you had me at coheed and cambria

I was tagged by @canadiangold; Thank you~!

Star sign: Leo

Height: 5′3″

Time Right Now: 8:42

Last thing you googled: RTX tickets

Last book you read: Does The Sandman Count? It’s a graphic novel… An actual book I read was Jason Brubaker’s Unnatural Talent.

Favorite music artists: So many… Apocalyptica, Coheed and Cambria, Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Del Ray, Fall Out Boy, ect.

Last show watched: Emerald City

What are you wearing right now: Skinny Tan tights, and a brown top. My work clothes. 

When did you create this blog: I don’t remember.

What kind of stuff do you post: Whatever show stuff I’m into, and art illustrations. 

Do you have instagram: yes~! And you should follow me: Talya.Storm

Do you have snapchat: Yes :3

Do you get asks regularly: Nope~!

How did you choose your url: In highshool I had a lot of free time. 

Gender: Female

Favorite color: Purple

Average hours of sleep: 4

Favorite characters: Emerald Sustrai is my number one~! I adore all of the RWBY characters, but my heart just goes: !!!!!!! whenever Emerald is on screen. 

Selina Kyle; Catwoman, also a sassy and solitary thief. Maybe I have a niche. Harley is also good. Morrigan from Dragon Age. Olivier Armstrong from fma brotherhood. Akko from LWA. Luke fon Fabre from TOA…

I have a lot of favorite characters.

Dream job: I don’t particularly have a dream job. But If I could create and self publish my own stories, that would be enough for me. 

Random: I love planning vacations I’ll probably never take, because the people I’d genuinely want to go with are busy, broke, or already have children. Or simply unreliable to make plans with.  

I guess I’ll tag… @hawkeyedflame @acephoenix1 @the-heart-alchemist @xennariel @thetruthofyourdespair @shippingk8 and whoever sees and feels like it~! No one has to though!!!