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Comics to Read - 6/15

Greetings fellow comics fans. What a truly horrible week this is for America and the world. As my daughter said “Stop killing us.” But I do have some comics for you this week and perhaps they can provide a few moments of respite from this nightmare. 

I’m mostly excited for this title due to the writer Marjorie Liu who has been amazing on her creator-won Monstress. I have not read this comic as Marvel does not provide press copies but I’m still willing to drop some money on this one. Let me know what you need.

The Locke & Key team of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez writing a horror comic should be an automatic buy and it lives up to that assumption. Creepy and terse.

The Rebirth issue of Batman was a strong issue which set up the new run while deftly handing baton passing form Scott Snyder to Tom King. It also had Mikel Janin on art. Now we have the first issue of the run with Tom King running solo and David Finch, who will alternate with Janin on art. Unfortunately Finch’s art gives the book a tone that is very much at odds with Janin. It is dark, so dark. The writing is great and the arrival of new “protectors” of Gotham intriguing - hope they can find a midpoint for the art.

DC Comics also sent over first issue of the new Green Arrow. While I am not thrilled with the idea of having Black Canary back to a supporting character there are the bones of a very good Green Arrow run for those who prefer pre-New 52 (and Cry for Justice) version. Otto Schmidt art is great but fights against some disjointed table-setting (Also I had no idea Ollie has a sister which confuse the hell out of me). Again if you like Arrow/Canary old school style your Rebirth awaits.

You know who is a great artist? Michael Lark. He also draws a good Gotham. Just say’n.

I’ve read a lot of Black Widow runs and this one is pretty damn good so I expect this issue will be good.

And that’s it for me. 

Zimbits fic recs!

Long time, no fic recs from me…I am so ashamed! So I guess it’s been kind of obvious for a while now that I have become deeply immersed in the OMGCP fandom, and I am Zimbits trash for damn sure! So I decided that it was high time I did a rec post of some of my faves!

Okay! So this should give any of you stragglers a good start, If you haven’t read the comic yet, well, what are you waiting for??? Go immediately to @omgcheckplease and get started! All thanks and praise go to our goddess and creator @ngoziu​ for her many blessings. 

So, without further ado, I present the following:

Being In Motion by @marswithghosts 

This fic. THIS FIC. You know how we all have that one favorite fandom fic that we adore completely? The go-to fic to read when nothing’s going right, or everything’s going right, or you feel crummy, or you feel like a million bucks, or you deserve a treat for working so hard, or you have free time and wish to spend it in the best way possible? 

Well, this is that Zimbits fic for me. Incredibly sexy, fantastically funny, sweet enough to give you a sugar high, and an absolutely perfect build up between confident cam boy!Bitty and shy hockey pro!Jack. I would leave kudos on each paragraph if I could. It is just that good. And marswithghosts is incredibly lovely to boot (shhhhh…of course I tumblr stalked and followed her so I could cry daily over her magnificence…)

Drop it While It’s Hot by @esterbrook

Ok, this is another one that I think I can read over and over and smile like a goof each time. This one chronicles Jack’s visit to Bitty’s over the summer…but they haven’t kissed or gotten together yet. Expect a lovely slow build with lots of mutual pining that once they get down to business really sizzles! (and I’m not real sure why it won’t link her as a mention…Tumblr, why you gotta do what you do?)

Hold It All At Bay by @psocoptera

So anyone who has followed me through my fandom flails knows that I am an absolute sucker for soulmate!fic. This one is particularly lovely with soul bonds and knowing what your soulmate feels or is going through, slow build that works through angst and insecurities, there and back again, all to culminate in a gloriously sexy ending that will have tears of happiness streaming down your face while you smile so hard your face hurts.

Lift And Release and Reason To Cry by @audiaphilios

Again, those who know me also know that dom/sub is kind of my jam. These are two short stories–not related but both delightfully yummy–featuring sub!Jack and dom!Bitty and trust me, they are right up my alley. Mmmmm, yes, good. (and following audiaphilios has now got me low key shipping Kent and Tater, and omg what am I doing but I really think I like it???)

quite new a thing by @annundriel

Which of my favorite kinks will we hit now? Oh! Pretty boys in panties. That pretty much says it all, except I need to add that this story is hot enough to make your eyeballs melt and yeah, this is something I need more of in this fandom.

Helpless by @emmagrant01

For all you Hamilton fiends out there, this fic is a delight where Jack and Shitty are headed for New York to see the show and invite Lardo and Bitty to go with them. Fun (and sexy) times had by all, and I am always here for pining!Jack. And if, like me, you are also here for jealous!Jack, check out You Never Said You Wouldn’t So Here I Am by the same author, where Bitty just wants to get over his crush on Jack, but Jack won’t let him. Bitty is hot, other boys notice, and Jack doesn’t want anyone noticing Bitty except for him. Delish!

Now that you know where the AO3 tag is, it’s time to check it out!