you have a lot to say about damon


It’s Spider-man’s premiere. Tom’s smiling for the cameras and waving at fans and interviewers.

He’s walking on the red carpet when an interviewer from E! News approaches him

“Hi Tom! How are you tonight?”

“Hey, how are you? I’m fine, thanks”

“There’s a lot of people here tonight, are you excited about seeing your movie for the first time?” She asks, bringing the microphone closer to him

“I am, yes, I’m a bit nervous though because there’s a lot of important people from the industry here, like… Cate Blanchett is here, so are Matt Damon, Kate Winslet… They’re all incredible actors and they’re going to be seeing my work today so I’m kinda freaking out about it” he laughs, taking a deep breath after saying the whole thing without a pause.

“I saw Y/N earlier at the red carpet, have you met her?

He blinked at the interviewer for a few seconds, processing what he just heard

“Sorry, who?”

“Y/N… You know, from the X-men movies” She said, almost believing he didn’t know who you were

“Oh my god. Oh my god oh my god oh my god” He started running his hands trough his hair histerically, giving little jumps on his spot “I’m sorry, it’s just.. Oh my god! Is Y/N really here? I can’t believe it!” He said, covering his mouth with his hands and waiting for the interviewer to tell him she wasn’t joking

“Yes, she said she was really excited about watching the movie because spiderman is her favorite superhero. And I’m starting to think you might be excited too about seeing her?” She teased him

“Oh dear god you have no idea! I’m a huge fan, I’ve been following her carreer since she started, she’s an amazing actress and I want to work with her one day, and befriend her and marry her” he blushed because he didn’t mean to say that last part. It was a joke he had with his friends and now it had slipped out on in international television, making him look like a weirdo.

He heard laughing from behind him and turned around, his heart stopping at the sight of you there, standing in a red dress, smiling at him. You had heard him

“Well, I’ll give you my answer depending on if you do my favorite hero justice”. Tom turned an even darker, brighter shade of red, if that was possible.


Reader x Klaus

The scent. It was the scent of something familiar that was driving Klaus mad. He knew the smell so well that he drew to a stop.

“Niklaus what’re you doing?” Elijah sighed when his brother began to search around for the source.

“You don’t smell that?” He hissed, his eyes locking on a small figure slumped by the docks.

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-you’re friends would be pissed

-but you’d bring out his good side

-he’d try to be all tough guy in the relationship but his eyes would betray his inner feelings

-Damon would be around you 24/7 just to piss Kai off

-TBH, Kai would be totally possessive and the jealous type

-he would love showing you off, and showing you’re his

-his arm, constantly over your shoulders while you’re out and about


-helping with his mood swings

-calming him down (he really likes it when you run your fingers through his hair)

-love bites, i mean come on, this is Kai we’re talking about

-he would actually be pretty sappy too though, like he loves you and he’s never felt that before and he doesnt want to lose you

-so romantic dates (that you can’t tell anyone about because it would ruin his rep. (but you would totally tell your friends))

-he doesnt have many friends to gush about you to, and he’s accidentally gushed about you to Damon before (which will never happen again)

-he would actually love cuddling, because he loves having you in his arms

-piggy back rides

-after a while he wouldent even mind showing he loves you

-he would say ‘i love you’ a lot because he does

-but he would be like ‘i dont get this. my stomach doesnt feel good, its like butterflies. but its good?’

-he would love it when you fall asleep on his chest, like when you watch movies. and he would love running his fingers through your hair (then you’d wake up and he would have braided your hair and it would actually be really good like???)


-but roughness also, if you’re okay with that

-heart eyes motherfucker

My Problem With Steroline

 Before Steroline became a thing, I thought that Caroline had made a lot of character development, and had become more than a two-dimmensional character. But, the minute that Katherine died and the writers started flirting with the idea of Steroline all of that character development disappeared into dust. 

Caroline spent the majority of season 6 pining after a guy who cared so little about her feelings that he up and left town, and didn’t call her to tell her where he was or how he was doing, knowing full well that Caroline thought of him as her best friend. And when she find him Stefan treats her like scum. But, hey its okay, because the moment that he apologizes there back to being buddy buddy. But wait there’s more Caroline ends up developing feelings for this man who has been treating her like shit. Because God forbid a woman and a man can be friends without the other one wanting to jump their bones. 

And even when she knows that Stefan still has feelings for Elena (the woman he says is his soulmate) she still pines after him because that is all women are good for pining after men. And if that wasn’t more incentive that she shouldn’t have been chasing after his meatstick, she finds out that her mom is terminally ill. Yet, that still doesn’t stop her from needing to suck Stefan’s face when she should have been by her mother’s side.

And when Stefan said he wasn’t into it, at her mom’s funeral might I add, she turns off her emotions. SHE LETS A FUCKBOY CONTROL HER ENTRIE EXSISTENCE. Does that make any sense to you because it doesn’t to me. I would understand your mom dying being able to push you to that point, but she wasn’t even thinking about shutting it off until Stefan confronted her. Not to mention, that Stefan literally gets with her out of pity for being the one to push her to the point of shutting off her emotions. 

Flash forward to Valerie comes, and Stefan’s feelings for the woman he lost his virginity to almost 200 years ago trumps his “love” for Caroline. And while all of this is happening Caroline has become Alaric’s dead wife’s incubator. Because all women are supposed to do is have babies. 

Then, Stefan runs away with Valerie only to come back a few years later and give Caroline a half-assed apology and she is totally fine with it. Like, are you serious? This man has treated you like shit and you would rather be with him than take care of your daughters. 

Caroline’s entire existence in this show for the past couple of seasons has been to further the plotline of fuckboys that will never put her first. If that isn’t internal misogyny I don’t know what is. 

And can I just remind you that the only guy who has ever saw her as the strong, independent woman she is was Klaus Mikealson. A man who despite all of the shit is going on in his life drops everything just because Stefan tells him that she is in trobule. He puts her above everything. Revenge, his family, Camille’s crusty ass, and yet Caroline claims that she wants a “normal life”. Finish school, get a job, and a house and 2.5 kids.

Well she gets that life, and leaves it for a BOY not a man, a BOY, who despite everything she has done for him continues to treat her disrespectfully. I have lost so much respect for Stefan over these past seasons. You can’t even compare him to Damon anymore because what they have done to Caroline is one in the same. The only difference is Damon’s was physical and Stefan’s is emotional.

I may get a lot of hate for this, but I feel like the writers have made Caroline into a woman who carries a lot of internal misogyny. And dare I say fans of Steroline carry some internal misogyny as well because if you don’t know that the way Stefan is treating Caroline is wrong and disrespectful to all women, then your just as bad as the writers who allow the actors to portray those types of characters. 

Hate me or love me, I just needed to rant about this. 

Rumors - part 5

Here is the part 5, personally one of my favorites! :D


When I came there I saw Klaus and Kol at a bar. That girl Caroline was in front of me.

  - Is that her? “Kol asked Klaus”.

  - Klaus smiled and told Kol; Isn’t she stunning?

They didn’t see me and when Caroline came closer to them:     

  - Klaus said to her; Join us for a drink?

  - I came next to her and said; Oh yes I will; when Kol heard me he raised his hand with the glass.

  - I didn’t asked you; “Klaus said to me”.

  - And I didn’t think I want to drink with you nor did I came here for you; “I said to Klaus”.

  - Why did you come here then? “Klaus asked me”.

  - Before I could say something Caroline told Klaus; I would rather die of thirst, but thanks; and walked away.

  - Hahah damn, that’s the first girl that rejected you, isn’t she? “I asked Klaus while he was going after her and he didn’t answer me”.

  - So because of who did you come here, if I could know? “Kol asked me with a smirk on his face”.

  - Because of you; “I said to Kol without thinking and sat next to him”.

  - Oh really? I like the sound of that; “He said not taking his eyes off of me”.

  - And I like you accent; I said smiling and added; So are you going to buy me a drink or what?

He smiles at me and then he ordered a drink. We were silent for like a 2 minutes, I was drinking and we were just looking into each other and he couldn’t take smirk off of his face.

  - Lets go play some billiard, shall we? “Kol said to me smiling”.

  - Okay; “I said, took my drink and followed him”.

I was playing billiard for some time, but I didn’t show that I know to play it.

  - Darling, are you sure you don’t want me to teach you? “He asked me for second time, looking at me and smiling”.

  - Yes I’m sure, I know to play this, I’m just a little drunk; “I said to him, pissed because I can’t hit the ball right”.

  - I would not say a little; “Kol said”.

  - Shut up and let me concentrate; “I said to him while trying to push a ball into the hole”.

  - Damn it; “I said when I didn’t succeeded and take another sip of a whiskey”.

  - Maybe you could try to not drink that much, then you could play; “He said looking at me”.

  - No, no I need to drink; “I said to him”.

  - Do I make you nervous so you need to drink? “He asked me with smirk on his face”.

  - Pff, what? No; “I said shaking my head and trying to hide that I’m a little nervous”.

  - You don’t need to hide it, darling, I see your cheeks blushing; “He said smiling”.

  - They are blushing because of alcohol; “I said not looking at him”.

  - Then since you are that drunk I think you definitely need some help; Kol said while he was standing behind me and I felt his hand on my waist and the other one on my hand that was holding pool stick. When his hands touched my body I felt butterflies in my stomach and cheeks blushing more than before.

With his help I pushed the ball in the hole. He was still holding me and I turn my head to him smiling, he then says; I told you; with a wide smile.

We were looking deeply into each others eyes and we almost kiss each other but then someone stabbed him in the back with white oak dagger.

  - What the; before I could say; hell someone hit me in the head.

They pull us outside I already started waking up, then Klaus came, pull the dagger out of Kol and hit Alaric and Stefan. I was not unconscious anymore so I got up and asked;

  - What the hell happened? And looked around me so I know where I was and saw Alaric, Stefan and Kol on the ground so I came to Kol to see if he is alright.

  - Nothing you need to worry about love, I’ll handle it; “Klaus said to me while he was looking at Damon”.

  - You have terrible taste in men; “Damon said to me as I helped Kol”.

  - If I did then I would like you; “I said to him”.

  - I’m okay; Kol said to me while he was standing up and asked; Are you?

  - Yes, I’m; “I said”.

  - I should have kill you a months ago; “Klaus said to Damon”.

  - Do it, it’s not gonna stop Esther from killing you; “Damon said to him”.

  - What? “I said worried when I heard what Damon said”.

  - What did you say about my mother? “Klaus asked Damon”.

  - You didn’t know I was friend with your mommy, yeah we have a lot in common, she hates you as much as I do; “Damon said to Klaus”.

  - So you helped her? “I said standing up in front of Damon with Klaus”.

  - Leave him; Elijah said to stop us and added; We still need him; after that Elijah told Damon; You tell me where the witches are or I will have my sister kill Elena right now.

  - She will kill Elena, well I would love to help her with that; “I said smiling”.

  - You told me we have until after nine; “Damon said to Elijah”.

  - Oh I’m sure Rebekah will be more than happy to start a work early; “Elijah told Damon”.

When Damon told us where their mother is, I said;

  - I’m going with you guys.

  - Oh no you’re not; “Klaus said to me”.

  - I didn’t ask and I don’t need to listen to you; “I said to Klaus”.

  - You’re so stubborn, just do it as I said, I don’t want you to get hurt; “He said to me”.

  - Nik is right, for all I know they could have killed you and not just hit you in the head; “Kol said looking at me”.

I looked at Elijah hopping he would agree with me but instead he said;

  - I agree with Niklaus and Kol.

  - Oh of course you do; “I said a little angry”.

  - Wait for us in house, will you? “Elijah asked me nicely”.

  - Okay, whatever; “I said rolling my eyes and walked away”.

Before I came to their house I stopped by my apartment so I could take my stuff, because they asked me to live with them.

I was at theirs home waiting. When I heard they come back I get to the door right away.

  - Omg, you are all good; “I said while I was hugging Kol”.

  - Yes we’re but I see you are most happy about Kol; “Klaus said to me”.

  - I smiled and said; So what happen?

  - Our mother lose, she and Finn are gone; “Klaus said”.

  - Oh good, now we can be all together without trouble even for a while; “I told them”.

  - You all can be together, but without me, I’m leaving; “Elijah said”.

  - What? No you can’t; “I said to him shaking my head”.

  - I think I’ll leave too; “Kol said looking at me”.

  - Are you kidding me? “I said to him”.

  - You can come with me; “He said smiling softly”.

  - No I can’t I’m tired of living in some other place every other day; I said and added; and I want to spend more time with Rebekah I didn’t see her for 90 years.

  - Well then darling we’ll see each other it the future; “He said to me and kissed my forehead”.

  - I guess; “I said sadly”.

  - No guesses, we will; “He said smiling”.

After Kol was gone I get upstairs to Rebekah room.

  - So Kol is gone; “I said to her sad”.

  - Oh don’t be sad, he always comes back and he would be crazy if he let you get away; “Rebekah said to me trying to cheer me up”.

  - You really think that? “I asked her with a soft smile”.

  - Of course I do, Mikaelsons have a weak heart for you; She said smiling and added; Now get some sleep and don’t worry about him.

Rebekah and I were talking more after that and when I got tired I fall asleep in no time on her bed, I couldn’t bring myself to go to my room.


I’m posting part 6 tomorrow and I would like to know if you guys like this part and tell me if you want the next part, I would really appreciate that. :) <3

Love At First Sight - Part 2 - Kol x Reader

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 2 (part 3 will probably be the last part, I don’t know when I’ll post it)

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

Summary: The day after you first kissed Kol, you spent more time with him and get involved in the town drama.

Enjoy :)

Part 1

Originally posted by lifeofvampirediaries

Family Drama.

“Stop it!” you giggled.

You were sitting on the grass with Kol. You were in the park, trying to study for your history test but Kol couldn’t keep his hands off of you. You giggled when he placed his hands on your waist to pull you to him.


“Oh, come on, love. Half of the things in this book are wrong!” he told you.

“What?” you looked up at him.

“Nothing,” he chuckled and he shook his head before he leaned to kiss you. You placed your right hand on his cheek and you deepened the kiss.

You broke it as you needed to breathe and he started kissing your neck.

“Kol, I really need to study,” you said but you didn’t push him away. You closed your eyes, enjoying the feeling of his hands on you, of his lips on your neck. “Kol.”

He sighed. “You’re no fun,” he said before he kissed your temple and took your history book from you. “What are you studying?”

You spent the afternoon studying and kissing. When night came and it was getting colder, you decided to have dinner at the Grill. There, you saw Klaus drinking at the bar and Alaric and Meredith Fell playing pool. You saw your sister coming in and she walked towards Klaus.

“What’s happening there?” you asked Kol.

He turned to look at his brother and you knew he was listening to what they were saying. Kol chuckled.

“My brother likes your sister but she doesn’t like him back,” he said in a mocking tone. You watched your sister leave the Grill followed by Klaus.

“I’ll be right back,” you said, getting up. He took your hand and stopped you. You leaned to kiss him before you left for the bathroom.

When you stepped out, you met face to face with Stefan.

“Stefan!” you breathed out. “You scared me!”

“I’m sorry (Y/N),” he said and you frowned. Someone was behind you and put a hand on your mouth so you couldn’t scream for help. You saw Kol turning around and see you get dragged outside by Stefan and who you believed was Damon.

Once you were outside, Damon released you. “What the hell are you doing?” you yelled at the vampire.

“We’re sorry, (Y/N), but this is to protect you too,” Stefan said.

“What?” you were confused.

Alaric showed up with a dagger in his hand.

Damon pushed you away from the door when it opened again.

“Kol!” you called when he stepped outside and Alaric instantly stabbed him in the heart. “Kol!” you cried when you saw his skin getting grey. Alaric caught him so he wouldn’t fall. “What are you doing?” you said. You were angry, scared and you were tearing up.

“They’re all linked and their mother is trying to kill them,” Damon said.

Suddenly, you saw Klaus removed the dagger and Kol fell on the ground. He pushed Alaric and Stefan aside and you rushed at Kol’s still unconscious body. You took his face in your hands. “Kol,” you whispered.

“I should have killed you months ago,” you looked up at Klaus who was threatening Damon.

“Do it,” the vampire said. “It’s not gonna stop Esther from killing you.”

You frowned.

“What did you say about my mother?” Klaus asked as he took a few steps towards Damon.

“You didn’t know I was friends with your mummy?” he said. “Yeah, we have a lot in common. She hates you as much as I do.”

You pulled Kol to your chest.

Klaus was about to kill Damon when he was interrupted by Elijah. “Leave it!” he told his brother and you looked up at the Original vampire who was on top of the stairs behind you. Klaus slowly turned around to look up at his brother whose skin was still a little grey. You were worried Kol still hadn’t woke up.

“We still need him, Niklaus,” the older brother said.

“What did mother do?” the hybrid asked but his brother didn’t answer. “What did she do, Elijah?”

He climbed down the stairs and took his phone out. “Tell me where the witches are or I’ll tell my sister to kill Elena right now!” he told Damon.

“You told me we had after nine!” Damon said.

“Well, I’m sure Rebekah will be more than happy to start her work early,” he said.

You felt Kol move and you looked down at the Original vampire who was slowly opening his eyes. You stroke his cheek with your thumbs and he slowly looked up at you.

“(Y/N),” he could only whisper.

“You’re okay,” you told him and you hugged him tighter.

Damon told Elijah what he wanted to know.

“What’s happening?” Kol asked as soon as he was back on his feet. He kept you close and you couldn’t let go of him.

“Mother had linked us all. One of us die, we all die. She is going to kill Finn tonight, we need to stop them,” Elijah explained.

Kol couldn’t believe his mother was trying to kill them. He looked down at you. “You should go home,” he said.

You looked up and frowned. “Be careful,” you told him and he nodded before he kissed you. You kissed him as if it was the first and last time you were going to see him. “Be careful,” you repeated before he left. When you looked up at the stairs you saw Caroline looking down at you. She had a guilty look on her face.

“What did you do?” you asked her, angry.

“I didn’t do anything,” she said.

“You knew what was going on?” you yelled at her.

She looked at you in silence for a minute.

“Elena told me… She wants to kill Klaus,” she said.

“So if Klaus dies it doesn’t matter if all of them die with him?” you yelled. “I thought you liked Klaus!”

“Klaus is the reason I’m a vampire!” she yelled back at you. “He killed Jenna,” she reminded you. “He’s a monster!”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. “Klaus likes you,” you told her. “He trusted you.”

She looked at you with the same guilty look she had earlier. You shook your head.

“You and Elena were ready to kill all of them just to get rid of one,” you said. “And you think you’re better than them?” you asked her but walked away before she could answer.

You sat on your bed, staring at the floor, worrying about Kol. About an hour and a half later, someone was knocking on your front door. You rushed to open and smiled when you saw Kol but you quickly lost your smile when you saw his face. He was looking down and he looked sad.

“Oh, Kol…” you said and you hugged him. “I’m sorry.”

He hugged you tight and buried his face in your neck. You took his face in your hands and stroke his cheeks with your thumbs. He leaned to kiss you and you kissed him back. He lifted you off of your feet and closed the front door as he stepped in your house. You wrapped your legs around his waist and in the next second he was laying you on your bed. His lips moved from your lips to your cheek to your neck. You slid your fingers through his hair and you moaned his named when he moved his left hand under your shirt.

The next morning, you woke up in Kol’s arms. You were only wearing his shirt and you knew he was already awake as he was stroking your shoulder with his fingers.

“Good morning,” he said and you could hear his grin in his voice.

“Hi,” you smiled and looked up. You propped yourself on your elbow. “Get that smile off your face,” you told him and he chuckled before he kissed you.

“Aren’t you gonna be late for school?” he asked and you frowned. You quickly looked at your clock and gasped.

“I’m supposed to be in history class right now!” you panicked. You tried to get out of bed but Kol stopped you.

“Relax,” he chuckled.

“No, no, I have a test!” you told him.

“I’ll compel your teacher to give an A, I promise,” he chuckled and then kissed you.

“You can’t compel Alaric!” you told him.

“You mean the guy that stabbed me last night?” he asked and you looked down and nodded. “You’re right, I’ll just kill him instead,” he said and you looked up at him and he saw the shock on your face. He laughed.

“I’m just kidding,” he said before he kissed you. You closed your eyes and relaxed in the kiss. You deepened the kiss and he moved so you had your back on the mattress and he was on top of you. But you broke the kiss.

“I’m missing school,” you said and he grinned.

“So? Let’s stay in bed all day,” he said.

You looked at him and sighed. He chuckled and kissed you as he took your silence for a “yes”. 


THE PRETTY RECKLESS has begun composing music for its fourth album, the band has confirmed.

The upcoming disc will be the follow-up to “Who You Selling For”, which arrived a year ago. That effort was produced by THE PRETTY RECKLESS’s longtime collaborator Kato Khandwala and featured songs written by singer Taylor Momsen and guitarist Ben Phillips.

Phillips told 99.7 The Blitz at this year’s Louder Than Life festival that THE PRETTY RECKLESS is “working now” on new songs, adding that “we have a lot of inspiration.”

Added Taylor: “It’s a very crazy time in the world right now, so there’s a lot of things to speak about. It’s slamming you in the face.”

Ben concurred, saying: “It’s coming at you as hard as a hammer. It’s almost hard to discern. Usually you’re waiting for something and now it’s almost too much, it’s almost overwhelming.”

During a separate interview with 97X at Louder Than Life, THE PRETTY RECKLESS bassist Mark Damon said that the band had “some ideas and some bits and pieces [of new songs] here and there,” but he explained that “it’s virtually impossible to write on the road. So I think the real writing is gonna come when we get off the road and [Momsen and Phillips] can really go into their headspace to do it.”

Damon also confirmed that Khandwala will once again be at the helm for the upcoming record. “He’s part of the family,” the bassist said. “He’s a fifth member of the band. He’s an integral part of what we do, and he keeps us honest, he kicks our ass in the studio and makes us step up our game, so not having him would be difficult.”

THE PRETTY RECKLESS drummer Jamie Perkins said that the band hasn’t yet come up with a new angle for the upcoming album that will make it stand out from the group’s previous releases. “I think we’re gonna always try to push ourselves in new directions anyway, so it’s never a pre-set notion, like, ‘Let’s do this,’” he explained. “It’s just kind of like, they’ll write a song, and it just sort of turns into what it’s gonna be.”

anonymous asked:

I keep remembering something that Damon says a lot about his and Graham relationship, which is how much he is protective of him (ejem never liking the girlfriends) being like big brother but also saying that he used him also as a shield, how come? Do you have thoughts on that? Also you know the way Graham was treated all the time, like a child, being looked after always, but I also noticed the way everyone in the band got attached to Graham pretty quickly, almost in a paternal way? I dunno.

I’m glad you asked: I have some interesting theories on that, all of which could be wrong but is what I’ve come to based on facts/conclusions:

Graham always talks about how when he went over to Damon’s house, it was like this crazy, vastly different place full of culture and art and books that he only became aware of because of Damon. He even mentions that he found Hermann Hesse because of Damon, and given that he wrote the foreword to an edition Narcissus and Goldmund a few years back, I can only imagine that period of his life was very transformative for him.

The second thing is, Graham comes from a military family, so that coupled with the fact he grew up in Thatcher’s conservative Colchester (where Damon stuck out like a sore thumb) leads me to believe that his family was very conservative. Graham, to my knowledge, has never talked about his family in the press. Damon, by contrast, talked a lot about Hazel and his dad being a successful artist. Because of those things I can only conclude that (maybe) Graham felt like an outcast in his family given his interest in being in a band and being an artist. So his parents probably didn’t like Damon very much, as Damon put it, “Graham was my only friend growing up, I was well disliked and beat up quite a lot.” Not to mention Damon was and has always been overly touchy with him: Damon said that his family did not distinguish between gay and straight couples when he was a child so it wasn’t weird to him to be affectionate to the same sex (translate that however you will).

So I do think Graham suffered a bit for being Damon’s friend (to what extend I will leave that up to other people to decide-I’ve heard rumors from fans that said they talked to him but I will not perpetuate them because they are based on hearsay and way too insensitive to assume). A lot of that could have led to Graham’s drinking problem, usually an alcoholic is not an alcoholic for alcohol’s sake-there’s a source issue that it started with.

So I think, with the whole “shield” thing, the band realized that Graham had been and continued to be kind of an unwilling victim in a lot of situations as he grew up. He was younger, which they held against him, he was notoriously mental (which caused lots of issues), and he may have felt more alone than the rest of them re: family…but I don’t know. I also been told that Graham generally took Damon’s position over his girlfriend’s positions in arguments (again hearsay, so a grain of salt.) That’s a whole lotta assumptions on my part so I don’t expect anyone to agree.

I empathize with Graham a lot, so I try to get in his mindset when I’m writing because he’s the only musician I’ve ever identified with to a large extent. I’m not sure why, other than I think it’s my Meyers Briggs personality type to intuitively interpret people maybe beyond what most ppl think is normal, haha. So not sure what that is worth, but that’s my two cents.


*Requested* Imagine Klaus becoming protective around you whenever Damon is around because both have a crush on you but you’re already dating Stefan

( Klaus and Damon really don´t like it each other. Damn they even got quite rude in this one.I hope you enjoy and sorry for the delay, my computer acted like a bitch. Now happy reading my lovelies!)

Word count: 1.034

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It´s a warm day in the woods of Mystic Falls as you stare into the big bonfire the students of Mystic High build here to celebrate. Watching a fire is always cozy and exciting at the same time. How the flames dance around the burning wood, creating a mixture of warm and vibrant colors with the somehow relaxing crackling sound it makes. It´s beautiful.

You so are hypnotized by the fire, you don´t notice Klaus walking over to you, after he switfly watched you from afar.

Klaus: “Hello love.”

You instantly look away from the fire, startled for a moment.

Y/N: “Klaus? What are you doing here?”

Klaus: “Can´t I just stroll around at a bonfire party in the middle of the woods, talking to one of the few lovely people in this town?”

Y/N: “Well, from what I´ve heard and seen you´re more of the “I´m having a literally bloody picnic in the middle of the woods” type of person.”

Klaus: “Come on now Y/N, I´m not that bad now am I?”

Y/N: “Maybe not.”

Klaus: “Just maybe?”

A flirty, yet dangerous smile is painted on his face as the nearby fire dances on his skin, highlighting his undeniable handsome features. You smile but shake your head as well, because of his attempt to flirt with you even though he knows you´re dating Stefan.

Klaus´ face suddenly hardens and he rolls his eyes in annoyance, as he senses Damon walking over. 

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Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 3

Hi, hello, bonjour !

Part 3

Please note that I am French so there might be some grammar mistakes here and there.

(Taking place in 2x10)

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Imagine: Making friends with Bonnie.

You finished your homework a couple of hours after your talk with Elena’s friends. It was around 5 PM and you knew your stepfather was back from work. You couldn’t see Bonnie or anyone else around the Grill so you decided to head home.

You pulled over behind your stepfather’s car. Now there was no doubt that he was home.

When you open the door you hear the TV’s on. He’s watching some game. That can be good or bad, rather his team wins or looses. Judging by what he’s screaming at the TV, it’s good.

“I’m home!” you say a little loud. You had to tell him when you come home or “under his roof” like he once said, even though this house was yours, or at least it would be once you turn 18 in a few months.

Robert is a smart man. He has a good job and he loved your mother. That’s why you’re stayed with him after she died. The first time he was violent with you was a couple of weeks after her death. He doesn’t really care about money but when he learnt that your mother had left you everything she ever owned he got angry and punched you in the face, leaving you with a really bad black eye. He apologized the day after, once he was sober and he bought you a car to “apologize”. He begged you not to go the police and promised you it would never happen again. But of course, it did. It always happen when he’s drunk and he is always sorry. He always gives you money when he apologizes. The truth is, you didn’t want to get the police involved. They already took your real father away and even though Robert would never replace him, you didn’t want to be alone. He was your only family. And he wasn’t always bad. He was a really nice man when your mother was alive, before she got sick.

You decided to check on him, if he wasn’t drunk, maybe you could ask him about his day, tell him about yours. You didn’t have anyone else to talk to.You enter the living room and didn’t see any trace of alcohol anywhere.

“Y/N!” he calls your name, happily, when he sees you. 

“Hi, are we winning?” you ask, sitting down next to him.

“Yes, we are! How was your day?” he asks with a smile.

“Good how was yours?”

“It was great, I got a raise! Totally unexpected, they’re paying me way too much” he says and you both laughed.

You decide not to push your luck too far and leave him alone.

“What do you want for dinner?”

“Oh don’t worry about it, I’ll order some pizza, what do you think?”

“As long as it has lots of cheese on it?” you tell him with a smile.

“Done!” You smile back at each other until he turns his attention back to the game.You take your bag and get up from the couch, as you were about to climb the stairs you hear him say “I’ll call you when the pizza’s here!”

“Okay, enjoy the game!”

You put your bag on your desk, prepare what you needed for tomorrow’s classes and went to take a shower. You ate the pizza with Robert, shared some stories and jokes, said good night and got into bed. You took your notebook and started drawing.

Your alarm woke you up. You were shaking and sweaty. You had a nightmare but you couldn’t remember what it was about. The notebook was still in your bed, and the light were still on. You must have fallen asleep while trying to figure out what to draw because the page was still blank.

You get up and take a quick shower. You were heading to the kitchen to bake some pancakes when you smelled something burning. You rush downstairs and see Robert throwing something in the trashcan. 

“Hey” he says when he sees you.

“Hi, did you try to cook breakfast?”

He chuckles “I only tried” he says raising his hands in defense.You laugh. It was early so you decided you had time to make some pancakes.

“You want me to make pancakes?” you ask

“Aren’t you gonna be late for school?”

“No, I’m early” 

You baked the pancakes and ate them, sharing a nice talk with your stepfather. He was really nice when he was sober.

You arrived in school early. Nothing unusual happened in class today. You were walking towards your car when you heard someone call your name. You turned around to see Bonnie waving at you. She was with Jeremy and you saw the new guy, Luka walking away from them. You hesitate before going to her.

“Hi, Bonnie, Jeremy” you say, making a shy gesture with your hand towards the Gilbert boy.

“Hey, Y/N, how are you?” she asks.“

I’m great, you?”

She was about to answer when her phone buzzed.

“What is it?” he asks.

“It’s Damon” she says, frowning.

“Well, I’m gonna leave you to your business, then”

You were about to walk away when Bonnie stopped you.

“Wait…” she says. You look at her, curious.

What could she possibly want from you?

“Do you want to come with us?”

You raise your eyebrows, clearly surprised.

“Bonnie…” the Gilbert boy starts but the witch cuts him off“

No, you could come with us and figure out why you were taken with Elena, you must have a lot of questions”

It was clear on his face that he thought it was a bad idea.

“I don’t think I should get in the way on whatever is going on…”

“She’s right, Bonnie, it’s too dangerous.” 

Bonnie frowns at him.

“I should go, but thanks anyway” you say, smiling and waving at them before turning around and getting in your car. 


“You could be nicer to her!”

“What did I do wrong? I’m trying to protect her!”

“I’m trying to be her friend, here! She doesn’t have any! She deserves to know what’s going on, she was left alone with Elijah, she’s already involved!”

“Maybe it’s better that way, she could get hurt!”

Bonnie sighed.

“You’re right” she admits before leaving for the Salvatore’s.


It was night. You had finished your homework, cleaned up the house, cooked dinner and taken a shower. You were about to go into bed when you heard Robert’s voice calling you from downstairs. You start climbing down the stairs when you saw Bonnie at the front door. She seemed upset like she had just cried.

“Hey”, you breathed out, surprised.

“She says she’s a friend of yours?” Robert asks.

“Oh, yes Bonnie and I go to school together.”

“You could’ve told me she was coming over” he says when you notice the beer in his hand.

“Oh, I’m sorry to drop unannounced, I can leave if….”

“No, it’s okay” Robert cuts her off before heading back to the living room.

“Come on up” you say to Bonnie.You close the door behind you.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you” she says, noticing you were ready to go to bed.

“It’s okay, what’s wrong?” you ask her.

“I just… I think I just broke Jeremy’s heart…” her voice breaks at the end of the sentence.

She comes to you for a hug and you don’t hug her back right away. The only person you ever hugged were you’re parents. It felt weird. You didn’t know what to do but you finally put your hands on her back.

“I’m sorry” you don’t know what else to say. 

“Do you want to talk about it?” She nods yes, wiping away some tears with the back of her hand. You both sit down on your bed.

“I shouldn’t have told him yes when he first asked me out…” she starts.

“Why did you?”Her eyes were focusing on the patterns of your bed sheets. 

“I don’t know, I thought he was cute.” She sniffs.

“Then why did you tell him no tonight?” you asked, confused. 

“Because… because he’s Elena’s brother!”

Of course, that would be an issue.

“I’m sorry to bother you with this” she says.

“No, I’m sorry, I don’t really know what to say… But, why aren’t you talking to Caroline about this?” You figured she couldn’t talk to Elena about breaking her brother’s heart but the blonde would have known what to say to cheer her up.

“I don’t know, she spent the day with Tyler, I didn’t know what she was doing… Besides, I really want to know you more”


You didn’t have any friends for a reason. People had problems, and you didn’t want to get involved in anyone’s life. 

“Why?” you can’t help but ask.

“Why not?” she answers with a smile.

You’re surprised by her answer but smile back anyway. 

You talk a little more, she decides to tell you how her grandmother told her she was a witch, how she learnt about vampires, that Stefan was trapped in a cave with Elena’s ancestor and doppelgänger…


“Anyway, it’s late, I should go, I see you tomorrow?”

“Sure, goodnight Bonnie” you tell her, walking her to the front door.

Once the door is closed you can’t help but think about all the things Bonnie just told you. Apparently, Elijah is interested in Elena because of her a psychopath doppelgänger…

You go to bed with all those news in head, you are pretty sure you will have nightmares again.

Words mean things: #NoConfederate is not Censorship

First, I’m going to strongly recommend that in any instance where you believe that an abrogation of Free Speech exists, you go read the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Then, go read what the people objecting to A Thing are saying, (preferably while restraining yourself from responding until you’ve taken the time to parse through your ego response and sit with Why People Feel This Way and Why Do I Disagree.)

Literally the only thing I’m going to address here, is the fundamental flaw in every counterargument to People Objecting To A Thing, for about the eleventy billionth time.

Freedom of Speech and Expression is protected in the U.S. Constitution, yes.

The ONLY things they are protected FROM, are the government.

That’s it.

Art for sale, in any medium, on any legal topic, by anyone, is ONLY protected from government restrictions on it. And, lbr: between the MPAA RATINGS BOARD and the FCC, let alone Free Speech Zones, don’t act like there aren’t already actual government regulations on speech

The repeated conflation of People Objecting To A Thing, with Free Speech infringement, is not only a lazy, grotesque silencing of Other People’s Free Speech, it is a fraudulent invocation of Free Speech. Stop that. It’s Boy Who Cried Wolf bullshit, you know it, we know it, and I’ve got so many posts on it in the last 10 years that it is insulting on multiple levels.

The only place you are entitled to say, do, or make things in an inviolable way, without consequences, criticism, or interference, is in your own home, (assuming what you make does not violate any other extant laws.)

Once you propose it or publish it to the world, you do not get to dictate the response it receives. If you’re SELLING it, you are not guaranteed a profit, and you are not shielded from a negative response. It is beyond disingenuous to suggest that criticism of something proposed for public sale or consumption, is not allowed until the product is on the market, and if a product fails on concept, perhaps blame the Creator and not the market, who are not OBLIGATED to give you their time, money, or positive response.

Criticism is not bullying, either. There is a difference between saying, with an explanation, “I would rather eat ground glass than see this prosper,” by individuals or groups of individuals, and someone saying, “I’m going to wage personal attacks directly at this individual,” and there is certainly a difference between either of those things and threatening HARM to someone. Again: conflation of criticism with bullying, you know it’s bullshit, we know it, and we know you know it. Stop that.

*NB: Protests involving destruction of a piece of art offered for sale, by a person who purchased or was given the object as their personal property, ARE PROTECTED SPEECH, btw. It is legal to burn an American flag, ffs. You may not like it, but a person burning a book, album, home video copy of a filmed thing, photo, poster, or whatever, is not the same as the STATE doing it, and it is a person’s right to protest in this way.

The disturbing thing about the invocation of Free Speech, surrounding commercial product (if it’s being sold, it’s a product and this is all confined to the business sphere ANYWAY, so seriously: stop,) is that it is an argument specifically designed to silence actual Free Speech, usually by marginalized people who have the temerity to speak truth to privilege and power. It’s slamming a fist into a Big Red Button of agreed-upon Rights, with NO LEGAL STANDING, in order to shut people up for daring to say, “No.”

As an example: Darrell Issa hiding from constituents on the roof of his office, Pat Toomey refusing to meet with or take calls from constituents, those things, because their jobs are specifically required to allow for, “Petition for redress of grievances,” by the Constitution, are probable violations of Free Speech. HBO is not required to listen to anyone about this project, and will make their decision to do so (or not) based on what they view is a good business decision. Which is not now, and never has been, Censorship.

The Comstock Laws were Censorship, people having Opinions and not shutting up about them, is NOT.

People protesting Mapplethorpe, Not Censorship, the govt cutting funding to the NEA because of Mapplethorpe, Censorship. Do you get the point?

So, unless the funding for whatever it is that you think is being Censored is coming from the government or unless the government is threatening people with fines, shutdowns, or jail because of art that itself contains nothing illegal, (hey, FCC, about Saving Private Ryan and the reason a lot of TV stations refused to air it about 10 years ago, that was some THIN ICE,) your argument is self-serving, farcical drivel.

And as for the, “People forced off Twitter,” aspect, that gets messy. Yes, there are people who cross a line and make threats, but sometimes creators just can’t stand to be criticized (Hey, Joss, you precious snowflake, sorry not sorry we refused to coddle you about your misogyny,) and leave, (Damon Lindelof, this means you.) Threats are not to be tolerated, it goes without saying, but since some of your faves (Adam Baldwin,) have doxxed people, please don’t act like we’re new here.

Power and privilege are dangerous drugs, they lead people to think that they’re not accountable. The people who are most frequently in high dudgeon and screaming, “Free Speech,” in response to a person or group of people saying, “No, we’re not going to take this lying down,” are people who already have some level of power and privilege who just DON’T LIKE IT that people they think are BENEATH THEM have the right to tell them, “No.”

Which is exactly the reason we HAVE a 1st Amendment, so, yanno: Irony.

Insofar as Confederate is concerned, there is literally nothing stopping that production being made by the creators with their own money, they are entirely free to do so, if they believe that strongly in the project and HBO decides that it’s a better business decision to pass on it. If your counter to that fact is, “But they can’t afford it,” well them’s the breaks, buckaroo. Nobody owes them the money to make what they want.



“Damon, what the hell are you doing in my room?“ You shouted eyes wide open. You heard Damon’s laugh erupt as he sat down in your chair by your desk.

“I was just you know looking around.” Damon said shrugging his shoulders and turning his head towards you. “That’s cute. Now get out” you said pointing towards your door.

“Ah cute. You seem to call me that a lot. In this.” He said waving your diary in the air. You wanted to die right there and then.

“That’s not mine” you said cooly smiling. “Oh sure it is. It says your name right here. Please return to “y/n” Damon said smirking flipping through the pages. You opened your mouth. You didn’t know what to do. You wrote so many embarrassing things about him in there who knows what he read. For gods sake he could have read every single god damn page in the book.

“I didn’t really think girls love my eyes but the way you described them so beautifully. I can recall it said ‘those bright blue eyes reminded me of the ocean’. Damon laughed trying to find the page.

“OKAY, I think that’s enough.” You grabbed the book out of his hands feeling embarrassed.

“Wait, wait there was one more thing I was intrigued by. When you wrote something like you wanted to know how it feels to have me in between your legs” Damon smirked playfully.
Your cheeks went bright red and you bit your lip.

Damon knew I had a crush on him and he wasn’t going to stop teasing me.

[Masaru: I need someone who can act as the father.]

Can we take a moment to appreciate probably my favourite line in Chika’s birthday episode? Masaru has gone his past ten birthdays without his dad there to celebrate it with him. But instead of letting his sister suffer that too, he’s been doing his best to act like the father for her birthdays in his dad’s place. And he’s so determined to keep her birthdays this way that he would rather ask Tohma to be the substitute-substitute-dad than let Chika have a single “father”-less birthday. He may not be perfect at filling his dad’s shoes, but he’s trying so hard, you guys.

This also says an awful lot about just how much Masaru trusts Tohma already, given that they were at each other’s throats only three episodes ago.

(and this isn’t in the dub because the dubbers somehow thought it would be better to change it to “I need someone who can act like a big brother” and make it more generic and less subtly interesting grumble grumble I will Never Be Okay About This.)

anonymous asked:

how exactly does damon consume elena? like the show always say it but how? why doesnt stefan consume her?

Haha, I actually talk about this a lot and I have so many different posts on it. I have no problem going through it again and for those who follow my blog, I will try to at least switch up my examples.

OK here is the thing about the show and delena and consuming love. I honestly believe that the show doesn’t know what consuming love is and I believe this not just because we don’t see how Damon consumes Elena, but because Elena keeps saying it like it’s something that you want for yourself. No one actually wants a consuming love. The actual definition of to ‘consume’ is to destroy, to use up. To be consumed by someone is to love them so much that you hate them, you hate them for making you feel this way, for making you feel like you don’t belong to yourself, consuming love makes you irrational and obsessive and possessive and it tears you apart but you can’t stop because the intensity is overwhelming and there’s no alternative, absolutely none.

And shows portray this type of relationship wonderfully:

But Delena isn’t any of this and I don’t just mean that they’re lacking in the angst, they’re lacking in the intensity, they’re lacking in the chemistry needed to make a consuming love work. Elena doesn’t have a personality when she’s with Damon because the writers wanted to avoid the type of intensity you see in the above gifs; consuming love requires conflict and inner turmoil and the sense that you’re going crazy but you just can’t stop, you just can’t walk away. But what the writers did with Elena, she forgives Damon everything and anything, she only thinks about being with Damon and his well-being because they didn’t want a consuming love, they didn’t want conflict, they just wanted Elena to be with Damon no questions asked, they just wanted her to be his symbol.

Now with Stefan and Elena, their relationship is healthy, their love is selfless and it enhances the goodness that is already in their lives, it doesn’t overwhelm it to the point that they’re the only two people in their world, that is why their love isn’t a consuming one. Yet at the same time, they went through their consuming phase in season 3.

Elena is so hellbent on finding Stefan

that everyone around her thinks that it’s naive and it’s irrational

and Stefan isn’t supposed to have any contact with Elena, he wants her to move on, he wants her to be happy, he wants her to be safe and yet he can’t help but call her even though he knows he isn’t good for her, even though he knows she can’t go looking for him:

And while his love for her is actually a source of goodness and purity for him to the point that he can fight his demons because he loves her that much, he can actually do the impossible and resist an Original’s compulsion:

Elena’s love for Stefan actually puts her in danger, there’s consequences to it:

And yet that does nothing to stop Elena from risking her life again by falling off the bleachers:

she brings back Lexi to help Stefan break through his non-humanity:

and she realizes again and again that she’s become obsessed with getting Stefan back and she reprimands herself, she makes grand claims of moving on:

and Stefan has hurt her:

Damon is in the mix now:

And again, Stefan knows all of this, Stefan knows that he’s been terrible to her, he sees Damon getting closer, he knows he’s not in the right place to be anywhere near Elena so he keeps his distance but then a moment comes along and neither of them can help themselves:

and Elena is there like:

And Stefan is messed up, he can’t be around her because of the self-hatred and the guilt and the timing:

So he leaves her again, he has to:

But then we circle back in a few episodes later and it’s this:

So yeah, it can be said that in season 3 Stefan did consume Elena but it’s Stefan and it’s Stelena so you see them work their way out of that toxicity and back to a healthy relationship and they know much more about each other, about how badly they can wound one another but how loyal they are to each other. How in all the world is Delena ever going to compete with any of this? They can’t. 

*absolutely none of these gifs are mine*

Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 12

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 12 

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

Let me know what you think, enioy !

(Taking place in 3x01)

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Staying away was easier said than done. Bonnie was persistent. She kept texting and calling and you were too nice not to answer. You didn’t like to be rude. You only saw Caroline at school but she treated you like a friend. Elena was having a hard time accepting Stefan’s disappearance. But you felt better knowing that the worst vampire in town was now Damon. Alaric was crashing at the Gilbert’s house. You were still helping him with his research. The city had hired you to take care of the archives at the library, feeding your passion for history. You didn’t want to go to college. Not yet anyway.

Bonnie was leaving for the summer and she stalked you the entire week before her departure. Caroline and Elena had been acting weird. It all became clear on that Friday night, when Bonnie brought you to the Salvatore’s and you almost had a heart attack when everybody screamed “Surprise!” at your face.

It was a total surprise indeed. Nobody had ever thrown a party for you. It was a “Happy Birthday-Congratulations” party. You had graduated first of your class and when Bonnie said that you should celebrate, you told her no. Obviously, she didn’t listen.

They were all there. Alaric, Elena, Caroline, Tyler, Jeremy, Bonnie and even Matt (who were trying very hard to avoid the blonde vampire) and Damon. You had a lot of fun that night. And that’s when you knew that it was too late. You were one of them. You cared about each of them and each of them cared about you.

When they learnt that you had been taken by Klaus they got worried. They said they thought you tried to stay away because you were scared and they apologized they hadn’t come for you. You told them it was okay, that Klaus didn’t harm you, that they had more important things to do that night anyway.

Elena spent the summer trying to find Stefan. Caroline and Tyler were inseparable. Bonnie called you every day and you saw Matt and Jeremy everyday at the Grill.

Robert was never home anymore. He had met someone, you didn’t even know her name, but he spent all his time at her place. You think it’s because, now that you had turned 18, you had inherited everything your mother ever owned, including her great fortune. You didn’t really care about the money. But you were glad you had it, at least you didn’t have to worry about that.

Sometimes you thought about Elijah, where he could be, what he could be doing. But when that happened, you tried to think about something else.

Today you were shopping with Caroline, helping her preparing Elena’s birthday party. Caroline was on the phone with her when you saw Tyler coming towards you. The three of you decided to go to the Grill and you sat at a table outside the restaurant.

“Something is up with your mother…” she tells Tyler.

“Like what?”

“She just kept eyeing me yesterday…”

You were interrupted by Jeremy “Hey guys”

“Did Matt make you switch sections?” she asks him

He answers with a nod.

She sighs “He thinks we’re dating”

“So is my mother” Tyler says.

“So is everybody else in this town” you laugh.

Caroline looks at you with big eyes “What?”

“We’re together all the time!” Tyler says

“That’s crazy” she laughs, awkwardly.

“Right?” you hear Tyler say.

You watch the both of them staring at each other. Right…

Jeremy has the same reaction and smiles before walking away from your table.

The three of you drive to the Salvatore’s house with lots of boxes filled with supplies for tonight’s party.

“I feel like I have to fight Damon every single time we get a lead on Stefan”.

A lead on Stefan is the only thing Elena talked about every time you saw her.

“Maybe he doesn’t want to find him”


The werewolf shrugs “What? He’s into you…isn’t he?”

You see Caroline and him share a look.

“The only reason Stefan left with Klaus was to save Damon’s life, I mean, trust me, Damon wants to find him.”

“Yeah but you kissed him, it probably screwed with his head”

You raise an eyebrow.

Caroline shrieks “Tyler!” then sighs “I’m sorry” she apologizes to Elena.

“Don’t worry about it” Elena shrugs “look, yes I kissed him but it was a goodbye kiss, I thought he was gonna die…” She sighs “I missed a call from Bonnie” and then leaves the room.

“Just because I tell you things doesn’t mean you’re allowed to know them!”

You find this funny.

“Sorry” Tyler apologizes “I got to run if I’m gonna change and pick up Sophie”

Caroline is surprised “Wait, you’re bringing a date? Slut Sophie?” she laughs obviously jealous.

“Hey, it’s been kind of slow in that department” Tyler says in his defense. “And, I am horny all the time now…’”

You weren’t sure you wanted to hear this.

Caroline chuckles “Tell me about it, sometimes it feels like I’m gonna expode”

Yeah, you definitely didn’t want to hear that…


The house was filled with people. Some you recognized from school, others you didn’t. Elena weren’t going to be happy to see all those people.

Caroline comes find you, she doesn’t seem happy, you figure it’s about Tyler.

“He kissed her on the cheek and didn’t even look at me! He hates me!” You were wrong, this time it was about Matt.

“He doesn’t hate you…” you sigh for the thousand times this summer.

She changes the subject.“You see anyone you might be interested in?” she asks you with malice.

You frown and tell her a cold “No”

“You didn’t even look at any of them!”

You sigh.

“Come on, let’s go find your first, pure perfect love tonight!”

You laugh at her, looking around to see drunk people “I’m 100% sure I’m not going to meet him here…” you say and you get interrupted by some guy screaming to his friend who was taking his shirt off. “At least I hope I’m not…”

You were just adapting to having friends, you were pretty sure you couldn’t deal with a boyfriend.

“What’s your deal with Tyler?” you ask her. It was your turn to change the subject.

She raises her eyebrows “What?”

“What don’t you tell him you like him?”

She fakes it “I don’t!”

“Sure you do! And I know he does too, go for it!” you tell her.

She looks at you like she doesn’t recognize you, it wasn’t like you to give advices like that. But she does as you tell her and leaves you to go find him.

Now you were standing in the middle of strangers dancing around so you decided to get out of here. You see Damon climbing the stairs, he didn’t look happy.

“Damon!” you call his name.

He turns around “What do you want?”

You frown “Are you okay?”

“What do you care?!” he spats at you.

You decide not to push it and to go home. There weren’t any chance of you having fun here.


You were going to open your front door when you felt a pair of eyes watching your back. You smile. You don’t have to turn around to know who it is. She’s been doing this all summer.


“Y/N” she says.

You open the front door “You wanna come on in?”

She doesn’t answer and just step inside your home.

“What can I do for you Katherine?”

“Can’t I just stop by and say hello to a friend?”

You smile, raise your eyebrows showing her you didn’t believe her.

She sighs “I found Klaus” she says.

You frown, you didn’t want to know that. You say nothing.

“Did you hear me?”

“I did” is the only thing you say

“Don’t you have anything to say?”

You sigh. You stay silent for a minute “Was Elijah with him…” you finally say, kicking yourself for asking that.

You see guilt on Katherine’s face for a split second. “No” she says, breaking eye contact with you.

You frown. “Are you…lying to me?”

“Elijah was not with Stefan and Klaus” she says again, this time looking at you in the eye.

You shake your head. Why did you even care? You sigh.

“I’m sorry…” she says.

You look up at her, Katherine Pierce, sorry? You smile at her. “Are you spending the night here?”

“You didn’t tell anyone I’ve been in town, did you?”

“I promised you I wouldn’t”

She nods “Good. I can’t stay but thanks anyway” She pulls you in a hug and then leaves.

Katherine was, no offense to Bonnie, your best friend. As terrifying as it sounds you told her things you never told the witch. You told her about your father, about how you tried not to have feelings and she told you about herself. You saw good in her even though she never did anything to prove it. You should be on your guard with her but she never asks you for anything. She just wanted someone to talk to and that’s why she came to you the first night. You wondered where she was going and when you would see her again.

You sigh. You take your phone and text Elena “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” before going to bed.

You owe me

Characters: Damon x Male!Reader

Prompt: Heey, could you do a Damon x Male reader? If you feel comfortable with it? The reader comes into town to visit his best friends grave and look how the town has changed. He knows the basic of the supernatural And falls in love with Damon? - @fandomsfanman

Warnings: alcohol mentioned, drinking, language, death of friend mentioned

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Trailing your finger over the cold stone you read the engraving, the words seeming as meaningless to you as before.

You didn’t think you would come back to Mystic Falls again. You originally had planned to just pass through town, but you couldn’t just drive through without stopping here. Maybe you could even stay here a few days to look around for a bit. Who knows?

Sitting down on the damp grass you, propped up your chin, talking quietly to the tombstone of your best friend.

“Sorry, I haven’t stopped by in a while. I didn’t want to come to Mystic Falls ever again. You would get it. You always said that this town sucks, but I only got how right you are after you died. Should have listened to you sooner. Maybe everything would be different if we moved somewhere different like you wanted…”

Someone chuckling made you look over your shoulder. An attractive man leaned against a nearby tree, holding a half-empty bottle of bourbon in his hand as if he wasn’t at a graveyard. His dark hair was disheveled in a stylish way, his black leather jacket completing the whole bad boy look.

“Talking to dead people, huh? But you’re right about this town.”

Who was he to judge you? Stupid dick. You just wanted to snap at him to leave you alone when he pushed off the tree, striding up to you.

“You want some? Looks like you could need it,” he said, holding out the bottle to you.

After glaring at him you ripped the bottle out of his hand, taking a large swig of the burning liquid. When you tried to give the bottle back to him, your bracelet brushed his arm, his skin immediately sizzling.

You jumped back in surprise, the bottle shattering on the ground.

“Fucking Mystic Falls, fucking vampires,” you cursed lowly.

The vampire in front of you glanced down at the burnt skin on his arm, that was already healing itself.

“Vervain? Pretty handy that stuff,” he stated, seemingly completely unimpressed.

“So you’re a bloodsucker. Should I run now?”

The guy in front of you laughed, “You can try if you want. I always enjoy a good chase.”

You raised an eyebrow, not sure if you really should run now, but it’s not like you would be able to outrun a vampire.

With a crooked grin the guy patted your shoulder, “Relax, man. Just keep the vervain away from me and we’re good.”

After studying his expression you held out your hand, “Y/n.”

He grabbed your hand, giving it a firm squeeze, “Damon Salvatore, your charming neighborhood vampire.”

There was an awkward silence until Damon spoke up again, “So, you wanna go to the Grill or something. You owe me a drink after dropping mine.”

You followed Damon into the grill, letting your eyes wander through the familiar room. Typical Mystic Falls, nothing ever changes.

You noticed Damon looking at a guy sitting in a booth.

“You know him?”

Damon looked at you over his shoulder, “That’s my dear baby brother.”

“He’s hot,” you stated.

Damon scoffed, “Please, I’m the handsome brother. He’s the boring, nice one.”

You laughed and sat down at the bar while Damon slid on a seat next to yours, signaling to the bartender.

Only a few seconds later the bartender placed a bottle of whiskey and two glasses in front of you, sending you a friendly smile before leaving to serve some other patrons.

You had almost emptied your first glass, when Damon’s brother walked up to you, crossing his arms in front of his chest when he faced Damon.

“You know him?”

Damon rolled his eyes, looking up at his brother with annoyance, “Obviously, I know him. Don’t you see we’re having a drink or do you have a problem with that, Stefan?”

Stefan tried to say something, but Damon cut him off, “Oh I get it. You’d rather I do something else. Kill some innocent people, piss off a few originals?”

You didn’t really know what they were talking about, but the look on Stefan’s face was just so hilarious you couldn’t hold back a muffled snort.

“And I thought Stefan is the nice brother,” you stated, taking another sip from your drink.

Stefan looked a bit surprised but relaxed his posture slightly.

“I’m sorry, it’s just we had a lot of trouble last year… I’m Stefan,” he offered his hand to you and you quickly shook it, mumbling your name.

“You’re finally leaving us alone Stefan or do I have to make you?” Damon asked, raising his eyebrow.

Stefan shot Damon a glare but swiftly walked back to his booth.

Once Stefan had left you turned back to Damon, “How do you do that?”

Damon’s eyebrow shot up again, “Do what?”

You gestured towards his face with your hand, “The eyebrow thing!”

Damon and you spent hours at the Grill. You had to admit that Damon was funny and charming, the whole bad boy thing he had going attracting you even more. At one point Damon got a call, telling you that he had to leave to take care of something after ending the call.

You felt a coil of disappointment in your stomach, but waved your hand nonchalantly,

“It’s fine, I’ll just stay to finish my drink and then I’ll leave, too.”

Nodding Damon threw down a few bills on the counter and slipped on his leather jacket again.

“Sure, see you, y/n,” Damon said and walked towards the door.

You took a sip from your drink when he suddenly appeared next to you again, almost making you spit out the liquid in surprise.

Damon smirked and leaned down, his handsome face just inches from yours.

“Since I paid for our drinks you still owe me a bottle. See you tomorrow,” he said and vanished a second later.

You swallowed your drink, a smile slowly spreading across your face. Damon Salvatore… maybe you should really stay in Mystic Falls a bit longer.

Meeting The Family

Prompt: “ Can u do an imagine that Y/N is dating Stefan Salvatore and he has to meet your parents and older brother for dinner at Y/n house?”

Warnings: None

Requested by Anon.

(Y/B/N-Your Brother’s Name)

You sit down on the couch next to your boyfriend Stefan and he puts his arm around you. “Hey, can I ask you something?” You ask as you lay your head on his shoulder. He looks over at you and smiles and nods. “Of course, what’s on your mind?” “Well, we’ve been dating for a while and..I want you to meet my family.” You ask with a nervous tone.

His eyes widen. “Oh..Okay, I’d love to.” He replies. You can tell he’s a little nervous and you breath a laugh. “Stefan it’s okay, you don’t have anything to be nervous about, they’re gonna love you!” You say before kissing your boyfriend on the cheek. 

You had talked to your mom about you and Stefan having dinner with the family, and she agreed that it’d be a great idea. Stefan still seemed nervous as you approached your front door. You took his hand yours. “Stefan, calm down, it’s gonna be fine.” You said with a smile before knocking on the door. Your older brother answers it and smiles. “Stefan, this is my brother Y/B/N.” You say with a smile.

Stefan shakes his hand with a smile and walks inside. “Dinner’s about to start.” Your brother says as he motions for you guys to follow him. You and Stefan walk into the kitchen and sit down. Your mother smiles at Stefan, but your father looks unimpressed. 

Your mom senses the tension in the room and clears her throat. “So Stefan, I’ve heard a lot about you thanks to Y/N.” She says with a smile. Stefan laughs. “All good things I hope.” Your mother laughs. “So, tell us about yourself, are you close with your family?” “I don’t have a whole lot of family, my parents passed away a long time ago, now it’s just me and my brother Damon, and I’d say we’re pretty close.” “Well, that’s good. Y/N is very close to her family.” “I can’t blame her, her family seems amazing.” “Cute and charming? Wow.” Your mother replies with a laugh. You and Stefan smile. “See? I told you they’d like you.” You whisper before kissing Stefan on the cheek. 

After dinner you help your mom clean up the kitchen, and Stefan goes in the living room with your dad and brother. “Y/N really seems to care about you.” Your dad says. “Well, I really care about her.” Stefan replies with a smile. “Good. Because if you ever, ever hurt her, I’ll kill you.” Stefan smiles and nods. “Point taken sir.” “Good.” Your dad replies with a smile as he pats Stefan’s back. Your brother breaths a laugh. “Sorry about that." 

After a while you and Stefan leave. "See! They loved you!” He smiles. “Yeah, I don’t know why I was so nervous, I really enjoyed meeting them.” You smile and lightly kiss his lips. “Thank you, for being so perfect.” He smirks. “You’re welcome.” He teases before crashing his lips into yours.

Below is a copy of a letter L.J. Smith wrote talking about her being fired from writing the TVD books

“Thank you for your beautiful email. I completely understand why some fans get overeager—and especially if they think there is bad news for them. I hope that you will enjoy Midnight, as it is truly the story of Damon finding his deepest feelings for both Elena and Bonnie and his feelings are definitely not platonic. In fact, to be blunt, without Bonnie and something that Bonnie does at the end, Damon would be permanently dead.

But right now I have to tell you something that makes me so sad and devastated as bad, in fact, as I have ever felt except for when my mother died. It’s confidential, but it’s been so long now that I just can’t keep up a charade with good-hearted readers like you.

To put it briefly, I’ve been fired from writing the Vampire Diaries. And I’ve been fighting and fighting this since last fall, but there is absolutely no recourse. Midnight is the last L. J. Smith book in the Vampire Diaries series.

It probably sounds completely impossible to say that I am fired from writing my own books.But the truth is that they’re not mine, even though I write every word. When I was called by an agent and asked to write the vampire trilogy, that agent wasn’t from a publisher, but from what is now Alloy Entertainment, Ltd. And they are a book packager. A book packager sells books, already made with covers and all, to publishers, like HarperCollins—my publisher for The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle. And both these series were written “for hire” which means that the book packager owns the books the author produces. Although I didn’t even understand what “for hire” meant back in 1990, when I agreed to write books for them, I found out eventually, to my horror and dismay. It means that even though I have written the entire series, I don’t own anything about The Vampire Diaries. And from now on, the books will be written by an anonymous ghostwriter, just as Stefan’s Diaries are. It will say “Created by L. J. Smith” on the cover, but I am not allowed even to change a word in the ghostwriter’s book.

You might wonder why the book packager and Harper would do this to me. I am not sure either, but usually a book packager gets very submissive, non-assertive writers to write for them not to mention that most of them, writers or ghostwriters, have had a lot of publishers turn their books down. Book packagers are used to do a lot of editing on their author’s books—because the books need intense editing.

But I’m not submissive, and I always fight editing. In Midnight, I had to fight to keep many Bonnie scenes in the book. I’m not at all sure they liked the things I was doing with Bonnie and Damon—they kept trying to cut such scenes. And of course they didn’t like Elena’s behavior at all. They want strictly Stelena books.

So last fall when I gave them the book Phantom, they didn’t bother to give me edits. Instead, I was given a letter addressed to the ghostwriter by name, telling her to completely rewrite my book. They wouldn’t even listen when I pleaded and promised to do Phantom as they required. The simply took the series and gave it to the ghostwriter … to write not only The Hunters trilogy, but whatever comes after that.

They have always tried to minimize my participation in The Vampire Diaries. On the very first original books in 1990 my name was almost invisible on the cover. And now they have my manuscript of Phantom, and the book the ghostwriter writes from it may even sound like I wrote it in places, because they have the right to use my work as they see fit. But the book after that … that will be pure ghostwriter. I would guess that they think you readers won’t see or care about the difference in writing styles and skills.

I have said this to another Bamon fan, and I’ll say it now. I had so many plans for Bonnie in The Hunters trilogy. First of all, in Phantom, I had her showing a lot more emotion, grieving right along side Elena because—well, because Damon does something almost unbelievable for Bonnie in Midnight and he doesn’t get out unscathed.

I won’t spoil it if you don’t know. But they wanted Bonnie to have just put it all behind her—and with Bonnie’s character, I don’t think so! She is always completely openhearted with her emotions; even though she has matured so much in Midnight, she’s still Bonnie, who says exactly what she thinks, even if she hasn’t had a dose of Black Magic wine.

I wanted to write Moonsong, and give Bonnie an admirer who is just as sweet and even more naïve than she is—a pure white wolf with radiant blue eyes, who happens to be a werewolf with moonlight colored hair and the same blue eyes when he’s human. I wanted to show Damon’s surprising reaction to Xander the good werewolf (not at all happy about it—so much that he “accidentally” almost kills the poor innocent wolf) .

I also wanted to show how Damon rescues Bonnie from a vicious wolf-pack attack, and then let her fly away with him. And I wanted to show how Bonnie, who knows a little medicine from her sister Mary, helps Damon deliver Caroline’s twin babies when she goes into labor deep in the woods. But that’s one scene that I would have had to fight tooth and nail for, because even the glow that Damon and Bonnie share at seeing new life come into the world wouldn’t be enough for them to call it decent. They would undoubtedly have tried to make me cut it. But I still want to write it, so badly.

I even had the last book in that trilogy plotted out, where Stefan’s worst nightmare comes true and he takes so much blood from Elena that has to be taken to the hospital for a massive transfusion. He then decides to Influence Elena so that she will forget his existence, and he does so, to Damon and Bonnie and Meredith’s consternation. I wanted to show how this affected each one of the characters, and how Bonnie once again begins to write in her diary, since Elena’s diary is also forgotten, along with Stefan. I like to write things from Bonnie’s point of view, as I did in Dark Reunion. But none of these things will happen, beause I won’t be around to write it. And I just can’t keep up the pretense any long with wonderful fans like you. I can’t pretend that Bonnie and Damon’s relationship will continue to grow as Damon learns to respect her as well as to love her. She has become “his girl” but I can’t follow up on that. I had to tell the ghostwriter that he would address Bonnie as “little redbird” when he speaks to her.

Sorry for the long rant, but the charade is over for me. I don’t know how Phantom will turn out, with a blend of my manuscript and the complete rewriting of it by the ghostwriter. But I dread it, and even more do I dread what the next books will be like. I’ve worked so hard to make Vampire Diaries a good series, only to have the unthinkable happen to me. And I have no one but myself to blame for not being submissive enough.

L. J. Smith”

—So even the author of The Vampire Diaries wants Damon with Bonnie.

Secrets Part One

Pairing: Stiles x Reader, Brothers are Stefan and Damon Salvatore

Requested by: katygracious

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Gradually you open your eyes as the sunlight beams into them, but you quickly cover them with your hand. As your eyes adjust you suddenly feel a slight pressure on the mid-area of your stomach. You look down to see a familiar pair of arms as he pulls you closer. Smiling to yourself you feel a kiss on your cheek as he says in a sleepy voice, “Good morning beautiful.”

You turn around to face him to see the smiling face of Stiles Stilinski to say back, “Good morning.”

He asks you, “Did you have good night’s sleep?”

“I slept great.” You say as you bury your head into his chest having him pull you into a tight embrace. This is the happiest that you have ever been in your hundred and fifty years, but soon your guilt kicks in once more. Stiles has been completely honest with you from the beginning telling you that his friends are werewolves, banshee, kitsune, and a werecoyote. Only you have a secret of your own that you have been keeping from him for the past year months.

That is when you hear the sound of your phone ringing for you to slowly get out of his bed and walk over to your bag. You grab your phone from your front jacket pocket to read the caller I.D, Damon Salvatore; your brother. Turning to Stiles you tell him, “I’m just going to go grab me a drink and maybe start breakfast while I take this call.”

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