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First Time [a E2!Barry Allen smut]

Request: I know you must have so many asks and things that people are asking you to do but can you please make a earth 2 Barry Allen smut like his first time and just yeah ( whenever you can YOU must have a life and stuff to do than just Tumblr😭❤️)

a/n: oh boy earth 2 barry’s first time


“O-okay.” Barry agrees, shifting on the end of the bed nervously. “Um, should I… get undressed?” he gulps, toying with his long fingers as you come to stand in front of him. “I’ve n-never had… done this before… like… ever.” he admits bashfully, curling his shoulders; soft fabric of his burgundy cardigan touching his ears.

Abruptly, you stop, hand hovering around his striped gray bow tie. Did you hear your boyfriend right? “You… Wait, wait, that’s why you’ve only fingered me before?” you gasp quietly, carefully sitting down next to him. That comment makes Barry blush harder; face turning a tomato shade of red.

His styled chestnut locks bounce when he scoots farther up the queen sized bed, tan trousers riding around his ankles. “Yes…” he says quietly, fixing his spectacles to gaze at you. “I-I wanted t-to wait. For you! For-for the one I want to spend forever with…” he sputters, pressing his knuckles together awkwardly, focusing his bright mossy green eyes on his lap. “I-I know it’s silly b-”

You cut him short by forcing your lips on his, hands cradling the back of his head. With a gasp, the brunette presses his hands to the side of his hips, bracing himself while you suck on his bottom lip. Whimpering quietly into your mouth, Barry shuts his pale eyelids, feeling your lips move to the corner of his lips.

Starting to leave open mouthed kisses along his impeccable jawline, your fingers work on the buttons of his pearl white shirt, popping them off one at a time, leaving the bow tie for last. His breath hitches as soon as your fingers touch one of the moles on his upper chest. “Y/N…” he whispers, peeking down, watching you pull his tie; it unravels.

Then, very carefully, you allow your hands to creep up to his slender shoulders, pushing both the button down and the cardigan off. Barry blushes, pale freckled cheeks becoming rose pink at his exposed chest. “You have very nice abs, Barr.” you mutter, running your hands down his torso, ending at his belt. “Is this what you want?” you ask, looking at him through your eyelashes.

He nods slowly, cupping your cheeks in his palms to tilt your face up. His lips connect with yours and he cocks his head to the side, moaning softly when you unbuckle his dark brown belt. You continue to kiss him as you shimmy his pants down his long legs, letting him kick them off.

Sitting back on his thighs, his lips linger on yours, eyelashes feeling heavy- too heavy for his eyelids. Barry flutters his eyes open, watching you peel your shirt off, giving him a front seat to your breasts. Gulping, his trembling hands wrap around your waist traveling down to the edge of your underwear, slowly pulling them down. Discarding them, you place your hands on his chest, nibbling on his jaw.

He moans low, squeezing his eyes shut when you sink down on him. “Oh… sweetheart… I…” he breathes, panting as one of your hands moves to push his glasses up.

You slowly rock your hips on his, attempting to be gentle. The movement makes your breasts jiggle in his face, causing him to blush harder. Speeding your pace, you hear a muffled groan drop out of him; lens’ of his glasses partially covered in fog. “Are you close, Barry?” you ask, feeling his dick twitch as you bounce.

Gulping, Barry nods, thrusting his narrow hips once before his mouth hangs open and he cums. A tiny smirk appears on your face when you hear his blissful moan again. Nibbling on your lip, you follow him, hair dangling in your eyes while your body shakes.

Getting ahold of yourself, you climb off him, falling at his side. Barry, with his hair matted to his forehead, glasses crooked, pulls you to his chest. “I-I’m glad I waited.”

Babysitter (Step Brother AU! Chen) Pt. 1

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Type: Angst Fluff

“Mom I don’t need a babysitter” you groaned as she huffed throwing more clothing into her suitcase. “Honey a month alone isn’t good for you” she says"I’m 18 I spend all day at school anyways" you mumble as you leave the room. “Invite Hyesang and Soonae over for the weekend. Chen doesn’t get here until late tonight” she called as a smile came across your face.


“Jongdae” your friend Soonae said as she looked at your step brother’s Instagram. He was a decentlu paid musician. He was a token singer in a band. “Your brother is so hot” she whines as she rolls on her back “he’s a douchy guy” you tell her as she scoffed. “Doesn’t mean he’s not hot. I mean look at his abs” she continues as she shoves her phone into your face. ‘He does have nice abs’ you thought to yourself. “His bandmates are even hot” Hyesang says as she lays on your bed with her phone in her hand.


“So why do we have to come?” Chanyeol asked Jongdae who closed the trunk of the car. “My stepsister’s obsessive friends are there. I can’t take it all so you guys are coming with” he said to Baekyun, Kyungsoo, and Chanyeol. “Plus you never know if you’ll get lucky” Jongdae says as he climbs in the passengers sear “sleep with an 18 year old? Its only one weekend” Kyungsoo stated amazed by his friend’s statement “yeah but they stayed over all the time when theu were younger. One of them stared at me all the time when they stayed over for dinner” Jongdae says as he buckles up. “My stepsister is off limits though. The other two you can go to town on” he then says as Chanyeol starts the car.


You sat in the living room with your friends as you watched reruns of The Return of Superman and Infinity Challenge when loud voices filled your ears. The front door unlocked as Jongdae peaked in before the door slammed open. He hadn’t really stepped into the house in 4 years. Hadn’t really even seen his sister in person since then either.

He followed her on SNSs to please his stepmother and he was glad he did. He watched his dorky 14 year old stepsister grown into a woman. He watched boyish shirts turn into dress clothing. One pieces turned into two. He thought you was growing up nicely. Not that he would tell you.

You turned and made eye contact with him “kid” he said as you rolled your eyes and got up. “Whatever I’m going to bed” you say as you leave. Your friends smiled at the group of boys before they bowed and took off running to your room. “One whole month of this place so make yourself at home” Jongdae says as he heads back to his room with his bag.


You woke up the next morning and instantly headed to the kitchen as you were starving like every other morning. You glanced over in the living room seeing two of the boys from last night passed out. You walked into the kitchen and nearly jumped at shirtless Jongdae there eating. “Close your mouth baby girl I know I’m good looking” he teased as he took another bite from his cereal. You walked over sizing up your stepbrother as he looked you in the eyes. You leaned close as if you were going to kiss him before you grabbed the box of cearal from behind him and stepped away. He scoffed “don’t get your hopes up” you tell him “also this is my cearal. Go buy your own beagle boy” you tell him as you grabbed a bowl.

“How’s school going?” he asked honestly as you poured milk into your bowl. “Really? Small talk” you say to him as he shrugged. “4th in my class” you say as he nods “barely getting by?” you asked him as he chuckles. “Hard to concentrate with all the hot girls” you instantly rolled your eyes. He smiled “you’re growing up fine” he flirts lightly looking you over. “You’re seriously hitting on me?” you asked him as he puts his bowl down and walks over to you. He pinned you to the counter behind you. “You never think of me?” he asks quietly as his hand grab you hips. Forehead bumping against yours “I’m a minor-” “oh baby girl. You’re dancing on that line” he said as he leaned in to kiss you before you turned your head.

“You’re my brother. And a player. I’m not playing your game” you tell him as you shove him off. “I’m not wasting myself on you” you tell him. He smiled before his face changed “if you go to college you’ll have to learn that most guys aren’t into virgins or they might go after you for it. They have games where you take as many girl’s v-cards as possible” he said seriosuly as you looked at him in digust. “What? Its true” he asked “go to hell. All you guys are digusting” you tell him as you go back your room with your cearal.

Spring Day

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Genre: Smut

By: Admin Podo


Notes: sub!jungkook, sensory deprivement, just a bunch of kinky shit basically, dirty talk kinda

Words: 1,841

Spring break had just started and thankfully your professors had not given you that much homework. You had planned to catch up on some dramas and maybe watch some anime with your boyfriend, but he probably wanted to spend the break playing video games and drawing.

One afternoon though, you found yourself very bored. Your boyfriend Jungkook had taken more shifts at his part time job for spring break. You had finished a whole show in two days with sleeping somewhere in the middle of that. Since you were bored you decided to surf the interwebs.

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Dating Sehun

-cute bubble tea dates
-“can we go somewhere other than the bubble tea place?”
-“no i need my refill”
-he’ll complain if you take to long to get ready
-“you look good, all the time, stop taking so long jeez”
-im sorry but youll have to deal with his brattiness
- he’d talk about you to his hyungs ALL THE TIME
-he may be the maknae but that dont mean hes innocent
-butt grabbing 24/7
-he wont care if its in public
-you feeling left out because of vivi
-sehun trying to make things up to you is super awkward because hes a noodle
-but he tries
-if u compliment him, he’ll bring it up 24/7 because hes smug af
-“look how nice my abs are today, wow jagi you have really good taste in men”
-he may be smug on the outside but is lowkey insecure and loves when you compliment him
- hes lowkey whipped
- you wont even notice it until the members bring it up
- he’d do anything for you
- did i mention how sassy he would be?
-he doesnt like you meeting his hyungs because he wants you to himself
-“take a picture of me for instagram” (okay as i typed this i got a notification saying he posted on insta how fucking creepy)
-he doesnt actually say it outloud often but shit he loves youuuu

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“ViVi” JPN Magazine January 2017 (TRANS)


What did you do last summer? (2016)

 I was happy that I could show my well-toned body! I was working out really hard for a short period of time, and I’ve already lost the nice ab now.

What have you been into these days?

 I’m studying Japanese! I mastered most adjectives now! I’m learning from textbooks (in Japanese).

Any recent mistakes you made?

 It’s not a mistake but when I am struck at song writing, I don’t try to motivate myself too much but just stay there calmly.  

What is your current favourite fashion?

 These days I wear clothes from “VETEMENTS”. I always choose over-sized ones.

What is your current favourite music?

 “A Winter Story”. It’s from the film “Love Letter” OST.

What did you purchase recently?

 I bought a pair of Adidas sandals yesterday!


What did you do last summer? (2016)

 It was a tough summer because of my injury. I hope I can perform on stage and have a nice summer next year.

What have you been into these days?

 Watching dramas! My favourite one is “The Walking Dead”!

Any recent mistakes you made?

 My mother cooked baeksuk for me the other day. I added noodles into it. It tasted horrible! Haha. I don’t usually cook, but suddenly I felt like trying then.

What is your current favourite fashion?

 Button up shirts and colourful T-shirts.

What is your current favourite music?

  Franc Ocean’s new album. I like his music.

What did you purchase recently?

 I bought T-shirts at “bonjour records” and “MAISON KITSUNE” in Daikanyama (Tokyo).

BTS reaction to their girlfriend being stronger than them

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“So what? I’m still prettier tho.”

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“That can’t be possible.”

*existential crysis*

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“Well.. You have really nice abs..”

*can’t stop looking at you anymore*

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“Did you loose weight? You look so nice today!”

*tries to cover up the fact that you just beat him at arm wrestling*

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“Wow! You must have been working out a lot then!”

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*whisper from the distance:*

“No one can replace the jithighs!”

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“How can this be possible?!”

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Here is a story for an anonymous friend, that wanted to write a possession story about an adult man possessing a young student. I hope you will all like it.  If you also want me to write a story about you, just contact me and tell me what do you want me to write about.

I snapped a picture of me sitting in a car looking good as always and posted it on My story on Snapchat. Cool. Blues eyes were drawing attention and perfectly matched my new T-shirt that Alisha, my girlfriend, gave to me yesterday.

“Ok, time to go now.” I grabbed my stuff and put my phone into the pocket. “ I went straight to school from the parking lot. The way usually takes about 10 minutes, but today it took me longer, because I had an encounter with a weird stranger. He looked like homeless and probably a stoner, but I was happy to help anyone who asked me for help. 

“Hey could you please help me? You look like a well-behaved young man.”

“Sure, what can I do for you sir?” I politely answered.

“I got debts and I don’t have enough money to pay it all back. Mr. Bernetti, maybe you know him, is not a patient and a decent man like you. He is a mobster and threatened me to pay him a tax for my store. But not many people come to my store since Bernetii started to show his ass more often.” said the stranger shaking nervously.

 “Look, I would really like to help you, but I am just a student and I can’t give you any money. I need them too. Maybe you could ask somebody else or try to contact the police.”

“No. I can’t go to police, he has got his people there, I just can’t. But you could help me, I just need a hideout for a few weeks. And you would be perfect, he would never look in your house.”

“Look, I live with my parents, I can’t let a total stranger live in my house. I don’t even know you”

“Don’t worry, your parents won’t even notice I will be there. I fill fit in just right. All I need to know is to be you, to become you.” he said in a happy, but a still nervous voice and pushed me to the ground. 

“What are you doing? Get off me” I tried to push him away. He was touching me everywhere and screaming. “That bitch lied to me! She said that drinking that shit will be enough. I will kill her. Kill her!” Then he spotted a coming crowd of my friends and quickly ran away from me. They helped me to get back on my feet and came with me inside. 

I was stressed out. What did that guy mean? What did he mean by “become you” ? I was over thinking that moment all day. After school I headed to play football. I got changed and took my water bottle with me. I left it on a bench and went to play. I drank the whole bottle even thought that the water tasted a bit sugary. After practice I drove home. My parents were on their anniversary dinner. I unlocked the door and came inside. But before I could close the door that weird stranger came in.

“Get out, I swear will call the police.”

“You can try, but this time I made sure that it will work. Fuck, I will be so hot in just a few seconds” then he jumped at me again. But this time I didn’t collapse. My body just absorbed his and I felt like I couldn’t move. I felt paralysed, but still could anything happening around me. I could feel the wind, sweat drops on my forehead, anything, but I couldn’t move. But then my eyes started to move.

“Shit, that was a ride. Hey hot boy, you still in there? I hope you can see what I am about to do. I will stay in this body just for a while and then I will leave like nothing happened. Well I hope you agree with me, because you don’t have a choice and I can’t hear you. So…” came out of my body, but it wasn’t me talking. My hands started to move and touch my face.

“Please just get out, I will do anything, please.” I screamed, but didn’t hear anything.

“Hey I think I can feel your emotions in there, but don’t worry this anger will pass and you will enjoy being a passenger in your body. Now where were we?” he was touching myself again and posing in the mirror. “This is a really nice body. I have to admit you were taking good care of it. NIce abs, flat torso, huge biceps, damn bro, look at your nice package. Your dick is so huge. I need to get it wet with some hot girl. 

My whole life was in his hands. I couldn’t do anything. He bought new clothes, that I would never wear, stopped playing football, everything. All I could do was to be as much emotional as it was even possible. The first time he was with a girl, I tried to be disgusted and I think it worked. My… His dick couldnt get hard. He should have known that possessing gay guy is not going to be a holiday vacation for a straight homeless. Unfortunately he didnt mind. He found himself a nice twink to fuck and continued to ruin my life.

He is enjoying holiday now with bunch of other guys. It has been 5 weeks now and nobody suspects anything. They all thing that I just wanted to enjoy my life more. Maybe its better this way, but I would really like to have my body back one day, because it sucks to be just a watcher. All I do watch how he is having fun in my body, drinking  booze, using drugs and fucking other guys. “Hey, that guy has a cool tatoo on his arm, maybe he will fuck me later.

Keith’s Good Side

“You ready to play some ultimate?” I asked getting into Keith’s car.

“Just about,” he answered. “I just need to get this shirt off.” Just as he said that, his shirt disappeared. “And since we’re going to the park, I’d like to look a bit tan-“ his skin darkened “-and maybe 30 lbs. more muscle mass.” As he finished his sentence, his body inflated all over with hard muscle.

Keith propped his arm on the window, showcasing his new bulging biceps, flashed me a sexy look, and finished, “So, yeah, I think I’m ready. You?”

“I can see you’re in a good mood today,” he broke his sexy look and we both laughed, “Yeah, I’m ready, let’s go.”

“Oh, you know you love me in a good mood,” Keith remarked.

I had been dating a Storyteller for six months now, and I can’t say I regret anything. The thing about Storytellers is that literally anything they say goes. That’s a blessing and a curse, mind you, but a blessing most of the time, especially when you’re on their good side. And I happened to be on Keith’s very good side.

We drove to the park and started walking to the field where a group was waiting. Keith turned and looked at me, rubbing his crotch.

“You know, you should probably take your shirt off-“ my shirt disappeared.

“Alright, do your worst,” I teased him.

“Well, everyone out there is going to be tall, and you’re going to want to see over the crowd, right?” my body grew to a towering 6’7”. “And you’re going to want to have a hell of a throwing arm,” I looked down and twisted my arms as they ballooned with muscle, “You look disproportionate now, maybe you should have a nice looking torso to boot.” I rubbed my abs as I felt them cobble and squeezed a pec as it rose from my chest.

“Better?” I asked.

“Mm, much better.”

“Glad no one else is around; they’d want in on some of the action.”

“What, like Jeremy?”

“Come on, we live with him. How much longer are you going to withhold from him? I’d be pissed.”

“I don’t know, I’d just feel like I was cheating on you.”

“Well, you have my blessing. Give Jeremy a little fun; he needs it, deserves it.”

“Bitch, please, deserves how?

“Imagine living with two guys who can look and be exactly what they, or rather one wants each of them to be while you’re left out in the cold. That kind of patience should go rewarded.”

“Eh, I guess you’re right. Anyways, let’s play some ultimate, we’ve got a group waiting for us.”

Keith and I played a good game of Frisbee with a couple of the guys from his work. Not exactly a fair game, though; when he told me I should jump higher, or course I jumped higher, and when he told me to run faster, I all the sudden ran faster. It was a rush to feel a sudden spike in endurance, I’ll admit, but it was hardly fair for the other team. One of the many perks of being on Keith’s good side.


We arrived home sweating from the game and saw Jeremy on the couch working on his schoolwork. I caught him glaring at us as we came in laughing and talking about the game.

“Goodness, Thomas, you’re five inches taller than when you left this morning,” Jeremy said condescendingly, not taking his eyes from his computer. “Heavier, too. You must be seriously committing yourself at the gym.”

“Uh, um yeah, Keith and I just played ultimate and, uh, we’d figured it would be better if we-“

“Had an unfair advantage?” Jeremy interrupted.

“Relax, bud, it’s just a sport,” Keith spoke up. “You sound jealous. Maybe if you focused on turning your 150 lbs. into more of Thomas’s 250 lbs.-“ I adjusted my standing as I suddenly felt by body gain nearly 40 lbs. more of muscle, “-you wouldn’t have to hate as much.”

Keith gestured for me to head upstairs with him as Jeremy continued his studies. “Fucking showoff…” he muttered as we went upstairs.


We arrived in my room and I closed the door behind us. “You know you’re really not helping your case with him.”

“Who said I had a case needing help?”

“Look, I just think he would feel better if he were included more in our… going on’s…”

“If it’ll stop him from being a jealous bitch, I’ll consider it.”

“I think it will. And you know what they say: the more the merrier.”

“Fine, ok, you’ve convinced me. But if we’re going to do our work on him, we need to get ready for the Halloween party ourselves.”

Realizing the next development, I eagerly started disrobing, having trouble peeling off my shorts because of the 40 new lbs. of muscle I received downstairs. “Alright then, who will it be?”

Keith thought for a moment, “Hmm… I think tonight you’ll go as Warner.”

“Warner?” I asked in a new deep, coarse voice. I put an arm against the wall and leaned on it as the changes quickly took place. I felt myself shorten about 5 inches plus lose the extra muscle I was given, and I felt my face contort and morph. My body went hot and I moaned as I felt my arms and legs and chest and torso push out and get heavier with muscle. I felt my body stop changing, examined my new body, and looked back up at Keith. “Who the hell is this? Warner, is it?”

“A guy I used to wrestle in high school. Always made him a couple pounds heavier when we met in the ring. He was a good guy. We were both really into our coach; we sorta connected wit that secret. Haven’t seen him in four or five years, though; glad to see he’s kept it up.”

“Glad you’re happy, but should I just wear my boxers to the party or should I dress up?”

“Ah, I think you’ll wear something formal.”

I looked down and noticed I was wearing a full tuxedo. I brushed myself off and posed in as James Bond holding a gun.

“Nah, something less formal than that.”

I felt the tuxedo go away and noticed I was wearing a tuxedo t-shirt,  and some black board shorts. I posed in a relaxed manner for him.

“… No, much, much less formal.”

“How less formal can you get-“ I started as a felt the board shorts shrink up and cup my crotch as a thong while two suspenders snakes over my shoulders and connected with the thong. I felt something grow around my neck and reached up to feel that a tie had wrapped around my neck.

“That thong’s looking a little loose. Maybe you should fill it out more.”

“Wha- oohhhh…” I moaned as I felt my manhood swell inside the thong.

Recovering from the sudden wave of pleasure, I asked, “Good enough for you?”

“Mmm, yeah, looking good, Warner.”

“Oh, so I guess I’m going by Warner tonight. Anyways, what was the name of that coach of yours?”

“Coach Getter. Classic American stud, he was.”

“Ok then, you’re going as Getter.”

Keith threw me a look.

“What, I just want to know what your type is.”

“You’re my type, babe.”

“I mean once you haven’t thrown out everything but the mind.”

He considered for a moment. “Hell, why not. More fun for me. On one caveat.”

“Name it.”

“It has to be Getter from back when I was in high school-“

“Fair enough.”

“-And in a leotard.”

“What? Keith, come on, this is a party, not a night to live out some fantasy.”

“What? He was so hot in his leotard…”

“… Fine, whatever, say it.”

Keith propped himself up against the wall, partially in preparation, partially to put on a show for me, “Tonight, I’m going as Coach Getter in his leotard from back when I wrestled.”

His shirt and shorts suddenly turned shiny and red and compressed against his body. His arms burst audibly with huge muscles, followed by his shoulders, chest, back, abs, and legs, his body lurching forward as more and more muscle erupted. He grunted and I noticed a massive bulge develop in the compression of his leotard. Finally, his face contorted and the face of a 30-year-old god-like man appeared. He looked over at me and noticed I was hard.

“See, a complete knockout.” He said in a voice deep enough to crumble walls.

“You weren’t kidding,” I agreed.

“I can see he’s not just my type either,” he gestured to my crotch.

“Oh, please, you’re just as turned on as me,” I answered teasingly as I advanced towards him and rubbed his bulge. He groaned as I gripped his member, “Why don’t you show me a few new moves, coach?”

He threw his head back and laughed, “Oh my god, you’re turning me on! You really couldn’t have picked a better time to say that.“

I pulled down his leotard, his monster cock springing out, and we made love for a full hour.


Keith and I went downstairs where Jeremy was still diligently working. He looked up at us surprised, thinking there were strangers in the house, but quickly realized what was going on.

“You guys have fun,” he said sarcastically from his computer.

“Jeremy, come on, come with us.” I pleaded.

“Nope, I’m good.”

I looked towards Keith. He rolled his eyes, “Jeremy, man, come out with us. A cute face like yours shouldn’t stay indoors all night.”

I saw Jeremy’s face twisted and reshaped with a stronger jaw, thicker hair, and some stubble. He looked up at Keith surprised.

“Especially after all that working out you’ve been doing. You look like a Greek statue!”

Jeremy shouted as he felt his body inflate and gain several pounds of muscle out of nothing from his formerly lanky frame. He was calming down, marveling at the impressiveness and impossibility of his new body.

“I mean look at those guns! Give them a flex for us!”

I saw Jeremy’s feel the new weight in his arms as they gained more muscle. He looked up at us shyly and flexed his new arms.

“Come out, Jeremy! It’ll give you a chance to feed that foot long monster between your legs,” Keith added slyly as I laughed.

“Keith, oh my go-…!” Jeremy stood up gripping his crotch through his shorts as his manhood doubled in length and thickness as Keith and I laughed heartily.

“Ok! Ok! You, uh… you convinced me,” Jeremy concluded, standing proud in his new impressive frame.

“Hey, that’s the spirit!” Keith added, patting Jeremy on the back as they both laughed.

I grabbed my keys and we made our way to the door.

“Wait, what am I going as?” Jeremy asked, realizing Keith and I were already in our ‘costumes.’

“I’m sure we’ll think of something on the way there.” Keith replied.

I smirked knowing exactly what Keith had in mind. Same thing I went as to showcase my new body when Keith first altered me: Tarzan. I’m glad to see that Jeremy is finally on Keith’s good side, too.

ok i was talking about this with @abermb and she’s already made a post and we made up a lot of these characters together bc we’re both gay as fuck (this is pretty much a companion to that post so go read it)

so lets just think about the samwell women’s volleyball team’s group chat real quick 

it’s always fucking chaos bc they’d originally set it up to notify each other about practice and games but what really ends up happening is it’s all personal drama and memes and chirping much like the smh team’s group chat (ofc they don’t call it chirping but they make fun of each other constantly)

so much swv group chat goodness under the cut

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Dinner || Rafinha Imagine

There were moments like this that had you nervous and feeling butterflies all over your stomach. Moments like the one where your boyfriend Rafael Alcantara, known as Rafinha, wanted to introduce you to all the Barça players. None of them knew of your existence except for Marc, and that was because apparently Rafinha let it slip in a conversation between the two.

  Rafinha and you met when you almost crashed against his car in a parking lot. You fangirled, he laughed, he made sure you were okay since you were nervous over the whole situation going on and he made sure to ask for your number in a subtle yet authentic way. Wanting to make sure you made it to your house safe because you were so nervous and shaky that he was concerned you might crash for real because of it. One message led to two daily messages and eventually led to speaking to each other in a daily basis and you visiting a few games at Camp Nou. Of course, you two were just friends when all of that happened. It wasn’t until a few days ago where he decided to ask you the big question and you couldn’t say no to him.

Rafa was funny, caring, sweet, a gentleman, and an extraordinary human being. He was there for you from the beginning and he has not changed his way of treating you, except of course, that he added the flirting and teasing about things more evident until it led to this.

Tonight was the celebration for Suarez’ Golden Boot award and most of the FC Barcelona players would be there. Rafinha had asked you to go with him so he could introduce you, but unfortunately you were stuck in traffic and wouldn’t make it in time to Rafa’s house, change and go there, so you told him to head to the restaurant and that you’d catch up there later.

“I could wait for you. I don’t mind” he said over the phone and you shake your head even when he can’t see you.

  “I don’t know how long I’ll be here. I don’t want you to miss anything because of me…”

  “I’ll miss arriving with you and seeing their faces when they see me with you” he says and you smirk.  

“Show off” you tease. “Haven’t you considered that getting there alone and them seeing me when I get there after would shock them a bit more? Make them believe you are still single?” You tease. You hear him hum at the other side of the phone and then he chuckles.  

“Alright. If you think that plan will work, I’m in. I hope I don’t get stood up in this” he jokes and you mock him.  

“I’ll be there as soon as possible, I’ll let you know, okay?”  

“Esta bien, princesa. (Alright, princess) I love you” he says, throwing you a kiss over the phone before you two hang up.  

It wasn’t until an hour and a half later that you get home. Rafa had left not long ago to the party so you started to get ready with a good shower before staring at the small part of Rafa’s closet where your clothe was hung on.  

You decide to go with a small, black suit. It had shorts and on both sides the material continued down to your legs, leaving your legs exposed on the back and front but not on the sides. You place your golden choker around your neck, step into your high boots and you are ready to go to meet up with your boyfriend and his teammates.

  Its not long until you arrive at the Casanova Beach Club. You don’t have much problems with the security since your boyfriend seemed to have mentioned you’d be arriving later, and you are thankful for that idea of his. You step into the place and look around, spotting the football players. Not like it was hard to spot them, they were being loud and laughing and one of those was your boyfriend which you grin at. As you make your way there, you notice Neymar hit Rafinha on his arm while looking at you and you need to hide the smirk that wanted to come up your lips.  

“Dude, what-”  

“Look at that one over there. She was grinning as soon as she spotted you” Neymar says to Rafa and he arches an eye brow. “Hopefully she is not meeting up with anyone…” he says eyeing you.  

Rafa decides to turn to look at the direction you were coming from and he smiles, eyes getting small as he chuckles somewhat nervously. “Actually, she is meeting up with someone…” Rafinha says and he pushes his seat back before standing up and turning towards you. Neymar and Samuel look at each other questionably before looking at Rafinha.

  “Hey” you say softly as you approach your boyfriend. He was grinning like a little kid during Christmas Day and it warmed your heart.  

“You look absolutely stunning…” he says eyeing you from head to toe and even making you spin for him after he took your hand in his. “Come on, let’s finish shutting Ney up” he says with a smirk before turning to the table where everyone was surprised, at least the players. Except Marc, he knew this was going to happen probably. Their wives and girlfriends were just smiling at both of you.  

“Hermanos (Brothers), this is Y/N, my girlfriend…Huge fan of us, but obviously more fan of me than you guys” he says, adding his cocky behavior to joke around.  

“Nice to meet you, guys. Don’t listen to him, he is being himself” you say with a roll of your eyes playfully. You were blushing already a lot, but after you spoke, Rafa chuckled and placed a kiss on your cheek.  

“Oooh, someone that won’t go with your ego plans. I like her already” Neymar jokes.  

“I’m sorry, but when did we missed that important detail?” Suarez asked and Rafael chuckled and shrugged.  

“Didn’t want to say anything until it was official and things were settled” Rafa answers and gives your hand a soft squeeze.  

“Congratulations on your award, Suarez. You deserve it” you say smiling at him.  

“Gracias (thank you), Y/N” he replies smiling.  

“Anyone else noticed that Marc is not even slightly shocked that the kid got a girlfriend?” Samuel questions playfully and all eyes turn to Marc while your boyfriend is looking for a chair for you to sit besides him.  

Marc shrugged before he spoke, “I knew it because he let it slip in a talk we were having. He tried to take it back and I just knew there was something going on so he eventually told me after five good minutes of trying to lie” he says and Rafa comes back chuckling.  

“Can’t blame me for trying.”  

“Blaming you for not telling us” Sergi teased and Rafinha chuckled.  

“Sorry. Just wanted to make sure I didn’t got rejected before mentioning her” he says as you sit down, and he sits besides you, placing an arm around your shoulder.  

After a while from everyone paying attention to the two of you, everyone went back to talking to their small groups and eventually would speak to you and Rafinha. Except for Neymar and Samuel who were the closest to the two of you.  

“I will never forgive you for not telling me you had your princesa already” Neymar teased and Rafinha rolled his eyes playfully while you giggled.  

“You would’ve scared her away.”  

“If you didn’t with that ego of yours-”  

“My ego had her falling for me” Rafinha jokes.

  “Is that even true, Y/N?” Samuel asks and you smirk.

  “Well…Besides that, it was just his way of being in general. And his smile of course” you say and you look up at Rafinha just to find him looking at you lovingly, making you blush.  

“You sure? I mean, his abs beat his smile and his face” Neymar jokes and he and Rafa laugh.  

“Have you been checking me out?”  

“Bro, we change clothe in front of the other. I’m not blind. You have nice abs and a sexy V line” Neymar says and Samuel and you start laughing.  

“Looks like you have some competition, Y/N” Samuel says and you nod your head as you giggle.  

“Apparently, but I’m ready for it. I still get to sleep with him” you tease and Samuel drew out an oh as he looks between Neymar and Rafinha.  

“I also sleep with him…On the plane, on our way to games. I got him first. Minha Princesa” Neymar says, winking at Rafinha, who rolls his eyes and scoff.

  “You are terrible making my girlfriend jealous of you” Rafa says and slaps the back of Neymar’s neck.  

“Niños (Kids), can you behave or do I have to ground you both?” Suarez questions and you laugh. “I’m sure, Y/N doesn’t want to end up babysitting the two of you.”  

“Already on my way there with this one” you say to Luis with your thumbs pointing at Rafa and you all laugh.  

“Wow, are you even my girlfriend?” Rafa asks and you grin before he leans in to kiss you softly which you return happily. You can hear Neymar teasing and making kissing noises along with Samuel while you heard a few aww’s from the player’s girlfriend.  

The night went by pretty well, the food was fantastic and so was the dessert. Messi spoke to you for a while, asking you about your life and general things to keep a conversation. You had a few talks with Anto and Carol through the night about simple things, as well as with Sofi. They were all so nice that you were already getting fond of everyone. Rafinha would every now and then kiss your cheek and place his hand on your bare thigh, feeling your smooth skin as he talked with the players making you blush.  

It was time to go then, and you waved goodbye at your boyfriend’s teammates as they left.  

“We hope to see you during training sessions, Y/N. Don’t let Rafa keep you away from us” Marc said which you smiled at.  

“I will be there for the next one. I promise.”

  “You are all terrible, you will scare her away” Rafa groaned playfully.  

“We are the best people to talk to her about you. You are just afraid we say bad things about you or see your other side” Messi teased and you laugh.  

“So there is another side of him?”  

“Come to training session and you’ll see” Messi says and you laugh as you look at Rafa who was chuckling.  

“I’ll get my payback, Leo.”  

The player chuckled before you all leave. You and your boyfriend go back home in your respective cars because you came in separate ones. He would be driving close to you to make sure you made it to his house safely since it was late in the night and he didn’t like it when you drove around so late. You both park your cars in his garage and step out.  

“Did I mentioned you look gorgeous tonight?” He asks, arms going around your waist and pulling you close after you got inside the house.  

“Not even once” you tease and he arches an eye brow.  

“I can change that” he says before leaning into your ear, “Te ves hermosa (You look beautiful)” he whispers, causing goosebumps along your skin and a shiver to go down your spine.  

“You need rest for tomorrow…” you say, hands being placed on his hips as you look up at him.  

“I can rest afterwards…” he whispers before leaning to kiss along your neck, his lips moving against that sweet spot that he didn’t had trouble finding.  

It was taking everything in your body to not give in into his arms and let him take over you. “Can we watch a movie before? Soon you are leaving and I won’t be with you until you are back” he was going to leave to Mestalla for the Valencia game after tomorrow. Even though you knew it would be just for a day and a half, you’d still miss him as always.  

Your boyfriend sighs at your requests, eyes opening to show those amazing brown eyes that would get you lost in them. “Anything for my princesa, but you owe me” he voices with a smirk, nudging his nose against yours.

  “I’ll be happy to repay if you are still awake” you tease and he pulls you flush against him making you bite your lip before he chuckles and picks you up, your legs wrapping around his waist as you laugh.  

“Rafa get me down! My suit-” it was tight against your body and you didn’t want it to be torn just like that.

  He doesn’t do anything though, except tossing you on his bed but he stays on the edge. “I’ll be right back. Don’t move” he says as he points at you. You roll your eyes before he disappears into the bathroom.  

The two of you shower and soon you are both in bed with your backs against the headboard. Rafa brought a bowl full of popcorn and you had the drinks. He was setting up everything to watch Civil War, a movie you both went to watch in your first date.  

“I remember when you got there that day. You were all nervous and quiet” he says, eating his popcorn.  

“Shut up” you say giggling slightly. “Its not a common thing to go on a date with a football player and someone like you” you admit and he eyes you.  

“By ‘like me’ you mean all the things you told Ney about me?”  

“Yeah. I mean, its that. and the fact that I got to date one of my favorite players. I was still processing everything and just scared…”

  “Why scared?”  

“Because, you know, I thought it would be something that wouldn’t last. That it was just a temporary feeling from you…”  

“You thought that?”  

You nod your head lightly and he frowns before setting the bowl to a side and pulling you into his arms, your back resting on half of his chest.  

“You are my fan, right? I know you all find a way to count how many girlfriends we have and imagine things” he says and you both chuckle. “You do know I have not been with many girls. Along the relationship, things got complicated for some reason. That’s why I held back from asking you to be my girlfriend after a few dates. I wanted to make sure that you understood and accepted things. Knowing that you liked me as a footballer was a big plus, because you knew of the things I can get through in my career and even then you still accepted everything and agreed to be my girlfriend” he says and kisses your temple. “I knew I finally found someone that I could be with for a long while without worrying about anything.”  

“You never have to worry about me doing something that would hurt you” you admit, the movie now just some background noise that eventually it faded from your sense of hearing because of Rafael. “I could never do that to you…” You admit before you smirk and he eyes you, “You only have to worry about me not crashing against anyone” you joke and he chuckles.  

“Wouldn’t want that to happen. That’s how we met and I don’t want anyone else to fall for you and get your attention.”  

Its your time to move and face him and you shake your head, “I could never fall for anyone else if I got you. It would be a really, really, stupid move” you admit with a small chuckle. “Besides, where else can I find a pretty smile, pretty face, pretty body, amazing abs and a sexy v line?” You joke and he laughs, eyes squinting as he does.  

“I guess Neymar is right on that.”  

“And your personality is a big plus” you say, making gestures with your hands.   “You are crazy.” He teases before leaning forward and placing a kiss against your lips which you hum into before you both pull away.  

You cuddle closer to him, his arms going around you as you take the popcorn bowl and place it on your lap. You two watch the movie and eat the popcorn through it. You were so comfortable in his arms and under the sheets that you were the first one to fall asleep and not long enough, you feel some movement in the bed and hear the movie sounds stop. Rafinha moves you carefully to not wake you up and gets you yo lay down comfortably on the bed before he follows with one arm resting around your waist and his body close to yours and you both fall asleep just like that. You had one more day to spend with him before he had to go to training in Mestalla, so you will have to make the most out of tomorrow to enjoy his company.  

Note: Woohooo! First Rafinha Imagine is finally here! I still owe another one which I’m working on but here it is! I hope you guys enjoy it! Feedback is appreciated and if you have a request or anything just let me know!

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Hey Mickey! Sounds like you and Raul had a pretty good time! I guess these aren't serious questions, but I wanna know anyway. (And maybe you've already answered them, so sorry if you have). Anyway, is Raul older than you? You're both so young looking that I can't tell. Also, is he taller than you? Or are you both the same height? Does he have nice abs? If he does, I bet you like to lick them, right? I know I would ;)

Yo, I’m 22 and Raul is 26. man. He’s fucking 6 foot tall, like 5 inches taller than my ass. He’s a fucking giant, man. 

And yeah, he’s got a fucking hot body, skinny with muscles just how I like it. He don’t have like crazy abs or nothing but fuck yeah I like to lick his chest and stomach and shit, and bite him and leave marks. It’s fucking hot.

Something Crazy Part 6

Summary: The aftermath after last night and a lot of backstory.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1617

Warnings: fluffy, angst and this part is more about the backstory of Bucky but I promise that next part we have more “action”. And I said that maybe this was 7 parts but no its going to be a little more. Stay with me people

A/n: I had posted this earlier but disappeared.

PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3 / Part 4 /Part 5

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Day 5

This was a good morning, you wake up with Bucky making breakfast for the two of you only in his underwear; you could feel the most delicious smell of waffles and hot coffee in the house. Everything was silent expect for the ramming coming from the kitchen, you two are alone Nat and Steve went to a hiking and only would be back by noon.

Now you are near the pool eating the most delicious waffles you ever taste with a delicious coffee that you doubt that was made in your kitchen.

“This is the best thing I ever eat.” He smiles at you “I am glad that you liked. I told you that you should had breakfast with me before.” You stole a strawberry of his plate “I am afraid that if you continue to cook like this I never going to let you go.”

“Really? What are you going to do? Tie me up in your bed?”  You give him a mischievous “If this is what you want we can arrange.” He almost chocks in his coffee “Jesus Doll are you trying to give me a heart- attack?”

“Of course not I want you alive and well to keep cooking for me.” He gets closer to you and put a little of whipped cream on your face “Good to know that this is the only reason you want me around.” Taking the cream of your face and eating “Of course no, I can think a few more reasons to keep you around.”

He pulls you closer and place his lips on you, the kiss is sweet you can taste the chocolate on his lips and he pins you on the floor holding your wrist above your head making a little pressure. “Bucky stop.” He lets you immediately and looks worried.

“I am so sorry doll. Did I hurt you? How is your wrist?” You place your hand in his cheek “No I am fine but the pressure was being too much. I am sorry” he gets up and a few moments later with a pack of ice “We need to talk.”

“Bucky… You don’t need to explain me anything. I don’t want you to pressure you to tell me things that you might not be ready to. .. You know me at 5 days.” Sadly he sits by your side and catches your hands on his “But I want .I trust you, honestly and you deserve an explanation about happened yesterday.”

“Okay. I am all ears.” You catch his face in your hands and kiss his cheek “I told you about the war but I never told you that I was capture and torture for a couple months. I am not going to be graphic about what they did to me you don’t need this image in your pretty head.”

“They would come every day and try to extract information for me. They would torturer me psychological and physically. If I didn’t pass out they would do little treats to me, they would feed me or let me take a shower”

You want to hold him and tell him that everything was going to be alright but you don’t do anything, you just stay there listening to him “This was part of their torture they wouldn’t hurt me anymore but they would hurt the person next to me. They would make me watch and every time they would call me a big boy or good boy for not passing out.”

“It was like this until I was rescued. A lot of people that were with me didn’t have the same luck.” This time you don’t resist and pull him to a thigh hug “I am so sorry Bucky. You don’t deserve this. And I am so sorry for calling that last night.”

You feel a few tears in your shirt and he looks at you “You didn’t know.” You let him cry you don’t know if he ever cried about what happened to him, if he let himself feel this vulnerable you doubt “What happened after?”

“I went home. My girlfriend was there she tried to be with me but she… couldn’t take I wasn’t the same man anymore.” He seems hurt; you want to ask what she did it to him but if he wanted to tell you he would.

You don’t have any idea what to say so you stay in silence holding him for a half hour “Are you going to run now?” You run your fingers thru his hair “Like I told you, where I will find someone that cook so well?”

“Still only using me for my cooking skills? You are evil” Even that he is joking you can feel the sadness in his voice. You get up and stand your hand to him “Come on let’s get inside and watch some TV.”

You are lying down and he is in your chest while you play with his hair. You two are watching movies well at least they are playing on the background you are to focus on him. His breath is still a little unsteady and since breakfast nether do you eat anything.  

You are in the same positions at hours until one of your favorite movies crazy stupid love starts “I love this movie.” You are paying attention to the movie when Buckys voice catches your attention “She cheats on me too, we aren’t married but I was going to propose.”

Your heart is broken again how could anyone can cheat on a man like him? Especially when he is so vulnerable “Was with a guy that worked with her. She told me that she didn’t love me anymore… that she never could love anyone as broken and with so many problems as me.”

“I think she is right you know? That time I couldn’t sleep sometimes I still can’t and I was always sad or feeling lost. Nobody should be stuck with someone like this for the rest of life.” You sit up and look deep into his blue eyes and place a kiss in his lips.

“She is wrong. You are great man and you deserve be happy okay? Trust me I know bad men and you are not one of them.” He smiles and is such a genuine and pretty smile that you can help yourself to kiss him again a little more intense.

You are in his lap with his lips on your neck when you hear the door being open “It’s good to know that you two are fine. “ You are blushing but leave his lap hearing a little groan coming from Bucky. “I didn’t know that you two would be back so soon.”

“Oh Darling is almost 6 we walked a lot, eat a delicious picnic and talked about a few things like last night.” You feel Bucky’s arms around you and you hide your red cheeks on his chest. Natasha continues to tease you “Well at least you are dressed today. Everybody in this room saw you in your bra this must be a personal victory.”

You know that she is not mad at you but you decide to hug her and ask for sorry “Oh darling you know that I am not mad is the same if he saw you in bikini the only difference is that had a lot of lace.“ You didn’t want to add that was a sexy push up bra “Sorry Steve.”

“Don’t worry was my pleasure.” You and Nat look at him like he just killed a puppy and Bucky clear his throat “Not that I enjoy… you sure have nice… no … Bucky is very lucky … not as lucky as me … but not … crap.”

“Okay Steve take a deep breath. I appreciate that you were there to help me with my wrist and you two are very lucky to see us in bras.” You try to put him out of his misery but Bucky would let the subject die “I consider myself lucky and I only see half of the boobs that Steve saw.” Nat clear her throat catching you attention.

“Remember when I say that he was trouble and cute after you met him?” You look at Natasha and agree with your head “I was wrong he is cheese.” You just shrug “What can I do? He was hot and mysterious at first now he is hot and a goofy ball.”

“Well at least he is still cute.” You agree “I am right here.” You ignore him “He has a sexy voice though and have you look at his tights?” She smiles “Yes But I prefer Steve, he has nice abs and have you seen his biceps? I bet he could pull a helicopter out of the sky.”

“Did they really are going to ignore us?” Steve giggles and sit by Bucky side on the sofa “You brought this one us.” Before they could start a revenge on you two Nat sits on Steve lap and kiss him “I want to do something fun tonight.”

“I have a few ideas of fun.”  Steve says smiling and taking Nat by her hand upstairs. “They look like two teenagers. Do you want to continue what we were doing?” A sad smile appears on his face “I think I should get home.”

“Why? Did I do something?” Maybe you said something wrong but this kind of flirtation was normal between the two of you “I just want to be alone, this last 24 hours were an emotional roller-coaster.”

Before you can respond he kisses your cheek and let you alone. You sit on the sofa not knowing what to do.

Part 7 

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