you had one job people

DeLiteful rain

(the file name for this was “rooni dazlib btw)

My kink is, whenever someone does something that opposes social norms, and does whatever makes them happy.

Like boys painting their nails

Had to have a conversation with three different people last night about kinks because we had a daddy bring his princess shopping at like midnight and she kept wandering away from him so they were calling for each other through the store. Like she legitimately sounded like a child and the other customers were concerned there was a lost kid in the store.

Like if you’re both consenting adults that’s fine go nuts but if you want to do that in public you have to know people aren’t going to react well like don’t get mad at me because Susan came in for her prescription and got weirded out you were roleplaying in a drugstore at fuckall hour of the day.

Why did I even care about this party?
What have I expected?
Making friends?
Trying to make things good again?

How could I even believe that somebody would listen to me?
How could I believe,
how could I just believe that?

- Two guests woke Mid out of his thought as they started to talk about the party -
“The party is cool, but some people already leaving!
” Yeah, I saw that silent guy leaving and Coppy too. I think there are even more who just left"

- Mid clenched his fists -

They’ve left?! They just left?!
- Mid got angry, he almost exploded inside -

He called his friend.
He looked at Greed, as he appeared.
“Where have you been?! You had ONE FUCKING JOB and screwed it up!
People are leaving and it's YOUR fault!”

“So get you ass up, and make sure People won’t leave the Factory!”
“ Lock all doors and don’t screw it up this time!”
“I’ll go ahead, you coming after!”
“We’re starting RIGHT NOW!”

Mid turned away and walked wrathful back to the Factory, inside the main room.

I can’t believe I still have to go outdoor tonight,
looking after the others to take care of them.

every job you apply for wants experience in that field but no job is willing to give experience 

When I say Rape of Nanking, you say sorry!

When I say Lolicon, you say sorry! 

When I say Office Ladies, you say sorry!

When I say comfort women, you say sorry! 

When I say literally teamed up with Hitler, you say sorry! 

When I say invasion of the Asian mainland in war of conquest, you say sorry!


What do you mean “you had one job”? The audience doesn’t have a job, dipshit. If you want people to agree with you, it’s YOUR job to convince them. 


Satoshi: Tierno, Trova, Sana, I’m glad you found him.
Tierno: Oh, it wasn’t us.
Trova: It’s thanks to Manon-san over there.
Satoshi: What… what’s wrong?

Manon: Ah… Sorry, sorry! I was surprised?

In fact, my partner is also a Harimaron. This made me remember Hari-san.