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Virgo Chinese Horoscopes

Virgo Daily-Today’s Chinese Horoscope

Attitude is everything today. The wise choice is to accept any worries or frustrations as part of life. Things will simply take longer than you expect. Any delays require greater patience, and humor! Pause to look back on what you have accomplished and be grateful for what you have.

Virgo Today : Chinese = 71% | Social Life = 88% | Mood = 73%

Virgo Daily-Yesterday’s Chinese Horoscope

Work steadily for best results. You may have an opportunity to do someone a kindness. It can bring a passionate, down to earth and helpful person into your plans. This is also positive for reviewing finances and investment options. You may be at odds with a good friend by day’s end.

Virgo Daily-Tomorrow’s Chinese Horoscope

This is a day when you may be juggling multiple commitments. This can scatter your energies in too many directions at once. Slow down if you’re feeling stressed or confused. Speed leads to accidents or mistakes. Making lists, rescheduling, asking for help, or begging off are all good ideas.

Virgo Weekly Chinese Horoscope

This is a powerful week for you to make any new start. You’ll have both self-confidence and a strong ambition to succeed. Networking and research will help you find important resources you need. Be smart about the way you spend money. You could be tempted to make an impulsive purchase you’ll regret later. Do what you can to work cooperatively with others. Don’t micromanage. You can get more done if you delegate and ask for help.

Virgo Monthly Chinese Horoscope

The line that separates different definitions is actually thin. Start with the things you can agree on. It makes getting along in your important relationships more stress free. It is too easy to hear and feel things that aren’t there if you’re looking for romance in August. This isn’t the time to go in too many directions or spend workdays with eyes focused elsewhere. You have to keep on top of things in the 30 days following the New Moon. Use the period wisely and keep your mind on current tasks. There are future rewards for paying attention to details.

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Swipe out hunger: Young social entrepreneur redistributes campus meal points to the needy 

If you’re like many college students living on campus, you have access to that sacred card that lets you swipe for seemingly infinite food options. And chances are, you have lots of unused dining dollars/swipes by the end of the year.

For Rachel Sumekh, the thought of wasting those meal points while there are people going hungry in her community was unsettling. And that’s when she and her two friends came up with the idea for Swipe Out Hunger.

Students who have have leftover dining dollars can opt to donate the remaining balance on their card to help feed community members facing hunger. Each donated swipe equates to one meal for someone facing hunger in their community.

Now with chapters in 20 colleges campuses across the nation, the organization has served more than one million meals.

“Through Swipe Out Hunger, I went from being just another student who cared to one who had a simple and powerful way to help end hunger,” says Sumekh, who is among the leading entrepreneurial millennials dedicated to creating social impact and combating hunger.  

griffvn  asked:

If it's okay to ask would you tell more like ghost stories you've had or like just cool witchy related things that you've done or have happened to you? The story about the spirit in your house was so cool! Sorry if this is weird

It’s perfectly okay! Lots of folks ask me for stories, I don’t mind it at all. :)

I have so many stories, both of ghosty things that have happened during my life, and weird and wacky or straight-up awesome things I’ve experienced in my tenure as a witch. They range from scary to strange to tear-jerkingly sad

We’ll put it to a vote! Tell me in the replies what kind of story you guys would like to hear. I’ll do one witchy and one paranormal. Here are the options:

  • Paranormal - Scary
  • Paranormal - Sad / Sweet
  • Paranormal - Weird AF
  • Witchy - Scary
  • Witchy - Funny
  • Witchy - Awesome

I’ll keep the polls open until 8pm EST tonight, and then I’ll tally the votes and post the stories.

Have fun! :)

anonymous asked:

I have this neighbor who's been trying to ruin my life. He has threatened to kill my cat, I've called the police and they can't really help unless he threatens me or actually hurts my cat. He stops all the other people I live by to tell them that I'm some awful person. I'm worried that he's going to cause me serious problems and I don't have many options. I was wondering if you could give me advice on some stones or protection spells or something, I'm desperate for a solution


Well they aren’t psychically or magically attacking you, so that’s one step you don’t have to cover. Other than having weapons and the police on speed dial, here are a few things I have found to help…

Protective Crystals

Ward Your Home

The Chill Out Spell

Stop The Gossip

Black Salt That Bitch

I would also try to have an arsenal of friends, family, and neighbors to confide in and help you in general. Also the new moon is coming up (on my birthday hooray!), so perhaps that will also be a good time to revamp these efforts.

New Moon Magick

Good luck and many blessings to you!

anonymous asked:

I am not trying to be rude, but I think I missed something. Why do you want us too donate?

I don’t want you to donate, I don’t expect anyone to and won’t ask anyone to; it’s literally just up in case anyone wants to support me a bit more. I’ve applied to so many jobs but now I go back to college in a week and I have no money and I won’t have time for a job and it’s literally just an extra bit of support to aid me through busy college life. I’m not asking anyone to donate and I’m not expecting it at all, it’s just an option in case anyone ever wanted to. Remember, I run the blog for fun, not because I want to get paid. x

asleeplikedeathx  asked:

I read that you are suicidal, & that makes me sad. I tried to commit suicide years ago. Now I am glad that I wasnt successful. Reach out if you need to talk. I am always willing to listen, as Im sure are many others on here. You only get one life, please hang on to it xx

First of all, thank you very much for your kindness! The world need more people like you. Therefore I’m too very glad that your suicide attempt wasn’t succesfull. Suicide is a decent option in some cases such as when you suffer terminal illness but in other cases I think we should fight as hard as possible. As you said you only get one life and I think that it’s precious regardless. I need to stress that I have no intention to commit suicide and I never really did. But since I suffer depression ever since I was a little kid, sometimes my head might be very dark. My worst fear always was that I’ll commit suicide accidentally in one of those days when the darkness surrounds you and it seems as if it will lasts forever and there is no way out. Anyway, I’ll keep in mind about reaching out and thank you very much again. I’m glad that there are places where you can find people who are not indifferent.

Another Option

Based on the deleted scene that should not have been deleted. If you haven’t seen the deleted scenes then go and watch. Maybe do it when you don’t have to be around people after.

So this is Regina, Regal Believer, OQ and lots of other stuff thrown in. I don’t do the scene justice but I couldn’t not write what I am sure to be one of many.

I don’t own the characters or the show. Mistakes are my own.

Enjoy and tell me what you think please :D

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Choices. Sometimes in life we get a choice, a choice on whether to do the right thing. A chance to shape our future. Sometimes that choice is made for us and we are led down that path. Other times we don’t recognise the choice at all, the decision so natural. Whilst some choices are impossible. They force us to choose between the things we love and value the most. Regina had faced more of these choices than she would ever admit. As she walked towards the end of the jetty, trying (and failing) to compose herself she wondered if this was the right one.

She turned towards her family, the ones she’d come to protect- the pirate still missing. Her heart was breaking, she’d finally found them, was finally beginning to feel like just maybe she could fit into this messed up world, now she was leaving them, and their lives to the fate of gods. Not just any god. Hades. God of the underworld. The master of death. She saw their smiles, their genuine happiness, and it shattered her a bit more. There was once a time when leaving them to die would not have been an issue for her. Yes she realised how harsh that sounded- it was the truth, she had tried to kill them because they were a threat to the world she’d built. To protect her heart. We don’t love through our hearts though, we love through our souls. Somehow the Uncharmings, Miss Swan, and their pirate mascot had wormed her way into her soul.

“You know I don’t want to leave you” her voice breaking with emotion

Her daughter, her friend, the eternally, and nauseatingly sweet Snow smiled “Which tells us exactly how far you’ve come” she offered, hugging her tight.

Emma hugged Henry, neither of them saying anything. No words describe mother’s tears. Thirty Years ago Emma gave up her baby for adoption, to give the bundle of joy his best chance, one she couldn’t give him. She never expected to get to know him, to love him as she did. She didn’t expect to count his adoptive mother as a friend, a mentor, a confidant. Yet here they were. Standing on the shores of hell, letting him go again. It was his best chance. She was determined to return, but part of her felt better knowing that whatever happened her son would be safe.

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I have so many decisions to make over the next few years and I don’t know where to even begin! How do you know what to choose when you have so many options? 

I’ve just been told by the centre operating manager that I need to apply for senior assessment fair (the closing date is like tomorrow so I’m working on my cover letter and cv today) which means next year I have a high chance of being a team leader which puts me in a management position meaning when I finish at this job I can apply for higher roles in other companies because I’ll have the experience of managing a team in amongst other skills! 

But if I come back next year as a team leader it means I won’t be able to go to Australia for a year (I really want to be an au pair because I want to experience that country so badly and I already have a profile for aupairing up and running) but I might be able to get a team leader job with the company I work for but in Australia instead? (However the contracts are awkward because of the seasons and when they start the season I’ll be in Disneyworld Florida) 

I also have made an application to work in America during summer (summer camp is on my bucket list and my friend might be going back and he said he can get me into the camp he worked at at a higher position due to me being age responsibility this summer) and I’m just waiting for them to phone me back but once again if I take that offer I can’t become a team leader because I’d be leaving half way through the year! 

So do I become a team leader next year and gain experience, go to Australia with Cara and volunteer for the commonwealth games and go travelling afterwards with the money I’ve saved him from becoming a team leader and then fly to America and do a summer camp 2 months after or do I scrap becoming a team leader and travel to the places I want to?


One thing I’m 100% sure about is university is no longer for me, experience is so valuable these days and what I’ve learn’t from this company is having a positive and happy attitude to your daily work tasks moves you up the company pretty quickly! I have been here for a year and a half and they’re offering me a senior role! Some people have been there 4 years and still haven’t moved up so I think I’ve done pretty well! 



Considering taking my year abroad in your lovely country, but just curious about your university/college lifestyle, the unis I have an option to choose don’t seem to be in towns or cities just quite campus based do you go out clubbing or to bars, shopping etc etc what do you do for fun is my main question just worried I’d get quite claustrophobic

[Chapter 53] A reflection

With graduation quickly followed by bar exam preparation, I found myself lacking the time and the repose necessary to conduct a proper reflection of these last three years, also known as law school. Thinking back now, I can remember some of the things that were told to me during the beginning days and weeks: “Law school will change how you think”; “You are not just becoming lawyers but joining the legal profession”; “The law provides the means through which you can change the world.” I took most of those sentiments to heart, but I didn’t have many expectations to which I could anchor them. 

As a college graduate, I entered the law school fray as if jumping into a pool with my eyes (mostly) closed. Law school was an option – an attractive option for a social sciences/humanities major who had switched from the sciences and who didn’t have much other direction in life other than the arduous reality in non-profits or the completely abandonment of my college training by entering consulting. I knew this professional route would please my parents (well not so much please as it would dampen the disappointment that I would never fulfill my ~destiny~ of becoming a physician), and I’ve heard about the supposed prestige and alleged job security that comes with being a lawyer. 

Three years later, I can’t say if I loved or hated law school. Like most of my contemporaries, it falls somewhere in between.

Law school certainly was challenging. The rigor was unlike anything I’ve previously experienced with both the amount of material that had to be learned in our substantive courses as well as the language of the law and the process through which one could analyze the material that had to be mastered. During college, I could coast through my classes by skimming the material and bullshitting essays. In law school, even a close reading couldn’t be enough to prepare me for class. Exams cannot be bullshitted. 

Another unexpected reality was the timetable of legal jobs hiring. In law school, you’re always searching for the next externship, applying for that coveted summer internship, and thinking of ways to make yourself more attractive to that prospective employer. For many of my classmates, those were the fabled law firms with the promise of money to pay down student loans (NYC starting salaries have now reached $180K, eye-boggling I know). But the sad fact is these jobs are still limited and many of my friends were left unemployed or in other, less financially stable positions. Law school is not a guarantee for financial freedom.

Law school built upon the layers of consciousness I had started to unravel and define during college. Whether fortunate or unfortunate, I attended law school when #BlackLivesMatter started to form. Landmark decisions from SCOTUS were thrown down, and our classes dealt in the aftermath. The activism occurring in the real world had a direct result on my understanding of law in our society: its possibilities for immense social change as illustrated in Shelby County or Obergefell and its inherent abstractions that allowed grand jury indictments to fail in multiple police shooting cases. In learning about implicit biases that affect juries and judges or the technicalities in interpreting statutes like the Administrative Procedures Act, I learned that the word of the law lacks any sort of power – its the advocacy driving the interpretation of those words that breathes life and meaning into the law.

Law school favors those with a mission. Being deliberate is key. There isn’t enough time in one’s schedule to jump between different areas of the law. Besides firm work in corporate litigation or corporate transactions, other areas of the law want to see a strong commitment from students whether its through coursework or internships. For me, that meant single-mindedly driving home the point I wanted to become an immigration attorney. One of my professors told me that I had been successful on that front. Sometimes, though, I wonder what could have been should I have deviated from this route. What could have been of those former thoughts of doing consumer finance or civil rights?

I’m a lawyer (pending bar passage and all that jazz). I’m an actual lawyer, and it’s both a little frightening and incredibly empowering to say those words. 

At the end of the day, in some people’s eyes, I’ve “sold out.” I came to law school with the intention of working within underserved immigrant communities (whether policy or deportation defense), and now I’m slated to become an attorney handling complex immigration matters for Fortune 500 companies. Financially, it was the most practical route with student loans and the need to provide for my family. And, to be honest, I didn’t think I would like the work when I did it last summer, but I ended up enjoying it more than I imagined. The tangible human impact is still there (i.e. why I could never do purely corporate work). The creativity involved in interpreting this area of law and the engagement of different subject areas ranging from new medical devices development to the physics of dark matter are aspects of the job I didn’t expect. But it’s not the high-stakes, high-impact, high-visibility immigration work I expected to do. 

Sometimes, I wonder how long I’ll stay at this upcoming job. Will I eventually return to my roots in more public interest-oriented work? Will I like the job (or the money) so much that I’ll stay forever? A part of me questions the possibility of being a lawyer until my end of days. Being a lawyer isn’t glamorous – it’s mostly reading, writing, rewriting, and more reading. Laws can change on a daily basis, new rules are written, administrative agencies and courts are constantly issuing new decisions and opinions. It’s a lot of thinking, explaining things to laypersons, being a medium, and providing client services. It can be incredibly frustrating trying to get people who don’t understand the intricacies of law to do what is necessary under the law to attain a certain result. I question whether I can be committed lifelong to this line of work, but perhaps doubt is a healthy way to consistently reevaluate one’s life trajectory.

I’ve openly professed to fantasizing about becoming an owner of a café/bakery/patisserie. Plenty of lawyers have given up their licenses to enter the foodie entrepreneurial world. There’s a certain independence and freedom of movement that are lost when one is constrained to a profession. But before any of those fantasies become more than just that, I’m excited to explore the bounds of the legal profession and to fully immerse myself in the desserts of my law school education by helping others navigate the murky (or exciting – depends on how one frames it) waters of immigration law.

“I fell into mental health illness problems at the age of 11 due to an alcoholic mother and abusive stepdad. I spent many nights thinking about options out but music always seemed to keep me sane. I’m older now but still unwell and battling but life goes on ;) I live with my dad now and have an incredible mum who adopted me.”

Thanks for sharing! Please feel free to submit anonymously if you wish.

anonymous asked:

so I just needed someone to rant off to. I'm fifteen and I was diagnosed with PCOS and I'm seriously a crying mess right now. I was damned from the beginning. Life seriously isn't fair what the hell did I do to deserve this. So much for wanting to have a family.

I’m so sorry bby

Originally posted by piccolasognatrice-91

I know it can be a really hard thing to deal with. My sister has PCOS and was diagnosed a few months ago, so she’s had some trouble coping with it. However, having PCOS doesn’t stop you from a having a family completely. Sure, it makes it harder to conceive, but even if you can’t have biological children, adoption is always an option. There are soooooo many kids without homes that just want loving parents.

My mom, two of her sisters, and one of her brothers were in the foster system for years. My mom was the youngest of the group, at only 3 years old. She was separated from her older sisters and brother for a long time, and was very lonely until she was reunited with her sisters and later her brother. There was a lot of jumping from family to family, but my mom is definitely one of the lucky ones. 

It’s important to remember even with the fact that you may never have a child that is of your own DNA, you can have a family that will have an even deeper bond than the one blood can give you. Never forget that. <3

~ Admin L

it’s my mom’s birthday and my grandma wants me to send happy birthday

i haven’t been in direct contact with my mom since my own birthday in january for the sake of my own health and i think it’s been better for me than worrying about the next phone call and what it’s going to be like

so my grandma was like ‘but you have only one mom you may have many friends in your life but you only have one mom’ ‘and one day you’ll regret cutting contact with mom’

and it’s like it’s not even going to be forever? when I’m in a good place and I can support myself I may open contact with mom again from a distance but for the time being no contact is the best option

besides those family values are toxic as hell and they hurt people a whole lot and i think they hurt my whole family too

i left a public happy birthday message in polish (polish because thats not the language we used with each other, she speaks it fluently, i don’t, so it’s less personal) but it does mean that i’ll continue not using facebook for a while

yayalooa  asked:

May you rate my placements? <3 Scorpio sun, Sagittarius moon, Scorpio rising, Venus, Mercury and Libra Mars! ( I have so much Scorpio omg lol )

looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY

can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me

would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t know

(so much scorpio aka…. you’re perfect,)

2016 Vaulter Club Travel Team Sign Ups Start Today!

2016 Vaulter Club Travel Team Sign Ups Start Today!

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Here in California you have the best of weather for many options in life.  Many of the kids around here play and participate in many of those options such as surfing, soccer, skiing, and many others. You have always heard the stories of mountains in the morning and surfing in the evening.  Why not take advantage of such activities if you can?

Now let us talk about pole vaulting and the lack there…

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