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Waking up to those pictures release of Cheyenne’s wedding, and see my babies Amy and Jonah laughing, talking and smiling together ON A BENCH, is my aesthetic

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I forgot the Norwegian word for "sad" so I looked it up in the dictionary app I have but it gave me the word "sæd" and idk how I feel about it

Sorry this has been sitting in my inbox for F O R E V E R but I want you to know, this made me giggle and I have been reading it when I’ve been “sæd”  😂

Money Shortage*

WARNING: Imagine might contain mature material so read with your own risk! No need to come say to me that I didn’t warned you

Posted on Instagram: 26th July, 2016


I looked myself on the mirror and still put some hair spray even my hair looked pretty good already. “Are you ready yet, Y/N? We’re late already” I heard groan in the hallway. “Yes, just a second” I said and grabbed my purse on the bed.

“Why do girls always takes so long to get ready?” he rolled his eyes when we walked to his car. “I don’t need to maybe even start list those things for you because you couldn’t ever understand” I giggled and he chuckled back: “Yeah, you’re right baby”

He pulled his car on drive way and pressed a gas a bit. We were already 20 minutes late from his parents’ place where we supposed to have a dinner tonight. Hopefully the car drive didn’t last more than 10 minutes before Justin parked his car in front of a big white house. “You ready, Y/N?” he asked and toon me by hand. He knocked on the front door and Pattie, his mom came to open it and smiled for us.

“Sorry that we’re late mom, Y/N had just those makeup and dress problems again and we-” “I understand” she said quickly and pointed us to move in the living room where others was. Jeremy, Justin’s father and his step siblings Jaxon and Jazmyn were waiting for us there and right away when we entered in the room, Jazmyn and Jaxon ran to hug Justin. “Hey, buddies. Did you missed me?” Justin asked them and mixed their hair playfully.

While Justin was asking how everything was going to Jaxon and Jazmyn, I sat down on the chair. Pattie admired my dress and said that black suits me. I thanked her and smiled. That dress was one which Justin had bought me once when we were visiting in Paris few months ago.

“I hope that I could find something like that good-looking at least ones so I could look a bit younger” she told and made me gasp: “What are you talking about? Puff, you look as young and fresh as always” She shook her hand dismissively. “Seriously, I hope that I could look a like as good as you when I’ll be in your age” I continued. “Don’t think something like that yet, Y/N. Enjoy your life with my son when you have still many years left. By the way is there anything you would have to tell us? she winked for me and Justin.

Justin chuckled and sat finally next to me on the other chair. “No, we want first just create a good base of our relationship before we’ll start think about getting married and kids” he said and moved his hand on my shoulder. Pattie looked us disappointed because she probably thought that she could start organize weddings for us right away but no, those things will happen just then when time is right. “You two should start hurry up then. We won’t wait forever with your mom” Jeremy joked.

Pattie called us to the table. “I made fish, potatoes and mini carrots and I hope that you also can eat it Justin even I know that you don’t like fish so much” Pattie told. “No, actually I have started like it, mom” Justin told and took a big piece of salmon which her mom had made for us. “Y/N wasn’t seemly the worst choice as your girlfriend” Jeremy said and took some food on his fork. “You have made a good job” he looked at me and I lightly smiled for him.

I took a one mini carrot in my fork and took a bite of it. I noticed how Justin looked me with corner of his eye. “What?” I mumbled and he shook his head mouthing that nothing. I took another carrot and eat it whole in one time. I heard a low groan next to me and noticed Justin looking at me again. I looked him asking. He pulled me closer and whispered: “Stop making me horny, Y/N. It’s not a good moment, wait that we get back home”

It was hard to hold that laugh inside me when he whispered it. “Well, sorry if I did something inappropriate but I think that I was just eating and that’s all so it might not be my problem then” I whispered back and continued eating like nothing has happened.

It couldn’t last long when his hand moved on my thigh and I had to push it away. However he was too fast and grabbed it on his and moved it over his crotch and boner which he told he had got because of me. He didn’t let me to remove it here so I decided to play a bit and squeeze it. He groaned but got quiet quickly when he realized that there was also others than just me and him on the table.

His mom looked her son asking and kind of shocked. “I just meant that is sooo good mom that I might have to ask you a recipe so Y/N could do this at home too” he said to her and looked me too but I was able to see his eyes that he wasn’t happy of that what I just did. “Well, I can give it to you before you’ll leave” Pattie said and we all continued eating. I removed my hand over his crotch while he was too busy talking with his dad. I think that was enough for him this time.

We thanked for food and I suggested that I could make dishes for Pattie. “No, Y/N darling, you don’t have to I can make those by myself” she told but I still moved in the kitchen with her because Justin looked me with those eyes he could have stroke against me in any second. “It’s fine, Pattie. You made an amazing meal for us already so now it’s your time to get some rest and go talk with your son” I told.

She touched my shoulder lightly and thanked before she disappeared in the living room with others. I heard laughing coming out the and smiled myself while I put my hands in warm water and started wash dishes. I took fright when I suddenly felt strong arms wrab around my waist and hot breathing against my neck.

“It wasn’t nice at all what you did earlier” Justin mumbled and moved his nose against my shoulder and neck. “I’m sorry, baby” I giggled and put the last plate in the shelf to dry. “No, you’re not. You’re a bad girl and nothing can change that fact” he mumbled dangerous close to my ear and bit it gently.

“Mom told that dessert will be served after half hour but I don’t think so that I can last that long” he groaned and I noticed that bulge his pants which was now bigger than ever. “Well, we can’t just leave. That could be so rude, Justin” I hissed and started walk to the living room but he took me by arm and started drag me upstairs. “Where hell are you bringing to me?” I hissed again. “To my room, I need that dessert now or I’ll blow off”

I blushed of his words and followed him in his old room. He closed and locked the door behind him and turned smirking look at me. “So what we have today on list?” he teased and pushed me on his bed. His hands moved under my dress and pulled it up. “I don’t know sir but maybe you should find out it by yourself” I bit my lower lip and felt how his wet lips kissed me over my black panties.

“Someone is ready for me already I see” he looked me in the eyes smirking and pulled my panties off before his mouth moved back between my legs and started suck slowly my nub. His tongue teased my entrance and he dip it there just because he knews it makes me go crazy. I moaned softly but soon he pushed his hand over my mouth. “Shh.. you don’t want that they hear you, right?” he whispered and I nodded agreeing.

He went again back there and added two of his fingers inside me. “Hmm.. you’re so wet, Y/N. Who made you this wet for me?” he groaned in my ear and bit my earlobe. “You” I panted to his ear and made him smirk. “That’s right answer, baby” he murmed and kissed me.

Later I noticed that one kiss had drove us make outing and that my orgasm was closer than ever. “Justin..” I whimpered quietly. “I-I’m comin-” I couldn’t finish my sentence before I already came over his long thick fingers. He took them out and licked pleased. “Mmm.. it was a good dessert, maybe one of my favorites so far” he sighed.

“But now I would have something for you too, don’t you think that I forgot” he continued and nodded me to come closer. I crawled sexily over him and squeezed his bulge roughly which made him almost groan again. “Stop doing that, Y/N, seriously” he warned me. “But I thought that you wanted it” I played innocent while I still continued stroking him through his pants. “Don’t start that game again. You know what to do so don’t waste time when it’s limited”

I took his member out off his pants and took him in my mouth. Justin moved my hair off my face and stroked them when he watched how my mouth bob back and forth against his hard cock. “Keep going, baby. Yes, just like that” he mumbled under his breath.

For our suprise and also fear Pattie’s tender voice called us to come on the table and make me stop and look at Justin scared. “Fast, Y/N. I can’t go downstairs with boner like this” he hissed and I went back to suck him. I took my hand to help and massaged his balls slowly. That has always been the trick which sent him over the edge no matter when or where I had done it. So did it now too.

He came in my mouth and I swallowed his load without thinking about it. “Justin! Y/N! Where are you?” Pattie’s voice was now closer to his room. She was upstairs. “Shit, shit!” Justin cursed and pulled his pants quickly back and threw my panties on the floor for me. “Coming, mom!” he yelled back and pulled me with him just after I got my panties back and dress down. My hair were still a bit messy.

“I showed my old room to Y/N” Justin told quickly and smiled to his mom who was standing behind his room door. “Oh, that’s okay. Now come to table with us. There’s your favorite strawberry cake, Justin” Pattie told but Justin shook his head. “I’m sorry but I think that we’ll let that for you. I’m still full of that salmon” Justin rubbed his stomach. “Me too” I said quickly. “And I think that we should go. Justin has an early morning tomorrow” I added.

“Oh, okay. Well, I can’t maybe force you then to eat but it was nice to see you two after long time” Pattie said and hugged us. “Yes, it was mom” Justin said and gave a light kiss on his mom’s cheek. “I hope that next time you could have news for me with you” she winked for me and made me giggle. “Well, let’s see then” I looked Justin who was smiling too.

Jeremy came to shook hands with us too and greeted everything best. Also Jaxon and Jazmyn came to hug Justin and then also me which was a little suprise because they haven’t done ot ever before yet. Before we left Jeremy however asked Justin in his office and when he came out his face were kind of shocked. We still said byes before we closed the door behind us.

When we sat in the car I had to ask what his dad wanted to tell him and why he looked so shocked when he came out there. “I knows..” I mumbled and made my eyes bigger of shock too. “Did he..” “Yes, he did heard us when we…” he coughed. I covered my face of embarrasment. “This is so awkward” I yelled against my hands.

“You don’t know anything about awkward, dad gave me two packs of condoms, Y/N” he said and showed them on his pocket. “Oh my gosh!” I whined. “I can’t step in that house anymore without thinking about it that your dad knows that we had sex when they were downstairs”

Justin stayed quiet but started laugh soon. “C'mon, it’s not funny at all, Justin” I looked him reproachfully. “It’s not that bad, Y/N. At least he knew now how good I’m to you” he winked. “Oh my god, stop it and start this car so we can leave” I groaned frustrated.

He chuckled and started it and pulled off his parent’s yard. “You own me a blowjob when we get back home” he mumbled. He seemly wanted reminds of it all night. “I don’t own you anything” I said shortly. “You won’t get sex for weeks, mister” He breath out shocked. “Where does that came from? I told you to be quiet if you don’t remember so it’s not my fault”

I shook my head and looked out of the window. “It’s because you can handle your perverse thoughts even one minute” He smirked himself and stopped car in front of our house. “Stop being always so sexy then and I’ll stop” he said and slapped my ass when we walked inside the house

I slapped his hand and raised my index finger: “You earned yourself just one more week” I smirked and let him stood in the kitchen speechless. “Y/N, c'mon! I’m sorry. Don’t do this to me, don’t do this to your best friend.. c'mon!” he groaned and ran after me in our bedroom

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your overlords anti & dark are proud of you. also, you have a cute lil tummy.

I-I… They’re proud of me…? That’s… extremely flattering…

Also… How have you seen my tumtum? Thank you though, this made me giggle.

Anonymously make me blush

No one told you life was gonna be this way (Lin x Reader)


Could you write a story where Lin and the reader buy an apartment together for the first time?

Could you write #37 with Lin? Like super cute and fluffy? Thanks

Omg maybe we’re perfect strangers was AMAZING. Part 3 is eventually coming right?!

I just want to say that you write sooooooooooooooooooooo well. The Lin x reader fics that you have posted made me giggle really hard!! Thank you so much!! Cant wait for part 3 of Maybe We’re Perfect Strangers <3

AAAH YOUR NEW LIN FIC WAS AMAZING!!! Do you think there’ll be a 3rd part

So my plan was to have this as a one shot, but so many of you were interested in it carrying on that I just had to make it longer, I’m glad because a lot of my imagines fit into the idea of the reader and Lin being roomies! I combined all my requests together because I had a great plan for how this was all going to go, so I hope you don’t mind :D

Also, I’m planning to do this with all the other characters, I’d like to start with either Anthony or Daveed, so send in scenario/requests (if you’d like) for how everything began.

I still will be doing separate imagines though, don’t worry!



You sat starring at the newspaper, red pen in hand. Circling offers you liked, you bit your lip in worry. Lin sat playing on his games, groaning in frustration when he died. He would look over, checking the adverts you circled, then he got bored and decided to order pizza.

It was over pizza that the two of you decided you couldn’t stay where you were anymore. An apartment above a pizzeria seemed like a good idea at the start but you needed a real place to live, where you and Lin weren’t afraid to bring home dates and family.

“Two bed apartment, 3rd floor, two blocks away from here, oh and one block away from Broadway.” You said, Lin peering over your shoulder at the advert.

“And in our price range thanks to In The Heights!” Lin laughed, typing the address into his phone, “Let’s go check it out!”

The apartment was perfect. A gorgeous neighbourhood with a wonderful next door neighbour. It was one of those big block buildings you saw on in the movies, towering above Times Square, which was just a couple of steps away.

The main room had a big loft window, with a raised platform area. Kitchen and living room shared, so you could have a little breakfast bar whilst watching the news. Two doors separated the two bedrooms, right next to each other. And from the loft window, you could see the balcony outside what was definitely going to be your room, you argued with Lin for like 10 minutes about it, but eventually you sealed the deal.

Speaking of sealing deals, Lin shook hands with a broad shouldered, smiley estate agent with impeccable grip, signed a few papers here and there, and after three days of shopping at malls and furniture stores (you played hide and seek in IKEA because that was the life) you finally had all the furniture you needed.

Sealing boxes and heaving them into a truck was hard and the long hours put a strain on what should have been a blissful moving day, Lin chuckled as you walked in to your new home, messy morning hair in a tight bun and a simple put-together outfit of a white t-shirt and jeans, complete with brown combat boots.

“Remember when we used to walk round apartments for days,” You reminisced, sitting on a kitchen work top whilst your fourth cup of coffee brewed in the kettle beside you.

“If I remember correctly, you came in here and shrieked, like actually shrieked, when you saw the loft window and started going on about how we could have a big bookshelf and a drafting table, and then you walked over to here,” Lin said, moving towards the front door, “and said, oh, let’s have a little stand were we can put flowers or candy for all the little trick or treaters!”

“Not gonna deny it!” You shrugged, adding a teaspoon of sugar to the cup.

“We did it!” Lin jumped up and down, “We own a house!!” Doing a silly dance which made you laugh so hard.


You walked into that same kitchen now, hair the same, face the same, except you had slipped on Lin’s shirt after your drunken fiasco. Socks padded along the floorboards as Lin entered, as if on instinct, awkward silence filled the room.

“About last night…I got carried away.” Lin confessed, rubbing his eyes and grabbing the cereal from the top cupboard – which you could never reach.

“No, I started it, I shouldn’t have been dancing or drunk anyways.” Fiddling with the hem of his shirt,

“Are you wearing my shirt?” Lin asked, reading the morning paper. You nodded, “Oh, haha, cute,”

“Cute? Not; incredible undeniable beauty from the finest specimen on this here, green earth?” You laughed, showing off your ‘outfit’ with silly model poses, pouting and throwing up the peace sign.

You grabbed the mail, dropping Lin’s next to him, and sliding through yours.

In your hands was a pink envelope, Lin holding up his too.

“You have been invited to the Masquerade ball at the Venetian Hall, at 18:00, on Saturday 13th August.” Lin read out in his best posh accent.

“We hope you attend, signed Jasmine Cephas Jones and Anthony Ramos.” You finished Lin’s sentence.

“You may bring a plus one,” You mumbled, setting down the invitation and looking over at a clueless Lin, completely clueless to what you were about to ask.

  • me: Want to play a game, Mr. Nomura?
  • Tetsuya Nomura: Sure, why not!
  • me: It's called Five Word Story. I say five words, you say five words, and they continue off of each other.
  • Tetsuya Nomura: Sounds like fun! You start.
  • me: Kingdom Hearts 3 releases on
  • Tetsuya Nomura: ...
Hate Is Love In Disguise ( Alec Lightwood Imagine) PART 1


Fandom: Shadowhunters

Pairing: Alec x Reader

Request: Could you do an imagine of Alec Lightwood where the reader is a friend of Clary with a strong personality. So Alec and the reader don’t get along but they like eachother. @ anneta2507


“I hate you, then I love you.
It’s like a want to throw you off a cliff,
then rush to the bottom to catch you.” - some Quote

or the one where you’re Clary’s friend and Alec and you seemingly hate each others guts . Or do you?

Warnings: yelling

Words: 1.972


Hi guys !
This was a requested Alec imagine and I hope you enjoy the read as much as I enjoyed writing it. God, I love sassy characters. Also, if you struggle to imagine Alec with a girl please don’t read it.Keep in mind that it’s an IMAGINE and not reality. He isn’t real at all but you know what I mean. I’m a die hard Malec shipper and I do not mean to disrespect his sexuality. This is a goddamn imagine. So either read it and enjoy it or let it be. Thanks xx

Also sorry for any mistakes, English isn’t my first language lol. Keep the requests coming e.g (x) , fandoms I write about (x), my ask box (x), my collection of stories (x) and

Read it on ArchiveOfOurOwn (x)

*gif not mine*

The first time you had met Clary and Simon was the night you had been dumped by your first crush on prom night, eating pizza in your way too expensive and way too fancy dress on a rooftop. Simon being Simon had thought that you were about to do something really stupid such as jumping down the tall building, judging by your tear streaked face and all. So while he had tried to pursue you to get away from the edge you had held out a piece of pizza offering that to the short redhead. Fast forward you three became great friends, due to you going off to college your contact had died down a little. Still, you had picked up your phone when it showed Clary’s ID, following her plead to meet her. Your hacking skills were needed.

Realizing that Clary didn’t need your criminal skills for hacking a facebook site but for controlling a whole police department had made you curious. Meeting Alec Lightwood however made you furious. That guy was the most reserved, offensive and uptight person you did ever have the pleasure to meet. His stupidly attractive face didn’t help. You hadn’t understood why he so obviously seemed to dislike you, except for the fact that you had yelled at him for being so disrespectful towards Clary. It wasn’t until you were officially introduced to the Shadowworld that you realized Alec simply hated you because you were human. And a sassy one. Apparently he couldn’t deal with the fact that a mundane had been able to close down a whole police apartment when all Alec could do was fail at charming a police officer. This and the fact that he kept trying to get between Jace and Clary nourished your aversion. Watching him train shirtless and thinking about his abs didn’t change anything about that, not at all.

‘’What is that mundane doing here again?’’
Alec rolled his eyes when he saw you describing a monitoring system to his sister Isabelle. Oddly, she was a Lightwood you did like.
‘’That mundane has a name.’’, you replied nonchalant trying to ignore the tall man behind you.
‘’Who cares. This is a shadowhunter institute ! Do I see any runes on your body?’’
You snorted before you replied cheekily ‘’No but you haven’t seen me naked, have you?’’
Alec’s silence made Isabelle giggle. Discovering Alec’s weak spot hadn’t been difficult. His innocence and purity if you wanted to call it that was crystal clear . Alexander Gideon Lightwood had no experience with women, or men. And you used that shamelessly.
You looked up from the computer meeting Alec’s frustrated eyes.
‘’You can check if you want.’’
You could have sworn you heard him growl.
‘’Care to show me some more moves?’’, you asked Izzy who got up nodding.
You had started to train with her, at least a little bit. You felt good doing so, not necessarily because you planned on go hunting demons but because you knew you could defend yourself in any case something happened to you. Since you knew about downworlders you took safety a little more important.
‘’Can I watch?’’
A high pitched voice echoed through the room followed by a little Lightwood boy running towards you. Max Lightwood was the cutest thing on earth. His misadventures when it came to using runes were the funniest things ever. Apparently only Alec had inherited the Y/N is so annoying-Lightwood gene.
‘’Sure. You wanna watch me lose again?’’, you teased trying to tickle him.
‘’Can you blame him, it’s the most entertaining thing I have ever watched.’’, Alec said earning a kick to his leg by Max.
‘’Don’t be sad, Y/N! You know what mom always says? If someone is mean to you they want to kiss you.’’
Izzy desperately tried not to laugh, failing greatly.
‘’Lord help me, I hope not. I’d prefer not to be poisoned when kissing someone. Besides, your brother’s kissing skills would most definitely be marked with an ‘F’. No thanks.’’
You heard him exhale outraged, radiating annoyance.
‘’I’ll train her.’’, you heard him mutter under his breath before he took your arm and dragged you into the training room.
Wait what?
‘’So Alec does like Y/N!’’
Max’s voice was able to be heard before the door shut closed.

‘’What the hell, Alec? Izzy’s supposed to show me some moves.’’
‘’What? Don’t think you can handle me?’’
He raised an eyebrow challenging.
You groaned frustrated crossing your arms in front of your chest.
‘’Of course not you dumbass! I don’t have the necessary experience nor am I a shadow hunter!’’
Your confidence wasn’t based on physical skills, so there was no shame admitting this.
But Alec apparently didn’t know that, looking all smug.
‘’No you’re not. That’s why you don’t belong here.’’
Oh wow, ouch.
‘’Well maybe not. But at least I’m not some super uptight, mean shadowhunter virgin who really needs to get laid for all this aggressiveness to be released. For wanting to be the head of this institute you’re really racist, might I add. ‘’
Alec’s mouth looked like a fish struggling to breathe.
‘’How…I’m not how dare you-‘’
‘’What? You’re not uptight? Yes you are. A virgin? Hell you blush every time I say something sexual. Racist ? God help me, you are. Thinking less of humans because of what? Because we aren’t half angel? Let me tell you one thing, Lightwood, the devil is an angel too.
You rushed out of the room.

A week later the unavoidable happened. Of course getting dragged into this world meant that other creatures saw you as a way to get the mortal cup. Stupidly enough you hadn’t paid attention to your surroundings leading to you getting caught by vampires.
While you were being held hostage in some old hotel you tried to remember everything you had learnt about vampires. Fast, manipulative and blood-lovers.
You tried to stay calm but being faced with your possible death made that really hard. That was until some long-haired guy walked in, obviously charmed by your wit.
Well, you did want to keep on living right?
So you used the weapons of a woman, acting all flirty and seductive. It only took you 15 minutes to negotiate a deal. Your blood in exchange for your freedom. Apparently that one was a newly changed vampire, not aware of why you were being held hostage. Perfect. Except for the fact that he might not be able to control himself. But somehow it worked, the obvious dizziness and the bite mark on your neck the only witnesses of your success. That was until you ran into Alec on your way out of the hotel.
He looked at you like he saw a ghost.
‘’I really don’t feel like arguing right now, okay?’’, was the only thing you said before your legs gave out under you.
He caught you before he lifted you up in his arms.
‘’Okay.’’ ,was all he said before he hurriedly brought you back to the institute.
A plate of noodles and a hot shower later you felt a lot better.
Standing in Clary’s bathroom you looked at the bite mark, not noticing Alec stepping behind you.
‘’How did you do it?’’, he asked curiously.
You jumped , the former events still present in your mind.
You tried to calm your fast beating heart.
‘’How did I do what?’’, you asked trying to distract yourself from hyperventilating.
‘’Got out of a hotel full of vampires.’’
Was there pride in his eyes? Respect?
‘’Offering what they love the most. Women and blood.’’,you said quitely.
His eyes turned darke instantly , focusing on your face.
‘Y/N, you haven’t…’’
‘’He bit me.’’,you simply interrupted.
‘’No I can see that I mean…you said women…’’
You furrowed your brows before you realized how that might have sounded like.
‘’ not like that.’’
Relief mirrored on his face before he nodded slowly.
‘’Why did you come to get me?’’, you asked after a few seconds.
‘’I thought you were going to die.’’
‘’Why would that bother you?’’
Alec swallowed, sighing.
‘’Because it does. Look, I don’t…I don’t hate you. I just hate that you were able to rule that police mission even though I was supposed to be the one to do so. You’re just…a girl. A mundie. ‘’
‘’Discriminating much? Sexist and racist, wow Alec.’’
‘’No no .’’,he exhaled frustrated pulling at his hair.
‘’I am stronger than you. That’s natural. I’ve never met someone who was that..that…bossy. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. I just never had someone to give me contra.’’
‘’So…you don’t hate me?’’, you tried to be sure.
‘’Because it really feels like you do.’’
He looked at you before he wrapped his large hands around your waist to lift you up on the countertop inspecting the wound on your neck.
‘’I never could.’’, he simply said before patching up the bite mark.
‘’I would have killed each one of them if they had done anything to you.’’
Alec looked into your eyes, smiling slightly.
‘’Who else would yell at me?’’
You snorted before shaking your head a little.
‘’You’re the most confusing guy I’ve ever met.’’
He didn’t reply.
After some time he suggested you to go to sleep but you were trying to avoid your bed.
‘’Sure uhm…soon. Thank you.’’
You waited for him to leave but apparently he could sense that something was wrong.
‘’What is it?’’
You tried to dodge his gaze, clearing your throat.
When you didn’t reply you felt his hands on your face.
‘’Liebling? What is it. Tell me.’’
Liebling? You remebered Izzy telling you that Alec took German classes, so you assumed that it was a german word. But you had no idea what it meant.
‘’I don’t want to sleep.’’,you admitted sighing .
That was so embarrassing. You didn’t feel save anymore. Closing your eyes woke up current events and you feared of vampires to come looking for you again.
Instead of asking why , Alec observed you some time before nodding lightly.
‘’What about you come spend the night with me so I don’t have to fear you getting abducted? ‘’
That was reversed psychology and you knew it, but you didn’t care. No, you were thankful.
‘’What exactly are you proposing, Lightwood?’’, you teasingly raised an eyebrow at him.
‘’No I didn’t-oh screw it!’’
He picked you up bridal style carrying you to his room before laying you gently on his bed. While he disappeared in his bathroom you snuggled under the covers , inhaling his scent. Dear god, everything smelled like him. 10 minutes later you felt the mattress shift under his weight when he joined you.
You turned around so you could face him.
He had left the bathroom light on , you realized that he did care about you.
‘’Thank you’’, you murmued quietly searching for one of his hands. When you found it you squeezed his fingers lightly, feeling him squeezing back.
‘’Just for the record, I don’t hate you either.’’
A silent laugh filled the room.
‘’Good to know.’’
He shifted , pulling you towards him.
You took that as an invitation to lay your head on his chest, snuggling against his warm body.
Much much saver.
You listened to his breathing, enjoying the way his warm hand rested on your back.
‘’I’m a A+ kisser.’’, Alec suddenly said making you laugh amused.
‘’Sure thing.’’, you murmured way too tired to argue back.
‘’I’ll prove it to you one day.’’, he promised making you smile.
‘’I’ll remind you.’’
With a yawn you snuggled even closer to him feeling all safe and sound tugged in his arms.
Alec was a dumbass, but he was a cute dumbass.


Let me know what you thought ! I’m always up for criticism and a request. :)

Also if you’d like to provide me with gifs I’d gladly take you up on that offer and of course I’ll let people know about the source of the gif used in my stories.

🎃 Happy Halloween 🎃
  • *Slughorn's party*
  • John: *waiting*
  • Sherlock: *approaching; apparently headless, his head tucked under his arm*
  • John: *horrified* Oh my God!
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* For the love of Merlin, John. It's a spell.
  • John: *blinking* Yeah but- *waves his hand where Sherlock's head's supposed to be* bloody hell, what happened to Jack Skellington?
  • Sherlock: I don't know what that is.
  • John: *shakes his head* Fucking show off.
  • Mary: *bringing over drinks; smirks* You bottled it, then?
  • Sherlock: *takes the drink* I think she'll be impressed.
  • Mary: *crouches until she's eye level with him* You're pathetic.
  • Sherlock: *swallows his drink with great difficulty* I know. Where is she?
  • Mary: By the punch.
  • -at the punch bowl-
  • Molly: *making drinks*
  • Sherlock: *clears his throat*
  • Molly: *smiles* I was wondering when you'd- *turns around; slowly looks down at his face* -get here.
  • Sherlock: *smiles* I considered joining the Headless Hunt. No luck.
  • Molly: *impressed* You never give anyone else a chance, do you?
  • Sherlock: *smug* Nope. Dance with me.
  • Molly: *chuckles* Now this should be interesting.
  • -by the fireplace-
  • John & Mary: *watching Sherlock and Molly dance, his disembodied head watching happily*
  • John: *disturbed* This has to be the weirdest thing I've ever seen.
  • Mary: *grinning* Really? We should stick around until they start snogging, then.
  • John: *grimaces* You had to say that, didn't you?
Goodbye 2016...Hello 2017!!

My loves!! I’m going to do this now because I might not be coherent enough later to do this so…here it goes!!!

This year has been one hell of a fucking rollercoaster.

This godforsaken year started off with my dad being in the hospital due to pneumonia. Then it got worse and his lungs collapsed. It was the most excruciating two weeks of my life.

After that, came this guy out of nowhere. After I wrote something, after having a dream of the one guy I literally loved with all my heart, this stranger comes in, literally with every single thing I described in my writing. He literally had everything I could have ever asked for. That turned into a fucking nightmare when he guy ended up being a complete douchebag…who then turned into a goddamn stalker.

This ear also brought a lot of darkness into my life. I didn’t think I would overcome this at all. Especially this year, but with the help of some really great friends here on Tumblr, I was able to overcome it.

And I might not be making any fucking sense right now, but all I really want to say is:

Thank you Arie ( @bringmesomepie56 ): my beautiful Jensenette. I don’t know what I would do without you. I think I’d go crazy, to be honest. We were meant to be *giggles* I’m telling you. Your stories have made me smile so damn much. They bring me so much joy. I love your writing. You’re amazing. But more than that, I want to thank you so much for being there for me. You have been the best Jensen to my Jared than I could have ever hoped for. Love you so much, my beautiful Arie.

Thank you Kari ( @thing-you-do-with-that-thing ): my beautiful danish beauty. You are the most sweetest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Not only are you one of the most genuine people I know, but you’re amazing. I’m so damn happy you’re my BFF. You literally made my year by making that fic for me. And then we collaborated and made one hell of a series that is still in the works. Love you, Kari. Always.

Thank you Steph ( @torn-and-frayed ): my beautiful Steph, you are one of the most badass people I know. I still remember when we literally bonded for life *smirks* (it’s cool if you don’t remember lmao). You’re amazing, babe. And I know sometimes it’s hard to believe but you are. If there’s one thing I am, I’m brutally honest. And I’m being 100% honest when I say that you’re amazing. Love you so much, my badass friend. To the moon and back. Always.

Thank you Ree ( @neversatisfiedgirl ): my amazing, beautiful mama. I love you so much, babe. You seriously made me smile like crazy this year. When you reached out to me and literally shared the most personal thing with me, and now I get to talk to you 24/7 if I want to (and if you want to as well lol). Thank you for being there for me, beautiful. Love you forever.

And to all of my other beauties:

@percywinchester27 @ellen-reincarnated1967 @motleymoose @impala-dreamer @supernaturallymarvellous @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @oriona75 @littlegreenplasticsoldier @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester @plaidstiel-wormstache @nichelle-my-belle @grace-for-sale and I know I’m forgetting a few others, but I want to thank you all for making this year so much brighter for me.

Love you all and let’s hope for an badass 2017 that will be fucking epic.

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Loving Julia the pie maker with attitude! So tell me, how many gifs of Louis drinking that delicious tea have you got, because I'm loving them!

this just made me giggle, you’re so cute! you deserve all the louis + tea gifs in my folder: