you hate fat people

You know someone is an asshole when they respond to a post pushing for acceptance with “I don’t hate fat people BUT it’s only okay as long as they’re healthy.”

For one thing, you can be healthy and fat, but even if a fat person isn’t healthy, don’t you still think it’s more important for them to have high self-esteem than to hate their body?

Why are you pushing the idea that being fat is inherently unhealthy and that it’s more important for fat people to be concerned with being skinny healthy than to love themselves?

“roadhog looks like he would vote trump” you do know you don’t gotta attempt to dress it up as some sort of faux progressiveness thing that shows you don’t know anything about the character, right? like you can just say you hate fat people. you don’t need to ring around the roses with it

How can you hate an entire group of people just for being fat??

And don’t give me that crap about us “not taking care of ourselves” in the past few months I’ve taken tremendous care of myself and I’m very proud of that fact. Does that mean I’m gonna start dropping weight? Nope, I’ve got illnesses that make it super hard to lose weight.

But that doesn’t even matter.

Even if you are the unhealthiest person in the world, I’m still going to treat you with respect. Why? Because you’re a living, breathing, thinking, feeling human being who deserves it whether you’re a size 0 or a size 6x and higher.

So honestly fuck anyone who thinks I don’t deserve kindness because I’m fat.

Dealing With Ship Hate

“I ship (not something you ship).”
Ah, ok.
“So I really don’t ship (your ship).”
Um…sure. Ship and let ship, I guess.
“Like, I dont know why people even ship it!”
…no need to be rude, friend.
“*openly blasting their ship out*”
Yeah, I do that too so it’s okay–
“*openly comparing their ship to your ship and concluding yours is worse*”
Hey, hold on now–
“*writing essays on why their ship is better*”
Okay, you dont need to be that rude–
“*writing essays on why your ship is bad*”
Wow, okay you’re an asshole. Block. Ignore.
“I really hate that ship its my NOTP no one should ship it!!!”

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being obese is medically a risk? idk i understand why people want to end fat shaming but if it's okay to tell someone "oh it's fine that you're extremely unhealthy" isn't that toxic???? jw

idk is it okay for you to walk up to someone in a wheelchair and tell them they’re extremely unhealthy? is it okay to walk up to an elderly person and assume that they must be extremely unhealthy because they’re old? is it okay to trample your entitled ass into an infusion room and tell all the chemo patients that they’re all unhealthy?

why does your respect end at ‘unhealthy’? it doesn’t. it ends at fat. you’d never ever in a million years tell some other person you assumed was unhealthy that it isn’t okay to be unhealthy. you’re only telling me because you hate fat people.

someone: i am distinctly uncomfortable with a romantic relationship with a 23 year age gap, i prefer to see this relationship as father/son seeing as the older is two years shy of being twice the younger’s age
cursed r/o//ad/r/a/t fan: oh so you hate ugly people and fat people and disabled people and gay people and trans people and neurodivergent people and you want us all to die? fuck you. also you support incest.

No Matter What. || Archie Andrews

Originally posted by kevinkeller

word count : 921

pairing : Archie Andrews x Reader

warnings : obesity? if that is one. mentions of name calling.

summary: Valentines day has always been hard for you. With all the sweets passed around you always struggled to not eat all of what was given to you. But your boyfriend, Archie Andrews, would and will do anything to make this day special.

a/n : i know this is going up really late but i got fairly distracted with a few other things! but happy valentines days everyone! i hope things went well for everyone! btw; i don’t think anyone is fat. as i said in the imagine; you are just pleasantly plump. don’t forget to love yourself! 


     Your weight has always been an issue in your life. It was like one day you were skinny then next…not so much. Things seemed to blur in your memories on the exact moment you became ‘fat’. You hated that term but it tended to be what people called you. You didn’t exactly blame them, you knew you were over weight but ‘fat’ was just a mean word. You preferred ‘pleasantly plump’ or, as your boyfriend liked, ‘squishy in all the right places’. 

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1. You are fat and ugly.
2. Your eyes are too small.
3. I sucked  his dick.
4. You laugh terrible.
5. You are lonely.
6. Don’t wear that.
7. Stop eating so much.
8. Your ears are so fucking ugly.
9. I’m not sorry.
10. You could cry blood and I wouldn’t care.
11. You should close your mouth while you’re laughing.
12. Cunt.
13. He is not interested in you.
14. I loved you.
15. I miss you.
16. You can have anyone, except me.
17. You are stupid.
18. He has a new girlfriend.
19. Your butt is too small.
20. Your boobs are too big.
—  Things people told me I can’t forget. No matter how hard I try.

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I don't mean to upset you but I wanted to tell you so you can arrange for it to be removed; there is a thread dedicated to you on fat people hate.

Dunno who they are so I can’t send pictures of my fat rolls to them, but they will have to admire me in their imagination.

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My best friend is a professional researcher. She is also a size 0. On my journey to become healthier about my body image, I've read studies linked from your blog and I've shown these studies to my friend. She has recently told me that she can't get on board with the belief of healthy fat people and that long term weight loss is near impossible because she has "followed the science" and has read more extensively into the studies I've shared with her. How is that possible?

Ask her to show you one meta-analysis of randomized and controlled weight loss experiments published in a reputable journal showing that *clinically significant* weight losses (I.e. not just 3lbs) can be maintained by the majority of people for longer than 3 years. Ask for the same, but for a five year follow-up.

Ask her to show you one meta analysis of randomized and controlled experiments showing that weight loss improves health in a *clinically significant way* (i.e. not just a three point change in blood pressure) where those effects are independent of the benefits of fruit/vegetable consumption and exercise, last for longer than 6 months, and occur without serious negative health consequences like depression and disordered eating.

Ask her to show you five large-scale epidemiological studies demonstrating a negative correlation between weight and health that adequately control for confounds like underlying health conditions (PCOS etc), socio-economic status, experiences of weight-based discrimination, history of dieting and weight cycling, and especially experiences of medical discrimination (e.g., avoidance of doctors, dismissal of symptoms, withholding care until weight loss occurs).

Because that is just the start of the reasonable burden of scientific proof needed to claim that fatness causes health problems and that weight loss is cures health problems.

And I’ll give you a tip so you don’t hold your breath while you wait for her to find those studies: they don’t exist.

(And while you are at it, ask her why she hates fat people, because her easy dismissal of your lived experiences and the lived experiences of millions of other fat people telling her that dieting is literally soul destroying smells like fat phobia to me.)

i don’t get hurt by messages like that it’s just so weird it’s like they think that fatties aren’t sent that message from every direction every day from every form of media for their entire life like. Girl……….I know. Well I knew. Because that’s not actually the truth. And to reinforce that -untrue- message is so…ugly. Like get a hobby you freak and stop sending fat people hate mail

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how do you feel about fat shaming?

I don’t understand it from the perspective of, “You’re unhealthy and you’re going to die sooner.” Like, so what? That’s got nothing to do with me and if they’re confident and love themselves, then why would I go and be a fucking prick for no reason, you know what I mean? 

The people that go on about them being unhealthy are lying anyway. They don’t really care about their health, they just don’t like fat people. It’d be easier to just go and say you hate fat people, like, you’d still come off as a cunt but at least you’d be an honest one.  

honestly the second some fat girl has the gall to exist and love herself some fucker has to butt in like “thats not healthyyyyyyyyyyyyy” 

like even IF that were 100% true do you do this shit with everything thats not healthy? you walk into bars with a megaphone shouting about how many people die every year due to drunk driving? you see someone buy cigarettes in the store and you yell at them about how bad they are for you??? 

no? oh ok you just hate fat people ok i see