hear about it all the time. students talking about the good and the bad. And the just plain awful. I used to feel that pain as a student. I remember that feeling so well.

As a resident, it’s this weird perspective.
Being a student was so recent for me, I know how they feel.
Except that now I’m also kinda left sometimes with a range of students. Roles have flipped. If I found it hard to find good teachers as a student sometimes, I’m realizing now it’s not always easy to find good students too.

I’m not saying ones who are knowledgeable, rather the ones who genuinely want to learn.

Not gunners wanting to prove their egos. Or show up the other students and residents. 
(to note, I’m still terrified of gunners as a resident, I feel a bit violated..every time I interact with one. still scarred from needing to flee and hide from a couple in med school) 

Not the ones that show up to do the bare minimum, or never really show up at all. they exist too, far more often than you would think, in spite of the fact that medicine is challenging to get into and the pre-clinical years are hard to survive. We used to talk about that. Why work so hard, to throw it all away later? Unless of course, they’d given up..

We do notice students of all kinds. 

One resident (back when I was a student on their team) told me, all the doctors on the team notice the students. They know when you show up (generally), they know when you leave. They notice when you’re able to help out and behaviours in general. It’s whether they care. Some do, some don’t. or whether they care to show that they notice. 

Breaking... Ch.3

Part 1 Part 2

A/N: So this chapted is short and kinda boring, sorry about that. I’m mostly using it as set up for the rest of plot. Also I will warn y’all now, time jumps will be a thing, not in this chapter but in the next one. I hope you guys enjoy even if its terrible <3 Tags: @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit @literally-melonkitty @deltablue202 @renae-writes

I had to re-add the tags sorry guys ;-;

Word count: 2081

Warnings: Vomit, Shakespeare (very important sorry), curing is ineivtable for me.

Breaking Boundaries

As the three of you entered into the study you instantly felt the air change. Alexander and Philip were both being oddly quiet. They both walked past you, Alexander sat down at his desk and Philip stood beside him while you were standing in the center of the room. You shot them an inquisitive look, Alexander’s eyes seemed to be searching yours for an answer to some unspoken question. Philip seemed to be debating with himself about something.

“Is something wrong?” You finally asked after a moment of uncomfortable silence. Alexander sighed.

“Miss Y/N, your story is not something that anyone with honor should take lightly. I practiced law, I practically perfected it. As a lawyer I would suggest you stand trial against this ‘suitor’ so that he can be put through the proper punishment for his crimes.” His face was serious but not cold. Philip moved around the desk.

“Father’s right, you can stay with us as long as you’d like but it might be wise to find him.” Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! Last time I had this talk with anyone I agreed. But… I can’t agree to this, in this time there is no guy to put away. I wish I had a name to give them, they really look like they want to help.

“I’m sorry but I can’t give you a name. If he finds out that I’ve been conspiring against him, it will not end well. I appreciate how much you want to help me; I really do, but this isn’t something that I can disclose just yet.” I won’t be here long anyways, or hopefully I guess. Philip stepped up to you, his eyes were filled with sorrow, he was sorry on your behalf.

“If you cannot tell us his name then at least give us your last name so that we may be on the lookout for anyone speaking of you.” He said with care. I don’t want to make this any more complicated than what it has to be, but they just want to help me so much… Okay, I’ve already told Rachel my real last name but if I give them a fake one right now I can give her a reason not to tell them. Generic name, what’s a generic name I can say? Philip stared down at you with a pleading expression against his artful features.

“Fine… Taylor, Y/N Taylor.” Was that even a common name during this era?

“Taylor? I do not know of any person who goes by that name…” Alexander was a genius; I have to be careful!

“My family is from England but I was born here, my father immigrated here and began his career in North Carolina, most of our wealth came from before my parents settled here.” Was that convincing? Please tell me it was. Alexander nodded along, he didn’t seem satisfied with how the conversation turned but he was understanding.

“Very well, but just remember this Miss Y/N, you are welcome here. As an orphan myself, I have a tender spot in my heart for those who have come from that background. If you ever change your mind and you wish to take my advice, do not hesitate to ask.” He gave you a warm smile but Philip still didn’t look pleased. He forced on a smile, clearing his throat before he spoke.

“Would you like to sit down?” Your eyes softened. Is he disappointed in me or something?

“Yes, I would actually.” You chuckled tiredly and Philip followed you to the couch you were previously sitting at, your book still lying on the cushions. Quickly picking it up, you eagerly flipped to the page you left off on.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream? One of Shakespeare’s lesser appreciated works on page.” Philip said as he sat down beside you, Alexander perked his head up.

“Ah, an intriguing choice, I do not see many choosing to read that, most people favor Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet or my own personal choice, Macbeth.” Alexander stated while simultaneously asking you as to why you chose that.

“I enjoy the complexity of it. Shakespeare has a bit of a habit to making simple stories seem complex. Romeo and Juliet for example, it’s a beautiful story but it isn’t difficult to summarize. Romeo and Juliet, not meant to fall in love, their fear to tell the truth causes the deaths of two of their closest compatriots and their own deaths. But this story takes those same ideas and truly makes them complex. The anguish and history between all the characters makes the ending more interesting…” You realized you were rambling. Damn you Shakespeare for instilling my need to dissect everything! Alexander nodded along in agreement. Philip simply stared at you in awe, a familiar smile dancing on his lips.

“You have quite the mind Miss Y/N! I must say, your character reminds me very much of Titania, very tactful and… forthright seems to be the right word.” Alexander chuckled to himself.

“Really? I’ve always seen myself more as Helena.” You retorted. Alexander looked oddly surprised by the statement.

“I would be inclined to agree with Father, if Titania were to not have fallen in love with Oberon and Theseus. Her feelings for them always confused me about her character.” Philip said with thought.

“Right? How did such a strong woman fall for such horrible people?” It was rare for you to find someone who understood your ideas on literature. Most people think I’m weird when I talk about how much I love Shakespeare…

“Everyone has their flaws I suppose, hers seemed to be a poor taste in men.” Philip shrugged.

“Well, then I suppose it’s good that I don’t have that flaw right?” He quickly caught on to your subtle jab about his flirting earlier. His eyes were wide as you started to laugh at your own joke.

“Miss Y/N, I’m sure I do not know what you mean by that statement. I am the model gentleman and I will not stand for such accusations!” Philip responded with playful offence.

“How dare you, sir! Are you trying to insinuate something?” You made out between bursts of laughter. Alexander chuckled lightly at the two you, happy tears rolling down both of your cheeks. He looked outside and quickly stood up, getting yours and Philip’s attention.

“It’s getting late; Philip don’t you have work to do?” Alexander asked while putting his glasses down onto the table. Philip sighed and stood up.

“It isn’t that late Father, besides Y/N’s room may not be finished yet.” Philip gave an exaggerated hand motion towards you.

“No, no it’s fine! I don’t want to distract you from schoolwork or anything!” You hopped up off the couch and put the book back on the shelf where you found it. Philip followed you over to the door.

“Thanks for letting me use your study Alex.” You called out before leaving the room. Alex was too surprised by the name to call back out.  Philip followed you out until you both made your way back to the main hall.

“I wish we could converse longer but Father is right, I must retire to my chambers for work. I…enjoyed your company today, that means I look forward to tomorrow as well.” Philip said with a sly smile.

“If you can handle my strong opinions on literature, music and society in general then I look forward to tomorrow as well.”  You responded with a chuckle. You both said goodnight to each other, soon after Rachel found you and told you that your room was ready.

           That night you were given a room in the serving quarters, next to Rachel’s room. She gave you a night dress and laid in the shockingly soft bed, your thoughts swirling. Maybe this is all a bad dream. Maybe not a bad dream per say but a dream nonetheless. If I fall asleep, I’ll wake up in my own bed in my own apartment and in my own modern time period. Just close your eyes Y/N. You didn’t realize that you were tired until that thought faded away and left you in the darkness of your subconscious. You saw something in the darkness, a small light, a blue light. Light is usually linked to the idea of heat and safety but for some reason this one didn’t. It was cold and foreboding, you didn’t like it. The light came closer and as it began to engulf your body, you heard a sound, something wooden slamming against something else and then your own voice.

“Excuse me!”

           When you opened your eyes again you were still in the bed, still wearing the slightly scratchy gown, breaking out in a cold sweat. What the hell was that? That was…suffocating. Whatever… Everything happening right now is weird, just something new to add to the list I guess. You stretched out, got up and attempted to put back on the clothes that were given to you. Attempted being the operative word, you had to ask Rachel for help with tying the back. After that the both of you made your way down the halls.

“The first thing we will do today is check on Mrs. Hamilton, that’s the first thing we do every day actually.” She spoke with glee.

“Nice, so what exactly are-“ You were interrupted by a sound that made you feel squeamish. Coming from a room a few feet ahead of us. Rachel immediately ran for the door, you followed close behind. Busting into the room you both soon saw a disheveled Eliza, hunched over on the floor by her bed. Her face was half inside a wooden bucket, making noises that was a mixture of gurgling and gagging. Rachel made her way to her, pulled her hair back and patted her shoulder comfortingly. Eliza continued to vomit into the bucket for some time before she was finally given a chance to steady herself. You sat down beside her and looked her worriedly.

“Are you alright Eliza? Are you sick? Do you need a doctor? Rachel, should we go find a doctor?” You started to rattle off questions as the possibilities grew. Eliza shook her head, her eyes glassy as Rachel wiped the sweat off her brow.

“No, no Dear, I am perfectly fine. I am merely expecting!” She said weakly. Wait, expecting? Oh my god…

“You’re pregnant? That’s why your dress was… Eliza you are incredible!” You smiled at her happily, she looked confused for a moment.

“Incredible? I would not say that, although I am excited for this child.” She responded. This woman is the best person to ever exist. Not only is she the closest thing the United States ever had to royalty but she also deserved that shit! On top of everything she manages to have children and still be the best? Role Model of the year!

“Y/N, could you give me a hand with Mrs. Hamilton? I understand if you do not wish to clean out the bucket but if you could help her dress I would be very appreciative.” Rachel said as she helped Eliza to sit on her bed.

“I can clean the bucket, I don’t mind.”

“Truly? Thank you very much.” She picked up the bucket by the sides and handed it to you. “Take this outside to the garden, you will find a watering pump to clean it out.” She instructed you. You nodded and made your way down the hallways and out the back door in the kitchen. The garden was very beautiful, most of the plants seemed to be placed at random and yet it was still visually pleasing. No wonder Eliza likes it out here. You found the pump and quickly cleaned the bucket. Poor Eliza, pregnancy is rough. Once the bucket seemed clean you made your way back inside, intending on going back to Rachel and Eliza. Instead you stopped when you heard the sound of hooves and carriage wheels. Stepping inside the main room, the front door burst open and you were greeted with the site of an oddly distressed Alex. He mumbled something under his breath but stayed almost completely still, looking like the apocalypse had just begun.

“Alex? Are you alright? Did something happen?” You asked with concern. He looked over at you as you walked over to him, his voice was low and exasperated.

“John Adams just withdrew my seat in office.” He said with panic.

John Fat Motherfucking Adams!