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Did you know? If you catch a falling maple leaf, you’ll fall in love with the person you’re walking with.

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hii i love ur blog sm,, could u write something with yoosung or saeyoung (i would love u if u did both) dating a talkative mc who is kinda insecure bc she thinks she talks too much?

I feel this…. I feel this way too much. I’m constantly chatting my friends ear off.,, -Green


-he loves hearing you talk! he’ll fight you romantically with kisses if you say you’re being annoying

-since you actually talk so much, you’re voice has become so familiar and therapeutic for him. he really doesn’t want you to stop

-he loves how excited you’ll get when telling him stories about your past or even about your trip to the grocery store, it’s really cute! 

-if you suddenly stop talking, he’ll get kind of sad. :( 

-he really doesn’t want you to feel insecure around him, so he tries to talk more too!! 


-you know this boi is willing to do anything for you

-so to listen to your lovely voice all day ?? yes please??

-no but you talking to him so much really makes him feel special u guys

-it reassures him that you care about him and trust him to tell him so much about you and your life. 

-sure, he could hack to get to know you, but how on earth would hacking let him know that when you looked at a watermelon at the supermarket today, you thought what it would taste like with ranch?????? no hacking could get him that story 

-so when you get insecure and shut yourself up, he’ll just start cuddling you and tell you about his day!!! there isn’t a lot to say, but “mc what’s your input??? what do u think about me hacking into KFC today??” 

-he will literally trick you into talking bc he likes it so much ok 

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How story: I was fucking my boyfriend at the time while in the same room as my best friend who happens to be a guy. It was a big room and he was on the computer so I thought he couldn't see me but we made eye contact while I was riding my boyfriend and he winked at me and continued on the computer

HOW DO YOU GYS FUCK IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE i’m already self conscious enough in front of 1 person


You were sitting in the waiting room, kicking yourself mentally over and over again for not telling him before you guys started this case. Alex and JJ are in the room with you, worried sick about your coworker who was currently going through surgery.

When you heard that Spencer Reid had been shot your world came to a crashing halt, and although neither of you mentioned your relationship with the other members of the team Hotch had you on the first car trip to the hospital. You were a bundle of nerves when you got to there, and even now sitting in the waiting room you could not help but think about the worst case scenarios.

“He pushed me out of the way,” Alex’s voice break through the nightmare that was playing out in your head. “If he doesn’t make it-“

“He’ll make it,” JJ reassured Alex firmly.

“He’s too young to die,” you heard one of them say, but Blake’s comment sent another wave of fear through your entire body. Although Spencer and you had only been seeing each other for a little while, you both had been friends ever since you had started at the BAU. He had grown into one of the main pillars of your life and frankly, you didn’t know what you would do if he was no longer in your life. It was after Spencer’s withdrawal after Maeve’s death that lead you to confront your own feelings for the doctor. One night almost a year after her death you had built the courage to confess your feeling for Reid to him but before you could get a word out his lips were on you, and it lead to a wild night for the two of you. The next morning Reid had woken up first and explained to you that he understands that it was only a one-time thing and that he was sorry. However, the one-time thing turned into many other times, and eventually the entire time took notice.

The week before your team had been called out on this case, you found out that you were pregnant. You went to the doctor after a couple of weeks of uncontrollable vomiting, fatigue and body ache thinking that you were coming down with the flu. When the doctor came back with the news of the new life that had sprouted inside you, you wanted to cry, laugh and pass out all at the same time. Spencer and you never really talked about what you both were, you would occasionally touch the subject and he would change the topic immediately. The fear of losing him completely had made you not pry the issue further, but now that you were pregnant, you felt you need a clarification of what you were to him. Part of the reason that you didn’t press the issue further was that you were afraid that he only saw you as a rebound. Even though it was a year after Maeve’s death that you both started to see each other, you knew that a big part of him was still hung up on her. It had hurt you from time to time but all he needed was time.

That day you had gone to Spencer’s apartment and asked him about what you were to him. What was supposed to be a calm conversation had turned into a heated argument. He told you that he cared about you a lot, and that he hadn’t really given it much thought but you were definitely more than a friend to him. You knew that he meant well but this response just made you angry. You started to scream, yelling accusations such as you knew that you weren’t Maeve, that it wasn’t fair that Spencer was comparing you to her, that you didn’t want to be the rebound anymore, and that he just wanted you for the pleasure and your feelings meant nothing to him. You blamed the crazy hormones for these accusations that you were throwing around. Before you could apologize Spencer threw you out of his apartment saying that after you had decided to grow up you two could talk. The rest of the week went on with you two avoiding each other to best of your abilities but it was after you received an email reminding you about your OB/GY appointment that you decided to grow up and talk to Reid. However, before you could tell him anything you had been called out to a case.

“You know he wants kids?” JJ’s voice sends you back into reality, she smiles, eyeing you as she continues, “can you imagine that Spence, a dad?”

“That gonna be one lucky kid,” Alex says smile. Unconsciously you ran your hand over your lower abdomen, rubbing it affectionately and smiling. Thankfully both of the profiler ladies were too busy lost in their own thoughts to notice your action or question it. Garcia and Cruz had walked into the waiting room asking about how Reid was. You got up to give Garcia a hug when the nurse came in to inform you that Morgan is done with all tests and was asking for us. JJ and Garcia opted to go to check up on him while Blake and you decided to stay back. Before leaving Garcia had thrown you a concerned look and promised to be right back.

It seemed like forever before Penelope came back into the room. She had a cup of coffee and what looked like your favorite chocolate bar with her. Smiling she thrusts the food at your face saying, “I am not a doctor but you look like if you don’t have something in the next five minutes you will pass out.” Grateful for her kind gesture as you were, you knew that if you eat anything right now you would throw it right back up within seconds. Nevertheless, you grab the coffee and candy from her and for her satisfaction faked to take a sip of the coffee. Garcia seemed happy with this and left you alone.

The doctor finally came into the waiting room with the news that he was out of surgery and was going to be just fine. Blake happily calls JJ and you let Hotch know of the news. He smiled at the three of you reassuring you that he will be fine. After some serious persuasion Blake left to help the rest of the team while Garcia and you stayed back.

Penelope stepped out of the room for a second to fill up on water and this seemed like the perfect opportunity for you to tell him about the news you had been dying to tell him. “Spence, baby. I need to tell you something,” you had started but was quickly interrupted by Spencer’s hand which was over your mouth, signaling for your silence.

“First I need to tell you something. When I was in the ambulance, I thought that I wasn’t going to make it. And instead of being scared that I wasn’t going to tell my mom I love her one last time or being afraid of death itself, I was more afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to see you ever again. I was sad that the last memory that you would have to me was us arguing. I had seen how hurt I made you, I knew that it was because you were afraid that I only thought of you as someone who I had used to get over my heartbreak of losing Maeve.” He pauses and wipes away the tears that spilled over on my cheeks. “I was being stupid (Y/N). You have been my best friend since I started at the BAU, and you have been through the happy and sad times with me. I had been attracted to you years before Maeve, but you never seemed to feel the same way for me, so I left it alone. Those feelings for you came back up six months after Maeve’s death, and I felt guilty. I was angry with myself because I thought that I had been betraying Maeve, but all those feelings went away morning after our first time. I loved Maeve (Y/N) but she’s no longer here and when I watched you sleep so peacefully next to me, I realized that I was in love with you. I realized that I wanted to wake up next to you for the rest of my life, and I was so excited to tell you but I got cold feet. I was afraid that you wouldn’t think of me that way, and I was even more terrified that I would lose you as a friend, so I opted not to tell you anything. But I realized I was so wrong while in the ambulance so before I lose the chance, I Love You (Y/N), will you marry me?”

You stood by his bedside letting the tears fall out, but before you could respond Garcia came into the room flustered and holding her phone to her ear. “I’m gonna put you on speaker phone,” she said.

“Is there a wheelchair in the room?” Derek asked. You looked around and Garcia replied yes after the both of you spotted it.

“Get Reid into it!” Morgan ordered.

“What’s going on Garcia?” you ask panicking. She explains to you about the dirty cops and that one that had been sent to kill Reid. Taking this as your cue you unplug Spencer’s IV and move his leg off the bed. Penelope got the wheelchair ready and both of you gripped him and moved him to the wheelchair. Garcia moved Spencer through the hall while you pulled a fire alarm, keeping a tight hold on your gun.

After about 20 minutes, you were cleared to go back in the hospital. The officer that was there for Reid was nowhere to be seen. Morgan had called to check up and said that he was five minutes out. You were laughing at a joke that Garcia had made when a male nurse stepped into the room holding medicine. “He had his meds an hour ago,” Garcia spoke up nervously. You looked over to the label on the medicine, so did Reid and he started to react by saying that he was allergic to that type of medicine. Before any of you could react he stabbed the needle into the IV tube. Instinct kicked in and you pulled Reid IV off of him, while Spencer slapped the nurse’s hand making the vile of medicine fall to the ground.

“He has a gun!”


You stood there while Garcia was freaking out next to you. She was going on about how it was so loud and talking about airplanes and her ears being plugged, the poor thing was distracting herself from the fact that she had just shot a guy. You were too busy pulling away the IV to react when Spence yelled that he had a gun and it had been Garcia who shot the guy.                                  

Spence managed to calm Garcia down by saying that she saved his life, something that Garcia doesn’t get to hear often. Morgan walked by pulling her into a hug, which calmed her down even more. You were still quiet, staring at Spencer with tears falling from your eyes. “Hey, (Y/N). It’s okay. I’m safe,” Spencer cooed trying to get you to stop crying.

You let out a gasp of air and stutter out, “We almost lost you tw-twice to-tonight. I didn’t get t-to tell yo-you yet. I-I thought we lo-lost you for go-good this ti-.” Before you could finish that sentence everything goes dark as you collapse. Fortunately, Morgan had been there to catch you before you fell and the doctors took you to another room to check you out immediately. By the time the doctors had done all their tests the rest of the team had finished up the case and came to visit you two in the hospital. Spencer who had argued with the main ER doctor for two hours finally got his discharge letter slipped into your room along with the rest of the team.

“Did the doctors say anything?” JJ asked as she stroked your hair.

“No,” Spencer answers for you. He looks at you and asks, “What did you want to tell me?” You were about to answer him when the doctor came in with your test results.

“Wait one sec, Doc,” you blurt out. “Before you say anything, I need to talk to you alone.” You requested Reid, and the rest of the team complied leaving you two alone. Spencer took a hold of your hand and looked at you concerned. “Spencer, there are some things that I need you to know. One, the first night that we slept together I was actually there to confess to you about my feelings for you. Two, I am so sorry for the things that I said while we were fighting. I didn’t mean any of it, I was upset and hurt and let my hormones get in the way of better judgment. Spence, you have been my best friend since forever and you are one of the most important things in my life. I was in love with you a year after meeting you, but like you I didn’t know if you felt the same way and didn’t want to lose you as friend.  When you went away after Maeve’s death, I could barely focus on work. I missed you so much and it scared me how much of a mess I was when you were not around. I love you. And I, also, want to wake up to you every morning for the rest of my life. So yes, Spencer Reid I’ll marry you.” When he heard your answer to his previous question Spencer let out a laugh as well as some happy tears. He moved his arms around your waist and pull you into a tight hug. “Oh, also you’re going to be a dad,” you told him as you wrapped your arms around his neck. Spencer jerks you away holding you an arm’s length away, and examines your face.

“What did you just say?” he whispers worried that he might have misheard you.

You grin, leaning in you whisper, “You are going to be a father Spencer Reid.” Spencer let out a squeal that was a mix of scream and laugh, and the team thinking that something was wrong, ran back in your room followed by the doctor. An embarrassed Reid said that everything was fine and take your hands in his. The doctor said that you had collapsed due to low blood pressure which had already gotten back to normal. He told you to stay hydrated as well as well nourished. Before leaving the room he turned around and said congratulations, leaving the entire team in utter confusion.

“Okay someone tell me what is going on!” Garcia demanded after gazing from the door where the doctor had been, to you, to the door, back to you.

“(Y/N) and I are getting married,” Spencer blurted out and looked at you to deliver the next set of news. You looked around to your teammates who were already congratulating the both of you.

Before Garcia could start rambling about bridesmaid dresses, you added, “And I’m pregnant.” After a second of silence JJ and Garcia let out squeals of happiness that sounded a lot like what Spencer’s. Everyone said congratulation to the both of you, Garcia had been the first to tackle you into a hug, followed by JJ. Blake hugged you and placed a tender kiss on your forehead. Morgan was next in line already making jokes about how he was going to spoil the baby genius when he comes out. Hotch hugged you and started to talk to you about what to expect in the first few weeks and how he expected you to be working only behind the desk from now on. Rossi was the last to hug you and talked about how his backyard was open for another wedding and to just let him know about the date.

Spencer held your hand while you got out of the hospital and didn’t let go even after being on the plane. He had already called the bookstore and put an order all of the baby books they had. He had also told you that once he got to his apartment he’d give you his mother’s ring. You never really believed that your life would be perfect but sitting next to the man you love as he planned out your child’s nursery you realized at this moment your life was perfect.

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Phrases/words that need to be retired in 2017:
- feminazi
- landwhale
- fat lard
- tra*ny
- nig*er
- crazy/psycho bitch
- don’t stick your dick in a crazy bitch
- jokes about the Holocaust or other atrocities at survivors’ expense
- jokes at the expense of rape survivors, the mentally ill, mentally disabled, physically disabled, etc.
- “you should be raped” or “oh please, you’re too ugly to be raped”
- “trans people are delusional/mentally ill”
- millennial
- safe space/snowflake/etc
- triggered
- did you just assume my gender
- cum dumpster
- slut/whore/hoe
- side chick
- schizo
- sp*c
- esk*mo
- ch*nk
- jungle fever
- co*n
- ki*e
- “made up genders”
- I identify as an attack helicopter! Tee hee
- trans racial
- trans financial
- wetbacks
- retard/retarded
- autistic screeching
- you probably have autism
- gy*sy
- towel head/raghead
- n*glet
- carpet muncher/rug muncher
- f*ggot/f*g

I probably forgot some…tried to censor the ones that were most offensive but let me know if I missed any. I’ve personally heard people say ALL of these, and if you haven’t you either live somewhere remarkably tolerant or haven’t lived long enough. Anyways, after a lifetime of this, I’m tired.

Also I know some of these things are way worse than others. And I know some people will be like “see, you ARE too sensitive” but like, God forbid I don’t want to call a person of color racial slurs, right? Like if me being a non horrible person means I’m “too sensitive” well fuck it, guess I’ll be too sensitive then. Also I’m not trying to take away your freedom of speech. Feel free to spew verbal diarrhea and hurt everyone around you. I hope you someday know how awful you truly are.