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7/11 Guy (michael mell x reader)

okay so i saw @angelkkid had made a post about needing this,,, sooo yeaa 

love ya kid <33

so its a mix of “JEALOUS michael” and HAIR PULLING 

WC: 617

Warnings: SMUTT, hair pulling, literally one cuss word,,,

“For the last time Michael, the 7/11 guy and me had no sort of ‘spiritual connection’ or whatever.” You said while trying to hold back a chuckle.

“yOU DID TOO, I SAW THE WAY HE WAS LOOKING AT YOU” He said with his face in a pillow.

You two had just finished a long day at school, so like the loving boyfriend he was, he decided to take the two of you out to the infamous 7/11 at the end of the street. He bought the two of you large cherry red slushies.
While the two of you went up to pay, the checkout boy gave you a suggestive look. Michael noticed immediately and snaked his arm tightly around your waist while giving the guy a passive-aggressive death glare.  You finally paid and got back into the car. The tension was real, and you could tell he was agitated. You turned up the radio and stated mindlessly humming along. When you had reached to house you both bolted into the basement and turned on every lava lamp this kid owned.

And here you two were, him silent and you eager to do something other than this.

“How do I prove to you that me and ‘minimum wage kid’ are probably never gonna see eachother again?” You whispered while hesitantly grabbing his hand. He tensed up but didn’t pull away.
He lifted his head and moved closer to you slinging his arm around your shoulders. He sighed deeply and turned his head to look at you. The multiple lava lamps giving both of you brief amounts of multi colored lighting.

“Look sorry babe, I’m over it, but don’t think I wasn’t about to sock him for looking at you like that.” He cleared his throat.

“heyyyyyyyyyyy, can I still take you up on that offer?” You could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

In one swift movement you were straddling him. His hands found your waist as he pulled you closer.
“I’ll take that as a yes.” He giggled but was quickly cut-off by you lips slamming into his.
You two had been together for so long that you both knew what got eachother going.

Your hands immediately went to the back of his head and into his hair. You tugged. Hard. Causing a deep guttural moan into your mouth. You whimpered loudly as bit your bottom lip. You immediately allowed entrance.
You tugged again, while also simultaneously grinding down onto him. He gripped on your waist even tighter. You two found a rhythm immediately. You continued to grind on him everytime you pulled his hair. You two were both on edge. You were definitely going to have hand shaped bruises on your waist tomorrow. You didn’t care.
You were caught off guard when his lips attacked your neck harshly. Sucking and biting every inch of you neck. You knew what he was doing. Everytime he got jealous he would litter your neck with hickeys, as a way to say 'mine’ without words.
When he finished he pulled back to admire his work. He looked beautiful. Terribly messy hair, eyes blown wide like the glow-in-the-dark stars he had on the ceiling , cherry red stained lips , and a deep crimson blush covering his cheeks. You weren’t quite sure at what point his glasses had fallen off his face but you could see them on the floor. You two were both panting and you were sure you shared his 'just made out ’ look.
He smiled brightly and pulled his lips to your ear.

“ I bet 7/11 guy could NEVER do this to you” he whispered sending shivers down you spine.

You were so fucking lucky.

Mini Y2J - Chris Jericho

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Mini Y2J – Chris Jericho

Summary: having his son dress up as a mini y2j with the jacket and everything – Chris Jericho

Word Count: 512+

Warnings: none

You were on your knees in front of (Y|S|N) as you fixed his hair. He was only two and he was already the splitting image of Chris. You were going to surprise Chris with (Y|S|N)’s Halloween costume. You figured he should dress up like Chris since he looks identical to him.
You even ordered a light up jacket like his. You found one of Chris’ scarves and put it on him. Luckily, he didn’t want it off. (Y|S|N) can be picky just like you. “You look just like daddy!” You told him with a smile. (Y|S|N) flashed you a toothy grin. “Yay!” He clapped his hands together.
You were meeting with Chris at the Smackdown arena soon. So, you grabbed everything and (Y|S|N)’s hand before heading out.

“Daddy!” (Y|S|N) pointed as the two of you walked into the arena. You managed to get (Y|S|N) to carry the list of Jericho. When Chris noticed (Y|S|N), he had the biggest grin on his face.
“Okay, this is the cutest kid I ever seen.” Chris walked over, picking (Y|S|N) up. You smiled, taking a picture of them. “I got the list!” (Y|S|N) exclaimed, making both you and Chris laugh.  

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 4 : Episode 18 - No Regrets Recap

I have no regrets watching this episode so let’s get into it! ;)

Coulson and Mace stage a car accident to take control of a Hydra bus and we get to see Coulson back in action shooting some of the Hydra agents as they get on the bus. (You get them Coulson!!)

It turns out that the bus was carrying a few dead bodies in Hydra body bags. 

Fitz is still as cold as ice, but we find out more about the real reason why he’s been acting this way in this episode. Daisy tells Fitz again that this is not who he is and if anyone can snap him out of it, it would be Simmons. He slaps her across her face and then takes out a handkerchief to wipe his hands. (oh gosh Fitz who knew that you were as cold as killer frost?) 

“Everytime I see him I get this weird itch, like hives, did we get along?” – Phil Coulson

Back at HQ, Coulson asks Simmons if he got along with Ward in the real world. To which Simmons responds that he shot him while they were on the planet, so no. (HAHAH that reference to Hive by Coulson though. His memory is still fuzzy with the blue soap and hives but it makes for good dialogue HAHA) 

At the triskelion, Hydra R&D has come up with a serum that when injected, would give May strength for a limited time. (Sounds familiar aye? hahaha because that’s what Mace was injecting himself with in the real world)

Still trying to wrap their heads around how this reality isn’t real and that they’re all avatars. Simmons tries to convince Ward and Mace that the missions they are doing are useless and they should focus on rescuing Skye and getting out of the framework. 

“You don’t know me at all” -Mace

Mace questions Simmons with some trivia about himself. Is he married? Does he have kids? What does he like to eat? They weren’t that close in the real world so obviously she does not have the answers to these questions. To which he responds with “You don’t know me at all”. 

When Simmons mentions how their priority should be saving Skye, Ward slams a glass on the table angrily and says “You don’t think I want that?” (The glass didn’t break but this slam was better than Fitz’s slam on the table last week haha) 

“What we’re doing here matters” spoken by the true hero, Mace. He disagrees with Simmons and believes that all the missions that they’re doing here have a significance.

Simmons leaves the room and Ward is like “So what do we think? Delusional? PTSD?” (HAHA ward. Maybe not now but possibly when they all return from the framework)

Back in Hydra’s torture chambers, Skye complains about how they didn’t give her a mani pedi but tortured her instead. (haha Skye still has the sass going even when she’s being tortured) AIDA says that all she did was fix one regret which was what Radcliffe intended and claims that “the subsequent world is a consequence of your actions.” (Sure is, AIDIA, when you manipulated it to get the outcome that you wanted haha) AIDA makes Skye an offer to give her Lincoln Campbell in exchange for Skye’s location in the real world. Skye asks her what she gets out of all of this to which she responds with “ a choice”.

Mack and his daughter, Hope

The real reason why Fitz has been acting evil is finally revealed in this episode. It is none other than his dad. Fitz’ dad convinces him that all of these decisions that he is making are good and whenever Fitz shows signs of hesitation, his dad convinces him otherwise. (this parallels Garrett and Ward where Garrett influenced Ward in all of his decisions and shaped the person that he was.) 

Radcliffe has a rage fit about the prison’s dog food and how they’ve taken everything from him, especially Agnes. (He’s facing the consequences of his actions, so no sympathy from us and Skye) Radcliffe reveals how Fitz killed Agnes in cold blood and Skye doesn’t believe how taking away one regret can change a person completely. But it can, as we have been seeing in the past few episodes On the bright side, Radcliffe reveals that there is actually a working backdoor for them to get out of the framework. (yasss there is hope afer all!! )

Fitz and his dad head for tea time/ a chat session. He regrets killing Agnes and questions if it was necessary to kill her. Fitz’s dad convinces him that that is his mother talking and that there’s no room for love and sympathy/ womanly sentiment. (LOL) and more about how the only person who understands that is Ophelia. Fitz says he doesn’t know what kind of man he would be without his father. (Well we do, FItz! and it’s definitely not this person) This scene just proves Radcliffe’s point that just one change could actually change a person completely. Fitz was raised by his father instead of his mother in the Framework and his father taught him that he doesn’t have to feel remorse or guilt as long as he gets the job done/ is a man of action. 

Coulson and Mace head to the rehabilitation centre to rescue a friend of Mace who is none other than Agent Trip!!! (Welcome back Trip!! We’ve missed you! That was a really nice surprise!)

“Did you clean you room? Well I’ll be the judge of that” - Mack

Mack and his daughter continue being adorable in this episode. And everyone can see that including Ward. He tells Simmons that he finally figured out why Simmons dislikes him so much. It’s because she thinks that he’s someone he’s not. (Mannn Ward catches on really quick especially after Simmons revealed to Mace and Ward earlier on in the episode that this world is fake). 

Simmons reveals what Ward did in the real world and he truly looks guilty and says “For what it’s worth, I’m truly sorry”. (There’s the apology and Simmons looks like she could maybe forgive him a little) 

They watch Mack play with his kid and Ward asks her if they’re able to feel all that emotion, then doesn’t that make it real. (Ward in this episode,  shows that even though they’re all fake avatars in this world, they have real feelings. It’s actually something that’s quite interesting that has been explored in other shows like legends of tomorrow when they had their doom world arc. Could artificial  intelligence actually have real feelings? When fake May sacrificed herself earlier in the season. That was because she actually began to feel like something was wrong with what she was doing so she tried so hard to go against her programming and actually showed regret when she failed. These emotions that the AIs feel, could they also be real?) 

Ward receives intel that a Quinjet has arrived at the school where Mace and Coulson are and immediately wants to gather back up to head down there. He suggests bringing Mack but Simmons would rather not. He thought it didn’t matter since this world isn’t real and asks if Simmons is hesitating because of Hope. Simmons reveals that if Mack dies in the Framework, he will die in the real world as well and so they head off to the school together. 

“Someone’s been juicing unless you’re one of us now” - Mace

Enter Mace and Mulan (oh wait, May)’s fight scene.

Coulson, the teacher, is back at school again. (haha) But this time he enters the classroom to find a class of children being forced to watch some Hydra propaganda. (The scene is super creepy btw). The kids are all in a trance as they’re being hypnotised and brainwashed to believe that Hydra is good /Hail Hydra and what not. Super Nazi style but still creepy) 

Mace wins the fight against May and she calls him a terrorist but if he were, she would have been dead by now. He runs into the school to find Coulson while May contacts Madame Hydra and Fitz. Fitz orders the Quinjet on site to fire at the school because it doesn’t matter who’s in the building as long as they can get rid of the Patriot. 

Ward and Simmons arrive just on time as the Quinjet fires on the building. They rush to the school and help Trip, Mace and Coulson rescue the children. Coulson’s student, Chris, is caught under the ruins as the building collapses and Mace, like a true hero, rushes in to save him. 

 Outside the building with the Hydra agents,they watch the building collapse. May wants proof that the Patriot is dead so she goes into the school to make sure of it. As she enters the school, she sees the children running and trying to escape. On the comms, she asks why the hell are kids in this building. (Looks like May is finally coming back to her senses.)

Inside the school, May enters the classroom and demands to know where the Patriot is. Coulson snaps at her and says that they’re trying to save a kid’s life. She can either help them or don’t but the focus shouldn’t be on killing the Patriot. She watches on as the team rushes to save Chris as Mace lifts up the remains of the building. They manage to save Chris. Ward and Trip find a cabinet that could possibly hold the building together while they escape but Mace says that it’s not strong enough and asks them to all leave while they still can. He stays on to sacrifice himself while Coulson, Ward, Trip, Simmons and May run out of the building to safety. (Nooooooo Mace, this can’t be happening.) They make it out and watch as the building collapses fully along with Mace. (This whole scene was truly heartbreaking but it showed how much of a martyr Mace was, willing to sacrifice himself so that he could save the lives of others). 

At the triskelion, Fitz and his dad celebrate the death of the Patriot with glasses of champagne while Madame Hydra looks on smugly.

In the real world, AIDA walks in to the room where Coulson, Mack, Mace and May are housed. 

Mace’s vitals have flat lined and she disengages him. (Noooo R.I.P. Jeffrey Mace, The Patriot, Inhuman leader of the Resistance) Your sacrifice will be remembered and the team will get back at Hydra for what they’ve done to you. This also further cements that death in the Framework is synonymous with death in the real world. Also, it seems that AIDA has a backdoor out of the Framework as well since she was able to get to the real world so quickly. 

May enters the interrogation room that Skye is in and asks her if she really is an Inhuman. Skye says that she is and she’s powerful enough to bring this place down. May says she hopes so as she whips out a terrigen crystal from her sleeve and smashes it on the ground. 

Whooo Quake  is back!!! Looks like Hydra having the kids at the school was enough to convince May to side with S.H.I.E.L.D. Yass so excited for next week when Skye gets her powers back and teams up with May to bring down Hydra.

EXO’s Reaction to Finding Out They’re Going to Be A Single Father

@rapunzelmw Ahh, you always come up with the most unique requests, you’re fantastic!♥ haha I’m sorry if this doesn’t stack up to your expectations, I’m not all that confident in it. It was hard coming up with unique reactions for each of them ‘cause I feel like they’d all just be shocked as hell, but I tried~ ^-^”

Baekhyun: would simply stare down at the tiny human looking up at him with their big eyes. He’d have a hard time trying to process what it all meant, as he wouldn’t want to immediately accept what was going on. “What is…? No, this can’t mean what I think it does.”

Chanyeol: would actually be a little excited at the idea of it, at first, not hesitating to coo lovingly at the small baby. But his excitement would likely force him to underestimate the amount of work that goes into caring for a small child. “You’ve gotta be the cutest baby I’ve ever seen!”

Chen: would try to laugh it off as he read the small note that accompanied the child, but his concern and fear would be clearly shining through any smile he could put on. “Oh, mannn, I hope this is some twisted prank, or something.”

D.O: would be entirely speechless. He’d create a quick list in his mind of all the new responsibilities that would come along with a baby, nodding his head to himself as if trying to convince himself that he’d be okay, but he’d clearly be lost. “Okay, so babies are an awful lot of work. Oh, God, how am I gonna do all of this?”

Kai: would actually be kind of scared at the prospect of being a single father but, even though a baby isn’t likely to know the difference, he wouldn’t want to show his fear to the child, so he’d put on a smile and quickly wrap the baby in his embrace. “Don’t worry, I’ll try my best to take good care of you, little one~”Honestly, have you seen Kai with children? It’s seriously to die for, it’s the cutest thing ever ;A;

Kris: would be absolutely silent as he stared down at the supposed “bundle of joy.” He’d run through his possible options in his head, fearing the possibility of being responsible for a young life, but he’d eventually give into the thought of it. “I guess you’re stuck with me now, kiddo.”

Lay: would, as usual, take on the persona of a lost, little puppy, confused as to what a child would be doing in such a silly spot. But, he’d clue in pretty fast and, although he wouldn’t be a hundred percent sure that he’s ready for such a thing, he’d be willing to accept it all rather quickly. “You may be a surprise, but that doesn’t mean I’ll love you any less, okay?”

Luhan: would absolutely have a processing error. He wouldn’t know what to think because he’d be kind of excited about the idea of having a child, but it would also be completely frightening. “Alright, so I guess… I guess I don’t have much choice here, huh? Despite the circumstances, I’ll still swear to love you.”

Sehun: would honestly be so friggin’ scared by this. He’s just a young kid himself, really, and one who prefers to be taken care of, rather than doing the taking care of. It would likely take him the longest to accept the idea of having a child. “No way, this isn’t possible. There’s no way this is possible.”

Suho: would be the responsible type and be willing to accept the entire scenario right off the bat. He’d know how he got into this situation and he’d be ready to deal with the consequences of his actions. “This is gonna be a massive learning process, so I hope you’re patient with me, little one~”

Tao: would probably freak the fuck out. Tao’s really still just a kid himself, so even the idea of raising a child would be enough to send his mind whirling. “I don’t know if I can do this. I have a hard enough time caring for myself!” This is honestly the joke I make every time someone mentions me having children ;A;

Xiumin: would probably be as chilled-out as ever. Let’s face it, Xiumin’s 25 years old, and he’s probably entertained the thought of children at least once, eh? “This isn’t how I expected to go about this. But I promise I’ll try to be the best dad, okay?”


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1:42 - Photoshoot ❤️ so gorgeous!

2:30 - OMFG! So sexy! Seriously can’t wait til she starts dressing more bolder. Of course not rushing… but man look at her! If you got it, flaunt right? Just like how Julia Montes dress sexier with her high slit dresses and what not. No wonder Daniel always wants her covered up! There’s already so many guys that have a crush on her, that’s without her showing some skin, what more if she showed how sexy she is too!

4:42-17:07 -> video post I made already on this gap. I made a videos tab on my page to make it easier to find all the video posts I make! Check it out :) ❤️

17:20 - Introducing her dogs! True dog lover ❤️ Dog Party gap!

21:23 - Miles; 21:30 - Bird & Shai; 21:39 - John & Khalil; 21:58 - Daniel => Making comments on how much Kath loves loves loves dogs!

24:09 - “I am your friend! Don’t bark at me!” She’s so cute!

24:12 - Mikay! “Hiiii! I’m Mikay! And you’re Mikay!”

25:45 - BestDayEver gap!

26:14 - Introducing Daniel in a joking way; “Ano name mo ulit?…. Medyo di  pa kasi kami close”

28:25 - Daniel taking the pic for the girls ❤️

28:31 - Daniel picking up Kath & carrying her across.

29:00 - Taking pictures together as a group.

29:20 - Sed XD

29:39 - I just couldn’t help but notice how Daniel isn’t sitting straightforward like everyone else. His head is facing straight ahead but  he’s sitting sideways with his body turned towards Kath ❤️

30:12 - Ahem ahem. Making a move Daniel? Mmmmmhm!

30:23 - Daniel laying back on Kath.

30:35 - Holding hands ❤️ 31:34 too.

31:54 - What Daniel liked about the day. Jet ski & when Kath drove. Does this mean he was scared when she drove in Growing Up as well? Maybe he’s just kidding~ You really taught her how to drive Daniel? Weren’t you guys not that close during Growing Up days… hmmm? :P

32:47 - Sunday~ Family Day! Such a great, loving family ❤️ She truly is blessed!

38:28 - Surprise on her actual birthday coming home from working!

40:30 - KaDreamers debut for Kath! Such amazing fans who truly support her ❤️ I seriously love that yellow gown. She should’ve worn that during the candles or something :)

44:47 - I think this is super cute. Daniel acts all confident and what not usually. But this truly shows how nerve wrecking he can get when it comes to Kath. He sounds so nervous making this speech! Just look when he’s saying hopefully she’s happy.

45:42 - Hands on with her preparations gap.

51:28 - Cake taste testing! She’s so cute mannn. “Ang sarapp!” * cute small dance*

51:44 - Her face says it all. DE-LI-CIOUS!

52:15 - Gowns gap!

54:59 - How her 2nd gown looked like. But they obviously made changes based off of pictures. Which I think were for the better. This initial design had a sexy back but it looked better when they simplified the “X” to just be one than 2 along her back. I wished they showed some clips of her after party to show her in this gown too. They pretty much ended it after Daniel serenaded her during the debut program.

55:47- The actualy debut gap!

1:02:05 - 18 Roses! Wished they showed this more longer along with the pictures playing on the vtr. They also should’ve shown when Daniel was being playful and handed her the large decoration roses at first.

1:05:07 - 18 Candles! I wished they at least showed the messages given by Julia and Miles!

1:06:13 - ❤️ the way she sheds a tear of joy!

1:07:59 - Daddy Teddy’s birthday message for his baby girl ❤️

1:08:21 - “No suitors, no detractors” He probably meant none besides Daniel~ But Kath’s laugh and turn towards DJ! 1:08:24 - Daniel did say he drank when her dad said this! XD

1:08:46- Daddy Teddy’s message to DJ while the camera going to the Padillas. 1:08:50 Daniel’s reaction! XD

Her dad’s speech was fantastic. And the way he ended it was the cutest.

1:09:16 - Kath’s thank you speech to her parents ❤️ ; :33 - the way she chokes up and tries not to cry is so cuteee!

1:09:58 - Robi is seriously a great host! Kath has everything.. including the heart of the Teen King ❤️

1:10:16 - DJ serenading Kath ❤️ Till There Was You ~ ; :10:44 - sharing he’s nervous! Just like when he surprised her on her 17th birthday prod on ASAP. 1:11:36 - the way they stare at each other though ❤️ :11:44 - sharing the notes too high and he’s still nervous & their shared laugh after that  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ They should’ve shown his whole message! Of how its so great how before he was just watching her on tv and how now they are partnered in everything. He’s so appreciative and thankful that she came into his life!  ❤️

1:12:39 - Shy in front of Robin Padilla cause he’s one of her ultimate crushes! Shooot I would too! ❤️

1:13:19 - In her second gown walking with Katsumi’s girlfriend Dae.

1:14:17 - Holding her on her neck even though she doesn’t like it! As stated in the uncut GGV ❤️

Tell Me Something Sweet To Get Me By

All that’s on Phil’s agenda right now is surviving college, passing his A-Levels and perhaps making a couple of friends along the way. ‘Dan Howell’ is nothing more than some guy at the weekly IT club who observes too much and says too little – that’s what Phil thinks, anyway, until his gnawing curiosity makes it his mission to get under Dan’s skin. But perhaps that’s a mistake, because Dan is a virus, a million complications disguised in megapixels and sweetly spoken lies, and knows more about Phil than he thinks.




Some rules:

-       Don’t get attached

-       If they begin to suspect, get the fuck out of there

-       Don’t get attached

-       Be subtle. You’re good at subtlety, right?

-       Lie. It’s what you do best

-       Don’t get fucking attached.


Dan likes to remind himself of these select regulations. He finds he has to a lot these days.

He’s been, as per usual, avoiding skype calls and facetimes all week, throwing every online friend excuses of ‘sorry, too much work tonight’, ‘I have to go out’, ‘my webcam’s broken’, or even the simple, old-fashioned ‘I’m busy’ when none of the others will do.

Although, he guesses, he actually has a half-valid excuse this time; he has had to spend the entire day looking around this new college, keeping a low profile and only speaking when explicitly spoken to.

It’s only half-valid because he’s home now and would, figuratively speaking, be free, but it doesn’t stop him from throwing his bag on the table, grabbing his laptop and sneaking upstairs without so much as a ‘hello’ to anyone who’s in.

When it boots up and he checks the thirty-four unread DMs, seventy-six facebook messages and the pages and pages of texts he’d missed from last night, he loses himself in his own world; his world built on a foundation of falseness; false friendships, relationships, and answers to any questions thrown his way.

False answers. Yeah, he likes that. It sounds better than calling them ‘lies’.

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