you have exactly 3 seconds to start running

radianceandmist  asked:

So... I've been wanting to request this for like 3 years and never got up the nerve when you were accepting so.... RvB, Recovery One, Delta goes with Tex instead of staying with York. You are amazing 💜

Texas tears Delta out of York’s corpse and makes a run for it. Rogue AIs are seldom friendly toward one another – it’s in their source-code to be self destructive.

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anonymous asked:

Hello lovely! Recently I haven't been getting my period, actually exactly right after I started playing a second sport on top of my main sport so I'll have 2-3 practices a day, I'm not concerned about exercise but really enjoy what I'm doing, and intuitively eat, but it does concern me that my period stopped, any advice?

Not getting your period during intense/frequent workouts is completely normal, love. :) Any time your period stops is a reason of concern for any girl, but more than likely it’s not a big deal. If you’re truly worried go talk to your doctor, and she will be real with you and maybe run some blood tests! x