you had one job max


….you literally had one job, marvel.

and you fucked it up this badly.

Max in CoG
  • Max: Idris again?! It's so borringgggg
  • Max: Jace what do you mean she's your sister
  • Max: praying for you jace
  • Max: Aline don't call me cute I will cut you
  • Max: who is this Sebastian you speak of
  • Max: can I come?!!!!?!!
  • Max: I hate all of you
  • Max: I'll be in your conversations one day just wait
  • Max: I'm just gonna go over here with my toy soldier ok
  • Max: wait what
  • Max: Sebastian what are you doing
  • Max: izzy get back here
  • Max: IZZY
  • ***
  • Max: you had one job