you had no heart

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10 or 13 w/ spiderpool? Thanks, Sci! <3



“Excuse me?”

“All this mystery – all the secrecy – all the suspense, and you’re just ––“ Wade frantically gestured. “––Justin fucking Bieber under there.”

Excuse me?” Peter raised his voice.


“Sooo… this is me.”

“How didn’t I know you had an apartment right in the heart of Manhattan before?”

“Well, you’ve never followed me home before – and given my reputation, I’ve always taken it as a sign of trust and unwavering friendship that you haven’t.”

Spider-man snickered, bouncing a little on the heels of his feet. “Uh huh.”

They’d spent the evening together. It was a slow winter’s night, mid January. Their patrol was uneventful, but there was something comfortable about the quiet streets and he and Wade’s running discussion on whether Shrek 2 truly was better than the first. It’s always something Spider-man tends to forget – just how much fun it is to debate with Deadpool. It was 2am when they reached Deadpool’s apartment block.

“Soo…This is… goodnight, right? Way past our bedtime. Both of us.”

“Oh. Oh, yeah. Yeah.” Spider-man stammered. “Sure. Night.”

Spider-man took a step back, about to turn on heel.

“This was fun.” Spider-man said, stepping back again. “This was fun.” He echoed, again, quieter.

Deadpool was silent for seconds, trying to read Spidey’s hesitation.

“You… want to stay over?” Deadpool chirped. “We can get fucked up.”

“Bad idea.” Spider-man said, immediately.

Spider-man stood still, considering. Deadpool waited patiently.

“Bad idea.” Spider-man said again, spreading his hands out in a no way gesture. “Bad idea.”

Not entirely sure whether to count that as an answer or not, Deadpool opened the door. “Alright then, Mr Webbed Pants. Good nigh–“ Spider-man had already sped-walked through the door before Wade had known it. “…Mi casa es su casa, I guess.”

“A bad idea.” Spider-man repeated, already making himself comfortable on Wade’s couch. He filed through a pile of DVDs on the table. “You better have Shrek 2.”  

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Congrats on 5,000! For the Drabble, I would like "The family is a haven in a heartless world" with Spencer maybe with a family of his own? Thank you

(Doing this quote and this one because they both asked for a Spencer/family dynamic: "I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me.“)

You had heard Spencer come in through the door, and your heart jumped in elation as you sat up in bed.  You weren’t expecting him back this soon, and you knew that his daughter would love it when she woke up to pancakes and Daddy sitting at the table.

But when Spencer sighed heavily and walked heavy-footed into the room, you braced yourself for a long night of talking.

“Sweetheart?” you asked lightly.

You saw his body lurch, and you reached over and flicked on the light only for your eyes to widen as the light cascaded over his body.

He looked tired, depressed, and malnourished.

“Jesus, Spencer,” you breathed as you lept up from the bed and raced over to him.

You guided him towards the bed and sat him down, and as you began getting him out of his clothes you heard him sniffle.

One by one, the articles of clothing came off, and when he was out of his suit and shoes, you sat down beside him and began to rub his back.

“What happened?” you breathed as your worried eyes wandered his body.

“It’s stupid,” Spencer said.

“No it’s not.  Not with me.  Never,” you reassured him.

“No.  I’m serious.  It’s really idiotic.”

But his words only served to make you more confused as your worry escalated.

“Are you hurt?” you asked lowly.

“No no no…” he trailed off as he pushed himself off of the bed.

“The case…it-…i-i-it…”

You watched him pace as he pressed the heels of his hands into his eyes, and you began wringing your hands in your lap as you watched his autistic tendencies slowly rise to the surface.  He turned on his heels and took exactly six steps in each direction and he rhythmically began running his hands through his hair as his breathing began to pick up.

“Alright.  Aaaaaalright,” you coo’d as you got up and wrapped your hands around his waist.  “Let’s try laying down.”

It was as you were laying down in bed that you saw your phone lighting up on your nightstand, and you were relieved when you opened it and saw it was Morgan.

Morgan always knew when he wasn’t in a state to communicate.

And the five words that scrawled upon your screen answered every single one of your questions.

Unsub didn’t know who he was.

As you sighed and closed your phone, you opened your arms as Spencer curled up into your warm embrace.  He trembled as his sobs wracked his body, and you ran your fingers through his hair as he rocked side to side into your body.

It had nothing to do with the case.

It had everything to do with the fact that someone made him feel worthless.

Null and void.


“I love you, sweetheart,” you whispered into his hair as his body slowly began to calm down.

“I love you, Dr. Spencer Reid.”

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Can I request Aomine scenario, his s/o gets replaced with rl reader and he was gunna break up with original s/o but the new one is really affectionate and shows him more love so he falls in love again?? sorry if its weird, or confusing!

Hi there! I was a bit confused on what you asked, but I think I understand the gist of what you’re asking? If not, please feel free to clarify it later. But this is what I came up with so I hope you like it! (Done from reader’s pov)

You knew being with Aomine would be difficult. After hearing he’d recently broke it off with his ex, you decided to come in as his friend/crush, and try to help him through it. Some of your friends had warned you he may break your heart, as he wasn’t ready to be in a new relationship, but you still pursued it anyway.

Because Aomine’s happiness was your happiness.

It didn’t matter how long it took for him to get over her, or if he never said ‘I love you’. Because you had more than enough love for the both of you. And you didn’t want him to ever give up on the feeling of ‘love’.

So you spent lots of time taking him places you knew he’d like. The arcade, movies, the basketball court to play one-on-one. You always avoided shopping with him, because you knew he hated it, so you did whatever you could to show him other things.. To help ease the pain.

As each week passed, you could slowly see Aomine returning to himself again, but there were days he’d stare off with a far-away gaze, and it made you worry. Was he thinking of ending things? You weren’t even sure if you could call what you had a ‘relationship’. Because although you did things a normal couple would, they were also things friends did together.

You didn’t dare try to be intimate with him, because the last thing you needed was to make things complicated. (As if anything wasn’t in the first place.) But you started to get worried when Aomine had ignored you for a few weeks. You didn’t know what to do, who to ask because you didn’t want to hear them say;

I told you so.’

It surprised you when he messaged you, asking to meet you at the park. Your hand froze on the keypad as you scrambled for an answer. Biting your lip, you hesitantly replied with

I’ll be there.’

It didn’t really surprise you to be the first to arrive, but what did was how his arms pulled you into a hug. There was no greeting, no ‘hey ___’, it was just.. a hug. When he pulled back, you tried to keep the smile in, because he was nervous, and you’ve never seen him like this.

Rather than let him say anything, you grabbed his hand, rubbing the back of his skin. You gave him that smile, one that reassures him everything is going to be fine, and he didn’t have to say anything. It surprised you when his hand tightened its grip, before a basketball replaced it. You blinked, looking at him in surprise, before the smile grew at his grin.

While there was no guarantee he was going to fall in love with you, seeing him after so long has rekindled the fire in your heart. It was more than enough to convince you to keep being at his side.

#104 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “One where everyone is at the bar hangin out and when she isnt lookin someone tries to roofie her and van and the lads are well pissed and try to fight the guy??”

Note: I deviated a little bit from the original prompt, and I hope that’s okay?

Warning: This fic contains drink spiking, and discussion about the potential consequences of that.

It all happened so fast. You didn’t have time to process any of it. One minute you were dancing, the next you were lying on the concrete sidewalk out the front of the bar with a boy you didn’t know performing chest compressions. His face was twisted in panic, and he was begging you to breathe. You could hear Evie crying. “Please don’t fucking die,” the boy said. The last thing you saw was his necklace swaying in the air as he pressed against your heart hard. 

Ten minutes earlier you had been buying drinks with Evie when there was a break in good songs. The cocktails were pretty; Instagram worthy. You both turned to rummage through your bags for your phones. After cheering, and taking small sips, Evie spat hers out all over the bar. You laughed. “Oh my god! How can something so pretty taste so gross,” she cried.

“Yeah, they’re not great… Just drink fast!” you suggested. 

“Drink fast?! You drink fast, Y/N. Go on. Both." 

So you did. Suddenly, there were people around you. A guy in a button up white shirt knocked the second glass from your hand. "What the fuck!?” you yelled as he did. Another guy in a red velvet shirt was next to him.

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love you like fireburst (4/8)
↳ from jungkook to taehyung

I swear I’ll always remember the pain. I’ll always remember how much it hurt, everything from that night to the way you said her name. The way you use a hammer as if I had a plastic heart when I’ve always told you that I’m made of glass. I’ve never been easy to break before you shattered me but you should’ve known that I was never going to come back.
—  It was over from the moment you touched her

the fact that sangwoo’s full name is Oh Sangwoo fucking kills me. cause in english, every time somebody says his full name it sounds like they’re softly admonishing him. “oh sangwoo……why did you have to murder all of those people…..”

but honestly, lance’s “we are a good team” came out of fucking nowhere. like, they had one conversation before all this shit went down and it was about a team cheer. lance, how in love do you have to be to be thinking about your crush at a time like this. if they had a conversation about their teamwork beforehand or something i would’ve gotten it but no. he’s just crushing in the middle of a battle, you two barely even worked together as a team, where did this come from lance?

“Okay look, I know I have royal duties to attend to Ignis, but rescuing the Chocobos comes first.”