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Hello friends! Are you all jazzed-up on Wonder Woman now that the DCU finally has a good movie? That’s great! Me too! But it doesn’t have to end there! Wonder Woman has a long history of great comic books that have long been overlooked my mainstream nerd culture!

While plenty of us have read foundational DC books like Batman: Year One, All-Star Superman, or Watchmen, Wondie has plenty of books that are just as central to her character as well! The above image is a general recommended reading list, and I certainly haven’t read all of them, but I can give a few recommendations on the ones I have!

Wonder Woman, by George Perez

This is pretty much your foundational modern Wonder Woman. Nearly everything about the character as she is today draws from this sensational run. It’s widely regarded among Wondie fans as one of the most quintessential runs in the character’s history. If you want to wholly *GET* Wonder Woman, this is a fantastic place to start.

Wonder Woman by Gail Simone

What can I say about Gail Simone that hasn’t already been said? Deadpool, Batgirl, Secret Six, Birds of Prey, the woman just has so many legendary comic book runs. And her run on Wonder Woman is no different. She wasn’t on the book for a super long time, but her run is one of the best!

Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello

This one I understand is a bit polarizing among some on Tumblr. I get that there’s a number of people who don’t like the changes Azzarello made to the amazonian culture, specifically how they deal with male outsiders and male children. However, consider that characters are not interesting without flaws, and seeing for once a definite black spot on the seemingly-perfect Amazons was pretty interesting!

In addition, the book has fantastic art style, and does a lot to re-imagine the greek gods in a modern, almost horror-esque way. This run’s take on Wondie is that of a warrior goddess, so if you want a Diana that’s ready to throw down, this is the book for you!

Wonder Woman: Hiketeia by Greg Rucka

Wonder Woman has taken a sworn oath to protect a young girl! But when she finds out that this girl has murdered her sister’s killer, this puts her at odds with Batman, who is determined that the girl face trial! A modern greek tragedy penned by the masterful Greg Rucka, and an absolutely fantastic one-shot graphic novel!

JLA: A League of One by Christopher Moeller

An unstoppable dragon has awoken from its slumber! An amazonian seer has predicted that it will DESTROY the Justice League! To prevent her friends from dying, Wonder Woman must face the dragon ALONE! Even if it means fighting her friends to stop them from helping her!

Wonder Woman: Odyssey by J. Michael Straczynski

A pseudo-elseworlds story about an amnesiac Wonder Woman rediscovering her place in the world and her destiny. Featuring all-star talent, a gripping suspense story, and my personal favorite Wonder Woman costume ever. 

Wonder Woman by Bill Messner-Loebs

Hey, did you know that for a while Wonder Woman was a space pirate? This run is fucking nuts and I love every page of it. If you want a run where some guys are just trying to tell compelling and INCREDIBLY varied Wonder Woman adventures, give this one a shot!

Wonder Woman: by Greg Rucka

There is a current Wonder Woman ongoing! It’s by Greg Rucka, who has previously done great work with the character. It’s called Wonder Woman: The Lies. Full disclosure, I haven’t read any of this. But if you want a Wonder Woman comic that’s currently ongoing, just pick up Volume 1 and start from there. There’s currently three books out, so there’s plenty of reading material. 

Final Thoughts

Really, anything in the guide I posted first is a good read. Comics are an incredibly small medium, and need all the sales they can get. If you’ve seen the movie and you’re hungry for more, there’s a LOT of material. The character’s been around for over 70 years at this point. So please, head down to your local comic shop and pick up some Wonder Woman! Diana believes in you, and I do too!

HeL. Lo. 

It feels like I have been away for a long time. But you are still here, and every so often people leave messages or notes or things in the tags on CatFoxWolf posts that hurt in such a good way it feels like my heart has folded in half like birthday card. I remain entirely useless at replying to these things but they mean an awful lot to me. 

When I started drawing Lost, the current CatFoxWolf story, I had no intention of taking so long. But life interferes with one’s plans; sometimes sneakily, and sometimes by bursting through the metaphorical door, doing high kicks and jazz hands. I leave it to you to imagine what might have derailed or distracted me. I am 97% certain that the primary reason that people have been so lovely towards me and so kind about the comic is that both I and the comic tend towards an ambiguity that permits them to feel or imagine whatever they like. The truth is that I have been so extraordinarily lucky to find a readership amongst such generous, earnest, loving, creative & funny people that I cannot possibly deserve it. 

I have been gradually posting new pages here and there and Lost is very nearly finished (for now). After that I think I will try going back to stand-alone strips and things for a while. 

All this is just to say if you’re reading this, thank you. It’s been a strange couple of years.

So, like. How’ve you been? 

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post/159918431327/more-team-gai-bc-im-deeply-attached-to-them whats up witht he nazi symbol on one of the characters?

I think i need to clear up some things because for some reason this isnt public knowledge? 

Taken from wikipedia:
The Swastika (also known outside the Indian subcontinent as the Hakenkreuz, gammadion cross, cross cramponnée, croix gammée, fylfot, or tetraskelion) (as a character 卐 or 卍) is an ancient religious symbol originating from the Indian subcontinent, that generally takes the form of an equilateral cross with four legs each bent at 90 degrees.[1][2] It is considered to be a sacred and auspicious symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism and dates back at least 11,000 years

Im also gonna put a link to the wikipage, so that you guys can be more informed:

Taken from

The symbol, as most of you likely already know, has been around for thousands of years, and out of those thousands of years, for only roughly 70 or 80 has it been associated with anything negative. It’s also oriented a bit differently. The Nazi version usually sits in a diamond shape, while the manji version is a square. Some will also say they face opposite directions, but that’s not altogether true: Japanese Buddhism has both a right-facing and left-facing manji.

and obviously you and some of the people who commented didnt read the manga so im gonna put a page from the manga right here. 

Now if your question is why would neji have that symbol on his forehead then maybe you should actually watch the show or read the comic. 

please make sure you are well informed and do your research first before saying anything regrettable, you’re just shaming yourself for not knowing a well known fact. 

voltron comic dub auditions!

so i’ve been thinking about doing these for a while, but it only occurred to me now that i could make a tumblr post promoing it, haha. anyway, what i’m doing sound exactly like it does on the tin: voltron comic dubs! 

have you ever seen a voltron comic and thought: “oh man i’d love to hear that actually read out by the voice actors”? then this isn’t directly for you, bUT if you’re one of the people who would want to voice act that yourself, then this is for you!


  • send me a tumblr message with an mp3 file on a hosting site of your choice with your lines for whoever you want to dub from here and  here and if you’re doing allura, from here. it’s important that you do both so i can get a feel for how close you can get to canon voices but also how you would interpret your character’s inflections, emphasis, etc. 
  • fill out this form: (x)
  • that’s pretty much it


  • please, no antis! this is going to be an all inclusive group, and if any ships make you uncomfortable, then it’s probably best for you to not audition bc we might be doing comics with ships that youre uncomfortable with
  • if you can, please reblog this post so i can reach out to more people! i’d really appreciate it if you did
  • even if you don’t think you’re not good enough to audition, try anyway! it never hurts to try :3
  • have fun!! no matter what, i think this is the most important part of this whole shebang


  • it’s okay if we have multiple voice actors for one character! in fact, this is what i’m hoping to be able to have to lessen the workload for some of the voice actors
  • there’s nothing i wouldn’t do shipwise, but i have a very heavy klance bias, so there’ll probably be a lot of klance if the va’s also want it. 
  • honestly, all that’s going to be dubbed will rely on what the va’s want.
  • i’m a pretty capable editor myself, so i don’t need an editor, but it’d be nice to have another one to help me
  • if you need/want examples of comic dubs, i suggest you check out these videos: (x) (x)
  • auditions will end mid may! I don’t really have a set date right now; it all depends on how many auditions i get before then. after that i’ll have a week grace period/week to look over auditions and choose people

Good luck!

edit: added canon line auditions whoops


Can we just talk about how powerful this scene is? 

There are no words needed. Each panel shows us how their relationship was with each other. Silence often offers us a more powerful understanding than a thousand words ever could. Ursa knew she never showed her daughter how much she loved her. You can see the love and affection on her face for her high strung little girl… as well as regret and worry. Even in the last panel and the way she looks back…she was hesitant. She did not want to leave Azula, knowing how much Ozai influenced her at such a young age…she even chose to see her daughter first before Zuko. Maybe she had planned on saying something to Azula…but the words got lost on her tongue. What could she say? Instead she opted to give her a kiss on her cheek as a sign of love instead, praying she would be safe.

If only Azula knew…

I have a lot of Azula Feels now…excuse me while I go cry in a corner.

Big change

Hey guys, I just wanted to address some things so you guys can feel updated on some “changes” and comments I’d like to make on my comics.

First, I would like to say thank you all for 3k followers! I actually feel guilty getting this many because Tumblr is the least used social media where I post comics besides imgur and Reddit (which I have slowly drifted away from) so I’m going to try and step up my game with posting and being more active on tumblr. The two social medias I use are twitter (username is @blumod_), where I constantly update on status of comics, do art or fan art, or just do funny tweets, and my second most used social media is iFunny where every single comic I’ve made has been posted unlike tumblr since I originated from iFunny, so if you want to see those, go to to read the rest.

Second thing is kinda major; I’m changing my artstyle.

Now this one I have been wanting to talk about for a while. My original artstyle of poorly drawn marshmallow people is very unoriginal. A lot of other users can pull it off and still seem original such as TheOdd1sout, SeaRabbit, 8BitLiam, and many more. But I want an art style I can call mine and not feel guilty of thinking it’s a copy and paste of some one else’s idea. I make comics, and I want to make sure my jokes are 100% original, and I want to do the same to my artstyle, which is what I’ve done.

Anyways, sorry for the long rant but that’s my situation. Thank you to all who cared to read that. You guys are the best! :)

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hey not to be That Person but. i'm trying to get into dc comics but i dont understand the whole rebirth thing and infinite crisis or its context and im feeling so ! anxiety over it so. can u recommend a starting point so i can have some structure in my life again

unless things have progressed monstrously in the past month i haven’t caught up and infinite crisis is somehow directly connected to rebirth now, then the following answer is bull, so write it off. if things are still the same, you’re still free to write everything i say off because i usually don’t know what i’m doing. i’m here for the memes

the short answer is: read every big event DC has ever published up until the year of our lord 2016. no? no? alright, i’m gonna take you by the hand and try to explain some things about DC. seeing i don’t know the level of your comics knowledge, there is really no short answer if you want to understand some basics so this is going to get long, but still shorter than actually reading everything. i have also consumed an ungodly amount of carbs this evening, all the bread in me will get us through this

when comic companies reach a certain point with their comics that can’t progress their storytelling no matter what techniques they employ (we, in the mortal realm, call this screwing up beyond belief), we have these big events that occur throughout every title currently published, that change/erase, affect and influence the entire comics universe. the very first time DC did it was because they realized all the issues got too confusing for the new readers and the dollas didn’t holla when younglings had no reason to buy stuff they didn’t understand, and that’s how in 1986 they rebooted the DC universe for the very first time with Crisis on Infinite Earths. CoIE basically took this idea of a “multiverse”, an infinite possibility of worlds, stories, and ideas existing concurrently but not necessarily affecting each other up until then, and destroyed it. bye, felicia. everything was unified into one neat bundle and due to this compression, certain characters had to die, others got completely retconned (especially superman), and others kept existing only in a pocket universe (like superboy). generally speaking, the characterizations of all the characters after Crisis on Infinite Earths is what’s commonly considered canon (pre-ColE batman didn’t brood 24/7, for shame)

in the following two decades after ColE, things got so convoluted and messed up that we ended up having an incredible number of inconsistencies even though the goal was to eliminate them in the first place. we had like… doubles of the same heroes that had made it into the ColE universe from the pre-ColE/silver age universe running about like nobody’s business? because why the fuck not, i guess. thus DC had to reboot again… and then again… and then once more… and then they chilled for a bit but that didn’t really matter much because a few things like superboy-prime getting angry and punching a literal hole through continuity happened. through trial and many errors, we get to the point Flashpoint happens, an event that rebooted DC again, and gave us the New 52

the New 52 started every hero’s title from #1 once more. a new start where readers wouldn’t have to know 60something years worth of comics to understand what’s going on. only that that didn’t happen because heroes like batman and green lantern still held their pre-Flashpoint stories/memories/lives, so if you wanted to follow them, you had to have read that period between ColE and Flashpoint i just explained. due to the retcon, certain heroes died/got erased similarly to how people got offed in Crisis on Infinite Earths and that, coupled with storylines that progressively made less and less sense, resulted in the New 52 drawing the short stick and ending a few months ago, with Rebirth following in its steps

Rebirth, however, isn’t a reboot. it’s a direct continuation of the New 52, this time trying to fix things up. DC stopped trying to erase all their mistakes with reboots (not like they work anyway) and decided to find an excuse as to why the pre-flashpoint universe was morphed into the New 52, meaning everything that happened between ColE and Flashpoint is valid. it’s just that everyone forgot and… got… younger………. why? i’m not gonna explain that. it involves the watchmen and dr. big blue dick and we haven’t gotten a straight answer yet anyway

anyway, to finally answer your question about getting into current DC, here’s what i suggest:

  • have a basic grip on DC heroes. if you have absolutely no idea who is who, you’ll have to do some basic reading on your favorite heroes. here’s my reading guide for batman to get you started
  • after you know why batman is an occassional dick, jump directly into Rebirth. no N52 for you. there have been minimal if any references to the new 52 so far and since Rebirth is trying to get the DC universe back to it’s pre-flashpoint state, you don’t really need to know what happened in the n52
  • do, however, know that new 52 superman died after a series of bad writing and mishandling and our current superman is pre-flashpoint superman even though every other hero is their new 52 counterpart. pre-flashpoint clark made it into the new 52 universe after an event called Convergence, alongside a then pregnant lois lane, and didn’t make himself known up until new 52 clark died
  • interestingly, in infinite crisis pre-flashpoint clark met pre-crisis on infinite earths clark, similarly to how new 52 clark met pre-flashpoint clark now. dam? dam

i know a lot of the above makes zero sense right now but it’s in its most basic form you’ll find at this point. DC has A LONG ASS history of messed-up events and timelines so confusion will ensue even after you’ve been reading comics for a while. jump into Rebirth even if you feel you won’t understand a thing. we all started somewhere, we all still understand about half of what the writers want us to (they understand a third of their own works). try to have fun whatever you do and look up/ask about things you have no idea about. comics weren’t meant to be streamlined, or at least they never managed to be, so you will have gaps for a long time. final crisis what? zero hour who? hypertime not even once

just have fun? just have fun. nobody really understands. it’s okay

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hey! do you know any batfam masterposts? like in which order to read everything (batman: year one, robin: year one etc..) :>

cracks knuckles
i’ve been putting this off for a while but now… let’s do this thing!
the problem is, there are so many batfam comics, so many batfam characters, and there’s also the problem of pre!52 vs. nu!52, so i’ve compiled as many masterposts as i can: some will offer you links, and others will leave you to find the comics on your own (and if you can’t find them, feel free to ask me! i have an extensive collection of links to various comics on various sites):

Batfam as a whole:

Bruce Wayne:

Kate Kane:

Barbara Gordon:

Dick Grayson:

Jason Todd:

Cassandra Cain:

Tim Drake:

Damian Wayne:

Stephanie Brown:

Helena Wayne/Helena Bertinelli: 

Obviously, I haven’t managed to get every character, but i do have the major ones (also, there are far more masterposts for some characters than there are for others :L)
and yes, it certainly does look overwhelming. my advice? pick a character, either one you like, or one at random, and read about them first. from there, it’s far easier to find stories and comics that will interest you!

(also, be warned that i haven’t looked at every masterpost here, so some may be less useful than others, and there will definitely be repeats)

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I just read all of your servamp stuff and your drawings are so amazing and it's just so so adorable!!! Like it's the best lawless/hyde x licht content I have seen and are you gonna draw more for them? ;^;

Wow… that must’ve taken you a while haha :’pp Akajhsd thank you so much!!! I’m glad you enjoyed it (⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝) ♡ And yessss, definitely~ Right now I’m in the middle of a short comic series. I have another big project in mind for them, but I’ve been struggling to give it shape, so… at least you can expect the confession short comics from time to time <’3

Thanks for the message, anon ❤

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Hello! Years ago, I read your Pokemon comic with White Trash Circus, and I loved them. I just recently went back and read them after such a long time. And now you have your own original comic series with some very interesting characters! You've come a long way, and I'm happy that you're still drawing to this day. Your art has evolved so much! I wanted to express thanks for all your work, and for entertaining me all these years. I wish you the best of luck for the future! <3

awH GOSH?!!? THAT’S SO SWEET AAAA thank you so much ;A;; i can’t believe how long ago those pokemon comics feel now hahaha

BUT THANK YOU for this super kind message ;A; !

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nickname: Raven, Mája, uhh
zodiac sign: Taurus libra
height: 170cm last i checked?
last thing you googled: Mi24 oh my god it’s a chopper my dad likes
favorite music artist: Ajr, some others? i dont really have
song stuck in my head: Do it for her (su)
last movie you watched: the Grease B)
what are you wearing right now: sweatpants and one of my 8 identical red T-shirts (im not kidding my aunt worked in factory and felt the need to give them to us)
why did you choose your URL: Surname translation + anime suffix(?) (dates back to my anime phase)
favourite colour: white

average hours of sleep: yeah around 6
lucky number : 2, 24
favorite characters: Shiro, Connie atm, actually everyone from su, uhh blue beatle (it’s been while since i read tme comic i forgot about it), looooots of others
how many blankets do you sleep with: 1???? like
dream job: eyyyyy computer game engineer

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I didn't know you liked transformers! Now you match the rest of my feed! :D So you've been reading the comics? Who's your favorite character(s)?

Lol, yeah I haven’t been active in the fandom for a while, but I’ve been into transformers for years! I’m still behind on the comics. I think I have like 18 issues of MTMTE left before I can start on Lost Light.

Ratchet is my fave in every continuity for some reason! I’m also pretty fond of the Scavengers, Rodimus, and the package deal of Tailgate and Cyclonus as far as the comics go. 

One of these days I need to see what’s been going on with the shows since TFP ended. Though of course, just keeping up with fic and whatnot can take up a lot of time! I’m like six months behind! :V

Originally posted by transformersgifs


For those who can’t read Pexy’s font:

1. Why thank you very much! I appreciate the compliment. Though I have used a monocle once or twice for a ball, I have never worn sunglasses before.

2. I really don’t like it but, the easiest way to calm Cinnamon down is to send him to… Iris’ room.

3. Well, my poor little Cinnamon has not been himself for quite a while now. I’ve been thinking of some way to bring him back to me. I know he needs to at least talk to somepony but he wont talk to me so I thought… I mean… he still won’t let her go…

4. Not saying that he doen'st hate himself, because I believe he does, but yes, there are several others here. Not that Cinnamon would acknowledge their worth any more than mine.

5. Cinnamon is trying to… make sure she’s not lonely. That she has somepony to play with. He knows how to make toys but… heldoesn’t know how to make… living… toys.

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The last chapter actually triggered me - and I'm not using cringy Tumblr talk - it made me feel physically sick because it reminded me vividly of a traumatic past. So I wanted to ask; do you think Sangwoo's past will have similar sexual abuse because as much as I adore this comic, it was a physical struggle to read the last chapter. I've been worrying about it for a while, and I knew Bum's past was coming but didn't really consider how Koogi would portray it.

The last chapter was very, very sad and horrible, but it’s now confirmed that Bum was continually abused by his uncle, as well as raped/sexually abused. I hope you weren’t too hurt by the chapter since you have such an experience, hope you’re feeling better.

Many bloggers, and actually a large portion of the KS fandom, believe Sangwoo endured some type of sexual abuse, most likely from his mother, especially with how… intimate and sexual some of his memories or feelings and thoughts towards his mother seem to be. That’s a clear sign of possible sexual abuse.

If the manhwa is becoming to much of a physical or psychological/emotional struggle for you to read and enjoy, I would advise stop reading it, or perhaps get a close friend or blogger to just give you a rundown of it if it does contain such graphic scenes. 

You need to take your mental and emotional health stable, so maybe stop reading the manhwa until you are fit too.



Kali here. Look, I know my art isn’t very good, but it’s been a rough couple of weeks for me for a lot of different reasons. I was really hoping you guys could help me give myself a little self esteem boost.
This here is a JohnDave comic I’ve been working on for a while now, mainly centered on crockertier!John. It’s about 50 or so pages long, with approximately 5-7 ‘panels’ per page. That’s a lot of art! It’s been keeping me up and going when I’ve been having a hard time. Unfortunately, I’ve got a lot more ahead of me, so here’s what I’m asking:
If you guys get this to 100 notes (wow that’s a lot of notes you fucking nerd) I will post the entire WIP so far! I know you probably don’t care much, but it’d be really cool of you guys.
Here’s the other thing. For every 4 reblogs, I’ll scan and finish one page. For every 4 likes, I’ll start a new page.
I know it probably doesn’t mean much to you guys, so I’m sorry. But if you are willing to give me a hand here, not only would I appreciate it, but I’d be indebted to you.
Have a really lovely day, and if you even stopped to read this, I love you and I hope something great happens to you.


So about 9 months or so trill believers My friend Sean & I did the top image. You know what we do, we combine the superhero and the cartoon with hip hop because to be honest especially in the comics industry not many people speak to the fans that love both things. So we decided to make stuff since to be honest I never thought I’d see it. Then you get to this morning and I see this from my friend Patrick Reed. I sit back kind of blown actually. I knew the biting was going to happen, eventually it happens. My first thought though was this from the Purple tape (Only Built 4 Cuban Linx) 

It’s their characters and it’s just fan art but let’s be honest here. Neither of the Big Two or really Image openly caters to this audience. They don’t have that many black people or POC on their teams really. Damn sure none with this culture at their core. That’s why we did it. It’s fun. When I would go to con I was have great discussions with folks about comics continuity and hip hop. From Crisis and the Korvac Saga to Illmatic and Drake. It was just so weird to me with Hip Hop being such a cultural force that they just really leave it out or just do it half assed.

I have to be honest I don’t know doing this anymore. I’ve been down on comics for a little while now. It might be time for a nice little break and just read some Manga. You know what I love all the support from all you followers though. All 60,700 of you. All the likes and reblogs meant we were reaching people just a little bit. I don’t know trill believers, I just don’t know. Once you get bit by a company that was bought for 4 billion what do you do. Who knows…

Sleepin' Easy.

Author: promptoargentxm.

Original Imagine Link: here.

Warnings: Drowning mention, nightmares, violence.

Word Count: 1296.

Summary: you awake from a nightmare, which seem to be becoming frequent as-of-late, and Carl intends to help.

Author’s Note: I try to make my reader imagines so that you can’t tell the reader’s gender—I’m Agender, so it makes me more comfortable—so if you see a ‘they’ or ‘them’ where a 'she’ or 'her’ probably would have been, that’s why. I hope that’s okay!

You’ve had the same nightmare for weeks, now. For a good, long while it felt like that still sort of darkness—somewhere between everything and nothing, all at once. It felt like a million tiny vibrations all along your skin, and then like you were floating along a body of water that was just the right temperature. The purgatory of slumber.

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Harley Quinn and Ivy Go Canon in the new 52?

Harley Quinn certainly has been considered part of queer pairing with Poison Ivy by most fans based on the animated version of the character and some moments like this from Gotham City Sirens.

In the semi-annual couple’s tournaments I’ve held Harley/Ivy is much more popular couple than Joker/Harley.

But in the new 52 Ivy was off in Birds of Prey while Harley joined the Suicide Squad. But now with her own book, the two have been reunited and the innuendo moves into canon category.

So if you haven’t read this realize there is material from Harley Quinn #2, below.

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Hiya! This question is unrelated to charataker so if you'd like to skip it go ahead now, but I've been drawing for a while and I want to get into digital art but the thing is I don't really have any idea on what kind of tablet and stylus to get. I was wondering if the artists of this comic could explain to me what I should be looking for in both of these things, mainly the stylus. Or any recommended ones would be nice too. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

me and minty both use a basic wacom bamboo tablet. you don’t really need anything too fancy when it comes to tablets, especially first ones – it just takes a lot of practice to get used to! drawing tablets typically come with a pen as well so you don’t need to worry about that. you don’t need one that’s super expensive or anything! just pick one and dive in – and don’t forget to replace the nibs of you pen once the tip starts getting flat!