you have no counterargument

“Violence isn’t the answer, you need to talk this out like civilized people”



You can’t have a conversation with someone who doesn’t want to talk. You can’t force someone to have a conversation you fucking idiots!! And someone who believes that entire races of people are ‘unnecessary’ and should literally die is not going to sit across a coffee table from a Jew or a Black person and actually listen to them. Jesus shit how naive are you?  Even if they talked to a Christian White who disagreed with them, they’re not going to change their mind.

Do you really think they have NEVER heard counterarguments? Do you think they just don’t know that their ‘opinions’ are dangerous and that people don’t like them? Did you think that literally never have they realized that what they’re doing is not nice? That it’s naughty? So if someone just told them that they’d pack up and go  home and stop being Nazis forever?

There are times that people have talked down White Supremacists, but look the fuck around: Synagogues are still getting bomb threats, still getting bombed. Black people are still fighting for the right to be seen as human, and are still getting killed. Muslims, LGBT people, all of them STILL do not have equal rights so there are STILL plenty of people who think they don’t deserve to live.


Nazis know. They don’t care.

Do you think no one tried to dissuade Hitler? That all of Germany was just like “well we can’t talk to a single Nazi so let’s just do Nothing”? Do you think that no Jews stood up and protested ‘civilly’? Do you think no one from the Armenian Genocide, The Rwandan Genocide, the Native American Genocide, and countless others, no one tried to use ‘words’ for their cause?

You arrogant little pissants think you’re the only people wise enough to go ‘Aha! I will TALK to the genocidal Fascists! No one has tried that before!’

SHUT THE FUCK UP! You little fandom inactivists sit on the computer all day watching bullshit and talking bullshit and have 0 idea of how the real world works or has worked. You’re idiots and fools the lot of you and nothing you say is even remotely well thought out or  applicable to reality. You’re a child in a fantasy land come to try and ‘inform’ people in the real world how to deal with a threat you have never ever in your LIFE come CLOSE to being threatened by.

Shut the fuck up, your words are worthless and stupid.


I’ve seen a lot of people criticizing the writing for Voltron Season 2. One of the criticisms that people seem to have is that they feel as if the narrative forced Allura to apologize to Keith when she shouldn’t have.

I’ll start off by saying that I think this is a very beautiful scene, and that I personally think it was handled very well. It’s one of my favorite scenes from Season 2.

I don’t think the writers included this scene to imply that her hatred of the Galra Empire was unreasonable, or that her initial reaction to finding out Keith was part Galra was something she should be looked down upon for.

Allura made the best decision, both as a person and as a Princess, by apologizing to Keith. After discovering Keith is part Galra, she snubbed him. The snubbing didn’t last long because she came around rather quickly, but imagine if she hadn’t apologized. What would she have done? Kept snubbing Keith? Imagine how many problems that could have caused for Team Voltron. The team’s morale would be lowered if Allura kept hating Keith, which in turn would cause the team’s  efficiency to be lowered as well.  Emotions would start running high, and a divide would form. It could very well have lead to Keith feeling the need to leave Team Voltron.

But that didn’t happen. She chose to apologize. No one forced her, everyone gave her some space because they understood how deeply she had been hurt by the Galra Empire (although it was clear that the other paladins felt that the snubbing was unfair, this was demonstrated when Hunk spoke up for Keith).

What’s more, Allura’s judgement of Keith WAS unfair. Keith literally did nothing wrong. In fact, he actually proved his loyalty to Voltron by showing that he was willing to give up learning about his past. He grew up as an orphan, he’s probably been searching for answers about his past for the MAJORITY OF HIS LIFE. He was willing to give up something he fought so hard for the team. He’s proud to be a paladin of Voltron. The rest of the Paladins + Allura and Coran are the closest to a real family he’s ever had.

I’ve seen people liken the Galra to space nazis, so I’ll roll with that comparison for a second. Galra is a race/species, NOT an ideology. So much in the same way that German =/= Nazi, Galra =/= Space Nazi. What’s more, we’ve been shown in canon that there are good Galra (The Blades of Marmora). Not to mention Keith didn’t even KNOW he was part Galra until very recently. He’s not even Galra passing. 

Imagine finding out that you’re part German (while not being white passing), and immediately after, someone in your friend group (who are basically the only family you have) starts hating you because of it. It’s just not fair. 

edit: I’d like to clarify that I don’t think people should call Allura a racist. Just saw one of the ladies on the AfterBuzz show do that and it was ridiculous.