you handsome boy

The perfect visual to match this perfect line

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I BURNED MY FINGER... from holding my phone and looking at all the HOT pictures of you, you handsome boy ;)

That was alarmingly smooth oh my XD

god i just want to know how long sana has been crushing on yousef like how long has he been friends with her brother? did her crush develop slowly over time or was it there from the beginning?

the balloon squad has been like everywhere since the season started which makes it feel like they are a daily part of sana’s life, like they’re always over at the bakkoush’s, both of the youtube videos have been filmed there and it really makes me wonder about all the small private moments sana and yousef must of had together (running into each other getting a drink from the kitchen or stumbling into each other in the hallway) to get to the point where they smirk at each other and get a little fluster when they realize the other is in the room

bye idk why the absolutely fully capable mark lee has me so shook, but he’s finished going through that awkward stage of puberty, and yall he’s really outchea in these streets like wow. not only is he a talented, humble, and genuinely nice person to literally everyone like idk know of anyone who doesn’t like him, but the Lord really spent extra time on him. someone pls collect him bc i don’t think my heart can handle it anymore.

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Thomas! 😀 You're gonna be on DisneyXD?! I'm so happy for you! 😄 You go you precious handsome boy you 😙

Hahaha yessss!!! It was so fun!!!!