you hate being cute but youre so good at it

a long list of my fave lightning thief musical moments
  • before the play started they had fog in the air and the sound of thunder and crows playing over the speakers, it was so spooky, i walked into the theater and immediately fell in love (also they were selling orange chb t-shirts at the merch table!)
  • you’ve probably already seen pics of the set design but ancient greek columns sprayed w graffiti and covered in nyc scaffolding is the Ultimate PJO Aesthetic
  • sally calling percy “baby” :’) carrie compere’s sally was so good overall i loved her so much
  • mr. d’s song was so funny, george salazar really nailed him
  • luke going past percy while sword training and stopping to watch him go by when they met eyes uhhh…..
  • percy and grover’s hug when they see each other again, percy just ran to him and held him so tight i love them
  • luke annabeth and grover sitting together and joking in the background!! there were a lot of little interactions between characters when the focus wasnt on them that were so cute <3
  • percy making lightsaber noises with his sword when he first gets it before capture the flag
  • silena hyping clarisse up during “put you in your place”
  • grover crying about pan but trying to keep dancing during his part of the campfire song
  • percy at the campfire saying he can’t sing after he’s spent the entire first act singing, i love him
  • also the entire campfire song being abt how much everyone hates their parents and then percy standing up and being like “hi everyone, i love my mom”
  • percy climbing the scaffolding during “good kid” and hanging like he’s going to jump when he sings “all you get are bad grades and a bum rap and a bad rep and a good smack and no friends and no hope and no mom” chris made me cry real tears here oof
  • grover telling percy he’s coming w him on his quest and percy immediately going into Angry Protective Mode and grover jumping in before he can say anything w/ “don’t get mad!”
  • act 1 ending with this big triumphant song abt leaving on their quest but then the lights go dark and monster calls echo and groups of red eyes peak from the back of the stage and percy grabs for grover’s hand before the blackout 😭
  • “i don’t wanna die in the garden state!”
  • grover staring percy down for a good silent five seconds after percy responded to him talking to a squirrel w “this is nuts”
  • annabeth telling percy her mom turned medusa into a monster and chugging water halfway through her sentence so she doesn’t have to finish it
  • “that little squirrel came back and gave me these!” “three amtrak tickets?”
  • girl in braids and a floppy hat at the lotus hotel: why, my brother and i arrived just yesterday, may 1st, 1939!
  • thalia singing softly on the second level while luke and annabeth stand behind her with their hands held out, lit w green light, turning her into a tree while grover tells percy about being afraid he failed her, he was crying, i was crying
  • “it’s charon with an “a” as in AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • creators of this musical, apparently: well we dont have time to focus on them facing cerberus so now he’s a dj for a sequined charon who rocks the entire theater
  • “i think this pit is tartarus” “(gasping) YOU MEAN LIKE………..THE FISH SAUCE
  • the toilet paper guns used for percy’s water powers being shot over the audience until the entire orchestra was completely covered in toilet paper
  • “well the gods aren’t always fair but we’re not total dicks”
  • jonathan raviv’s quick change from poseidon to chiron was really quick so he came out as chiron with his shirt unbuttoned in the deepest v saying “I GALLOPED HERE AS FAST AS I COULD” which was ridiculous and yet completely in character
  • percy and luke’s handshake! and luke telling percy what he thinks of the gods and going for the handshake and percy hesitantly doing it w him bc he agrees w/ the way luke feels before realizing that luke’s the lightning thief
  • luke has a dark reprise of “good kid” when he betrays percy and i !!!! SCREAMED!!!!
  • also the creators of this musical, apparently: well we cant have a poison scorpion on stage so how about luke just fuckin stabs percy in the back? hm?
  • the stage was a huge mess of confetti and toilet paper by the end which is truly the only way a percy jackson musical should end
  • please go see this if you have the chance it’s so funny and so good, it’s really an amazing adaption that gets the tone of the book so well and every actor captures their character(s) perfectly, they all clearly know the material and seem like they’re having so much fun onstage, i loved it so much!!!!
OTP Drabble Challenge!

Rules: Followers send a number to your ask, along with a pairing, and you write a drabble using that dialogue in your piece! Try to keep up! Expect a TON of requests!

  1. “The doctor said it’s normal” - “Well that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.”
  2. “Baby, you’re not a bother.” - “I’m too needy, you don’t deserve it.”
  3. “Come with me to the other room.” - “We’re not going to talk about this now.”
  4. “Did you just hiss at me?” - “Are you judging me?”
  5. “Don’t yell at me like I’m a child!!” - “DON’T THROW SCISSORS!”
  6. “Here, take me blanket/jacket.” - “I told you, I’m not cold.” *shivering*
  7. “Did you hear that?” - “I’m telling you, I’m haunted.”
  8. “I just wanted an easy day with my boyfriend/girlfriend. Is that too much to ask?”
  9. “Why are you awake right now?”
  10. “Come over here and make me.”
  11. “I want my best friend back.” - “Kevin is over there.”
  12. “H-how long have you been standing there?” - “Long enough.”
  13. “You’re lying, you’re blushing.” - “Shut up, no I’m not!”
  14. “No, I’m not talking to you.”
  15. “No more!” - “Okay, fine, I won’t send you any more selfies.”
  16. “What do you have?” - “Pizza rolls and Cup O’ Noodles…that’s about it. Popcorn?”
  17. “The salad here is really good.” - “Do I look like a fucking rabbit?”
  18. “Open this.” - “Can you say please?”
  19. “I just came to say goodbye…” - “Bullshit, you just feel bad.”
  20. “You’re on level 176.” - “Can you judge me harder?”
  21. “Jinx, you owe me a coke.” - *can’t speak until they buy a soda*
  22. “Please don’t leave me.” - “I don’t want to go”
  23. “Babe, I’m sorry.” - “Suck my ass.”
  24. “Liar, liar, pants on fire!” - “Seriously, you’re worse than a kid.”
  25. “You can’t ride a bike?” - “Why are we whispering?”
  26. “Is it that time of the month?” - “You literally ask me that whenever I’m mad at you!”
  27. “We’re going downtown.” - “There’s a strip club downtown.”
  28. “You weren’t supposed to hear that.” - “Well, you shouldn’t be saying it then.”
  29. “It’s not mine, I swear.” - “How is it not fucking yours!”
  30. “Take it off.” - “Like a bandaid?”
  31. “I told you…” - “Yeah, yeah, yeah, quit nagging.”
  32. “Boo?” - “You’re my boo.”
  33. “Don’t you ever do that again! You scared the shit out of me!”
  34. “You broke what?!?” - “Don’t worry, I’m okay.”
  35. “Why’re you dressed like that?” - “Does that mean it looks good or should I change?”
  36. “Fine, just do what you have to do.” - “Can you stop being so freaking cute so I can concentrate?”
  37. “…then I picked up your coffee by mistake.” - “All I want is an apology.”
  38. “Well, this is awkward.” - “Don’t touch me.”
  39. “You can’t make me.” - “What are you? Five?”
  40. “You’re a blanket hog!” - “Leave me alone and stop being so selfish.”
  41. “It’s not fair that you’re hot and funny.” - “Look who’s talking…just kidding, your jokes suck.”
  42. “I hate you.” - “No, you don’t.”
  43. “Should I be worried?” - “Is the grass green?”
  44. “You’re kidding me?!” - “Shush, my mom never taught me.”
  45. “I’m your lock screen?!” - “You weren’t supposed to see that.”
  46. “Will you go with me?” - “As long as you hold my hand.”
  47. “Baby, I’m scared.” - “You don’t have to be; not as long as I’m here.”
  48. “Come inside, I’m sorry.” - “Not until you apologize.” - “I just said I’m freaking sorry.”
  49. “Your voice is sexy.” - “Your ass is sexy.”
  50. “If I asked, you’d say no.” - “You don’t know that.”
  51. “Seriously, the chimney?” - “The squirrel can’t win!”
  52. “32?” - “I’ll prove it!”
  53. “It’s just so little and adorable.” - “That’s what she said.”
  54. “You’re not mature enough to be a parent.” - “Try me.”
  55. “Take a chance.” - “Umm…let me think…no.”
  56. “Game’s over, you son of a bitch!!” - “Okay, just don’t hit me.”
  57. “You forgot about my birthday!” - “In my defense, I forget about a lot of things.”
  58. “You need more stamina.” - “No, I need more steak and eggs. So…get on it.”
  59. “Can you dance with me?” - “You’re not mad?”
  60. “I’ll smash it, I swear.” - “You smash it and we’re done.”
  61. “Move!” - “Why would I move if I’m so comfy where I am?”
  62. “I’m not going in.” - “Then we’re not going to get a treat after.”
  63. “I really would’ve liked it if you told me your parents were coming to town.” - “I really would’ve liked it if you put underwear on before coming into the kitchen.”
  64. “I found it in the recycling bin.” - “Well, you’re the one killing the environment, so who’s really in the wrong here?”
  65. “We bet, and you lost.” - “But tattoos are permanent.”
  66. “Can you quit being so sassy?” - “Can you quit being so controlling?”
  67. “Are you getting jealous?” - “You’re changing your outfit, now!”
  68. “What time is it there?” - “We’re in the same time-zone.”
  69. “Quit flirting.” - “I didn’t mean to-”
  70. “I just don’t know what happened.” - “You’re too good for them.”
  71. “You have a cute nose, don’t make me break it.”
  72. “Tell me what I can do to help.” - “Sing me to sleep.”
  73. “You still need your baby blanket?”
  74. “Did you black out?” - “I feel like I’m gonna puke.”
  75. “Let’s just bury the hatchet.” - “Fuck your hatchet.”
  76. “I bet it’s a boy.” - “I bet it’s a turtle.”
  77. “Spare change?” - “You can’t be responsible, you don’t get your wallet.”
  78. “Cuddle or leave.” - “So is that a no to supper?”
  79. “Are you high?” - “I’m just so fucking tired.”
  80. “Why did I marry you?” - “It took a lot of convincing.”
  81. “Who’s texting you?” - “Umm. nobody.”
  82. “You have two choices.” - “Neither of which I like…”
  83. “I want a dog.” - “I want a cat.”
  84. “Chinese food?” - “Do we even know what that’s made of?”
  85. “These sheets are stained.” - “That’s disgusting.”
  86. “You don’t know how to change a tire?” - “Give it a rest, would you?”
  87. “That’s my ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.” - “Well, kiss me so they see.”
  88. “We got lucky. You’re not gonna do that again, right?”
  89. “Hey, babe, look what I found.” - “GET THAT OUT OF THE HOUSE NOW!!!”
  90. “You’ve been replaced.” - “Alright, we’ll see how you feel when you need me to kill a spider in the shower.”
  91. “Are those slippers?” - “Is that you being mean? AGAIN?”
  92. “You forgot your book.” - “No, I lost my book!”
  93. “You’re weird.” - “Or you’re just basic.”
  94. “We need a vacation.” - “You read my mind too much, it scares me.”
  95. “Why’d you hug him? You love him?”
  96. “Sorry.” - “Good choice.”
  97. “Luck? Nope. Skills.” - “If it’s skill then do it again.”
  98. “Why can’t you just believe me?” - “Because you lied about it before.”
  99. “This bath is too damn hot.” - “This is why we can’t do cute things. You complain too much.”
  100. *Make up your own*

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Roses ⚘

(part I) Summary:  Where Bucky Barnes hates you and you hate him or where Bucky Barnes only has eyes for you but you have eyes for someone else

Warnings: none I think, this is long tho ya’ll RIP.

Authors note: My third imagine you guys for the support! And thank you to my new followers for following me! Also this is divided into two parts: it starts out with your POV and then switches to Bucky’s

The kitchen is packed when you walk in. Steve had asked for the team to meet briefly, along with a few other lab techs and agents. You were one of those agents. You were recruited about two years after the avengers were reestablished and  due to your aptitude in computers you hacked for Fury and due to your aptitude in hand to hand combat and weaponry you occasionally went on missions with the Avengers team.

You walk over to the counter where you find your usual cup of coffee waiting. You pick it up and take a long sip, eyes closing in content. Looking over at Natasha you raise your mug and give her a smile. Over the course of a year you and the Black Widow had become friends and now you were fairly close. Every morning you found a cup of coffee on the counter, made exactly how only you like it, half cream and one sugar. Natasha wasn’t openly affectionate but you knew it must be her, she showed affection in subtle ways.

Steve taps a spoon against his mug and the room quiets.“I just wanted to let you all know that we’ll be going over strategy at twelve today. So be there. Oh and meet in the training room, we’ll be usin’ the climbing rope for some exercises” You give a loud sigh, forgetting for a moment how quiet the room is. You hated those ropes.

“What, scared you’ll break a nail princess?” a deep voice says.

Your face contorts as a chorus of ooohs echoes across the room. You turn towards the bane of your existence.

Bucky Barnes.

“No” you snap “But you should be worried about breaking a hip, grandpa” muffled snickers wash over the room as you fix Bucky with your best death glare. But before he can retaliate Sam pipes up.

“Can we reschedule this WWE smack down for after I’ve eaten breakfast?” 

Laughter erupts and you roll your eyes before walking over to stand next to Natasha as the agents start to disperse. 

You despised James Barnes and he hated you in turn. When you first joined the team Bucky seemed shy towards you, but then again he was shyer in general back then. But one day he made a snippy remark towards you, and you being the person you are sassed him right back, and then a rivalry was born. You  know Bucky hates you because he thinks you’re a spoiled little princess who thinks she’s too good for everyone and anything. You didn’t know why he thought that.

Okay you kinda did. 

You were the type of person who is always put together, you enjoyed pampering yourself and  dressing in cute outfits and always have your nails and hair done. You hated the fact that Bucky stereotyped you like so many people had before and vowed to work harder to prove him wrong. Your sense of style had nothing to do with your fighting abilities.

“I see you and Barnes are still at odds.” Natasha murmurs giving you a smirk.

“When will we not be?” You snort

“Hmmm… I don’t know, you know heat can often be mistaken for hate” the redhead says looking down at your coffee mug.

“Please, as if I could ever be with someone who looks down on me just because I enjoy fashion.” You take a sip of your coffee and look over to where Bucky’s sitting with Steve. He really was handsome, with that soft dark hair,strong jaw, piercing eyes and his muscular frame. He even made that metal arm work somehow. He always made the research techs blush and giggle with his compliments and made the team laugh with his sly comments. It’s really such a shame he was such a condescending jerk. You never would admit it, but it bothered you that Bucky singled you out. It reminded you too much of the times you had been the target in high school. And it’s depressing to know that nothing’s changed.

“Excuse me ladies,” You look up, only to meet eyes with the love of your life.

Steele Coulter.

Steele was truly a genetic marvel. With thick auburn hair, a body that looked like its been carved by the gods and a face adorned with a square jaw, plush lips, long lashes and unreal light brown eyes, you were salivating whenever he walked into the room. Steele steps in between you and Natasha, and grabs a muffin from the counter behind you. He shoots you and Natasha toothy smile before heading out, probably to the labs. Thankfully you were a master at concealing your emotions so no one knew about your little crush. 

“You have a little drool on your chin”

Well except for Natasha.

“Shut up,” you say, thankful no ones around to hear her

“You know I don’t think you and Steele would be the best fit.” Tasha says fixing you with her stare.

“Why not? He’s Sweet. Smart.Funny. Hot.”You tick off his qualities on your fingers

“I don’t know, I just think you’d click better with someone else.” she shrugs

“Who?” you press.

“Someone,” Natasha  says giving you her secret smile. You roll your eyes.

“Okay when you find that someone please let me know”

“Who says I haven’t already have?”


You lay on the grass panting, after Steve’s climbing ‘lesson’ which ended in a long outdoor run in the heat, you’re pretty sure you’re never gonna be able to use your arms ever again. Or the rest of your body for that matter. Sam, Steele and Wanda lay next to you, with Steve, Bucky, and Natasha reclining in front of you and a couple of other agents laying down a few feet away. Sweat drips into your eyes and you wipe it away, and what looks like half of your face comes off onto the back of your hand. This is what you get for trying to make an effort this morning and putting on a little eye makeup. Of course Bucky-eagle-eyes spots this immediately and has to comment on it.

“You really put on makeup to train?” He says

“Why can’t you mind your own business for once in your damn life?” you hiss, sitting up to glare at him.

“Okay that’s my cue to leave,” Sam says. sitting up.

 “You’re just in a hurry to go and try to woo ya lady friend” Steve snickers.

“Awww Sam you have a girlfriend?” You say looking over at him.

“Not exactly,” Sam scratches the back of his neck.

“He wishes!” Steve whoops “But that dame won’t give him the time of day”

“Shut up man” Sam groans standing.

“Don’t worry,she’s just playin’ hard to get.” Bucky says, and Wanda and Steele give encouraging nods.

“I hope so,” Sam chuckles. You smile up at Sam.

“If all else fails, give her flowers, girls can’t say no to flowers” You say. Natasha barely contains a snort.

“Hey!” You defend yourself “If a guy took the time to get me flowers it would be a yes from me.”

“I’ll take that into consideration, Simon Cowell” Sam bops you on the head. You give him a mock salute in return.

“Bye guys,” He calls over his shoulder as he walks away. 


That night there’s a rose left in front of your door. You pick it up and place it in a vase in your room. Then you fall onto your bed and squeal into your pillow.Sitting up on your bed you stare at the flower you almost can’t believe someone’s taken an interest in you. Your mind races with the possibilities of who the flower giver could be. And then with the not so savory possibilities that it could be a mistake or a prank. You look at the rose’s velvety petals and sigh.

God you hope its from who you think its from.

All that week every morning you find a flower left in front of your door. Towards the end of the week you can barely contain your smiles. Friday morning rolls around and there’s no flower at your door. You hope this means that the flower giver is going to reveal themselves. Midday and then evening passes and still no flower giver. Disappointed you decide to go get carryout from your favorite restaurant to distract yourself. Walking down the corridor to your room you spy a figure pacing in front of your door. When they hear your footsteps, they freeze and look up. You look at them and then look at the massive bouquet of flowers in their hands.

You gasp. 


Bucky Barnes hates you.

He hates your smart mouth.

He hates how you roll your eyes at him.

He hates how you always smell good.

Okay, correction. Bucky Barnes hates how you make him feel.

He hates how your smile makes his stomach flip. He hates how your skin always looks so soft because it make him want to touch it. He hated how when you put your hand with its ridiculous stacks of rings and powder blue nails on his arm he could feel his knees growing weak. He hated how the first time he met you he was so distracted by how gorgeous your face was and how good you smelled he couldn’t form a coherent sentence.

Bucky Barnes hates the fact that he’ll never be able you have you. 

 You’re too good, too sweet, too normal. He didn’t deserve someone like you. And besides a dame as beautiful as you wouldn’t want a freak with a metal arm. He’s resigned himself to this fact, but even still you make him weak. And he hates that most of all. So he snaps at you, undermines you, in hopes that if you would start to hate him he could hate you. But he could never hate you.

That’s why every morning he makes you a cup of coffee. Half of the cup is cream and one sugar, just like how you like it. Just so he could see your smile when you saw the mug on the counter and know that smile was because of him. 

“You know I think Y/N would be very interested in learning who’s actually making her coffee every morning” Natasha’s voice behind him makes him jump.

“Natasha. Please.” Bucky sets the mug on the counter and turns towards the redhead.

“Alright, alright” Natasha holds her hands up “Your slightly creepy secret is safe with me.” Bucky sighs and heads towards the fridge to grab some milk. Natasha’s voice follows him “Despite what you think, you’d be good for her Barnes. Even you don’t have your head so far up your ass that you can’t see that you’d be good to her.”

Bucky says nothing, and sits at a stool at the counter, making himself a bowl of oatmeal. Steve walks in, clapping Bucky on the shoulder, and then slowly the kitchen starts to fill. You walk in last, of course wearing one of your ridiculous outfits. Today it’s cutoff overalls a tight short floral top and a backwards baseball cap. Bucky hates your outfits. The make it impossible for him to concentrate. He also hates how that scientist Steele makes googly eyes at you. How most of the agents seems to. But Steele makes him bitter because he knows Steele’s everything that he’s not, and can give you everything that he can’t.


Another thing Bucky hates? How you can look good with makeup smeared down your face. He can’t stop his eyes from following you as you get up to go get a late lunch with Wanda, Steele and Natasha.

A hand smacks the top of his head.

“What?” Bucky turns towards Steve.

“Make a move already you idiot.” The blonde says. 

“Shut up” Bucky groans running his hands through his hair. 

“You need to stop acting like a little boy on the playground, pulling her pigtails ‘cause you like ‘er” Steve snaps back. Bucky groans again. “And despite what you think you’re a good guy Buck. You deserve to be happy” Steve’s voice softens.

Bucky sighs,laying on his back. “I just-she just-” Bucky sighs again “I like her a lot Steve.”

Steve guffaws “You think I don’t know?”

“Ya don’t get it man-I like her almost too much,” Bucky mumbles. Steve rolls over and looks Bucky in the eyes.

“I get it. And I also get what you don’t get. How you need to make a move soon”

“Even if I was going to make a move it’s already too late.” Bucky says looking up at the sky “I-I’ve given her such a hard time I don’t think she would be interested.”

“It’s never too late. Just tell her how she makes you so nervous that you end up doing stupid things” Steve grins. “Works with the ladies every time”

“Man what do ya know about ladies?” Bucky laughs.

“Shut up.” Steve smacks Bucky “Just remember it’s never too late”


“It’s never too late”

 Steve’s words echo in Bucky’s head when he heads back to his room that afternoon. And sitting on his bed, with this aching feeling of wanting clawing in his chest Bucky decides he’s going to take a chance.

He knows he can’t cold approach you and that you’d treat any compliments with suspicion. Suddenly your words echo in his head.

“If a guy took the time to get me flowers it would be a yes from me.”

So Bucky gets you flowers. That very night he goes out and gets a bouquet of roses and leaves one at your door that night. And then one the next morning.And the next and the next. The second day he notices how smiley you seem. The third day he hears you giggling with Natasha

“I can’t believe it Tasha, someone’s been leaving me flowers!”

It’s the fourth day and Bucky’s sweating. It’s Friday and he’s decided to tell you and try to ask you out. He spends three hours pumping himself up to actually do it and another hour trying to look presentable. He changes in and out of several shirts before wearing a black button down and jeans. And then he tries to tame his hair into submission. ‘Does it always look this greasy?’ Finally he picks up the massive bouquet of different flowers he bought ‘More flowers more of a chance she’ll say yes?’ and prepares to head out.

“FRIDAY?” Bucky calls out tentatively. He always felt damn strange speaking into open air.

“Yes Sergeant Barnes?” the program answers

“Where’s Y/N?”

“Ms.Y/N is currently heading up to her room from downstairs. Would you like me to contact her?”

“No, thank you FRIDAY” Bucky answers. He decides he’s going to meet you in the hall.

“You’re welcome Sergeant Barnes.”

Bucky walks out of his room and he’s nervous it hits him like a wall and his palm starts to sweat. ‘I feel and look like a damn fool. I shouldn’t have gotten this invested in her.” Bucky thinks to himself. But for a moment he allows himself a future where you’ve said yes. Where you care for him even a little like the way he cares for you. And he wants that future.

Bucky hangs back in the corner before your hall for a little bit. Then he hears the click clack of your heeled shoes. He peeks around the corner. First he sees you-he always does. You look radiant, wearing a short long sleeved dress and those black heels he secretly loves on you. Then he notices the silhouette  standing in front of your door. The male silhouette. Steele’s silhouette. Bucky’s stomach drops. When he sees your face light up Bucky thinks that he would feel bitter. 

But he just feels sad.

‘I guess there is such a thing as too late’

He starts to slip away before you see him.As he turns around he hears your voice. It’s like a knife.

Your excited squeal. 

“No. Way.”

Part II -Coffee

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Get Your Feet Off My Dash

Pairing/Characters: Domestic!Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Smut, swearing, sir!kink, daddy!kink, just heaps of fluff and smut reader beware lmaoooo

Summary: Reader doesn’t deal very well with long drives (or road trips as Steve calls them) and she starts to get really impatient. She’s so impatient she starts to fidget… a lot. Steve doesn’t mind, until she puts her feet on the dash of his brand new car.
Word Count:

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anonymous asked:

Hello!! Thank you so much for your hard work!! I'm really grateful for having someone so nice help us like this ❤️ I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but would you mind making a list of good things to tweet/comment on idols posts? I always see so much hate I just want to drown my babies in soft comments T^T I'm really sorry for being a bother and it's completely understandable and okay if you don't have the time to do this or don't want to! I admire you anyways keep doing your thing!

오빠[들] 너무/정말 [잘생겼어요 / 귀여워요 /예뻐요 / 멋있다] - oppa[s] is so/really [handome/cute/pretty/cool]
힘내세요 - have strength
항상 응원할게요 - I will always cheer you on
조심히 다녀와요/잘다녀와요 - go and come back safely
(오늘도) 수고하셨습니다/수고많으셨습니다/고생하셨습니다/고생많으셨어요  - (today) thank you for your hard work/effort
(오늘도/내일도) 파이팅! / 파이팅하세요! - (today/tomorrow) fighting!
힘내세요 - cheer up/keep strength
오늘도 행복한 하루 되세요 - have a good day
감기 조심하세요 - be careful of the cold
옷을 따뜻하게 입으세요 - dress warmly
푹 쉬어요/많이 쉬어요 - get some rest/get a lot of rest
보고 싶어요 - I miss you / 보고 싶었어요 - missed you
고마워요/감사합니다 - thank you
사랑해요/사랑합니다 - I love you

Auston Matthews #4


Anonymous said: Pls write more Auston Matthews! I live for it! 😊

Anonymous said: Can you please do more Auston Matthews imagines. Your writing is THE best!!

A/N: Honestly I just can’t stop writing Auston imagines and I’m not even sorry.. But also I swear I’m getting to everyones requests!! But yeah, thank you guys!! Hope you liked this :)

Word Count: 1,275

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“I can’t believe I’m letting you drag me to this stupid thing,” you grumbled while walking up the driveway with Steph by your side. After hours of trying to get out of being here, here is exactly where you ended up - here being Connor Brown’s house where a handful of people were enjoying some drinks by the fire.

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Under One Condition: Chapter One

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So, this is the first fic I will have posted. Go easy on me aha.

I hope you enjoy it!! Chapter two is now live, I recommend reading in order. :)

This is the first part, i will try upload one part per week, until the finale.

This fic is a Jimin x reader, featuring Taehyung.

warnings: mature content, smut, kinks, swearing

Chapter List:

chapter one     chapter two    


(Chapter One)

You nervously tapped the edge of the table as you waited, checking your phone every now and then. He was late, with not even a text to explain or comfort you. Taehyung had never been late for one of your meet ups before, and you’d known each other since the early years of school. This seemed odd to you, and you started to feel extremely anxious. 

Thoughts ran through your head, “Is he okay? I hope he isn’t hurt. He will be here soon, surely? Oh god what if…” you stopped mid thought as a warm hand landed on your shoulder and you heard a familiar sigh. 

You quickly span round in your chair to see Tae looking down at you, and spoke before you had chance to greet him. “Sorry I am late, this one held me up” he said gesturing over his shoulder. “This is Jimin, you can finally meet him now and not just hear about my days which include him.” 

He stepped to the side, into view, and your mouth gaped open a little. You were so taken back by him you couldn’t even articulate correctly. “H-h-h-hi, I’m… I’m (y/n). it’s a erm… It’s a pleasure to meet you.” You managed to stutter out, embarrassingly breathily and weak. 

You stare at Tae questioningly for some kind of reassurance. “Ah, sorry, I know we usually meet alone to catch up, I should have told you. He stopped by and I didn’t see the harm in him tagging along. Don’t be nervous, I know how you get. It’s okay!” he said soothingly and pat your head before sitting next you, and gesturing at the seat opposite for Jimin to sit. 

He sits opposite you with a coy smirk, “(Y/n)? That’s a pretty name, to match a pretty face huh?” he said nonchalantly as he picked up a menu, not breaking eye contact as he did so. You felt your cheeks heat, and you hoped he wouldn’t notice you blushing, but you couldn’t look away. His voice was smoother than honey, but with a raspy edge that would become your weakness. He cocked an eyebrow at you and let out a single, smug, breathy laugh as he spoke, “What’s up, cat got your tongue?” 

You shook your head and opened your mouth to speak, but Tae, who you’d forgot was even present, spoke for you. “Stop Jimin, you are making her uneasy, can you not see that? Now, what would you like to order?” 

Little did Tae know, you were not uneasy, but more drawn to him as he left you speechless. No one had spoken to you this way before, let alone someone so attractive. However, you smiled at Tae thankfully and managed to find your words again as you place your order. “I will have a chai latte and a cookie please, those are the best from this café! I highly recommend them.“ you said joyfully and plopped your menu back down on the table. “Ah, your usual then? I should have guessed.” Tae said as he giggled to himself, which gained an amused look from Jimin before hespoke. “I will have what the ladies having, if she says it’s the best, then it must be good. Tae, your go hyung.” Tae pondered a second longer and ordered his usual, a green tea and a brownie. 

He would always flick through the menu at least ten times, looking deep in thought, before ordering the same thing, every time. You couldn’t help but smile and gently nudged him in the ribs, and repeated his earlier words in a mocking tone while giggling. “Your usual then?” Jimin rolled his eyes and sighed heavily. “Ugh, guys… must you flirt so obviously in front of me!?” You both quickly snapped around to look at each other with wide eyes, but quickly burst out laughing, you gently hit his thigh with laughter and he leant back in the chair. “FLIRTING!?” Tae wheezed through his laughter. “We are just friends, we do not flirt, we would never.“ You wipe away a tear that’s formed from laughing so hard and take a deep breath to try contain yourself. “Yeah, what Tae said. Oh god, that is so funny. I can’t believe…” Tae cuts you off. “You would think…” and then you both say at the same time “that we were flirting!”, and you both erupt in laughter again. Jimin sits with his arms folded, looking anything but amused, his lips creating a straight line, and his right brow raised. That is, until you catch his gaze while wiping a tear. 

His lips suddenly form a smirk and he cocks his head, “Ah, is that so?” Your laughter stops instantly and you gulp quite loudly as your mouth has gone dry from the tone he spoke in. His voice was deep and suggestive, and the smirk on his face did little to hide his thoughts. His eyes seemed a little darker than before, with a glint to them. 

He noticed you studying him, but just as he opened his mouth to speak, the waiter stood at the table with your orders and you silently thanked the universe. 

You all ate and drank merrily while chatting about what you had all been up to the past couple of months; work, time with friends, funny things, reminiscing with Tae and giving Jimin your stories from your times at school. The time passed so quickly, it was so lovely to see Tae again. “Ah, I have missed this!!” you sighed contentedly. “Me too, maybe we should try make it more than once every couple of months if we ever manage to get the free time!” he chuckled lowly and turned to Jimin. “You should come next time too, its been great to be with you both at the same time! Ah, that’s if you don’t mind?” he then turned to you, pleadingly.

“That’s fine, I have had such a great afternoon, we should definitely all meet up again like this, it has been fun. Plus, I quite like Jimin’s embarrassing stories about you Tae” you prod him and giggle. He gripped the back of his neck in his palm and rubbed it nervously and smiled. “Yeah, well, I had better go pay. I will be right back.”

You smiled and watched as he left, though you felt Jimins eyes trained on you. You turned around, fully intending to speak to him, to get some more fun stories about Tae. However, his eyes were deep with intensity and his smug smirk spread across one side on his face as he cocked his head at you as soon as you made eye contact with him. The smile was wiped from your face and your jack slacked. How could someone look this good!? 

You felt a tightening in your stomach as he kept the intense eye contact, not saying a word. His tongue flicked out and slowly rolled across his lower lip as he studied your face, your eyes immediately darted to it, watching as it slowly glided corner to corner. You snapped out of your trance when he finally spoke after what felt like an eternity, and give your head a tiny, barely noticeable shake to snap back into reality. 

“So, (y/n), how about we go out sometime? Without Tae.” He paused slightly and his smirk grew, “just you, and me. How about that?” 

You were so flustered, you had no idea what to say at the proposition. “I-I-I… b-but we… we just…” you stuttered pathetically, why did he have this effect on you!? “Ah, come on now Jagi, spit it out. Yes, or no?”  He cupped one side of his face and leant forward and you scanned the room to find Tae, but you couldn’t see him. You turned back around, cheeks tinted rose. 

“Jagi!?” you said in tone fused with question and mild irritation. Jimin tipped his head to the side and look of mild confusion flashed across his face, before the smirk returned, only this time his eyes flared with a lustful glow. “What is wrong, would you prefer I called you babygirl!?” And with that he winked at you. Your mouth dropped open at his question and you retaliate quickly. “What’s wrong with my name? You could just use that.” You crossed your arms and looked smug with yourself for the snarky, quick retaliation. 

He seemed to be a little taken back by the unexpected response, but managed to compose himself quickly. “So, (y/n), how about we go out, just the two of us? One evening next week, sound good?” He smiled at you sweetly, all the lustfulness drained from his being, and you hated to admit it but his eye smile was undeniably charming, yet super cute! You giggled bashfully. “Yeah, sure. Why not? But, under one condition!!” He brushed his hand through his thick black hair while tipping his head back, collecting all the stray wisps that had fell in to his face, you watched in awe of his beauty. Why was this so attractive? He was only fixing his hair. “Okay, so, what is this one condition?” He said roughly as he raised an eyebrow in interest. 

You rolled your eyes at him and responded quickly, “I just have to hear more of those embarrassing stories of Tae, so I can wind him up about what an idiot he is next time we meet up.“ You giggled to yourself at the thought, and how Tae would look so flushed at hearing you joke about the tales he didn’t want you to know. He always wanted to seem poised, but you knew him better than that, he was a massive goofball; this is why you adored him so much. 

Jimins hand grabbing yours from across the table quickly brought you out of your thoughts and you gasped a little, and tried to snatch your hand back, but his grip did not release. The warmth on your hand and his firm grip sent sparks through you. “I have just one condition as well.”

His voice was low, and you felt your stomach tighten again, like earlier, but shrugged it off quickly. “And what exactly would that be, when this is your idea Jimin?!” You raised your brow and looked displeased with his request. He eased his grip, only to rub small circles against the back of your hand as he smiled. “Oh come on now, it is a simple request (y/n), I promise!” You hummed, and decided to hear him out. “Hm, I guess that’s fair after all, what is it?” And with that his eyes widened and a cocky look appeared on his face. “Oh, like I said, it is quite simple…” He hesitated to gauge your reaction, his eyes dark and mysterious, as you looked at him in wonder.

“All you have to do is do as you are told, no questions asked.” You got a little flustered at how low and rough his voice was, it seemed to be a command, not a request. “Oh, are you planning the evening then?” you said, denying the lust in his voice and the commanding tone.

“Yes, I am. It will be great, you just have to remember my one request. Can you do that for me?” he raised his eye brow and released your hand.

“AH, okay I guess. Seems you are being so kind to organise everything.” You gave him a smirk and crossed your arms as Tae returned to the table.

“YAH, that que was terrible, sorry I took so long.”He gazed around the table at the both of you, and stood with his hand on one hip, with a lopsided grin. “so, what were you guys talking about while I was gone then? Jimin looks very happy with himself, huh?” He gestured towards him and laughed before grabbing his coat, and the smile was quickly wiped off Jimins face.

“UH… nothing much really Tae, just she asked if we could all do this again sometime soon, it would seem she’s had quite a good time.” Tae quickly span around and darted a look at you, he Smiled and took a breath.

“Well, I’d like that too, we should definitely do that!”. He was happy his two closest friends were getting along so well.

You all put on your coats and left, and on the walk Jimin slipped a napkin in your pocket and winked at you. You went weak at the knees momentarily, how was he so seductive? He hadn’t even touched you, and you felt quivery, how was this possible?

You all stopped as you approached Tae’s car, “get in (y/n), I will drop you off at home, save you getting the train. They’re always so crowded this time of day”. You bowed your head to thank him and went to open the passenger side door, your usual spot, but Tae grabbed your hand to stop you. “Ah, sorry, there’s some stuff I have been working on, on the seat. Would you mind sitting in the back with Jimin, just this once I promise!” he pleaded, as if it was a massive insult you had to be demoted to the back. You giggled at his sincere apology.

“Tae, relax, it’s okay!” you rubbed his arm reassuringly and walked around the car to the opposite, back door, the other often stuck and you could never get it to open properly. You were greeted by Jimin holding the door open, a smirk spread across his face.

“My lady!” he said formally as he bowed his head and gestured you to enter, causing an audible tut to leave your lips, yet you still blushed slightly at the kind gesture.

You lived about forty minutes from the café, and the ride was filled with music, Tae and Jimin having some kind of singing competition, and a lot of jokes. It was about twenty minutes into the journey when you felt Jimins hand snake up your thigh. You immediately snapped your head up, only to be met with his gaze, lip pulled between his teeth. The air hitched in your throat a little, you were taken back, his hand looked so masculine as his long, thick fingers gripped your delicate thigh.

He squeezed firmly, causing his knuckles to whiten, and you gasped at the pain and shot your attention back to his face. His smirk now took over his entire face, his eyes had become much darker, and as you opened your mouth to speak he dug his fingers in deeper, causing you to whimper a little.  “What was my one condition?” he whispered close to you, and left you no room to speak before continuing, “that started as soon as you agreed babygirl”.

He winked at you and trailed his hand further up your thigh, revealing the band of your holdups from under your mid length skirt. You tried to brush it back down, afraid Tae would see, but Jimin grabbed your hand and smacked it lightly. “ah ah, that is not how to behave, is it?” he scolded, lust flaming in his eyes. You lowered your head in submission and let him continue to roam your thigh. “Look at me, not at the floor. Look at me while I touch you.” He growled in your ear and tipped your chin up to meet his stare. You felt a coil tighten in your lower stomach, you recalled having not felt like this about anyone in almost a year. Your mouth parted and let out a small breathy sigh as he grazed his forefinger across the line of your panties atop your thigh. “You sound so pretty when you make noises for me” he said smugly as he ran his finger over your clothed core, causing you to grip the seat tightly as you bit your lip.

Tae turned the music up, leading you both to look to the driver’s seat, in case he caught you out. “THIS is such a good song!!” he exclaimed, and you were both relieved.

“Yes, I love this one too. Hey, remember it was on that time…” Jimin started, “AH that time at the party with the rest of the guys, and Namjoon fell over the table!!”  Tae finished his sentence. They both burst out laughing, Jimins hand still cupping your core, yet speaking and laughing so freely.

You sat there not knowing what to do, but you felt the heat growing within you as he started to rub you through panties while him and Tae carried on reminiscing. You darted a pointed look at him, to which he just rubbed harder and circled your clit, causing a quiet, breathy moan to escape you.

Jimin turned his gaze to you, and rolled his bottom lip between his teeth, then glanced at his lap, and back to you, a silent order for you to look too. You obeyed and were greeted by a prominent bulge in his jeans. You bit your lip at the sight, it looked so thick, you couldn’t help but to wonder what it felt like under your hands.

“Tae, how long have we left until we arrive?” he asked, as he grabbed your hand and placed it on his erection. You instinctively began to palm it, and he let out a low hiss as he bit his lip.

“Should be around two minutes now, are you getting impatient as usual?” he chuckled, but didn’t take his eyes off the road.

“ME!? Impatient? Pft.” He turned his attention back to you, and winked at you, “besides, I am quiet enjoying the journey”.

You can’t help but to thrust up and grind on his hand as he circles your entrance through your panties roughly, a smirk glued to his face as it causes you to squeeze his erection tightly through his jeans.

He removes his hand from your skirt, you sigh at the loss of contact, and loosen your grip of the car seat. Holding his finger up, he admires the glistening wetness that coats it and turns to you.

“Look how wet you are for me, and I have hardly touched you. You are soaking babygirl” he growls in your ear before biting it causing you to let out a quiet moan.

“Right, should be but a few seconds now” Tae sighs from the driver’s seat, totally unaware of what has been going on. Jimin brushes your hand off of him, and sucks his fingers clean before he adjusts his jeans as Tae carries on speaking. “You must text me as soon as you have a date we can meet up again, its always so good to see you!”

You smile, while trying to adjust you skirt unnoticed as he flicks his eyes to the rear view mirror to look at you. “Yeah, it has been great! I will let you know as soon as I get my new works rota, and we can work something out”.

The car pulled up outside your house, and Jimin whispers to you quickly as he’s letting you out of the car. “Don’t forget the napkin, my number is on it. Text me a soon as you get in.” You nod and make your way to Tae’s window to say goodbye.

You lean through his wound down window, kiss him on the cheek and say thank you for a wonderful afternoon, and quickly make your way to the door.  Turning to wave them goodbye as you reach the door, you can’t help but notice the smug grin plastered across Jimins face, what a beautiful sight it was.

You enter your house and immediately fidget in your jacket pocket to get to napkin out. It read ‘My number, text me as soon as you read this so I have yours. Thank you for obeying my only rule, I knew you were a good girl’.

You are so taken back by what it says you stumble slightly, did he really plan that? How did he know you would let him, and not make him stop? Was he really that into you? Why was he into you? Should you even text him? Your head was whirling with questions, but your panties grew wetter at the thought of him being that into you he just could not wait to have you, and you mumbled under your breath “Jimin…” and sighed in disbelief. You hurried to go change and wash up quickly, anything to be out of your ruined panties.

You sat on the sofa and typed his number in carefully, so not to text the wrong person. After saving it you sent him three simple words, ‘what the fuck?’, in hopes he would explain himself.

No more than thirty seconds later he replies, ‘I honestly didn’t hear you complaining babygirl. But I am now, I have a big problem and no one to take care of it. You are going to pay for this, you know that right?’. Your stomach did a summer sault, you weren’t sure exactly what he meant, but you were sure it was going to be along the lines of what had just transpired.

You pondered what to reply, but settled with a simple ‘what do you mean?’ to get the clarification you sought.

You decided to fix yourself some dinner, seems he wasn’t responding, but then again, he was with Tae and probably busy as they were going out. No sooner had you sat at the table to eat, your phone goes off. It is Jimin.

You took a deep breath to prepare yourself before opening the message, which read ‘you are going to get punished, daddy doesn’t like to be left high and dry’. You inhaled sharply and choked a little on your food.

What had you let yourself in for.

Dating Brett Talbot Would Include...

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- having to stand on your tippy toes to kiss him because he’s so tall

- heated takeouts bc y’all would be one hot couple

- being super loud at his lacrosse games

- and also being good at lacrosse cause you guys would practice together

- at first hating Liam, but then becoming friends with him

- and then Brett would get all cute and jealous, but you would reassure him that you were his, and he was yours

- accidentally making his favorite hoodie shrink by putting it in the dryer with the heat on high so you could wear it without it being a dress

- brett would get jealous of every guy you talked to

- and you would make fun of it

- netflix and pizza and cuddling nights

- weekends spent doing something active

- watching horror movies because brett loved them, and you always got scared and hugged him so he loved that too

- being the most popular couple at devenford

- looking really good in anything of his

- he would always buy gifts for you

- and you would always buy gifts for him

- it was impossible for you to be the big spoon

- loving how his hair was sometimes straight, sometimes curly, sometimes wavy

- working out together

- being best friends with his sister

- his parents loved you because you made him so happy

General Fluffy headcanons with RFA

this started out as a request, and I was done and finished with it, really proud of myself,,, then I looked at the ask and saw this isn’t what they wanted and misread it. I really wanted to post twice today, so here is this!! -Green


-what part of this boy ISN’T fluff and domestic?

-the yandere side woops

-you two always try to play games together but you REFUSE to play Lolol. You know you’ll get addicted and one person in this relationship needs to be responsible

-Yoosung, when not distracted by Lolol, will cook for you!! If you’re having a down day, he’ll make you the sweetest things he knows how and the two of you will have a cuddle party with homemade snacks

-god i want me a Yoosung honestly

-the two of you are great with communication

-you guys don’t go on a lot of money dates, but you frequently bring Yoosung outside just for a walk around town because it’s cute and also Yoosung needs to get out of that chair

-sometimes you’ll see him rolling around the house in it and while you want to stop him

-you join in

-Yoosung frequently gets jealous of the most random things. The cat is cuddling you? Fuck that, he’ll throw the cat off of you and replace her gladly.

-the cat is a girl right


- Y Eas,sHS

-of course you two are the best thing on the planet

-c o n s t a n t prank wars

-every day is April Fools

-every day is Halloween

-every day is something new!

-Saeyoung is so unpredictable and you love it that is when it doesn’t include him pushing you away lololol hhaa….

-you two will blast music throughout the entire house so that it’s shaking and you can’t hear anything else but the music and just jam out

-who can annoy Saeran the most

-you like to sit on Saeyoung’s lap while he’s hacking

-you find how fast he can work really interesting and you just like being close to him

-you guys will feed each other instead of feeding yourselves

-when you got more involved with Saeyoung, you got him a cat! His name is Yoosung because you guys like fucking around with him

-when Yoosung comes over it’s a disaster

-”Yoosung, you’re so pretty pretty, yes you are!! You want some pets, Yoosung??? you want some love?? Oh, good boy, yoosung!! you’re such a cute little boy!!”

-he just l e a v e s

-he hates you guys


-he goes out for work a lot which means your home alone with Elly a lot

-you’ll get random knocks on your door throughout the day, and when you open it a present from Jumin is waiting

-he spoils you so much that you almost feel guilty

-a l m o s t

-you try to surprise him when he comes home

-it varies from a homemade meal, a present of your own, or something in the genre of huheuehuheueh.

-random calls in the day of Jumin saying how he loves you and wants to kiss you

-sometimes you’ll come into his office and surprise him with a hug and kiss, along with Elly

-when you do this he has this look on his face you will never forget

-full of love, admiration and maybe even shyness. it’s amazing



-jaehee is fluff. look up fluff. u get jaehee


-you guys are on a date and you hold her hand?? she’s blushing

-you give her a kiss on the cheek? she’s already on fire

-when you guys are home alone, you don’t like to go on dates

-instead you’ll cook together, maybe practice some new recipes for the coffee shop

-Jaehee will be cutting up something and you’re behind her, hands around her waist and telling her something that happened during the day that was funny

-you can feel her laugh against your stomach and it makes you burst with butterflies

-lots of cuddling and late night watching television

-Jaehee has a horrible sense of humor and you guys will watch horrible rom coms and she’ll be crying from laughter

-you guys sleep together every night

-when you guys go on dates, it’s usually to somewhere quiet like a park or book shop.

-after your relationship furthers, you two get a small shiba dog

-she was hesitant but she’s grown into it and now she can’t imagine a world without Jalapeno

-she named the dog

-if you’re gone, she will cuddle Jalapeno until you come home.


-you help him with his acting a lot, and he does a BUNCH of romances

-you’ll be acting and he’s so fixated on you he forgets his lines and you guys just end up making out

-cannot contain his beast

-god i hate that term

-when you go on dates and fans come out, that’s the only time he rejects their affections and asks them to go away while he has dinner with his lovely s/o

-he can make you blush without even thinking about it

-”you know you’re the most stunning thing I’ve ever seen?”

-oh my god Zen stop being such a kissass HONESTLY,,

-”I mean, not as stunning as I am”

-g o d okay ruin the mood

-he likes to show you off and you’re always attached to his hip when the two of you go somewhere

-he frequently asks for your critique in his acting and you’ll stay up until dawn starting off from practicing, then joking around, then late night confessions, and then a bunch of just

-“i love you, you’re amazing” “no you’re amazing” “i know” “good fucking night” “WAIT BABE”

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Hey just purely curious, absolutely no hate whatsoever, you seem like a super chill person who won't get mad so I thought I'd ask you- what makes you like Laxum? Like it's adorable and the art is super cute but in the actual show Lance doesn't rly like Plaxum romantically until he finds out she's hot. It just seems a bit shallow to me. Again, no hate or shaming at all (love Lance w/ all of my heart would never hate), I'm genuinely curious of your opinion on this.

for one thing i’m super glad that a lance/female character ship is actually getting popular in the fandom because you don’t really see that often and like, it just makes me really happy because a big majority of the fandom hcs him as bisexual so it’s good to see both sides of his sexuality being represented (if he’s hc’d as bi i mean)

why do i ship laxum tho? i think it was cute when plaxum gave him a kiss, like i don’t think he was interested at first because of the jellyfish on her head and he didn’t know what she looked like so of course he would have been like “ew” when he got a stinky jellyfish kiss. and like, you didn’t see him act the same as he did finding out plaxum was really pretty when they met florona and she was really pretty too. personally i interpreted the situation as “ew gross a stinky jellyfish- waiT ohhhH”. but i guess it does seem a little shallow if you look at it differently :0

i think they’d make a fun duo? she’s a badass rebel mermaid and lance is a hopeless romantic goofball so i think they have a pretty fun dynamic, albiet pretty underexplored. they saved the mermaid planet together, which was pretty cool to see. right now i don’t ship it as much as like klance or heith but i certainly think it’s a cute ship! plus lance is shown to be a big mermaid nerd so he’d probably think having a mermaid gf would be the coolest shit lmao

Relationship with Phil
  • big spoon/little spoon: Phil is the big spoon mostly because it’s hard to be the little spoon to a tall skinny giant. Good thing he would much rather face you so he can give you little kisses.
  • favourite non-sexual activity: Walking around the park on a nice day holding your hand and talking about weird facts. 
  • who uses all the hot water: Phil does because he is busy singing in the shower or thinking of video ideas. “What takes so long you have like no hair.” “I have to find my towel to dry my hands so I can put my ideas in my notes on my phone.”
  • The most trivial thing they fight over: How to sit on the couch. He wants to cuddle you but it’s hard when he want to have his laptop on his lap. “I am not comfortable like this.” “Try moving your one leg over more.” “I’m not a freaking pretzel.”
  • who does most of the cleaning: Phil cleans the bedroom because he likes everything in its place. Otherwise, you guys just switch off. “I washed the dishes yesterday. It’s so your turn.”
  • what has a season pass on their DVR/who controls the Netflix queue: You guys use Phil’s account for Netflix. Usually, you let him pick unless the two of you are in bed and you just want something mindless to slightly watch. Then he lets you pick whatever.
  • who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Phil. He mostly bull shits the whole time that he knows what he is doing. But he is damn good at it.”
  • who steals the blankets: You do. But only because Phil has banned you from putting your feet on him in the middle of the night when there cold.
  • who leaves their stuff around: “Phil? could you possibly move the light from my side of the bed when you’re done filming?” “Sorry I forgot.” “It’s fine. It just feels like were about to shoot a porno in here.” “Eww, y/n.”
  • who remembers to buy the milk: You. The both of you will get back when Phil pauses trying to remember if you guys grabbed one. “Love, did you remember that we needed milk?” “Yes, Phil. You were trying to pick out apples when I grabbed it.” “Good.”
  • who remembers anniversaries: Phil has his shit planned at least a month in advance. 
  • Who cooks normally?: You do. Phil is really good at making sure it isn’t poisoned throughout the process with all his taste tests.
  • How often do they fight?: Never. If you guys have a disagreement it never escalates to a full blown fight. 
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other?: Phil shoots his videos when your not home because you distract him. Or because your singing in the kitchen doing dishes and he hates to ask you to stop because it’s so cute. When you’re without Phil you are usually with friends because he has made you hate being alone. You were fine until he spoiled you with his constant presence.
  • Nicknames for each other?: You call Phil Love and Hun. He pretty much has no first name just bean. He usually calls you Love or Pet. If he really wants your attention he calls you sweetheart.
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Phil. You insist you can pay and that it’s your turn but he could care less.
  • What would they get each other for gifts?: You get Phil shoes or candy. He really loves both. Phil gets you that thing in your shopping cart online because he knew you were waiting for it to go on sale.
  • Who kissed who first?: Phil kissed you first. After your second date, he was dropping you off and just as you were turning to leave he grabbed you and spun you around for a kiss.
  • Who made the first move?: You were the first one to initiate hand holding. Phil kept brushing his hand against yours in a nervous way wanting to grab it but chickening out. Really you were just filling the space between the two of you.
  • Who remembers things?: Phil does. “How did you know I even like this?” “I’m sure you told me at some point.”
  • Who started the relationship?: You asked Phil what the two of you were and that’s when Phil asked you to actually start dating.
  • Who cusses more?: You. Phil uses fake curse words. 
  • What would they do if the other was hurt?: Phil would rush to you as you tell him your fine. He would continue to bombard you with questions way after even though you have said you are fine like a million times.

I also did a Dan one.

“Heaven is a place on earth with you…”


SINCE JANUARY FIRST 2015 TO TODAY, DECEMBER 28TH 2015 I HAVE DOCUMENTED EVERY DINGLE FUCKIGN MEME THAT WAS WIDESPREAD ON THIS GOD FORESAKEN WEBSITE, and yes I may not have been all scientific about it like some other people, but guess what this was a years worth of work and if this doesnt get some notes i ‘m going to scream

so, the memes of 2015, in a sort of chronological order but not for all of them:

  • “Sure Jan.”
  • year of neon genisis evangelion
  • Actually the entire brady bunch movie
  • reverse rick rolling
  • Miyazaki talking shit bout stuff (which tbh tho otaku culture is really messing up japan as a whole so this is sort of a serious thing idk man)
  • captain america civil war
  • i’m a jaded teenage girl.  i’ve been through shit that you wouldn’t even dream of.  you think life is hardd? try asking the cutest guy in the grade out in the middle of the cafeteria only to find out he had a fucking girlfriend.
  • Innapropiate audition songs
  • Dick cheney made money off the Iraq war
  • if you’re reading this it’s too late
  • *looks at smudged writing on hand*
  • Hoe don’t do it… Oh my god
  • Natalia kills
  • Uptown funk counts as a meme
  • The thing with all the emojis and send this to ten people
  • jet fuel can’t melt steel beams
  • Sausage movement
  • Taking the text from like a TV show title and editing it to say new shit.  I don’t even know if this meme has a name.  
  • garnet, amethyst, and (thing that isn’t pearl)
  • 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
  • Russia made memes illegal (I am gay gay gay I like long big cocks)
  • Paul Blart Mall Cop
  • rare pepe
  • *opens buzzfeed* … *closes buzzfeed*
  • sonic for real justice DOWN WITH MOD AMY. JUSTICE FOR MOD SILVER
  • barber: what you want –> barber: say no more
  • take me to snurch (snail church)
  • snake people, or sneople (two seperate memes)
  • She called me ugly I said “bitch swhere” she said “Under all that makeup” i said “bITCH SWHERE????!!!”
  • #thisgeneration
  • mcfreakin lose it
  • down with cis
  • minions
  • just gals being pals
  • where you live you’re first language what you call this [then an image]
  • you’re a kid you’re a squid
  • knife sharpening truck
  • gothic
  • af gifsets
  • me: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right thereright there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit
  • cheeky nandos with the lads
  • anti coleslaw (coleslaw is great but everyone hates it apparently)
  • like is there a college aged woman who thinks quasadillas are a mystery?
  • cute gender neuteral terms for your partner
  • the author of the journals… my brother
  • siri what’s 0 divided by 0
  • iPhone restart
  • the jurrassic world scene with chriss pratt being ike “k stay back” to the dinosaurs
  • The gif with rihanna flipping her hand and wiking
  • minion hate (srsly tho they’re everywhere and i hate it)
  • BUSH DID 9/11
  • if there were two guys on the moon and one killed the other with a rock would that be fucked up or what
  • zoobe
  • me, shoving breadsticks into purse: sorry i have to leave right now immediately
  • #growingup_____ (growinguphispanic, growingupblack, growingupshy, growingupasian, etc.)
  • gun
  • okay… that sounds fake but okay
  • old american infomercials (ANim aL CRackE R s iN My sOUP)
  • you’ve heard of ________, now get ready for ______
  • X: stop telling everybody i’m dead! y: sometime’s i can still hear their voice
  • straight outta
  • the one where it’s like somebody is lost in  crowd so soebody else yells something offensive to find them
  • critically analyzing spongebob
  • netflix and chill
  • banksy
  • i hate when people dress like this… we get it you smoke weed
  • And now… back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me in the press the other day Miley what’s good?“
  • ”And now… back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me in the press. Miley, what’s good?“
  • dan nicky your bobbie s
  • kidnapper: say it me: no kidnpper: say it me: *spits at them* fuck you
  • psychologist: *reads my mind* my mind: SCREAMING psychologhist: what the fuck
  • speech bubble meme (Like the character has a speech bubble so they’re saying a text post or something)
  • vine
  • ʷʰʸ ᵗʰᵉ fᵘͨᵏ ʸºᵘ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ, ʷʰʸ ʸºᵘ ᵃˡʷᵃʸˢ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ, ᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐ ºʰ ᵐʸ ᵍºᵈ ˢᵗºp fᵘͨᵏ'ⁿ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ
  • *violins* ……run. BOW BOW BABABABABBAA
  • does “I aint get no sleep cuz of ya’ll!” count
  • me: *takes a deep breath* i lo-
  • kinkshame
  • relatable
  • dog of wisdom (ha da ba ga. ha bada ba gaga)
  • draw the squad/otp like this should count as a meme by this point
  • pokemon go (pokemon in real life)
  • [series] personality quizzes be like
  • …….anyways
  • u gotta
  • Putting fucking Halsey lyrics and other “deep” shit on Spongebob screencaps this one was funny until i saw a marina and the diamonds one and now i just feel disrespected
  • Concept; me
  • (Taylor Swift™ No copyright infringement intended. Property of TAS LLC Management 2008©)
  • I’m the X
  • october 21st 2015 (back to the future)
  • poot lavato (this meme is actualy really shitty but it’s still a meme like nmot just a bad meme just like ableist and misogonystic and urgh)
  • the outfits for doing shti with 1d like burying harry alive outfit charts
  • hotline bling
  • “do you ever look at somebody and wonder, ‘what is going on inside their head?’”
  • the ufo in LA
  • the time shia labouef screened all of his movies for three days straight and he streamed it but he didnt stream teh movies he streamed himself watching the movie
  • pineapple pizza discourse (it’s fucking disgusting if u like it please evaluate your descisions)
  • money cat (and similar posts)
  • 47 lamborginis
  • [tumblr user] is stealing bones!
  • feudal lord/handmaiden
  • in this world it’s kill or be killed
  • replace “feminism” with
  • loss.jpg made an impressive comeback
  • 2015 in a nutshell
  • “the stars sure are beautiful tonight”
  • tubbs the cat discourse
  • hobo and glunkus
  • star wars opening crawl
  • also from star wars, the ine storm trooper who yells “TRAITOR” in the force awakens
got7 reaction to: their s/o feeling insecure about the relationship

Originally posted by got7ish

youngjae: devastated. he feels like he hasn’t done enough to show you how much he cares. he’ll warmly pull you in close, letting you know that he’s sorry and that he truly cares about your feelings and that you’re perfect to him. he’ll assure you he can never be with anyone better than you. “there’s over 6 billion people on this earth, and over a trillion paths to take a day, and i end up getting to share my weeks and days with the most beautiful person on earth. if that’s not fate, i don’t know what is.”

Originally posted by saranghaeyojw

jaebum: initially gets a little frustrated. he doesn’t understand: what more does he have to do to press his affection, the unconditional love that radiates from his heart every day? does he sing it? scream it? he feels useless, like no matter what he does, nothing will change your mind. he believes he’s done all he can to show you that you’re loved, that you’re the only one for him. your confession upsets him, and he’ll honestly allow you to hear his feelings too. “babe, i don’t know what more to do. i love you, i care so much about you. why can’t you see that you’re the only one for me?”

Originally posted by the-princejinyoung

junior: at first, he doesn’t really take you seriously. he’ll chuckle a little, rolling his eyes and shaking his head. "why would i be dating you if i didn’t think you were good enough for me? you know i have high expectations.” however, his haughtiness wouldn’t be taken lightly and after you snap at him about how you were serious about what you said, he would become a little irritated. “i wasn’t joking either, you know. you’re the most important person to me, and i wouldn’t waste my time if you weren’t.” his words might come off a little harsh, but he’s only speaking out of irateness. like jaebum, he doesn’t understand what more he has to do?

Originally posted by tepangel

mark: was quiet all through your confession, the honesty borne along the solemnity of your words scaring him. he feels like he didn’t gift you enough affection for you to be confident in his love for you. after thinking about it for a while, he would assure you that he loved you and always had, but he believes you should be with someone else – someone whose love you won’t doubt.

Originally posted by got7hoe

yugyeom: his face would immediately fall and he would be filled with confusion. he wouldn’t be able to understand how you hadn’t been able to find the love stored in all his antics and affections. he would work even harder to prove his love and would go to any lengths necessary to make sure it was understood that you were perfect for him.

Originally posted by jacksonwangism

jackson: would immediately burn with guilt. he’d feel like crying upon your words: you meant the world to him and he’d thought he’d proved that. like yugyeom, he would do anything he could to remind you of your worth. he would even try to limit his hours of practice to prove his dedication to you.

Originally posted by jypnior

bambam: he would listen and seriously reassure you that you meant the world to him. he would hate seeing you so dejected at the thought of not being good enough. he’d do something special for you like make a cute video exhibiting how cute he thought you were or the reasons why you were so perfect to him.

You make everything better

Word Count: 1.4K+
Pairing: Peter Parker (MCU) x Reader (No gender specified)
Summary: After fighting alongside Iron Man, Peter wants you to come to his house to check on him.
Warnings: None.
A/N: It’s fluff. Pure, unadulterated fluff. I mean, what else can you do with this huge nerd? He’s so freaking cute, I love him.

Yo. What’s up?
I’m hurt. 
What? Did you trip again?
No, somebody hurt me. This guy and his friends beat me up a little. 
No one, but can you come to my place? I need you. 
I’ll be there in 5, love you
Love you more

Peter smiles at the screen of his phone before blocking it and placing it next to him on his bed. He bites his lip and shakes his head because he can’t believe how happy a text from you can make him feel– and when it’s one in which you’re being protective like just now… he melts.

He rubs his bruised eye absentmindedly, wondering how long it will take for his skin to return to his normal color. Luckily it doesn’t bother him– he barely feels any pain. As a matter of fact, his wrist is bothering him way more than his eye– because it’s been itchy all day, and he just can’t ignore it anymore. It’s too annoying.

“So… who was it? Who hit you?” May asks from the kitchen where she’s finding some ice for him to put on his eye. He pulls down the sleeve from his sweatshirt, revealing the new, improved device Tony Stark provided for him. While it can’t be denied that it’s super cool, it’s also super uncomfortable.

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▪ Quiet
▪ Keeps to himself
▪ Looks frail
▪ Has more arm strength than you’ll ever have
▪ Smile is his pride
▪ His own fanclub of ‘useless girls’
▪ Cringes at them
▪ 'Teenage girls are scary.’ - Him
▪ 'You’re just a sissy.’ - Jeno
▪ 'I hate you.’ - Him
▪ Ignores most people
▪ Has the same problem with biting that Mark does
▪ Oral fixation
▪ Likes chewing on things
▪ Biting
▪ Candy addict
▪ Oddly enough maintains perfect teeth
▪ Doesn’t know how to function in large groups
▪ Loud laugh
▪ Awkward shit
▪ Semi nerd
▪ Blurts random useless facts when nervous
▪ 'Did you know there is enough DNA in an average person’s body to stretch from the sun to Pluto and back 17 times?’ - Him
▪ Everyone turns to stare at him with a 'what the hell nerd?’ look
▪ That’s how you met
▪ You over heard
▪ 'The genetic code in each human cell, contains 23 DNA molecules each containing from 500 thousand to 2.5 million nucleotide pairs.’
▪ When he looked at you, he froze
▪ You were so beautiful
▪ And cute with your books against your chest
▪ As your eyes met, you both k n e w
▪ From that moment, you were his
▪ He was yours
▪ 'I thought teenage girls were scary?’ - Jeno
▪ 'Go jump off of a cliff, Jeno.’ - Him
▪ Homework buddies
▪ You are connected at the hip
▪ Soulmates
▪ He’s a bit bipolar
▪ One moment a brat
▪ The next a sweetheart
▪ One minute hates being touched
▪ The next in literal tears for love
- wolf -
▪ Stays at the back of the pack
▪ Since you’re always around, he always drops his head in your lap
▪ 'I’m not a good pack member..’ - Him
▪ You frown, letting him vent
▪ He does this about once a week
▪ Sometimes two
▪ Self conscious about being one of the more scrawny wolves
▪ Becomes horribly dangerous in threatening situations
▪ Might think lowly of his abilities, but would rip someone to shreds for looking at you wrong
▪ Often patrols with Jeno, Hansol, or Mark
▪ You eventually help him realize how strong he is
▪ How crucial he is to the pack
▪ Stands tall at the front with Mark after you made your appearance in his life
▪ Show off
▪ F e t c h
▪ Another taxi
▪ Likes having you on his back
▪ Running through the forest
▪ Enjoys the wind in his fur
▪ Running through puddles to piss you off
▪ Always makes it up to you
▪ Can’t sleep without you around
▪ You’re his candy supplier
▪ 'You need protein- not sugar, you’re a growing cub.’ - Taeil
▪ 'The protein didn’t get you very far, so..’ - Him
▪ Taeil often has a hard time with him and Donghyuck
▪ He likes rolling on his back
▪ Belly rubs
▪ Paw massages
▪ He loves the affection
▪ He became a different person thanks to you

5 Kinds of Romanticized Crushes That Will Mess You Up

I think “crushing” on someone is a natural thing, and in the right place and the right time, it can lead to something great. Most of the time it’ll pass, as it’s meant to, and we can look back and laugh at the ridiculous amount of time spent mentally replaying the one failed conversation that we still twitch about in the shower. Crushes happen, and they almost never equate to a magical romance materializing out of thin air.

But the darker problem with “crushing” is that it occasionally turns a real live person into a trophy, a sort of non-independent rubber statue imprisoned on a pedestal, and if you ever finally reached it, you’d either squeeze it too hard or please it too much. In both cases, both people lose.

Relationships are hard work, and absolutely require more than the initial illusion of fleeting chemicals in our easily tricked brains. That rush of first feelings is overwhelming, but it doesn’t mean a whole lot in the grander scheme: and we could save ourselves a lot of trouble if we took up Taylor Swift to “count to ten, take it in, this is life before you know who you’re gonna be.”

Here are five types of romanticized crushes that require a heavy dose of self-awareness. I apologize in advance for the snark: I’m only so impassioned here because I’ve seen how badly it can get out of control.

1) Hate Crush (aka Freudian Defense Mechanism)

What it looks like: You like someone, but you hate that you like them, so there’s a lot of passive-aggressive, mean-spirited, hyper-critical gas-lighting aimed their way. This looks cute in movies, but is often awful and humiliating to an actual human being with, you know, their own thoughts and dreams.

Problems: This can be irreversibly destructive if you drag someone long enough through your daily catharsis. I understand the psychology behind this—we resent what we can’t have or we just hate it when we feel so vulnerable with someone—but displacing anger out of confusion when you can’t “have someone” is a really dark, desperate issue that might require real help, immediately.

2) Aspirational Crush (aka I Love The Idea of You)

What it looks like: That really good-looking teacher or singer or authority figure looks great from far away, like a Monet or the brand new ottoman on Craigslist, and this positional power is the sole force of attraction. The way he speaks! The way she leads! The way he knows how to open his jacket button when he sits down!

Problems: When you fall for a hologram and find the real person, it’s like a great movie trailer for a mediocre movie: except you can only blame yourself. Getting to know someone takes time and work, and so does making peace with their flaws. A person’s accomplishments only tell half their story. Part of love is about knowing how to live with the prickly, icky underside of a person, and to stay past inconvenience when the image is shattered.

3) Parasocial Crush (aka Pathological Celebrity Crush)

What it looks like: A celebrity crush is usually harmless and even a ton of fun. Fandoms are the closest thing to virtual high-fives; I’m part of a few and the camaraderie is second only to the military. But all this becomes downright insane when social media fandom-entitlement demands that celebrities (who have personal lives outside the fictional characters they portray) must be super-personal and respond to every tweet and do special favors, often by comments starting with, “I’ve never asked this of anyone famous before, but you owe me, because I made you.” Followed by the reliably manipulative, “You must be too big-time since you won’t talk to nobodies like me.”

Problems: The problem is everything. It’s unhealthy. Please stop it. If they reply, awesome. If they don’t, they never owed you that. If that sounds cruel, then I hope one day you can answer the millions of messages you get from strangers while constantly in fear that you’ll never satisfy a single one of them when you do. Admittedly, a parasocial crush has worked exactly once, which means no, statistically none of us are the exceptions.

4) You-Owe-Me Crush (aka The Friend-Zone)

What it looks like: “So I opened the door for her, right? And she wouldn’t give me her phone number and home address and mailbox keys and her Netflix password!”

Problems: Look, I think some standards are too high and unreasonable (and really, some of us don’t have a right for such high standards if we haven’t done much of anything in life, and we should become someone worth catching before we go “hunting”). But besides the fact that no one should have to change their standards to settle for less, the main thing is that friendship is usually better. And there’s no such thing as a friend-zone. Maybe “biding your time” is a good strategy to wait for old age to strike down your awful co-worker. But for a date? It’s mostly creepy. Being “forever single” isn’t a free pass for pity. Now imagine, if you could actually be friends with someone without the expectation of their naked body in exchange, and if you stayed friends with them even if they dated someone else. No one should ever be encased in a “In Case of Emergency, Break Glass” chamber. Romance isn’t something that can be forced by “nice-guy-ing” your way in (if you think so, you ain’t no nice guy). If romance happens, I hope it’s because it was explored with honest motives and a non-slimy transparency. And if you’re rejected: I’m truly sorry, but I hope it doesn’t turn you into a resentful, entitled, sour-grapes monster. I’ve been there, and even I hated that guy.

5) Apocalyptic Crush (aka Totally-Bad-For-You)

What it looks like: You know that he or she is bad for you. You know where this is going. Everyone has warned you. I even managed to package your future-regret into this juice bottle and you tasted it and you know how bad this will get. I know you hate this lecture for the third time and—hey, where are you going? Heed my warning across this long hallway as you walk towards your imminent destruction! I warned you with my pointing finger of danger!

Problems: I have a lot of sympathy for this, because there’s this wild rebellious streak in all of us that wants to strike out against conformity. But I guess it depends on what you mean by those words. Crushing on a person who only brings out the worst in you isn’t very rebellious. That’s actually conforming. Finding a person who loves you and respects you and gets to know you for who you are? That’s pretty wild. I’m not so much warning you as encouraging you, You can do way better. And you can.


Only You

Summary: Request: Best friend DK gives mixed signals, resulting into a miscommunication and the reader avoiding him. A little angst with some fluff.

Idol: Dokyeom of Seventeen

Word Count: 1150

Warnings: None

In most cases, he’s described as a fool. A kindhearted, beautiful fool. But a fool, nonetheless. And while they mean no harm in calling him so, and their opinions honestly do not matter, their view of him makes you sad.

Because he’s so much more than that. He’s Lee Seokmin, your very best friend. He’s talented and kind and hardworking and caring, and, yes, silly. And it makes you frustrated when no one sees these aspects of him and write him off as a fool.

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anonymous asked:

Could I have 2p England x S/O x 2p Italy relationship headcanons? Please?

  • these boys are a bit contradictory with their love
  • they both want to spoil their s/o’s, of course, but they’re both surprisingly shy in doing so??
  • Luciano will want to buy you and Oliver everything, but he doesn’t know if you hate that or not
  • Oliver wants to bake you two everything, but he doesn’t think he’s a good enough baker
  • you smorch them a lot to let them know they are loved regardless
  • both of them love kissing and being affectionate, so if you don’t; please tell them before hand or you will Suffer
  • Luciano thinks Oliver’s accent is so cute, but he’d only ever admit it to you
  • Luciano really likes resting his head on your chest and on Oliver’s thighs
  • you are who they go to when they want advice since they are very shy about talking to the other because of past experiences
  • you try to have a home-cooked meal at least twice a week, everyone making something, of course
    - if you can’t cook and Luciano finds out, he will legit lock you out of the kitchen
  • Oliver and Luciano combined make the PERFECT aesthetics
  • Their Instagram feed is filled with you and the other
  • like Oliver is super pastel and he wants you all to match
    - Luciano is low-key pastel and Fully Supports this
  • Luciano loves seeing you in different lipsticks if you’re into wearing it
    - Oliver will try to paint your nails if you like them painted; he sucks, don’t let him, let Luciano
  • Luciano absolutely loves neglecting palettes and randomly using your body to hold paint
    - it is both endearing yet annoying
  • Oliver is in a constant state of trying new recipes and wants you two to taste test
  • Luciano and Oliver look fucking dope in suits and the three of you together look hot as hell