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Oliver, still life, 2016

alright friends! most of us are returning to school in the next month or so (and those of us in the co 2017 are entering the dark abyss of college application season) so i thought i’d make a post on how to make returning to school after two months of vegetating on your laptop!!! disclaimer: this really only applies to middle/high school bc i know nothing about college.

in the month before school starts

  • make a list of all of the school supplies you need! @prettylittlestudies​ has a great masterpost here and @hermionegoals​ has one here once you have a list of everything that you need, go through what you already have and check things off. make a finalized list of everything you still need to get, and figure out where you can get it cheapest. walmart, target, and staples are my go-tos for school supplies. you can usually get 99-cent notebooks etc, which is great when you’re on a budget!!!
  • start trying to fix your sleeping schedule. you don’t have to wake up at six every morning but try and be awake by eight or nine starting the month before you have to go back to school, then the week before, try and start waking up when you would have to for school. nothing sucks worse than getting three hours of sleep the night before the first day. if you’re having trouble going to sleep earlier, try setting an alarm for eight o clock no matter what time you go to bed. it sucks during the day but it should help you reset your sleep sched
  • make the best of what’s left of your summer! take days to relax and do nothing! studyblr culture absolutely has this illusion that you have to productive every second of every day which is??? untrue??? days off are necessary to avoid burnout y’all, you’re just a person not a robot, you can’t be constantly productive. hang out with friends, with family, take time for yourself to just chill and recover.

the day/night before school starts

  • do something with your friends. just something small. go and get ice cream together, grab lunch, go for a walk together. hang out in barnes and noble (my personal fave.) 
  • make yourself something good for dinner!!! make your favorite food. have dessert. treat yourself. 
  • get everything together the night before YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. get your backpack organized. pick out your clothes for the next morning. make sure you have something you really like for breakfast (a package of pillsbury cinnamon rolls are my go to) it will make the first day so much easier and more relaxed
  • go to bed early duh???? 

when school actually starts

  • make sure to write everything down. that might seem obvious, but DO IT. it’s so so so helpful. set reminders in your phone. 
  • do everything you need to do at the first opportunity after it’s assigned. you’ll feel so so so much better knowing that it’s out of the way - and that way if you want to, you can make plans later on, bc you already did what you need to do
  • make sure to do some relaxing the weekend after school starts
  • y’all remember that it’s completely okay to feel a little burnt out as the school year starts, you just went from doing nothing to doing a whole lot
  • make a list of concepts that you’re foggy on that you need to review to make your classes this year earlier, especially in math classes and in some science classes! 

Part Twelve: Poison Arms
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 2125
Warnings: Cursing, control issues, physical assault. 


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‘Barbara Gordon Deserves Better’ Spam

The Batman Chronicles #5

[Caption: four panels following a dream conversation between Batgirl and a woman in bright clothes, who’s wearing an oracle mask.
Oracle: You have lost nothing that matters. You have everything you need. Everything before leads up to now and now leads to what shall be.
Batgirl: I don’t understand.
Oracle: Take away your mask and I will take away mine. Then you will understand.
Batgirl takes of her mask, revealing she’s Barbara Gordon. Oracle does the same and it turns out she’s also Barbara Gordon.
Batgirl: Oh!
Oracle: Now do you see?]
A family trip

“Cissy, my dear, are you sure you have packed everything we need?” Lucius stood at the front door with a frown, having a feeling that he forgot something, but he couldn’t figure out what. He was brought back to reality by a thud when Draco dropped his wooden toy onto the tiles, still in his pyjamas. “Draco, my son. I have told you already to go and get dressed or you won’t come with us.” He told the six year old.


Yesterday I went up to spend the night at my favorite destination on Mount Hood, alone. I’m starting to find myself up here once every year, but coming by myself this time is a new one. Years ago I don’t know if I would’ve even contemplated the possibility of backpacking solo, but I guess a decade of living and camping the Pacific Northwest pushes you to try new things. There’s something really freeing about going into the wilderness alone. You go your own pace, stopping anytime you want to admire the sky, or to look back behind you to see how far you’ve come. You don’t have to talk just to talk. You move with everything you need on your back. I think a lot of people would balk at the solitude. But when you’re up high and all the bad parts of civilization seemingly hundreds of miles away, solitude is what gives you the space to wrap yourself up in your thoughts and your daydreams, to compress the past and the future into one forward movement, and in those moments the world feels big again, good, and almighty. As it should.

Imagine comforting S.Coups when he’s particularly stressed and tired from being the leader of Seventeen.

Fall in love with your existence. You are here for a reason. Allow your intuition to guide you through your journey, carving your path along the way. Realize that you hold infinite wisdom and power deep within your being. Embrace this. Nothing limits your potential excepts your fears, which are simply illusions, constructions of a mind consumed with fulfilling the expectations of other minds. Tune into yourself. Be still. You have everything within your soul that you will ever need to reach your full potential at this very moment.


Scott McCall + Stiles Stilinski - Teen Wolf (Imagine 449)

“What the hell is going on?” Scott asked as you dropped your pillow. You looked to Stiles, trying to urge him to say something. 

“Well, we were fluffing up the pillows,” Stiles answered, fluffing up the pillow.

“Yep, fluffing the pillows,” you chorused.

“Oh, Okay,” Scott said it was evident he could see you were both lying. “So, you were both in my room fluffing my pillows while I wasn’t here because?” he questioned. 

“Well - we wanted you to have a good nights sleep, with everything going on you needed quality pillows, we are just looking out for you,” Stiles said.

“You were both having a pillow fight, weren’t you?” He asked, you both nodded your head.

“We were both having a pillow fight.” You repeated.

Want to request?

hmmm. yes.

ive stayed back for a hot second (involuntarily, seeing as i was babysitting a 6-month-old who was blissfully unaware and crying her head off 93% of the night) but now i feel like i have something to say about this shit storm. 

theres something skeevy about the way that kim/kanye decided to come out with this now. the word ‘decided’ is purposeful because this was clearly preconceived and im sincerely wondering why. 

most of this post is going to go in a lot of different directions bc tbh im still foggy on the big picture of this situation.

mostly i want to know why it matters so much. 

the business is….exactly that, the business. what did taylor lie about? hm..that the song puts her in a bad light. well, maybe she believed this in her own right. as made obvious by the note she posted, she wasnt aware of the word ‘bitch’ being used. okay…i dont see that as a huge deal but am i her? no. if she feels like thats a big deal then thats a big deal, to her. 

people dont really have the right to dictate what does/doesnt matter to her. 

on the phone call (which i watched while previously mentioned infant had finished fussing like everyone on tumblr is doing rn) taylor sounded polite and eager to please. when i watched it my first reaction was, whats the problem? because i was unaware of the whole situation. i kind of get it now. again, im not an expert i just have a lot of thoughts. 

coming from the other side, why are kim and kanye mad tho. that taylor gave their family a bad name….? for freaking out about the song? which i cant even remember her doing (im sure it happened but i cant remember it so that must mean it wasnt that huge) and theyre the kardashians. who gives a FUCK about what taylor said/did about the song. ITS STILL FUCKING POPULAR!!!!

so i guess that might be why i feel confused as to why kim/kanye felt the need to come out with this “leaked footage” now. whats the point? to shade taylor…k, cool….to pull yourselves up back on the fame ledge and become a headline? cool. to stir the pot? likely.

i just see it as unnecessary. taylor “lied” about not knowing what was on the song? no, not really. i mean it wasnt a complete truth but you cant really say she lied about it all. anyway who fucking cares. the good shit she’s done outweighs the bad by millions. 

kim/kanye will always be crust to me, im just annoyed by them. the kardashians have always been a joke and i want to like kanye, but this is underhanded. please go work on yourself and your life. this may be an unpopular opinion, but no one ever sends me asks anymore on here so i doubt ill get any. and if i do, cool, lets discuss. i dont want a fight tho, im not using incendiary language, these are just my thoughts laid out for anyone to read and agree/disagree with. 

this is melissa, over and out. going to bed. talk to everyone tomorrow. 

Never Want To Be Alone (Calum Hood)


You sat on our bed, chewing your lip softly as he packed up any last minute things he could think of. When he finished up, pulled the zipper closed and locked the bag up, hauling it off the bed. You sat with your legs crossed and sighed when he sat it next to the bedroom door.

“You have everything you need right?” you asked.

“I’m 99.9% sure that I have everything,” he chuckled out in response. “If there’s anything else, I’ll remember in the morning before I go.”

You nodded your head and smiled softly, but when he looked back at you, his face fell.

“What?” you asked, biting your lip..

“You’ve been upset all day…” he started. “I don’t know if me leaving has anything to do with it but-”

“That’s the whole reason Calum,” you admitted, cutting him off. “I don’t want you to leave…”

“I thought you said that you would be okay with this when we started dating. You knew this was coming.”

“I know, I know, but now that it’s actually here… it’s just… it sucks… I don’t want to be without Calum, I can’t…” you shook your head, swallowing thickly.

He let out a sad sigh and came back over to sit next to you on the bed. You looked down at your lap, playing with your fingers. You felt slightly foolish for feeling the way you did, but you couldn’t help it. You were scared of being alone for so long. You could barely deal being away from him for a couple days, let alone a couple months at a time.

“(Y/N), you know I have to go…” he said softly. “We can arrange visiting times… and when I have a break, I’ll make sure I always come to see you and you can come visit me and everything if you have the time. It’s not like we won’t see each other at all for the straight 8 months,” he explained softly.

You nodded your head, knowing he was right. It didn’t help much, he still had to leave in the morning.

“I know that,” you murmured out.

“I sense there’s a ‘but’ in there somewhere,” he said skeptically. You bit your lip and shook your head but Calum saw right through your little façade. “(Y/N).”

“I just really don’t want you to go Calum. I’m sorry but I just can’t help it. I don’t want you to leave me, I don’t!” you blurted out and Calum frowned even more.

“I’m sorry for putting you through this… it’s my job,” he murmured, dragging his hands over his face.

You squeezed your eyes shut, immediately feeling bad. “I know Calum… I’m sorry…”

“I’m sorry,” he repeated.

“Calum, I’m sorry… As much as I don’t want you to leave, I’ll… I’ll get used to it. Because I care about you, and I love you and I want to make it as easy as possible for you when you leave… I don’t want you to feel guilty when you leave. Baby…” you stopped, reached out to gently grab his chin and turn him towards you, leaning forwards to gently press your lips to his for only a moment  “It’s not something that I’m used to… but I’ll get there… I promise…”

“Yeah?” he murmured out softly, licking his lips.

“Absolutely, and it’s a promise. I’ll be sad when you leave, but I’ll be okay, and I’ll always make sure to be at the airport to pick you up when you get home and when I can, I’ll visit you. It’ll all work out… I just want to be able to prove it to you Cal…”

Calum looked at you softly, resting his hands on your legs gently. “It’ll be hard definitely… but we’ll Skype too, as often as we can… I promise there won’t be a day where you don’t hear from me okay? Time with fly and I’ll be home as soon as I can… it’ll be here before you know it.”

You nodded your head softly and bit your lip. You smiled softly at him and he grabbed your upper arms gently so he could pull you into his chest. You wrapped your arms around his torso and pressed yourself closer to him. His hands pressed against your back, locking you against him. His lips moulded to your forehead and you relaxed a little.

“We’ll be okay…” you murmured against his shoulder.

“Of course love… everything will be okay. We won’t be apart forever, and when I come back, well… it’ll be like I never left…”

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At one of your AX pannels you guys mentioned there was a free Photoshop that was public domain (or something) Can you post a link to that? I haven't been able to find it

Adobe released Photoshop CS2 some tiem ago for free, but I guess that offer expired!? Which is bullshit. Sorry!

BUT @completeresources should have everything *wink wonk* you may *winkwonk* need. *wink wink wonk* If you know what I mean.

For instance: What does Killer Croc, like, eat?

DC Comics’ new movie Suicide Squad, will hit theaters August 5th and if you’re psyched by the neon posters and high tempo trailers you might want a little more backstory before buying a ticket.  Thankfully, we have you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about the Squad before you take yo…