you have emotional problems

INFJ with Emotions
  • INFJ: oh yeah, I'm a very emotional person. Discussing emotions is very interesting to me and I think it's healthy and important to sort through emotions and talk them out when you have problems going on that are making you stressed, nervous, or anxious.
  • Negative Emotions: *show up*
  • INFJ: conceal don't feel don't let them know

Can everyone just accept the fact that, just because Bruce Wayne is terrible at showing his emotions, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have them?

The biggest test for if a man is the one for me is how he deals with my feelings Some men will dismiss the emotions you have and see them as a problem. They will dismiss how you feel or ignore you or try to placate you with gifts and sex to shut you up and circumvent the problems. The reason why that’s dangerous is because over time you begin to think that problems in the relationship are your fault. You’re too emotional. You’re too impatient. You’re a nag. You’re ungrateful. Slowly but surely you begin to shut up and when things don’t improve you continue to put all the weight on you and he gets to act like it’s all good. A man that’s truly after my heart cherishes me enough to take time to make me happy. I have had times when me and my guy aren’t on the same page and he will drive over to see me to have a face to face conversation because over the phone isn’t working. I have had times when I say “never mind” when I’m clearly upset and he’ll say “sweetheart speak your mind.” A man who loves you will not treat your feelings like a burden. And if there are things to fix in a relationship he will happily work with you through the frustration because he wants you both to be happy. Don’t allow yourself to become a mouse when it comes to how you feel just because a man doesn’t have the emotional capacity to have empathy or the communication skills to talk through things. The problem is him, not you. And you have to know you deserve better than that

@lordhellebore I know the feeling all too well <3 And you’re right with everything. You’re entitled to help, you do NOT have to be able to do everything alone, and being capable of accepting help is often a stronger feat than muddling through alone. 

sorry last night i just randomly got emotional over well everything i know youre right but im soo bad at this and i know am i and need not to be cause i know many times ive needed help and have said nothing because i didnt want people to think i couldnt do things by myself  like when i was younger i had trouble with stairs and would be supposed  to use the lift at school but i never did even tough other kids used it id pass my lift key to the kids with broken legs i cause `i didnt need it’ and one time i fell and cracked my skull  or when i first applying to uni i was  going to say that i had no disabilities cause like my problems were like super minor right?? barely there ? which is how i wanted to feel about it  and that wouldve meant id never would  have got all the support i did get at uni which was so helpful   it doesnt help that everyone preaches the can do attitude the whole time and it leaves feeling youve got no one to turn to  when you actually want help because every one says how well you manage and all the things you dont need and you dont wanna make it worse because the more you talk about it  the more it gets in the way so you have been like like im fine :) all the time otherwise its  an inconvenience to everyone else innit - and i hate the ive learned this  that ive learned its embarrassing and  bring attention to it make it more so i dont even like talking about i want to act like its insufficient but its not  i want it to stop because i shouldnt feel ashamed its part of me and was since before i was born i wouldnt be what am now if it wasnt so im learning to take things as achievements rather whats expected of me like the dog walking might not seem like a big thing but to me who has struggled walking long distances for me to able  do that is a big thing and when i learnt to swim was excited about but i got back thats nice honey but everyone else learned in 2005 like yeah did they learn with one leg pointed the wrong way that you couldnt kick with ? im was i having done anything but my parents are like not many disabled people even go to university and i have a degree and gonna get another one and i should see this as positive i always thought i had it down already like i wasnt bothered about it i dont wanna be cured and that was it right? that was how you accepted disability but its more complicated than that i have be able accept it as it and being too scared to get help because im embarrassed or proud or feel i `havent got it bad enough’ isn’t accepting it and its isnt cheating it is what am due im allowed and i have to brave and know when im going to need assistance and that doesn’t mean theres not still a long list of things i am capable of completely independently  and its much more than it used to be and maybe i future it will be  even longer im sorry i dont where this came form im having  a lot of feelings rn i always got told i was a brave child but i wasnt  i was a child who didnt want to let anyone in because that would show weakness and i couldn’t be weaker than i was already so i tried so hard to be strong and indifferent but thats not `inspirational’ honestly the only thing i got out of this thinking was fucking anxiety and i want to be able to be secure in myself and to do the best i can and not feel like my best isnt good enough or is merely the minimum expected

I normally don’t post things like this because I don’t believe hate should be addressed seeing how it typically only creates more. This is meant to be fun, not stressful. But given how @basiicphysics is getting hate, I am not going to sit by and let it go ignored. If it’s not clear already, that is Sofia’s blog. Indie account or not, she is entitled to post whatever she wants. Especially OOC posts. This is NOT a fic, this is a blog run by a human being who is entitled to post whatever they want. If you have a problem with that then unfollow. No one is forcing you to stay. To follow her was your choice, it’s your choice to stay, and it’s your choice to be an adult and unfollow her if you don’t enjoy her content. Actually, do us all a favor and unfollow her and anyone else you have a problem with sharing their own thoughts and emotions in their OOC posts which are meant for the muns to just that. If you have such a problem with her being human then you may need to readdress your own morals and see you are a human as well. And I’m sure you’d feel like shit if someone commented on your complaining and I’m sure you’d handle it with a lot less class and sophistication. So, nameless blogger following Sofia, shove your opinion up your ass and have a horrible night.



The Wiccan’s Glossary

Sugilite the strongest stones to wear to give protection from negative entities, and its energy helps to remove negative attachments. There are many other excellent qualities that this stone brings to you as well. As it is a violet flame crystal… it is a wonderful aid for healing. If you have emotional problems this stone is strongly nurturing. It assists you to let go of worry, and it stimulates positive feelings that aid the release of stress and brings peace of mind and calmness.

ok but. my fave thing. plenty of people (especially the female fan base) adore Daryl. and for some reason people are getting pissy when these same people say they won’t watch TWD anymore if he dies.

and it’s utterly hilarious because they’re missing the big key that is Daryl Dixon. They truly don’t understand the tragedy that it would be to have him off the show and /why/ it’s enough to get people to stop watching. So many people are mad at the fact that everyone’s in love w/ Daryl (usually more than the story) and I love it.

Why do all these people love him so much? Because they see themselves in him. Daryl’s character is a survivor of physical and emotional abuse– who also clearly suffers from mental illness (such as depression). He’s been shoved around all his life, made to believe he’s worthless, bone deep insecurity. On top of that, he’s lost so much. It’s not all about this ruggish-bad-boy-but-soft-on-the-inside trope we have. It’s about the experiences he has and is still going through. It’s something so many people have all gone through. We understand on such a personal level we can’t help but love him because “hey I’ve gone through it too and look you’ve made it this far I’m so proud of you and hey– maybe I can do it too, just like you.”

to have someone you can personally relate to/look up to die hurts, hurts so much because they didn’t make it and it fucking sucks. and sometimes they’re one of the few things helping you make it through

not saying this is the case for everyone, but it is for plenty. so maybe instead of getting pissy about everyone fretting and anxious over a character like Daryl dying you can shut the fuck up god damn. go outside, enjoy the sun or something