you have all seen this picture but this is a big nice scanned version

try out black - Jungkook (smut)

Group : BTS

Member : Jeon Jungcock

Genre : smut

Word Count : 3,245

Description : a sweet and cute worker in a lingerie store helps you choosing a new set of underwear. 

A/N : alriiiiiiight, time to drench my thirst for BTS’ international playboy. I just realized that all my most successful smut are about Jungkook guess I have a lot of good fantasies about that kid and y’all have them too


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Note to Daily Rothko followers

As suggested by my followers here, fairly soon I will be interspersing earlier posts most of you missed with new material as I find it.  I am endeavoring to bring you the best scans with the truest color to the originals, so many of the earlier posts have been updated with higher resolution scans where I have been able to find them and look quite a lot better, I think.

About the process I go through on this blog (This is boring so feel free to stop here!):

Many Rothkos I see on tumblr are heavily photoshopped, so much so that they look like different paintings all together. Some I find are intentional fakes and some are just mis-attributions (Both Barnett Newman and Caroline Gold get mistaken for Rothko on pinterest). Others are copies people have done for commercial purposes and some are just photographs where the flash or angle distorts the picture. We’re all doing the best we can on tumblr and for my part I will weed out these types of things to best of my ability. I often have many different versions of the same painting but in the end, I just have to go with what I think looks best and most realistic. Where no big scan is available if it’s a nice work, I will settle for what I can find but the truth is many Rothkos just don’t have great pictures available and his work is difficult to photograph well. I will sometimes look for a picture of the piece hanging in a museum for perspective on all of this, but that brings up the issue that many of these paintings have faded over the years and an earlier photo can be truer to Rothko’s original vision. So, the choosing process ends up as matter of taste at times.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback and for listening. I wish I had all day just to work on this blog, but of course I must divide my time like everyone else. I’m still bringing you a single post a day, with occasional exceptions for interesting “Bonus” material or answers to questions.

Thanks to all my followers for making this blog so much fun for me. Someday, we will all be able to lose ourselves in these great paintings in person, the way they were meant to be seen and, to the extent you can, I encourage everyone to go find them in your area if they exist. Many things in this life disappoint, but standing in front of a Rothko is not one of them.

Mega Post (22nd April) # 1


(1/1)  From Family Anon:  I’d like to chime again to confirm that DorkyBatch is the real Benedict, the one behind the scenes. There is very little difference between his public and private personas, at least there didn’t used to be (and by that I mean pre-November 2014).

Ballsy:  Thanks sweets, it’s a struggle sometimes to picture that now tho, been a long time since we’ve seen him.


(½)   Remember when Benedict was an artist and actor, not a guy hired for commercials? Marvel has been in the works for ages, same hamlet and Sherlock. When the fuq is he gonna act again? >> not addressing this to this particular anon BUT the guy’s energy is drained. Look at him! I know the situation’s been more than frustrating but he is in a toxic relationship (fake, real (:-o) whatever - it is toxic).If it ended yesterday it would be already too late. It is not going to be over soon. Unfortunately.

Ballsy:  Well, we do know when he’s gonna be acting again, August - Hamlet.  Then Dr Strange in November and likely Sherlock in the New Year.  He’s pretty booked up with back-to-back acting work for the next entire year.  And he will need to find some energy for all that, or he’s just not going to be able to endure.

(1/3)  Vicars wife here. I have a ticket for Sherlocked on Saturday, but I simply don’t want to go. I refuse to pay for the talks and I wouldn’t want an autograph or photo as that doesn’t appeal to me. I’m only in South London but I’ve decided to write it off. I don’t want to go and deal with the obsessives in the fandom and without MF I’m not that interested anymore. I’m not even sorry (apart from about the £30 I shan’t see again).

Ballsy:   You could sell it to a Fannie, I just checked - Saturday entry tickets are sold out …   

After experiencing one bout of finding myself in the middle of the Fannies … don’t blame you.   

(¼)  What a great fucking point. These fans spend hours making gifts, spend hundreds to thousands buying tickets to see him/get a picture, days to weeks travelling to see him. They sit for hours on social media scanning for meanies to take down, wait hrs to see him, they set up blogs devoted to skeptic blogs, they run to his employees to tell them about meanies, they spend time and energy to harass total strangers… And WE’RE the ones obsessed w him and soph?

Ballsy:  *Whistles* 

(1/5)   The thing about the “real” Ben, think about when he was that goofy guy w integrity? When his star was RISING. When he needed to dev a fan base. Now he thinks he has one and has to change tracks and re brand, suddenly the nice guy is dropped like mouldy bread. I’ve known ppl like that and they were the nasty person all along. They played nice to get ppl invested in them, w this fuckery wouldn’t be surprised if he is more cold and calculating. We do say it’s all a brand, why not brand dorky?

Ballsy:   That was one idea as to what was behind PissyBatch - that he wanted to lose the fangirls and re-brand.  But there are too many other factors and it was too much of a sudden switch.  There’s a good post coming up on the type of person he seems to be, more awkward than calculating.  At least the him before any PR Branding took place.

(1/6)   “Considering that this is a completely new version of him, I’d say the later is more likely. ” I actually think it’s kind of obvious this is the case, since being yourself doesn’t cause weight loss and overt stress. It’s easier, lol. IMO I’m the exact opposite as your submitter. His early, no PR really interviews are goofy, sensitive, etc. I think he was himself but has been told it’s not good enough and is what has made him an Internet laughingstock. That would stress me out.

Ballsy:   See above post - and that separate post coming up.   I did mention that earlier interviews are more like the real him.  The PR and branding/re-branding is what created the other him.

(1/7)  It’s been so quiet lately, and I just hope BC is laying low and planning his out (whatever that may be). It seems to me that anything he does these days just draws criticism and side-eye from the sceptics, even when he’s staying out of sight (people think, “I wonder what fuckery they’re planning this weekend?”). Guess it’s a case of damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. I’m tired this sham, of being suspicious and critical at everything. Really trying to take a step back and not judge.

Ballsy:   Yeah, me too.  It’s quiet - but that doesn’t mean anything is happening.  Also doesn’t mean something isn’t.  He’s had quiet periods before where we haven’t seen him - this time last year in fact.  He was at OzComicCon on the 12th and the next time he was seen was at the CodeBreaker concert with Loo on the 27th.   Sherlocked is coming up - both he and us should enjoy the lull.

(1/8)  When was Sophie’s bump upside down? That’s pretty funny, maybe she had to much to drink and got sloppy.

Ballsy:   This lovely submitter picked up on it and sent it in:


(1/9)  Re Nonny (3/8). Yes, BC seems to work like hell for awhile, then do some big-dollar shilling - but could be that’s the way he plans it. Maybe the ad work is his way of resting; he does a bit of traveling, a few days’ work, couple interviews, goes to a spa, sees the sights and collects a fat check. On-set work is grinding and all day; two or three of these in a row pays well, but it’s taxing. Trip to China, fake driving, pretty girls, nice massage, no wife…what’s not to like?

Ballsy:   I’m sure Laureus was a bit of work tho.  But yeah, I’m sure none of us would mind two days work for a fat pay check that means you can take a couple months off …

(1/10)  Prediction. The baby will look like Ben because he and wifey are identical twins. He will frequently mention the baby’s resemblance to HIM (he never mentions her, anyway), trying to dispel rumors (which may or may not be true) that the baby is not his.

Ballsy:   I don’t get this twin thing.  I just saw a BAFTA pic.  Compare their eyes - she has quite large eyes compared to his “alien lizard king” ones.  Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see it.  Ahhh, maybe it’s the expressions.  They both look wooden and fake when next to each other.  That must be it.  Anyhoo, we’ve seen that before - the insistence over and over that they are “loved up” the continuing beating us over the head in each article that she’s an oh, so accomplished theatre director.  And time and again The Fail feeling the need to push the “dating since 2013” rubbish.  So, shall we expect “gosh doesn’t little Somebody look JUST like Benedict?” with accompanying pictures of him as a baby as if to prove it?   Putting that on the list of potential what to expect fuckery.

(1/11)  I am a registered nurse who is in the wtf pregnancy camp. They HAVE to produce a ‘somebody’ but how will be interesting. As for beebee, his drop from the popularity polls is not surprising. He was so charming before so I fell for him like a brick! That’s so over though. His choice of a partner really sucks, but it’s his choice. PS love this site more each day! You rock, please don’t leave!

Ballsy:   I like that term better, it’s more descriptive - it may or may not be fake, but it is most definitely a WTF Preg.  Yes, charm factor is definitely down at the mo.  And thanks!   I thought I’d be done by now, but the fuckery continues.  I will have to take time off this weekend, going away for some - but I’ll be back.  ;)

(1/12)    I think the only reason he went thru w the wedding, despite being told he shouldn’t by the decent folk in his life, is because he wanted to go all the way w a sham family. I don’t think he would have staged his stunt wedding at such an embarrassingly obvious time if he hadn’t firmed up the adoption of a kid for his lie family. I also think it’s why he is shilling his dependants now rather than protect them like a normal protective husband and father. He has a stunt family to promote!

Ballsy:   If that IS the case, and I srsly hope not - then his transition to the Dark Side will be complete.

(1/13)  I agree w Ben being a coward. I sent a submit to ummzak about the type of blackmail and threats that happen where I’m from. That’s not to say threatening a whole career is play doh games, but where I’m from children and elderly family members are kidnapped and held, houses and businesses get burned down, ppl go missing. Ppl live in the face of that. BC is a coward worried about a career hiccup and embarrassment and he wants fame and acceptance in Hwood. He is a coward to weak to come clean

Prev anon, and before other skeptics and fannies scream “ YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU WOULD DO!!” Yes. I do. I’ve had it happen and I’ve seen it happen. Where lives were at risk, the lives of family, physical harm threatened, families run out of town. You hold your head up and have pride and act w integrity and bravery. Unless someone can prove what’s happening to him is worse, he get absolutely no sympathy from me. Sorry not sorry

prev anon again, sorry for the rant. i would like to add, these families in my town did not have the education BC had, nor the funds. they did not have access to millions of dollars, the best legal rep, crisis managers, and PR money could buy if they needed it. they didn’t have family over seas they could flee to, they didn’t own property, many dind’t have bank accounts. ben has more money and resources than god, tell me again there is no way out for him but pathetic, weakling dishonestly?

Ballsy:   Exactly - far too many people suffer far worse consequences, and most not of their doing in this world than “I might not get the jobs I want because some elderly Academy Members think I’m gay”.  Sheesh!   I’ve mentioned I work in Disability Support - I see ongoing day to day suffering, difficulties and hardship.   What Ben might be dealing with is the epitome of “first world problems”. Cowboy up already.

(1/14)  oh wanna bet the oh so caring, loving parents who would never, ever do a single thing to jeopardize the health and safety of their first child, the unborn baby they have dreamed of, rocks up to the met anyway? it’s on the 4th, the article said she is due at the end of May. She tech could get a docs note (from a low rent, cut corners risky doc, sure). Who cares what is best practice and safest? Its ben and sophies time to shine! Screw safety! Horrible people, the both of them.

Ballsy:   They’ve been invited, we don’t know if that invite list has been published because they have accepted, or just to float a few A-List names around to drum up tickets sales to those to want to hob-knob with the A-Listers.  And he might show up solo.  Let’s wait and see if the BoBo belly gets another showing under a circus tent before we really go to town on them. 

(1/15)   wait wait wait, so she is going to that RACIST met gala (um ben, you let coloured slip like someone’s drunk grandpa, your wife best buddy is racist all over twitter, now you’re going to something called “Chinese whispers”? starting to wonder about you. why you hook up w those wocs again B? Oh right, i know….) anyway, ben and his crews obvious racism aside (cause really, its just another weekday) who is the doc signing off on her flying during her due month? He should lose his right to practice.

Ballsy:   Again, see above - she might not rock up.  As for the other, he just visited China.  He’s an “ambassador” there for two companies.  Attending this ball with this theme, not the best politics.   Tho, we all did a sharp intake of breath when we heard about the theme - these folk don’t see it.

(1/16)  omg omg yes yes yes yes they are going to the MET ball! yeeeeesssss! baby aside, EVERYONE who is in fashion would know that Sophies dress was last season off the rack valentino (if you’re suggesting the people who make, live, breath, and are the fashion industry would not know this about fashion house royalty, then i have a bridge to sell you) they will all know the stuff Soph said about it being custom made was pure bullshit (i mean, you can look the dress for fuqs sake!) fucking. hilarious.

Ballsy:   Ah, yes - thanks for the reminder.  Will they be sniggering behind their backs at her?    She’s kinda like the “new money” invitee isn’t she?


(1/17)  the MET gala? when? directly before she gives birth? (fuck her childs safety, pretty dresses and parties!) directly after giving birth? bonding, down time as a family? family before work? privacy? did i mention the dresses? *snort*

Ballsy:   Snort.

(1/18)  So… The Drab Duo are on the guest list for the Met Gala… Isn’t there some kind of medical restriction for pregnant about flying in your 3rd trimester, especially if you are “due” in a month’s time? I mean, they’ve all got to be on the same page now with timelines to solve the issue of attendance or not…. Right? Don’t want to make him look like an even bigger joke… ~Minneapolis

Ballsy:   Flying 3 weeks before due date?  LOL.  Like I said, this will be very interesting . . .  

PR, gonna give you help here.  I know, I know.  He needs to go solo.  Of course, they won’t listen will they?  And So-So will SO want to go to hob-knob . . . 

(1/19)  Aargh, it’s been quiet fuckerywise, so I’ve re-read some posts (as you do) and came across the Scotland pics (boat), TFOE’s got them up. Really intrigued now, as the bloke with the white cap and the mobile (also in another pic) - hm, looks familiar? Sent this ask to TFOE, too, would be interesting to see if others see a resemblance? Not bothered if not, just curious. And nooooo, nans - it wouldn’t prove true love, bc it was def after Hay and FO anyway, just to nip any gloating in the bud.

Ballsy:   It’s been looked at before - it’s not Ben.  And I have those shots over on 4th Testicle too.


Ballsy:   ^^^ Yep, that would be the good PR move.  Avoid the bad politics with the China theme.  Avoid looking like you don’t care about the bub.  Avoid all the issues with her travelling and us getting a good bump look again.  But no, it’s publicity, it’s hob-knobbing - they might just do it anyway.