you have more talent than the world combined

Texas & California showing us the love and support <3

JX and the Badwells have sold more albums in Texas and California than in the rest of NORTH AMERICA combined, including our hometown!!!
Can you imagine how much this validates our daydreams and hard work?

Texas has the reputation of being really conservative, yet we are doing awesome with our album sales there.

California has the reputation of being a the mecca of the liberal lifestyle and we are so excited to be embraced by a state where some of the best music talents in the world live. 

British Columbia and Colorado are third and fourth respectively.

Washington state is fifth, but sales are from the Greater Seattle area.

Right now if we divide the six months of touring we have scheduled for this album based on geographic sales….
JX and the Badwells will be spending 4 months in Texas and California
another 6 weeks in Colorado, Washington and British Columbia
and only two weeks EVERYWHERE EAST of the Rocky Mountains

(The link to order the album, is on our tumblr home page, but you can’t see it on mobile.)
There are 6 weeks left to pre-order and determine who supports us where.
Want us to come to your town?
Post your town’s name in a comment or message us.