you have grown so much i'm gonna cry

coolsbians  asked:

GOOD LORD, Naenia's gorgeous!!! Also I'm lowkey crying bc her design is EXACTLY how I imagine a character from NCIS will look when she's grown up lmao. Like, I saw the pictures of her and before I read the caption I was just like "holy shit did someone draw a concept of grown-up Tali or????," lol. Anyhoo yeah, Naenia is awesome and beautiful, and I might be lowkey in love with her XD Also, I love your art style!!! I'm probably gonna get a commission from you once I have more money lmao C:

Oh gosh thank you so much! I just looked her up and she’s the younger sister of the character Ziva? I love Ziva! She gives me so many Naenia vibes(her eyebrows!), so I guess you’re definitely on the right track. And thank you so much for your appreciation of Naenia, I’m really loving how many people like her, I’ll just have to keep drawing her. :)

Enjoy a cute grumpy Naenia for your kind words- much more in character than my previous picture of her.

I will probably extend my opening time for commissions until August.