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Lion Emoji Reviews

Ugly gradient shading, and looks sad. Why is he sad…. :( 0/5

A good lion friend. Very simplistic and clean. You can trust him. 5/5

Some brownie points for trying to go more realistic, but doesn’t have cute whisker freckles like the others. 1/5

I do not like the two big snowballs on his face. 1/5

A small friend. It looks like a cub wearing a mane which is very cute. He will grow big and strong like his father. 4/5

The anime swirl in his mane is a nice touch. Will probably watch Dragon Ball Z with you. Very simple and executed well. 4/5

Simple and looks fine, though the mane could use some work. 3/5

A soft palette looks very nice. The small beard is a nice touch and he looks like he having a good time. I love the fluffy mane. 6/5

Good realism and cute lil whiskers. Probably the father of the rest. 3/5

in the final fantastic beasts film, newt and tina discover a big mysterious wooden chest at grindlewald’s evil lair. very carefully they open the creaking hinges, prepared to be hit by a curse or worse. instead, they find a very haggard, heavily bearded and completely livid percival graves at the bottom. they remove his gag and are greeted by the grateful dulcet tones of,

‘WHAT TOOK YOU SO FUCKING LONG?? DO YOU HAVE ANY FUCKING IDEA - tina, would you stop hugging me immediately, what kind of UNDIGNIFIED - wait are you crying?? oh merlin’s balls, please stop crying, help’

Being a Nonbinary Black Teen

So I have not seen this type of profile and I’m here to offer it. Of course this is simply my experiences so I cannot speak for the black collective. 

Beauty Standards

Goodness gracious this is a big thing about being nonbinary. A lot of people when they think of not ascribing to being male or female normally picture someone androgynous. You can never tell what they are/what you think they identify as and that is a huge misconception. Of course people that look like that exist but it’s ignoring so many different things that make a person well…A person. 

It’s caused me to doubt my own gender multiple times as I am very masculine looking. I have a beard, a very deep voice, basically a lot of markers that I was assigned male at birth. So I don’t fit into that nice neat category that apparently encompasses all nonbinary people. Do not make the assumption we all fit into one single umbrella.


There’s a lot of things with us that are pretty big misconceptions. One I’d like to list is pronouns, please do not assign “they” to every single person that says they are nonbinary. It is of course a very good gender neutral term when you do not know what the person identifies as but a lot of nonbinary people I know go by typically gendered pronouns or something else (ze/zem etc). Once again do not go under the assumption that we all fit into a single umbrella. All people are different!

Another one is that we’re all white (which is a big problem within the community in itself actually but I will touch on that more in a moment). POC who are nonbinary exist, we are here. It baffles me how such a thing is assigned to “special snowflake” white people as if they are the first to come up with this concept. Newsflash: The concept has been around for a very very long time and it’s only just heard of because of colonization basically uprooting many people and destroying their cultural belief systems. White colonizers imposed this binary upon people as a way of making them easier to assimilate. 

Identity Issues

I have a lot of these and they mainly have to do with my race. As a queer black person I’m at risk for about 1,000 things at once. As the LGBT community is frequently very white centric, misogynistic and racist it’s so hard for me to fit in. Couple this with the fact I don’t believe I am a man or a woman and it makes things that much harder. 

As I stated before, I was assigned male at birth. This makes things complicated for me due to the fact society views me as a black male and nothing else. It’s very hard for me to vocalize the misogynoir I’ve experienced as I don’t want to be viewed as if I’m “intruding” upon spaces for black women because of how I am viewed. And it’s not like I haven’t also had to deal with the racism that comes with being a black man either. So I’m just stuck, can I say I identify with both issues or just one? Am I even allowed to say something like that?

My blackness always feels so separate from my gender that it just feels foreign when the two are combined. 


Golly this is a big one. A lot of white people do not understand they cannot conflate their gender oppression with racism. I remember there was a callout post circulating for a black person at one point and it said that since they were a POC (just say black, please) they should understand what it’s like to be oppressed. 

This is a false equivalency. It ignores the fact that black people, especially black women can be oppressed for their gender and their race. It also ignores the fact that black people can have certain privileges that come with being heterosexual and cisgender. You cannot expect a victim of racism to understand the ins and outs of your oppression if they have not experienced it themselves. Especially when the nonbinary community can be just as guilty of racism as any other person. 

What I’d like to see more of

This got long but I’d like to see nonbinary people of color being incorporated into stories and literally anything. There are so many of us out there and it’s very hard to identify with white faces in a community that’s already not taken seriously. It simply makes us feel left out (again) of something that would boost our self esteem immensely and make us feel validated. But please keep in mind the other rules on writing POC apply.

Make us proud of our identities, both our gender and our race. Do not put us in stereotypical roles, even if you recognized our gender. As many wise black people once said, we don’t always gotta be slaves!

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What is your obsession with making Ganondorf feminine? He's the male Gerudo and the King.

     Ok first off if this is about him liking jewelry you need to sit tf down & reconsider your aesthetic bc I feel it’s lacking due to your shitty toxic masculinity. Go polish your shoes or sth you’re giving me a very middle school boy vibe. 

     Secondly he’s not the male Gerudo if you read anything I wrote about the chosen child & the Gerudo reproduction headcanons I have but you probably couldn’t see it over your raging hard on for Manly™ Ganondorf so I’ll just link you here, and here so as to not strain your poor attention span. 

     THIRDLY I could do so much more to develop Ganondorf’s femininity. I still draw him with his big ‘man-beard’ burly business, and fall into the trap of describing him in very masculine terms. So, thank you for reminding me that I have to do more to really emphasize my point that my Ganondorf isn’t your fucking fanboy self insert avatar wet dream. If you want to gargle balls over how big and strong and Manly™ he is, you can go look in the Ganondorf tag for all of the weird and creepy porn of him. 

     And, finally – what the ever loving fuck does him being the king have to do with his jewelry obsession lmfao if anything it just fucking backs up my point. Have you seen paintings of historical monarchs? Those motherfuckers GLITTER. 

    Go sit down – you’re embarrassing yourself. lmao. 

The clumsy and the grumpy (Part 4)

Based on: imagine 1 and imagine 2 from @imaginexhobbit.

“THE CLUMSY AND THE GRUMPY” series: all the episodes

Originally posted by shirleysalas8

It’s the last meal at Beorn’s house before you go to Mirkwood; you’re sorry to leave the Skin-changer’s house because it’s comfortable and you feel protected, but you understand Thorin’s haste. Durin’s Day is coming.

The Company is now sitting down at the large wooden table as Thorin is looking pensive and Gandalf is explaining the intention of taking the Elven Road. Beorn doesn’t’ seem to agree with this decision.

“The Wood Elves of Mirkwood are not like their kin. They’re less wise and more dangerous” he says.

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arin x reader fanfiction

i, the reader, was sitting on a couch with arin hanson, aka egoraptor from the very cool youtube show game grumps. he was playing ocarina of time, and i was silently watching, judging his every move. 

we sat very close together. when he turned to face me i could feel his breath tickle my skin. he smelled faintly of cinnamon and vanilla, with a hint of bacon. it was intoxicating!

once in a while i had to tear my eyes away from the TV so i could admire him. he was a very handsome man, with very many chins. together they formed a stairway up to his face, which was gently caressed by his cool and manly beard. 

his eyes were like two big brown balls, and had i been able to ignore his bad gameplay i could easily have gotten myself lost in them.

eventually i couldn’t stand it anymore. 

“take them off” i whispered into his ear. 

“w-what?” arin stuttered. 

“just please take them off, i’m begging you!” i said louder, unable to hide the desperation in my voice. 

“i don’t get what you mean” arin said, blushing slightly.

“your hover boots!” i yelled, tears streaming down my face. “please take them off, i’m begging you! why are you doing this to yourself? every level you play doesn’t have to be the ice level, just please take them off.. i can’t stand to watch this slippery nightmare anymore!”

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hello! i just read your face tutorial and it's really helping me so far, but what would you say are the most defining parts of patrick, pete, and andy's faces? sorry if i'm bothering you, i'm just having trouble identifying them. thanks!

Im going to Respond to this Publicly to see if this is something people would be interested in? 

If so, ill try and make a small tutorial for all the guys. (if i dont do it in like, a WEEK remind me because i WILL forget, im the worst) 

But here have some quick descriptions that are probably Mega unhelpful 

all the guys have main features that make them easy to draw once you get the hang of it. 

Pete - Round cheeks, flat wide nose. big eyebrows. Big Teeth (if youre drawing his teeth for some reason) very wide smile.

Andy - Strong Jaw, Round nose. over arching forehead, very thin eyebrows. (its an odd face, don’t forget the beard, its a totally dif color from his hair, whats up with that?) Voice is made of little tiny butterflies, a very important detail. 

Joe - he is easy since its just Big eyes, Big hair, Big nose. and he has a very flexible face (does that make sense to anyone but me? no? ok cool) constantly looks sleepy/annoyed

Patrick - his head is like a chubby rectangle (worst description ever i know) Bow shaped lips and round eyes. Smile made from actual sunshine(He honestly dosent have any crazy features so it makes him almost harder to draw)

The Stickyfrogs have received some lovely letters! 😀
Jens was in charge of opening the mail and reading the messages today!
The Stickyfrogs got a very sparkly holiday card from Andrew, and a lion postcard from Mariah who has 4 bearded dragons!
Thank you very much for your lovely messages, the Stickyfrogs send you both a very big kissie and many hugs!

five adorable things about steve rogers - compiled by bucky barnes


Steve Rogers has always looked like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

The key word here is look.  Reality is another thing altogether, as Bucky knows.

So he gets away with saying things like “Language!” reprovingly because there is a time and place for swearing and Steve will certainly not swear around little pitchers with ginormous ears and ladies…. well, okay, basically the rule is, not to swear in a situation that would make Sarah Rogers grab him by the ear to wash out his mouth with soap.

Otherwise - and hell, he learned how to swear from his Ma, to be honest - he makes swearing a second, beautiful language in itself.  Combined with that face of his, well…

“He’s Irish and he’s still got his roots in Brooklyn,” Bucky explains with a grin, even as he tries to make any and all inappropriate thoughts not so visible on his face.  

It’s not fooling Natasha, who slants him a knowing look. 

In the meantime, Tony Stark is gleefully recording Steve giving General Ross the dressing down of his life, for the latest attempt to “secure” the Hulk.  

“Asking a Brooklynite not to swear is like expecting warm snow to fall from the heavens,” Clint says sagely. 

Everyone looks at him.  Except for Bucky, who gives him a high five and a “Damn fucking straight.”

Clint spreads his hands.  Point made. 

A side note - due to certain regulations, the fact that he was really MIA, that he is a Medal of Honor recipient and that he’s still technically U.S. Army, Steve’s rank is….. well, let’s just say he outranks General Ross.

The “Captain” is really just a nickname now.  

In the meantime, Tony’s recording somehow ends up on YouTube.  #CaptainSwearmerica becomes trending. 

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Imagine Kili being so nervous while putting in your courting braid that he drops and nearly loses the beads


From Kili’s POV

I heard her laughter again and it made me turn my head around. She was riding next to Fili and apparently they were joking. Just the two of them. Alone. I looked at my hands, clenching my jaw. She was always travelling between me and him, why she turned to him? “She knows.” That thought stroke me and I straightened up at my pony. “Fili told her and now they’re laughing at me…” I closed my eyes to hide tears of anger that gathered, and immediately the view of her appeared.

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Plus One-A Hiddleswift Fanfiction-Drabble

“I guess we need to discuss what happens at The Emmys.” She said as she drew circles on his bare chest. They had yet to leave the bed that morning and really didn’t feel inclined to do so.

“In respect to what?” He caught her hand and intertwined their fingers.

“Am I going to go with you?”

“They have said I can have a plus one and you are my indefinite plus one until you decide otherwise.”

“I just know people are going to blow everything out of proportion if I’m there. And if you mention me at all in press or your speech, I am going to be seen as the puppet master and you are just poor put upon Tom having to deal with my demands.”

“Love, you know I absolutely do not care and really, let’s not wish for trouble. I am not even a favorite to win.

Tom released a heavy sigh. Why did such a happy career moment have to be difficult?

“I don’t have to go. I would be so happy to support you but it is your night. And you certainly don’t have to thank me in your speech. I didn’t even know you when you filmed it.”

“That’s very thoughtful but I would be unhappy if you were not there.”

“So, just don’t mention me in the speech.”

“Is that what you want?”

“I want you to be happy and just knowing you want me there is all I need.”

“As you wish. I will not say your name.

The night came and he paced to release pent up energy until she emerged from her room. She had been locked up for hours with her, to borrow her words, glam squad. He checked his watch and thought about how tactfully to say we are going to be late if we do not leave this second. To his relief, the door opened and one by one they emerged with Taylor at the end of the line. She fidgeted with the hem of her gown and began speaking rapidly.

“I’m so sorry. I had to try to decide on two dresses and the one I really like would have been completely sheer in the light. So I chose discretion and went for pick number two but I think it will be alright. What? What are you grinning like that for?”

“Forgive me, darling. I was just giving in to my base male ego and thinking I am going to have the most beautiful date there.”

“Thank you. You clean up very well yourself. Although, don’t tell anyone, but I prefer Tom with two or three days growth of beard. Still, I am going to have to try very hard to keep my hands to myself tonight.”

He approached her and grazed her neck with his fingers.

“I would hate for you to have any mental anguish. I say if you feel the need to do something, you should just do it and apologize later.”

His hands began to skim her body and he kissed her neck.



“We should go.”

“Must we?”

“It’s kind of a big deal.”

He gave an exaggerated sigh. “Fine.”

His ears were ringing mercilessly. They had actually said his name. He had kissed her soundly, hugged all his cast mates, director and then, bounded up the steps. He was coming to the end of his speech when he locked eyes with her. She had tear filled eyes and was beaming proudly from her seat. He could not fight his need to acknowledge how happy she had made him. Even if it had nothing to do with this accomplishment.

“…And finally,” He swallowed hard. “I would like to thank Anna Wintour for throwing a life changing party that has given me some of the happiest times I have known.”

He stepped back from the microphone, did a half bow and exited the stage as directed.


Movember is something I’m very passionate about — I’ve been a part of it for many years. Just being lazy and growing a mustache or beard is nice but the fact that you can raise awareness and have other men take this seriously … it’s a serious issue that a lot of men are starting to deal with and the fact that we can join together, I think it’s something that’s going to be very big and discussed quite a bit. The fact Birchbox Man is standing up for it, and using this opportunity to discuss it is really smart, so I’m glad to be the host tonight.


“You know, when I got to Weta on my first day, I was very nervous. I was feeling pre-meeting tension or whatever. And it was like mission control down there, with a countdown as Peter approached the building: "Peter’s in the car park! Peter’s in the building!” Then in walks this very short, unassuming bearded fella with very casual clothing on. It’s like The Wizard Of Oz, when that guy walks out from behind the mirror - that’s just what Peter Jackson is. Completely unassuming. And the first thing he said to me was, ‘Manu, we’re really honoured to have you down here. I’m a big fan of Spartacus and love your work on that. We know you’re going to do a fantastic job here.“ We just jumped straight on the horse - or the warg, I should say - and figured out very quickly what I was going to do.”

Manu Bennett on meeting Peter Jackson

Rise Like A Phoenix
Conchita Wurst
Rise Like A Phoenix

My Eurovision 2014 Top Ten - 2 points go to… AUSTRIA!

Conchita Wurst was one of the first performers to be announced for this year’s contest and from that very moment controversy unleashed, you don’t see a bearded lady everyday after all… I’m going to be honest, since the first time I heard about her I was curious so I looked for some of her songs, and found That’s what I am, the song with which she tried to represent Austria in 2012 and… I wasn’t that impressed. I very much agree with the message she’s trying to spread and all, but the song was just so-so for me, so I didn’t have big expectation for her 2014 entry.

However, when Rise like a Phoenix finally got released I instantly fell in love with it. A timeless ballad that could very well work as a Bond theme, with vocals a lot better than in That’s What I Am and I got hooked. The musical arrangement is what I love the most, and I regret the fact that the live orchestra at Eurovision is a practice that got discontinued long ago, because I bet this would’ve sounded a lot better with a live orchestra.

My prediction? There is so much hype surrounding Austria this year, so I doubt it won’t qualify, however just like there are so many people supporting Conchita, there are also a lot who oppose her, regardless of the results, it will be an interesting ride.

how to beard: grooming

read part 1 on how to even grow that bloody beard *here*, if you haven’t already.

there is a myth going on that says being bearded has to do with laziness, whereas in reality taking care of a beard can take a lot more effort and thought than staying clean-shaven. letting your beard grow is one thing, but keeping it well-groomed is another. I find it quite essential, unless someone has incredible beard genes(awesome density and coverage) or can pull off very wild facial fur. I feel like it looks better each time I grow a beard all over again, not only because my facial hair growth keeps improving a little, but I also learn how to take care of it properly.

grooming your beard usually includes combing, shaving your neck, cheeks and trimming, but can also mean using beard products like oils, beard soap/shampoos, beard balm or moustache wax. I’m not an expert here, but I’ve acquired some knowledge in the field through reading jefffs beard board, gazing shamelessly at other men’s faces on beard blogs(alright, on subway, too), giving a few friends a beard trim and, well, doing my best at growing one of those things myself. here are a few tips.


I don’t think people realise how helpful brushing or combing a beard can be. it doesn’t just make you look better right afterwards, but with enough consistency, it gives you some control over how your beard grows and lays down. before you grab a razor or trimmer to kill a beard because it started to curl in bizarre ways or has developed an odd shape, try combing it in different ways and you might decide that your beard looks fine as it is. boar brushes and brushes with some boar bristle supposedly work best. try not to brush when your hair is wet as it weakens it quite a bit. combing or brushing can be a blessing, if you already have some length, but aren’t quite there and are having a bad beard day.

2.carving a neckline/cheekline.

it’s recommended to let your beard grow a little before you define your neck/cheekline- I personally prefer a natural neckline with short beards, otherwise people tend to look overstyled to me, but that’s my opinion. staying away from the razor for the first few weeks lets slow-growers keep up and gives you a better image of what your face will look like bearded therefore helps you make a better decision. after you passed the scruffy stage and it’s getting fuzzy would be the best moment to carve a neckline. shaving your neck and cheeks can give you a nice fresh feeling, if you’re starting to feel a bit messy and unkempt.

when it comes to neckline, the golden rule says two fingers above your adam’s apple indicate where to shave your neck, but go little by little and frequently check in the mirror from a distance. how high and what shape will depend on your preference, beard length and pattern- if you have bald spots on your neck you might feel the urge to carve a higher neckline, but remember that those spots might fill in or cover up with added length. consider trimming your neck, instead of shaving it completely, if you like more of a natural look and would like to avoid sharp lines. big beards often don’t require any neck shaving or very little. most experienced growers will tell you it’s better to shave it lower than higher, you can see so many guys will high-ass necklines it hurts my bearded soul… keep in mind barbers tend to shave necks very high(which beard growers tend to hate), feel more than free to tell your barber not to shave it right below your jaw! the way cheeks work is pretty similar- try not to shave too much at first. a cheekline can compliment your facial features or mess up the proportions, experiment and try to choose a style that fits both your facial structure and facial hair growth pattern. you may decide to clean up the upper cheeks or you might find your natural cheekline your best fit.


just like the hair on you head, long untrimmed facial hair becomes weaker and gets split ends. a beard trim is done using a clipper type beard trimmer or scissors. you don’t have to necessarily take length when your beard looks messy(and combing doesn’t do the job) - another reason why the growing out stage doesn’t tend to look too flattering is people don’t do surface trimming. again, our facial hair doesn’t grow at a perfectly even pace, sometimes all we need is to trim some stubborn longer hairs growing in odd directions. try using clipper/scissor over comb technique for surface trimming and for blending(f.e. sideburns into your head hair/beard).

once your moustache starts getting in your mouth you have to decide whether to trim it or start so-called training it to the sides(combing it to the sides + pushing it to the sides with your fingers frequently so that it starts to lay this way naturally), otherwise eating and drinking will get super messy. if you’re growing a handle-bar moustache or a similar style, you have to wait for it to get long enough to curl the ends while training it to the sides. the longer, the easier it should be to persuade your moustache to lay to the sides.

holy crap, that’s a long post. I guess I’ll touch on beard products some other time.

anonymous asked:

i really want to know more about classics but i can't take any classes for it - where do i start?

hi anon! okay so first of all don’t worry; this is a super common problem which a lot of people face, but since the subject has been around for so long there’s a huge amount of material that you can look at outside of a classroom situation

so to begin with, i would think about what exactly you’d like to know more about! classics is a huge subject and i don’t think there’s anyone on earth who’d claim to know all about it; most people specialise in a subfield, like classical literature, classical art, greek history, roman history, near eastern history, greek language and so on. obviously you don’t have to limit yourself to just the one thing, but if you think about the sort of things that attracted to to classics in the first place, that might give you some more direction in terms of finding resources! for example, if what you’re interested in is classical literature, you could take a look at these lists (x and x) and have a look at some of the texts there to see what you like. you could also use that as a starting point for further reading; if you find yourself really enjoying, say, hesiod’s theogony, you could have a look to see if you can find anything discussing it in your local library, your school or university library if you have access to one, or on sites like theoi, which is incredibly useful. i actually put together a list of getting-to-know-greek-mythology books here, which you might also find useful.

(if you’d like to read a few things to get the flavour of some classical lit, i also highly recommend the penguin little black classics! they’re 80p each, really cute and there’s six or seven classical texts there - an extract from the odyssey, trimalchio, some sappho poetry and so on - which you can read without spending loads of money)

another good thing about classics having been around for so long is that there is a vast number of pop history books on pretty much every imaginable period of classical history, so if you’re interested in the historical side of things then you can basically take your pick. (obviously some are better than others and there are strong disagreements about which specific ones are better, but you can spend a lifetime worrying about this and if you want to start learning, you may as well just dive straight in.) if you have a particular period you’re interested in then shoot me an ask and i can try and give you some pointers, but for general history texts then you could have a look at stuff like

one last thing that might be helpful for you is documentaries! these take a bit more hunting for than books, but there’s been quite a few on the ancient world recently that are totally fab, although obviously quite sensationalised compared to the books up above. a few that i can dig up on youtube:

and so on. the bbc are pretty good for documentaries, especially bbc4 recently for some reason, so even if you can’t actually watch them on iplayer i’d have a dig around to see if there’s any there you’d like to watch then try to find them on youtube

anyway sorry this is such a random collection of things - honestly, it’s pretty difficult to give a comprehensive list of stuff to read about classics, so if you have a particular interest you’d like to know more about don’t hesitate to shoot me an ask! anyway, i hope there’s something there you’ll find helpful

Each of your portraits in full resolution (in alphabetical order) (very long post) in case you weren’t sure if you recognized some people correctly or if you want to make sure you have enough feathers or just take a closer look or use the pic as your icon or whtever

I won’t tag everyone, because only first five would appear tags, and if I drew you you should at least be following me and see it without tagging, otherwise you’re ruDE and I’ll replace your face with another face. Also some of you apparently changed your urls since you’ve submitted the pics, you can message me and I’ll fix them.

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