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What about a Sheith groundhog’s day story where the condition to end the loop is to finally confess feelings. IDK who should be repeating the day though.

This is way, way super late but omg I love time loop stuff! I kind of want Shiro to keep reliving the day? Just because :3 What if they’re on a planet that has strange properties that manipulate time. What if something is bothering Keith and Shiro spends every looped day trying to figure out what it is? He tries leaving Keith alone, that doesn’t work, tries asking him what’s wrong, gets an excuse. Then he spends the whole day with Keith, trying to figure him out, maybe takes him to different places each day and sees different sides to Keith and falls in love with him a bit more with every loop. 

And then at the end of one of the days, they’re looking up at the planet’s two moons, stargazing, it’s a minute before midnight, before the loop resets, and Shiro just takes Keith’s hand and says “I want tomorrow with you, and every day after that.” And Shiro has his eyes closed, waiting for the day to reset, but the minute goes by and when he opens his eyes Keith is there, so close, whispering “me too” and that’s it there’s no more loop it’s just the two of them, kissing a minute after midnight. 

RPG Idea

AU where bard colleges are basically fantasy modern colleges. Form a party of bards who went to college together and decided to go adventuring to defeat capitalism

I coulda made this smoother but its 1 am and my hand hurts so take it

I’ve been listening to the beauty and the beast soundtrack for like the past 2 hours and I am loving it! Everyone sounds so good and it just felt to nice to listen to, like my childhood was coming back. I just have one question.

Who’s bright idea was it to cast a Scottish guy as the one french character in the whole movie that actually speaks in a french accent?????? Like Ewan McGregor sounds good but like, his french accent is so forced? Idk I like it but I don’t. I haven’t seen the movie yet (two days and I’m seeing it) so I don’t know what he’s gonna sound like when he speaks but it just seems like a strange decision

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If it hasn't already been asked, may I have some cute headcanons for Law and Sanji reacting to an s/o that loves and admires their hands? Just showing appreciation since they both use them for their respective passions as a doctor and cook.

I can relate to this. Because I LOVE hands.
I think it may be because I draw. And also that I have pretty small, dainty little hands. LMAO

Law and Sanji reaction to S/O loving/admiring their hands:

  • They would both be surprised/flustered about it.
  • ???????????????????
  • The more their s/o gushes/admires their hands, the more flustered they get. Get rekt.
  • Most likely end up overloading about it at some point.
  • Sanji is most likely the one to recover the quickest, and be over the moon, and start gushing back about his s/o. LOL
  • If Law ends up feeling playful, or wants revenge, he’d start teasing them. IMMEDIATELY. No mercy, no escape. GAME OVER.

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So a while back I messaged you saying that I don't know why I follow you because I don't understand anything you talk about/not in any fandoms you are. Well I finally left. I am back. I don't know why. I can't explain. Do you put crack in your posts? What is your secret?

*opens up my trenchcoat* hey kid you wanna buy some shitposts


So I just realized that I hit 1000 followers and that Ester Dean has been following me for a whole year! (Which is frickin awesome)

No clue what to do for a thanks for 1000 thingy, so any suggestions or requests shoot it mah way.

 Or y'know dont cos thats cool too. 

(The question is how many of the 1000 are porn bots. Idk. But hey the number looks cool so I’m having my moment).

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Give me tycutio and “just tell me something, was it really worth it?”

“Just tell me something.”

Tybalt grunted, both to indicate that he’d heard and to communicate that he didn’t appreciate the blatant falseness of Mercutio’s airy, nonchalant tone. He hadn’t expected either of them to live, and times were he - and Mercutio as well, though the latter never showed it - wished that they hadn’t. Particularly when the greyscale hush that had befallen Verona grew too overwhelming. Mercutio’d insisted it was the only way, and yet…

“…Was it really worth it?” In stark contrast to the sound of his voice, Mercutio’s face was haggard, bereft of the fey cunning that was once his hallmark, and he rarely smiled anymore. The transformation made Tybalt question whether the love he felt was still for Mercutio, or for the memory of the man he had been. There was a gulf of difference between the two - one Tybalt wasn’t certain could be breached. Nevertheless, he had to pretend the distinction didn’t exist, for without Mercutio he would be alone.

“Does it matter? There was no other way. You said so yourself.” There was a seed of cruelty buried in his reply, but cruelty and truth often held hands. He searched Mercutio’s face for some change, some hint of feeling, but there was none: he just kept gazing out at the emptiness they had wrought. He said they, for although it had been Mercutio’s idea and his spellcasting that had done the deed, Tybalt was complicit in the act: his had been the hand which had spilled the blood Mercutio needed for the spellcraft to work.

Somewhere, a clock struck the hour, and just like every day, people moved quietly through their daily business, perfunctory as automatons and with about as much awareness. He and Mercutio alone were exempt from the spell’s workings, and for that, they bore the weight of the consequences. No one saw them, no one spoke to them: their existence had been erased entirely from the memories of Verona’s inhabitants, in exchange for something that passed for peace.

He caught a glimpse of Romeo in the street, and glanced sidelong at Mercutio, hoping that his eyes were somewhere else - but the telltale furrow of his brow and the purse of his lips told the truth. He knew that there was still (would always be) a part of Mercutio’s heart, worn-out though it was, that beat only for Romeo Montague. A person could love more than one, and Tybalt had accepted the fact long ago, but sometimes it ached just a little.

“Do you think they’re happier now?” The nonchalance was gone from Mercutio’s voice, replaced by a softness that was nearly wistful. “Do you think they even have a concept of it? Or did we just damn them to a life of unfeeling monotony for no reason?” His hands shifted in his lap, picking at the beds of his fingernails; Tybalt reached out to still them, knowing that he’d pick them bloody if left alone.

“There’s no changing it now. What’s done is done, and at least this way they won’t all murder one another. We saved them from themselves.” Mercutio nodded, but didn’t say anything. He curled his fingers lightly around Tybalt’s, a rare act of affection, and Tybalt responded in kind. It was something, at least. The terms of the spell bound them to Verona until every person under its thrall was dead, but so long as they had some scrap of a feeling left between them, Tybalt hoped that it would be bearable.

Starter Call

I’ve never done this before. But here goes? Like for a starter of likely widely varying length. Got an idea you’d like to write with me or an AU you’d like to try? IM me! It’ll make this easier on me since I am literally terrible at starters.


Can anyone tell me what to do to get rid of this noise cause I’m trying to voiceact for @superyoumna on her project Othertale and this noise keeps happening, even hitting it does nothing (at least not much now) or blowing dust out of it(yes I turn it off when I blow it out). It’s been doing this for years and idk what to really do. Idk if it’s a overheat problem or the fan having lots of hidden dust? I’m debating whether to get a new computer or get a new fan for the computer but I wanna know why it’s making the noise first and yes this is an issue since my microphone is sensitive and it picks everything up even tiniest noises. Hmm.

Trying to debate if I have the emotional stamina to try making a third friend