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its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time

Hartwin fic recs (2/?)

[Long post]

These are lovingly saved in my laptop’s Kindle and I love them dearly. It’s umbrellas this time, glasses if I made part 3.

Authors’ tagged tropes are included and I tried my best not to include spoilers. As usual my comments are in italics.  

☂️ Sparking - LapisLazuli. E, 2k. Traped in a closet trope. 

“Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while,” Harry whispers, calm as you please, as if Eggsy’s face isn’t pressed directly into the little hollow between his neck and his shoulder, as if Eggsy isn’t drowning in the fucking scent of his cologne, as if the fabric of his bespoke suit isn’t caressing Eggsy’s cheek like a goddamn lover.

☂️ Red Striped Ties - violentcheese. G, 1k. Red string of fate AU.

“Eggsy is the ragamuffin kid who refuses to stop hanging the Kingsman Tailor shop because he has a crush on Harry Hart, the owner.”

Eggsy follows his string patiently. Harry ignores his.

☂️ You Get Up With Fleas - evil_brainmate. T, 74k. Corgi/prince!Eggsy. My first time prompting someone (with my old url) and the result is so much more than I expected.

Eggsy is a fairy prince, trapped in the human world and cursed to transform each day into a corgi. Harry Hart is a gentleman spy, and mortal, who picks him up thinking he’s a stray. The two of them must work together to find a way to break the curse.

☂️ Paint With all the Colours of the Wind - Della19. G, 1k. Soulmates AU. 

Harry x Eggsy soulmate au where you only see colour once you meet your soulmate (so you don’t know them until you see them).

And it goes away when they die.

☂️ our vintage misery - fideliant. E, 23k. Pining, slow burn. 

hey young blood, doesn’t it feel
like our time is running out?

On a difficulty scale of one to saving the world, love shouldn’t be this far off the charts.

☂️ into the wails of your windfight - fideliant. E, 8k. Pining. 

It takes a mission gone wrong for Eggsy to find out that even in real life, the dead don’t always stay dead. Sometimes the movies get that part right, it would seem.

☂️ Class Of Conduct - fideliant. E, 13k. Slow burn. 

Or, Six Things Eggsy Has Learned About Being A Gentleman

“Lesson number one,” Harry says. “Manners matter.”

☂️ Random Access Memories - fideliant. E, 20k. Memory loss.

Having a supercomputer in your head isn’t all that much to be cracked up about.

☂️ down dark tides the glory slides - fideliant. E, 23k. Pining, memory loss. 

You only ever truly hurt the ones you love.

☂️ Or Else - breakdancingfish. M, 4k.

Before they’re allowed to go out on their own, Eggsy and Roxy form a four person team with Harry and Merlin, completing several missions together. Oh, and Harry is the world’s biggest tease. Of course.

☂️ We Are Faking It - lokidiabolus. T, 62k. Fake relationship, slow burn.

For Eggsy it was a thing - he was taking from Harry enough, now was the time he should give something back. Even if it meant playing his lover to get the mission going and catch the culprit. Who would it be if not him, right? Right.

☂️ 57 Degrees. Precisely. - Galahard. M, 6k. Marine!Eggsy, texing, coffee shop AU.

In an alternate world Eggsy goes into the Marines, and stays in the Marines. This is a take on that au, though please forgive my lack of actual Marine knowledge. Also included: finicky coffee drinkers, texting addictions, and baristas with ulterior motives.

☂️ A Not So Lazy Evening - Galahard. E, 3k. Bottom!Harry, PWP. Really good read.

☂️ Vermillion - Galahard. E, 14k. Shy!Harry, slow burn.

He didn’t know what to do with that. He didn’t blush. He wasn’t some teenager to be so affected by anything Eggsy did. Though really, he couldn’t remember the last time he’d looked at someone and not pictured them in his bed but rather his dining room, chowing down on too sugary cereal while loudly revealing his plans for the day.

☂️ Soulmates - Galahard. 1k. Soulmates AU. How much do I adore this? A lot.

For Harry Hart’s 16th birthday he not only gets his soul mark.

He gets a complete sentence.

☂️ Withdrawal - Saucery. T, 1k. Pining, finger kink.

Eggsy goes into withdrawal without Harry’s touch.

☂️ The Language of Flowers - Saucery. M, 1k. Flower shop AU, florist!Eggsy, lawyer!Harry, meet-cute, mutual pining.

Eggsy is a florist with an attitude. Harry is a lawyer with a conscience. Flowers bring them together.

☂️ The King’s Thief - twentyfourblackbirds. T, 8k.

“Harry,” Eggsy said one day, while Harry was deep in a report about weapons smuggling in Ukraine. “I really fancy you.”
“Mmm-hmm,” Harry responded, flipping to another chapter about airline safety standards in Indonesia.
“If I had to say it,” Eggsy mused, slightly put out, “I would, in fact, say that I am deeply, wildly, and madly in love with you.”
“That’s very good, Eggsy,” Harry said absentmindedly, scrawling his signature at the bottom of the paper.
Eggsy sighed. “Sometimes, I might think you don’t listen to a word I say.”

☂️ Patience and Sheer Determinaiton - blacktofade. E, 47k. Fake relationship, prostitute!Eggsy.

Harry goes undercover to infiltrate the circle of a corrupt overlord and is given Eggsy, a young prostitute, as a token of goodwill. Harry has to live with Eggsy and keep him safe, while maintaining his cover.

☂️ Care and Custody - esama. T, 50k.

Eggsy takes out the medal in slightly worse circumstances, asking for a miracle.

☂️ How Eggsy Met Harry, As Told Through A Series of Soul Marks - thayde. 91k. Soulmates AU, WIP. I would warn you that this hasn’t been updated for a long time now but if you have a brave heart then march on soldier.

Eggsy stares at the Mark on his chest sometimes, and wonders if his soulmate would ever settle for street trash like him.

☂️ Boyfriend Material - Deepdarkwaters. E, 3k. Mutual pining, oblivious!Eggsy.

“Are you a cigarette? Cos you’re smoking hot and I wanna put your butt in my mouth.”

☂️ Pig Latin - aerospaces. E, 10k. Fluff.

In Kenya, Eggsy falls off a flight of stairs. Or: lessons in cohabitation.

Eggsy discovers the joys of a home-cooked meal among many other things.

☂️ Considerably Less Cannibalism - LizaPod. E, 6k. Shaving, barebacking. This  one is the myth, the legend, the fic.

It is a real, physical struggle to not stare like a dogger while Harry shrugs off his jacket and undoes his collar, sets his signet ring aside. He has detailed, minutely detailed, fantasies about unbuttoning that fucking collar. At least he’s not wearing the holster right now, or Eggsy’d be sprung already. “It’s time you learned the fine art of the straight razor shave.”

Eggsy gives him his best you havin’ a fucking giggle, mate eyebrows. “Like Sweeney Todd?”

Harry’s sigh is just bordering on melodramatic, but he’s also got that odd— Roxy calls it enigmatic—smile he gets when Eggsy trots out some unexpected bit of culture. “Yes, Eggsy, like Sweeney Todd.”

☂️ Kiss Me Now (before I can run) - persephoneggsy. M, 37k. Soulmates AU.

It wasn’t unusual, Eggsy told himself. There were plenty of people- just a little under half of the world’s population, really- that weren’t with their soulmates. Some of them just hadn’t met yet; others had died beforehand; and then there were the people in Eggsy’s situation. Sometimes people genuinely didn’t want their soulmates. Either they were in love with someone else, or they just didn’t like what they got stuck with, and Eggsy imagined the latter was very much the case with him and Harry. He couldn’t even begin to imagine what it must have felt like for him, the world’s prime example of a posh bloke, to have his soulmate be some beaten-up kid. He would have rejected him too.

Or: soulmate AU where you know your soulmate from the moment you touch them, and when you do, their name gets written over your heart like a brand. But that’s not always a guarantee.

☂️ “It suits you, you should keep it” - eggsystolemyhart. G, 600-ish.


“Pardon, Eggsy.”


“Did you not hear me previously? I said it suits you, you should keep it.”


☂️ Five Stars, Would Shag Again - EmmyAngua. E, 6k. Seduction.

This time, the penultimate task isn’t to seduce an heiress, it’s to seduce an agent. Merlin assures the final three that the agent is chosen entirely at random.

So of *course* it’s Harry.

☂️ are we human, or are we dynamite - randomhorse. M, 13k. Pacific Rim AU. 

It’s been seventeen years since Harry has lost his co-pilot Lee Unwin in the drift, and still the world won’t stop ending.

In the Hong Kong Shatterdome, Merlin is launching a new line of Kingsman Jaegers fit to fight Category 4 Kaijus emerging from the Breach.

In the suburbs of London, Eggsy Unwin gets the draft for Jaeger Academy.

☂️ who got the keys to my bimmer - hartwinning. M, 69k. Mutual pining, mechanic!Eggsy, UST, slow burn.

“What’s the difference between a BMW and a porcupine?”

Harry gives him a slightly bewildered look and furrows his brow.

“A porcupine has the pricks on the outside,” Eggsy finishes.

☂️ hold courage to your chest - Fahye. E, 46k. I adore this.

Eggsy slumps against the wall, feeling every bruise like it’s new, and tells the truth.

“You want to make sure I jump when I’m told?” he demands. “It’d better be you doing the telling, Harry.”

☂️ Bang to Rights - concernedlily. E, 17k. Police AU.

Constable Unwin never met a tailor before, but he knows this bloke who keeps turning up at his crime scenes ain’t one.

☂️ Breakeven - theshizniiit (orphan_account). E, 85k. Omega!Harry, mpreg.

When Harry walked inside the church (and then out of it, and right into Valentine’s bullet) he didn’t know he was pregnant.

And now he’s back from the dead. This time, with an extra passenger and quite a few problems.

☂️ The New Age - DivineProjectZero. Soulmates AU.

It starts with being cursed.

No, scratch that. It starts with a garden and a serpent. And no, it goes a little differently from what you’d think.

☂️ You Are Beautiful - Sheepie. G, 8k. Coffee shop AU.

Eggsy Unwin works as a barista at the Suited Bean. He’s been in love with regular customer Harry Hart for a long time, but he never said anything. Who would want to date someone his size? But Harry sees nothing wrong with the way Eggsy looks.

☂️ Couple of (Couples) Mugs - ilokheimsins. T, 2k. Fluff. 

Harry and Eggsy absolutely do not have couples mugs that proclaim their love for one another. Harry is about 70 percent sure of this.

☂️ Gimme All Your Love - midnightsurge. M, 11k. Fireman!Eggsy, rimming.

“Sorry,” a soothing, male voice started hesitantly, “but… didn’ I pull you out of a burnin’ building a few weeks ago?”

Harry nearly choked on his drink as the question registered in his mind, his brown eyes flicking to the side to confirm that, yes indeed, it was Eggsy standing there with wide eyes.

“Fuck, sorry!” Eggsy apologised profusely as he held his hands up, wanting to help but unsure how to do so. “Ain’t meant to startle you!”


Eggsy is a fireman. He saves Harry’s life when a mission goes awry. A few weeks later, they meet again.

☂️ Rules of Insanity - inthepapers3times. E, 54k. Dark!Eggsy. 

The worst mistake of Harry Hart’s life started like many of the minor mistakes he had made: with a one night stand. If only he had taken the taxi all the way to his house. Maybe then he wouldn’t have met this particular young man, and he wouldn’t have taken him home. Maybe then all of this could have been avoided.

Harry gets pulled into a dangerous game with Gary, a disturbed man he barely knows, and has no choice but to play along.

Gary is in control completely. He makes the rules. Harry is just forced to follow them.

☂️ dig in your fingers - kirkaut. E, 42k. First time, body worship.

The lack of a silver suppository has set Eggsy upon a certain path. The way that Eggsy looks, dripping wet and half naked, sets Harry on another.

(Or: Total Canon Re-Write, aka The One Where Harry’s Libido Saves His Life)

☂️ sins without tragedies - kingstier. T, 11k. 5 + 1. Fake marriage.

“Harry, are we married?”

“Aren’t we?”

Or, the five times they’re practically married and the one time they’re not (yet).

☂️ 5 Knots Harry made + 1 Knot Eggsy tied - therune. T, 2k. 5 + 1. I love this immensely!

Whenever Eggsy gets dressed in his suit he purposefully skips a button or struggles with his tie so that Harry is forced to step into his personal space and fix it for him.

☂️ Like Real People Do - coloursflyaway. T, 3k. 5 + 1. Undercover, first kiss.

Five times Eggsy called Harry a pet name, and one time Harry called Eggsy one.

anonymous asked:

Would you please rec us some fics that will totally wreck people? like ugly crying after reading them? Thanks!

  • Take the Dive by @jinxedambitions, 62K words, E, No archive warnings.
    Hux is the top diver in the world coming back for his third Olympic Games. However, this time he’s bringing more baggage than just his equipment.  His former partner, Ben Solo, is also competing with his new partner, and Hux’s greatest rival, Poe Dameron. Hux needs to prove he’s still the best in the world, but more than that he wants to prove to himself that he can move past Ben. However, Ben seems dead set on reminding him about the past at every turn.
  • all that you love will be carried away by @ceruleancynic, 125K+ Words, Series, WIP, T, Creator chose not to warn.
    Hux, sent to retrieve Kylo Ren from the dying Starkiller Base, has lost almost everything, and has little patience or tolerance left for anyone or anything–particularly not Snoke’s pet pseudo-Sith and his amateur theatrics. But you do the job that is in front of you, to the best of your ability, and you hold on as long as you can.
  • Stars Hung With String by @armisticehux, 24K+ words, WIP, E, No archive warnings.
    Kylo stared across the packed room at the man who so effortlessly walked out of his life five years prior. They might have been stuck at the same wedding for a weekend, but that didn’t require interaction. He had no reason to feel anything but bitterness and resentment towards him. And yet.
  • shadowplay by @irisparry, 2K words, E, No archive warnings.
    “Why are you still here?” Hux asked, as if it wasn’t obvious. He tensed in Ren’s grip, just enough to make him push back, and his weight felt good. “Don’t you have mystical things to do?” He punctuated the mystical with a squeeze of his thighs around Ren’s. “Somewhere else?”“I’ll be away at least a month,” Ren said. “Maybe I’ll miss you.”
  • Aware of His Own Halo by @badspacebabies, 33K words, E, No archive warnings.
    What are you doing here,” he says, finally. It almost makes him sober, the petulant effort of forcing it out between the grit of his teeth.  “Heard there was some garbage that needed carting off,” says Ren. Placid like the compressed, glassy center of a dark and dying star.  “Right,” says Hux, flicking open the clasp on the holster of his blaster. “That’s it. You can definitely fucking leave.”
  • Don’t you forget about me by @ellstra, 9K words, M, Major character death.
    “The first time was a lot different.”  “Tell me about it,” Ren pleads, “how did it happen?” It’s an odd feeling, telling your lover how you got together. Hux takes a few moments to arrange his thoughts before answering.
  • Grievous Injury by @vadianna, 8K words, E, No archive warnings.
    When Starkiller Base collapsed, Ren and Hux didn’t make it out in one piece, Ren moreso than Hux.  But because of his important work with the Force, Snoke demands that drastic measures be taken to preserve Ren’s life.  Ren tries to reconcile himself to the changes.

puffedwheats  asked:

might i request a reddie fic where the other losers come up with some sort of elaborate plan to get them together? always a sucker for one of those

Sorry this took me so long, I had a busy week, but here you go, I hope you like it :))

Pairing: Richie x Eddie

Warnings: none

It was obvious. To everyone, except those two morons.

The small group of outcasts that had formed during a time of fear and desperation had grown together a lot in the past few years, especially two of them and it was a mystery to the rest of them why they didn’t already get together.

Sometimes the tension was unbearable. The sweet looks, the jokes, the banters and the occasional cute gestures.

It was time someone did something. And how life sometimes goes, “ask and you shall receive”, the perfect opportunity was just around the corner.

It was around the end of october and naturally everyone was busy planing the perfect Halloween party. Everyone had something to do. Bill and Stan were responsible for the food, Mike could provide the location (they could use the old barn that belonged to his grandpa) and Beverly and Ben helped him clean up the place, which took them a full week and Richie, together with Eddie, was responsible for the decorations. It was no coincidence that they were grouped together for this job.

Eventually the big night came around.

It was already  dark outside when the last of the group arrived. Eddie and Richie had done a phenomenal job decorating the barn. There were spiderwebs everywhere, a plastic skeleton sitting on a haystack, fairy lights everywhere  and they had put pumpkins along the walls that the losers had carved out themselves.

They had put a few haystacks in the middle of the barn so they could sit comfortably, blankets and pillows were laying around. A sweet smell of candy apples, pumpkin pie and old wine was filling the air.

“There you are!” Beverly walked towards Bill to welcome him “What took you so long?”

“S-sorry, I almost f-f-forgot something at home.” He gave her a meaningful look and a huge grin spread across her face.

“Put it in my back pack.” she looked at Richie and Eddie who were having a heated discussion about allergies. Eddie insisted that the reason why he was sneezing non stop was because of the hay, Richie thought that it was just a cold.

“This is gonna be so good.”

He smiled back. It was going to be “so good” he was sure of that. It was a bulletproof plan.

They all sat down and the night went by while they were sharing food, stories, laughs and a lot of drinks.

Bill told them about that one time he’d been to Bangor with his parents to see a therapist about his stuttering and the guy made him read out loud to improve his flow of words. The problem wasn’t the reading, it was the books. The guy was a radical environmentalist. One of the classics he read with the kids was “Dead Whales Can’t Wave Back”. Bill couldn’t even get out a murmured “What the fuck” before his mother dragged him outside of the building.

Richie could barely breath from laughter “Are you sure the book wasn’t about Eddies mom?” Eddie elbowed him hard “Dude!”

It took Richie another minute to calm down.

“But do you guys know about the one time Eddie came home wit a hickey and his mom thought he was having some fucked up skin disease?”

“Beep-beep, Richie!” Eddie shot him a warning look. There had been a reason why they never told that story. But now it was too late, he had sparked the others interest and they wouldn’t leave Richie alone until he finished his story.

“Who gave Eddie that hickey?” Stan asked and Richie, who hadn’t thought about the inevitably of that question, went dead silent.

“I uh…I don’t know…” he managed to say.

“Come o-on Rich, don’t lie to us, you know e-e-everything about Eddie. You even know w-what kind of toothpaste h-he uses!” Bill laughed.

“That was just because he asked me to –“ Richie tried to explain himself and to change the subject. It was no use.

“Tell us Richie!”

“Yeah don’t be a chicken!”

“We’ll find out one way or another!”

“OK, ok!” Richie snapped, a defeated look on his face.

“I did, ok? I gave him that hickey. But just because he wanted to know how it feels like and, well, I didn’t see anything wrong with helping out a friend.” He crossed his arms in front of his chest like he was going to say “So what, now you have the truth, what are you going to do about it?”

But he didn’t say anything. Eddie was blushing furiously.

Mike was the first one to speak up. “Well, yeah there’s nothing wrong with helping out a…friend.” The others nodded, not wanting to make the two feel uncomfortable. The last think they wanted was to make them feel unsafe in their group.

“So…” Ben started “how did your mom react?” Eddie relaxed a bit.

“She almost lost her mind, she thought I’m going to die or something.” He let out a laugh. “She dragged me to ER and the nurse was laughing so hard, I thought she might choke. When she finally told my mom what it was, she looked at me like I just told her I would live on a landfill from now on. And then she just left without saying a single word.” He laughed even harder “Sometimes I really don’t know what’s wrong with her.”

The others started to laugh as well, they all knew Eddies mom. She was a weird woman but she always made for hilarious stories.

“You know what we should do?” Beverly said, standing up and getting her backpack. “We should play a game.” Richie and Eddie didn’t even notice the secret smiles and the knowing glances that were exchanged among the others.

“I hope it’s not a jigsaw puzzle” Richie laughed “Am I right Eds?” Eddie rolled his eyes and tried to suppress a smile.

“We’re going to play seven minutes in heaven” Beverly stated, ignoring Richie’s comment while searching her backpack. Finally she took out a small box.

“And I think, that after sharing that cute little story with us, Richie should go first.”

He shot Eddie a quick glance before he stood up to take a small piece of paper out of the box.

He turned it around so the others could see it too, an unnecessary gesture, they all knew which name he was going to pick out of the box, there was only one name written on all the pieces of paper, but they had to keep up the act.

“Well, have fun you two!” Beverly chimed as she pushed Richie and Eddie into a small chamber with old farming equipment that wasn’t used anymore.

She shut the door “Seven minutes, don’t get too wild in there!”

It was dark and dusty. Eddie sneezed.


“Shut up Richie!”

“Why so grumpy?”

Eddie didn’t answer right away. He didn’t know. Maybe it was because of the story Richie had told. It just seemed that there was something about his feelings towards his best friend he couldn’t quit understand and that he was afraid of. He was afraid that it was more than sympathy he felt for Richie. He was afraid that Richie would reject him, maybe even start to avoid him.

“I…I don’t know Richie…”

What Eddie didn’t know, was that Richie was having similar thoughts and fears. But Richie didn’t want to see Eddie upset. He would never want to see him like this especially if it was his fault. Maybe he shouldn’t have told that story.

“I’m sorry, Eddie. I didn’t want to – “

“It’s ok, you don’t have to be sorry.”

Richie’s hand was searching for Eddies in the dark. When he found it, it was cold. He pulled Eddie closer to warm him up. Eddie didn’t pull back, to Richie’s surprise he moved closer. Richie ran his fingers through Eddies soft hair.

“I am sorry if I upset you somehow.” He whispered.

“You don’t upset me…you just…frustrate me sometimes.” Eddie took a deep breath. “Because, sometimes, I just want to be close to you and I don’t know if it’s right? You know? I don’t know if what I’m feeling is ok? And I’m sorry if that makes you uncomfortable but I really, really like you and I don’t want to lose you, ever!”

Richie wasn’t expecting this. He didn’t have the time to think this over and he didn’t need to. He pulled Eddies face closer and planted a soft kiss on his lips. It took a few seconds for Eddie to relax. Then he placed his hand on Richie’s cheek and returned the kiss. He didn’t know how this happened but he didn’t care. This was what he’d longed for for so long without even knowing it. He finally felt like he was home. Here in the dark in Richie’s arms.

They pulled away. Both were smiling and blushing but neither of them could see it.

Richie finally interrupted the silence.

“Do you think they set us up?”

“Yeah I’m pretty sure.”

“Should we tell them?”

“Nah, let’s make them wait a little longer.”

Both giggled when Beverly opened the door with slight disappointed on her face when she saw that apparently nothing happened.

“You’re time’s up guys.”

😊What you Mean to Me (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Hiiiii! How are you??? Can I have a request where you’re dating E and unintentionally you’ve been taking a lot of his attention because you love spending time with him and vise versa so when Gray speaks out about it to Ethan a fan or someone overhears and it turns into this huge thing where people are saying you’re trying to split them up so the boys tweet about it but E talks to you and gray saying how he never wants either of you to feel left out because you’re both important to him?

Warnings: None

A/N: This is my first 3rd person POV so if I completely ruin everything I am sorry I don’t mean to be terrible! I was born that way. This is sorta part 2 to Truth Detector! Thanks for the request and this is pretty cute just saying! Requests are open!

Originally posted by pix3lh3arts

Part 1

“Y/N stop that tickles!” Ethan shouts as he is being tickled by Y/N. Ethan and Y/N have been dating for a few months now since the lie detector video and are absolutely crazy about each other. They were always spending time together. Y/N even found herself in the twins videos on more occasions then planned. Her and Ethan would always been cuddling or kissing in the video and always made Grayson seem like the third wheel. The fans didn’t seem to mind at all though. I mean of course she got hate from some fans, but most loved and adored her. The said she was funny, charming, and that her and Ethan would have cute babies. However, some didn’t feel that way.

Grayson just walked inside his apartment to see Y/N and Ethan cuddling on the couch. “Really E?” Grayson asks in a huff. He was holding a camera and two marshmallow guns filled with eggs.

“Oh my God the video.” Ethan says leaning up from Y/N’s side. “I’m sorry G! I totally forgot about it.” Ethan apologizes and looks to Y/N and takes her hand in his which causes her to giggle. Grayson sighs annoyed and storms upstairs. Y/N and Ethan both exchanged a look before snuggling back together on the couch. After about 20 minutes Grayson walks back downstairs.

“Ethan can we talk?” Grayson asks as he’s wearing a navy blue shirt and black basketball shorts.

“Yeah what’s up?” Ethan asks as Y/N snuggles into his shoulder which causes them both to giggle.

“I meant like can we talk alone.” Grayson eyes Y/N and nods his head towards her direction. “No offense it’s just stuff for the channel.” Grayson says and Y/N swallows and smiles.

“Yeah it’s no problem at all! I have to go meet Jazmine at the mall anyways. I’ll see you later babe.” She says giving Ethan a kiss goodbye and she walks out the door. Ethan then looks at Grayson and rolls his eyes.

“Come on. Let’s go for a walk.” Grayson says and Ethan follows behind him. They both decided they wanted to go to Starbucks and just chit chat. The walk wasn’t much of anything until they walked inside Starbucks. They tell the barista their order and sit at the table.

“So what did you want to talk about that Y/N couldn’t listen to? Look if it’s about earlier I’m sorry I–” Grayson cuts Ethan off mid sentence.

“No it’s not about that. Well it kind of is. Look I’m happy that you and Y/N are finally together. We’ve all been rooting for you two since day one, but it’s just she’s always with you.” Grayson says as the barista drops their drinks off to them.

“What do you mean? I mean yeah we are dating so yes we do hangout believe it or not.” Ethan defends and Grayson rolls his eyes.

“No Ethan that’s not–” This time Ethan cuts Grayson off.

“You’re just jealous that Y/N thinks I’m more attractive and that she likes me. I know you think she’s cute.” Ethan huffs.

“What? No E yeah she’s cute, but I mean–” This time a few girls walk up to the bickering twins.

“Is now a bad time or can we get a picture?” Some blonde girl asked with pink highlights.

“No we can take a picture, right Gray?” Ethan asks sarcastically. Grayson groans at Ethan and they both smile and pose with the three girls.

“Thanks! Are you guys okay? We heard you two bickering at our table.” The girl with pink highlights asked.

“Yeah we are good. Just sibling things.” Grayson says with a chuckle.

“Actually he was complaining about my relationship with Y/N. Saying we spend too much time together.” Ethan says shooting Grayson a look.

“I like Y/N, but I mean you guys are together a lot.” A girl with short black hair comments.

“Yeah you two are super cute, but it’s Dolan Twins Tuesday. Not Dolan Twins and Y/N Tuesday.” A girl with long silky black hair chimes in. Ethan swallows and looks at Gray.

“But it’s okay. You two are dating! And super cute so it’s all good. She makes you happy.” The girl with black short hair says smiling towards Ethan.

“Yeah she really does. I just wish Grayson could see that.” Ethan says and Grayson scoffs.

“Ethan I want nothing, but for you to be happy. But if it comes between Y/N and I you pick her over me nine times out of eight!” Grayson mildly shouts which causes the girl’s to back up and go to their table. Ethan sighs and stands up.

“Grayson that’s not true!” Grayson stands up too as the boys storm out of the Starbucks still bickering with each other.

“No Ethan it is true! If it wasn’t true you would have been at the park today to film our video for Tuesday. You wouldn’t have been holding her hand and forgetting about me!” Grayson shouts and throws his drink as hard as he can before he starts walking away from Ethan.

“Gray where are you going?” Ethan shouts at Grayson.

“I don’t know but I’m going to go before I say something I’ll regret!” Grayson shouts at Ethan as he keeps walking. Ethan decided to shoot Y/N a text to meet him at the house which she agrees to.

Ethan walks back to his house and scrolls through twitter when he sees some things across his screen. It was a picture of him and Gray with the girls today. The caption says ‘Saw @ethandolan @graysondolan at #starbucks and looks like @yourusername is coming in between them #Y/Nisoverparty.’ Ethan looks up and sees Y/N sitting on his porch. He clicks on the hashtag and sees countless tweets with hashtags  #Y/Nisoverparty #Ethandolansingle and #Y/NandEthanareover. “Y/N!” Ethan screams and she looks up from her phone with tears in her eyes.

“Why are people being so mean to me? What happened with Gray?” She asks as Ethan pulls her into his arms.

“Grayson thinks we spend too much time together and so we were talking about it when some fans came up for a picture and I guess they decided to tweet about it.” Ethan says kissing the top of her head. “Come on let’s go inside. I’m going to call Gray.” Ethan ushered Y/N into the house while dialing Grayson’s number into his phone. Just as he was about to call, Grayson walked through the door with his phone in his hand.

“I take it you guys have seen twitter?” Grayson asks and Ethan groans.

“Yes. Ugh I wish you would have just talked to me at the house instead of going out in public. You should have known fans would have been–” Y/N stands in between Ethan and Grayson.

“Do you really think I’m coming in between you and E Grayson?” She asks sincerely. Grayson sighs and pauses.

“I just feel like Ethan picks you over me sometimes. It’s nothing to worry about Y/N I’m just being dramatic.” Just then Ethan cuts Y/N off before she can say anything.

“Grayson I’m not picking Y/N over you and Y/N I’m not picking Gray over you. You both mean the entire world to me okay? No matter what the situation is I love you both okay? Grayson you can’t give me kisses and cuddle me just like Y/N can’t edit videos or wear shock collars to spell things with me. I don’t want either one of you guys to feel left out of anything okay? Grayson I promise I’ll do videos with you as promised and Y/N I’ll still take you out on dates okay? I love you both and I don’t want to lose either one of you.” Ethan says and Y/N and Grayson exchange a look and smile.

“Okay that’s fair, but how do we stop the haters?” Grayson asks and Ethan smiles. He pulls Y/N into him and gives her a kiss on the lips before posting the picture on snapchat with #Ethandolanisnotsingle captioned.

“Gray get on the other side of Y/N and kiss her cheek.” Grayson did just that and Ethan kissed her other cheek as she smiled and Ethan snapped a photo and posted it on snapchat, instagram, and twitter.

‘@Ethandolan: We all have our ups and downs but we always stick around. My best friends right here. Couldn’t have asked for two other people to have by my side ❤️ @graysondolan @yourusername #Ethanisnotsingle #Y/Nismygf’

Xx Thanks for the request! Keep em coming :)

In Bloom - E.D

This is an Ethan imagine/one shot based off a song from my all time favorite band, Neck Deep. I honestly feel like all I do is imagines based off of songs lmao yolo.

Summary: Ethan has doubted your relationship/himself due to his mental state, because of his issues he has broken up with you. 

Warnings: idk depression I guess? This is based off irl events 4 me recently so if its hella emo thats why lmao

For My E, come back to me soon.


Ethan’s POV:

Sometimes, at night I let it get to me

It’4:48 in the morning and I keep replaying that phone conversation in my head that happened just a few weeks ago. 

Me: “Y/N, I am so grateful you’re in my life. Everyday with you is such a blessing a-and I-I love you very much.”

Y/N: “And I love you more Ethan-so what’s going on in that head of yours? It’s two am, I know you’re feeling down.”

Me: “I’ve been thinking about my life and that includes this relationship, I-I-I just don’t know what I want.”

Y/N: Ethan, baby, you’re getting inside your head right now ple-”

Me: “No, please just understand this is for us, for you.”

Y/N: “What are you talking about Ethan?”

Why do I do these things? I push people away, I pushed her away. No Ethan, you were bad for her. She deserves so much better than you, she deserves the whole universe. You could only give her a star. You weren’t good enough for her, she was wrong thinking you were. It’s what’s best, I’m worthless to this world anyways.

Your POV:

We’re never going to put the pieces back together if you won’t let me get better

“You’re getting inside your head babe, you’ve been doing this all too much again. Have you seen your therapist?”

I asked trying to hide the trembles that were just attacking my body. This was the one of many phone calls filled with panic from Ethan since we started dating; even before that. I knew what this call was about, I just couldn’t bring myself to come to terms with it just yet. Sometimes when Ethan’s depression would just overtake his soul, he’d leave me in the dark with no explanation or warning. My mom calls this, “a level of emotional abuse” but I just call it “lost.”

Ethan: “You have the biggest heart, you are so full of love I can’t even begin to explain–you’re so sweet and so kind.” 

Me: “You’re these things too E.” 

Ethan: “Whenever I’m with you, I’m on cloud fucking nine. You’re my escape, always. I realized now that, that isn’t healthy Y/N. I need to be my escape, my hero. You shouldn’t carry this burden of mine on your shoulders.”

Me: “But E, we’ve been through hell and back. I’ve been here through everything, as for you with me. What makes you think I’d turn my back on you now?”

Ethan: “You don’t understand. I’m just not better; I haven’t been. Please don’t get me wrong. I love what we have. It’s so natural, and you’re so beautiful. But my mind-its just not.”

But that’s where he’s wrong. I hate when he just shuts himself down like this, like he’s nothing. When we first met, he told me about all the beautiful places he wanted to visit, and I was staring at him thinking “God, I’m already there.” That night we stayed up until sunrise, and I swear the stars looked so gorgeous God must have taken the glimmer in your eyes and blew it across the sky.

And when he first touched my hand, I felt it in my heart how god forsakenly awful it was going to be when I had to let it go. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d find beauty in such calloused, beat up things. But they’re strong and have held the universe. He swears he doesn’t like the way they look, but if the world was in my favor; I’d hold them until it ended.

But by far, the most incredible piece of artwork is the painting that goes on in his head. It’s filled with all sorts of different hues, but it holds the most breath-taking stories; and I’ve never been so lucky to know such gentle and exquisite brushstrokes. 

Ethan: “We talk all the time about how ‘that’s gonna be us one day’ when we see an old couple holding hands in the grocery store or when we see little kids wearing vans and beanies how that’s gonna be our little punk. I want that, and I want you Y/N, I see my future with you I just-I can’t give those things to you unless I’m better.” 

I felt my whole world come crumbling down. I couldn’t swallow, I could barely breathe. This was so selfish of me to start crying and begging him to stay. How was I suppose to go on without him, for what could be a long time. What if he moves on when he’s better and I’m still so fucking in love with him it hurts to breathe. My whole life feels like its on hold because he decided to have a mental escapade right before our sixth month…god I’m so fucking selfish.

Ethan’s POV:

“I’m sorry” I whispered trying to hold back the tears I knew were coming.

I could hear her crying on the other end. I broke her heart, I broke her fucking heart. The one girl who has always been there for me, always put me first even in her time of crisis. I was such a shit boyfriend to her it’s unreal. I was always late to dates on accident. She had to ask to buy her flowers…what guy doesn’t think to buy her flowers? Or caption on her Instagram pics? She always planned dates and hangouts too, but she always did what I wanted to do or adjusted for my taste. These are just for starters. I fucking love the girl, she’s my girl. My fucking world. I just don’t know how to relationship I guess. But fuck, when it comes down to it, I’d be bad at relationshipping if I got to smell her smell for the rest of my life or see her laugh at my turtle face. 

And then I heard a click.

“FUCK.” I yelled slamming my phone down to the ground watching it shatter, just like her heart. 

“FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK.” I started throwing everything off the desks and my bed, the picture of her and I on the ground. Everything is broken because of me. Why was I born? Why is my brain like this? So full of sadness and pain? I hurt the ones around me too much.

Your POV:

Cause the truth is, you’re the only voice I wanna hear in my head

I hung up the phone so impulsively. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t move, all I could do was cry. I wanted him, I needed him. I was about to get in my car and drive to where he was. 

I blame him for thinking he knew what was best for me when he is what’s best for me. He gave me his fucking heart after having it torn apart and shredded so many times, and that was always good enough for me. I shouldn’t of busted his balls so much about stupid fucking flowers. I pushed him too much. But when it comes down to it, if I had to choose between a boy with stupid red roses in his hands and an emo boy who loves to film me, with calloused hands and only two dimes to rub together…I’d choose my E. A thousand times over, I’d choose my E.

toocool2btrue  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you recommend me some good Jaytim fanfictions. Some awesome stories like yours. Having a nice story line and filled with fluff.

Woo okay so this is going to be a big list lol. These are just some of my favorites and they’re in no particular order. Also just warning you, I haven’t read many JayTim fics in awhile (I’ve been stuck in sterek hell) so there aren’t many newer ones. But anyways, click the keep reading for the list and enjoy reading!

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Real quick appreciation post for Soul “Eater“ Evans and Maka Albarn, why? Because the h*cking deserve it.

At age twelve, yes, TWELVE, Maka Albarn goes out on her own. She’s already independent. Already saving lives. Her parents got divorced? Yeah it sucks but she’s strong, she’ll handle it.

Soul Evans, whomst at this time is around thirteen, runs away from home, his MILLION DOLLAR HOME, away from his family, everything he’s ever known because he wants to be something. He’s unlocked his weapon potential or whatever and is starting anew in the DWMA.

These two kids have been through so much. They’ve almost died on multiple occasions, been entranced by insanity, Maka, who is like, what, fourteen-thirteenish? (Trigger Warning,,) Was nearly raped by Giriko, a man over 800 years old.

“Soul and Maka are overrated!“

You know why? Because they deserve it. They deserve the lovey-dovey fanfictions. Although they’re fictional these to bbs have been through hell and back, and I’ll fight for them (`_´)ゞ

I’m sorry guys, I just had to rant because someone came to me and said that Soul and Maka were pointless characters and I just.

s c r e e c h .

Reflektor, Chapter 5: The Knights of Ren

TITLE: Reflektor


RATING: E (previously M), language, eventual sexual content, graphic depictions of violence

NOTES/WARNINGS: An update! I’m so thrilled to be getting back to this story! I do hope to be doing so more regularly now, and I do intend to finish this story before Episode VIII.

Please note that the rating have been upped to E from M. The graphic depictions of violence are, indeed, graphic.

A HUGE thank you to @southsidestory for making this chapter the best it could be.

Please take a moment to let me know what you think! I appreciate any and all feedback!

Previous Chapter | Next Chapter

Kylo Ren took a quick inventory of his injuries and bit his cheek against grinning at the sheer number. He’d expected her to land a hit or two, but she’d broken bone. She’d drawn blood.

He looked across the room to her, and that inclination to smile dissipated. He’d broken more bones, if her limp hand and her favored leg were anything to go off of. He’d drawn a considerable amount more blood as well, as he watched it drool thickly from the corner of her lip. He’d probably knocked loose some molars in one of his defensive strikes.

“Come,” he said as he strode over to her, the sharp ache in his side doing nothing to slow his purposeful steps. “We’ll go to the med bay and get you healed.”

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Hero - Prompt Request

Originally posted by yeo1

Title: Hero

Pairing: E’Dawn/Hyojong x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Warning: Bullying

Word Count: 969

Prompt:  helloooo can you make really cute fluffy and stuff with prompt waiting for a train and edawn? thanks 😙💕

A/N: I swear you guys really like E’Dawn for some reason haha I am always getting requests for him I swear. Anywho its nice that I was able to write him in a fluffy way this time as the previous two times have been angst. So thank you for making me make him fluffy for once I hope you like it 

A push shoved you out of the current bench in which you resided. A group of girls laughing as they sat down on the last open bench at the train station.

This was a normal thing that had happened to you every day for a few months now. These girls were from a different school, one that many richer families sent their children for a better education something you and your single mother could not afford.

Every day you told yourself you would stand up to them some how, but here you were again brushing off your skirt, reaching out to grab your notebook that had fallen from your bag. One of the girls stepping on your hand as you reached out to grab it the others laughed as you winched in pain.

“Jiae for once can’t you be nice to someone,” a male voice says behind you, the sound of feet walking up until they were next to you.

The girl known as Jinsol moved her foot from its weight on your hand she scoffed at the man who had bent down to look at you as one of her friends scoffed. “Like it’s any of your business Hyojong.”

“Shut up Mina,” he said as he grabbed the notebook and held out his hand to help you up fully.

“Hey don’t talk to her like that,” Jinsol said as she glared at the man known as Hyojong.

“I will talk to you however I want,” he snaps back as he grabs your arm and drags you away from the girls whose jaws are dropped in shock.

One of the other girls who’s name you still didn’t know begins to say something as Hyojong walked further away from them. “What got into him. He never acts like-” Her voice faded into the background as a train passed.

“Are you okay?” Hyojong says as he finally turns to face you, you’re turning to look at him for the first time.

He wasn’t as tall as you had thought. His hair, longer and blonde and parted in the center. His bangs covering the sides of his face, his eyes wild but soothing all at the same time. His jawline sharp and defined.

“Yes, I am sorry to bring you into this,” you say as you look down at his uniform realizing it the same one as the girls. “I hope they don’t  give you too many issues from now on.”

“Ah don’t worry about them, they have just stuck up brats as far as I’m concerned, they need a reality check,” slowly he looks down at your hand and grabs it gingerly, examining it for any pain to which you wince when his face traces over a certain spot. “What makes me mad is that they hurt you.”

Blush spread across your face as you let him continue to exam your hand, his curious eyes traveling up to your face as his eyes wondered over your face before he smiled a little and let go of your hand.

“Every day I see sit on that bench and every day I see them purposely harass you and push you off, why do you keep going back?” he asks as he tilts his head to the side, curiosity filling his dark brown eyes.

“I try to stand up to them,” you huff in defeat, look at your feet. “I try but I always chicken out when they show up and I let them push me down again.”

He chuckles slightly and puts his hand on your arm and taps it. “You are strong, but you are stubborn,” he smirks a little as you look up rolling your eyes at the last part. “But you need to learn when enough is enough. I would hate to see you get hurt because you are too stubborn to walk away.”

“I know you are right, I am sorry,” you say as you blush causing him to chuckle.

“I am Hyojong, but you can  call me E'Dawn for short.”

“E'Dawn?” you chuckle as you see him give a wide grin.

“Yup it’s my rap name. I am trying to become a rapper with a few of my friends.”

“Wow that’s cool, you will have to show me sometime.”

His eyes light up as he sees your interest. “Does that mean I can see you again?”

“If you want to, you came to my rescue the least I could do would be to become friends with my hero,” you giggle.

“Ah, you are too much. I just helped you out it’s no biggie uh..?” he paused not realizing your name.


“Ah, Y/n that’s a pretty name,” he says blushing, rubbing his neck shyly.

“The next train will arrive in 2 minutes,” a woman’s voice says over the station’s intercom.

“That’s my train,” he says but not before pulling out his phone. “Can I get your number? I would love to continue our discussion.

Pulling out your own phone you quickly switched as you wrote in your contacts for each other.

The train quickly sped into the station as you both gave each other back your phones.

“I will talk to you later, Y/n,” he says as he quickly leans in kissing your cheek quickly before practically running to the train his face just as red as yours as he looked back nodding before jumping on the train.

As the train sped away you slowly brought your hand to your cheek and smiled, looking down at your phone to see his contact, the name he had put in reading “Hero” caused you to smile wide.

You: Thank you again, Hero.

Hero: You are welcome my Damsel.

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Christmas Wreck: KarmAgisa one shot


Nagisa and Karma had been married 2 years and it was 9 years since 3-E. The day was Christmas as Nagisa drove to go meet the old members of 3-E at a party to catch up and celebrate the jolly day that also happened to be Karma’s birthday. Nagisa smiled as he held Karma’s hand using the other to steer, pulling into Chiba and Hayami’s driveway. Rio was the first person to see them, her long blonde hair tied up in a ponytail which swished as she ran towards them. 

“Karma, Nagisa! You’re here!” she said cheerfully. As they stepped out the car she hugged both of them. Nagisa, who had hardly grown, ended up with his chin on Rio’s breasts as she embraced him tightly. Karma chuckled at Nagisa awkwardly patting her back since Nagisa wasn’t necessarily the best with this much physicl contact. Once Rio pulled away Karma grabbed Nagisa’s hand and leaned down to kiss him. Nagisa, who often feared people hating the PDA, blushed.
“Come on Nagisa, relax!” Karma chuckled as he steered Nagisa into the house.

“Nagisa, Karma, long time no see,” Chiba said. He had antlers on which matched Hayami’s but neither seemed pleased with it. Hayami kept flicking the bells on her antlers as if annoyed or intrigued by the intricate addition. Rio smiled at that. Chiba and Hayami both shook hands with Karma and Nagisa, not being quite as outgoing as Rio.

“I see you still cover your eyes,” Nagisa said. Chiba nodded and his lips curled into a soft smile. He then clapped his hands together and looked around at them.

“Anyone want a drink while we wait for the others?” he asked. “We have some pop, water, and…”

“Alcohol,” Hayami said. “I think I’ll have some wine.” Chiba nodded and looked at the others.

“I’ll…I’ll just stick with water…thanks,” Nagisa said.

“Do you have any vodka?” Karma asked them. Hayami nodded and Rio didn’t want anything at the moment. Karma kissed Nagisa’s forehead and smiled. Nagisa held Karma’s hand and leaned against him. People began to slowly come in to the house in small groups. Nagisa and Karma greeted each and they casted Ritsu onto the TV.

There was soft chatter and laughter. Nagisa giggled at Karma who was balancing a piece of watermelon on his forehead. He flicked his head up and caught the piece of watermelon. Rio and Kayano cheered and laughed at the red head’s coordination.

“If Nagisa can’t catch a piece of watermelon, you have to give him a 50 hit kiss,” Rio said, smirking mischievously. Nagisa gulped and looked at Karma who nodded.

Nagisa opened his mouth as wide as he possibly could and Rio grabbed the smallest piece of watermelon in the bowl.

“That’s not fair Rio,” Nagisa mumbled.

“Don’t tell me you’re embarrassed to kiss me!” Karma asked, pouting.

“No no no, I didn’t mean that at all!” Nagisa said. “G-go ahead Rio.”

Nagisa’s point of view

I opened my mouth as wide as possible once again and Rio got ready to toss the piece of watermelon into my mouth. I saw her toss it and reacted too late. It landed on my hands I had cupped beneath my chin in case I missed. I stared at the piece of watermelon in my hands with shock. This means…

Karma leaned forward and I felt his lips move gently against my own. I jolted with the sudden shock and he shoved his tongue into my mouth, dancing with my own. I could taste the faint flavor of vodka on his breath. It felt like it intoxicated me more than him and I hated that.  “Karma, stop! I’m numb… No…ah but why fight? I’m too numb anyway…plus…it’s not TOO bad. I like this….Karma…I love you, no matter what…,” I thought as I heard Rio counting the hits.

“Whoa, already a full 50 hits in only 15 seconds,” she said, sounding both thoroughly surprised and impressed. I wiped my mouth, feeling dizzy and a bit turned on as Karma pulled away. I panted softly and he pulled me into his lap. I hid my face in his shoulder out of sheer embarrassment. It wasn’t as humiliating as Bitch-Sensei kissing me though, at least I enjoyed this. Bitch-Sensei was…weird. She practically choked me with her tongue.

Time passed and I cuddled with Karma as he sipped his vodka.

“Dinner!” Chiba called. Everyone gathered in the huge dining room and sat down at the large table. Once everyone was seated, there was a wave of people putting their finger on their nose. I didn’t know what was going on and reacted too late.

“Ahh, Nagisa you’re saying grace!” Karma giggled. His breath smelled strongly of the vodka he had been drinking and it made me want to break the bottle. I hated having Karma intoxicated, it wasn’t fun but I said grace anyways while I held Karma’s hand. At least I can smell small undertones of watermelon…

“Thank you God for this amazing meal and allowing us all to gather today. We ask that you please bless those in need of your graces the most. Please give strength to the weak, wealth to the poor, shelter to the homeless and love to the lonely. We all also thank you for bringing us together with our significant other and thank you for having a plan for those who have not yet found theirs. In your name we pray, amen,” I said, trying to keep a reasonable volume. A common murmur of “Amen” was heard around the table as we all began to get food on our plates and eat.

Karma held my hand and didn’t let go so I ate with my non dominant hand the whole meal. I noticed that he continued to pour the vodka in his glass and down it. He now had become visibly tipsy and drunk. The bottle…it’s almost empty! I watched him pour himself another glass and I lost it.
“Why don’t you just drink straight from the bottle, seeing as how you’re going to finish it anyways?” I hissed under my breath. Karma smiled in a sweet, dorky way and kissed my cheek. There was no scent of the potatoes, no scent of the roast beef, no scent of onion, pepper, or lime. All I could smell on Karma’s breath was that damned vodka! I scowled and tried to calm myself down. I could always drive home anyways, plus it was Karma’s birthday. Won’t be tomorrow when he has the worst hangover of his life…that’s his fault.

(Time skip to after dinner)

We all began to give presents to one another. Everyone got one present from each household. I hardly cared about who got what and stuff like that, I was too preoccupied with keeping Karma safe and alive. Chiba and Hayami whispered something to eachother and went to the kitchen. I heard a soft, high pitched whistle and everyone silenced. Hayami held a cake for Karma’s birthday and Chiba got everyone to start singing. I left Karma’s side so everyone could take pictures, I disliked being in pictures.

Karma smiled at then, giggling happily. He’s alright, let’s just leave after this. We do have to take care of the dog anyways… I thought. I heard Karma yelp and nearly slapped everyone around him, thinking they might have hurt him. Then I realized he tried to touch the fire of the candles.

“Uh, you know what guys? I’m really sorry but we have to go. Karma is clearly too drunk and I don’t want him breaking anything or getting hurt so we’re just going to head home,” I said, standing up.

“I understand,” Hayami said, speaking for the first time to the whole class. “That’s very responsible of you Nagisa. I understand it can be difficult to do something that may make you seem like the bad guy when it’s for the best. Drive safe.”

There was a small murmur of agreement and everyone said their goodbyes. The girls all gave hugs except for Kirara and Hayami, who settled for handshakes. Ritsu tried to give us a virtual hug which was actually kinda cute in my head. The guys gave handshakes and Karma and I left, Karma’s arm draped down my shoulder.

“I can’t believe you’d be so irresponsible,” I mumbled as I started the car and backed out the driveway. Karma smiled and leaned over in his seat to hug me, nearly making me swerve off the side of the road before I steadied.
“I love you my little *hic* blueberry,” Karma said cheerfully. “I even wrote a *hic* song for you.”

“It can wait until we get home,” I said, my tone softening at the familiar nickname. “Alright, love?”
“Heh, you’re so cute…alright,” Karma said. He still had his arms around me and had his head on my shoulder. I didn’t mind this but I was trying to drive, so it was a bit distracting at first. Karma began to lick and kiss my neck, much to my displeasure as it nearly made me fall off the side of the freeway.
“Karma!” I growled. He bite my neck where he knew I liked it and I gave a small mewl. “S-stop, I have to drive!”

Karma looked like a kicked puppy and his eyes teared up. I sighed.
“I just have to drive, so wait for when we get home. Does that sound alright to you?” I asked him kindly. He frowned.
“If you don’t want to drive I can,” Karma said. No no no no NO! My mind screamed as his arm was taken off from being around me and his hand went at the top of the steering wheel between my hands. “I don’t like driving but I will for you Nagisa…*hic* I love you.”
“GET OFF OF ME KARMA, FUCK! YOU ARE GOING TO KILL US!” I screamed, trying to keep the wheel steady. He turned the wheel aggressively the car veered off the side of the freeway. We were on a part that arched over other freeways. No…Karma…what have you done? I thought, seeing memories play before me as my arm flung out to hold Karma back so he wouldn’t collide with the windshield.

Kayano’s point of view

“Hey Ritsu, you’re getting some kind of alarm on your screen,” I pointed out.
“Oh so I am! Alright, let’s see the news!” Ritsu said. She went half screen as she pulled up the news.

“Two young men identified as Karma and Nagisa Akabane were found dead on the freeway. The blue haired Akabane was found to have no alcohol in his system although Karma Akabane was heavily intoxicated. Nagisa Akabane was found in the driver’s seat, it is assumed that Karma distracted Nagisa, leading them to veer off the side of the freeway. Luckily no one else got killed or injured in the accident. This may have been avoided had-”

“Ritsu, turn it off,” Hayami said, tears beginning to track down her cheeks “TURN IT OFF RITSU!”

Ritsu was sobbing and went full screen. Chiba looked guilty, hanging his head.
“I gave Karma the vodka…this is my fault,” he murmured. Everyone was silent after that. I felt like crying, I felt like screaming. They’re dead…and they probably died arguing….no…how could this happen?

Edd- I don’t care if it was mean. It’s true.

Edd- and I’m going to keep being pissed about this little ‘date’

Edd- I know that Tom acting without thinking just to make me ‘upset’ or ‘jealous’.

Edd- Oh no no,

Edd- I’m not going to tell Matt

Edd- as much as I do care about him, I’m waiting for this to all explode in Tom’s face.

Edd- when Matt finds out Tom’s real intentions he’s going to loose his shit.

Edd- Tom needs to face his consequences.

Edd- knock it off.

Edd- ‘Monsters?’ ‘Robots’?

Edd- you really think I’m going to believe you? yeah, no.

Edd- a-actually, yeah. that’s a good idea. Tord’s been out all day.


E: hey, Tord, where are you?

T: OH!

T: I’m… helping some friends move…

T: I’ll be back in a couple days! Sorry, this was urgent!

E: seriously? you didn’t want to give me more of a warning?

T: Sorry Edd!

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Hi i've noticed you don't have many 100k plus word fics on this blog. Could you please update that tag?

Always remember to check tags and warnings!

Discovery Channel (5 works | 127,851 | Rated E)

Stiles is the best werewolf ever. fork in the road au.

Unchained (47/47 | 156,119 | Rated E)

Werewolves are considered little better than animals and often treated much worse, forced into slavery from birth. Derek has been owned by enough humans to know their cruelty. When he’s bought by Stiles, he expects more of the same. But Stiles is not like any human he’s dealt with before.

Stiles meanwhile is horrified to learn of the treatment werewolves suffer on a daily basis, and he must deal with the fact that his best friend is out there somewhere, probably going through everything Derek has been through.

I’ll Be With You Through The Dark (27 works | 138,101 | Rated M)

“Me and Scott talk about everything, about all my poor decisions.”

“So I’m a poor decision?”

“Probably, yes. Considering how you rudely threw me out of your apartment the other day after convincing me to kiss you and admit that I like you.”


Set post Season 2 finale. Stiles is having a rough time at home and finds himself going to Derek for help in Scott’s absence. He doesn’t expect for Derek to end up turning to him for support, leading to something more than just friendship between them. Slow, slow, fluffy slow build!

*Based on the spoilers that just keep on coming, this is very likely to be canon divergent for s3!*

His Only Defence (14/14 | 116,637 | Rated E)

Stiles had just accidentally challenged an alpha.

Oh God, and Scott had just stood by and let him do it. He was the worst best friend ever. Stiles was going to kill him. Except, oh right, the alpha was going to kill him first. Like beyond dead, ripped into tiny little pieces dead. So far dead that his dad would not be able to identify him, dead.

The Smallest Beginning (2 works | 132,642 | Rated M)

The result of a one night stand is the catalyst that starts the chain reaction of events that will form the rest of his life. Stiles life has now been changed for better or for worse and it is now his decision that will frame it. It’s simply by chance that everything comes together in his life in the form of one little miracle.

Strength Thy Name Is Family (38/38 | 123,581 | Rated M)

Family means everything to a Stilinski man, it’s something they cherish, love, and value more than anything else in the world. However, those feelings can sometimes hurt the people they love as they try and protect them from harm. Magic!Stiles and Sterek.

one step at a time. (25/25 | 115,261 | Rated M)

If anyone had told Stiles this would be his life four years ago he would have laughed. This doesn’t happen, not to him, but yet it has. It’s just another story in his and their life and this one will be the biggest yet. It will be the biggest challenge but the most rewarding at the end of the day and all it takes is a deep breath and a step forward.

Find It In Our Hearts (2 works | 103,833 | PG-13)

Kate Argent had a lot of secrets, some of which she took to the grave. When one of them shows up on Chris Argent’s doorstep in the form of Kate’s five-year-old daughter, it’s not long before more to come to light – namely, that Kate’s crimes against Derek Hale didn’t begin and end with the murder of his family. It’s no surprise that as soon as Derek learns about his daughter’s existence, he decides that nothing will keep him from claiming the only family he still has in the world. Stiles finds himself firmly in the middle of the Hale-Argent family drama, slowly growing more certain of his feelings for Derek and ever more sure of the inevitable heartbreak they’ll bring. 

That Feeling That I’m Under (8 works | 289,584 | Rated E)

Stiles is a paramedic and Derek gets into a bike accident.

It’s kind of love at first sight.

You Don’t See Straight (2 works | 174,981 | Rated E)

Stiles finds himself in a secret werewolf community to participate in a mating run. Sterek happens. Side OC’s.

A Boy and His Wolf (14/14 | 173,303 | Rated M)

Summers at the cabin were the only part of the year Stiles looked forward to the most. You’d be excited too if you were young, and had a dog waiting to play with you. One summer changed all that when a fire broke out in the cabin, and Stiles never saw Howl again. Now, Stiles is in high school, and having trouble with his anxiety he thought he got a hold of. It doesn’t help that he’s constantly fighting death with werewolves and Derek Hale, but there’s something familiar about Derek. Stiles can’t put his finger on it, and doesn’t try too hard, but as they grow closer he’ll soon realize who Derek really is.

Second’s Not The Same Part 2 (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Request: Based on the song “Is There Somewhere” by Halsey. The one where the reader falls in love with Bucky, despite him being in a relationship with someone else. When around him, she tries to pretend as if she is the one he really is in love with.

Warning/s: A little bit of angst (I suggest have a box of tissues beside you because this can be a little bit heart clenching)

Author’s note: Here is part 2 :) Some dialogues were inspired on this. Man, it’s been a while since I posted an imagine. It’s still the second week of school and I’m already feeling stressed and tired, sheesh. But anyway, I hope you all like this!

(tag: sexyvixen7 , aloopofdysania , winter-xollins , to-be-a-sunshine , generation-hated , immortal-ad-vitam , winterbxchanan , i-less-than-three-you , s-e-c-r-e-t-w-a-r-s , tribute-tess , bananadineapple , garrus-calibrating , liquidneptune , breathingvapor , stuckychild ,heaventide , justareader , annabethjackson87 , fanfic-station , ashallayn)


And I try to refrain but you’re stuck in my brain

It has been two and a half months since the incident that happened in the park. When (Y/N) came home from her encounter with Bucky, she broke down. She leaned against her door and sobbed for hours. She felt empty and heart broken. But she knew that what she did was right. And she told herself that she’ll get over it one day. But for now, she’s going to let it all out. 

She didn’t speak to anyone for days. She declined every invitation she received from the Avengers and made up excuses. She spent her time on her couch eating two boxes of pizza, chips, and a tub of her favorite ice cream, surrounded by a pile of tissues. 

As for Bucky, after that certain day, never did she receive any messages or calls from him. And vice-versa. She found out from Natasha a week ago that he had broken up with Katherine. She felt a sudden pang of guilt hit her like a ton of bricks. The negativity of her thoughts expanded that it came to the point that she blamed herself for ruining a stable and happy relationship. Most of the time, she found herself looking over to her phone hoping that his name would flash on the screen. But it never came. 

“Any luck on (Y/N)?" 

For the other Avengers, when they noticed that (Y/N) stopped hanging out with them, they were worried. They also noticed the strange behavior of the captain’s best friend. Some put two and two together and questioned Nat, Wanda, and Steve about what happened between them. The three of them explained their situation, and once they were done, they all looked over to the sulking Bucky Barnes as he looked out the window with a far-away look in his eyes. Of course, they tried to bring the two out and start some fun but sometimes it would lead to a pissed off Bucky and a frequent declining (Y/N). 

When the sky turned itself in a light shade of red orange, (Y/N) decided to go out and take a stroll alone. The wind blew calmly, the temperature was in an equal amount of warm and cool, and the leaves were swaying side by side. The people outside were mostly in the park, in a nearby cafe shop, or just hanging by the sidewalk, observing like the observers they are. 

Stopping in the middle of the bridge, she leaned against the railings and watched the ducks swim by. A mother duck was assisting her ducklings in swimming. (Y/N) felt herself give away a small smile at the sight. It was a pretty simple sight, but she found it really lovely. 

She decided to take a picture of it. 

Pulling out her phone, she snapped a couple of pictures. When she was done, she admired the pictures. She had accidentally clicked the ‘Back’ button and it led her to the gallery of photos. There, she saw the selfies that she and Bucky shared. 

(Y/N)’s fingers hovered over one picture. She felt her heart skip a beat when she saw the photos. It clearly took her in surprise. She remembered that today is the first time that she checked her phone in a long time. 

Cause I clutched your arms like stairway railings

With a slight heavy heart, she clicked one. It was a selfie that she took with Bucky. He had his arm wrapped around her shoulder with a grin on his face (one that made dimples appear on his cheeks). She had the arm that held her phone stretched out while her other arm was behind Bucky’s head gesturing towards the background view (if you look closely, you could see a faint sign of Natasha’s hair in the background). She mirrored his expression, their cheeks touching. 

She smiled softly as she recalled the memory. The picture was taken in a late December night. Since it was nearing Christmas, Tony had suggested that they all go to the newly opened theme park in a place in Europe. He figured that it’s time for the team to have a vacation from all the stress they receive from the missions given to them. The place was gorgeous when they arrived. They spent the whole day going on rides and taking pictures and laughing. There was one fun moment when Tony had thrown up after riding the rollercoaster for the third time (serves him from being cocky). 

She clicked another picture and it was another selfie of her and Bucky. They were in her room, sitting on her bed. He had his arms wrapped around her body, and nuzzling his face onto her hair with a smile on his face. She, on the other hand, had her eyes closed and a smile on her face. 

Her heart clenched. But she didn’t cry. She didn’t have anymore tears to shed. Now, she was only left with an empty feeling inside. What’s funny is that, no matter how hard she tries to avoid or push away the thought of Bucky, she couldn’t bring herself to. She doesn’t hate him. She wished she could, but she couldn’t.

(Y/N) could only exhale heavily. 

"Always the nature enthusiast, huh?" 

She looked over her shoulder and saw Steve walking towards her with his hands in his pockets. He flashed her a warm smile, and she returned with a small one. 

"Hey.” (Y/N) murmured, placing her phone back in her pocket. 

Steve stopped next to her and leaned against the railings. They were silent for a while. Neither said anything. They stared at something not particular ahead of them. 

It was Steve who broke the silence. “We were worried, you know." 

(Y/N) released a quiet sigh. "I know. And I’m sorry about that." 

"It wasn’t your fault.”

Another silence. 

“What are you doing here, Steve?" 

Steve shrugged. "I wanted to see how you were doing after…. everything." 

(Y/N) gave him an appreciative smile. "Thank you, Steve.” she said, before taking a deep breath, huffing it out. “I’m doing okay, I guess." 

Steve looked at her as she stared ahead. "Are you really?” he asked. 

He knew that she knew that she didn’t have to keep the facade up to him. Steve was her closest friend, aside from Tony and Natasha. She knew that he can see through her, though he never says anything. 

Exhaling slowly, she shook her head and shrugged. “I don’t know.” she whispered, glancing down. “The past month has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride that only goes down, I guess?” she tried chuckling to lighten up the air, but it didn’t work on her. 

Steve remained silent. When he saw (Y/N) blink a couple of times, followed by a faint sound of a sniffle, he stepped forward and wrapped an arm around her. She leaned against him, as he rubbed her arm comfortingly like a brother. 

“How is he, by the way?” (Y/N) asked, after a while. 

“He’s doing alright.” Steve said, pulling back. (Y/N) looked up at him with curious eyes. He smiled at her. “But maybe he should be the one who you really should ask.” he said, nodding his head towards something behind her. 

You’re writing lines about me, romantic poetry

(Y/N)’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion before she turned around. Her eyes grew slightly wide when Bucky stepped out of the tree that he was hiding behind of. What is he doing here? she thought to herself. She looked over to Steve, who only gave her a small smile that almost looked sheepish (as if he knew what she had thought of). 

As he neared both of them, (Y/N) noticed that his hair had grown slightly longer than the last time she saw him. He also had dark circles under his eyes. There was something off about him, though she didn’t know if she wanted to know or not. 

Bucky stopped just a few steps away from her. He kept a fair distance between them, in fear that she would be pressured or overwhelmed about things. Their reunion took both parties in surprise and anxious. They haven’t seen each other for a long time. Wounds were still a little bit fresh. 

Steve placed both his hands on their shoulders. “I’ll leave you two alone to talk.” he said. He leaned down and dropped a kiss on top of (Y/N)’s head as a sign of reassurance, followed by a squeeze of reassurance on Bucky’s shoulder, before walking away. 

An uncomfortable silence fell upon both. They didn’t know what to say. Or do. It was so awkward. They both just stood there, facing each other. But are unable to look at each other in the eye. 

After a brief minute, Bucky spoke. His voice came out hoarse. “How are you?” he asked. Small talk, that’s right, he thought to himself.

(Y/N) swallowed and cleared her throat. “I’m alright.” She mentally cringed at how awkward that sounded. “How about you?" 

Bucky nodded slowly. "I’m alright, too.” he said, his voice quiet and timid. 


(Y/N) sighed and crossed her arms on her chest. “What are you doing here, Buck?" 

Bucky looked at her and pursed his lips together. "I wanted to see how you were doing.” He swallowed. “And talk." 

(Y/N) swallowed. "What is there to talk about?" 

"You know…. About what happened a few months ago." 

”….I don’t think we have to.“ 


"What’s said been said. I don’t have to explain further amongst things." 

(Y/N) turned her head slightly away. She wasn’t prepared in seeing him again. Sure she rehearsed a couple of times on what to say to him when they meet again, but she never expected for it to be sooner. 

They were quiet for a while. (Y/N) almost thought that he left. But he made his presence aware. 

"You said your side already. Can I say mine?” Bucky asked quietly, almost unsure if he should go on. 

(Y/N) turned her head to look at him. He was peering at her with a hopeful look in his eyes. The kind of look that they both know she couldn’t say no to. She sighed in defeat, murmuring a “Fine." 

Bucky released a breath he was holding. He was relieved that she is willing to listen, but felt anxious on what he was about to say. He inhaled a deep breath. "After you confessed two months ago, I gotta be honest, it took me by surprise.” She glanced down. “Surprised because I never even realized it. For a skilled assassin like me, I didn’t even see it coming.” he joked, as an attempt to relieve the tension in the air. 

When her expression didn’t change, the small amused smile faded and was replaced with a small frown. Well that didn’t work. He cleared his throat, continuing, “I spent the whole month trying to put two and two together. I was angry." 

Upon hearing this, (Y/N) expression dropped and she briefly closed her eyes, guilt and rejection swarming her heart. Bucky knew she misinterpreted what he said, but kept quiet about it. Instead, he continued, "I was angry at myself." 

(Y/N) opened her eyes and looked at him in surprise and confusion. He gave her a tentative smile, then looked down. "I was angry at myself for not saying anything. For just letting you blurt out those words. And most especially,” he paused and looked up at her with…. warmth and affection? Was her mind playing tricks on her? 

They stared at each other’s eyes for a while. (Y/N) searched his eyes in curiosity. For all the years she’s known him, there are times like this where she doesn’t know what runs through his mind or what he is thinking of. 

Bucky huffed out a breath, slowly. “I realized how much of an idiot I am for letting the girl I love walk away from me.” he said, slowly but clearly. 

(Y/N) froze upon hearing the revelation. 

Did he say it right? 

Letting the girl he loves walk away from him? 

“I-I-I…. what?”

Bucky gave her a shy smile, though his eyes were looking nervous. He reached up and rubbed the nape of his neck in a sheepish way. He shifted on his feet. “I only realized it when I stared after your retreating figure. I knew from that moment that I made the biggest mistake of my life.” he said. He took a hesitant step forward, and gently held her hands. With his figure towering over her, he had the advantage to look deeply in her eyes. She could feel her face heating up at close proximity both of them are currently in. “I love you, (Y/N). I don’t know exactly when I did. Maybe during the time when I caught you eating my favorite tub of ice cream late at night while wearing my shirt, or maybe during the time when you had 'accidentally’ fell on the skating rink in that theme park the whole team went to on one holiday." 

(Y/N) softly chuckled after recalling the memory. She knew that it wasn’t an accident. Bucky had pushed her, but made it seem like an accident. 

Bucky smiled at her before the smile slowly faded into a sad one. "But I know you feel different now. Especially after what happened in the park.” he said, giving her hands a gentle squeeze before releasing them. Disappointment washed over her when the contact was lost. 

(Y/N) looked at him in confusion. “What?" 

Bucky swallowed and cleared his throat. He had a small sad smile on his face. "I started counting on my fingers all the reasons you’ll never love me back a few days after you tell me that you do.” he started. “It goes like this: one, I scream too much in my sleep.”

(Y/N) immediately opened the door of Bucky’s room when she heard screaming coming from inside. He was lying on his bed, tossing and turning and seems to be in distress. He was sweating and murmuring unrecognizable words. That’s when it occurred to her: he was having a nightmare. 

She ran to his side and gently shook him to wake up. When he finally did, he sat up abruptly and panted, clutching his chest with his right hand. She rubbed his arm in a comforting manner, whispering, “Hey, hey, it’s alright. You’re okay. Deep breaths." 

When he calmed down, he looked up at her. He breathed out a sigh of relief and engulfed her in his arms, burying his face onto the crook of her neck. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and ran her fingers through his hair, calming him down and reassuring him. She spent the whole night whispering relaxing words to him to make him feel comfortable. 

"Two, I am haunted by what I’ve done and what I’ve yet to do and what I’ll never do and what I could do." 

”(Y/N), can’t you see? I’m a monster. A monster! You don’t know how many innocent lives I’ve taken with this. I tried to kill Steve, my own best friend! I killed Tony’s parents. Who knows what else I could do, to you!“ Bucky shouted, throwing a nearby object to a wall. 

She flinched but stood on her spot. She knew that Bucky doesn’t have the heart to hurt her. She knew him too well. She let him rant on things about himself, how he is a 'monster’, how he is a walking killing machine that should’ve been left on the pile of snow 75 years ago.

Once his rage died down, he was left standing in the middle of the room. He had his head down, his shoulders were trembling faintly. She slowly walked towards him. She gently placed her hand on his shoulder. He didn’t shake it off. She stopped in front of him. His hair was covering his face so she didn’t see what his expression was. She reached up to tuck the strands behind his ears, now getting a glimpse of his face. His eyes held sadness that it broke her heart. 

"Just leave…. please.” He murmured weakly, but leaned against her palm which was touching his cheek. 

(Y/N) sighed and gently caressed his face. “Let’s go to sleep, Buck." 

He nodded. 

"Three, the names of the dead get caught in my throat and it gets a little hard to breathe sometimes." 

Nick Fury called Steve, Bucky, and (Y/N) for a mission. He distributed the mission files for the three to study. Bucky was quiet throughout the whole mission briefing, and (Y/N) noticed it but didn’t say anything. Once Fury was done, he dismissed everyone and told them to prepare. 

When everyone left, (Y/N) turned to her side to find Bucky still reading the mission files. She walked up behind him and looked over his shoulder. 

On one of the pages was the building that they were supposed to break into. She wondered why he was staring at the picture of the building, that is until her question is answered. Below the picture was the name of Tony’s father, in big, bold letters: HOWARD STARK.

(Y/N) gave Bucky a sad look, even though he couldn’t see it. She placed both her hands on his shoulders and soothed the tensions down. Bucky’s shoulders slumped as soon as he sighed. He closed the folder and pinched the bridge of his nose, while his other hand (his flesh hand) came up to rest on top of her, squeezing it as if quietly thanking her. 

Bucky paused for a while. He ran his fingers through his hair. Then he continued, now with a ghost of a smile on his face, "It stops like this: You take my hand,” he says and takes her hand, intertwining their fingers together, “and you slip my fingers through yours, and you hold my fist over your heart,” he steps closer, “and you tell me that you do for the second time that week….” he leans his forehead onto hers. 

(Y/N) felt her heart send a flutter. She closed her eyes, savoring the moment between her and Bucky. Oh how she missed him. Bucky wraps his arms around her body, pulling her close to him. She wrapped one arm around him, while her other hand was on his neck, tracing the skin. He nuzzled his nose against hers, earning a chuckle from her.

She opened her eyes and locked gazes with him. He had the look. The same look that Eugene had given Rapunzel when she was admiring the lanterns around them. 

Bucky pulled her closer, whispering, “I’m sorry but I fell in love tonight, again.”

(Y/N) sniffed and gave him a smile, a happy one. “I’m sorry, too." 

Bucky chuckled, before capturing her mouth with his. Sealing their love.

Art Claims Big Bang 2017

Welcome to the artist claims for the Spideytorch Big Bang! We have eight fantastic fics up for claiming! A big round of applause to all of our authors – you’re all spectacular.

Please read the summaries carefully and when you’ve selected your top picks, send an e-mail to with the e-mail address and tumblr username you signed up with along with your first, second, and third pick. When you’ve successfully claimed a fic, you’ll be put in contact with your author.

Claimed summaries will be crossed out, so keep an eye on this post. We may be opening for double claims this year once all fics have been claimed. Thank you!


Universe: AU [616-based]
Rating: M
Warnings: college rejection/dropouts, morally grey decisions, breaking and entering, involving a teenager in illegal things, dubious consent due to alcohol (not painted in a good light), manipulation, sexual regret, mentions of canon compliant character death, shady and illegal government organizations, prison
When Johnny Storm is fourteen years old, Reed Richards and Ben Grimm move next door. Due to his sister’s strange attraction to them, and his intense love for his sister, Johnny finds himself sucked further into their world, until one night Reed decides to steal a spaceship and bam – along come the Fantastic Four. At first, the F4 are heroes, but they soon take a menacing turn, and it takes a chance run-in with Spider-Man, the new kid on the block, to remind Johnny that he can be a hero again. But when things take a turn for the worse, Johnny is left alone in a world of heroes, desperately fighting to find his family (and maybe even himself). Or: the Fantastic Four are well-meaning but evil, SHIELD is generally shady, Johnny kisses boys he shouldn’t, Peter Parker has a hot girlfriend and a motorcycle, and Spider-Man is always in Johnny Storm’s corner.


Universe: 616, but current canon is more of a suggestion than anything
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Kidfic (but not mpreg), Peter Parker’s Poor Decision Making Skills, Tentacles, Implied Foggy Nelson/Matt Murdock/ Kirsten McDuffie , HEAVILY Implied Venom Symbiote/Flash Thompson Harry Osborn/Flash Thompson and Venom/Harry/Flash, child illness, Johnny Is Shirtless All The Time Because Reasons
Peter always thought he’d have more of a say over when he had a kid, that it would be something decided between him and his hypothetical lover some time down the line. But between his board of directors insinuating that the public doesn’t trust a single and child-free CEO, and a rather insistent alien queen wanting him as some kind of stud male to save her people,  Peter’s ‘someday maybe’ plan has ended up becoming 'no time like the present’ when said alien queen gifts Peter with an egg. Inside? A baby made up of his and Johnny Storm’s DNA, because name dropping Johnny Storm to get out of hot water was never a good idea. In the face of Johnny’s depression over his still missing family, Peter decides that Johnny could never know the baby was his, too. Instead, Peter invites Johnny to live with him as the baby’s nanny, because living with the guy you have over a decade and a half of repressed romantic feelings for and raising your daughter together under false pretenses is a plan that can’t possibly back fire.

Good Job, Pete.


Universe: MTV-Teen-Wolf-inspired AU
Rating: Mature
Warnings: secondary characters’ deaths including a police shooting scene, bullying incidents, scenes with Peter in chains, mild horror content (a wild werewolf chasing and threatening Peter), expletives (swearwords), animalistic characteristics of Peter in some scenes, shapeshifting into a werewolf, violent incidents, some scenes are heavily influenced by the Teen Wolf series
When Peter gets dragged by Gwen into the Central Park in the middle of the night to look for a body he doesn’t expect to be bitten by a werewolf (it’s not like they exist, right?), but that’s exactly what happens. His life takes rapid turn, he’s lost his uncle, a crazed killer alpha werewolf is trying to get to him, and he can’t even control his own body. To make the matters worse the fate seems to like playing with him as it turns out that the only person who can calm him down is none other than Johnny Storm, a self-absorbed cheerleader who seems to embody everything that Peter hates. But maybe being a werewolf won’t be as bad as Peter thought…


Universe: AU
Rating: M
Warnings: violence, drug addiction as a minor plot point (Harry Osborn), alcoholic parental figure/legal guardian, a lot of bruises and visible physical injuries on Peter, one usage of a homophobic slur, one usage of a racial slur, heavily implied child abuse (and child abuse is discussed), very minor Peter/Flash is sort of there technically, perceived relationship between an adult and a minor, keep your eyes wide open and you’ll still probably miss it but it’s definitely in there reference to canonical childhood sexual abuse, a brief Spanish language conversation that while is not google translate bad I also am not very strong at Spanish, and I think that about covers it
Possibly the worst part of being a superhero was dealing with villains such as the notorious and mysterious Spider. But Johnny has bigger problems to deal with. His girlfriend just left him for some twerp named Peter Parker. He meets the kid and he sort of gets the appeal. Oh god, no. Of course Parker has no clue what Johnny’s talking about when Johnny calls him out for stealing his girlfriend. The Spider has nothing on this sort of terror. Or: AU where Peter Parker chose to be a super villain instead. Featuring Johnny not knowing jack about Les Mis, Snitch the teddy bear, the magic of criminal profiling, “Dorrie Evans? Isn’t she gay?”, and a completely made up super villain origin story.

Additional Information from the author: In this fic Johnny and Peter are both Latino. To be more specific Johnny is Mexican and Peter is Puerto Rican. I felt that was something an artist should be aware of going in.


Universe: Main Universe: 616, Guest Universes: Fant4stic, World’s Greatest Heroes, an original universe or two
Rating: T or M
Warnings: A character dealing with intense grief over an AU character’s death
Johnny’s been hopelessly in love with Peter almost as long as he’s known him, but he’s never told Peter how he feels. During his lengthy stint in a Negative Zone prison, he promised himself that he’d finally tell Peter the truth if he ever sees him again. He’s been back a few weeks, but he still hasn’t been able to work up the courage. When he and Peter step through the Inhuman Eldrac, a magic door, he and Peter are jointly sent on a trip through the multiverse, where they encounter version after version of themselves, all in different stages of their lives…all of whom are deeply in love. Could Eldrac possibly be trying to tell them something? Featuring mutual pining, angst, babies, weddings, old marrieds, a widower, and tons of Peter being his usual oblivious (and possessive) self.


Universe: AU
Rating: E
Warnings: Canon and fairy tale typical violence, references to self-immolation, brief sexual assault (a forced kiss) in an encounter with the villain. The explicit rating is due to consensual sex between Johnny and Peter. Peter is a giant talking spider for part of the fic.
When Johnny makes a deal with the monster that lives in the woods – himself for his sister’s happiness – he doesn’t expect the giant spider to take him to a beautiful castle, or to reveal himself a cursed prince. There’s only one catch: he’s only a man in the darkest night, and Johnny can never see his face. Still, they grow closer, and Johnny is happy with their strange arrangement – until a visit home ruins everything. Now he must travel east of the sun and west of the moon to reclaim Peter from the Goblin King. An East of the Sun, West of the Moon/Polar Bear King-inspired AU.


Universe: no clear universe, it’s a mashup (character-wise, I follow Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker pretty closely, but Johnny is also a bit of a mashup based on how I see him)
Rating: Teen
Warnings: canon-typical violence, kissing, injuries, brief nakedness (when Johnny gets turned back to human), Johnny is a literal dog for most of the fic, underage drinking (Johnny is nineteen), cursing (including at least three uses of the f-bomb), animal violence and abuse (dog fighting ring), non-consensual drugging (chloroforming Johnny while he’s in dog-form)
 A witch turns Johnny into a yellow lab, effectively leaving him in the middle of New York City with four paws, no way to communicate, and oh yeah - a dog that can flame on isn’t exactly inconspicuous. All his instincts scream for him to run home, but to his confusion, his paws aren’t leading him to the Baxter Building. Aka Johnny Storm turns up at a run down apartment near Empire State University only to discover that the apartment belongs to one Peter Parker. Only problem is, Johnny doesn’t know that Peter is Spider-Man, and Peter doesn’t know that Johnny is a dog.


Universe: AU
Rating: Teen
Warnings: canon-typical violence, identity porn
Peter Parker meets and starts dating Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four, which is unusual, as Johnny is a super-human super-star and Peter is…not. Competing with an adoring public and the frustration of being stuck on the ground while Johnny is up in the sky makes Peter wonder if he fits in with Johnny’s spectacular life. Then he gets a bite from a certain spider and becomes Spider-Man! Problem solved, right? The only issue: Johnny hates Spider-Man. Misunderstandings and hilarity ensue.

ALL CLAIMED for now, but watch this space…

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any good canon verse fics? Hopefully rated E and fairly long. Thank you <3

  • Children, Wake Up by @hollyhark, 564K+ words, series, WIP, E, Graphic depictions of violence/Creator chose not to warn.
    Epic length series that has to be mentioned here. Hux follows orders and loses his way.
  • Volition by @bygoneboy, 24249 words, E, No archive warnings.
    pre-tfa. hux is issued orders to seduce kylo ren. chaos ensues.

  • Know Thyself by @theeascetic, 79K+ words, series, WIP, M, Creator chose not to warn.
    You like this story, don’t you Ren? It’s awfully romantic. Let’s pretend it’s true. Let’s pretend we conspired together to overthrow him.” Hux gets in over his head.
  • To the Pure by @kdazrael, 27929 words, E, No archive warnings.
    Dear sir or madam, I am General Hux of the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Finalizer. I was recently strong-armed by a colleague into joining an order of mystic knight-warriors and now they want me take part in their team-building orgies. Please advise.
  • The Face of the One by @vadianna, 85K+ words, WIP, E, Creator chose not to warn.
    Kylo comes back to the First Order fleet sometime after completing his Sith training to retrieve Hux and take him on an undercover mission to recover two Resistance droids. A purely physical relationship develops into something deeper, more mind-blowing, and with more far-reaching consequences.
  • Finitum by @plinys, 35966 words, E, No archive warnings.
    Lieutenant Hux gets a mission to pick up an asset for the Supreme Leader from the ruins of a massacred temple, and the entire course of his life is changed in one moment by the appearance of a bloodstained boy who calls himself Ben. A series of meetings and chance encounters throughout the years draw the two of them together again and again, as their relationship shifts from almost friends to enemies to something else entirely.
  • In Need of Discipline by @agent-nemesis, 44312 words, E, No archive warnings.
    General Hux is tired of Kylo Ren’s violent angry outbursts and decides to put a stop to them using an old-fashioned punishment. Unintended consequences ensue.