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DHJSKFHSKDA You all are honestly THE BEST and I don’t even have WORDS for how much it means!!! Like this is the best thing to wake up to?? I’m so happy and I would hug every single one of you if I could like I cherish you all so much aaaaaa. Thank you so so so much like?? My words are failing me??? And I want to do something for you all but I don’t know what???? ;A; I hope you all have a day / night that’s as beautiful and kind as yourselves!!! <333

SKAM S04E05 Clip 3 - Bad Feeling

[ELLINOR: Ahh, it’ll be great!

VILDE WØIEN: Oh my Goood, karaoke is hilarious! Hope you don’t have to have a good singing voice

VILDE: It’ll be super awesome!]

SANA: Did you feel like Sara was trying to hide something from us yesterday?

NOORA: Ehh.. no.. What?

SANA: I don’t know. I just have a bad feeling. If you think about it, those girls can just take the whole bus and throw us out. They’re paying for it.

NOORA: Yeha, but.. Why would they bother joining forces with us if they’re going to throw us out?

SANA: Because they wanted that bus.

NOORA: I don’t think they’re that psycho.

SANA: And didn’t Sara say she’d send me a copy of the contract?

NOORA: Yeah.. I don’t know. Maybe?

SANA: Yeah, she said so. But she hasn’t done it.

NOORA: Yeah.. How did that russ stuff become so important to you?

SANA: I have to ask her about that contract. Sara! Can I talk to you?

GIRL: Ehhh.. Yeah..

SANA: I was just wondering what’s up with the bus contract.

SARA: What do you mean?

SANA: Weren’t you supposed to send me a copy of the contract proposal?

SARA: I did! Didn’t I? I think I did.

SANA: I don’t think you did. Maybe you forgot to. Like how you forgot to add Noora and I to the bus page.

SARA: I think I sent it. Maybe I have the wrong e-mail address? Or that it ended up in the spam filter.

SANA: In the spam filter?

SARA: Because Mari’s copy did.

SANA: Oh. Here it is.

SARA: Good. Mari sent me a message syaing we have to have a contract meeting on Monday and you have to come because you’re the boss so.. Sana, it’s not my intention to boss around so much.. I’m just so used to being the bus boss and then stuff just happens.. But it’s not my intention to overlook you, in any way.

SANA: No, it’s okay.

SARA: But did you see the SYNG event?

SANA: Yeah.

SARA: It’d be cool if everybody came.

SANA: Yeah, we’re coming.

SARA: Fun! I feel like we have to fuse the buses a bit more. Get to know each other better.

SANA: True.

If eremin became canon
  • Some of you: ew that doesn't make sense!! they're just friends!! well whatever I'm sure it'll just be a fling, everyone knows Eren will end up with Levi eventually 😍
  • The rest of you: omg so revolutionary!! i shipped it allll along
  • Me, a steadfast eremin shipper since chapter 5: oh goodness
  • Me:
  • Me: I'm sorry, my memory must be failing, I don't remember seeing you at the meetings
  • Me: my apologies, I must've imagined the snk fandom's complete and utter lack of support for eremin
  • Me: but sure
  • Me: yes quite revolutionary who could've seen it coming

Reaper76 spiderman-esque AU where Gabriel and Jack have known each other since forever and during their college days Gabriel gets this super cool powers but he doesn’t fucking know what to do with them, so he trusts Jack with this because Jack’d know what to do since he’s the nerd with all those superheroes comics and shit.

Gabriel: *gives Jack a sketch that seems drawn by a child of his costume* So what do you think?

Jack: …Gabe, no.

Gabriel: Why not? What’s wrong with it?

Jack: What’s wrong with it? Gabe, this looks like a supervillain custome! You’ll confuse people! Criminals won’t know if you’re an ally or what.

Gabriel: So? That will give me an advantage over the enemy. 

Jack: No. Draw it again. And i don’t know why you need all those guns. 

Gabriel; It’s the american way, Jack.

anonymous asked:

Hi. I live in a community where girls are really not given much of agency. Less a community, more a family. It's been choking me for so long. I just really want to thank you because you, your characters inspire me so much. They go against such odds, fall apart and yet make it. Everyday now, I find myself thinking 'what would Predator Felicity do?' or 'what would Matty say?' And little by little, I am changing my life for the better. So thank you, Matty. You don't write stories, you change lives.

Wow. Wow.

I don’t even know you, anon, and yet I feel so proud of you. Breaking shackles of any kind is not any easy thing to do and that you are doing that, even bit by bit, is a huge testament to your strength and fortitude. 

I feel honored that my stories were the catalyst for the change but I don’t doubt, for one minute, that you wouldn’t have done it anyways. If not me, it would’ve been someone else and you would have still found your courage because this fight? It’s all you, love.

Never, ever let nobody tell you who you are and what you’re capable of - not even yourself. And always remember

Run your world while dancing to your own tune.

Thank you, anon, for making my writing worthwhile. 

Thank you for inspiring me. 

welcome to my one year anniversary follow forever!! it feels absolutely unreal that I made this blog exactly a year ago on june 25, 2016. back then we were in the midst of the euros and I honestly had no idea what was going on in the football fandom, but I’m happy that I’ve found my place :’) a lot has changed, but my love for football has not!! if anything, I have grown more passionate because I now have clubs I support, too, and people to yell about them with! 

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Peter Parker Imagine #5

“I’m heading over to Peter’s!” You yell into the living room as you take a seat on the bottom step of the stairway to tie your laces. “You guys want anything?”

“Yes,” Your brother’s voice boomed as he leaned across the sofa, a copper glass bottle in hand. “I would like one large pepperoni pizza, extra cheese and extra sauce.”

You stuck your tongue out at him in response to which he winked and laughed.

“Do you have to go?” Your mother asked, walking into the little hallway, drying her wet hands on a small towel.

“Yes.” You bit out, keeping your eyes lowered so that she couldn’t see the edginess to them.

“What is it this time?” She asked, crossing her arms. “Another assignment?” She raised her brow. “You know, I’m honestly finding it hard to believe that you are paired with him for every single project in all your classes.”

Rolling your eyes, you pull up your hood and grab your bag. “I don’t care what you think.” You stated firmly. “I’m going there because I want to.” Tilting your head to speak directly to your brother, you informed, “I’ll let you know if I need a ride.” He gave you a thumbs up, his way of letting you know that he has your back and would deal with mom.

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Fuck it
Im starting to believe fiction actually DOES affect reality

“But why cazz?”

Because, you dense fuckers are putting fictional lives in front of real human beings. You son of a bitches treat lines and colors like actual human being and lines and colors.

“That’s not what [x] would of have wanted”
“Stop making [x] character look like a joke”
“Man [x]s well-being is more important than you”

People like this have become so influenced by characters that you are falling into a delusion that they actual exist and that they have human emotions

And there’s a very fine line between, “Wow i hope this character is happy he’s going through a rough time” and “Oh my God why would you say that about that character I hope you fucking choke he has FEELINGS you know”

Usually people who just ship something like Sheith or any other “problematic” ship usually know when to draw the line of what’s morally acceptable and wrong

Characters don’t care about anything other than what the producers make them. Stop harassing people because of some character that doesn’t even exist. God damn


☆ Kuroo Tetsurou || Haikyuu!! Season 2
Happy Birthday to my precious dumbass @kurooa! ♡

“How am I supposed to keep up with all of this? Maybe I’ll just find a nice hole to crawl into…” What happens when all of your priorities are top priorities? You die.

The Art Teacher: The Sequel Chapter One (Milk/Trixie) - Alex

A/N: This idea wouldn’t leave me alone tbh, so here’s a mini fic (probably three shortish chapters) that is a follow up to The Art Teacher. You should probably read that first so you have the background info, which will definitely become important ! Also, I changed my side-blog from artificialalexxx to sissy-puede (get it??), in case y'all didn’t know! Thanks to Tati for being my hype-man <3

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is there an actual reason for Eren to be shirtless in this arc

like he wasn’t shirtless before being in the cavern

like did Rod or Kenny or someone take his shirt off or

and like look at Freida’s uncle

fully clothed

like is there a reason or does Isayama just really know what his audience likes to see

More Messy Moments

stranger things appreciation week; day three: favorite otp » Joyce x Hopper

A continuation of sorts of This Mess of Moments
here on Ao3

So the idea is that these are little snippets, forwards, backwards, all over their history. This first one is like an “oops we moved in together!” 

After a scare, Karen points out something Joyce or Hopper hadn’t noticed. Hopper is living at Joyce’s house. But Thanksgiving is fast approaching and the boys will be home for the holidays so they’re going to find out and that’s a little nerve wracking. 


“It’s already two, I can pop in for a few minutes but I’ve got to get home by three.”

“That’s when Holly gets off the bus?” Joyce asked Karen, absently, scrunching the top of the paper bag.

“Yeah, what do you even need me to come in for? We’ve been out for almost three hours, is there a surprise party in your living room or something? Forty three is not traditionally a surprise party year,” Karen joked, or Joyce thought she was joking, sometimes it was hard to tell with her.

“It’s Thursday afternoon. Your birthday is in two weeks, this is not a surprise party setup,” Joyce said, unlocking her front door and walking through it with a flourish to prove it.

Joyce and Karen had been off again, on again friends over the years. They’d gone to school together, they’d had kids at the same time. But for so long Joyce didn’t have time to socialize with friends, it was in the last few years that Joyce had time again. Plus after Will’s disappearance, Karen had stepped up. She’d helped Joyce, knowing that Will had to be looked after a little more. Since then especially, they’d become close again.

“What’s so important that you have to have me in your living room after we’ve already had lunch in Jonesboro?” Karen asked, annoyed.

Joyce looked at her. She pressed her lips together tightly and dumped out the bag from the drugstore on the coffee table.

“Holy shit,” Karen said, seeing the pregnancy tests she’d bought while Karen was looking in the antique shop.

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Luke is overwhelmed by the truth, and is suddenly protective of his sister.

i just realized that both cap movies have steve waking up in a hospital bed right before the end and the complete and utter difference in what follows just makes me so emotional.

because the first time, steve is physically okay but emotionally, what follows is crushing. he’s in the middle of times square, one of the busiest places in the world, and discovering that he’s completely alone. his world is gone, the city he grew up in hopelessly unfamilar, and all the connections that had carried him through the war and losing bucky are gone.

and then in winter soldier, he’s in the hospital once more. this time he’s not okay physically, but sam (and his ipod) are there and steve isn’t alone. he’s experienced tremendous loss and the structures around which a lot of his modern life seems to be organized have collapsed, but this is nothing like the last time. steve has sam. he has natasha. he has the very sort of connections he lost at the end of the first avenger. and this is what makes the biggest tonal difference. even with the pain of bucky, i left winter soldier feeling hopeful and i think this is why. because this may be a brave new world, but it’s one steve is prepared to handle. he’s not alone anymore and he knows it.