you had one job to do california

Experiment number 4~ Baekhyun

Paring: reader x Baekhyun
Description: You are a scientist for the government and you’ve been asked to test a dangerous experiment .

It was the year 2045 and the world has taken a turn for the worst. You were a scientist working for the government and your base was located one the outskirts of California in the middle of the humid dessert. You always loved your job, you loved doing experiments and taking risks. However, there was one experiment you were scared of and that was experiment number 4.

Experiment number 4 was a man who first started out as a known serial killer when police had evidence that he’s been murdering women all over Asia. His body count was over 50 and people wondered how he wasn’t caught sooner, police thought he must’ve left a trace but they never found one. He was only caught when an old women saw him eating a dead body and took video of it.

At his trail the judge proved him guilty on reasons of insanity. While he was at the the asylum patients and doctors have reported him doing strange activity when he had incredible strength, speed, and vision like no other. Rumor has it that he has the power to control light.

Few days prior you had a meeting with your boss which resulted in your boss demanding you conduct an experiment on number 4. You cried and begged but your boss wouldn’t budge. All your Co workers were scared of him and you were the best in the whole base.

Today was the day you start the experiment, the only thing that your boss gave you was a sheet of information for experiment number 4. The only thing on the sheet was his name and all the crimes he did.

You walked in the room and saw him looking out the window, you grabbed a chair and sat it in front of him.
“Hi baekhyun I’m Dr. (Y/l/N), I will be doing an experiment on you”.
Baekhyun just looked at you and smirked and turned back to the window. You instantly felt scared and pulled on your tight dress and lab coat trying to release the anxiety within .
You stood up from your chair and walked to a table which had all the supplies needed.

“Um okay baekhyun I need to test your blood Mass first so if
You would be so kind as t-”
You were cut off when baekhyun backed you up against the wall. He put both hands of the side of your head and dipped his head down to your neck. You felt his breath on your neck and felt his lips gently kissed the skin.

“You smell very lovely Dr (Y/L/N)”
“It’s just (Y/N) call me (y/N)
He said your name back slowly his voice getting deeper with lust. His eyes changed to a light purple and you felt scared. You tried to cover yourself as much as possible and avoided all eye contact.
"Your scared of me aren’t you”
You didn’t respond
“I can smell the fear off you baby girl, you’ve must have the rumors”
“ your a monster ” you said confidently
“Why did you kill all those women?”
He chuckled darkly and and cupped your face
“Oh jagi , I never killed anyone. Where are you getting these silly rumors from?”
You again didn’t respond and looked down biting your lip
“You know when I first came to this base, I was kinda scared of what they would do to me, every scientist that came in here were scared and never bother to look at me. And that’s when I saw you. Your so beautiful and precious, it made me wonder what your in here for. And then I saw you wearing a lab coat and I vowed to stay away thinking you were like them. But seeing those tight dresses on you, the way they capture your curves, it made me want you more”

“You like me?”
He chuckled darkly once more and nodded his head smirking.
“ tomorrow I’m planning on busting out of here. But I’m not leaving until I get what I want. ”
“I’m so hungry jagi, feed me please”
You didn’t know what he meant and your innocence got the best of you when you pulled out a protein bar from your coat pocket and handed it to him. His eyes turned a dark purple and he slapped the bar from your hand
“That’s not what I’m hungry for”
He roughly put his lips on yours and took your lab coat off, all in motion. You wanted to pull away but you couldn’t , hell you didn’t want to. Your body was on fire and every touch made your shiver in pleasure. He put both hands on your ass making you wrap your legs around his waist. He carried you and put you on the end of the experiment table. He lifted your dress up ripped your panties off. He kissed and suckered the inside of your thighs. You tried to hold back a moan but he bit your thigh.
“Jagi these rooms are sound proof, don’t hold back”
You nodded and moan. He kissed the center of you slit and your body shivered as your grabbed his hair. He licked every inch of your slit leaving nothing untouched. You then felt his thick lips around your clit as he was sucking hard,without mercy. Your back arched
“Uhhhhh baekhyun ”
He sucked harder and put a finger in your entrance, fingering your pussy viciously. You gasped and and groaned
“Uhhhhh fuck!!!!!”
He took his fingers out and replaced them with his tongue. You felt his tongue go deep inside your entrance and swirled around making shapes. You began panting hard and you both laced fingers. He tongue fuck you a couple of times before he began fingering you again. You couldn’t hold it in anymore. You arched your back and moaned. You squirted all over the place as your eyes watered with pleasure.
At the sight of you squirting baekhyun bit his lips and climbed on top if you. As he was biting your neck you flipped him over and began quickly bouncing on his member. He digged his finger nails into your hips which caused you to move faster and swirl your hips around. He growled and thrusted up inside you, meeting your Thrust which caused you to moan louder than you did before. You both came hard. And fell on top of his chest from exhaustion.

“Don’t Leave….. please ”
“After what we just did, I Don’t think I want to jagi”

I’ve been enjoying those ‘American Magical Schools’ posts and I ESPECIALLY enjoy all the Native and Black school headcanons but now I propose to you


The first one was in California. Obviously. Obviously.

The next was in New York, back when Chinatown was 5 streets (Mott, Park, Pell and Doyers). The New York Chinatowns ended up taking over after the Chinese Exclusion Act not-so-slowly slowly destroyed the jobs of California Chinese. They might be magical, but white people had their wizards too and they were just as racist as the muggles.

Doyers was known as the Bloody Angle (true fact) from how many people were shot and hacked to death around the sharp bend in the street. It’s true that many died (the streets ran red with blood, they say. They told the police it was pig blood, whenever the police happened to walk by to shake down the folks living there) but more just vanished. Where better to hide an entrance to their schools than around a corner that most are too terrified to even think about, much less watch? It’s perfectly safe for the children. Children are special, children are sacred, children are the future. No one touches children.

(the teachers apparate in)

Children start in kindergarden. Because come on. Magical Chinese parents aren’t any less likely to push their kids to excellence than Muggle ones. Their classrooms are underneath the streets, a huge labyrinth that goes deeper than any subway (although they had to abandon some of the upper floors to make room for the trains, they got to steal lots of abandoned stations after a while)

They teach the lessons in Chinese. Most of the older professors determinedly refuse to learn English. It isn’t just the European schools that are stuck in their old ways. 

Potions take place in certain restaurants since no one wants to deal with trying to air out an underground tunnel when someone inevitably fucks up and adds the kirin scale before the beetle eyes and stuff like like. You know the ones. The little holes in the wall that are always smokey and smell strange and only have one person there who doesn’t speak any English and just hurries you out. Most muggles assume they’re fronts for the Triads. Admittedly, some of them were. Or are. It can be good to have powerful people on your side and magical children aren’t just born to non-criminals. Triad men want their kids to get a good education too.

It was rarer when things were first starting, but nowadays it’s common for families to send their children to muggle schools during the day and magical schools in the afternoons and weekends. Sorry I can’t hang out, the kids tell their friends, Chinese school. Well, it is Chinese and it is a school so… not really a lie. They don’t really need a Muggle Studies professor since there’s not much room in New York to be secreted away from muggles. There is one very very overworked Muggle Studies teacher, but they mostly have to deal with helping magical FOBs deal with the fact that in New York there aren’t any magical communes the likes of Hogsmeade or 神奇的地方. They have Chinatowns and they have old muggle Chinese families who don’t pay any attention to them except to make sure that their money is good and their Cantonese authentic (Mandarin is okay, but village dialects are better. Show that you haven’t lost your roots). The muggle residents may not care that you’re magical but there are too many tourists around to risk being too obviously magical. Yes you can get away with almost anything but insisting to the white people that it’s ‘just how it is in China’ but come on. Someone’s going to figure out that beetle eyes aren’t actually a Chinese delicacy.