you had me at 'get out of the way' *u*

the signs as iconic tweets

aries: @MarinasDiamonds: Just found out the world doesn’t revolve around me. Shocked & upset. 

taurus: @zaynmalik: Ask me if I give a motherfuck ?!! 

gemini: @LanaDelRey: U should feel lucky to have my $79 lipstick kisses all over your face. Ur probably used to those cheap tricks kissin u w their .99 cent lips 

cancer: @zaynmalik: @Louis_Tomlinson remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine ?

leo: @kanyewest: kim doesn’t understand what a blessing I am to her 

virgo: @rihanna: Fuck I look like ho? I look like yes and ya look like no 

libra: @justinbieber: If u didn’t get tickets to the believe tour find a way to sneak in lol 

scorpio: @NICKIMINAJ: When I was about 11 I snapped @ a slumber party n startin beatin da shit out this girl who was pickin on me! Lmao. Her name was Dameka 

sagittarius: @KimKardashian: Her eyes were closed and I was feeling my look! Can I live?!?! 

capricorn: @Real_Liam_Payne: I can promise I am not engaged this I can promise you. I’m only 17 I love green beans 

aquarius: @ArianaGrande: @ItsGiovannaP Not for eating my own used tampon, that’s for damn sure. 

pisces: @Louis_Tomlinson: Always in my heart @Harry_Styles . Yours sincerely, Louis

something I’ve been thinking about lately in regards to character design is that you can never get 100% aesthetic pleasure in any design and have it be really INTERESTING. Which isn’t to say you can’t make interesting designs beautiful, but…if I refined my aesthetic taste in characters down to a purified ingot of just what I found most attractive, it’d be pretty boring to look at.

With monster designs especially you can get some pretty milquetoast stuff by just including what is most attractive about a beastly character. Usually this manifests in young/inexperienced designers making ‘scary’ designs that are nothing but oooooooo spooky sharp teeth ooooooh empty eye sockets oooooh antlers/tentacles/wings/stitches/strategically placed wounds on an otherwise conventionally attractive person oooooooo

You also see this a lot with that same group of artists translating popular horror or creepypasta characters into their style; the appeal of the characters is drawn to the surface, smoothing out into a bland attractiveness that obliterates the oddities and flaws that drew people to the character in the first place.

None of this is inherently bad (draw what u like), but it is boring. It took me a really long time to realize that I had to flavor my designs with elements that would be unappealing on their own, that didn’t always push my buttons in juuuuust the right way. 100% aesthetic appeal is like eating sugar straight out of the bag: you get tired REAL quickly. It’s not until you add salt, spice, maybe some heat (which are also flavors you probably wouldn’t scarf down on their own) that it actually begins to get tasty.

from my experience of being openly bisexual for 5+ years, i dont really feel like i have ever belonged to the lgbt+ community bc i feel like i cant go along to pride and bring my boyfriend and celebrate the fact that ‘hey i’m bi and i’m in a hetero relationship and i’m happy that way’ bc it seems like if ur not girl&girl or boy&boy ur not… .. gay?? enough????? ive never felt… enough .. to be a part of the community and thats got to change. please let other than lesbians and gays feel pride in themselves when taking their hetero relationships to events.. or just feeling happy in straight relationships in general .. and stop it being a competition of who is an Actual Gay TM

{Special} College!AU Taeyong
  • major: medical laboratory science 
  • minor:  mathematics 
  • sports: tennis team 
  • clubs: was a part of math club and won a regional competition when he was only a freshman,,,,the math dept begged him to switch majors but he said he wouldn’t be able to handle a degree that made him a teacher,,,,,because schools can be,,,,,,,a mess  
  • taeyong is like the model student and everyone in his major thinks he’s a genius,,,,,,,,,,,,but in reality he just stays up three nights in a row neurotically drinking coffee and listening to edm remixes of like jazz songs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,like that is the Truth of his college life
  • was originally going to go into pre-med,,,,but when an emt came to visit and was like “sometimes blood just gets everywhere! and i mean EVERYWHERE” taeyong was like,,,,,,,,,,well he first got out his hand sanitizer and decided then and there that working with machines and in a lab was his aesthetic instead
  • having random people cough on you in the ER is not
  • like blood is cool in the study of hematology and taeyong will get enthusiastic over working with new specimens in his microbiology lab
  • but ,,,,,,, he’s a theory person,,,,,,he wants to help doctors figure out why someone is sick and then the doctors can treat them
  • taeyong is a-ok being behind the studying and lab work,,,,not on the front lines
  • which is baffling to most people because taeyong puts effort into going unnoticed but,,,,it’s Impossible to not notice him
  • even in his lab coat, thick framed glasses, and the usual perfectly bland outfit of black jeans and a button down,,,,,,someone might be like haha what nerd
  • but,,,,,,,one look at his face and it’s like WOAH WHAT 
  • and countless times on his way to his internship or when he’s out getting lunch wtih jaehyun and ten people will be like excuse me,,,are you a model? a site model? a idol? are u on some tv show?
  • and taeyong seriously doesn’t get why he gets asked this so many times,,,,every time humbly apologizing that he’s not the person they’re looking for and getting a little anxious when people are obviously taking photos of him
  • like the amount of times jaehyun has literally had to get up and sit in front of taeyong so people wouldn’t be noisy is insane
  • and the amount of times ten has started an argument on taeyong’s behave is even more because ten is always like taEYONG YOU HANDSOME FRIEND OF MINE I GeT THAT u R BEAUTiFUL but WhY DO peOPLE JusT DISREGARD UR prIVAC-
  • and taeyong always has to calm ten down but all of their friends agree that it’s super weird and gets out of hand
  • but taeyong is too nice to shut it down himself,,,,,so most of the time he slips on those glasses and a hat when he goes out and avoids looking people in the eyes
  • johnny once came over to his dorm and was like “bro i got you this wig. wear it if things get too creepy.” unfortunately the wig was the bright color red and mark was like hey johnny i know ur a senior and all but,,,,,,is ur head in the game,,,bro,,,please,,,
  • is the designated mom of his dorm’s floor because he has evERYTHING on hand from extra chargers, to a first aid kit, to pain killers
  • and every time someone comes into his room (taeyong begged for a single bed,,,,roommates can get a Bit) they’re always amazed at how a boy in college keeps his room sparkling clean
  • and i literally mean sparkling his bed sheets are white, his desk is completely free of everything except his laptop and a cup to hold pens in,,,,,his closet is organized by color: white, black, grey, and brown
  • and he has a little whiteboard where he writes due dates and everyone is like ur seriously a star student why cant i be clean and organized like u
  • except they don’t understand,,,anytime before finals the clean room turns into disarray,,,,,like taeyong literally pulls all his covers off the bed and takes power naps at his desk only to wake up with post-it notes stuck to his face
  • and when finals are over he goes on a cleaning spree in which he offers to do the laundry for everyone on his floor because it calms his nerves
  • he’s a sweet, polite, hard-working kid tbh with the face of an actual god which makes some people think he’s stuck up when he’s the absolute least from it
  • like taeyong is that kid that tutors his seniors for FREE in subjects they should be tutoring him in like what an angel?????/
  • anyway you’re taking organic chemistry with him this semester but the only problem is ,,,,,,you transferred in the middle of the year and therefore are completely falling behind
  • to the point where you don’t even care about saving your grade because no one wants to help and the teacher is super like “well,,,,,,,,,,do it urself im not doing it for u” kinda stick up their butt situation
  • so u start skipping class
  • because everything else ur doing fine in,,,,u have people sharing notes and teachers who get ur situation but organic chem????? the Devil
  • until one day as ur standing in line at the school cafe and u feel a tap on ur shoulder 
  • and u turn around to see this guy,,,,,who u know but ur not sure from where until he’s like “taeyong,,,,im in your organic chem class.” and you roll your eyes at the name of that class but then ur like sORRy,,,,,it’s just that class is so,,,,,
  • and he’s like “ive noticed you’ve stopped coming,,,,,is the material too hard?”
  • and you kind of are taken aback because this chem class isn’t ,,,,,,small it’s a lecture hall full of like 150 people and he noticed,,,,,,you?
  • but you shrug not wanting to come off like ,,,,, obvious and ur like “i transferred and a lot of things didn’t make sense,,,,so i gave up? ill just retake the class next semester.”
  • but taeyong frowns and for a moment you think to yourself: how does someone still look so attractive frowning wth
  • but ur like “it’s whatever, it can’t be helped.” but taeyong is like ,,,,,,,if,,,,if you still want help,,,,,,i can help you
  • and for a moment you’re gonna laugh because there’s like four weeks left of classes,,,,,,the only way to save your grade is to ace the big course final
  • but taeyong seems to fidget a bit when u don’t answer and he goes “b-but if it’s weird,,,,if i seem we,,weird,,,,,,im sor-”
  • and you’re like no no it’s not you,,,it’s just,,,how can u teach me so much in so little time ?? it’d be a lot of work on ur part and we don’t even know each other?
  • but taeyong seems unfazed by the amount of work,,,,tbh he smiles a little when u mention how it’ll take hard work and u dont know because ur new to the school but it’s because every1 always tells taeyong he does too much and works too hard,,,,,but to him it’s all fun like he has fun in his major
  • and he shakes his head and looks at you and again u catch urself sinking a little into his dark,,,pretty eyes and he’s like “im in ,,, if you’re in.”
  • and the line has moved up and the bored looking girl behind the register asks what you’d like to order and ur like ,,,,, one sec- and she’s like i don’t have time tell me so you say ur order,,,turn back to taeyong and ur like “ok,,,,let’s try.” and he’s like “meet me in the library at 8.”
  • and you watch him give a little bow and turn around and for a moment u cant be really sure that just happened,,,,,,,most people in college dont waltz up to others to offer to tutor them,,,,,
  • but as u pay the girl for ur coffee she goes “don’t try asking taeyong out. he never dates.” and ur like ????? what a guy like him definitely has a significant other????? right?????
  • so 8pm comes around and u bring a fresh notebook and the textbook u bought for the class and find that u dont even have to look for a seat because u can see taeyong already at one of the tables
  • and he’s got his lab coat over his chair,,,,his laptop open with some charts up and a heavy looking medical dictionary ,,,, he looks like a straight up doctor tbh 
  • and u sit down,,,startling taeyong who’s glasses slip down his nose just a bit until he’s chuckling and closing his laptop 
  • and u think how good of a tutor can he be to help someone as hopelessly lost as u,,,,,,,,,,,,but the minute taeyong begins to explain it’s like,,,,it’s like everything makes /sense/
  • nothing is complicated or abstract,,,,and u can’t help but be entranced by his smooth, slightly deep voice and the way he points out keywords and writes down formulas in near perfect handwriting 
  • like everything about him is so Professional he’s like,,,he’s like a professor,,,,
  • and it’s kind of super cute how when u ask him to repeat something he doesn’t get ticked off,,,no he gets excited because it’s obvious,,,,this is something taeyong loves
  • and at the end of ur first study session u feel so much better about everything
  • to the point that u even show up to ur class the next day and taeyong doesn’t look up from his notes,,,,,so u cant say hi but,,,,,suddenly it’s not like the teacher is talking nonsense
  • and every other day taeyong comes to the library to teach u,,,although he moves the time up to 10pm and ur not sure,,,maybe classes or clubs
  • and by the sixth time as ur packing up to leave taeyong goes “i see ur coming to class, that makes me happy.” and u don’t know why but,,,,,,,
  • just saying that,,,,,,,,it,,,,,it makes ur heart skip a beat
  • but u remember the words of the girl from the cafe about taeyong never dating and u itch to ask him,,,,but u don’t want to make this relationship more awkward
  • which is why the only time u do ask is when u end up in another class of urs partnered up with yuta and taeil,,,,two boys who immediately go “you’re the one taeyong is tutoring right?” and you’re like,,,yes??? and yuta scratches his head and is like “for organic chem or for immunology? or wait,,,,he’s giving someone tennis lessons too right taeil??” and ur like wow,,,taeyong sure helps a lot of people
  • and taeil nudges yuta but nods and is like “taeyong is really too nice for his own good,,,,,,,,,,” and u nod and try to focus on the project,,,but taeil gives u this like ???? knowing smile
  • and ur like ,,,, w-whats up and taeil is like “u want to know if taeyong is seeing someone?” and u straighten up because ur like ,,,,, UM,,, no-
  • and yuta laughs into his palm and is like “it’s ok,,,i know taeyong as a fellow pretty boy everyone always asks us that” and taeil rolls his eyes but he’s like “he’s not, he hasn’t dated anyone in college.” and from the shock on ur face yuta can only nod his head and go “i know,,,it shocks all of us,,,,,,hot girls and hot guys and everyone else all the hot people on campus have made moves on him but he just,,,,,,”
  • and yuta throws up his hands in defeat and taeil shrugs and for a second u think,,,,,,,,well what kind of chance to i stand,,,,,,,but u shake it off and ur like “maybe he’s just waiting!! he’s really nice i hope he finds someone.” 
  • and with that u leave after class,,,realizing that taeyong is helping u from the goodness of his heart,,,,,not because he might harbor something towards u,,,,and u need to accept that
  • but what u dont realize is that as u head toward ur dorm,,,,,taeyong is waiting in the library and when u don’t show up,,,,he goes into a panic
  • and the next day in organic chem he comes rushing up to
  • and for the first time his perfect face is scarred with worry and his hair is a mess and he looks like he hasn’t slept and he’s like,,,,,a,,,,are you ok?? and ur like yes wh- and he seems to calm down and even get embarrassed a bit as he steps back and is like “wi-will you come to the library tomorrow??” and ur like ofc omg 
  • and as ur trying to concentrate,,,u look over to see taeyong dozing off,,,,something he never does,,,,and u wonder why he didn’t sleep
  • and when u go for tutoring taeyong seems a little more reserved,,,,like usually if u make a joke he’ll laugh or if ur fingers brush it’s nothing
  • but now it seems like he’s keeping his distance,,,,,a bit more than usual and u want to ask if something is wrong,,,,,
  • so when ur done with the problem set he has and he gets up almost as if he’s in a hurry,,,,ur reach out and ask him if he’s ok and taeyong,,,looking down at your hand on his wrist ,,,, mumbles that u didn’t show up to tutoring so he thought he’d messed up but u explain that it just slipped ur mind,,,,,,taeyong could never do something wrong
  • and taeyong,,,,looks up at you and smiles just a bit and he’s like “if i do do something wrong,,,please tell me and ill fix it.”
  • and,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,the pureness of his voice,,,,the way he’d gotten so worried over you,,,,,it makes your heart burst because where else could someone find such a damn near perfect boy
  • and before you can think and stop yourself from speaking you ask; “the final is in a week,,,,,after,,,,,would you want to go out?”
  • taeyong seems to need a moment to register what u mean,,,,but when he does,,,,it’s like all the heat in his body has rushed up into his face and he stutters over an answer until he just goes “im sorry,,,,,,,” and that’s enough for you to get the hint
  • you apologize at least ten times and ur like thIS is awkward,,,ill go and make a dash for the door as quickly as possible
  • because everything is so damn EMBARRASSING and ur like WHAT WERE U THINKING @ yourself the whole time u go to your dorm
  • and for a good hour u just lay down with ur head in ur pillow like gkhdlfjssdf whY DID I OPEN MY MOUTH
  • but taeyong,,,,,who also gets to his dorm just sets down his laptop and tries to think himself,,,why,,,,,,,why did he say im sorry?? when he wanted to say yes,,,,,
  • and the week goes by and the final comes and goes and at the end u want to ball ur eyes out because well one that final was hARD AS HELL but thanks to taeyongs help u feel like u did decently,,,,,but also the whole time u couldn’t help but look over at taeyong and not once,,,,,,did u guys cross eyes
  • and ur convincing urself that he’s forgotten about it,,,,,about you and helping you,,,and every night u spent in the library getting closer and god dammit if u hadnt gotten all worked up over him saying he was worried thiS wouldnt have happened
  • until you walk right into someone and they’re like “woah! watch yourself” and you look up to see the familiar face of taeil and ur like oh right whoops we got an A on our project did u get the email? and taeil nods but he’s like “more importantly,,,,,,,,hows taeyong?”
  • and ur like ?????????/ idk im not his frie-
  • and taeil is like ur not??? taeyong literally tutored u right after his internship for four weeks straight sacrificing his time for u and ur not even friends? doubt it
  • and ur like wait what
  • and taeyong is like yEAH why do u think u had to meet so damn late the poor guy had a class load + an internship in a lab + tutoring and believe me as kind as he is,,,,,,he wouldn’t go to such lengths for a stranger
  • and u can’t believe it,,,,like at all,,,,,,but u feel like such an asshole and ur like “do u know where-” and taeil is like “bus stop near the gym. he should be going there n-” and ur like thANKS SEE U LATER TELL YUTA WE GOT AN A BECAUSE HE NEVER CHECKS HIS EMAIL
  • and as u run u can see taeyong,,,holding his lab coat and his shoulder bag at the stop and u don’t know how much time u have till the bus comes
  • but when u show up in front of him,,,huffing and puffing taeyong immediately worries and tries to offer u his water and ur like no no listen to me 
  • and he’s lie ???? with wide eyes and ur like “im sorry. i never thanked u for tutoring me and we left of on an awkward note and it was sUPER embarrassing but if we could push it aside like i really like u,,,,,,,,but like i want to be ur friend first and foremost because i think ur great and u helped me pass that satanic class and i just didnt know u were staying up so late to tutor me and i just i have a lot more to say but most of all thank you so much taeyong. i appreciate what you did for me.”
  • and u cant believe u had enough breath for all that but taeyong,,,,taeyong is smiling,,,,,,,and it’s the smile that makes his usually stoic, handsome face turn somewhat childish and warm
  • and he puts his hand out to carefully take yours and he’s like 
  • “im happy i could help, but also i,,,,,,,,,”
  • and you think he’s holding ur hand in like ???A friendly way??? but taeyong is literally also shaking??? and ur like is he nervous???
  • but taeyong finally swallows the lump in his throat and goes “but also i don’t want to push what you asked me aside. i,,,,,,,i want to take you on a date,,,,,,,can i?”
  • and you can hear the bus approaching and you can see taeyong’s eyes flash between yours and the road and you know you need to answer
  • but ur like stuck and the bus doors open and taeyong is like “i need to let go but tell me-”
  • and he’s halfway up the steps when you get up into the bus with him and the driver is like ? and you lean up to kiss his cheek and you’re like 
  • “yes,,,,,,,please take me on a date. it would make me really happy.”
  • and the bus driver is like hello are u also getting on and taeyong turns cherry red but he tells u he’ll call - but wait ur number - and ur like oh !! message taeil he has it we were partners and taeyong is like ok!!
  • and the driver is like AHEM but this nice old lady is like “don’t ruin their moment”
  • and basically,,,,you get off the bus and wave to taeyong in the window as it leaves and practically skip back to school because oh my god the undateable taeyong,,,,,,just asked you on a dATE
  • and the date,,,,,,is so simple and sweet 
  • everyone thinks taeyong is some stuck up snob with high taste but nooooope in reality u two go to a cafe that specialize in board games and u guys play monoply on ur first damn date and then some connect four and when u beat him at jenga ur pretty sure he might cry
  • but ur like “taeyong,,,,,,top of ur major and yet,,,,,,,bad at jenga?” and he’s like !!!!!!!! im not rematch!!!!11
  • but u win again and poor taeyong has his head in his hands but he’s having fun and gladly does the penalty (which is buying u guys two more drinks)
  • and it’s like afterwords u learn that taeyong is not flashy,,,,,he takes so much happiness in just walking u to ur dorm afterwords and when u tease him about jenga he just bites his lip and mumbles that it just wasn’t his night tonight,,,,,,
  • and when you lean up to kiss him gently taeyong mumbles against your skin if it’s alright to take u out on a second date and u think how cute,,,,but completely agree
  • and two dates turn into more dates and before u know it u and taeyong are dating with matching couple rings to prove it 
  • which yuta thinks is cheesy but taeil just tells him to shut it and be happy for taeyong 
  • but on a real note taeyong takes dating as seriously as his studies,,,he puts his efforts into making you happy and learning more about you
  • and it’s so adorable when he’ll point something out and be like “it reminds me of you!” and,,,,it’s like,,,,,,,what an observant, caring boyfriend 
  • you tell taeyong once you don’t like this specific kind of fruit so when u guys get a fruit salad he asks if u want him to pick out the ones u dont like and u just laugh and go i can just not eat them!!! and he gets red,,,,but like it’s the sentiment that counts
  • taeyong works most of his week and studies super hard so u don’t get to go out a lot and taeyong apologizes for that
  • but you just hold his face in your hands and tell him that no. his studies come first because it’s his future
  • and once taeyong mumbled that he hopes ur his future too and it made ur heart,,,,,,,,,it literally made ur heart burst and you were like taeyong don’t say things like that and he was like im sorry,,,but why not
  • and u were like because it makes me want to kiss u and u have calculus homework right 
  • people that took pics of taeyong when u go out always just get super long glares from u and at one point u were like “that’s illegal i can sue on behave of my boyfriend”
  • and taeyong was like ,,,,angel it’s ok,,,,,,,but u were like anyone who wants to disrespect him come @ me i will prote-
  • u and ten get along really well just fyi
  • taeyong introduces u to mark and ur just like !!!!!! wow!!!!! so adorable and taeyong is like rIGHT he’s so cute he’s my son and mark is like ??? but both u and taeyong dote on him and sometimes he’s like guys,,,,please,,,,
  • but most of the time he likes it because u and taeyong will cook for him if he asks LOL
  • for someone who hides behind his glasses taeyong sends u selfies whenever he’s with mark because he’s like !!!!!! look how cute
  • but also sometimes he sends some of himself and he’s like ‘i look so bad ive been studying for 4 hours’ but in reality. he doesn’t look bad. he looks like a model. what the heck. what the actual heck
  • taeyong keeps his desk super clean but he’s recently let u put up some photos in frames,,,one of them is his sister ,,, another his parents,,, then one of him and his friends ,,,,,,,and then one of u guys,,,,shyly holding hands under fireworks and it’s cute
  • because before he used to keep everything completely in check but when u doodle a heart on his whiteboard he can’t erase it,,,,he just thinks of u and smiles
  • doesn’t share his hoodies but it’s ok because when u hug him his smell gets stuck in ur clothes and u love it
  • u taught taeyong how to use emojis the right way because when u sent him a bunch of hearts he was like ‘isn’t one enough’ and u were like taeyong no i love u much more than one heart emoji and he was like oh! i should sent more too because i love u so much and it was cORNY but so damn cute
  • his pda is kept to a minimum because taeyong sees intimacy as something very special and he always wants to make sure it’s shared between you and him 
  • and he’ll like it when u take control because taeyong wants to do anything to please u and sometimes u have to remind him that it’s ok for him to indulge
  • and he’ll just shyly hide into ur neck but it’s ok because when u run ur hands down his spine u can hear a low sound from him and it’s,,,,,,hot
  • also loves being kissed on the back of his neck like the nape it always makes him really soft and if he’s overworking himself 
  • ull like come up from behind while he’s hunched over a book and kiss his nape and he’ll completely kind of loosen up and let u drag him out for a snack so he doesn’t die in all his class notes
  • and taeyong tells u after sometime that dating,,,,,and being close to people always worried him because he didn’t know if he could make someone happy
  • but you tell him that he makes u the most happy,,,,even if he has quirks about him and gets excited over math,,,,,that’s so adorable to you
  • like you’re the one person that taeyong should never be scared of hurting,,,,,,because you know how much effort he puts into his work and u know he’d never do anything to harm u or his friends
  • and it’s cute,,,,,,u wait for him to get back to campus after his internship and taeyong is always like !!!!! it’s cold and dark dont 
  • but ur always there and when he gets off the bus he makes u wait till it leaves but then u guys kiss and it’s cute and u laugh against each others lips
  • and although taeyong doesnt like to share his clothes he’ll pull his lab coat over the two of u and be like “kiss me again” and ur like ooo someone is actually more into pda than we thought?? and he’s like shy,,,but also u do kiss him and it’s soft
  • my conclusion is college!taeyong is soft ok everyone please be nice to him


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some songs to listen 2 if ur close to having an anxiety attack

i’ve always had issues w/ anxiety attacks and if available, i love to listen to music to calm me down - so i wanted to put a tiny list of songs together that chill me out when i feel overwhelmed and upset.

feel free to add any songs that make you feel good if u wanna!!!

BTS REACTION: Their S/O Sucks Their Bottom Lip While You Two Kiss

namjoon’s reaction got me like huehuehuehonhonhon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



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K I M S E O K J I N :

He’d probably move his head back, his face contorting to a double chin as he looks at you with wide eyes. You’d then look at him too, your face heating up because you don’t know if he’s just surprised or if he didn’t like it.

“Wah,” He’d then whisper, “I didn’t know you could do that!”

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M I N Y O O N G I :

A couple seconds after you sucked on his bottom lip, he would stop the kiss, put his forehead against yours, and ask in a breathy tone, “Did you just…?”

You’d smile, quite proud of yourself for doing it because you’ve made him flustered & out of breath. He’d then smile too, and then resume kissing you.

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J U N G H O S E O K :

He’d try to continue making out with you a little longer, but then he would break out into a fit of laughter. You’d pout and cross your arms as he stepped back from you. 

“I’m sorry,” He’d then chuckle, “I just wasn’t expecting that.”

Then he’d come back forward, cup your cheeks with both of his hands, and kiss you again.

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K I M N A M J O O N :

He’d tilt his head down afterwards, his forehead against yours and he’s biting his lip. He’d then smile, his teeth still on his bottom lip and he’d shake his head a little before looking up at you through his eyelashes,

“Well…” He’d raise his eyebrows. “That’s one way to get me hard.” 

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P A R K J I M I N :

After you had sucked on his bottom lip, you would feel him stop kissing you for a moment before resuming with a smile on his face.

Soon afterwards, when you two had finished your make-out session, he would give you one more kiss on the lips, making sure to suck on your bottom lip too before parting again.

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K I M T A E H Y U N G :

“Oh my god!” He’d smile, pulling back but holding you by the hips. “Teach me how to do that!” 

You’d roll your eyes at him before leaning forward to engage another kiss, where you would do it again.

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J E O N J U N G K O O K :

He’d try to hold in the butterflies in his stomach from you sucking on his bottom lip, but it wouldn’t be long until he would pull back, his hand would cover his face to block you from seeing his tinted cheeks. He’d avoid eye contact, and you would stare at him in confusion. Then he’d look back at you.

“Sorry,” He’d say in a small voice, “I just… I really liked that.” 


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Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Word Count: 1.3k

Warnings: s m u t { 18 + }

Summary: You come home from work and you’re greeted by a very sexy man named Bucky Barnes who gives you a surprise in the shower.

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You sighed with a smile as you looked down at your phone, scrolling through the endless amounts of texts that your boyfriend, Bucky, had sent you throughout the day at work. 

8:15 : hey i just wanted to make sure you’re okay.

9:00 : i love you.

9:50 : i miss you. can i come and visit you?

10:45 : i just jacked off again :/

10:46 : ^i was thinking about you

12:00 : babe 

1:15 : when are you coming home?

2:28 : BAbe i miss youuuu come homeeee

4:36 : i guess i’ll try and wait for you…

5:54 : are you on your way yet?

You giggled as you texted him saying you were just getting to your car. Shutting off your phone, you reach into your purse for your car keys and open the door to your car. Looking at the time, 6:05, you push the key into ignition and hear the sound of the car as it comes to life. You back out and make your way down a variety of roads that lead to you apartment where you boyfriend was supposedly waiting. You park your car, grab your bag and head to the door of your apartment. Slipping the key through the hole, you hear someone say shit! and hear the sound of pants being zipped up. Once the key was fully in, you turned it and opened the door to see Bucky standing there nervously. 

“Hi Bucky.” You say with a laugh and you take off your purse, setting it on a small table you had placed neck to the door, merely just so it could hold your purse. As you hung up your coat, you hear Bucky clear his throat. 

“H-hey Y/N. How was your day?” He says anxiously as he runs his metal hand through his hair which turns you on more than it should’ve. 

“It was great. How was yours?” You say looking at up at him which a smirk. 

“U-hm… fine.” The way he stuttered when he was nervous or up to something always made you laugh. 

“Alright. So I’m gonna go take a shower and while I do that, get dinner ready and figure out a good reason to tell me what’s going on.” You say as you make your way over to the bathroom, shutting the door with a smirk, leaving Bucky standing in the hallway helpless. 

Once the door was shut, you took out your hair, and washed off some of the makeup you had put on for work. Then you took off your jeans and panties, your shirt and bra which seemed a little to small now that you looked at it. Shrugging it off, you turned on the radio that you kept stationary inside the bathroom because you loved listening to music while you were in the shower. 

Humming to yourself, and just finishing washing your hair, you didn’t hear the bathroom door open. You opened your eyes, which were squeezed shut from the shampoo, and you see Bucky standing in the doorway with his arms crossed, in nothing but a towel wrapped around his body, displaying his v-line very well. 

“B-Bucky? I thought you were making dinner?” You say as Bucky takes off the towel, stepping into the shower, suddenly making the air very thin. 

He. Was. Huge. 

But it wasn’t the first time you’d seen him. You’d seen him plenty of times, but this was making you more aroused than you’ve ever been. 

“Why make dinner when what I want to eat is right in front of me?” He says in a low voice full of lust, as he pushes you up against the wall, crashing his lips onto yours, causing you to go limp in the legs. You moaned into the kiss as he slid his hand down to where you needed him most. “Doll, I’ve been waiting-” He paused to say and deepen the kiss. “-all day-” He says as his hands roam all over your wet body. “-to please my princess.”  He began to lift you up and put you on the little ledge in the shower, spreading your legs apart, but only kissing your thighs. 

He’s teasing you.

“B-bucky…P-please…” You cried out as you brought your hand to your pulsing clit and were about to please yourself if he didn’t.

“Please what, Doll?” He says as he looks up at you with his icy blue eyes as he continued to kiss your inner thighs. “I need words, Y/N.”

“F-fuck me w-with your t-tongue.” You say wincing at the amount of arousal in between your thighs.

“As you wish.” And with that, Bucky’s tongue went to where you needed him most. 

“Oh myy GOOOODDDDDD!” You say as your eyes roll to the back of your head and grab his head to keep him in place. The wonders his tongue was doing to you right now, if he continued like this, he would send you over the edge in no time. Then to your surprise, Bucky brings his flesh hand up to your neck, and chokes you. But this turns you on even more. “You like that, Doll? You like it when daddy eats you out in the shower?” You nodded your head vigorously as you can feel yourself getting close to your orgasm.

“B-Bu…shit…’m gonna…’m gonna cum…” You repeat over and over as if it were a mantra only to ear a “Come for me, Baby. Come all over my face.” And just with that last sentence, you screamed as your orgasm over came your shaking body. 

“T-That was-” But you couldn’t finish your sentence because Bucky had brought his lips to your but this time it was a gentle kiss.

“Doll,” He says as he broke the kiss, “We’re not done yet.” You gulped as you nodded your head and looked down to his throbbing cock, tipped with precum. He stands you up and pushes you back up against the wall so that you’re facing him as he thrust himself into you, filling you up all the way, earning a moan from both of you. “B-babe… You’re s-so tight…’m not gonna…last.” He pants as he begins to reach a good pace. 

“H-harder…” You moan out as you bring your hand down to your pulsating pussy, creating more friction. Bucky growls and obeys your command causing you to moan even louder at the change in tempo. 

“Y/N…” He says between thrusts, “You’re so good for me… so good…” You can tell he’s getting close because his thrusts are getting sloppier by the moment, but to make sure you come first, he pushing your hand away from your core, and replaces it with his metal one, rubbing your clit at a rapid pace. Then you feel your walls clench around him as you scream out his name as your second orgasm chases after, and his follows. 

“Ahhh– ffffuuuucccccckkkkkk Y/N!” He says as he spills his seed inside of you. Nobody moved until Bucky pulls out. “I think I’m full now. What about you?” He says which earns a chuckle from you. 

“Buck, only if I had known-” You tell him as you stand up and walk over to the shower head to clean yourself up, then grabbing a towel you had left for yourself, and wrap it around your body. “-i would’ve been home much earlier.” 

“I know you would’ve, Doll.” He says as he reaches down and grabs the towel he had taken off earlier. 

“Hey,” You say turning around in the door frame, “Round 2?”

“You betcha.” He says as he lifts you up bridal style and carries you over to the bed for what ends up being the best night of your life.

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They turned on each other, at last.

RFA Reacts to MC Who is Really Oblivious and Innocent

wohoho boi i’m rdy


- I wouldn’t say Yoosung is so much innocent as he is bashful, so he knows things (wink wonk ;* ) but he gets embarrassed easily.
- “Hey sweetie, I’m cold, do you think you could-”
- “Get you a sweater? Ofc baby!!!”
- Yoosung attempt at cuddles #73 resulted in failure
- again
- this guy just needs affection
- it takes him a while but he learns to be a bit more blunt.
- “MC can we cuddle-” BOOM. MC. Right there. Hugs everywhere. Cute kissies. mwa mwa mwa.
- You begin to understand Yoosung’s body language for when he wants something.
- Looks at you and opens arms? Hugs
- Looks at you and pours his lips out a bit? Kissiesss
- His grip on ur waist tighten? oh boy it might be naughty time ;))
- But he’s sure to vocalize, and you love how flustered he gets.

- oh no
- ur too cute and sweet and you pick up on nONE OF HIS FLIRTING.
- “Hey MC, If I could rearrange the alphabet I would put U and I together.” oh ya that’ll charm her for sure-
- “You know if you think about it the alphabet is in a random order, but we decided that’s alphabetical. Like, who decided that? The Greeks? Speaking of Greek did you know in Greek Mythology-” mC NO
- be patient Zen try again
- “Are you a parking ticket? Because you have fine written all over you ;)” it’s too straightforward she has to get this-
- “Ugh do NOT get me started on how corrupt the Justice System is. Instead of learning from our mistakes through education we just PAY to get out of punishments?? It’s rediculous-” NO MC YOURE GOING TO KILL HIM.
- Finally he’s blunt with you.
- “MC I think you’re very cute and I like you a lot will u plz d8 me.”
- “I like you too!! Not gonna lie I really didn’t think you liked me back so I’m glad you finally said something.”
- ur first date is at his funeral bc u killed him.

- Baehee doesn’t even know she’s Gayhee until you show up.
- So she’s just as innocent, but not as oblivious.
- You’ve been working together for two years at the coffee shops and you two always get told you’re a cute couple
- “Oh no, we’re just best friends!”
- :* so um
- The entire RFA was under the impression you were dating.
- One day in the chat Jumin asked you were we’re coming up on your two year anniversary.
- “of what? opening the shop? that was a couple months ago jumin u were literally there when we celebrated.”
- “No of your relationship.”
- ur what
- “Well I mean i didn’t know you had anniversaries for friendships but i think it’s cute! what should i get her?”
- “everything i know is a lie” Seven piped in
- “Jaehee isn’t gay!” MC YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN SO WRONG
- “MC ur stupid jaehee is the gayest out of all of us, and since i’m the one saying that it means something.”
- Okay Seven
- finally jaehee had had enough
- “MC, would you like to go out tonight-”
- “Of course!”
- “-on a date?”
- “… I’d love that.”

- King of Straightforward
- that’s can be both good and bad
- But even with how straightforward he is, you still miss his cues.
- “MC, you look beautiful.”
- “I can’t wait to see you.”
- “You’re so talented.”
- “You’re not like anyone I’ve ever met.”
- and everything gets the same response.
- “Awe, thank you Jumin! You’re such a great friend!”
- *sirens sound*
- “Excuse me officer i would like to report a fucking murder.”
- Seven no now is not the time
- Zen was laughing his ass off
- “Yeah jumin you are a good FRIEND to MC”
- Jumin is slumped in the corner
- Defeated
- Given up on love
- that is until you and Jaehee are talking over the phone about this mysterious guy you’ve fallen for (hehehehehe)
- “He’s wonderful and kind and always says the nicest things to me!… But I don’t think he sees me like that.”
- “Why not MC?”
- “He doesn’t show any interest in being something other than friends.”
- “I’m sorry MC”
- “It’s okay, it’s not my fault Jumin doesn’t like me-”
- “ MC W H A T !!”
- “Shoot, Jaehee, I didn’t mean to say it, I just-”
- so jaehee sprints into Jumins office, where jumin all like “>:0 u know there’s this thing called knocking-”
- “Assistant Kang this is completely unprofessional-”
- “MC likes you too!”
- at ur apartment in .6 seconds flat
- Broke the sound barrier
- you open the door to see ur big ole crush just standing there, panting, nearly doubled over
- “Jumin oh my god what’s wrong-”
- “You like me.”
- “Of course I do you’re my friend-”
- he pulled away, hands on your shoulders
- “You LIKE me.”
- i mean ye maybe
- “U-Uh… Ya.”
- that’s when you saw the most beautiful sight.
- Jumin Han laughing. Like, REALLY laughing.
- It was so deep and beautiful and genuine.
- Once he finished he looked back down at you, smiling, tears from laughing so hard in his eyes.
- “Would you like to go to Dinner?”
- “YES!! I-I mean, uh, Yeah, sure, sounds cool.”


- “Seven just ask her out-”
- “No! I’m too dangerous.”
- “MC go talk to him!”
- “No he keeps pushing me away!”
- “I wish MC/Seven liked me back…”
- The RFA has had it
- You get a text from Zen to meet the RFA at your favorite restaurant.
- You see Seven once you arrive, but no one else.
- You two talk but it grows awkward
- bc u two like each other
- but ur stoopid
- “Seven and MC, correct?” A voice called out from behind you. You both nodded.
- “Right this way.”
- You wee lead to a table with only… 2 seats
- “Hey what about-”
- “I regret to inform you that the rest of the RFA will not be joining, but they (jumin) have already paid for your dinner so, please, enjoy.”
- o k a y
- Seven looks at you, trying to gauge your response, but you just smiled and sat down.
- You two talk for 2 billion hours
- at least it feels like that
- Seven gets a random text from Zen
- “Soooo, how are things going ;)”
- He ignored it, choosing to give you his attention instead.
- “-like you” were the words he managed to pick out before he froze.
- “Wait, you like me?”
- “What?”
- “Because I like you!”
- “You like me?
- "I mean-”
- you grabbed his hand.
- “Because I like you too.”
- Seven looked down then back up at you.
- “Wow, you have a crush on me? that’s so embarrassing…”
- Cue you throwing ur spoon at him

Vanilla ~ Shawn Mendes Smut

This one is my favourite by far.  Enjoy.

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You and Shawn had been together for a few years, having met in high school and becoming close friends everyone that you knew wanted you both to date which inevitably happened. As you both had been together for so long you had tried pretty much everything there was to try with anything, and this included in the bedroom.  You were both sexually active very soon in the relationship.  At the very beginning of the relationship you two could not get enough of one another, but now?  It seemed like a chore and you were really put off it all together. But, this worried you.  Mainly because Shawn was not just yours, he was also thousands of other girl’s sexual fantasies and knowing this anyone would be worried. You were worried that he might find someone else on tour that intrudes him more than you do and because of the sexless relationship you two have been having for a few months, he might get tempted to leave you – or worse cheat.  You were not shocked to walk in from work and hear Shawn with Geoff playing PS4 and talking about the activities you two were not having.  

“It’s not that I don’t love her dude, it’s just there’s only a small amount of break a guy can have from this.  And I mean at the beginning it was so good like honestly mind blowing.  Like I could barely wait on tour without needing her. Now?”  He lightly laughed, “Now I can’t wait to go on tour hoping that the break from seeing her will excite the bedroom a bit more”

“It just seems to me you two need to try something spontaneous.  Maybe take her away to some beach at midnight and fuck in the caves. I don’t know man, but you can’t continue like this.  I remember before you used to literally be too tired to come out with us lot because of how much you two were at it.  But, like you said now you two seem bored of all that.  Which is obviously going to happen having been together for as long as you two had.  Just spice it up a bit” Shawn nodded and began to become concentrated on the video game again.  You waited a few minutes before walking in with the weeks shopping you had just purchased before coming home.  

Shawn looked over and smiled at you like he usually did, and then turned back to finish off his match with Geoff.  You knew you two needed to try something but you were unsure on what that something would be.  This racking your brain as you unloaded the food and began making your dinner.  You turned on the radio to try and get your mind off this whole ordeal, but even that would not help you.  You continued with making your chicken casserole while Shawn said goodbye to Geoff and you both were now left alone with the increasing sexual tension.  It really had been too long, but you did not want it to just be a let’s fuck on the sofa because you two had already completed it.  You wanted to take Geoff’s advice and do it spontaneously and you knew exactly when to do it.  

“What are cooking love?” Shawn came over, kissing your lips for the first time that evening.  You both did not like PDA as much as the next person so you both always waited until you were both alone to do anything like this.  

“Chicken casserole I really craved it at work, and after the day I have had I really need a pick me up” you sighed remember the day’s events and glad that it was finally over.  

“What happened I’m sure I can make it better” Shawn pushed while making his way over to the counter top to sit on the stool.  

“Well I have just been informed that I have like a pile of work to complete over this weekend which means our weekend away is ruined by work once again.  I am just so stressed and flustered with all of this honestly.” You sighed while putting everything in the oven for the recommended time and began to lean on the counter opposite Shawn.  

“It won’t be ruined love, we can make a time schedule so we can do what we want and also fit in your work. I am determined to make this weekend the best of your life, and we are not having work ruin it for you again. Plus, I have an idea which can make you less stressed and flustered” He smirked at you which he usually did when he was indicating only one certain thing.  But, keeping up with as though you did not hear their conversation an also wanting to build up the sexual tension for your plan you politely declined.

“Oh Shawn, I am really not in the mood for all of that now.  I have just made dinner.  Maybe another time?”  Your acting was on point and this just earned a groan from Shawn.

“You never are in the mood anymore Y/N” He finally said before making his way back into the living room.  If you were not planning on wanting the reaction he just gave you, you would have argued back.  But, considering you needed that reaction you did not mind.  You continued with preparing the meal and enjoying your night in with Shawn.

The weekend had finally arrived and you were way to excited for your own good.  This whole week you had been planning what would be the best way to be spontaneous and shock Shawn for the best sex you two have had in a long time.  You had so many ideas but finally landed on the one that you were going to do today. You were nervous that he would reject you, but knowing how long it’s been you knew that was out of the cards. You had both packed the car and you were both pretty much ready to leave.  Ever since the night where you rejected Shawn he had been giving you the cold shoulder which you were shocked about.  You knew he was bothered about you not wanting to have sex with him, but barely speaking to you was a bit extreme.  

“Have you got everything, I think we should leave in the next ten minutes or well hit the work traffic” you announced while placing the food bag in the back.  Shawn did not respond to you at first only earning a nod in response. You just shook your head, not really wanting an argument just before a long drive.  You decided it was best for you to wait in the car while Shawn got the last few things.  You were waiting for 10 minutes before Shawn decided to make his way into the car.  You knew he did this just to get a reaction out of you, so you decided not to snap and continued looking down at your phone.  

Shawn had been driving for almost 2 hours so you thought this was the best time for your plan to begin. “Shawn can you stop over for a second I need the toilet”  

“Y/N we have just passed a service station couldn’t you have told me then?  Shockingly you cant to a u turn on a motor way”

“Can you just stop on the side then for a break at least, I’m sure I’ll be fine then”  

“Fine” Shawn groaned out before turning into a pit stop.  “Happy?” he said while rolling his eyes at you.

“What is your problem Shawn, seriously?!”  You knew deep down what it was but you did not want to say anything to give your plan up.

“Nothing Y/N, absolutely nothing.” He began to reach for his phone in his pocked before you stopped him. You pushed his hands up over the hand rests before pulling your legs over him leading you to straddle him.  “Y/N?”  Shawn asked looking confused and slightly horny.

“You see Shawn, I overheard you and Geoff and well I was really not pleased” You pushed down onto his crotch with your behind before slowly grinding onto him.

“Y/N, were on a motor way anyone…”  you cut him short.

“Does that not make it more thrilling” you closed the gap between you both, his hands quickly made their way down to your hips and yours began tangling into his hair.  Your lounge slowly making its way into his mouth as you both started to move your hand around each other’s bodies, exploring everything that your hands landed on.  It had been so long since you and Shawn needed each other this badly and you were thrilled he wanted you as much as you needed him.  You pulled down the leaver which allowed you to lower the chair so you and Shawn were laying down.  This giving Shawn a prime opportunity to kiss down your neck and leaving light bites and licks as he went.

Moans filled the car as you both continued to rock on each other.  The sexual tension almost choking you at this point.  You quickly pulled down your pants and shorts with Shawn doing the same.  You considered taking your shirts off but knowing everyone would be able to see you and it would be even more obvious to the outside world you thought against it.

His penis flighting up to his chest as you two continued to grind against each other.  You looked down as your hand rapped round his cock before giving it a few pumps.  It had been so long you forgot how big he was.  “Fuck Y/N no more, please” Shawn begged you as you slid his cock inside of your folds before lowering yourself down on him.  

“Oh god” you breathed into his mouth as his hands fell to your hips to start your movements.  You both needed this more than anything.  Shawn’s hips smashed against yours as the foreign feeling came back to you indicating that you were approaching your orgasm.  It was normally Shawn who came first, but with what had been going before and the wait you both had to endure you knew it was going to be you instead.  You both moaned into each other necks as your euphoria approached you both.  

It only took a few more thrusts for you to be coming completely undone, with Shawn not far behind you.  Your whole body shook we you could not control yourself.  You screamed out as you held onto Shawn.

“Y/N, that was amazing”

“Tell me about it” You laughed before making you way over to the passenger’s side again to allow yourself more room to get changed.  

Let’s just say, that weekend you made up for the sex you had both missed.

My boyfriend FREAKS OUT watching Yuri On Ice - Part 3

Episode 7:


“Sleep deprived Yuri looks like you every morning”

“… Well at least he’s wearing boxers”

“This is getting R I D I C U L O U S”

“The struggle is real for Victor trying to find new ways to be around Naked Yuri”

“Anxious Yuri also looks like you every morning loool!!”

“Are those labelled gloves? Such class”

“Guan Hong just had LSD or something that looks cool”

“Is Victor dragging Yuri in the parking lot to finally have sex”

“No he isn’t”

“Well Phichit, this costume is better than the other one”

“Holy crap if Yuri isn’t on the verge of a mental breakdown”


“oh god they’re gonna kiss”

“No they didn’t”

“This is the first legit NORMAL costume I’ve seen in this anime” (about Leo’s free programme)



“Pause it or I’ll cry”

“Oh not Georgi again. YES ANYA GET THE FUCK OUT”

“These two. THESE TWO”

“Why do I feel emotional during this programme”

“Yuri is so good at skating wow look at that. Does he win the Grand Prix? Please tell me”



“Look at Victor’s face”


“Wow. Wooow.”





“I wish our first kiss was that passionate”

“Yurio SERIOUSLY needs therapy”

(credits still playing) “Oh my god. Oh god. Episode 8 immediately”

Episode 8:

(he now sings the whole intro every time)

“So Yurio is capable of emotions. Nice”

“That is a fancy hotel tho”

“Victor why are you wearing sunglasses at night AND inside a building”

“Yurio’s arrogance just became legendary”

“Yuri is socially awkward”

“Why are this girl’s eyes purple”

“The Korean kid is very friendly I gotta say”


“Why is one of Yurio’s legs always in the air”


“…. Michele’s internal monologue isn’t all right at all”


“Oh Sara is sexy in her costume. Why can’t we see more of the females?”

“Sure thing, now he even helps him wearing his skates, okay, all right WHY DON’T YOU TWO GET A ROOM”


“Does only Yuri have parents in this anime”

“What the fuck is Victor laughing ab- OH WOW YURI GRABBED HIS TIE WHAT HEY WOW”

“Look I’m not trying to sound gay but Victor is defintely hiding a hard on”

“… I am gay for Yurio now. Good”

“Is JJ skating over a song about himself. Wow”

“NO THE DOG!! DO NOT TOUCH THE DOG!!!!! Honestly I was so sad when that other dog died in that Will Smith movie I Am Legend. why is it alwasy the dog??”



“Lol Yakov being Yuri’s coach? Put episode 9 on”

Episode 9:


“He’s seriouslty going back to Japan. I’m anxious now”

“Yuratchka. Cute. REALLY cute.”

“This programme is boring me to death.”

“… Is Sara breaking up with… her brother?”


“can he stop this THEY’RE BROTHER AND SISTER”

“YURIO’S FREE PROGRAMME SHUT UP NOW FEDE” (he’s the only one talking)

“Does he have flames on his skates lol”

“This fifteen yo is UNSTOPPABLE”

“Oh no he’s SO SAD without Victor. Oh no I’m gonna cry again”

“He’s imagining Victor HE’S SO OBVIOUSLY IN LOVE C'MON”

“I wish you loved me like Yuri loves Victor” (I told him it’s impossible)


“Fede I’m worried I’m too much into this. Did this happen to you too?”


“I can’t stand this dude” (JJ)

“Oh Michi don’t worry about Sara and Yuri interacting, the kid is very gay”

“… Is he high on hugs”


“Did Yurio bring him food? This is real hate/love friendship there”

“THEY’RE BACK TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (he flipped the pop corn bowl)

“Oh my god gay gay gay gay”

“He’s crying and I am too”

“Wow. Wow.”

I  can’t wait to show him episode 10. We all know WHY.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 4 - Part 5

One Of Their Siblings Walks In On You The Morning After ♡ Preference

Daniel; Waking up with Daniel kissing your neck, you smiled instantly. “Good morning, beautiful” He smiled, you trying to wake yourself up a little more. “God, You’re so beautiful, you know that?” Daniel smiled, even thought you look like you had just been to hell and back, but he still thought you looked like the most beautiful girl in the world. He had just gotten home from tour, his manager letting all the boys go home for a week or so, and of course, you had to come visit him while he was home. “Baby, I look like trash” You chuckled, as Daniel shook his head, disagreeing. “You’re” “Beautiful” He said, in between kisses. You shook your head, wanting to disagree more, but before you could, Anna barged into the room, having plans for the day. “You slept in, Daniel. Mom wants us to go to a fami- wait, y/n slept over?” She questioned, shocked that she didn’t see you come in. “Hi” You smiled, awkwardly waving your hand. “Can’t you see we’re in the middle of something here?” Daniel gestured towards the both of you.”Wh-Ohhh. Well still, Mom wants to go out for lunch, y/n, feel free to join” She smiled, leaving you two alone and exiting the room. 

Jack; The sun shining in your face you opened your eyes, revealing a still sleeping Jack. You smiled to yourself, taking in all his small features, like the freckles on the bridge of his nose, spreading out to his cheek, how his hair still seamed perfect, even though he was sleeping. You roamed your hands around the bed for your phone, not knowing where it went from last night, everything happening so quickly. Getting up off the bed, you where quickly pulled back, Jack pulling you back towards the bed. “Babygirl, where are you going?” He questioned, his voice raspy from just waking up. “I-I’m leaving. You don’t want your family to know about us, I’m just trying to leave before your mom or one of your sisters walks in. “Just come cuddle, five more minuets” He propositioned, eyes still closed. 

You gave in to his protests, snuggling yourself back into Jack’s arms. Isla somehow saw you sit up in Jack’s bed, instantly rushing over to see if you wanted to play with her. She rushed to your side of the bed, pulling your arm. “Oh y/n! You want to come play dolls with me?” She questioned, eyes lighting up at the thought. “Maybe Later” You smiled, trying to get her to leave the room before something happened. As she continued to beg for you to get up and play dolls with her, she somehow moved the blanket from your upper body, revealing you’re not wearing any clothes. “Mom! Jack and y/n are naked in bed!” She screamed, instalty running away from you and Jack and into Jack’s mothers room. “Well, our family knows about us now” Jack whispered, smiling as he kissed your nose.

Jonah; “Jo, Mom made breakfast, she wan-” Esther barged into Jonah’s room, waking you both up quickly. “Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?” Jonah hissed, covering up his upper body, you doing the same. Her gaze instantly went to the floor, a blush appearing on her cheeks. “uh, hi, yeah, um, Jo mom made breakfast, u-uh, hi y/n” She rushed, slowly backing out of Jonah’s room, not being able to get out fast enough. “That was a way to wakeup” You chuckled, sitting up in the bed. “You’re really going to leave me?” Jonah fake pouted, you turning around giving him a quick peck on the lips. “Breakfast sounds amazing, Jo” You smiled, throwing on one of Jonah’s oversized shirts and your shorts from the night before.

You both making your way downstairs, Jonah’s mother had already set your all your food at your designated seat, always placing you and Jonah next to each other. Making your way to the table, you noticed everyone’s eyes on you and Jonah, Ester must have said something. Jonah must have not noticed, because he went straight to his seat and started eating. You felt so embarrassed, his whole family now knowing of your actions. “Jo-Jonah is that a trail of hi-hickeys trailing down your stomach?” His mom choked out. All eyes turned to Jonah, watching as he finished his pancake. “Yeah?” He questioned, shrugging it off as if it was nothing. 

Corbyn; “That was..” Corbyn trailed off, not being able to finish his sentence, just wanting to enjoy the time he had with you while he could. Living in LA had it’s perks, but it also had it’s downs. Corbyn was moving out in a few months, forming a band with his four best friends. Corbyn couldn’t wait another month until he moved to LA, he wanted to see you now. He randomly bought you a plane ticket at one in the morning, just a spur of the moment thing. “I missed you” You smiled, smile forming on your lips. Corbyn’s door swinging open sent you both into a panic. You flew in late, so Corbyn’s mom didn’t know you and stayed the night. Lucky for you both, It was Corbyns sister; Ashley. “So, I was thinking, today we could go to the mall, since you always want another pair of shoes,” She walked over to his swivel chair, spinning it a few times as she continued her thoughts. “And then maybe we could go to the carnival? I heard it ends tonight, so we should 100% go.” 

While she was talking, your face turned bright red, while Corbyn jus sat their, watching as she rambled on. “You’re so cute when you’re embarrassed” Corbyn chuckled, giving you a quick kiss on the cheek, Ashley just continued to ramble on about the plans she had for the day. Finally finishing her thoughts, she finally noticed you in Corbyns bed. “Oh my god, y/n, have you been their the whole time? I thought you wren’t coming until tonight” She confessed, you just nodding your head. “Nope, I flew in late last night.” “And why are you- oh my god” She blushed, “She slept over, what else did I expect” She laughed, “We’re leaving in 20 minuets, you both better be ready” She stated, finally leaving the room.

Zach; Zach’s alarm waking you up, you turn towards Zach, snuggling into his chest, struggling for warmpth. Zach propped himself up on this shoulder, using his free arm to draw random figures along your arm, causing you to finally open your eyes. “So?” Zach chuckled, you both not breaking eye contact. “So?” You both said nothing, just staring into each others eyes, until you where interrupted by Reece. “Zach, Mom wanted me to tell you-” You both turned towards her, trying to cover yourself up as much as possible. She just stops in her tracts, before turning and running out of Zach’s rom, calling for her mom down the hall. “Well that’s a way to wake up” Zach chuckled, giving you a quick kiss on the neck, seconds later, Myta walking in, completely oblivious to you and Zach. 

“So, I was thinking you could we-” Finally noticing you and Zach tangled up in the covers. “You didn-” Myta exclaimed, raising a brow at you both. You and Zach exchanged a glance, before Zach looked back to his mother, not saying a word. “Zachary Dean” She exclaimed, tossing the button down shirt she had in her hands on you and Zach “Well that was quite the way to wake up” Zach chuckled, you hitting him on the shoulder, before getting off the bed and starting to get dressed.

a/n: another preference! I actually got this idea when I was drifting off to sleep last night, and thought it would be a really good idea, so I wrote it down, and of course, didn’t go to bed for like 2 more hours :’). and, as always, feel free to leave feedback/requests here :)

soft-smoll  asked:

What would the RFA dress up as for Halloween?

° a|n: i’m going to say what they’d dress up as + what they’d do heh
+++ have a happy spoopy halloweeeen  (*≧∇≦)°


° Yoosung

  • Halloween is is favourite time of the year because he can go dressed out as whatever he wants!!
  • but most importantly
  • HE CAN FINALLY PROVE HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND [no one believes him]
  • he wants to show his ‘manliness[okay qt] so he dresses up as a LOLOL warrior - buuuut he doesn’t buy his costume no
  • apart from him being broke - he wants to make the costume at home
  • asking you for help you both spend weEKS on the costume making sure everything is perfect down to the T
  • all the SMALLEST details are covered, he even asks you to plan his hairstyle for the day
  • ….you guys are co-ordinated as fUCK
  • “Yoosung.. you have’t done any of your college work..”
  • so when the college Halloween party actually arrives he flips the fuck out and he’s ready to show you off to the world \ (•◡•) /
  • stays by your side the WHOLE time telling everyone you’re his girlfriend
  • and we’re totally partners in LOLOL too who’s jealous??
  • “…nO Yoosung we can’t fight the other people no matter how much stronger we are together seriously for the last tIME”
  • “but does he know that we’re actually dating anD OW OKAY DON’T PINCH ME” [tough warrior my ass]
  • after he’s proven to everyone he has a girlfriend he gets bored
  • so you both end stealing sweets from the bar countertop and shoving them in your pockets - you need SOME candy right??
  • escape the hall with a trail of sweets falling out behind you
  • end up changing out of your outfits and going home to change into my comfortable clothes and playing games while munching sweets
  • he freaks out despite saying he’s okay - but you know better
  • so you suggest video games and that was the end to the perfect night

° Zen

  • Beauty and the Beast but the hella sexy version
  • he wanted to showcase his good looks and you got to also be by his side wearing a sexy outfit [goals]
  • originally you were supposed to wear a cute dress as the beauty
  • buuuut seeing Zen wear an unbuttoned shirt made you think twice
  • the second he sees you in a sexy revealing dress his heart drops out his ass
  • and holy fuck why do you have a whip what kinda princess-
  • “what.. you look um I uh”
  • he’s speechless?? [srsly well done he’s never speechless]
  • you’re usually quite conservative but christ you’ve got it going on tonight?? can halloween be every day I can offer you my soul
  • takes muscle in his body to actually leave the house without taking you there and then - just wait for later
  • you know that one couple that just kinda does their own thing in the corner - yeah thats you guys he’s super protective
  • LOTS of couple mirror selfies at the venue and its super cute as you have literally 1000 photos of him kissing your cheek 
  • he totally didn’t to that on purpose to feel ur ass cheeky bastard
  • but mf almost turned into an acTUAL BEAST WHEN SOMEONE APPROACHED YOU 
  • “yeah.. he better be, eyes off her legs” UHH ZEN??
  • he can’t take his eyes off you even when you try get a drink - he’s walked into 4 people and knocked their drinks over
  • wanting to take advantage of his flustered self you make sure he has a clear view of you dancing while he’s talking to his friends
  • splutters on his beer what the hELL ARE YOU DOING??
  • lol ur screwed when u get home literally
  • he gets up grabs your arm making you follow him outside
  • you already know where this is going you wanted this

° Jaehee

  • pooooor bubba - almost had a heart attack when you scared her as she woke up on Halloween
  • refuses to go out to a party and don’t even get me started on trick-or-treating hell no what no waY??
  • BUT she really can’t resist your pouty face and agrees to dress up with you as LONG as no one else sees [ can always take secret pics??]
  • so you both dress up as the main leads in Zen’s movie - and one of them so happens to be a maid
  • she helps you decorate the house a bit so that when people coming knocking on your door later she has enough to give to everyone
  • seriously - she’s stressed out she doesn’t have enough
  • “…we have 27 tubs of sweets.. that’s more than enough Jaehee”
  • she can’t help but glance at herself in the mirror a few times in her cute lil outfit - why didn’t she do this before?
  • even makes Halloween themed pastries to give out to the children at the door and spends hOURS decorating them 
  • so by the end of the night you’re piled around tubs of sweets and pastries - nice work mum
  • she was expecting them to be super annoying and cruel but she can’t help but smile giving out candy to children with you
  • can’t help but frown when she sees a cat though
  • when night falls and everyone’s gone home you have a few leftover sweets 
  • so she makes both of you some pumpkin flavoured drinks [she’s really into halloween now?? wahEY]
  • that night you took a million pictures of Jaehee serving children at your front door and in her costume and sent it to eVERYONE
  • ZEN WAS SO HAPPY [back off boi]
  • but Jaehee was also super happy and but wouldn’t admit it - she was already planning next year’s outfit and treats 
  • (◕‿◕✿)

° Jumin

  • you know him, he’s willing to try what you want to try 
  • so when you explain Halloween to him he’s super confused since he’s never really understood the concept of it before
  • but he willingly accepts to do the ‘traditions’ with you
  • “…But why do they carve pumpkins?”
  • “It’s scary”
  • “No.. it just looks tacky and why do they” LISTEN M8 IDK!!!
  • but he agrees to help out because this was a day he could wear his cat ears and collar that was in his cupboard without being judged
  • YES
  • decorating the house he goes above and beyond - why are you putting up fake spiderwebs, we can just get rea- 
  • explaining ‘trick or treat’ to him would be so funny because he wouldn’t understand why you’d ask other people for sweets??
  • “can’t people just buy and keep their own sweets this is giving me a headache”
  • you DRAG him to a house to do trick or treat and he gets so red and embarrassed he literally runs home - nope not doing this again evER
  • next stage: eating sweets
  • you give him some the single sweet he managed to collect from the house and it’s a ‘sour ball’ HIS! FACE! IS! SO! F U N N Y
  • he’s starting to think Halloween is just torture
  •  why do commoners do this I’m going insane why am I dating MC
  • last part of the day is you watching scary movies together
  • BUT  his mind is blown at the fact you want to torture yourself like this you don’t even like scary movies what is this??
  • he doesn’t even flinch at the horror movies but ends up pulling you to his chest when you jump in fear and reassures you its a film
  • such a tiring day??
  • but it was all worth it when you Jumin and Elly took a ‘family’ selfie with kitten ears [not him, you did or else i’d be blurry af]
  • “.. so does this Halloween occur every year?”
  • bonus: Zen dying at the video of Jumin saying trick or treat in a mono-tonal voice and the person at the door laughing at his costume poor bby


  • the devout catholic wants to dress up as an angel 
  • you bicker about who would be a cuter angel [he would]
  • so he decides to make a costume one last minute and keeps it a surprise from you and reveals it in the evening
  • its a 2D car made out of cardboard with two cutouts so that you both could see and while walking 
  • such fuCKING DORKS - you’re wearing a onesie underneath too jesus
  • tbh I don’t think you’ll ever see Saeyoung happier than he is now?
  • you’re the oldest people who are outside knocking on other people’s door but you’re also the happiest
  • you have b u c k e t s of sweets and you ignore all the weird ass looks everyone else is giving you [kids envy you]
  • at one point some kid tries takes one of Saeyoung’s buckets and he was about to go crazy
  • you had to calm him down before he actually chased the kid but he was pouty for the rest of the night - besides you had about 8 buckets
  • the car outfit was a great idea but it had a few ..problems?
  • .. and that was the first time you ever walked into the mens toilet but you were t r a u m a t i z ed 
  • you’re the last ones out giggling on the streets until you’ve literally covered the whole neighbourhood
  • another struggle of the car was actually getting through the door and you’re both pressed up against each other trying to get though
  • eventually you just break the cardboard car and tip the sweets on to the floor settling down to watch a movie
  • don’t get me wrong you’re both REALLY scared of horror movies so you both end up not sleeping 
  • you just scream at every stupid jumpscare until dawn while eating a l l the sweets you collected until dawn
  • “I’m never.. eating sweets again”
Bad Decisions pt 2 [Jaehyun]

Originally posted by cherryassbomb

Genre: Angst        

Scenario: Your long term friend Jaehyun is in love with your best friend. You want nothing but the best for them but silently dealing with your break up from BTS singer Jeon Jungkook has been weighing on you. One drunken night and one bad decision leads to risks taken and mistakes made.

Characters: Jaehyun; Reader (You); Your Friend (Y/F/N); Mark; small mention of other members

Word Count: 2007

Notes: Thank you so much for your feedback with part 1, reading your nice comments really made my day! Here’s part 2 I hope you guys enjoy it as well.

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           He gave you a slow nod, his eyes telling you ‘its what’s for the best Y/N’, and he released his grip on your knee. You couldn’t necessarily poke any holes in his logic. It’s true that he and Y/F/N weren’t dating but they might as well have been. She was so in love with him and up until now you would have said he felt the exact same way about her.

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about the mark and henry incident


 i’m giving another perspective on this incident. 

i don’t think only henry is at fault, but the whole production team involved in this project. usually the directors think of the whole scenario of how the episode goes, so maybe it could have been the directors idea but i guess we will never know. let’s say that it’s totally henry’s idea. usually when they film projects like these, there are at least 20-30 staff members there. THEY COULD HAVE STOPPED THIS FROM HAPPENING, but no they let it go as if it was alright. sm usually double checks this stuff and they could’ve stopped it before they released it. they just had to cut out those scenes and it was alright. 


 in no way am i defending this guy; he is messed up and has done some crazy shit in the past. a he should and will get consequences for his actions. this time i don’t think ONLY henry is to blame but the WHOLE production team. i think BOTH henry and the production team should face the consequences together

William Nylander #1 - Not What You Think

Anon asked: Yo image idea where ur austons bff but u and nylander can literally not get along at all and everyones always joking that its bc u guys are too similar or theres just so much built up tension u need to hook up or somethin so one day auston takes u to a team party maybe?? and drunk nylander sees u w some other mans and gets jealous so he pulls u aside and starts an argument and it either ends in aggressive smut or him blurting out that he is actually in love with you u decide :)

Here you go anon! This one kind of got away from me and ended up being way longer than I intended. I had a lot of fun writing this and had to restrain myself from making it even longer than it ended up being. I hope you enjoy it!

You shut your textbook in triumph and placed your head in your hands. The library was bustling around you with students finishing assignments in a last minute attempt to boost their grade before school let out for winter break. The last assignment you needed to hand in was a paper for your literature class that only needed to be edited and you had no motivation left to do it. You did have two days left until it was due which is why you picked up your phone and thumbed through the messages you had waiting.

Unsurprisingly you had several from your best friend Auston and all of them seemed to be about some team gathering at Morgan Rielly’s house.

“Leave me alone,” you typed out. “I’m doing work.”

“False,” came the immediate reply. “You never answer your phone when you’re working.”

You rolled your eyes but knew he was right. It was a policy you put into place much to Auston’s annoyance. You put your phone on Do Not Disturb so you could only be reached in the event of an emergency and as much as Auston begged, you didn’t put him on the list. If you answered him every time he texted, you would get almost nothing done.

Before you could respond your phone buzzed again.

“Please come to Mo’s. It’ll be fun.”

“Will William be there?”

“I don’t know what your problem is with him. Willy is a chill dude.”
“I’ll take that as a yes.”

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EXO’s Reaction to Their GF Getting Abs

A/N: this is an awesome request however there wasn’t rly a way for me to spice this up for each member so i kinda grouped them together, hope u dont mind love ya thanks (also sorry for the small post today, ive been a bit busy lately)

Xiumin, Lay, Suho, Chen:

They’d definitely be surprised, however happy to support your fitness kick. It would probably give them some motivation to work out more as well, joking that you had better defined abs than they did.

D.O, Baekhyun:

More indifferent about it than anything, they wouldn’t have much of an opinion on it. If you felt good about the way you looked, then they were happy (though they’d probably start secretly doing pilates).

Sehun, Kai, Chanyeol:

Honestly, they wouldn’t be particularly thrilled to see you with such a muscular body, as impressive as it was. They thought you were more beautiful when you were softer and daintier looking.

so how come many of them only “need” ‘em during exam time or similar. sounds fake. u don’t seem them crying because of homework, struggling in class because they can’t pay attention. they’re just out for the top grades. but get on just fine otherwise. cool. 

i’ve had cases like this in my class and let me tell u. it sucks. boasting how they got them from the internet or from their friend… wow, really annoying when u actually have adhd and people treat it like some joke. 

i’m not saying what you’re saying isn’t true but 90% is way too high. abusing adhd medication as “study drugs” is a common and well-reported problem and some people even go to the lengths of faking a diagnosis just to get on them so u know… it only increases the stigma surrounding them.