you have been working out again haven't you

Hello to you, you wonderful people!
I will be out on vacation for the next week, and probably will be returning around the 18th. I won’t have any access to the internet (or cellular).

I hope ya’ll have a wonderful week!
I’ll see you again soon, much love.

my working theory about Danny managing to best Carmilla has been superior strength in life + catching her off-guard

but what if Carmilla doesn’t want to kill Danny?

she wouldn’t. because she knows exactly what Danny’s going through. she knows eventually the rage will burn itself out and it’ll just be Danny Lawrence again- with eternity ahead and an ocean of regrets.

Carmilla may not like her, but she knows this isn’t her fault. She’s another girl who burned so brightly and was cut down too young and then played like a harp by the dean. Another girl whose pain and frustration and anger have led her to go off the rails when finally granted the power she always lacked. The power to change her life; to do things and have them actually matter.

Carmilla doesn’t want to kill Danny because Danny is her.