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A - Age: 20

B - Birthplace: Maryland, USA

C - Current time: 20:12

D - Last thing you drank: Peach mango kool-aid

E - Easiest person to talk to: My tumblr friendos! Especially @filthinthefangirl and @visualkei-fan 💖

F - Favorite song: I’m not going through this again

G - Grossest memory: Don’t think I have any

H - Horror yes or no?: Depends on the medium

I - In love?: Haha, wtf is that?

J - Jealous of people?: Little bit

K - Killed someone?: Only in my mind

L - Love at first sight or should I walk past again?: Walk past again

M - Middle name: No joke, I always forget 😂😂

N - Number of siblings: 3

O - One wish: To meet all of my internet friends irl someday

P - Person you last called: My mom

Q - Question you’re always asked: “Are you okay?”

R - Reason to smile: My tumblr friends and Aoi 💖

S - Last song you listened to: 愛が止まらない -Turn It Into Love- by PUFFY

T - Time you woke up: I have no concept of time anymore

U - Underwear color: At least take me out to dinner first, you scamp (ฅωฅ*)

V - Vacation: Literally just chilling at home

W - Worst habit: Staying up later than I should

X - X-rays: None

Y - Your favorite food: CHEESE STICKS

Z - Zodiac sign: Capricorn

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My thoughts as promised. It’s long. Read it in bed. 😂 I’m just gonna say this up front. I briefly fell for the okie doke. I too was wondering why John, in bed with a beautifully naked Madi, would be speaking of Billy Bones and Flint? And then I heard Madi say? “And it upsets you. Because you believe he is your friend.” John: “Yes, it upsets me.” *V8 forehead smack* Symbolism much?!

*Important: This is not the first time Madi and John have made love! There is no awkward fumbling or nervous giggling. When John kisses Madi, he is locked on. He knows how to handle Madi’s full, petal-soft lips.*

John is being truly naked with Madi. Here John is voicing and expressing a lack of control over situations; Billy telling tale-tales about him and making him an unwilling legend, in his own time. And Flint. John is worried about Flint’s EGO. Something he’s had to contend with “alone” for some time. Now, he has a confidant in Madi. Someone to help, if for the moment, lighten his imagined burden. I say imagined, because soon Madi will free John of this albatross. 🙂 Bear with me. I promise the good part is coming (no pun intended.)

We all know John is a wordsmith. He has the ability to speak his way out of most situations. By telling the listener what they “want” to hear. It’s a gift, to be able to read a person so quickly. In this, John is unmatched. Welp, until he met Madi.

Princess Madi has a gift of “communication”. She doesn’t tell the listener what they want to hear. No, she repeats their words, but without judgement. I read once of someone’s frustration with Madi for throwing John’s words in his face. “Did you not once, tell me of your worry? About the fate of those whom Captain Flint called friends before you?“Madi repeats this, not to throw John’s own words in his face, but to remind him of the intense emotions he was feeling when he said it. Maybe John feels this way too, because he attempts to qualify his original statement. “A lot has changed since then. This would make more sense, if I didn’t need him [Flint] as much as he needs me.” Again, Madi gives him his own words…“ A lot has changed.” But this time, Madi adds subtle nuances and inflections to get John’s attention. John being so in tune with Madi and the power of words, he finally catches the difference. John is no longer listening to the thoughts in his head. Madi has his undivided attention.

*Taking a moment to scream, whoop and holla! Madi is John’s equal when it comes to the use of language. Different styles but no less effective. They are so equally yoked!*

John is “upset” because he’s been trying to find a way for them (he and Flint) to be successful in this endeavor. But Billy is making things difficult. John likes Billy and thus, is trying to figure out how to handle him. John also “believes” Flint is now his friend and even contends that together, they are an unbeatable combination. BUT, despite “believing”, John is upset. Because his gut/instincts is telling him something else.

When John asks Madi if she thinks he’s unqualified to have an opinion about Flint? Madi, ever the diplomat doesn’t tell John…Son you so close, you can’t see the forest for the trees! Because to do so might cause John to stop listening/thinking outside of the SilverFlint tandem. What she does convey, like any good leader, is her belief in him!! “I don’t believe you need him [Flint] to be the man you are. *John’s nostrils flare, slightly* I think you would be a very good king.” *Blink* “If I were a no good pirate, I’d follow wherever you led.” Madi in 3 simple sentences has freed John, mentally and spiritually from the weight that Flint has become. Madi removed Flint from the equation. She gave John his individuality by making him King. She reminded him he is whole and formidable, in his own right. AND now the good part… she declared her love for him!

I said it before and I’ll say it again. John is shook!! Madi just served him up everything he ever wanted in minutes. This is why John is speechless. Let the lovemaking begin! And for a brief moment, the sun was shining, ichabbie was Canon and I didn’t have bronchitis. 😷😋

Bonus: He went into the water and came out Long John Silver! *bound amid the wreckage*

“I am no one, from nowhere, belonging to nothing. I’m a wretch like you. And yet, mountains of gold have changed hands because I choose it. Thousands of men in Nassau are living in fear of my return because I decreed it. Hundreds of dead redcoats in a forest not far from here because I made it so. I’m the reason grown men lie awake at night. I’m a new beginning for Nassau. And you’d trade all that for what, 500 pieces?”

John drank every 💧 of Madi’s Kool-Aid. He believes in himself. He’s embracing his persona and running with it. Madi is his match, lover and soul mate. Period. 😜 They so CANON, it’s ridiculous. ~PitchingWoo™

Clint Barton Drabble 2

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Prompt: “You’re seriously like a man-child.”

***changed the sentence just a bit***

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“(Y/N)! (Y/N)! (Y/N)! (Y/N)!” Clint yelled as he ran down the hallway, looking for you. Stopping in your tracks, you turn around to see Clint sprinting towards you. As he rounds the corner, he almost wipes out on the slick floor. Quickly picking himself up, he rushes up to you. “(Y/N)! (Y/N)!”

“Clint! Clint!” You mimicked, laughing at how he got your attention. Clint was nearly jumping up and down, and you can honestly say that you have never seen him this excited before.

“(Y/N) guess what,” He quickly said, bouncing on the balls of his feet.


“No, guess,”

Rolling your eyes at him, you just looked at him.

“Fine,” He huffed out, looking at you. “So there was this funny mixture in Bruce’s lab and I drank it.”

“YOU WHAT?!” You nearly screamed as you grabbed onto Clint’s shoulders to stop him from bouncing up and down. 

“Uh-huh. It tasted like blue Kool-Aid. I feel great. Do you feel great? ‘Cause I do,”

Eyes growing wide, you just slightly shook your head up and down. “How about we go talk to Bruce, okay?”

“Okay!” He cheerily said as he took your hand. Leading him down to Bruce’s lab, you almost sigh in relief as you saw Bruce scratching his head as he is staring at the beaker that is half empty. 

“Bruce, thank goodness you’re here,” You breathed out as you dragged Clint in. With one look at Clint, Bruce quickly looked at you.

“What happened to him?” Bruce asked with a raised eyebrow as he saw his grown best friend sitting on the lab table swinging his legs back and forth.

“Apparently he drank something in your lab, and now he’s like this. What did he drink?”

“I’m guessing this beaker right here,” Bruce said, motioning to the beaker in his hand. “It’s a stimulant that I am developing to try to calm me down so, I, uh, don’t turn green as often. Obviously he has drank it in its premature stage.”

“Yeah, obviously,” You said as you eyed Clint. “Clint, stop.” You quickly said as you pulled a beaker from his hands. “You’re seriously like a man-child right now.”

“He is,” Bruce laughed before you sent a glare towards his way. Clearing his throat, he looks back to you. “Sorry. He should be okay in a few hours, we just need to let it run its course.”

“Okay,” You said, walking out of the lab.

“Where are you going?!” Bruce called out as he eyed Clint nervously. 

“You created this mess, so you get to deal with it!” You laughed as you walked away from the man and man-child.

Eyes flashing around the room, Clint kept pointing to various objects. “What’s that? What’s that? What’s this?”

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Bruce groaned. “This is going to be a long few hours.”

Joker x deaf!Reader Part 8

The ride back to Y/N’s house was mostly silent, with J talking occasionally. She looked so depressed, slightly shaking and sadly staring at her lap so J decided to tell her some funny stories.

“So then this guy, this hostage, got up and tried to attack me! With a pen! So naturally I grabbed the pen and gouged the guy’s eyes out. Oh, you should’ve been there, it was hilarious.” He wiped a tear from his eye, chuckling softly. He looked over to Y/N to see her reaction only to find her staring at her lap. Without thinking he reached up and grabbed a lock of her hair and tugged. She looked at him, her eyes wide.


“What did you think?”

“What?” J rolled his eyes, remembering she was deaf.

“Never mind.”

They got to the house and J opened the door for her, dramatically extending his arm. Once she was inside she turned around to shut her door, only to find him entering her house as well.

“What are you doing?” She sighed, just wanting him to leave so she could cry herself to sleep.

“Can I have that drink now, doll?” He shut her door and saw her blinking, not really understanding why he’s staying.

“Um, are-are you staying?”

“For a bit. Can I get that drink?” Just wanting to get him out, she walked over to her fridge and opened it before looking back at him.

“What do you want? I have, kool-aid, Capri Sun, apple juice-”

“Do you got any wine?” Y/N paused. He mouthed it again when she looked confused.

“Wine? Like, alcohol? Um, yes I think so.” She opens a dusty cabinet and pulls out an ancient bottle of wine.

“I’m not sure if it’s expired yet-” J laughs.


“Nothing, doll. Something tells me it’s not expired.” He found her ignorance amusing. Taking the glass, he drank it while keeping his eyes on her. She obviously wasn’t used to visitors, or maybe it was just him, because she had her hand clamped around her forearm, nervously glancing towards the side. He didn’t want to leave on a bad note, wanting to see her smile before he left.

“Come sit, doc. Tell me about yourself.”

“Huh?” She timidly sat beside him.

“So what’s a pretty thing like you doing in Gotham? Were you always a psychiatrist?” He would have found this out by Frost sooner or later, but he wondered if she would tell him.

“I-uh, well, I actually worked with a group of people who would find historical artifacts. We would go so many places and just do all sorts of crazy things. We’ve been to thousands of years old temples and did all kinds of jobs.” She smiled. J twirled the liquid around in his glass.

“So you worked with those types of people? That’s interesting.”

“I did them.” His eyes went from the wine to her, and she choked on her drink. “I did the things, I mean. The jobs, the traveling, not the people.” J looked at her in amusement.

“Surprising, what would happen if an avalanche was heading straight towards you?” Her lips quirked.

“Well that’s why I brought others along. So they could warn me of the impending avalanche. And that is one of the reasons why it didn’t last long.” J smiled, surprising himself with how genuine it was. He put his glass down and cleared his throat. He stood up, offering her his hand. She hesitantly took it, and stood up as well.

“Dance with me?” She didn’t answer, so he just wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her into a dance. She stumbled over her feet and giggled, relaxing slightly. She was still tense around him, knowing how he could go from ‘Yes, doctor you’re so helping me’ to ‘I’m going to fry your brains so you’ll stop being a good person’ real quick. It saddened her but she couldn’t help but fall for his charm. He twirled her around, her swaying slightly and awkwardly falling back into his arms.

“Uh, I can’t dance.” She stammered.

“No one has ever danced with you before?” She shook her head.

“I prefer to keep to myself. That way I’m not anyone’s liability. I can take care of myself, anyway.” She politely pulled back, showing she’s slipped into a bit of a dark mood. J took it as his cue to leave.

“Well, Y/N, I’ll be going. Expect to hear from me soon.” J trailed off into laughter, and she gave him a confused look.


“You get it? Hear from me? No? Never mind.” She rolled her eyes. He leaned forward and planted a kiss on her cheek.

Once he was gone she slid down the door and put her head in her hands. It surprised her how he could go from sweet to violent and controlling, and how he could make her fall in love with him all over again.


He came sooner than she expected, only two days later. They drank her ‘expired’ wine and chatted, and Y/N noticed he was more possessive than before.

“Are you getting a new patient?”

“I haven’t gone back to work yet.”

“That didn’t answer my question.”

“Well, that is my job.”

“Have you found out who?” Y/N looked down, biting her tongue. J grabbed a lock of her hair and  tugged on it, making her eyes find his lips.


“You know who.”

“Well… it’s not important.”


“Can’t you just find out anyway? Even if I don’t tell you?”

“Yes, but that’s not the point.”Y/N furrowed her eyebrows and leaned closer. J couldn’t ignore the pull he felt from her and leaned in himself…only to realize she was just getting a better look at his lips. “Kiss me.” He said, wondering if she still liked him, even after all the things he put her through. Her eyebrows furrowed. Diss me? Oh. Kiss me. She surprised him and put her lips on his, making him purr. His hand wrapped in her hair, getting ahead of himself and she pulled back.

“I have a meeting I have to go to today. I need something pretty to look at when I’m bored. Do you want to come?” He saw her hesitation. “You know I wouldn’t make you do anything that you’re uncomfortable with, as long as you keep up your end of the bargain. Just, act-” like you love me. He frowned, she was affecting him too much. “Never mind. You’re going. Get ready.” Not wanting a repeat of last time, she quickly got off of the stool and went to go get dressed.


Y/N is sitting in J’s lap, openly gawking at the glory of the VIP section. She figures she must have been too nervous last time to notice it, but it was amazing. J glared at the client who was giving Y/N a weird look, although he couldn’t blame him. She was looking around the place with her mouth open. There were gold beads hanging all around, J was wearing gold chains and watches, and the whole place seemed to be made of gold. Although she made good money, she never really went anywhere or did anything with it since coming to Gotham. The only ‘gold’ thing she owned was a bracelet from a toy machine at a store. Since she’s so amazed she forgets her manners and relaxes, something J wished she’d do more often. She’s always so tense.

“So Mr.J, I was thinking about-”

“Is this real gold?” Y/N accidentally cut the client off, but J didn’t mention it. He felt that everyone else was beneath him anyways.

“Yes, doll. You like it?” She giggled and nodded. “When we get home I’m turning everything in our house gold.” She was too happy to notice he implied her moving in with him.

“So Mr-”

“It’s amazing.” Y/N unintentionally cut him off again.

“I didn’t know you’d like it so much.” She looked at J in shock.

“Are you kidding? It’s gold. Like real gold. That’s amazing.” J smiled at her, finding her completely adorable as she looked at the beads. He kissed her neck, trailing up to her cheek.

“I’m gonna get you a gold dress, gold necklaces-” He stopped and growled with annoyance when he noticed she wasn’t looking at him. He tugged on her hair, their new communication system, and her eyes found his lips. “I’m gonna get you a gold dress…” He named everything he would get her, making her giggle and squeal. About five minutes later J remembered the client and continued their conversation, not caring that the guy looked annoyed. But the one time Y/N interrupts J, boy does he let her know.

“Batman has been-”

“J how did you afford all of this?”

“Doll you just interrupted me. That was very rude.” He scolded, making her cover her mouth with her hand and squeak out a ‘sorry’. J goes back to coddling her and kissing her face, bringing her smile back.

“To answer your question doll, it’s not like I work hourly on minimum wage.”

“Oh.” He kisses her face again, eventually finding her lips. They end up chatting for about thirty minutes, mostly J telling her about all the things he will buy her and her politely refusing, but still amazed.

“Can I try them on?” She motions toward his gold chains. He takes them off and puts them around her neck, making her give a little squeak.

“Sorry, sorry, it’s just so cool.” J laughs at her being weighed down by them, and takes one back.

Then J remembers the client.


“Mr. J is it necessary for her to keep interrupting?” J looks at Y/N who’s still looking at him.

“Baby, give daddy a kiss.” She complies with a smile, and J uses the distraction to shoot the client in the head. He makes sure Y/N keeps kissing him until Frost can get the body out of the way. When she pulls away, she gasps and looks towards where the client was sitting.

“I forgot he was here! I didn’t interrupt him, did I?” J smiled, throwing his head back to rest on the couch.

“Of course not, doll. I would’ve told you.”

With some hesitation, he manages to talk her into coming to his house. His erratic driving terrified her, and he told her to close her eyes while she clutched his hand. When they get to his house on the outskirts of Gotham, he kisses her hand and leads her inside. He gives her time to gawk at his house, watching her expressions as she looks at everything. She marvels at his bedroom and does a little circle, taking everything in before her eyes find him. He was looking at her intently, and she blinked. He crossed the space between them faster than she could open her eyes and slammed his lips against hers before throwing her on the bed.

Anon Submit

(Copied and pasted because you asked to be anonymous)

this is my first ever submit, anon please…

I’ve been a Ben fan since STID and really love his work. Amazing actor. After Dr. Strange came out I stumbled into tumblr after Ben’s quote about some people thinking his wife and kid were PR stunts. I basically have been lurking through the skeptic blogs for the last couple of months. I do admit I (kind of) drank the kool-aid for a while. They do have some good points about how things about BC/SH’s relationship was promoted during certain times of the Oscar campaign. The thing about their relationship, no matter if they were dating for many months/years or they had a shot gun marriage, we will never know what their relationship is. I really never had much interest in her and really feel neutral about her.

Yes, their public courtship was short and she came out of nowhere, but the thing I cannot get my mind around is the fake pregnancy(ies). Yes, I guess she could have faked it to “stay in the limelight longer” and blackmailed him with it. But NO skeptic can give a good reason WHY he would go along with it and even a second time! Some skeptics say that the blackmail could have been no big deal to others, but it would have been a big deal for him (like something that would hurt his image). You really think that that something so insignificant for a blackmail would be better than faking TWO pregnancies-something 100% worse! Two or three skeptics were talking recently about why he would go along with a second fake one and no one could really give an answer. Even gator said that marvel told him to go along with the second fake pregnancy since she was going to pull another “stunt”. Yeah, why would Marvel ruin one of their movie star’s reputation and screw over his personal life when they probably would want to protect it?

One skeptic says they faked another one to “prove the skeptics wrong”, What? like all that trouble to prove a couple people on the internet wrong? If the first pregnancy was fake then they would have had a good plan after Kit was born for getting him out of the relationship, instead of continuing it two years later. There would have been like 10 lawyer teams working on it to save him. And it is very hard to believe that Sophie is dumb enough to get her prosthetics wrong, but powerful enough to fake a birth certificate, have Russian mafia ties, and participate in satanic cults. It’s like bad fan fiction.

Other reasons why it’s probably not fake:

They had a christening for fucks sake. I guess they went to the church and christened a doll! They have to go to such great lengths to stage a christening, for heaven’s sake his parents and Emily were there.

Yes that Bora Bora belly looked huge, but were bad quality taken from far away and shot by shot her belly actually changes size probably due to her positioning. They say their proof is Penelope Cruz wore one on a movie, well they had professional makeup artists to make it look real. Did a special effects artist come with them, take all that time to make it look real to “prove” she was pregnant? that seems very far fetched.

The airport photos where she is wearing that yellow skirt and sheer top, you can see her belly through there, even the sides and there is her normal skin with no seems, straps, and no two different skin tones.

I work in health care (an OB/GYN practice) and work with pregnant women every day. you cannot determine how big the baby is growing or what weeks gestation she is by looking at the belly, it is determined by the fundal (top of the uterus) height, not the top of the growing belly. can’t do that with pictures, nope!
Of course there are many many more reasons!

The thing I find funny, is that the popular skeptics aren’t even living in London or the UK. They see a snap shot of his life from a twitter sighting or press once every week or two and I guess they have their own narrative about what is going on when they have never even met the guy. Down the road in weeks, months, and years, we will see what happens. I don’t really buy the fake pregnancies, but with how weird Hollywood can be at times, I still would consider it a possibility. It could always be true, but who the hell knows! The thing is to let Ben live his life, even if it was “fake” and had a “fake wife and two fake children”, it is his choice to continue that life and tumblr blogs are not going to save him. You don’t own him and he has the right to do whatever the fuck he wants.


I’m not convinced myself that their relationship reveal was part of the Oscars campaign. Rather, it was more a coincidence that their relationship had reached the point where they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together so introducing Sophie was the logical thing to do. Had there not been an Oscar campaign I still think Benedict would have ‘revealed’ Sophie. As it was it needed to happen when it did so it made sense to have Sophie accompany him on the red carpet.

Their public courtship was short, but I very much doubt their private one was. Benedict was flying over to NYC every other weekend in Autumn of 2013, and he sure as hell wasn’t going to spend time with Zachary Quinto every time. Sophie was still in NYC at that point and wasn’t well known to those outside her art. Paps wouldn’t have noticed her had she been at the same locations as Benedict. They could quite easily have spent quite a lot of time together without any of the paps noticing.

As for the skeptics, nothing of what they say makes the slightest sense and 99.99% of it is easily disproven. We already know, from her own admission, that Wiki lied her arse off about drugs and prostitution. The haters have acquired a copy of Christopher’s birth certificate and they know it isn’t fake. Gator was trolled royally by various people feeding her fake 'tea’, including a couple of Sun journalists who were originally planning an article, but on her and not Sophie.

The Bora Bora shots looked perfectly normal to me. I’ve been pregnant twice and body position and baby position both can change how pregnant a person looks.

There’s nothing there in their theories. They’re just another bunch of crackpot conspiracy theorists who got butthurt that their fantasy boyfriend fell in love.

So Not The Drama

Have you noticed that Kurt is putting no real muscle behind getting Santana and Rachel to get along again? Yeah, yeah he gets them to sit down, and occasionally interjects, but that’s about it. He rolls his eyes a lot and makes great background facial expressions, but the guy really just wants to order pizza and have this done with. And, really, why should he waste a lot of time here?

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anonymous asked:

I guess by you not buying into the "illuminati" creates a reality where it doesnt exist. But Can you really ignore institutional racism, 911 lies, war for profit, the poisin in our food and water and tell yourslf that there isn't something going on?

I *used* to believe in a lot of that, don’t get me wrong, I read: Divine Conspiracies, 911 lies, Financial Tyranny, David wilcock’s blog was like my bible and I READ everything under the sun about x,y and z that I need to do to decalify my pineal gland, avoid my ego, and make sure the illuminati doesn’t steal my soul while i’m having an astral project experience. Yes I drank the New Age Kool-aid. I believed EVERYTHING.

I was the crazy one who obsessed about food labels, strictly ate organic foods on a tight budget, only used clean natural products and used fluoride free toothpaste just in case something might happen….Then one day I woke up after an ego death experience having faced the death of the Ego and said to myself:  

NONE of this shit matters! 

How the fuck does this help my life? I’m even afraid of eating?! 

Suddenly I am an epiphany, I am DOWSED in fear tactics and ABSOLUTE NEW AGE BULLSHIT. These articles are laced in fear tactics and old world dualism of FEAR-induced thinking. Even after awakening, if you feed on this info you’re feeding on the old world of dualism and fear. 

The New Age circles are filled with dualistic perceptions rooted in fear, insecurity, lack of control of personal reality and the judgmental paradigm of creating an unconscious hierarchy. Dark ones vs. light ones. wtf is that?

 We’re creating an old belief and storyline because we don’t feel we are in control and are prisoner to our experiences. When we’re the ones guiding the ship, we created this! 

Do I want to stay stuck in this fear paradigm of illusions? 

So we create all these little ridiculous fear mechanism that rooted into everything we are generating inside our reality. The illuminati, fear of food, fear of chemicals, fear of dark ones, fear of entities, fear of psychic attack, fear, fear, fear, When fear is an illusion of separation, it doesn’t exist. 

Fear is merely a construct you create around your insecurities that are creating symbolic representations inside your reality through the ego so you can create something you understand through the subconscious.

nothing external can dominate over the consious perception of our minds. You are ALWAYS in control, you guide your thoughts, you take action, you give belief which generates into meaning and symbol manifesting into your reality. 

The more you stay here, in this fear paradigm of illiminati bullshit, the more you are generating fear laced experiences, insecurities and feeling like a limited person of experience. 

I said enough. None of these things are hurting me but they are making me live like a crazy panic-induced weirdo who is afraid of chemicals, water,  and eatting food!

 It’s time to move forward. Nothing can stop spiritual progress because everything is energy.

The universe doesn’t want us to live life in fear and misery?

No the universe desires us to live in love, abundance, prosperity, happiness and infinite possibilities.

It is merely the energy and belief you are putting behind the idea in your reality.

What you create is from the energy behind it. What are you focusing on?

It’s just beliefs. 
The choice is yours. 

Fear /ungrounded/ insecurity = limited beliefs
Love / Divine Guidance rooted in material world / security = empowered beliefs

Don’t believe everything you read. Instead learn to manage your energy and generate empowering beliefs that make your life unlimited.

That’s the real lesson



An EXTREME Workout for People Who DON’T WORK OUT

Are you lazy? Do you hate physical exercise? Have you not done a sit up in over three years? Me too! Let’s fix that with this simple workout that you can do in your own home. I call it the P90LEX!!!

Don’t forget to stay hydrated and eat lots of nutrient-rich foods before working out. I ate a dozen chicken nuggets (for protein) and drank half a gallon of cherry kool-aid (for deliciousness), and I am GOOD TO GO!! 

ibelieveinthelittletreetopper  asked:

Convince me to read this crazy doc y'all are obsessed with. My compunctions are these: WIP? OCs?! SLOW?


*cracks knuckles*

These are all valid concerns! All three of these are features that turn me off stories. However, in the unique case of Down to Agincourt, I find each to be either not troublesome or in fact flipped upside down and bizarrely transformed into a good thing. Addressing them one by one:

1. WIP 

There are few things in the land of fan fiction more frustrating than a neglected WIP. To this day, I still allot brain cells to pining over the abandoned Star Trek WIP Home,  abandoned now for six years. Never going to get over that. 

Agreeing to read a WIP can be like signing up for the first half of a surgery–the part where they tear you open–with no guarantee that the doctor will commit herself to completing the second half (the part where they suture back together your bleeding heart, godammit).

So I get the concern. There are two reasons why this doesn’t trouble me in regards to Down to Agincourt. The first is that I’ve drank the kool aid and have really developed a faith in the author. It’s abundantly clear from the intricate way DtA’s plot unfolds, as well as from many author comment replies on Ao3, and descriptions of her writing process, that the overall story of DtA has been hashed out extensively. There is a master plan, and this plan has been being delivered very faithfully for over a year now. 

The second reason is that the first three books are completed and stand on their own as a story. Book 3 ends at a good spot, which left me feeling very satisfied. Don’t get me wrong, if DtA never updated past book 3, I would probably internally combust and spend the rest of my life on fire, lit by my unfulfilled DtA passions. But….I’d still recommend the first 3 books as a completed story. 

2. OC’s

I basically never read a story with OC as one of the major tags. I’m not as interested in the beginning development of some new character as I am the advanced development of my beloved known characters. 

Down to Agincourt, though…tricked me. 

This is not a story about OC’s, which is counter-intuitively how it tricks you into caring about them. It’s very densely a story about Dean and Cas. Dean and Cas emotions, 24/7. So much DeanCas emotion. “Emotional porn” it has been called. However…there’s around 500,000 words of these emotional conversations and…sometimes Dean and Cas are having them with or about other, relevant characters. 

I never felt like these characters were being thrust upon me. They just arose due to plot. Find a new town? Ok, there’s a town leader. Run a militia? Ok, there are various lieutenants in the militia. Basically every moment with these characters is leveraged to provide more insight into Dean and/or Cas (just as good OC’s in SPN reflect the leads and are used to further explore their emotional states). So at first this was all just noise to me, padding for my DeanCas feels. But gradually as my time reading the story grew…so did my casual character feelings, until one day I woke up to find I had cultivated elaborate feelings about “Phil” and “Vera.”

…I really consider this a happy accident rather than an obstacle. 


…Slow doesn’t even do the glacial speed of DtA justice. Cosmic. Heat death of the universe. Millennia pass…empires rise and fall..

However, perhaps a useful distinction could be made here between ‘slow’ versus ‘uneventful.’ 

In some “slowburn” stories that haven’t worked for me personally, a slow relationship development pace is mixed with a heavy gen plot. Often resulting in, well…not much Destiel meat. Or not much emotional meat. That kind of characterization does not apply to Down to Agincourt at all. 

This is possibly the meatiest Destiel story I have ever read. “Emotional porn” indeed! Every single moment provides a hefty serving of feels and relationship building. It’s actually a roller-coaster of emotions–never slow in that sense. It’s just that the story has…zoomed in. It’s zoomed in so far that it now takes 500,000 pixels to display the journey from A to B. 

In conclusion:

Please join our end of the world doomsday cult. We have coffee and brownies.

romantical-nerd  asked:

Feminism doesn't have to look the same as yours to be "true" or "real" feminism. I think gender roles hurt everyone in different ways, not just women. That doesn't mean I have too much "internalized misogyny" to see the "truth".

Patriarchy harms everyone. Women suffer infinitely more under patriarchy than men do. Any “feminism” that centers men’s fragility and prioritizes it over women’s oppression is meaningless, which you would realize if you didn’t have too much “internalized misogyny” to see the “truth.” Sorry you drank the equality kool-aid. Save this post; you’re gonna be really embarrassed by it in a few years.

Anyone else notice this?

It’s in both the MangaStream and MangaPanda translations. It could still be a Kubo-sensei brain fart, but what if it isn’t?

Bleach List Girl and I both want to know: WHAT THE HELL IS QUINCY ANYWAY? 

For a long time now Quincies have not seemed particularly human.  (One of them is a giant hand, another is a brain in a jar, and one of them is a diaper-wearing cupid).  I’ve had a personal theory that they’re dead.  Dead as Doornails, which is how they can live in the SS without soul butterflies, etc.  In the Haschwaldt/Bazz-B flashback, we learned that the Quincy are older than they look and that Ywach’s last command was to take the fight to the Soul Society.  How do you do that without a magician like Urahara at your disposal? YOU DIE. I think they all got their battle armor on, mounted horses, dew their swords and drank the Ywach Kool-Aid express to the Soul Society.

Only maybe they ended up somewhere else…

Because now , now here’s Kyouraku bandying about this term “Arancar.” Obviously, he doesn’t mean these guys were made by Aizen (at least I don’t think so,) but I have long wondered how it was, if Hollows are so poisonous to Quincy, THEY STARTED IN HUECO MUNDO. (Do you guys even remember that this whole arc started because Nel showed up to tell Ichigo that someone had invaded Hueco Mundo?  Remember that super-NAZI who absorbed the monster that Halibell’s fraccione’s made?  How could a Quincy do that???  Except maybe they’re NOT entirely Quinces…..)

But you’re asking me: Junko, how can they be Hollows they have no holes!??!!  

Well, remember Ichigo’s origin story?  What’s the cure for Hollow Holes?  QUINCY BLOOD/SOULS.  

So what if they’re NOT HUMAN any more?  What if Kyouraku knew this all along.  Because if we know anything about Kyouraku is that he’ll talk a mile a minute about everything EXCEPT HIS SECRETS.

Drinking Kool-Aid

I don’t think I could fill a whole essay on this, but it’s really sad whenever I see someone say I “drank the kool-aid”. Usually it’s in reference to some contentious opinion I have, like my commentary on 4chan. My positivity is taken as evidence that I have “drank 4chan’s Kool Aid” - a reference to cult-like manipulation being used to poison someone’s beliefs.

But like, cult mechanics and social manipulation are my jam. I love talking about those things; they’re pretty much all I write about on this blog. I really dislike it when “he/she drank the kool-aid” is treated like an explanation of why someone holds an opinion. That’s like a doctor looking at your test results and saying “I’m afraid you’re not healthy” before silently walking away. It’s just weird.

On stuff like the 4chan post in particular, I go into a lot of depth about where my opinions on that are coming from, and in the greater context of things I’ve written it’s really easy to understand why I look favorably upon anonymity. You could accurately say I have a bias toward cultures like that, but it’s a bias that largely exists due to the demands of my career path. 

I’m not saying I’m not being manipulated, because the whole point of harmful manipulation is that the victim isn’t aware of it. Rather, I’m saying that harmful manipulation is something you should discuss, not just declare. All it comes down to is strategically presenting falsified information in a way that discourages people from questioning it - and you can actually isolate the pieces that have been falsified, the techniques used to do it, and so on. Not just that, but someone being manipulated really is a victim, and if you can discern it you have an obligation to help them.

Manipulation is not mysterious magic, nor is it an abstract concept like Irony or Fate that you can blame bad things on. It’s observable: you can actually identify falsified information and call it into question. As usual, if you think I am being fed misinformation on something, I really do implore you to talk to me about it. My contact information is on the sidebar, and I will not think any less of you for being concerned about me. 

anonymous asked:

"because human beings are complicated and stuff just happens for no real reason." "because i drank the Tumblr Kool-Aid and don't have a -real- answer for my bullshit." Unfollowed. God.

well, why is it so important for you that humans lay a diagram out for you on why they feel anything ever?

can you explain every single thing you’ve ever felt your entire life? every emotion, sensation, attraction or lack thereof?

many argue we know less about the physical nature of the human body than we do the ocean, let alone the reasoning for many of our mental processes, how and why they vary, and how that reflects on our behaviors. we can puzzle and reason out one person, sure, but there will be another who operates completely differently from them, even if they share some base similarities.

why are some mice nicer than others? why do so many ducks and swans seek homosexual partnership? why do people develop favorite smells? how does creativity develop? we can guess, postulate, throw together a pile of possible “maybe” answers, but really it’s mostly gonna end up being “it happens but we’re not sure why.”

when dealing with abstract concepts, you’ll get abstract answers.

TITLE: Water Wars continued


AUTHOR: xmanicpanicx (formerly Anonymous lol :$)

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine having a water fight with Loki, Thor, Sif, and the Warriors Three.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I had more ideas, so I’m going to add more parts. Once again, no triggers that I can think of. Hope you enjoy it! :) 

Your hands were fully tangled in Loki’s hair, and your stomach fluttered as you felt a lock of it graze the side of your face. He had both arms wrapped around you, pressing you against him. His hands were cool, but his mouth was warm. You hadn’t made out with anyone in a really long time, and you wondered if it showed. You hoped you were at least doing a decent job because he was rocking your world.

You wondered what the god of mischief looked like when he was kissing. And then you couldn’t suppress your curiosity. You just had to take a tiny peek. You opened your eyes slightly to see his eyes still closed, his eyebrows furrowed slightly, not in a frowning way but in a way that you had seen in some movies when guys get really into the kiss.

Keep reading