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Fallout 4's missed opportunity to explain everything about vaults:

MIT’s role in the creation of vault experiments

I am here to propose an idea. Obviously, this can’t exactly be considered canon, since Fallout 4, as stated in the title, did not go in this direction with its lore, yet the game gives us the perfect opportunity to explain all the sinister stuff that has been going on in vaults all over America.

“What was it all for?” is a question anyone who has played any Fallout game must have asked themselves at some point. As I am writing this, people are posting their vault ideas for this year’s Fallout Week. But hey. What was it all for? Why did they do it? The way vaults are presented in the game, it seems like Vault-tec. just consisted of a group of psychopaths with too much free time on their hands. But. Consider this:

  • Vault-tec. is just a cover
  • vaults were part of the Enclave’s plan to create the perfect human being
  • the residents of the vaults were never meant to survive
  • the MIT formed the scientific core of the organization and continued to work on the plan after the Great War, which eventually led to the creation of synths and the goal to “redefine humanity”

Before Fallout 4 came out, I was reading up lore, trying to piece together some information. I stumbled upon an article about Vault 0 – the vault that is supposed to harbor the brightest minds and the most influential politicians of pre-war America. Vault 0 was built as a command center, it was designed to connect all the vaults together and when the right time came, it was supposed to activate the Exodus Protocol that would help to reunite the vaults. Vault 0 was run by a supercomputer. The brains of the residents were put into cryogenic stasis and linked to the supercomputer. When I read it, I thought that Bethesda took the idea from Fallout Tactics and developed it further in their own game. I mean, the parallels are a bit staggering. Cryogenic stasis, artificial intelligence, the brightest minds of the Old World – those are all details that were used to create Fallout 4’s world.

We know that the Overseers were collecting data. We also know that they were sending it… somewhere? We have never been told where this data went, we have no idea who the Overseers communicated with. The obvious answer is – with Vault-tec. But let’s be real – What is Vault-tec. even?

How was it created? Who is working for it? There are supposed to be researchers working for it, but Vault-tec. isn’t an institute, and it’s a young organization, so they must have employed researchers from well-known universities. We know that the Enclave was behind the creation of the vaults – but even they must have had a plan when they built them.

One thing about the Enclave: they were obsessed with the idea of making the perfect human being. This is why the FEV virus was created. Officially, it was the work of West Tek, but this company was a private contractor of the U.S. government that was also responsible for the creation of the power armor, as well as laser and plasma weapons. The FEV virus was supposed to turn normal humans into superhumans, who would be stronger, faster, unaffected by diseases and radiation. This, obviously, didn’t exactly turn out well, but it exemplifies the Enclave’s goals quite well.

Now, don’t you find it suspicious that the Institute’s motto is “Humanity, redefined”?

The Institute is so obsessed with creating the perfect synthetic being. They spent two centuries working on this project, pouring almost all their resources into it. WHY? Why were they so obsessed with it? They researched this with an almost religious dedication. Even after decades and centuries of failed experimenting, they were unable to give up, to change directions. No, they stubbornly held onto this idea. Why was it so important to them?

As I mentioned earlier, Vault-tec. needed researchers to build the vaults and plan the experiments. Enclave researchers worked for Vault-tec., you could say – but the Enclave was a shadow government, and not a scientific facility. They as well had to find researchers to work for them. They had plans, visions and ideas, but they needed educated people to make these ideas come to life. They most probably looked for people all over America, and given the state of people’s minds at the end of the Old World, there were probably more than enough who were more than happy to create vault experiments like the ones we see in the games.

Now, where do we have a lot of bright scientists? The MIT.

The Institute wanted to recreate a human being. To do that, you need a good idea of how humans work – both body and mind. And this is what explains the social and biological experiments in the vaults. This explains the need for data collection. The vault experiments put human subject in extreme situations to strain the body and the mind, so that the researchers could a) learn how exactly humans work and b) advance the artificial humans.

The residents of the vaults were never meant to survive. The researchers just wanted to see how far the human body and mind can be pushed.

The collected data were likely used in the research on the synthetic humans.

This is why the vaults are the way they are.

We also have to consider how exactly the whole system worked. We have the Enclave, West Tek, Vault-tec. and the MIT, as well researchers from other institutes (most probably). ALL of them are part of this. The Enclave is behind everything, but the one who we constantly think and talk about when we discuss vaults is Vault-tec. Because Vault-tec. is just a cover, a farce, an empty name – something that has been created to hide the truth behind layers and layers of lies. Researchers from the MIT are the actual Vault-tec. but this cannot be known, and their plans must be hidden from the public – hence, this fake organization and its mascot. Researchers from the MIT, again, are working for the Enclave, who is working with West Tek. This cannot be known either. In fact, the most important thing is probably to hide the involvement of the Enclave and of West Tek. West Tek is such a shady organization, I think I may even lack the ability to describe just how shady I find it. West Tek played a huge role in creating the Fallout universe as we know it, and yet we know virtually nothing about them. NOTHING. They worked on the FEV virus, called themselves “private contractors” even though they are most obviously just part of the shadow government, doing whatever the Enclave deems right. They were there every step of the way while the world got closer and closer to total nuclear annihilation. And yet they remained unseen. What do we see instead? The flashy, funny, noisy Vault-tec.

It is a complex system where one thing covers the other thing, and where this other thing is, again, covered by something else.

It’s best described by this image.

The Enclave is the one pulling the strings, controlling the situation. It must be protected from the public backlash, if someone ever found out what they were planning. The stick of the umbrella is West Tek. Having some fabric over your head is nice but without something holding it it’s useless. MIT and other researchers are part of the core that holds the umbrella, and they also need protection from the storm, which is also why they are under the umbrella. Finally, Vault-tec. is what draws the attention towards itself and away from the other players.

The Institute, were Bethesda to write it with this in mind, should be an analogue of Fallout Tactics’ Vault 0. It makes sense to assume that the MIT was turned into a Vault after the bombs dropped, or that they prepared for the nuclear war and built a vault (they were doing it all over America, for heaven’s sake) for themselves – and for all the other people mentioned above. For the Enclave politicians. For the West Tek researchers. For everyone who participated in this grand plan.

Think about it. First of all, the Institute, as is, already resembles a typical vault in many aspects. They have a Director (instead of an Overseer), a dress code, food supplements, no democracy whatsoever, you cannot choose whatever job you like, you cannot leave, you have to be obedient… the list goes on. Additionally, this theory finally explains why the Institute has FEV samples. If the MIT was working with the Enclave and West Tek, who created the FEV strain, it makes absolute sense for them to have it.

If all these people ended up living in one vault, it also explains why the Institute was so obsessed with one single idea for several centuries.

It also makes sence to establish such a base in close proximity to the capital, as opposed to the original Vault 0 that is located in Colorado. Washingto D.C. wasn’t a good place to stay in in case of a nuclear war, since it’s a capital, but you can evacuate relatively fast to Boston if you have vertibirds.

Take it as you will. For me, this is the biggest missed opportunity of the whole Fallout franchize. Fallout 4 had the chance to explain everything. And it didn’t.

Still, I believe that the things I talked about - the scheme - are true. It’s just that we will never see it implemented in a game.

@red-king-4 here is your answer!

Also, this post is accompanying this art I have made for the Fallout Week!

British Puns and Greasy Hair: Part 3

(Cole Sprouse X Reader X Tom Holland)

SUMMARY : You’re off to a breathtaking island with the entire crew to shoot more segments of the show, including a kissing scene with Tom himself! Cole can’t seem to get his mind off you while Tom has you giddy everytime he’s around.


A/N : Guys! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Thankyou for all the love :) I hope you enjoy reading this one as well <3 Do reblog it, if you feel like, idk, it’s a freeee world x


You’re in a private plane, hired by the Riverdale Productions, on your way to an Island, which Mark has refrained from naming yet, to shoot the next segments of the show.

You’re pretty excited since you’ve never really travelled this far for shooting. Your script said you would have a kissing scene with Tom today. Kissing scene with Tom Holland in an Island? Hmmm.

Everybody is on board, including Tom, Cole, Lili, KJ and Cami. You’re cuddled next to Camilla while Cole’s hooked on a certain novel he had brought along for the trip. Lili is in a deep slumber while Tom, hm, you’re not sure where that 10yr old hyperactive man has gone.

“So, Tom is pretty cute, huh?” Camila cheekily grins at you, nudging your arm.

You scoff,” What’s with that grin? You look absurd, Cami” you fire back at her.

“Oh come on! You know what I mean,”

You turn away from her, still scoffing,”I have absolutely no idea whatsoever,”

“Aw, please don’t tell me you’re still hooked on Cole!”

“Quiet! You’re so loud,” you check to see if anyone has heard her. Your eyes meet Cole’s gaze. He gives a small smile and you return the same.

“It’s too soon to tell,” you quietly murmur into Cami’s ear.


You immeidtaely cover Cami’s mouth before she lets another word slip through it. “Cami, you’re … nevermind. I’m taking a nap now. Not a word about it, you understand?”


“Not a word,”

“Ugh, you’re such a bore! I’m going with KJ,”






Angered by the sudden interruption of your nap time before it even began, you roughly pull out your eye mask, “WHAT???”

“I’m bored,” Tom answers in a sad tone, leaning his head onto your shoulder.

He is…adorable. But annoying. Gosh, is he annoying.

“Tom, I’m trying to sleep!” you put your eye mask back on.

He quickly pulls it out again, “I’m SO bored, (Y/n). Captain said we stil have 2 more hrs to go. I swear if I-“

You sigh,” What do you want from me?”

“I was thinking we could, hmmm,” he takes out his phone,”Lets see what we have got here,”

After much deliberation, he finally blurts,” Dubmash?”

You laugh a little too loudly,”Dubmash? Are you-“

His stern look stops you from completing your question,

“Alright, alright. Dubmash it is,”

The next 30 minutes quickly went by with you and Tom laughing like mental!  and making fun of each other’s horrible attempt at lip syncing.

“See? I told you this was fun,” he confidentely grins,”Is it okay if I post one on my instagram?”

“Not until you pay me $1 million dollars in cash,” you sternly answer him.

He scoffs,”Pff, I was going to post it anyway! Like I need your stupid permission,”

You roll your eyes and yawn. You’re still tired, you haven’t napped yet since Tom disturbed your precious time.

“Oh look, Zendaya says you look really-“ he pauses after noticing that you had already fallen asleep.

“Over here,” he quietly whispers as he carefully lays your head on his lap.

Stroking your hair as he watches you fall into a deep slumber, he says,”Sleep well, darling,”


You slept like a baby throughout the plane ride, until Tom finally, reluctantly, woke you up to the most beautiful island you had ever set your eyes on-The Seychelles.

Mark has really outdone himself this time. 

The rest of the day seem to have gone in a blur- with the producers giving you very little time to get your stuffs settled in the hotel rooms and thereafter, directly heading for the shoot.

You and Tom had the same set location while the rest of the cast had their shoot in some other location in the island.

You’re now waiting for Tom outside his hotel room so you guys can go shoot some steamy scenes!
“HURRY UP, YOU BEAUTYQUEEN!” you bang on his door, frustrated. You’re already 10 minutes late!

Finally, the door knob clicks. “Finally!” you groan,”What were you-“

You’re greeted by the sight of fresh-faced Tom Holland in a tight white vest, his muscles puffing out like crazy, and camouflage short pants. Very cooly putting his glasses on, he says,”Missed me too much, darling?”

You roll your eyes,”Pffff, you took extra minutes to put on a farmer’s outfit? Put a shirt on at the least!”

“Aw, I know you like what you see,” he starts showing off his muscles.

“You’re so-“

Out walks in Cole from his hotel room. His eyes widen at the sight of you and Tom.

“Cole, mate!!” Tom happily walks towards him.

Ah, why is Tom always, always, always excited to see everyone?

“Hey,” Cole intimidatingly shakes his hand,”Hey (Y/n),”

“Hey,” you awkwardly wave at Cole.

“I should be leaving, see you guys at the bonfire?” Cole takes his leave,”Bye Tom, Bye (Y/n)”

Ah, encounters with Cole are so awkward now. Quite sad when you think of it; there was a time when the first thing you did at the sight of Cole was run up to him and give him the biggest hug while he returned the same. But now, there’s nothing more than hollow hi’s and easy goodbyes.

Damn it, Cole.

“(Y/n)! Snap out of your reverie, we’re getting late!” Tom loudly blurts.

Ugh, you can’t believe this boy. You roll your eyes,”Look who’s talking!”


The location given to you and Tom to shoot is absolutely stunning. So much so, it has you confused whether the jitters you’re feeling is from the view itself or from the kissing scene you’re about to shoot in some few minutes. You’ve already shot half of the talking scene and you’re now sitting on the resting booth admiring the view of this spectacular island.

“Beautiful,” Tom comments.


“I was talking about you, actually.”

Wait what. You shoot him an odd look.

“Just joking,” he stretches his body whilst taking in the beautiful view of the sea,”The view is beautiful,”

You roll your eyes,”Why do you always have to annoy me?”

“(Y/n), (y/n), watch this!” Tom , then, runs down the sand and pulls up the most spectacular flip. 

You gasp. You swore he was going to fall flat on his face!

“I know, I know,” he proudly takes a bow.

“I didn’t even say anything,”

“I can see it in your eyes, darling.”

Again with the eye roll.

“TOM! (Y/N)!” you hear one of the crew members call.

“That’s our queue,” you get up from your chair, “Let’s go,”

“(Y/n),” Tom puts his arm around you as you walk towards the cameras. You’ve gotten quite used to him putting his arm around you, literally, everywhere you go.

“You know,” he continues,”There’s nothing to be nervous about,”

You push his arm away,”What do you mean?”

“I know it’s your first kissing scene onscreen, Cami told me”

Cami? Gosh, this girl never knows when to keep her mouth shut.  

“What?” he chuckles,”Don’t be shy, c’mon”

“You are literally undoubtedly the most annoying person I’ve ever met,” you fasten your pace trying to hide the fact that you’re completely intimidated by him.

Mark instructs the kissing scene to the two of you. Since all the other scenes are done, once the camera starts rolling, basically Tom is going to kiss you until you hear the word ‘CUT!’ and that’ll be the end of it. Sounds easy, yeah?

Tom takes your hand and walk towards the specified spot. They’re still adjusting the lights. While that’s being done, you notice KJ, Cole, Lili and Cami pull out from a minivan.

Ah, so now they’re going to watch my first onscreen kiss live?

“Whenever you’re ready!” Mark shouts

“Okay,” you nervously look up at a grining Tom.

“What?” you ask him,”What’s with that grin?”

“You know,” he gently strokes your face, much to your surprise,”Your breath really stinks,(Y/n).”


Tom easily dismisses your protest by cupping your face and pulling you in for a deep kiss. It may have been one of the smoothest kiss ever. He was soft, he was careful, he was warm. His hands slowly move towards your waist, gently pulling you closer towards him.

You can already hear the coots and woots from Camila and KJ in the background.

“Tom,” you try to talk whilst he’s still busy kissing you.

“They alre-already said Cut,” you finally breathe out.

“Oh,” he cheekily breaks the kiss, placing his forehead against yours with the most adorable smile on his face.

“Great shot!” you hear the crew members yell.

“See you later, darling” Tom kisses your forehead before running off with KJ to do more flips.

Wow, that was actually amazing.

“(Y/n)!!!” Cami excitedly runs over to you,”What were you saying to me in the plane abo-“

Her voice faded once you met the eyes of Cole himself, staring at you with his weak greenish-blue eyes.


It’s 10pm, everybody is gathered around the bonfire, KJ is playing ‘Summer Paradise’ while Tom attempts to sing in an American accent, everybody looks like they’re having a good time. You’re cuddled next to Cami, smiling lovingly at Tom; he is , although really annoying, the most adorable person ever. The way he tries to make everyone laugh, the way everything he does is cute without him even being aware of it, the way he’s ridiculously good at everything he sets his mind on, the way-


“Uh-huh,” you turn around to find Cole, awkwardly standing behind you.

“Can we,um, talk?”


“Are you cold?”

You’re taking a walk with Cole along the lines of the island, far away from everyone.

“Nah, I’m good” you smile politely at him.

“Here,” he places his jacket over you.

Uhm, okay.

“So, um, what did you want to talk about?”

“(Y/n)…” the sound of his voice already answered your question.

He grabs your hand and pauses the walk.

“I can’t stand it. I can’t stand seeing you with someone else. I thought I could but it’s killing me, (Y/n). You don’t understand, I-“

“You cheated on me, Cole!” you finally allow all your anger to pour out,”You knew I would’ve given up everything for your love. I loved you. With every bit of me. And you chose Lili…”

“No!” he protests,”(Y/n), I didn’t choose Lili. I never chose Lili. I don’t know what I was thinking, I’m so sorry. I’ll always be sorry. I’ll be anything. Anything you want me to be. Anything. I’ll do anything. Whatever it takes to have my (Y/n) back,” you can feel his emotions by the tone of his voice.

“Cole, I can’t-“

“(Y/n),” he cups your face,”I’m still the same guy who you liked to dance with at 2am near the refrigerator light. And I know you’re still the same girl who liked to ruin my hairstyle more than anything.”

You chuckle at the last comment.

“Please tell me you’ll think about it,” he quietly pleads.

“We should get going now. Everybody has already left,” you try to avoid his plead as you start making your way towards the hotel.


“Yes, Cole?”

“Will you think about it?”

“I-I- will,”



On your way to your hotel room, you’re unexpectedly greeted by the sight of Tom sitting on the floor against your door.

“Goodness (Y/n), where were you?” he quickly gets up from the floor.

“Geez, Tom. I was-“

He pulls you in for a sudden hug. “Wow, I had no idea I was such a worrier. But you didn’t answer your phone, I didn’t even see you leave the bonfire, I-“

“Tom,” you look up at him lovingly,”I’m fine. I was just having a small talk with Cole,”

“Okay,” he slowly breaks the hug,

”You should go to bed now,” he says as he gently strokes the side of your face and looks deep into your eyes like you’re the ony one he sees. That’s the thing about Tom, he could just look at you, like just look, and make you feel like the most beautiful person!

“Okay,” you unlock your room. “See you tomorrow, Tom”

“Goodnight, darling.”

You stand at the side of your door as you watch him leave.

“Um, (Y/n)?” he turns back.

“Yes, Tom?”

“I don’t have to worry about anyone stealing you away from me now, do I?”

You snicker at his silly question.

“’cuz I would go bonkers trying to find someone else to annoy” he cheekily completes his statement.

“You’re an idiot, Tom. A complete nutcase,”

“Aye, but you still love me!” you hear his voice fade as he slides into his room.

This boy has no idea what he does to me.


A/N: So who would you choose? The guy you’ve been in love with for the longest time, who kind of broke your heart along the way but is adamant to mend it anyhow because he loves you so?

Or the cheeky brown-haired guy from London who makes you feel like a giddy 12year old everytime he says the word ‘darling’.


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Edits are hard *grumblegrumble*

So, okay. One thing writers don’t talk a lot about is The Dread Editing Letter.

It’s the letter that you get from your editor once your manuscript has been signed with a publisher and turned over to the publisher and your lead editor to begin the process of making it into A Book. This is the letter where the editor says “Okay, so I loved this. And it was great. And I also loved this. BUT… THIS needs to change/be cut out/be punched up/be set on fire” or whatever it is that they saw that you, as the author, need to fix in order to make the manuscript you gave them into a fantastic book.

And sometimes these letters are easy. Full of praise with a few small suggestions for fixes. Or the suggested fix is just so good and so obvious that you love it immediately and wonder why you didn’t think of it first, and dive into it feet first. And sometimes it’s filled with things that make you think Oh god no absolutely not and you get on the phone with the editor and talk it out, and either one or the other of you has their mind changed.

And then you get the kind of letter that I got on the third book of The Accidental Turn series, which is… hard to take. 

Not because I don’t agree with the changes my editor wants. But because I do.

I absolutely agree. 

But I have no earthly idea whatsoever how to take those comments and turn them into actionable plans of rewriting.

I mean, what she’s asking me for,I had been trying to do all along. And to hear that I wasn’t successful is like a knife in the throat. But the hand holding the knife handle wasn’t my editor’s - it was mine. Because I didn’t get it right. I wasn’t good enough. I couldn’t figure it out. It’s my fault.

And that is the worst feeling in the world. It’s compounded by everyone around me saying “I know it’s hard, but you’ll figure it out. You always do.” It makes me feel like even more of a failure because if I could have figured it out, I would have done it that way the first time.

I am, as Anne would say, in the absolute depths of despair over this edit.

I don’t know what to do.

I don’t often get this way with books. I always know when a book isn’t quite right yet (and I knew this one wasn’t right, I just didn’t know it was so wrong), so usually I nod along with most of an Editing Letter, appreciate the insight over what bits need the work so I know where to aim my focus, and get on with it.

But this one has me spinning my wheels because everything I come up with boils back down to exactly what I’ve already put on the page. I don’t know how to do what my editor wants.

I don’t know.

So, for now, I am doing the things I can do.

I made a list of actionable requests, with little check boxes.”Change the tense”, check. “Add the characters names to the top of POV shift sections”, check. That feels like accomplishing something, even if I haven’t actually implemented the changes yet.

I spent the weekend rewriting the plot outline, with the possible changes, and sent it to the editor for her feedback. I’m scheduling a Skype call to try to get more specific, targeted feedback. (”I think you should do X Y and Z” is good, but what I need at this point is “In which part? With which scene? Where? And how?”)  My fear with this is that I’ll totally rewrite huge sections and hand it in, only to have her say: “That’s not what I meant.” 

I want to ensure that what I do is what is wanted.

Today I’m transfering the book chapter by chapter into Scrivener and breaking up the scenes and noting where new scenes might go or which scenes may be cut.

It’s small things, but it makes me feel a little bit more accomplished. A few paces closer to the finish line. Breaking up something like this into bite-sized tasks is helping with the panic. And it’s giving my brain time to percolate.

Hopefully, with this call, and this list, and this outline, and this broken-down scene map, when it comes time to actually sit down to rewrite, it will feel like a breeze.

It’s difficult, and I’m panicking, and I’m floundering, but I will get there. I will get there.

It’s not a magic cure-all. 

But I wanted to share with you, with all of you, that writing isn’t all soft summer days, and gently steaming cups of tea, or rich jammy wine on a patio while watching the sunset.

It’s hard, and it’s filled with self-doubt and self-recrimination, and sometimes hurt feelings. Mostly it’s a lot of being mad at yourself for not doing better.

And then sitting down at the keyboard anyway, and doing it. Even if you have to break it into small tasks in order to ever figure out how to understand the shape of the mountain you’re trying to climb.

It’s hard.But you’re clever. You’ll figure it out.

Pregnancy Changes You

A/N: So I’ve had two anon requests for a Spencer x Reader where they both work for the BAU and she’s currently pregnant. He’s even more in love than before and is enjoying the changes her body is going through. @coveofmemories


“How’re you feeling today?” Morgan asked as you walked into the BAU that morning. 

You were pregnant. Seven months pregnant. You were the size of a bowling ball and were waddling like a penguin. “How do you think I’m feeling?” you snapped playfully. “I feel fat. My boobs are humongous. I can’t even see me feet anymore. This kid is using my bladder as a squeeze toy, so I have to pee every five seconds…” As you continued to ramble, Spencer laughed and came to stand by your side. 

“At least you have that beautiful pregnant lady glow around you, right?” Morgan said. Spencer shook his head - a warning. Don’t get me started on that. “Right?” He looked scared as you glared at him. 

Never. Miss. With a Pregnant Woman. “You wanna know where that glow comes from?” you yelled as the rest of the team came to say good morning. As your voice picked up, Rossi immediately turned around and walked away. “That pregnant lady glow is sweat. Right JJ? From throwing up incessantly. The glow ain’t cute.”

JJ ran up to your side, empathy flowing from her pores as she wrapped her arms around you. “I understand. I get you. You’re almost there.”

“Thank you,” you pouted. “I’m just so tired of feeling like this.”

Apparently, Rossi hadn’t walked over completely. He’d just gotten you a muffin. A chocolate chip muffin. “I come with food,” he said, bestowing on you a peace offering that would hopefully spare him from your pregnant rage. “Your favorite.”

“JJ, why do I want to cry? Why does Rossi bringing me a muffin make me wanna cry?” you exclaimed. “I don’t understand!”

Everyone just chuckled as you bit into your muffin and JJ assured you that it would all be over soon and the rewards would be great. “After this is all over, you will have a beautiful baby boy and this will all have been worth it.”

The clock struck 9, so as the rest of the team returned to their desks and offices, Spencer helped you lower down into your chair. You were weeks away from not being able to sit comfortably at your desk. “Just so you know,” he said, bending down to give you a kiss, “I still think you’re beautiful and if it’s possible, I think I’m more in love with you now than I was before.”

You smiled warmly up at him wondering how you had ever gotten so lucky. “I don’t understand how that’s possible. I feel gross.”

“You don’t look it. That’s in your head” he said, kissing your hair. “And I plan on proving it to you.”


At this late stage in your pregnancy, Hotch allowed you to work in whatever way you felt comfortable. If that meant walking around and dictating your paperwork to an intern that was fine. If it meant taking all kinds of breaks in order to stretch, it didn’t matter. But by the end of the day each day, you were ready to go home and get into comfortable clothes. The idea of having denim attached to your body in any way anymore was killing you. Sweatpants, a loose t-shirt and no bra were ideal. “When we get home, I want you to put on whatever is most comfortable to you,” Spencer said as you walked hand-in-hand to the elevator. 

“I plan on it. Those gray sweatpants, my Nirvana t-shirt and absolutely no bra whatsoever,” you laughed, grabbing at your now monstrous rack and massaging your permanently sore boobs. 

It was obvious that Spencer was quite enjoying your new endowments - very large endowments. You’d grown nearly two cup sizes since the fourth month of your pregnancy, going from a C to an E. “I can give you a boob massage when we get home?” he said hopefully. 

The elevator doors opened, leaving another member of the Bureau to look at your enormous rack as you snorted uncontrollably. “You just want a reason to touch me,” you said. 

“I would be lying if I said that wasn’t part of it, but if it’ll help that’s what’s most important.”

“Of course,” you laughed as you walked through the parking structure to the car. “You wanna make me dinner too?” Being utterly lazy sounded great right now.

Apparently, he had already planned on it. Nothing fancy, just some chicken and pasta. In addition to food and a chest massage, he said he also had a little something else planned, but he refused to tell you until you got home.


While Spencer made dinner, you sat lazily on the couch, feeling so much better without your bra on. “Hey, babe! It’s like the movie Alien over here. Come look,” you laughed, lifting up your shirt to where you could clearly see the indentation of a foot. “This is a beautiful yet disgusting miracle. I look like I’m about to explode.”

He leaned over the couch and kissed your stomach, saying hello to your baby boy, whose name you still hadn’t decided on. “I can’t imagine what it feels like to have him in there, but you are just as beautiful as the day we met. I’ve noticed lately that you haven’t felt pretty, so I went out and got you some stuff. Walking back toward the bedroom, you could hear the crinkling of a plastic bag. “I picked up some cocoa butter, lotion, which I will apply to your legs after we’re done eating, and some lime green nail polish that I will put on your toes, because you keep saying you want a pedicure but you don’t want anyone you don’t know touching your feet.”

“You’re gonna pamper me?” you sighed happily. You attempted to get up from your position and kiss him, but the baby was getting in the way. “I can’t get up, I’m sorry.”

Before going back into the kitchen to get dinner for you both, he propped you up with a pillow to take some of the pressure off your back. Two months was a long time. This kid better be adorable. As you finished dinner, Spencer washed up, returning to the couch with your lotion and cocoa butter. While you massaged your stomach with the cocoa butter, feeling your little man’s foot along the way, Spencer lathered his hands in the lotion and began to glide his hands up and down your legs. “Oh wow,” you said, relaxing a bit as Spencer worked his magic. “This feels nice. Can I get these more often?”

“Whenever you want,” he responded, squeezing tighter on the tense muscles in your legs. “Feeling better than this morning?”

You were. It wasn’t as if you didn’t enjoy pregnancy at some points - watching him kick and hearing his heartbeat were about the sweetest things you’d ever experienced, but the wear and tear on your body was brutal, and in that aspect, you were ready for it to be over. On top of that, you couldn’t wear what you used to so you didn’t feel as confident. 

As he pulled out the nail polish, applying it to your toe nails which you honestly hadn’t seen in months, you began to fall asleep, but when he was done, you noticed you felt more relaxed than you had in weeks, which in turn, made you feel more beautiful. “Thanks, babe,” you yawned as he picked you up to bring you to bed. “You still owe me that boobie massage.”

He walked you toward the bedroom as he gathered you to his chest. “I owe you one,” he laughed. “Or if you want, we can do that as we fall asleep.”

“Yes, please,” you said happily. “You do know how to make a girl feel beautiful.”

the western release of puyo puyo tetris is so funny to me because, like, it’s a really elaborate and well-done localization - all text is translated, all dialogue (and there’s a lot of it) is fully voice-acted, the voice acting is really solid, the localized script is pretty fucking funny - but all of this is for a niche puzzle game series that hasn’t seen an english release in nearly 15 years, released as a budget title for the switch’s launch window

on top of that, puyo puyo has a LOT of characters and many games’ worth of continuity, and puyo puyo tetris’s story mode drops you right into the middle of this under the assumption that you’re fully aware of who all these characters are and what happened in previous games (because it was originally only planned for the japanese audience and the localization was an impulsive decision a while after its initial release), and the localization makes no attempt whatsoever to give any context to anything

so you’ve got a well-written script and full voice acting for something where anyone who hasn’t been following the 10+ years of japan-only releases will have absolutely no idea what the fuck is going on, which leads me to ask, why did they go through all this effort - i’m glad they did, because i’ve had a smile on my face the whole time i’ve been playing it, but still, what was their reasoning here


Pairing: You x Yoongi

Genre: Smut, Oneshot

Tags: Porn watching, oral, Dom!Yoongi, Sub!Reader, Praising, foreplay

Warning: Smut, language

!Don’t Repost!


“Say, (Y/N), have you watched porn before?” You almost choked on your spit as you spun around, your wide eyes staring at the man before you. His nonchalent expression almost made you doubt that he asked that.

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Unpopular opinion: is another troll

First of all, thank you @worriesconstantly​ and @consultingeastwind​ for getting and keeping me into the loop on this one. Thanks to you I can actually get some sleep without missing out on all the fun. 

Now for my unpopular opinion: is another troll. 

And this is why:

  • What I can tell this site was registered sometime after TFP aired, so in late January. If this was part of the BBC promotion for a lost special this site would have been created way ahead of time. Stuff like this isn’t an afterthought, it’s planned. So if it was part of a large promotion plan, it should have been created in 2016, before Series 4 aired.
  • The fans who find it really have to look for it, and once you get there, it’s so incredibility simple: It basically tells you that TJLC is real. Finding the site might be a scavenger hunt, but the site itself is not a puzzle. It tells a certain subset of fans what they want to hear. It doesn’t add up, it isn’t clever enough. It’s boring, it’s dull, but you believe it because you want it to be true. 
  • Lets just assume for a second that the BBC is organizing an online scavenger hunt for us. They use an American proxy to make it seem it’s from another source and where does it lead? It leads to a place with absolutely not significance to the story whatsoever. If this proxy had lead to a place in Florida, I would have assumed it might signify the place where Mrs. Hudson and Sherlock first met. Instead, it just leads to a random place. 

Conclusion? Somebody is trolling us again. I can think of more arguments, but honestly, if I haven’t convinced you with these I doubt I ever will. Because you can’t kill an idea, can you? Not once it has made a home here. *taps forehead*

They are toying with us, playing with us. It’s a game, but not one I’m willing to play. And neither should you. 


Work was always getting in the way of his time with Lestrade. There would be times when he would have to go several days, sometimes even multiple weeks without seeing him in person, feeling his lips against his own, or even just a touch of his hand as they sat beside each other. Mycroft exhaled deeply, tapping his fingers against his knee as he waited for the American ambassador to arrive at the British embassy. He was stuck overseas dealing with tedious politicians while Greg was back in London, dealing with… well, their usual life.

And the DI missed him just as much.

Every night, right on cue, Mycroft would instant message him as soon as he got back to the room. Of course, he could afford an international phone plan, but Greg couldn’t, and insisted that Mycroft not get one for the both of them. Reluctantly, the man agreed and settled for nightly chats on his laptop.

MH: I do apologize for this extended stay in the States. It is ever so tedious, Gregory.

The notification on his phone’s app lit up and Greg beamed as he saw who it was from. Of course it was nearly 3AM in London, but it was worth it to talk to Mycroft Holmes. He quickly tapped out his reply, yawning as he did so.

It’s taking too long. I haven’t seen you in forever, Myc. When will you be home? And just what am I supposed to do with all this delicious food I made while you were gone? -GL

A small smile appeared on Mycroft’s lips as he saw the response, and the smile grew as he realized just how instant that reply had been. Conclusion: Greg had been waiting up for his reply. It warmed the Iceman’s heart to know that someone wanted to talk to him as much as Lestrade did.

MH: That depends on what you made, my dear. Anyway, how is London faring without me? Sherlock hasn’t decimated it yet, has he?

The entire city is falling into ruins as we speak, Mycroft. I don’t think England will last much longer without you here to save it. ;) -GL

MH: Although your attempt at trying to make me worry more about you is working, please refrain from using those dastardly emoticons, Gregory. We are not teenagers with a crush on one another.

Speak for yourself. :P -GL

MH: Gregory for goodness sake. Just picture me sighing, absolutely exasperated and wondering why on earth I put up with you.

As Mycroft’s pale fingers dashed out his latest reply, he couldn’t help the feeling of joy he felt at being able to just talk to someone as easily as he could with this man. It was utterly ridiculous sometimes, but he absolutely adored that about him.

Greg meanwhile, scratched his head, rubbing his eyes. His smile was a sleepy one, but it was there nonetheless. Before he could reply to that, Mycroft sent another message, berating him for still being awake.

MH: It is nearly half 3, Gregory. Why on earth are you awake?

I couldn’t go to bed until I talked to you. It’s kind of become part of my routine. Obviously, it would be better if you were actually here, so I could hug you. -GL

And… other things. -GL

MH: Other things? Care to elaborate?

Greg swallowed harshly, having just said that as a flirtatious joke. Now he was worried he may have said something wrong. With Mycroft, sometimes it was hard to tell. Luckily, he found an innocent response.

You know, what we usually do. Cuddling, making out on the couch instead of paying attention to the movie playing in the background. Staring at each other and enjoying every second. I wish I could do all of this to you. Guess I’ll just have to settle for eating this steak dinner, alone. -GL

MH: You can make me feel guilty all you want, Gregory, but I cannot simply fly home until this policy is cleared. Trust me, you’ve no idea just how much I would rather lie next to you and hold you than deal with the tedium of this place. And, dare I say it, your insufferable insistence on tickling me, as you say, “for science.” It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and you do not make a single application of the scientific method throughout.

Greg actually had to set his phone down from laughing so hard at that response, but he finally managed to recover and chuckled the whole time he replied to the message.

Thanks for the laugh, and the criticism. I shall ensure an entire experiment as soon as we see each other again. ;) -GL

MH: …..

MH: Gregory, you are absolutely insufferable.

;) -GL

;D – GL

MH: Gregory Lestrade, stop this now.

Then open your damn door, Mycroft Holmes. -GL

MH: What? Gregory, what are you saying? You’re not really, oh my God–

Before Mycroft could investigate further via the messenger, a knock reverberated throughout the room. He finished up his last message and glanced up. His gaze fell on the door and he rushed to it, tugging it open. There stood his Detective Inspector. His mouth fell open, right on cue because he threw his arms around the other man’s waist and dragged him inside, the kiss full of need and passion for the other.

“What the hell are you doing here? How long have you been here?” Mycroft asked as Greg pulled away to breathe. Mycroft was stunned that Greg had actually managed to surprise him.

“I missed you, and I wanted to see you.” Greg said nonchalantly as he sat down on the bed. “Plus, it was worth the trouble of getting an overnight flight on Tuesday just to get here in time to see that look of surprise on your face; it is adorable. I was overdue for a vacation anyway.”

Mycroft shook his head. Greg had managed to keep it a secret for three days? “You continuously manage to surprise me, Detective Inspector.” Mycroft also moved over to the bed, sitting down beside him, his fingers lacing with Greg’s.

“Good thing too, because I have an experiment to perform.” Greg smirked at Mycroft, who immediately tried to shift away. The Inspector tightened his grip on his hand, quickly throwing his weight on top of Mycroft to pin him down on the bed. In a moment, Mycroft was trapped and at Greg’s mercy. The DI raised his eyebrows, shifting slightly as he peered down at his boyfriend. He lightly ran a hand against Mycroft’s sides, already tickling him. But then he stopped abruptly.

“Right then…” Greg began. “For science, properly this time.”

Later, when Mycroft and Greg were getting ready to sleep in the same bed together for the first time, in a bed that absolutely was not familiar to either of them, Mycroft had trouble sleeping. So, he did what he always did when he couldn’t sleep, he talked to his boyfriend. In person, it was a hundred times better than text or a phone call would ever be.

“So, that steak dinner you told me about. Did you actually make it? Because I am quite jealous that I missed out on that one if so.”

Greg laughed and scooted closer to his boyfriend. “I didn’t make it. Had it ordered to the room.” He winked.

Mycroft’s eyes widened. “I thought I smelled a seared steak wafting through the door earlier. Wait – you’re saying you have been next door all this time? How on earth did you manage to go unspotted?”

“Because I know what you’re like, Mycroft Holmes. Based on when you message me, I know exactly what to expect.” Greg moved in to snatch a quick kiss, but Mycroft scoffed and put a finger against the other man’s lips.

“I don’t think you do, Detective Inspector.” Because then Mycroft was on top of Greg, smashing his lips against Greg’s.

In the middle of the night, when Mycroft was snoring softly next to him – god, that was so adorable, thought Greg – Lestrade grabbed up his phone and read through the messages of the day, realizing just how well his plan had worked. And when he noted that he’d missed a message just as Mycroft had thrown open the door, he beamed. He sent a quick glance over at the other man and then leaned over and planted a soft kiss against Mycroft’s forehead.

It was a simple message, but it meant more to Greg than nearly anything they had ever exchanged. After all, times like these were all about the little things.

Greg set his phone aside, the dull glow still showing on the nightstand, and the message still on the screen. He rolled over, curling up close to the man beside him before falling asleep.

On the screen was nothing more than this:

MH: :)

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Quick look at Viserys & Daenerys

I don’t want to write a meta about it, I only write these when I have exams and absolutely no time whatsoever, but…

I thought it was so interesting that Viserys came up in Dany’s scenes in last night’s episode. I am so interested in Viserys because he gives us a peek at Rhaegar, Rhaella and Aerys as well as, if you look/read/listen closely, explains how and why Daenerys became what she is today. Daenerys is what she is for many reasons, but his abuse of her, the way he treated her, the way Daenerys treated him, gives us an idea of why Dany does what she does, and it, I believe, gives us clues about what she might do/become in the future

Daenerys mentioning Viserys, calling him a fool for believing the smallfolk were sewing dragonbanners and praying for his return, saying she’s not so stupid to believe that, reminding us once again that she’s very aware of what the smallfolk of Westeros truly want, well… what are we to make of that? 

Viserys was a fool yes, and he visibly inherited his father’s madness, his family’s madness, but I have often tried to advocate for a little more kindness towards his character. He was absolutely nuts and cruel (arguably a horrible brother, though, arguably he also wasn’t that horrible- meta about that for another day) and lived with his head in a cloud. He was delusional and called himself a ‘dragon’. 

But, and I think this is important to remember when one judges him and his behavior, his motives were crystal clear. He truly believed people were sewing dragon banners, he honestly thought Westeros was his birthright, and it slightly was in a way that, I’m sorry, it never was Dany’s. Viserys believed he was wanted.

Dany seems perfectly aware that she’s unwanted. She calls Viserys a fool for not being aware. She is openly mocking him and his believes (despite his dreams resembling her own so much, which one might call (or should) call both naive and hypocritical). 

Viserys spend his first years in Westeros, he had actual memories of the place, he was a prince, the heir to his father for a time. He grew up in the red Keep, he lost his mother, had to sell her crown, and dragged an (annoying) little sister around a continent not his own to protect the both of them, always living in fear, always longing for home. Viserys truly missed Westeros, he spoke of it all the time, it was his home in a way that it’ll never be Dany’s home. It is where he believed he belonged because he’d always belonged there, because he grew up being told that he was important, that he was special. As much as Viserys’ ideas were messed up and wrong, they somewhat (somewhat!) excuse his inexcusable behavior. 

What’s Dany’s excuse?

She knows she’s unwanted, she knows the people don’t pray for her health, her return, she knows the smallfolk only care about an endless summer, rain and healthy children. She’s not rescuing Westeros from cruel Cersei since she sailed across the Narrow Sea when cute lil Tommen still sat the Iron Throne and always planned on doing it no matter what ‘usurper’ called himself King. 
So, why exactly is she in Westeros with an army the seize of a small kingdom? How is she doing good being in Westeros? A raping, slaughtering, reaping, stealing, slaving army of Dothraki and ex-slave eunuchs with a training of hell. An army that will do more harm than good (kudos to the show for acknowledging this, I wasn’t too hopeful about it so yay).

If Dany knows that she’s not conquering Westeros for Westeros, then why is she doing it? Is she conquering… Westeros for Dany? For her own selfish needs and wants? For her own greed and power hunger? What exactly is left of her savior messiah campaign? Why is she in Dragonstone? Is it because she believes it is her destiny? Because she was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms

Daenerys may mock Viserys and believe herself so much more clever than he was, but, let’s be real now, she literally is Viserys, in the sense that they both call Westeros mine, they call themselves a dragon, they are self-entitled, arrogant, bratty and don’t shy away from violence. The both want the same thing and they may have different delusions behind their wants, but they still want it for the same reason, the reason of believing these Seven Kingdoms to be their personal property. They both want(ed) that power, the satisfaction of placing their ass on the Iron Throne. 

Daenerys adopted all of Viserys’ dreams (and a little more, looking back at the disaster that was Mereen), but she didn’t learn from his mistakes, instead she’s, if possible, even more arrogant than he ever was (just take a look at the way she invites the King in the North to come over and bend the knee to ‘his’ Queen). 

Daenerys is Viserys, but worse. And that’s actually very scary. 

(look at that I still wrote a meta)

I.M - Never Change

Originally posted by kookihyunnie

Warnings: None

Type: Fluff

Requested by: @fangirlbible

Request:  “ Hi I was wondering if i could get an I.M. scenario where the girl is a trainee and she’s friends with I.M. but she’s super shy. She likes him but has no courage to tell him. So her friends tell her to change and get a makeover but he doesn’t really like it because he likes her the way she usually is? Sorry it’s so long. Didn’t know how to explain it 😄”

Authors Note:

Hey, guys! First of all, I just want to take a moment to apologize for not uploading much! I’ve had a lot going on lately and it’s been really hard to come up with ideas for all of your amazing requests! BUT, I’m slowly getting back into it and I’m hoping to upload a good amount of request over the next few days!

Also, I just want to say that this scenario is not one of my best. Actually, I’m really disappointed with it. I’ve been writing it on and off for about 2 weeks now and this is the best I can do. I’m so sorry about the word flow and pacing, but for whatever reason I’m physically and emotionally unable to do better than this. I really hope you understand, and I hope you enjoy it none the less!

Happy Reading! :)




“I don’t know about this…”

“Come on, Y/N! You look great!”

“But what if he doesn’t like it?”

“Are you kidding me? Look at you! He’d be crazy not to!”

You let out a sigh, you breath deep and heavy as you looked over your mirrored image once again. Most days you wouldn’t spend more than a few minutes looking at yourself in the mirror, your casual and carefree style having no need to check for makeup creases or outfit choices, but today was different. Today was the day that you decided you needed a change, and you definitely got what you asked for.

Your normally straight hair was flowing with lively curls, your frequently makeup-less face was painted in colors, and your way to casual style had been taken over by something more girly and proper. You looked, and felt, like a completely different person, and though you couldn’t deny the fact that you looked beautiful, you had never felt so out of place. 

“But Lisa I…I just…..I don’t know.” You argued, your voice high with concern as you played with the white lace hanging from your shirt.

“I get that you’re nervous.” Lisa comforted, her hand lightly resting on your shoulder as she stood behind your gazing figure. “But you agreed to this, and honestly, I have no doubt that it’s going to work. You and I.M have been friends forever now and you’ve literally been in love with him since the day you became a trainee. If you’re to scared to tell him how you feel then you need to get his attention, and if this makeover doesn’t get his attention, nothing will.” 

You let out another sigh, your eyes meeting Lisa’s before giving her a swift nod. You knew she was right, she always was. You had spent years trying to come to terms with the feelings you had for your best friend, and after coming to terms with them you had spent another few years just trying to make yourself say them out loud. You were in love with I.M, there was doubting that, but you highly doubted that I.M felt the same and you didn’t want to risk your friendship on an attraction that was more than likely one sided.

“Now go get him, sexy.” Lisa laughed, breaking you out of your thoughts as a huge smile made its way onto her face. You smiled back, softly giggling as she playfully poked you in the side, the confidence she had in you radiating off of her and filling your pores.

“Okay.” You whispered, giving yourself what you hope came off as a confident nod before turning on your heel and exiting the bathroom, not giving yourself another moment to think about it in fear that you’d try to change your mind.  

Making your way down the long corridor of Starship Entertainment, you quickly felt  your heart begin to race and throat begin to close. You were nervous. More nervous than you had ever been in your entire life. You didn’t know how to feel and you didn’t know how to act. All you knew was that you had feelings for I.M, and at this point, you weren’t sure if him finding that out was even worth it anymore. 

After a few more minutes of continuing down the long hallway, you finally found yourself in front Monsta X’s occupied practice room. You made your way closer, your hand barley cracking open the door before the loud thump of music quickly took over your senses. Giving yourself a small nod, you made your way inside, the sweat drenched air invading your nostrils and instantly making you dizzy.

“Y/N! What are you doing here?” A voice asked, knocking you out of your trance and making your head spin. Turning toward the voice, you immediately came face to face with Wonho, his skin beet red and covered sweat.

“Uh….” You started, not really sure what the explanation for your surprise visit should be. “Nothing really. I um…I just…your comeback is soon and I…um…how’s that going?” 

Wonho let out a laugh, his eyes forming a beautiful smile before quickly taking a desperate sip from his water bottle. “It’s going good, Y/N. Thanks for asking.”

You gave him a small nod, your eyes instantly leaving his and making their way around the room. All of the members were there, which you had hoped wouldn’t be the case, and every single one of them were looking at you with such a shocked expression that you almost felt as though you were naked. 

“What are you guys staring at?” You asked, trying your best to play dumb as you nervously picked at your curls.

“You look different.” Minhyuk stated, his eyes doing a double take as he took in your outfit. “Like…really different.”

“Yeah, what’s with the outfit change, Y/N?” Shownu asked, the small smirk on his face making it obvious that he knew what it was about.

“I just wanted to try something different.” You lied, “Why? Does it look bad?”

A series of “No’s” left 6 of the boys’ mouths, the small compliments rising to your cheeks and making you blush. Giving them a smile, you thanked them quietly, quickly looking at the boys happy and taken aback expressions before coming face to face with I.M, who, unlike everyone else, didn’t look very impressed. 

You felt your heart drop, the concerned and unimpressed expression on I.M’s face taking over your vision and invading your mind. You let out a shaky breath, the feeling of tears welling in your eyes quickly taking over as you looked to the ground. The last thing you expected to do was cry, and there was no way in hell that you were going to cry in front of them. No. Damn. Way.

“Well, I’m gonna go.” You stated, giving the boys a polite bow before heading towards the door. “It was nice seeing you. Good luck on your comeback.”

As soon as you were out of the room a stream of tears began to run down your face, the feeling of being a complete idiot taking over your body and making your heart break. How could you ever think that changing your looks would impress I.M? He absolutely hated the way you looked and you could tell the moment you looked him in the eye. Now not only does he have no idea how you feel, but he has no reason to find you attractive whatsoever. How could you ever be so stupid?

“Hey, Y/N!” A familiar voice called out, the sound immediately breaking you out of your thoughts and forcing you to turn around. When you finally managed to blink the blurry vision due to your tears out of your eyes, you found yourself face to face with the last person you wanted to see.


“What do you want, I.M?” You whispered, keeping your eyes toward the ground in hopes that he wouldn’t see your tears.

“I want to know why you’re dressed like that.” He stated, his voice so full of concern that it was almost as if he had thought you’d hurt yourself.

“I told you.” You breathed, not daring to look him in the eyes. “I just wanted to go for something a bit different.”

“Bullshit.” He stated, his tone going from worried to angry so fast that it was apparent he knew you were lying to him. “You don’t like heavy makeup, you hate high heels, and I’ve never seen you wear a dress in my life. Are you being forced to dress this way for your debut, or something?”

You let out a sad laugh, your eyes finally leaving the ground and looking straight into his. “It’s not for my debut, I.M.”

“Well, what is it then?” He asked, his face showing so much curiosity that you could feel it in your bones. “Are you trying to change yourself? Is it for a guy?”

You let out a strangled cough, the air in your lungs coming to a halt as his words made their way into your ears. “I told you. It’s nothing.”

“Stop lying to me, Y/N.” He demanded, his hand reaching out and lightly resting on your shoulder. “Who or what are you trying to change yourself for?” 

“Why do you care?” You asked, lightly shrugging his hand off your shoulder as an unnecessary anger came upon you.

“Because you’re my best friend and I don’t like that you’re trying to change yourself! You’re perfect just the way you are and I don’t like that you’ve seemed to have forgotten that.”

“Best friend? Just…damn…don’t you see that that’s the problem?” You scoffed, all the hesitation and fear you had going away completely as the wall you put up quickly began to tumble down.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked, confusion filling his face as he questioned why your friendship had suddenly become a problem.

“Are you seriously that blind?” You asked, no longer worrying about him discovering how you’d felt. You were angry and sad and frustrated and you couldn’t keep pretending that everything was okay. You had been hiding your feelings for I.M for as long as you could remember and you couldn’t take it. Not any more. 

“Hey, slow down a minute! Why are you getting mad at me all of -”

“I’m in love you with!” You shouted, your chest heaving as all your pent of frustration had finally been let out. “I’ve been in love with you for years and I was scared to tell you and Lisa convinced me to change the way I looked to get your attention and now you probably hate me and think I’m an idiot and I totally understand if you don’t want to talk to me again and -”

Cutting you off from your confession, I.M quickly placed his lips onto yours. You let out a gasp, the action taking you by surprise and making your heart stop. You were frozen for a moment, your eyes open and looking into space, before finally giving in, your lips gently rubbing against his as you became brave enough to kiss him back.

The kiss was slow at first, the deep flavor of peppermint gum and sweat heavy against your lips. I.M was pressed against you, his hands gently cupping your face before he lightly nipped on your bottom lip. You let out a gasp, the foreign feeling breaking you out of your trance and forcing you to full away.

“I…I um…” You started, your speech completely gone as surprise continued to fill your body. 

“Never change for anybody.” I.M. whispered suddenly, his lips so close to yours that you could feel his breath fan against them. “Especially not me.”

You gave him a small smile, the words in your mouth failing to come out as you tried to process what had just happened. I.M kissed you. I.M kissed YOU. In what world is that considered to be a plausible thing?

“Does this mean….” You started, slightly scared of what you were going to ask. “Does this mean that you…I don’t know….like me?”

I.M let out a laugh, his pink lips stretching into a wide smile before gently landing on your cheek. You gave him another smile, the action making you blush so hard that you were for sure it was showing through your makeup.

“I’ve been in love with you for years, Y/N.” He admitted, his hand gently reaching down and linking with yours. “I just always kept it to myself because I never thought someone like you would love me back.” 

You let out a surprised laugh, your eyes widening at the fact that he not only loved you, but that he never thought you’d love him back. That’s the way you had been feeling for years, and to know that he had felt the exact same way was one of the best feelings in the entire world. 

“Seriously?” You questioned, still not sure if what was happening was some messed up prank that Wonho had convinced him to pull. “You’re not just messing with me?”

I.M chuckled, his voice so soft and deep that it made your heart sing. “Of course I’m not messing with you, Y/N.”

You breathed in a heavy breath, the surprise of everything that had happened taking over your body and leaving you in shock.

“But,” I.M continued, his hand leaving yours and gently poking you on the shoulder. “You should really go put some clothes on.” 

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jacemaia prompt jace telling alec about maia

“Alec, can we, uh, talk?” 

Alec glanced up from the tablet in his hands. “Uh… yeah, of course. What’s up?” 

“It’s, uh, about…” Jace bit his lip. “I need… I need relationship advice.”
Alec raised an eyebrow. “Is this about Clary?”

“No- no, it’s not about Clary.” Jace closed his eyes. “I- I don’t think I can ever- Nothing good will ever come from me and Clary being… a thing.” 

Alec frowned. “This- this isn’t a sex thing, is it? Because I don’t think I could help you out any-”

Jace raised a hand cutting Alec off. “No- no. I- I… do you remember Maia?” 

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We Take Asgard

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Words: 1421 

Summary: Thor enjoys the fact that no one can lift the Mjölnir, Y/N decide to take on the challenge. 

Warnings: none! 

A/N: *gasps* another oneshot this quick! it’s just a small one shot that popped into my head, hope you enjoy. lots of hugs to you all! 

Tags: @gondorgirl01  @bucky-on-a-bike  @jarnesbrnes @pickledmoon @moody-fangirl  @ladybrett9 @supernatural-harrypotter7 @i-saved-me 

Feedback is greatly appreciated! 

“No one has been able to lift the Mjölnir,” Thor said proudly, “no one, but me of course” he chuckled and enjoyed the looks the ‘petty humans’ were giving him. 

“I heard it moved when Steve tried lifting it once” his smile fell as he turned his head to look at you, you smirked at him widely. Steve laughed at your statement. Taking a sip of his drink he gave you a ‘stop it’ look before turning his attention back to the Asgardian.

“Y/N, the lies these humans fill you with” he shook his head and laughed himself when the rest of the Avengers snorted at his reply.

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Because I Like You

Originally posted by forkjh

Request: Hello! I hope you’re doing just fine❤️. Can I please request a scenario with B.I where the reader is a new trainee and Mr.YG tells B.I he has to trainee the reader and 2 more girls on dancing skills, he’s very mean to you because he likes you and when you get tired of him you walk away but he stops you kissing you and confessing to you :). I’m sorry for my English I tried hehe. Thank you❤️(angst and fluff)

Word count: 2006

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things to do on your first psychedelic trip:

i realized alot of people have no idea what to do and end up having a bad trip! so….here’s this!

-Go outside barefoot, feel the grass on your feet. I promise you its absolutely magical.

-Look in the mirror and realize you are alive, you are beautiful, you are you. Alot of people advise not to do this, but i find it strangely calming and absolutely amazing.

-Look at trees. PLEASE.

-Make art! Draw, paint, shit just go scribble something on snapchat. Colors are amazing and i guarantee you’ll end up creating something beautiful, even if you’re not an artsy person whatsoever.

-Try to read (unless you get anxious.) You can’t read. Its just really funny.

-Drink orange juice. It heightens your senses and makes your trip even better, not to mention it tastes like a liquified god himself.


-Google “birds with arms”. I’ll leave it at that.

Everyone has that one go-to while tripping, these are just some suggestions to help you have an amazing time. I hope this helps! :)

Like Father, Like Son (Dick Grayson x Reader)

Request from: @grumpycheshirecat
Prompt: “The carnival’s in town!”
Warnings: Cute fluff for the soul.
A/N: It’s taken me so long to get this written, and I am so sorry. Life sucks; that’s the only excuse I can use. It’s a bit shorter than I was expecting/planning, but again, life is rude and I kinda lost this story a few times so I forgot a lot of what I was going to implement and this is different, but I think it’s good. I hope you enjoy!

You’re just finishing up cleaning the dishes when your husband comes through the door, placing a kiss to your temple and wrapping his arms around you. His actions sluggish from Nightwing’s extra busy schedule last night.

“You let me sleep in,” Dick says, his voice husky with sleep.

“You seemed like you could use it,” You easily reply, and he sighs in content when you turn and peck his cheek. “The sun was rising when you got home.”

“And what were you doing awake so late?”

You roll your eyes, “I wasn’t awake until I felt a weight flop onto the bed next to me.” You pause for a second to glance at him, “Stop. I know that look, you don’t need to feel guilty, I fell back asleep pretty quickly.”

He hums, looking at the clock. “I’m surprised I stayed asleep for so long. Is Johnny at school or something?”

“It’s summer, hun.”

“Then how-”

It was kind of ironic how your little boy decided to come in at that moment. With an excited squeal of: “papa!” he runs over and leaps into Dick’s arms. Laughter fills the room as he’s thrown into the air and caught.

“Mama said we had to be quiet so you could get more sleep,” He says. “So we colored and watched TV!”

Dick gasps, “You watched cartoons without me?” He pouts dramatically when your son nods.

“Yeah, because you were sleepin’! I saved you some coloring pages though!” Johnny squirms out of your husband’s grasp in order to run and get the pieces of paper.

Dick turns to you once he’s out of earshot. “Okay, so who did you sell your soul to in order to keep Johnny quiet, and how do we get it back?”

You snort, and smack him playfully on the shoulder. “You know, Johnny is fully capable of being a perfectly calm and collected person when you’re not there to stir him all up with adrenaline.”

“I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, whatsoever.” He says, forcing a serious expression on his face. At your raised eyebrow, he grins innocently. “Alright, so I have the tendency to get him a little hyped up and playful, what’s the harm in that?”

“Most of the time, there isn’t a problem with it. You just have trouble figuring out when it is a problem. It’s fine that you get him all energized and excited in the day. However, when it’s way past his bedtime it gets a little frustrating when he’d much rather show me different tricks you taught him not even a full five minutes ago, Dick.”

You almost scoff when the man lets out a small sigh of relief when Johnny reappears. The boy excitedly hands the sheets of printed paper over, along with a box of crayons. Though, judging by how he keeps hopping from one foot to the other, you feel it’s safe to say he’s more excited about something else that must have come up.

“Something you want to tell us, Johnny?” You ask.

“The carnival’s in town!” He blurts out, revealing the newspaper he was hiding behind his back. “Can we go, please?”

You take a breath in order to prepare yourself, and look away from your son’s pleading face only to see your husband’s sparkling puppy dog eyes. Of course. You expected no less from these two.

You sigh. “Well, we don’t have anything major planned, so I guess-”

Both of them whoop in victory, and Dick picks up Johnny so they can high five each other. They each give you a kiss on the cheek with a quick ‘thank you’, before they’re both off to go and get ready.

You can’t help but smile when you hear their excited chatter throughout your small home, “Like father like son.”


all the relationships in pushing daisies |→ olive and emerson

“If the day finally comes that being around pie boy and his pie girl make your suffering insufferable, I just want you to know that there’s a place for you–right here in this professional establishment.”

Honestly fuck customers who come to the fabric store and dont have any idea whatsoever what they want. Too often i get customers customers loitering at my counter trying to calculate, indecisive, unsure of dimensions, unsure what kind of material they want, and they want my opinion. We are legitimately not allowed to tell you what to buy in terms of fabric yardage because too many people in the past who had absolutely no idea what they wanted asked for our say and complained about us being wrong.

Fucking google it yourself or dont do the project.

Announcement of Prompts!

Drumroll please! Sorry that this took me a day or two since the initial announcement, but without further ado:

Day 1 (August 13th): Roses

Starting the week off with something a lil’ more soft! Roses can be incorporated any way you like (or not at all! You don’t even have to follow the prompts if you don’t want to!)

Random inspiration ideas: Flower crowns, bouquets, gardens, thorns

Day 2 (August 14th): Time

Make of this prompt as you wish! Let it be in different time periods or a young Chris or improvement over time or anything else you come up with.

Random inspiration ideas: Family, juniors competitions, futuristic Switzerland, the 90s 

Day 3 (August 15th): Relationships

Let your imagination run wild with ships! No judgement on my part! And nothing even has to be romantic either! (reminder to tag any nsfw, please!)

Random inspiration ideas: his family, friendships, that weird acquaintance/friend relationship with that one cafeteria worker at his rink

Day 4 (August 16th): Free Day

Let’s see what you come up with! Whenever, whatever, wherever, I want you to share it!

Random inspiration ideas: crossovers, mafia au, shopping, rinkmates

Day 5 (August 17th): Intoxicated

This was intended to be based off the short program, but by all means, let the absolutely smashed Chris fanworks be shown off!

Random inspiration ideas: picking the program’s outfit, bars, choreography

Day 6 (August 18th): Social Media

Let it be twitter edits, ig posts, reading his own fanfic, let’s see it!

Random inspiration ideas: More of those pool pictures, the “blackmail” photos, arguments over gif vs. jif

Day 7 (August 19th): Smile

You’ve made it through the week! I’m so proud! Show me everything, smiling through tears, selfies, smiling during made it through the week! I’m so proud!

Random inspiration ideas: Podium, media photos, bad jokes

Remember: you do not have to follow the prompts whatsoever (I did a poor job of coming up with them anyway!) Please help me boost this if you can, since I want as many people to participate as possible!