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omfg i just saw a tweet that said that this girl was in the lib and a guy walked in and set chinese food in front of her and said "u got this bby" wow a whole a jk move after an argument 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

•Stop boyfriend Jungkook is such a concept like he’s one of those real good boyfriend types doesn’t have any social media like u have to explain memes to him but he still laughs because he’s so fond of u and it’s dumb and you’re a little dumb and he loves it.
•Lots of convenient store trips and matching puma gear like!!!!!! Pls my ideal boyfriend I love him so much.
•FaceTimes u from the store because you asked him to pick u up a pair of lashes but you didn’t tell him there were 500 different types and he know you’ll send his ass back.
•Alternatively, hates when u leave said lashes on the bathroom counter because they look like spiders and it takes ten years off his fucking life when he gets out of the shower
•Plays on a community soccer team and u bring signs to his game even though he pretends to be embarrassed because there’s like only 3 other people who show up to the games lmao.
•Fighting over who’s turn it is to drive. Jungkook losing on purpose
•Being a wholesome dorky couple that has themed anniversaries. You used to take turns picking but Jungkook’s picked Naruto three years in a row
•having such cute aesthetically pleasing ig pics because he’s one of those extra ass people that lays on the whole ground to make sure your picture looks good
•traveling on your college student budgets !!! So short 100$ get away to nearby islands or train rides to the city over real cute weekend getaways :,)

Like please Jungkook is such the perfect college boyfriend I’ve never been more sjdkskdkd

(I was gonna include this in the answer to the “what’s changed” asked but it’s a little bit of a bummer, still, good expo: So far the bad thing about taking their relationship one day at a time in regards to growth is that without expectations they’re not really planning either.

Their eagerness to get married kinda blinds them to what they’re really gonna have to do to make that happen. Not just getting to California, but if they can’t travel pretty soon after, it would sort of break their hearts.

And after that, how do they live? Surely she won’t come stay with him in his tiny dressing room he uses as a bedroom. The most obvious answer is for Bendy to come to the Grzeskiewicz home since it’s big and kind of a central meeting place anyway, but would he really want to share India with Godwin like that? And how would he get to the theater where he actually works every day?

They’re already getting a taste of this in that they don’t actually have many opportunities to stay overnight with each other, lest India have to bike Bendy all the way to the theater district every morning, which works but is a pretty major pain. Bendy never thought he’d be so jealous simply knowing Bee and Boris just sleep together every night.

It comes down almost entirely to money, but also convenience too and the difficulty of change. Would India want to leave Godwin alone if they had the chance to find some place for themselves? And would Bendy want to leave the convenience of living where Boris and their job is? It’s not like it’s an impossible choice, after all Henry is moving back to his old home when Linda gets back. They’ll all congregate the way they always do anyway during the day, but change is still hard. Where’s the middle ground?

I think they’ve sort of jumped ahead because they know that once they are married, they’ll face some difficulties; but they forgot that the actual startup of it isn’t gonna be much easier for them than any other young couple. Pretty soon they’re gonna have to come down from the excitement of the “we’re gonna get married” hype and realize that this isn’t going to be a flawless transition. -HG)

  • Justin: Um, Roman Mars says that if there's a revolving door and you use the one next to it that isn't revolving then you're a monster. 'Cause they're so efficient and great.
  • Griffin: Can I, um, can I ask you a question Justin? I've been meaning to ask you this for a while.
  • Justin: Uh-huh?
  • Griffin: Why don't you just go do a podcast with Roman Mars?
  • Justin: Um. If he would have me I would love to, to get over there. I have a lot of good ideas for like, not like this show, but like, for his show like Smart Stuff, you know what I mean? Like, real thinkers. Not like - I can't stress this enough - not like THIS show, but like, smart, erudite podcasting. That's, I feel like, my true calling and. I really feel like my light's under a bushel.
  • Travis: Justin, do you wanna do like a weird backdoor for pilot for Smart Stuff with Justin and Roman right now, and just like, give us a topic you might discuss on Smart Stuff?
  • Justin: Yeah, I'll give you an example and this would be like co-hosted by me and Roman, okay? So I'll kinda leave blanks for his-
  • Griffin: I'll do- No, I can do Roman.
  • Justin: No, I'm just gonna leave blanks for his parts, okay?
  • Griffin: You don't even wanna hear my Roman?
  • Justin: No! You can try later.
  • ...
  • Justin: Remember it's like an erudite, kinda smart podcast.
  • Griffin: Yeah, yeah, like a podcast where you know the host knows the word erudite.

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Thank you for the clarification, I got it. But I wouldn't say those things are considered myth by neopagans or 'modern' witches. It's all the same things just with different names. For example some call it astral projection, some OBE, some witch flight. The same applies to a lot of things. So I don't really get the point of secrecy. This also implies everyone can do it if you'll tell them how. If not, again, why hiding it?

Oh, kiddo, that’s just the basics. 
What about shapeshifting? 
What about things that people call ‘hollywood’ because they’ve never known anyone who could do them? Be creative, think about it, and question. 
There are witches who have learned to do things that no one else needs to know even exists. There’s a reason that the really good ones don’t talk.
Or, there are those who lie and claim to know nothing of the sort. The same reasons apply. 

Again, you miss the point. The understanding comes after sufficient power and skill has built. Before then, it literally will make no sense. 
There are things I still don’t understand. And I won’t until I reach a point that the spirits feel it necessary to clarify.

The fact that you have to keep asking and making assumptions shows me that you wouldn’t be ready to understand these things. I’d tell them to you and you’d think I was joking. 

There is no clean cut instruction because that’s not how these skills are handed down. It comes with a combination of testing, guidance, and intuitiveness. 

Those secrets, all those terribly tantalizing secrets, are reserved for initiates in most traditions. Working in a spirit initiated tradition is no different. You really think that gods, spirits, and witches are going to be giving out their best secrets to just anyone? Really? 

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i feel like chris would take a lot of polariods???? Like, he would have a while box of them and would habg the best ones up??? idk its just a thought

  • Chris Thomas who’s wall above his bed is COVERED in photos
  • Staged perfected ones, in the moment blurry ones, black and white ones, accidental ones, every picture he has taken is stuck up because each one has a memory attached to it 
  • But what we really wanna know is what on these photos don’t we? >:)
  • So here we go, there is: 
  • Nabulungi sitting on a swing with the sun hitting her to make her dark skin seem golden and her eyes like pools of lava
  • James is drawing, his face extremely focused, graphite smudged across his cheek and eyebrows furrowed and bottom lips trapped between his teeth in concentration
  • Nabulungi sat in a field of flowers that reach her knees with some of them tucked in her tight ringlets 
  • Kevin mid-getting smacked in the head with a football with a hilarious shocked blurry face and his arms flailing (that one makes Chris laugh the most) 
  • Arnold making Nabulungi’s birthday cake grinning into the camera brightly with batter on his nose and flour in his hair, wearing a Star Wars apron
  • Connor flopped on the couch after he pulled an all-nighter to finish all his ‘District Leader paperwork’ with one leg and one arm over the back and his head limp over the arm of the sofa
  • (There’s a second one to accompany it with Kevin carrying him into their room, smiling down lovingly at Connor clinging onto him with his face nuzzled in his chest (He gave that one to Kevin though)) 
  • James and Arnold who had rotated their glasses upside down and making stupid face into the camera
  • Nabulungi dipping Kevin as they danced in the main hall to her new record player playing ‘Africa’ by Toto
  • Nabulungi teaching Connor a very complex handshake as they sit crossed legged on a hill outside and his face is scrunched up as Nabulungi is in mid-smack of his hands
  • James covering the camera but you could see his beaming laughing face through the gaps of his fingers

But of course, he has secret ones he keeps in a cardboard box labelled ‘MEMORIES’ under his bed: 

  • James sleeping with his lips parted slightly, glasses askew and his hair fallen into his relaxed face as he lays on Chris’ shoulder
  • One of him and James kissing with James’ hand on his cheek and a smile against his lips 
  • The back of James naked back as he cooked breakfast for them before anyone else was up
  • James blowing bubbles at the camera from his outstretched palm with a bubble beard as they sat in a bubble bath
  • Another of James sleeping but it’s the back of his neck, littered in bruising hickeys 
  • One of Kevin when he came to sit with him one night when Chris couldn’t sleep. He was staring down at a softly steaming cup of tea with the moon spilling on his face to make his dark hair look silver
  • Connor in a rare moment when he totally lets loose of his emotion and is laughing so hard he’s rolling in the grass with his head flung back
  • One James took of Chris braiding Nabulungi’s hair as she sat on the floor, leant back into his lap on the couch
  • Kevin had borrowed his camera to take a picture of Arnold and Nabulungi outside, but when he came back to return it he quickly snapped a picture of Chris and James cuddling on the couch while watching TV 
  • A picture of his sister sat up in her hospital bed and smiling softly 

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Hey! Mind if I ask... What's your favorite music? Also, do you have any Klance songs recommendations? (It can be more than one!) I'm just... Needing some good music xD

I like a lot of music!
My favourites tend to be ones that make me feel like I own the room i’m in and just go hard af
i mean like, this is my youtube watch list rn so??? that kinda stuff rly just makes me go nuts 

or i like tender emotional ones that leave u feelin a bit empty
A whole load of 80′s stuff


honestly i’m just gonna dump a bunch of songs i like to put to all my otps here, wether or not they’re klancey is up to you

Semisonic - FNT  please god watch 10 things i hate about you it’s like, my favourite movie ever

Spin Doctors - Two Princes literally, my favourite song in the world, have listened to this repeatedly since i was like 10 and still feel joy every time

Alter Bridge - Wonderful Life not a happy song sorry but i put this to every otp i have and cry, think angsty character death fics

The Fratellis - Whistle For The Choir this is just a damn cute song

Passenger - The Last Unicorn again, not happy, really angsty, a love that never was, longing for someone else, one of my favs to sing

Of Monsters and Men - Love Love Love Possibly the angstiest song ever about a one sided love from the other persons perspective, very much a klance song from Keiths point of view. I have a personal connection to this song.

and because I can’t not include these CLASSICs

Angel With A Shotgun

Accidentally In Love

Ever Fallen In Love

Honourable mention: Snow Patrol - Dark Roman Wine not many people like this song but it gives me a certain tender vibe that sticks??

it’s about now I’m realising i specialise in angsty songs like I legit have like SO MANY song for otps that don’t work out/break up/never confess/one sided love etc

if u want angst then come to me i’ll set u up


Woooo we did it! When I started this sideblog I had no idea it would grow so fast. The Thiam fandom is the best fandom I’ve ever been in and I just wanted to thank all my followers cuz without you this blog wouldn’t even exist! So, thank you! I’ll celebrate it this weekend with a lot of new gifs and a Thiam halloween one shot <3

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Looking For Allurance Moments

Hey all, somebody has requested that I make a Round Up for all the Lance/Allura moments in the seasons we had so far. Considering how many there have been in the past two seasons, I figured I could make a pretty good post.

One issue though. I haven’t been looking out for these moments, especially in Seasons 1 and 2. I’m willing to hunt down screencaps on my own, but not watch the entire show again, just to make a Round Up.

So below the cut is every moment I remember. If you could check it and tell me all the ones I’ve missed, I’d really appreciate it. I know there is a lot, but like I said, I haven’t been looking for them.

@fyallurance and @lallura Could you guys reblog this, so I can reach more Lance/Allura fans?

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How do you care about so many people who you'll probably never meet ?

Well on one hand I suffer from hyperempathy, so that maybe could help a lil?

There’s also the fact that I hate myself a lot so maybe I have love to spare?

Oh also the fact that every fuckin one of y’all deserve it bc U guys are way too good and way to nice and like? you know what? the world already has enough shitty ass people I don’t wanna be another one! 

so just today I said to myself “I think the most bittersweet moment about meeting Taylor is the likely hood that you’ll ever see her again is like none” but all these people who met her last era are meeting her again and its giving me so much hope in life. I’ve been through a lot since last era, I lived when I thought I couldn’t and a lot of the times it was Taylor’s music that got me through those times. I wish I could even begin to describe what these last three years were like. I had a lot of good but I also had a lot of bad. I know I could’ve had it a lot worse and I’m so thankful I didn’t but I just need to tell Taylor thank you one more time. I feel like there’s so much left unsaid. I want everyone to have the opportunity to meet her though. SO if ever given the opportunity again I would feel almost guilty. idk I’m thinking when I should be doing homework

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hello! I wanted to tell you this a couple hours ago but I decided to do my homework first, and it's principally because one of your post ♥️ I usually reblog a lot of tips for stop-procrastinating but then, I feel bad when I can't follow them, and your honest opinion about it made me change my mind a lot, so now I promised to not be so hard with myself 💛🐥 please have a good day and thank you so much!

I’m so proud of you!!!!! Your message made me happy! I hope you remember this feeling and keep it up so you can procrastinate even less from now on 💖✨☺️

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I have read The Mistake four times each already and I am so worried that you are going to like kill one of them off in the next chapter or something insane because you are such a good writer but you hurt me.

“but you hurt me” lolololololololol wow. that is so funny. i mean, yea. yea i do. 

but you are ready for the next chapter. trust me. it is simply pure, unadulterated fluff. maybe some of the fluffiest shit i have ever written. 

*stares off into the distance thinking about the last paragraph* no cliffhangers. no pain. just fluff. and lots of um……. 

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yeaaaaaaaa. dope.

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i hate this so much.. i really was excited for the live show and for it to have canon bbrae. i really trusted them but they misled us. now all the antis in the tag are kind of shoving it in our faces. im in a really horrible mood now and hopeless

I’m here with you, friend. I am proud of one thing though: not one BBRae fan has said they’ll still ship it with this age gap.

I know it’s a dumb, obvious thing, but haters love having a moral high ground, and by showing we are disappointed because it is NOT going to happen (because of the AGE, not RACE) proves a lot of that nonsense is made up to make them feel good about themselves while they make others feel bad.

Block them. I went on a blocking spree, I’m not ashamed. It’s one thing to dislike something innocent and another entirely to actively try and make others feel like actual shit because of something so…insignificant.

I reblogged a post a while ago about how it isn’t about what people ship that defines them, but their actions towards actual real human beings that speaks volumes of the type of person they are. Tumblr, sadly, perpetuates and encourages this toxic behaviour of being cruel to fellow fans and wishing the WORST on real people.

How many folk get messages like GO DIE in their inbox from anons because they disagreed with someone?

These people are the same ones who go around toting on and on about important issues like fair treatment, diversity, acceptance, kindness and love, while at the same time doing the exact opposite to their fellow man over….


It’s hard to take anyone seriously on this site when everyone can be so quick to hate people over petty shit. I know I’m guilty of this, too. I’m sure I am. But it’s opened my eyes.

I really, really never want to be like people like that ever, and if I ever have. I am so sorry. No one deserves to be made to feel like shit by people who thrive on nothing but hate. No one, no matter what they ship (with the exception of incest and pedophilia) or who they like.

A lot of us are here to escape the horrors of reality, and when fandom is supposed to give us a break, it sucks to come online and see…people being horrible to people all over again.

Do yourself a favor and block those people. Not because they are awful or you hate them, but for YOURSELF. You don’t deserve to put yourself through shit like that while trying to enjoy your fandom, and if it helps to block them out, then that is self-care.

BBRae is a fanon ship. Has been for years now.

The people who got you, fanfic writers. Fanartists.

We got this, and we’ll keep making content even if DC won’t. Fandom has been helming this ship since 2011, and we won’t stop now! :D

I have this problem with something anyone who’s ever met taylor says, and that’s “don’t give up! you’ll meet her one day!” which is such a nice sentiment but I also feel like a lot of people especially younger fans are really holding their whole hearts out for that day when realistically that day is actually not gonna come for like 80% of them? idk like maybe we shouldn’t be spreading this false message of hope bc taylor has tens of millions of fans and the statistics just…..aren’t v good

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i was kinda stalking your art tag and i got aalllll the way to the bottom and wow first off you've improved so much!!! not that your art wasn't great before it's just,, wow it's so good!! also, i saw one of your posts about h.m being an angel and how she's ur sunshine and stuff and im not attacking you for it. obviously that was a long time ago i just wanted to say it's amazing how much your opinions on her have changed! mine definitely have after following you! i just think it's really cool =)

ya its amazing how a fandom can ruin your love for a character isn’t it lmao

no but thank you I agree I’ve improved a lot since I first started posting here

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Hey everyone is asking you about changes in singing voices on T. Do you know of any examples of comparisons of singing voices before and after T? I love my singing voice and I get a lot of compliments on it and I'm sort of running on the assumption that my lower singing voice will be super sexy but really have nothing to base that on.

I don’t actually have any comparisons… And I can’t find good ones. Your lower voice will sound great tbh. And honestly comparisons for others are pretty useless because each person’s voice is so different. Your assumption that your lower range will sound good is true. But how great your upper range will sound is what differs person to person. It can sound great though if you work on it and use it


Daily Klance Fic Recommendation 10/18

Follow My Lead | By: klancekorner | Completed | 114,261 words | Mature

Becoming “hook-up buddies” with Lance Sanchez was just supposed to be a small, insignificant fraction of Keith’s life. But of course, things don’t work out that way at all.  

aka a Friends w/ Benefits AU that nobody asked for where Lance wears sleeveless hoodies, plays basketball in abandoned parking lots, and follows his dreams, and Keith comes from a high class, reputable family who never let him have any dreams of his own. They go home with each other and don’t expect it to matter until it totally does.

Keith POV and Lance POV


I CAN FINALLY RECOMMED THIS SINCE ITS FINISHED. I love this fic so much. Its essential porn with plot and you know how the plot can suck, THIS ONE IS GREAT. The smut is beautiful and the plot is really really fuckin good. If you have not read this, holy lord, go read this. It is sooooo worth it. 

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Can I have a Jihoon and his boyfriend as like paranormal explorers?? (I'm in need of some spooky times)

this is cute 

-so jihoon didn’t initially want to go check out this abandoned hospital you found on an urban exploration app but a good amount of begging (and treating him to thai dinner) had him more okay with it

-and he laughs at you when you suit up with all these home remedies and even strap some salt into your fanny pack for easy access

-’jihoon i won’t love you anymore if you get possessed by a demon’ 

-’good thing you have your baggie of salt then’ 

-but for talking all big he looks pretty pale when you two pull into the gritty little side parking lot 

-and starts making a lot of excuses for why you two shouldn’t go in

-but now you’re the one talking him down like c’mon the salt is just in case i swear i won’t let you get possessed by a demon would you feel more comfortable if you got to carry it here

-and when you accidentally knock over some plywood he s c r e a m s 

-and you pretty much go deaf for a minute 

-so the rest of the time in the hospital he’s really close to your side and kinda gross-scared 

-like he’s channeling the fact that he doesn’t want to be here into thinking it’s all too gross to be around 

-and you play a game where you freak him out

-see some chipping red paint? ‘hey jihoon look at that blood stain’ 

-’jihoon bats can kill you duck!’ 

-’did you hear that giggling down the hall’ 

-and it’s all fun and games for a while while you explore the hospital but you start to really hear things 

-like there’s something coming after you down the hall??? 

-and there are these shadows moving??? 

-o fUK 

-so you two just book it  out of there and lock yourselves in the car and when jihoon reaches over to hug you he accidentally spills the salt 

-’i told you that i wouldn’t let you turn into a demon’ 

-and that thought is so stupid that he kisses you to stop you from saying anything else 

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It was incredible and surprising and so well written.Do you have anything else you can kill me with?

yes okay so i have lots of fics lmao but here’s one which is quite similar!!! it’s another mystery sort of story, a james bond au kinda!!! harry is a spy and louis works for the government and it’s so so so good.

When Worlds Collide And Days Are Dark

jupiterhyde replied to your post “Out of all your Oc’s which one is your favorite and do you relate to…”

Tell me about your book characters

LMAO, sure.

Well, my favorite character I have created is, no doubt, Bernardo Esparza, “The Writer”, he is a magical being and has a lot of power for someone that never asked for it. He was so much fun to create and write, I keep wanting to at least mention him in every story I do because he is that awesome, and somehow he is in every story.

In the same fashion, I did the literal devil, Anton Van Goldschmidt. Or Tony. My dad (stepfather) had such an influence in this character and I just love him, he is such a bitch but also such a good person, lol. He is, so far, somehow in every story I have written.

Other characters I have done that I love ar Nicoletta, Apolonia Valencia and her idiotic twin brother Apolo (or just Polo), the always in pain William and his boyfriend Luke, and recently, the literal demon and the ghostbuster Alexander Tarrab and Hannah Limantour.

Nana and Alexander are just– so much fun to write, they are both assholes and they have both so much to go through still, I’m loving right now doing their bckstories and their relationships with Dead David and their respective couples, it’s fun.