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The first time they met, Tom had only just started to adjust to his new school.

“- And we’ve got history 30 and bio 30 together-” Tucker pointed at the laminated price of paper that held Tom’s schedule. The other had just started going to the high school, and had quickly made friends with the school’s resident salt shaker, Tucker. Tom had been awkwardly standing outside, fidgeting with his glasses. Tucker had immediately approached him, and the two had bonded over video games.”

“Wait, which math 30 class are you in?” Tucker peered at Tom schedule, brown eyes quickly scanning the paper.

“I-I actually have Ms. Cossar. I’m taking math 31.” Tom stammered, feeling his face heat up a little and Tucker stared at him quizzically. Tom was into both guys and girls, and Tucker wa pretty cute. But he wasn’t exactly Tom’s type.

“Aw, that’s too bad. Wait, you’ve got gym period 2! Sick, this means that we can have lunch together - Oh, hey Jordan!” Tucker grinned and waved a tall, dark-haired teenager over.

“Hey Tucker. And um….” Jordan trailed off, staring at Tom awkwardly. His heart was beating quickly in his chest and he didn’t know why. Jordan’s face flushed slightly as Tom readjusted his round glasses.

“I-I’m Tom.” Tom felt butterflies swirling in his stomach as Jordan grinned and repeated what Tom had said. His face flushed again, and he awkwardly looked at the ground. Jordan and Tucker began talking about something else, but Tom was more focused on Jordan. The other teenager had dark hair that was slightly curly, and the beginnings of a beard. He had a jacket on, with the number 17 and the school’s mascot on it. Athlete, probably, Tom thought to himself.

The bell startled Tom out of his thoughts, as Tucker motioned for Tom to follow him. Tom waved goodbye to Jordan, and smiled as Jordan waved back, grinning.

Tom and Tucker made it to their first class, sitting together in the middle of the room. They were fairly early, and the classroom was almost empty.

“So…” Tucker drawled as Tom pulled his binder out of his backpack. “Someone seems to have fallen for our school star football player.” Tucker grinned as Tom’s face flushed even more, the other glaring at Tucker accusingly.

“Shut up, Tucker.” Tom hissed.

“Awww, you’re blushing!” Tucker giggle and clapped his hands together, like an excited child. “You two would be so cute together!”

“Tucker, he’s probably straight.” Tom groaned and put is face into his hands.

“Oh crap, you’re right. I’m still going to try and set you two up thought.” Tom’s face remained flushed through the whole class.

Tucker introduced Tom to James and Sonja, and the four of them became fast friends. James and Jordan were close friends as well, which only allowed for Tom’s crush grow stronger and stronger.

Tom and Jordan were sitting on Jordan’s bed, playing the newest zombie killing game that had been released. There was laughter and shouting, and every time Tom playfully bumped into Jordan, the athlete felt his heart flutter. Was he into Tom? More importantly, was he into guys? Jordan mulled over his feelings as he watched Tom’s fingers fly over the controller, a focused expression on his face. Tom’s eyes were narrowed and his younger was poking out of the corner of his mouth.

“Ugh, goddammit!” Tom groaned and threw his controller down as his character was horribly mauled by badly animated zombies. Tom collapsed dramatically onto Jordan’s bed, letting out an exaggerated sigh. Jordan laughed, and laid down beside him.

“Yknow, for someone who called themselves a nerd you aren’t very good with video games.” Jordan smirked as Tom stuck out his younger at Jordan.

“You’re just jealous of my skills.” Tom retorted, rolling over onto his stomach.

“Whatever, Tom.” The pair sat in silence for a while, a gentle breeze carrying through the room through the open window.

“Hey Jordan?” Tom said quietly.


“Do you play soccer?”

“No, I just do track and football. Why?”

“Because you’re a keeper.” Tom bit his lip, his cheeks flushing slightly. Jordan’s face twisted in confusion, before a flicker of recognition sparked in his eyes.

“Oh, you mean that we’ll be friends for ever? That’s nice of you to say!” Jordan said cheerfully, not noticing Tom’s crestfallen face.

“Y-Yeah. Best friends.”

Tom continued to try and flirt with Jordan, but all of his attempts failed. Jordan, Tom concluded, was absolutely oblivious.

Tom sat against the locker, rereading his history notes. It was a quiet Wednesday afternoon, and Tom was sitting in the hallway, studying for a history exam. The unit exam was coming up, and Tom wanted to do well, because a low mark would lower his grade overall. Tom nibbled on his lip as he scanned his paper, glancing upwards when a shadow fell across his paper. It was Jordan. He had a panicked look on his face, and Tom’s heart cringed at the sight.

“Hey Jay. What’s wrong?” Tom pushed his glasses up his nose as Jordan slumped down beside him.

“I’m so screwed Tom! I’ve gotta get a good mark on this history test, or I won’t be able to play on the team until I get my marks back up!” Jordan groaned. Tom frowned, wanting to help Jordan.

“Have you tried a tutor?”Tom asked tentatively.

“Yes, but she didn’t help me at all. And I can’t get a new tutor now, the test is next Tuesday! I’m never gonna play football again!”

“Well… I-I could try and help you.” Tom said, glancing at his notes. Jordan suddenly sat up, grinning at Tom.

“Yeah, you could! You can help me cheat!” Tom stated at Jordan in shock as the other rambled on about ways to cheat.

“I am not helping you cheat on a test, Jordan!” Tom whispered, glancing around the hallways invade anyone was around.

“Please, Tom?” Jordan used his best puppy eyes, looking up at Tom hopefully. Tom groaned, as he knew he was going to cave in. His stupid crush was going to make him say yes.


The two continued to grow closer and closer, with Tom’s stupid pick up lines becoming more and more common, and Jordan’s questionable sexuality always on the athlete’s mind.

Jordan <3 - hey, I owe u a favour
Jordan <3 - for helping me cheat
Tom - umm ok??
Jordan <3 - meet me behind the bleachers afterschool, k?
Tom - ok, see u then

Tom shivered as he made his way towards the bleachers. It was march, and still fairly cold. Wind gusted across the empty field, causing Tom to shiver and wrap his arms tighter around his middle. Whatever Jordan wanted to show him better be good.

When Tom finally reached the bleachers, his face was flushed red from the cold. Jordan stood begins the bleachers, tapping his foot impatiently.

“Oh, hey! You’re here!” Jordan’s smile turned into a frown as he noticed Tom s shivering state. “You cold?” Tom nodded and rubbed his arms. “Here.” Jordan took off his varsity jacket, draping it over Tom’s shivering body.

“You’re sure you won’t be cold?” Tom asked, pulling the jacket closer to him. Jordan shook his head, smiling at how adorable Tom looked in his jacket. It was somewhat to big for Tom, but that allowed him to get warmer, his rosy cheeks, glasses and fluffy hair the only things poking out of the jacket.

“Since you helped me a bunch in something you like to do, I thought I’d teach you something I like to do.” Jordan pulled out a football, chuckling slightly as Tom raised an eyebrow at the ball.

“Really?” Tom snorted.

“Yes, really.” Jordan retorted, stepping back a few feet. The pair began to toss the ball back and forth, laughing as the ball just barely slipped out of their hands, and as they chatted.

By the end of Jordan’s lesson, Tom could throw the football decently.

Tom couldn’t take it anymore. He needed to tell Jordan.

It was a cool summer evening. The bleachers were filled to watch Tom’s school’s football team play against the rival team in their final. Jordan’s varsity jacket was proudly worn by Tom, who was watching the game with a strong interest. Tucker, Sonja and James cheered on their team beside him.

“Cmon guys! Kick their asses!” Sonja shouted as Jordan lead his team to score 10 more points. Tom beamed as Jordan lead his team to victory, the crowd cheering loudly.

Tom waited outside of the changing room for Jordan. The two of them and their friends were going for ice cream, and Jordan was supposed to drive Tom there.

“Hey. You.” Tom glanced up from his phone to see alarger high schooler, in Tom’s high schools rivals colours.

“A-Are you talking to me?” Tom asked politely.

“Of course I am, pretty boy.” Tom’s face flushed slightly at the blonde’s compliment. “What do you say we ditch this joint and go out for a burger?” Tom felt fear shoot down his spine as the football player loomed over him.

“I-uh… I-I have a boyfriend..” Tom replied, awkwardly glancing at the floor. The other boy snorted at Tom’s remark.

“He doesn’t have to know.” Tom felt a wave of relief wash over him as the door opened and Jordan stepped out.

“Babe! You’re finished!” Tom out on a false smile, wrapping an arm around Jordan’s waist and beginning to drag Jordan out of the building. “Cmon, we’ll be late!”

Tom let out a sigh of relief as they exited the building. He glanced at Jordan, who was staring at Tom quizzically.

“Babe?” Jordan repeated, raising an eyebrow.

“Listen, that guy was trumping to get me to go on a date with him and I didn’t want to.” Tom muttered.

“Oh, ok.” Jordan said, taking out the keys to his car. The pair walked over to Jordan’s car silently, Tom beating himself up for being stupid, and Jordan wondering if Tom would have really liked to be his boyfriend.

“Before we go, I need to tell you something really important, Jordan.” Tom said.

“Um, ok. Shoot.” Jordan replied nervously. Tom bit his lip and stared at Jordan before he gripped the back of Jordan’s head and pressed their mouths together. Jordan stiffened in shock before relaxing and kissing Tom back. The two split apart, both panting slightly.

“Well that was certainly not what I expected.” Jordan smirked and pulled Tom into his lap, nuzzling his face into his neck. Tom giggled, swatting at Jordan’s head.

“Stoooop.” Tom groaned, laughing as Jordan pressed multiple kisses onto his neck.

“Maybe we should call the others and tell them we’re going to be late?” Jordan murmured into Tom’s ear, before kissing the other boy once more.

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